The Fallen by Ace Atkins

The Fallen

Ace Atkins

Mississippi sheriff Quinn Colson is back in the latest thrill ride from New York Times bestselling author Ace Atkins. 

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From New York Times bestselling author Ace Atkins comes a rollicking crime novel of brazen thieves, good ole boy politicians, truck stop women—and one decent man crazy enough to fight them all...
The bank robbers wreaking havoc across the South are carrying out their heists with such skill and precision that they remind Tibbehah County Sheriff Quinn Colson of the raids he once led as an Army Ranger. In fact, their techniques are so like the ones in the Ranger Handbook that he can’t help wondering if the outlaws are former Rangers themselves.

And that’s definitely going to be a problem. If Colson stands any chance of catching them, he’s going to need the help of old allies, new enemies, and a lot of luck. The enemies, he has plenty of. It’s the allies and the luck that are in woefully short supply...

Advance Galley Reviews

The Quinn Colson series is one of my current favorites. The thing that separates it from the rest are the recurring characters. You almost care more for how their story will unfold vs the specific crime they're working on in the book. This time Quinn is up against some former vets who have taken a shine to robbing banks to try and get that feeling back of being overseas in battle. Has a lot to say about vets struggles to assimilate back into normal, boring civilian life after war. Furthers develops the main recurring characters, Fannie is becoming one memorable, complex, love her and hate her type of villain. One of the best in the series, Atkins continues to shine.

A solid entry in the Quinn Colson series. Not Atkins' strongest work, but a solid read. The reason for the bank robberies was rather original I thought and executed well. The other plot line intersects and Atkins does an admirable job of tying everything together. A pleasant beach read.

I read this book as a stand alone so the characters were all new to me. I think I would have enjoyed it more had I read other books from the author or series. There were quite a few story lines, and keeping track of them was difficult. That being said, I did like the humor and excitement that comes with a bank robbery mystery.

I liked the plot of the book. But when it came to expressions, I didn't really care for it. Being a person from Mississippi, I thought I would enjoy it more.

Another read, another new author, another mostly enjoyable book - a solid but unspectacular read in my opinion. Quinn Colson is an ex-US Army Ranger now serving as a sheriff somewhere in Mississippi. In The Fallen we have a few over-lapping story threads. A series of bank robberies have being taking place in the vicinity and from their execution, Colson fancies that the culprits are ex-military. A domestic burglary, sees Quinn back in contact with an old childhood friend - a rather attractive one and one who is going through a difficult divorce from her husband. In the background, Quinn's once troubled sister, Caddy her life now back on track is concerned about the disappearance of two vulnerable young teenagers who she met while conducting her work at a church-cum-charity. The girls, who weren't averse to using their bodies as a means of gaining approval have gone off radar and Caddy believes a prostitution and trafficking ring is responsible. Trying to convince her brother to investigate is another matter. We get some of Caddy and Colson's backgrounds during the course of the tale. An errant father, a difficult mother and some failed relationships and we cross paths with characters which I assume were the subject of previous books in the series. We spend some time with Quinn's close colleague in the police service, Lizzie and we observe the tensions in their relationships, both professionally and with some personal stuff. All the strands of our seemingly separate crimes, inevitably get woven together with different connecting protagonists, each harbouring different motives and agendas for their actions. It was convincingly done, but despite the appeal of the bank robber theme - one of my favourite tropes in the genre I was just vaguely unsatisfied by the overall narrative. I enjoyed the setting - Mississippi with the odd diversion to Memphis. Colson with his background and his pursuit of romance was an okay character, but not especially memorable or stand-out. He didn't actually seem to do an awful lot of investigating, more kind of showing up after events and reacting as opposed to being particularly pro-active in solving the crimes. Maybe a small town sheriff's role is more crime prevention than detection. We did have some interesting themes covered in the book which were a plus for robbery, prostitution, trafficking, domestic trouble and small town politics. They didn't manage to elevate the book above average entertainment though. The Fallen is the eighth Quinn Colson book in this series. I have something else from it on the pile and while I liked this one, I'm not minded to seek out all previous entries in the series. 3 from 5 I did request this via Penguin Random House's First to Read programme but didn't complete the book in the time I was given to read it before it disappeared from my device. I wasn't particularly enamoured by the format I was reading in, so ending up purchasing a kindle copy to complete. Read in July 2017 Published - 2017 Page count - 370 Source - purchased copy, Format - Kindle

This book was fabulous! I have to admit I was at a bit of a disadvantage by not having read anything by this author before, because I think it would have been a little bit easier to read had I know the characters. That being said, the relationships fell together and by the end, I didn't really feel that it was a huge detractor. The story is full of fun, mystery, politics, crime and what else do you need for a story to capture your attention and keep you reading! Without giving any spoilers, this was a fast, easy, fun read and I will be visiting this author again. I absolutely recommend this book to all readers who love a good story with well developed characters and all of the ingredients necessary for a top notch book!

I wasn't able to finish the last 20 pages of this book because something happened to my download. I enjoyed the plot of this book. The story was an interesting one. However, I found this book very difficult to get through because of the language the author used. I'm assuming that this is the author's MO, but I personally found his language to be derogatory and crude. It would be one thing if the derogatory, crude language only manifested in character dialog but even the narrator spoke this way. Because of this, I didn't find a single character in this story redeeming and wasn't really rooting for anyone. I suppose if you're familiar with this author, you'll like this story. If you're not, be aware of the language in this book - you might want to skip it.

The Fallen is another book in the Quinn Colson series. For those new to the series, Quinn Colson is a sheriff in Tibbehah County, Mississippi. The other main characters in the series include Lillie Virgil, Quinn's deputy, and Caddy, Quinn's sister. You don't have to read the other books in the series to understand this one, but you develop more of a liking for Quinn if you read the earlier books in the series first. The main plot centers around Quinn trying to capture some bank robbers who are in and out of banks in roughly 2 minutes with military precision. I think the author stole the idea of the bank robbers from Point Break, down to the masks that they wear (Donald Trump instead of other ex-presidents). There is a bit of a side plot with Caddy trying to find two missing girls, and of course, the side plot ends up being related to the main plot. Even though this book takes place in the South, I kept getting images of Country/Western while reading it. When I think about the South, I think of scenery invoked by To Kill a Mockingbird. With this book, I was picturing a saloon-type atmosphere, big hats, and boots. Here's where I admit that I don't know much about the South or Country/Western so I could be totally off. There is a lot of swearing in the book and the language used is pretty derogatory towards women in general so don't read it if you're going to get offended. I don't get offended by that kind of stuff, but the swearing did get tedious after a while. I was just tired of reading some of it. If you're a Quinn Colson fan, I'm sure you'll enjoy the book. I will admit that it wasn't my favorite crime/suspense, but I did finish the book. Disclaimer: I received a complimentary e-copy of this book from First to Read by Penguin.

I was surprised at how well this story intertwined and fell into place as it progressed. It took em a while to get the characters straight and it dragged just a little through the middle, but ultimately the story line and unexpected twists kept me reading to the end. I thought it was a good read, enjoyable and overall entertaining.

Thank you First To Read!! I have always heard how well written novels are by Ace Atkins but never got around to picking one up (sorry!). Love the characters and the steady pace - now I'll need to go back and start from the beginning - I'm hooked!

This is the first time that I learned about this series. I live in the Memphis area, and I am familiar with the towns down Highway 45. I found the book to be fascinating and surreal at the same time. I loved the Trump themed robbers, and the idea that the servicemen were robbing for their addrenalin fix rather than for the money alone. It also brings up the problems of the drug trade and finding someone to speak up. I enjoyed this and I am going back to read the rest of the series from the beginning.

Honestly, any book that opens with a heist being done by people wearing Donald Trump masks is worth a read. Or worth trying to read. I can't seem to get into it, even though I'm reading it in my downtime at work. I'm about 4 chapters in and I just have no motivation to try to keep reading it besides to meet the deadline. The story isn't captivating me because there are so many different things happening I don't even want to try to keep up, and the characters aren't really memorable for me.There are so many characters and only their names are setting them apart. It's got a lot of foul language in the book, which is fine, but it should be mentioned in case anyone is really against it. I didn't enjoy the book, but I know that others will, and I'm grateful for the opportunity I had to read it, anyway.

This was my first Ace Atkins book. I am not a big fan. I read it as a stand alone. This book contains foul language and content. This book was all over the place for me. There were so many people and so many different stories going on that I was having to go back and see what was going on. Each chapter had like 3 or 4 different stories going on. It took me so long to read because I could not get into it and kept getting confused.

Thank you First To Read for the opportunity to read and review this book before it's released. This is my first Ace Atkins book but I felt as though it stood alone and didn't leave me confused because I hadn't read the previous books in this series. It does contain quite a bit of foul language but I think it is used in a realistic way given his characters' personalities, their history and the background and setting of the story. What I liked about it was that Atkins developed several different simultaneous "sub-plots" but managed to keep them woven together. Lots of action, references to current events and a good deal of story line surrounding the relationships these characters have (and had) with each other. I could totally picture the town/county and the characters that make up this entertaining book. I could also see it being made into a TV series.

I really hated this book! Is Awful! Seriously, the lack of language is horrible, almost in every page the autor uses "titties" "pussy" "fuck" "fucking" "motherfucking", and then the history was very simple, the characters plain, not to mention all the biblical stuff that doesn´t fit anywhere.

In Ace Atkins’ seventh installment in the Quinn Colson series, The Fallen, Tibbehah County, Mississippi is once again a hotbed of illegal activity which runs the gamut of bank robberies, missing teenage girls and an underlying corruption that Sheriff Quinn Colson just cannot seem to stay ahead of. When bank robbers Rick Wilcox, Jonas Cord and their buddy Opie make an ill-fated decision to rob Jericho First National Bank, they are certain they will get away with their crime. However, instead of a clueless small town police force, their crime falls under the jurisdiction of Sheriff Quinn Colson and assistant Sheriff Lillie Virgil who have proven time and again they are a formidable crime fighting duo. Colson correctly deduces the men are former military and with few clues to go on, he turns to federal agent Jon Holliday who does not have any more information about the crew than Quinn and Lillie. Interspersed with the investigation into the bank robbery are a couple of story arcs set in the local community. Quinn’s sister Caddy is worried about two missing teenagers that she has been trying to locate under the Sheriff’s radar. Strip bar owner Fannie Hathcock is running up against good ole boy Skinner whose Southern Christian values are greatly offended by her establishment. The search for the missing girls leads straight to Fannie’s strip joint and ultimately, the latest round of corruption that is attempting to gain a toehold in Tibbehah County. In between the investigation of the bank robbery and fighting petty crimes in the county, Quinn reunites with childhood friend Maggie Powers who has recently moved to town with her nine year old son Brandon. As they reminisce about their innocent exploits, a simmering passion threatens to explode into full blown passion but since Maggie is in the midst of a messy divorce, they attempt to keep their relationship platonic. When Quinn begins putting the pieces of the various puzzles together, Lillie’s concerns about his objectivity lead her to make a surprising decision about her future. When the multiple plotlines finally converge into a violent showdown, she concedes Quinn’s suspicions are, indeed correct, and her expertise is instrumentally in bringing the siege to an end. In the aftermath, will Lillie change her mind about the events she set into motion during a moment of frustration? The Fallen is another well-plotted mystery with a storyline that is an accurate reflection of the pervasive political mindset of the deep South today. Ace Atkins lightens the mood with some laugh out loud funny one-liners as Quinn and Lillie take aim at the corruption and crime that threaten to destroy Tibbehah County. Although this latest release is the seventh installment in the Quinn Colson series, it can easily be read as a standalone. However, I have to warn readers that the novel’s tantalizing conclusion will leave them impatiently awaiting the next book in this fantastic series.

Fast paced story about robberies and corruption in a small town in Mississippi. Seventh book in the series that can be read as a stand alone, although reading the previous books would provide one with more details on the characters and town. Book contains rough and foul language,

I should start by saying that I may be a bit biased on writing this review for a few reasons. I first started reading novels by Ace Atkins after he picked up Robert B. Parker’s "Spenser" books. I was initially skeptical but have loved what he has done with that series so much, I decided to give his Quinn Colson books a try and have been a huge fan ever since. I’m also an Army veteran of 10 years as well (Iraq for me rather than Afghanistan but close enough ??) and having worked for my county’s Sheriff’s Department for as many might skew my views in favor of Quinn and the series in general, though I suppose the opposite could be just as true where a less accurate portrayal would turn me off to the books completely. I’m pleased to say it has been the former throughout the Quinn Colson books. As for "The Fallen", it does not disappoint! I especially appreciate the depth of the characters. Even those military members (trying not to give too much away here in the review as this URL seems to be publicly accessible without at least signing in ??) who have gone rogue are not portrayed in black and white, but rather multi-dimensional individuals with flaws like us all but loyal to each other throughout. For those not familiar with the military or law enforcement except for what they see on TV, I believe it is important to show them in this light and Mr. Atkins delivers across the board. The character interactions with Quinn from his family, Boom and Lillie are spot on as always as well. My only disappointment with the entire novel was the bit at the end with a character seeming to leave (again feel like I’m giving something away here, but important in my opinion to make this point). If he or she were to depart for good, I think it would be a major blow to the series overall, so please don’t let this happen. Overall, awesome read!!

Although I've read Ace Atkins books for Robert B Parker, this is the first of his books I've read in the Quinn Colson series. It was a well written suspense novel with interesting characters. He describes the small town Mississippi life in ways that are both "Mayberry " like and full of the darker side of life with drugs and prostitution. As previous reviewers have stated, the book is full of violence and harsh language so it definitely is for the mature reader. The author has an appreciation for people in all walks of life and shows their many sides which I appreciated. A good read.

This is one in a series by Ace Atkins, but the first I've read. It does well as a stand alone although the actual end of the book left things a bit open, I guess for the next in the series. The characters are well developed so I didn't feel I needed more background or information to understand their motivations. There are multiple storylines that you realize are interconnected as the novel proceeds. Some of the individual storylines expose the raw and sometimes ugly underbelly of our society and the difficulty in changing it. Still, there is a thread of redemption for some of the characters. I recommend this book for a mature reader. Warning: if your are offended by foul or rough language pass on this book.

This book was "just fine". I have not read any of the previous books, but there is plenty of detail to help you get to know the characters. The characters are pretty typical of how I imagine the criminals of today. At times, I felt the story lingered on and needed to be edited to a more precise story line. Would I choose to read more of the series, probably not, there are better crime novels out there.

This is the 1st Ace Atkins book that I've read....& I really liked it! It's obviously part of a series, but it read really well despite not having read any previous books in the series. It did allude to events that were probably in the previous books...whetting my interest even further in the series....I don't think it took anything away for a reader new to this saga.... It has a lot of action in it, but is not nonstop/constant...there is a good drama/story here too. It does deal with some violent/serious situations, does have real good guys to cheer for....& real bad guys to wish never exist! It's a memorable read! I'll definitely be spreading the word about this series! I did win this e-ARC in a Penguin First-To-Read Giveaway program, simply in return for a fair/honest review.

I don't like routine, I don't like doing the same stuff all over again just for the sake of it and because it's "how it always been". But I sure am a fan of traditions. Quinn Colson and Tibbehah County has been tradition for a few years now where I patiently await the new Colson comming fresh out of press every mid-summer. Can't take that away from me now. Can't stop tradition. It's set in stone. It's how summer is supposed to be. The seventh installement is true to the series, where Quinn Colson might be the main protagonist but Atkins plays the novel on so many other level. Giving Lily Virgil the time and space she deserves and most of all, making Tibbehah a living carachter of its own. This city IS the Colson series. I feel like it's my home town even though i've never set foot in Mississippi and I live half of the year under 3 feet of snow. Like the 6 other novels of the series, I would not advise for teenagers as there is a significant amount of profanity, corse language and violence. I'd like to emphasis though that a setup in the deep south of Ace Atkins not only needs this type of writing and content but would be qualified as amateur if it didn't. A strong 4/5

The Fallen quickly pulls the reader into a world that most of us are not aware that it even exists. The quick action and plot twists keep you reading long after you should be asleep. Mr. Atkins has developed a plot line that I can not wait to read more about.

Review: Not for publication. At 276 pages, I had to set this book aside. I'm all for colorful language and unsavory characters but the authors prodigious use of the word "titties" and other derogatory vulgarity was a turnoff. If the context had been strictly used by the antagonists, that would have been one thing, but the verbiage was present in the writer's narrative as well, suggesting the author subscribes to the ignorance and sexism of his characters. I'm sure there's a market for this type of pulp fiction, as evidenced by Ace Atkins' success with this series. I understand he's a Pulitzer winning journalist which gives this reader pause, however, this attempt falls short.

Had not read any of the previous entries to the Quinn Colson series, but that didn't prevent me from enjoying this book as I felt it was just fine as a standalone. I'll have to get my hands on the rest of the series as I do like Ace Atkins writing style (I've become familiar with his work due to his work in the Spenser series).

I tried to read through this book. I struggled through the first few chapters. Vulgar words dressed the pages every few words and just couldnt get past that. It's just not my cup of tea. If you dont mind the cussing you may actually enjoy this book, otherwise put it away and find something else.

I received an arc of this novel in exchange for an honest review via first to read. It is an excellent story of the corruption and violence that goes on in todays society. The characters are colorfully woven and human and the story is smoothly written.

We've got all the Southern tropes: dumb rednecks, redneck thieves and the ever popular redneck hunters all endeavoring to move this tale forward. I prefer my Southern tales with more nuance but this story isn't offering much. Landing somewhere between parody and action, this story is a true beach - or swamp - read. Nothing much is required except an active imagination and some down time.

This book left me quite surprised. I couldn't get into it from the very beginning, maybe because it is the seventh book in the series, or maybe I just didn't like the characters that much, but as I continued reading I slowly began to enjoy the characters. There is a lot of spunk and individuality from each of the characters and towards the end of the book I did feel very connected to everyone and everything. This book rated high in my book and I may just have to go ahead and read the other six books before this one. This book was very enjoyable and I believe if you are into crime, robbery, and detective work (I hope the first two you enjoy just reading about) then this is the book for you. I am not that much into these elements but I have to say this book may have changed my opinion around. Thank you so much to First to Read for the opportunity to read this and for helping in falling in love with another genre.

This is the first book I have read in this series. It has a very good plot and I finished the book in a couple days. There is alot of foul language, so be warned if that's not your thing. I will say there were at least a dozen places words were left out of a sentence (and I'm not referring to the slang). I also didn't care for the ending being right in the middle of a conversation. But I guess that's how you make a book series work. Thanks First to Read for my advance copy!

I was pleasantly surprised by this book. 7th in a series about a Sheriff in a small town in northern Mississippi, I don't know exactly what I was expecting. Granted, I have lots of preconceived notions about Mississippi based on an extensive family history there. Granted also, I have lots of preconceived notions about detective stories. Consequently, this book surprised me. In it we have a strong of bank robberies and a local Sheriff who must solve the case, along with a wonderful cast of side characters, and side stories that all tie somehow to the bigger mystery. There is less in this detective story about solving the actual case than there is about the interplay of all the different characters and forces acting in this book, forces much too complex for just one book, which makes me glad there is a series wherein these forces hopefully play out. It works very well as a stand alone novel. Having never read any of the other books in this series I did not feel at all lost, but I did find myself very curious about who all are recurring characters. Fannie Hathcock, a business proprietor who features heavily in this book, was one I was very curious about. I hope this is not her only book, and I found her character development over the course of the story to be very intriguing. She is kind of a villain, but also not really. She is a complex character, which only furthered my curiosity. Quinn Colson, our Sheriff, is obviously the central character. His sister Caddy and their friend Boom, seem also to be highly likely to be recurring, and they both appear to have very interesting back stories I would like to know more about. Which, of course, means I will be looking into more of this series. All together, I very much liked this book and will continue reading the series to which it belongs.

This was the first book by this author that I have read and I found this to be a good read. The story line kept me interested throughout the entire book, and I found it hard to put down at times. Some people may be offended by some of the language, although it's not much worse than you would find in an R rated movie. I did feel that there might have been one too many story lines going through the novel but overall I would read another book by this author again. I received an advance reading copy of this book from First to Read in exchange for a fair review.

I received this advanced reader copy thru First reads. It is the first book by this author I have read and It was a really good read and will now have to circle back and read the first 6 books in this series. In this novel, Quinn Colson finds himself investigating this bank robbery that happened in his town. It turns out he happens to be seeing the soon to be ex wife of one of the robbers. It is a tight story woven together with several twists and turns. Fannie Hathcock, is another main character who crosses paths a few times with Quinn just out of reach to what she is really up to. The ending left wide open for the next book in the series as some really bad guys are about to get started with something big. Stay tuned.

Being new to this series, the language was raw, and for me made the reading too problematic trying to navigate through the rough areas, even though the story line was interesting. I am sure most people would enjoy the story.

Full disclosure this is the first Ace Atkins novel I've read. I'm a fan, but this is not a series I can recommend to everybody. If you're offended by foul language - this isn't for you. Ace does a great job of developing characters and weaving their stories together throughout the novel. His dialogue is smooth and well timed. While, I wouldn't have picked this book up off the shelf, as always if I start a book I finish it and this was well worth the time invested. I might just start from the beginning of the series.


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