Wolf Rain by Nalini Singh

Wolf Rain

Nalini Singh

“Nalini Singh is a master storyteller.”—Maya Banks, #1 New York Times & USA Today bestselling author

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New York Times bestselling author Nalini Singh takes us on a new adventure in this next novel of the Psy-Changeling Trinity series...

The end of Silence was supposed to create a better world for future generations. But trust is broken, and the alliance between Psy, Changeling, and human is thin. The problems that led to Silence are back in full force. Because Silence fixed nothing, just hid the problems.

This time, the Psy have to find a real answer to their problems--if one exists. Or their race will soon go extinct in a cascade of violence. The answer begins with an empath who is attuned to monsters--and who is going to charm a wolf into loving her despite his own demons.

Advance Galley Reviews

As much as I've enjoyed meeting the bears and spending time underwater with Blacksea in the last couple of books (and I am really hoping we'll get to spend more time with ALL of them!) I was still really excited that Wolf Rain would take us back to where it all began with the SnowDancer pack. I can't help it, I've loved this series for such a long time that spending time with the wolves (and the cats of DarkRiver) just feels like coming home and it was so wonderful to catch up with all the familiar faces. We've met Alexi before, he's one of Hawke's lieutenants and is a powerful member of the pack. Strong but caring and very protective of the ones he loves, he holds himself at a distance from the others due to some dangerous family history. He has good reason to fear the future but meeting Memory gives him a reason to fight for what he wants. Memory is a brand new character, she's a Psy who has been held captive for decades and although that would have sent many people completely insane she's a survivor who made it through. She isn't like a lot of the Psy we've met before, she never managed to achieve Silence so she's much warmer than I expected. I'm not going to say much about her abilities but she's always believed they are a curse and that she's evil but working alongside the empaths and the Arrows she starts to realise that she is capable of more than she ever imagined. These two have a lot going against them, the least of which is that her captor is hunting her determined to get her back under his control, but they both know what they want and they're willing to fight for it. One of the things I love most about Nalini Singh's stories is that she never manufactures unnecessary dramas, instead she focuses on creating well rounded characters with believable motivations. It is always so easy to love her characters and even the side characters who have never been in the spotlight feel like old friends. It goes without saying that her world building is phenomenal too, the Psy-Changeling world is so full of depth that it's hard to believe it isn't a real place. I love the way the balance has been changing between the changelings, humans and psy since the fall of silence and that the different groups are starting to realise how much they all need each other. Things was always much easier amongst the changelings and humans but the psy are now learning so much more about themselves and the others. As well as being a fabulous romance Wolf Rain really moves the overarching plot forward too and I can't wait to see where the story takes us next. Nalini Singh's books just never disappoint!

Thank you First to Read for my advanced readers copy of Wolf Rain by Nalini Singh, book 18 of the Psy Changeling Series. This book it set to release June 4th. Nalini Singh is one of my favorite authors. I have read all her books multiple time and when I’m not having the best days her books are the ones I reread for comfort. I am so happy to say Wolf Rain did not disappoint it was everything!!! With the fall of Silence problems that were masked are coming to light and Memory and Alexei’s story mirror some of those struggles. I don’t want to say too much but I will say our main characters had it all. Memory, an E Psy and Alexei a SnowDancer Wolf we’re perfect together. I am so happy say we are back in SnowDancer territory!!! Singh never fails to impress me with her world building skills and intricate plot. You’d think after book 18 it would be getting a bit repetitive but nope the Psy Changeling world is ever evolving and gripping. Bonus some of our favorites from previous books make an appearance and it is everything. I definitely recommend picking this addition up and if you haven’t read this what are you waiting for I promise it will not disappoint! Rating: ??????????/5 —————————

Read some of it but didn't much care for it. It expired before I could give it another shot.

Wolf Rain by Nalini Singh is book eighteen in her Psy-Changeling series and book three in her Psy-Changeling Trinity series. Though this novel is part of two interconnected series, it reads well as a standalone. I’ve only read one other book by this author, but she is now firmly on my “favorites” list. Unclassified empath, Memory Aven-Rose, has been rescued by wolf changeling, Alexei Vasiliev Harte. So begins an adventurous romance that transcends realms and realities. This book is a wonderfully crafted fantasy. The characters are as real and relatable as fantastical beings can be. The scenery is vividly descriptive. The plot is engaging. Wolf Rain is a complete success. I rate it 5 out of 5 stars. I was given the opportunity to read an advance copy of this book as part of Penguin's First to Read program. However, the opinions expressed in this review are 100% mine and mine alone.

Memory experienced such a terrible, and abusive life, but she was able to rise above it, and maintain her beautiful character, and being willing to help others as an dark empath. Alexei with his own history full of sorrow was willingly to help this unique empath, as she used her ability to help those with psychopathic tendencies. It'll be interesting to see how the E-Sigma, and the Consortium clash. Very good read, and looking forward to the next story in the ongoing saga.

You have to buy the book! Wolf Rain is so good and really hard to describe unless you have read at least the other books in the Psy-Changeling Trinity series. We finally find out more about Snow Dancer sentinel Alexi and his background which has only been hinted at and the new character Psy E-sigma Memory. There aren’t many authors that I re-read the book twice to get the layers of information that Nalini Singh puts into her stories and Wolf Rain didn’t disappoint me in how good it is. It has some visits with characters from other books in both the Psy-Changeling Trinity and Psy-Changeling series plus one of my favorite pups being a big brother and helping his sister escaping from school. I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Wolf Rain is an abrupt departure from the Consortium storyline that was so prevalent in both Silver Silence and Ocean Light which was a bit disconcerting. Expecting a particular line to continue was not unreasonable. Having said that, Wolf Rain did open up new avenues in the E designation storyline and potentially opened up follow on stories in the human/Forgotten storylines (one of which seems to be (F)orgotten at bit in all this. Further exploration of those would be awesome, in my opinion. As for our E and her wolf, I loved Alexei and I loved his backstory. Singh rarely explores damaged Changelings. I think that's because there are so few who are truly damaged without Psy interaction of some sort or another. So, Alexei and his backstory was very welcome. No spoilers here, so suffice it to say, when Hawke is worried, the reader should be worried. But despite all that, Alexei is deep into his E and he'll do literally anything for her. A couple cats made cameos here and I'm hoping that signifies something: Nathan! and Clay. Both are interacting with "Sexy Lexie" so that is a bit of a clue. As for Memory, I was shocked at her designation and shocked at what she does/can do. Es are exceptionally powerful and she is no different. Her hurt runs deeper than Alexei's though it also lives more on the surface than deep inside her. She trusts more easily and opens up more easily that I would have expected, E designation or not. I loved her interaction with Amara and Ashaya a great deal. The biggest issue I have with this book is that it leads us into completely uncharted territory and now there are several open roads, any of which can be followed. Worse, I want to follow them all and have no idea how Singh can possibly merge them back together. Obviously, getting human minds into the PsyNet is hugely important but absolutely no progress has been made on this front. (And we only have 12 months to do it!) The Consortium is still out there doing who knows what. There's the rise of a new power, one that could be immensely problematic. The Es have it, til they don't and the Arrows have issues. And then there's the hint at the end of the book. So, that's a lot of open items here. As my husband would say, "It doesn't look good." This book feels like The Empire Strikes Back and yet I feel like it will get worse before it gets better. Despite that, I have a new character I hope will get a book. Once again the world opens. Now if only I could get some answers! Do I want the next book yesterday? Yes, yes I do!

A new form of empath and a wolf changeling cross paths… This is the third book in the Psy-Changeling Trinity series. Today is not a good day for the wolf changeling Alexei Vasiliev Harte, a lieutenant in the SnowDancer pack, he’s haunted by the anniversary of his brother’s death and reminded of the curse he’s burdened with. Yet, on a remote part of pack lands he’s emotionally bombarded by excessive grief that is not his own, a Psy is broadcasting their pain. When he locates the source, he’s appalled, he finds a female Psy, one of the E designation, an empath, imprisoned in an underground bunker cradling the body of a cat that’s now deceased, her only friend in solitary confinement. There’s no doubt Alexei will save this E but she’s currently an out-of-control Psy, the pack has to be protected and his alpha apprised. If anyone can understand agonizing bereavement it is Alexei but even in her grief he sees a defiant strength that lies beneath, her captor might have tried but failed to break her spirit. Jitterbug is dead, a much-beloved cat who was Memory Aven-Rose’s only companion in the prison she’s been kept in. Her grief is unbearable and she’s letting it out, now she’s totally alone. Someone has heard her pain and a changeling breaks in and releases her from the confinement she’s known since she was a young child. He thinks she’s an empath, something she doesn’t believe she is, empaths don’t have the darkness in her soul that she does, her captor was a psychopathic Psy who she was forced to service. She trusts no one but she’ll let this changeling believe what he will to obtain the freedom she’s been long denied. For what she knows of changelings this one is surprisingly gentle even when he growls. A wolf changeling with a family history of males going rogue when they mate is attracted to a confused, spunky empath who doesn’t fit the mold of known empaths, a designation with scant history since they were shunned by the silence protocol. These two fulfilled a deep need within each other and they were great characters with much emotional depth. Alexei was strong, protective, the fear he holds a serious one, he doesn’t want to ever hurt those around him but the wolf within desires more than a life alone. Memory retained her inner spirit despite the evil manipulations of her captor, she fears to harm those who would help her but she’s open to accepting their assistance to gain an understanding what she is, what her affinity for darkness really means and implies differs from the lies she’d been told. Every time I return to this fantasy series I am delighted and enthralled, I’ve yet to find a book in this series I didn’t love. The underlying plot is quite complex, delightfully creative and continues to expand, as things obtain resolution new pathways that make rational sense open leaving me looking forward to the next books. With the fall of silence came changes to the PsyNet, the E’s provide stability with their honeycombing effect but the net is still failing. Some Psy are going through changes with the loss of the silence that worked for them and the introduction of emotion they are not equipped to handle, insanity threatens them and the alliance of races. The E-sigma designation is a possible answer to what plagues the net. Will the existence of just one such empath be enough to scrub the net clean of the generations of toxic psychological waste that has grown? I’ll be reading the following books to found out. An advanced reading copy was obtained from the publisher’s First to Read program.

I'm going to be honest, I had to read this book twice in two weeks just to complete a review that had more words than "OMGILOVETHISBOOKSOMUCH." Nalini Singh is my gold standard author, and her Psy-Changeling series is one of my most beloved series of all time. I was a little nervous about WOLF RAIN just because, once again, this wasn't a couple or story I had expected. Of course, Ms. Singh knows her world best and this might not have been the story I originally wanted, but it's the story we all need. Sexy Lexie and his small, yet ferocious E named Memory are young, fun, hilarious, and the perfect addition to the Psy-Changeling world I know and love. I don't want to give anything away, but your favorite wolves are back and so are many characters from the original series. I enjoyed getting to check in on the Arrows and Es as well as the overarching plot to save the PsyNet. Memory might be one of my new favorite heroines. Her resilience, humor, and complete devotion to her wolf brought tears to my eyes many times and kept a huge smile on my face. I enjoyed the lack of angst between Memory and Alexi, there was plenty of external conflicts to keep things interesting, it made sense for the story and allowed Ms. Singh to push the series plot forward. Overall, this book was everything I want in a Psy-Changeling novel. My favorite part of any book Nalini writes are the nuanced plot points and seemingly small characters who make a big impact. I've reread her books countless times, and I still manage to catch new layers and depth each time, I am always surprised and delighted by the developments in this series. I have a list a mile long of characters who both need and deserve a story. If you need me, I will just be sitting over here dying for the next installment in this series until 2020. **I received an ARC of this book in order to provide an honest review**

Nalini Singh has done it once again. She's expanded and improved the already fantastic psy-changeling world and added a wonderfully romantic couple in the process. Memory is a kickass survivor and Alexei is a tough wolf with a soft caramel interior and their entire courtship and relationship is enough to give you a sugar rush. That it all takes place while they're on the hunt for a psychopath, discovering a new type of E, battling a new threat to the psy-net, and getting over their own traumas only makes it sweeter.

I love Nalini Singh and the Psy-Changeling series. This installment is no different. She's built a wonderful world that I love to visit.

Alexei and Memory harken back to the very beginning of the Psy-Changeling series, when we first met a Psy, designation E, who had been trampled by life, and a changeling whose protective instincts were roused. This book was a fun, relaxing read, in part because every step of the way it reminded me why I fell in love with this Universe, and eagerly anticipate each book. Quite a few books ago, we had two small children who worked together to help someone... it was a plot point that I wondered if we would get more on later, and it felt like this book remembered that thread, picked it up, and carried it forward in an interesting way.

I really enjoyed this book in the aspect that it was a great continuation of the story line, and we still got to see and keep up with previous characters we have met along the way. However, I was not crazy about the new characters introduced in this book. I had a really hard time connecting and caring about them and the relationship. It felt rushed and a bit perplexing at times. I don’t want to give any spoilers, but I just don’t feel like some behaviors with believable. Overall, I’m glad I have read it to keep up with the great story line but not one of her best books.

So happy to have been chosen to read the advance copy of Wolf Rain! Two of my most favorite couples in the original series (Kaleb/Sahara and Lucas/Sasha) have roles in this story, and now I have a new favorite couple: Alexei and Memory. They are just so good together! I love the way they slowly become friends and then lovers, the way they support each other in their struggles with their personal demons. As always in the Psy-Changeling and Trinity series, Singh advances the overarching story of the desperate fight to keep the Psy race from self-destructing - and taking the other races down with them. So damn good, I'm going to reread Wolf Rain at least one more time before it comes out on audio and I can listen to it (which is the favorite way of mine to savor these books).

I adore all of the Psy-Changeling and Psy-Changeling Trinity books. They are on my auto-buy list. I am very grateful to be the recipient of a galley copy in exchange for an advanced review from First-To-Read. It is not necessary, but highly recommended, to read this series in order. Ms. Singh weaves her characters back and forth throughout the books so we get little glimpses of old friends now and then. The multi-story arc builds and you can see how we got to the this point, but are given enough information without lecturing to not be lost reading as a stand alone. I loved this addition to the series. It returns to the changeling wolves of the Snow Dancer pack and the empaths they are protecting. As with the other books in the series, Wolf Rain found it's own rhythm and did not seem to be a cookie-cutter copy of prior books or a formula script. The main characters take time to learn each other and earn their trust. The plot kept me engaged (and sleep deprived!). It is another stellar addition to Ms. Singh's series. Wolf Rain is the story of Alexei and Memory. Memory was kidnapped as a child by a serial killer and imprisoned in a hidden bunker on Snow Dancer land. Alexei finds Memory as she is broadcasting her sorrow and rescues her. However, the killer is not just going to give her up. It is up to them to figure out who - and what - they are and catch the killer before the killer catches them. If that's not enough, Memory also wants to see how she can help save her people from an encroaching doom.

This is the 3rd book in the Psy-Changeling Trinity series, but this series is an off-shoot of the Psy-Changeling series with over 20 books. But, if just read this one, you’ll still understand who, what, where and how, as Ms. Singh is a premiere world builder and gives you a complete story with background, seamlessly. This is the story of Alexei and Memory. Memory, taken as a child by a serial killer who killed her mother and imprisoned her for her psychic talent, is trapped in an underground bunker when Alexei’s (a wolf changeling) tracks a strange scent directly to the bunker and finds Memory. Memory having been isolated and imprisoned since childhood, isn’t sure who to trust but what she feels for the wolf in human skin doesn’t feel threatening, at all, and decides to trust this wolf. With an overwhelming need to keep this “E” safe, Alexei takes Memory to his pack and will find the serial killer who will surely come after her. Memory’s psychic gift is a darkness that haunts her, being used to hurt people has left her sure that her “gift” is actually a curse. Her bad-tempered wolf doesn’t realize the extent of her abilities and is sure when he finds out, he will abandon her to this new world. Alexei knows Memory is some sort of empath and can see the goodness in her, and will never stop until her abductor is found and preferably killed in the process. His wolf has no problem ending a serial killer and now that he knows Memory is his mate, he will stop at nothing to save her and bring her abductor to justice (wolf justice, of course). And, once done, he will have to ensure that he doesn’t become the monster and hurt his own mate! This is another great book, in a great series from Nalini Singh. Her world-building and characterizations of the people in her world are first class and there is never a “bad” book in any of her series, and this is another wonderful story. And, of course, we get to see glimpses into the lives of our favorite characters from previous books. I was given this review opportunity by First to Read and it’s a true and honest review of this ARC. You can believe whether a review opportunity or I purchase a book myself, Nalini Singh never disappoints! ~vamplover [vamplover@ireadlove.com]

I read everything I can by Nalini Singh. I have been following the Psy-Changeling Trinity series from the beginning. This book does not disappoint. I love that the characters are consistent, for the most part, from one book to the next. I am eagerly awaiting what comes next! I would definitely recommend, though it would probably help if you started at the beginning of the series rather than jump in with this one. Thanks First to Read for my advance copy!

When I got the email that First to Read had Wolf Rain available I quickly snagged a copy and have to say I Loved It. Alexi is a snowdancer lieutenant and Memory is a Empath that was kept prisoner for most of her life. I love the way the two interact with one another.Even though they like most couples have some ups and down's especially when they first meet. I also loved the glimpses into some of the other psy / changeling couples that we saw in previous books. I can't wait to see what more is to come in this wonderful world that Nalini Singh has built.

I love Nalini Singh and have read every book she has written set in her Pay-Changeling world. I recommend you start at the beginning. The world building and story arcs are both amazing and it was a pleasure to revisit characters from previous stories in this one. To be honest, I have a TBR list that is a bit overwhelming (I'm sure I'm not alone!) and I bumped this one to the top of the list for the pure pleasure of returning to a world and people I would love to meet and visit. This is Alexei and Memory's story. Alexei is a Snowdancer lieutenant (dominant, Wolf changeling pack) and Memory is a 23 year old Psy-emapth who has been held prisoner for the last 15 years. She has been told repeatedly that she is a monster and struggles to accept that this might not be true. That said, she adjusts to being free surprisingly quickly (even the other characters comment and theorize about her resiliency). Alexei has a tough family history to overcome. He is a solid wolf lieutenant who has lost his joy due to some life events. Alexei and Memory connect when he rescues her and help each other move forward. This relationship happens in the content of the world under the Trinity Accord, as the different species (Psy, Changeling, and Human) work at getting along. Additionally, the PsyNet, which provides necessary feedback to all Pay, is faltering. Characters from past books, like Kaleb, are pursuing solutions. There are a couple of additional storylines that keep the book moving and kept my interest. I will read anything Singh writes set in this world!

Wolf Rain by Nalini Singh 5 stars (howls) After last years Ocean Light my expectations were not high. When a series has gone on for so long, it is difficult to sustain the momentum in every book. But this book exceeded my expectations. As soon as I got the download, I couldn't put it down. I read it overnight and re-read it several times and the it just got better. This book features Alexi, a Snowdancer lieutenant and Memory, a Psy Empath that was kept prisoner since childhood. I love the interaction between Alexi and Memory and we get glimpses of our favorite Psy/changeling couples. I don't know how many more books will be in this story arc, but I look forward to everyone of them. Thank you First To Read for this ARC.

I have been a fan of Nalini Singhs work for quite a while, so when I got an email form First to Read with an opportunity to read the latest instalment in Singhs Psy/Changeling (Trinity) series, Wolf Rain, I was not going to pass it up. And I am so glad I didn’t. I LOVED this book and I cannot wait for the finished version. I absolutely adore Alexei and Memory and their story, they made me laugh, smile and feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Reading Wolf Rain really reminded me of how felt while reading Silver Silence (my favourite of the series) the character are sweet and stubborn and will do anything to help those they care about. I loved how Alexei and Memory interacted with each other and seeing more of Matthias ( I really hope we get to se Matthias get his own story, id love to see how his courtship with Nell turns out), as well as seeing Judds friendship and interaction with the lieutenants from outside the central den. While I am really happy to have a name/explanation for what Noor and Keenans amazing feat in Blaze of Memory, I felt like Pax and Theo Harmonising came out of no where. But I am interesting to see where Singh takes this plot point in the future. I also felt like it all happened quite fast. Now that could be because I just wanted to read more from my favourite pack of wolves, but I felt like it could been stretched out more, spreading what happened out a little more time wise. it seemed like a lot to happen in what I think was the time span of a week(?). All in all I will 100% read the finished version, definitely multiple times!!

I feel like I'm repeating myself, but I'm never disappointed by one of Nalini's stories. It was totally worth the wait and now, I have to wait even more for the next book. It's all a vicious circle *grins* We've met Alexei books ago(I want to say in Hawke's book, but I don't remember for sure, yes i need to re-read them all, don't judge me!), but the Alexei we knew is now a bit broken. Memory is a new character who's been through a lot! Both of them are learning to relay on and to trust the other person. I loved the whole plot of the book and the way Nalini moved the action further. At the same time stuff is getting REAL! When they find new solutions it seems that more problems are developing. I can't wait to see how Nalini will resolve everything! In this book we caught up a bit with the SnowDancers, with Kaleb and Sahara(love yo both soooo much!), with Sasha and Lucas and with the Arrows. I don't even know who I want more of, and who I want a book for. I know that I just want more!

Way better than the last one, and worth the hardback price if you’re a collector. (Series beginners should go all the way back to enjoy the complete journey.) So in addition to a love story for Alexei, wolf lieutenant, we get to learn more of how empathy can save the Psy. I’ve always been a fan of Singh’s world building, and she gets back to it in this one. There’s a lot to be treasured in the exploration of how body, mind, and spirit balance, and that’s one of the major themes of the Psy-Changeling series. This book explores the strange bond between psychopaths and empaths—in the context of the Psynet, not the romance. Alexei rescues an empath who’s not aware she’s an empath, and tries very hard not to mate with her. We know from the beginning how that’s going to work out; it’s the mystery of who’s the stealth Psy that’s trying to kill all the empaths that drives the larger story. There’s enough closure to be satisfying, and a clue to the elevation of suspense coming in the next book...if only it didn’t take so much longer to write than to read, because now I’ve got to wait another year until the next one!


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