Cruel Mercy by David Mark

Cruel Mercy

David Mark

The latest installment of the Detective Sergeant McAvoy novels, and the first to be set in the United States, Cruel Mercy finds Hull's most enigmatic detective treading unfamiliar ground in this wicked stateside thriller.

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The latest installment in David Mark's internationally acclaimed Detective Sergeant McAvoy series, Cruel Mercy is McAvoy's first adventure on American soil.

In the New York Police Department's 7th Precinct on the Lower East Side, Detective Ronny Alto is investigating a crime that's left one man dead and the other in a medically induced coma after surviving a shot to the head. One hope is that Brishen Ayres, a boxing coach and legend in the gypsy community in England, will wake up and reveal the person—or people—responsible for the murder of his protégé Shay Helden and his own mutilation. Another hope is Detective Sergeant Aector McAvoy.

Far away from his home in the U.K., from his familiar Hull, and from the guidance of his boss Trish Pharaoh, McAvoy is flown in to assist with the case, but he has his own motives for the trip: find a man named Valentine Teague—another amateur boxer, a rival of the Helden family, and, perhaps most important, his brother-in-law. But every step toward locating Valentine is a step deeper into a sinister underground network of misguided loyalty, faith, and honor that pulses beneath the streets of New York.

The latest installment of the Detective Sergeant McAvoy novels, and the first to be set in the United States, Cruel Mercy finds Hull's most enigmatic detective treading unfamiliar ground in this wicked stateside thriller.

Advance Galley Reviews

While this is the only book I've read in this series, it was completely easy to drop in and pick up on the series but the story was so engaging that I want to go back and read the other stories. Detective Seargent McAvoy is a great procedural detective character and I look forward to reading more.

Instead of cutting crime in Hull, DS Aector McAvoy finds himself on a personal mission across the Atlantic in New York desperately trying to find his missing brother in law and save warring gypsy families from all-out war. Desperate not to let his wife Roisin down he throws himself from his comfort blanket into a world of the Mob, underground fights and a killer that has been hiding for years. David Mark has again proved he is a true master of the police procedural novel. In the 6th instalment of the Aector McAvoy series, the lovable giant detective lands in New York trying to track down his brother in law Valentine Teague, instead he finds one dead traveller and another in a coma. This beautifully crafted novel book keeps you guessing until the very end. David Mark has that rare gift of being able to pull you into each scene with his vivid descriptions and engaging characters. This book has it all and I can’t recommend it high enough.

I enjoyed the series and this was no different. Loved everything about it, especially the main character.

My husband has been ill so i did not get to read the full book but i am going to get a copy from the library and start over and if i like it I will buy it My apologies

I sadly ran out of time to read this one, but I am going to go back to the start of the series and read from there. I apologize, but family obligations came up, but I believe I will enjoy the book better if I read them in order. Thanks First To Read and David Mark. Already bought the first book.

Detective Sargeant McAvoy risks his life again in another twisted mystery called Cruel Mercy. McAvoy is headed to New York to work with Detective Alto who is investigating the disappearance and murder of some Irish men. McAvoy's brother-in-law is one of the men who is missing, and two traveler families are about to feud if McAvoy can't find Valentine (the brother-in-law) and convince everyone that he's not the murderer. As is always the case when McAvoy is involved, there's much more to this story. And being a visitor instead of an official police officer isn't slowing him down very much. He's determined to get to the bottom of it, and the bottom is very, very far down. The Irish men, a boxer and his trainer, came to New York to have a chance at a professional boxing career. The case involves the Russian and Italian mobs, a priest who has been convinced to help them, and some other really shady characters. It wouldn't be a McAvoy novel if Roisin (his wife) and Pharaoh (his boss) weren't a part of it. And while I enjoyed their contributions, they were only via phone, and I didn't get enough. That's a small complaint, really, since Cruel Mercy takes the usual twists and turns and has the usual macabre element and a significant amount of gore. I become enthralled in these tales trying to figure out where we are headed (and never being successful), and although Cruel Mercy is not my favorite McAvoy, if you enjoyed any of Mark's other novels, this one is definitely worth it. And if you are interested in those other books, here are some links: The Dark Winter, Original Skin, Taking Pity, and Sorrow Bound.

This was a good book, but I think I would have liked it more with something other than boxing. The story was well told and the characters very compelling. I would recommend this to everyone who enjoys thrillers.

DS McAvoy is an unwilling visitor to New York, looking for his brother-in-law. However he finds himself involved with two sets of mobsters, underground boxing, a dubious priest and a murder. The plot is implausible and convoluted. McAvoy should stay on home turf.

I Have not read any of the other books in the series but i was given enough information that I was not left behind. I liked the main character Detective Sergeant Aector McAvoy and because of that I may look into the previous books. I am curious about him and his family. Despite me liking the main character I really had a hard time reading this book. I really struggled and I did have to re-read some stuff to make sure I had read right. I think it is because 2 of the stories were really creepy and the people were very strange. The story also jumped a lot. I finished reading it so I could deal with my curiosity and find out what in the world was going on. I really did want to like this book and hate that I feel it was just ok.

I had not read any in this series, but I did not have too much trouble picking up with book 6. The twists and turns were a bit much, and I did not like the boxing component very much. I give it a 3. Thanks to First to Read for the chance to read this book.

I love reading David Mark's series about Detective Sergeant Hector McAvoy. It's the characters and personalities I enjoy the most, Trisha his boss, his wife Roison, his kids, and his fellow co-workers. Hector is Hector, whether he is in New York, or back at home in his hometown of Hull. The stories are interesting. The one thing that I missed most in this book was the cast of usual characters. Even though Hector stays in touch, via phone or the Internet with his boss and wife back just wasn't the same. While this was a good story that ties together in the end, I just longed for Hector to go home. Hopefully, the next installment in this series will find Hector back in his old stomping grounds.

I received an advance reader's copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review via First To read. Wow! The suspense in this thriller keeps the pages and the blood pressure going! Through all the gangsters, clergy men, and cops is a twistred tale of corruption and intrigue that will leave your head spinning! Highly recommend reading it!

I like to start series with book 1, but that doesn't often happen. I stumble into them at book 6 or whatever and then have to go back and catch up. Same here. I liked the character enough to do that, but not the story. Just not into boxing and the accompanying underworld.

I haven't followed the series, so I was a new arrival here in book 6, but I had no problem getting into the characters and grasping enough of their backstory to follow it. Who wouldn't like Aector McAvoy? He's a good detective, dedicated to his family, and in New York his English/Scottish manners are a huge contrast to those of the people around him. He was the dominant and most well-developed of the characters, with the others touched on enough, but still left to the background. The plot was a bit of a twisted mess with so many different gangs and bad guys and subplots. I was able to follow it, but it took a bit of work. McAvoy is trying to find his wife's brother, Valentine, and stop an Irish Traveler feud triggered by a murder of a member the other Irish clan. The murder happened in New York, might have had something to do with an underground boxing ring, and Valentine was there and is now missing. Then Italian and Chechen gang members get involved, and a corrupt priest, and some serial killers and rapists and undercover Feds and New York cops and a boxing coach in a's a mess! The ending was a bit complicated and ridiculous as several more twists were thrown at us. Aector McAvoy manages to sort through it all and save the day. Somehow I managed to follow it, and enjoy the journey, mostly thanks to the character of Aector McAvoy. I'll look for earlier books in the series, and hopefully the author doesn't always feel the need to make things so convoluted, because there is definite promise here!

4/5 stars. This was my first DS McAvoy book and it is the sixth in the series. I am always a bit leery jumping right into the middle of a series, never knowing if I am going to understand the backstories of the characters. Not to worry with this book, I knew just enough to follow the current story and just enough to make me highly interested in the rest of the books in the series. This felt like a very masculine story filled with boxing, underground fighting and the mafia but the relationships McAvoy has with his wife and female boss gave it the feminine edge that I needed. The story itself is a very complex tangle of events, that seem disparate as you read along, but are quickly woven together for a really great ending.

I sadly could not get into this book at all. Too many storylines. Between the intro, Russians, Boxing, Mob and rich boy rapist, I got confused real quick. I just couldn't stay with it and quit the book early.

This was my first read by this author. It started out ok. But, I found myself trying to keep everything straight. It seems as if I read and read and got nowhere. I am sorry to say I became so bored I didn't finish it. This book just wasn't my taste. Sorry

I was first introduced to David Mark through First to Read and realized I found a new favorite author and went back to look for his previous books. Like many police procedurals, there are moments of confusion towards the beginning. You don't know who is talking and what's going on, but it all comes together at the end. Our hero, Aector McAvoy, is in NYC, looking for his wayward brother-in-law, a boxer who has gotten himself into a bit of a mess. Separated from his beloved wife and children, McAvoy just wants to wrap it up and get back to them, but there are very dark forces involving the Catholic Church, Italians, and Chechens that he has to deal with before he can get home where he belongs. It just leaves me wondering, when is David Mark's next book coming out.


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