When Katie Met Cassidy by Camille Perri

When Katie Met Cassidy

Camille Perri

When Katie Met Cassidy is a romantic comedy about gender and sexuality, and the importance of figuring out who we are in order to go after what we truly want.

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"A film-ready rom-com about finding love when you least expect it."--Elle

"My favorite romantic book of recent memory." --Emma Straub

"The delightful, sexy, queer rom-com of the summer . . . [with] all the makings of a Nora Ephron classic." --Vogue

*One of NPR's Best Books of 2018*
*One of Washington Post's 50 Notable Works of Fiction in 2018*

From the acclaimed author of The Assistants comes another gutsy book about the importance of women taking the reins--this time, when it comes to love, sex, and self-acceptance.

When it comes to Cassidy, Katie can't think straight.

Katie Daniels, a twenty-eight-year-old Kentucky transplant with a strong set of traditional values, has just been dumped by her fiancé when she finds herself seated across a negotiating table from native New Yorker Cassidy Price, a sexy, self-assured woman wearing a man's suit. At first neither of them knows what to make of the other, but soon their undeniable connection will bring into question everything each of them thought they knew about sex and love.

When Katie Met Cassidy is a romantic comedy about gender and sexuality, and the importance of figuring out who we are in order to go after what we truly want. It's also a portrait of a high-drama subculture where barrooms may as well be bedrooms, and loyal friends fill in the spaces absent families leave behind. Katie's glimpse into this wild yet fiercely tightknit community begins to alter not only how she sees the larger world, but also where exactly she fits in.

Advance Galley Reviews

Another fantastic book from the author Camille Perri. I absolutely loved this book. I read this book in 2 days! I can't wait to see what else Camille dreams up, I'll be the first one in line.

When Katie Met Cassidy is the engaging and romantic story of, well, Katie and Cassidy! I must admit that this is not normally the type of book I pick up but I had heard so much about it and the author, Camille Perri, that I had to give it a try. I read it in a day and was pleasantly surprised! Katie is a lawyer fresh out of a relationship with a man to whom she was engaged; he dumps her and she is struggling to start over. When she meets Cassidy, a powerful lawyer in a masculine suit, sparks fly! She is as surprised as anyone as she attempts to figure out her feelings and identity - and her next move. Cassidy doesn't know what to make of Katie either but the relationship that develops is sweet, funny, and super sexy. It's also complicated - as relationships usually are - and the story that unfolds reflects the challenges that one can go through when they are questioning their identity in any number of ways. I am old enough to remember when it was not easy to find books depicting queer love, sex, and relationships. I am happy that there are more to choose from now! While this one lost a few points with me for the occasional slip into an unrealistic L-Word world, it mostly wins. It is indeed refreshing to have my community represented in all its positive and beautiful yet fluid and complicated glory. With When Katie Met Cassidy, Camille Perri has created a quick and heartfelt read that will appeal to anyone who appreciates romantic comedies especially when they are centered on queer characters.

I was a huge fan of Camille Perri's last novel, The Assistants. So when this one was announced I knew it would be a must read. I really enjoyed this for for what it was - a fun, light summer read.

I had enjoyed Perri's previous novel, and was intrigued to get a chance to read her new one. I enjoyed this novel, though I found parts of the romance somewhat unrealistic. I thought both characters were developed and well-written, but I found it strange that Katie went from thinking herself to be straight to seriously dating a woman without any kind of self-reflection or conversation. Otherwise, it was a light, fun romance.

I am heterosexual and did not think I would care for this book but boy was I wrong! It was such a sweet romance! I thoroughly enjoyed it!

I adored this book! We need more f/f love stories and I think this is a great one to recommend to your friends who maybe haven’t read a book like this before! I told my friend that it’s like an appetizer to same sex romance novels. I thought it was sexy and fun - I just wish I got to know the characters better and got to see them go through actual tough events. Maybe meet Katie’s fam? Hopefully there will be a sequel!

I wanted to like this book. I really did. A romance between two strong women, one of whom is still figuring herself out a bit, is something I don't seem to find as often as I would like. It seems most LGBT+ books I come across are about men, which is fine, but I love reading female-centric stories. I was so excited to read this that I set aside my current read to start it. However, it was a disappointment. Katie was incredibly judgemental from the start, so much so that I almost stopped reading after chapter one. She kept stereotyping Cassidy and her friends. In the beginning, Cassidy wasn't much better, either, with her stalkerish tendencies and overconfidence that would dip into arrogance. I kept reading because I did start to like Cassidy, though Katie never ceased to frustrate me. I tried to rush through the Katie-centered chapters to get to those that focused on Cassidy. Katie's judgments and brash opinions that were constant throughout the book were extremely off-putting to me. What bothers me the most about this book, however, is kind of in defense of Katie. It appears that to all of the characters in this book, bisexuality simply doesn't exist. I don't believe there is a single instance where anyone says anything about the possibility of someone being attracted to multiple genders. Everyone, including Katie herself, feels the need to know if Katie is straight or gay. Just let the woman explore and figure herself out. She's allowed to be attracted to both men and women. I finally had an ounce of admiration for Katie when she stood up for herself to Cassidy's self-righteous friends, telling them "I don’t know if I like girls. . . But I like Cassidy. And you should be ashamed of yourself for passing judgment on me." That was a moment in which I actually liked Katie, only for her to ruin that a few chapters later.

A fun, light f/f romance about two women-- one figuring out her sexuality and the other realizing some relationships are worth settling down for. Overall, an enjoyable read. I appreciated the journey Katie got to take as she started questioning her sexuality after meeting Cassidy and the relationship between the two women was fun to see play out. Some of the writing and characterizations lacked depth for me, though, which is the main thing that bothered me, particularly in the beginning. Still, a good, light read for summer that I'd recommend to people looking for an f/f adult romance.

So I got this book as a read and review but I guess I missed the part where this was about a lesbian couple. I did not even realize this was a hot topic. I found this to be a good story. It was well written, the plot moved along at a good pace and wasn't strange or out there. The characters were earnest, believable and very relatable. Not a lot of depth to the story and out just kind of ends, nothing is resolved or concluded. I really enjoyed the romance though. This had me hoping the author was working on a series maybe follow Gina and/or other MET attendees. Overall, the story was ok, nothing great but a fun read.

While this was a quick and somewhat enjoyable read, the author did not provide a great deal of depth to either Katie or Cassidy. Katie and Cassidy fell in love so quickly, that with little character development it was hard to see why. I understand Cassidy was trying to mature but there was no inner struggle as to why she chose Katie as the one she was ready to attempt monogamy with. I think more development would have also allowed more conflict and made the book less predictable. Ultimately, it left me with feeling like I read the equivalent of a Lifetime or Hallmark movie - enjoyable while consuming, but instantly forgettable.

I received an advanced copy of this book from First to Read in exchange for an honest review. This book was great! I couldn't put it down. It's cute and funny and easy to read. I really liked the alternating chapters between Katie and Cassidy. It was neat getting both of their perspectives on what was going on. I enjoyed reading about how their relationship developed from their first awkward meeting as lawyers on opposites sides of the table to Katie needing a friend to something more.

This was super cute and made me smile so much! I'm a sucker for a butch/femme romance, and this book hit the spot. It's not super deep, but it's lovely, fast-paced, and entertaining and I recommend it to anyone looking for a sweet, fun romance.

This was, for the most part, a really fun read. It’s a classic meetcute style romance, told from both Katie’s and Cassidy’s perspectives, adding some much needed LGBTQ+ voices and stories to the genre. I loved Cassidy as a character. She’s really fleshed out and I felt like I knew her and really related to her, maybe a bit more than Katie. Katie is a well-rounded character, with a lot of relatable qualities, and I’m sure many readers are able to see themselves or someone they know in Katie, which goes a long way for character development and audience engagement. However, I felt like Katie was a bit generic, very cookie-cutter in some ways. She’s a pretty, blonde, blue-eyed southern belle that moved to New York for a taste of the big city and success. Though Perri does try to set her apart, giving her a real job that takes real brains and ambition and we’re told that Katie isn’t like the typical southern girl...she still feels like it. But because of Cassidy, and her character’s depth and layers, Katie is held up in the relationship and the story. Together, Cassidy and Katie work in a way Katie alone would not. Their love story is a fun one to read and watch unfold, to root for, and to worry about when the inevitable turbulence comes. My only grievance with this book is Katie’s back story. At the start of the book, she has just been dumped by her fiance for another woman. Very, very recently -- only a weekend before meeting Cassidy in a meeting between her company and Cassidy’s. Obviously until this point, Katie is a straight woman, and meeting Cassidy after her break up makes her question that, and eventually she and Cassidy get together. Katie never really confirms she is a lesbian, but simply says that she doesn’t know if she likes women, but she likes Cassidy. This confusion is actually understandable and one of the more real aspects of Katie as a character. My iritiation comes from Katie having been wronged by a man, VERY recently, and then meeting and woman and starting a lesbian relationship. On the surface this isn’t so bad, but it tends to feel like Katie’s story perpetuates the concept that lesbians hate men, are just women who have been hurt by men, and therefore, in response to a man forsaking them, swear off men forever. It’s as if, had a man not burned Katie, she would never have “become” a lesbian. She also reexamines the female friendships in her life, wondering why she felt so possessive of them, why she loved them so much, and decides that maybe she had romantically loved them subconsciously and was then jealous of them when they entered relationships with men. This, again, perpetuates a negative stereotype of gay women, promoting the idea that gay women cannot have platonic relationships with women -- they must be in love with them, want them sexually, they cannot be just friends. Katie, a women in her late 20s, is also completely clueless about sex, and not just sex between two women. She is written as a wholesome, innocent, southern woman, but it’s mind boggling that a women in her late 20s, who has been in New York for years, and was engaged to be married, was completely blindsided by sex toys and books with sex tips, and, honestly, had no inkling of what might go on in the bedroom between two women. She had no understanding of her own wants, or needs, or sexual desires, her likes or dislikes. For a book written in present day, maybe I’m being optimistic, but I don’t find a nearly 30-year-old woman with no sexual knowledge whatsoever to be believable. Cassidy, on the other hand, is brilliantly written. I wanted to be her, I wanted to be with her, I wanted to know her. She’s so relatable, so real. I feel like I know several Cassidy’s and that Cassidy is part me. Her struggle with settling down, her confusion about being with a “straight” girl, her walls and defense mechanisms, and her backstory explaining it all is pure perfection in character development. More so than Katie, Cassidy grows as a person through this story. She truly knows herself and makes positive changes because Katie enters her life. She recognizes her faults, she addresses her insecurities, she peels off her layers and lets love in, and I was cheering for her start to finish. Cassidy embodies the idea of loving the skin you’re in, being unapologetically yourself, for you and for no one else. She was who she was, you like it or you don’t. She has not hidden agenda, she just knows who she is and in the end, could not be more proud. Even with my few issues with Katie as a character, the love story that Perri writes for her and Cassidy is cute, playful, turbulent, and in the general sense, real. It was so refreshing to see an LGBTQ+ love story that showcases a character questioning her sexuality and finding herself and highlights different ideas of femininity and masculinity.

I was so excited for a f/f romance but for most of the book I was really not enjoying Katie’s character. I found it to be a bit of a let down.

I would like to first thank the First To Read program for letting me read this book before it was published. I have to say that I liked the book a lot, although I felt it was a bit repetitive in some parts, like I would know what would be coming next, the following moves of the characters or the development of the story. Nevertheless, this light and fun read allowed me to meet two strong female characters, which I think was one of the most important issues in this story. Both of them are lawyers in NYC who start a journey on self-discovery once they meet for the first time. Cassidy learns that she is able to love someone truly and Katie finds out who she really is. The chemistry between them was good, whcih also made the story more real. I was glad I could read this book and would recommend it to anyone looking for a beach read or a fun one.

Thank you First To Read for giving me the opportunity to read an advanced copy of When Katie Met Cassidy by Camille Perri. Katie just broke up with her fiancé and is adjusting to living in her own. In the meantime she meets Cassidy a lawyer for another company that she is working with and things change for Katie. At first Katie thinks this is a friendship but learns that it is more than that. With this being all new to Katie, Cassidy helps her with finding how who she really is. This was a quick and easy read. I can’t wait to read more by Camille Perri.

This was one of your typical LGBTQ novels about a woman who divorces and finds true love with another woman. It was a fast read for me. There were times I was reading knowing where the story was going, but this is how it happens. You meet in a bar, give some attitude, disappear for a bit, question yourself, then realize what you really want in life than chase it down and do what you have to do to get it! The chemistry between them was good, both being attorney's on opposite sides so that flirtation was good.

This was a captivating book about finding yourself, and figuring out who you are. I loved reading about Cassidy and Katie, and this was a fun, fast read. I read it in less than a day, and loved how it was realistic. The chemistry between the characters was well-written, and I look forward to reading Camille Perri's other work, The Assistants, and her future novels. This is a perfect, flirty, light beach read you can enjoy any day this summer! Just be careful about when you start reading, because like me, you may not put it down until you're finished!

I just finished this one and it's sort of hitting me that this is really how some adults come into and live in the LGBTQA+ community. It's making me realize that I, and a lot of queer people I know, have been lucky to have a support network fairly early. When Katie Met Cassidy is an amazing view into the life of two strong, female attorneys in New York City, discovering love and a new kind of lust while exploring what identity really means to each of them. It shows a different side of the NYC underground that many don't realize exists, while also looking in on some of the aspects of being a high-powered woman in a male-dominated field. *4.75 stars*

A coming into your own sort of romance, where Katie has a life of quiet disappointment, until everything falls apart... and then she meets Cassidy. Cassidy is nothing Katie expected, but sometimes challenging your expectations is a necessary step to a better life. Cassidy has some character traits I don't like, but overall she's good for Katie, especially after she undergoes some personal growth. And Katie is a perfect example of someone who's stifled themselves, trying to fit into society's cookie cutter shapes. They're not perfect, and they have some clashes, but they both deserve a happy ending.

**3.5 Stars** **I was able to read this as part of the Penguin First to Read program** I was a little apprehensive about reading this book as I read Camille Perri's previous novel The Assistants and while I liked it, I remember being disappointed with several aspects of the book. For this novel, I like it well enough, however, again, I am slightly disappointed since it's lacking depth. I think it would make a good beach read as it is easy and quick to read. The characters are likable, but it's all very surface-level. I think there was a way to keep it breezy, but still explore the characters more deeply. For instance, Perri spends some time discussing Katie's relationship with her mother, but doesn't show us the aftermath of her letter or hint at the relationship. All in all, if you're looking for a quick, light read, I would give this a chance.

I’ve been seeing a lot of hype surrounding When Katie Met Cassidy, so was a little surprised when I finished it to find myself thinking it was merely ok. It was a quick summer read, but I felt that neither of the main characters was gone into in enough depth, leaving you feeling as if you didn’t really know them that well. I wish they had been more drawn out. It wasn’t a bad book, but for me, it didn’t live up to the hype as a top summer read either. Thanks to Penguin’s First to Read program for an advanced copy of this book

When Katie Met Cassidy is exactly the fun, light, queer girl romance that I've been craving. It was so refreshing to read about a female couple falling in love with no larger than life hurdles to overcome. Too often, stories about two women falling in love are weighted down by heartbreak, difficult families, cheating, impossible coming out stories, or tragic death. Camille Perri's book has none of those and I'm grateful for that. Katie's self-realization process reflects the difficulty of coming into a new identity in your late twenties, without disrupting the love story or turning tragic. Cassidy's gender presentation was accurately portrayed, as were the microaggressions she experiences on a daily basis. This is also not something you normally see in LGBTQ+ romances. And, I absolutely loved Perri's exploration of the diminishing lesbian bar scene in major cities. Especially in New York City, there are less and less queer female spaces, and being able to read about a very real queer female problem like this meant so much to me. Thank you so much for the chance to read this early!

When Katie Met Cassidy is a well-written, lighthearted, easy summer read. That said, I came away from it with some mixed feelings - some things I liked and some, well, not so much. The biggest drawback for me was the emphasis on Katie's background. She's a Kentucky girl, complete with riding horses, close knit family, and traditional values. She's quick to ask questions about things she doesn't understand and to speak her mind with her observations - at least with Cassidy. On this part, I totally got her. However, when she runs into her ex and company, she becomes someone else, including suppressing her Southern accent. That aside, the traditional values part of her background is where I had a problem. As a Kentucky girl, myself, and also raised with traditional values, it never fails to irk me when this comes up in a book. The stereotype that Southern born and bred equals intolerance is just that - another stereotype, and this type of labeling has become all too common in LGBT romances. Enough on that, I'll get off my soapbox now, and talk about what I did enjoy in this story. While it is completely predictable, almost from the minute this pair meets, it's also witty, fun, and even a bit silly at times. The story is told in dual points of view, bouncing between Katie and Cassidy, who are quite different in personality, but somehow just work together. We also get a great bunch of secondary characters, who at times, are even more interesting than our romantic couple. Some I absolutely loved, and some I wanted to just give a good shake, Gina in particular, but love them or hate them, they're all colorful, interesting characters. But here's the thing, even with the predictability, there's just something oddly compelling with this story. Whether it's the writing style, which is very good, or the flow, also good, I found myself wanting to see what was next, moving on to that next chapter to get the other person's view on any given situation. In the end, even though this story had its ups and downs for me, the author's talent did shine through and I would happily read other works from her.

When Katie Met Cassidy was an enjoyable book, very light romantic fair. I say very light because there was no real depth to it. Katie is fresh out of a failed engagement and friendless and she falls for Cassidy who is a notorious womanizer. The only difference between this and the usual romance is that Cassidy is also a woman, although Katie mistakes her for the opposite gender at first. Cassidy is of course instantly smitten with straight Katie and finds herself confused as often happens in these books and Katie is curious about Cassidy and her friends. There's very little back story. A bit of Katie's backstory makes me think the relationship with Cassidy is doomed as well. It's when Katie flashes back to how she met her ex-fiance Paul Michael. There wasn't an instant attraction to Paul Michael the person. She was interested in how he made her feel and could develop the lifestyle that she thought she wanted. I felt it was the same thing with Cassidy. Here was Katie, with no love interest and no friends, and along comes Cassidy who can fulfill those needs with her, and publicly pass for a man, which is illustrated in the book on their weekend getaway. Everything happens much to fast, and I was thinking of course, there are problems when they go to the big gala because when you've spent most of your courtship either having sex or hanging out with one partner's friends then you've never really "tested" the relationship in public. It's nice to have a f/f romance, but more depth would have been nice.

This was my first book by Camille Perri and I have to say I wasn't exactly impressed. The synopsis sounded interesting but I felt like there really wasn't much of a plot to this book. Everything just seemed to happen way too fast. Any issues they encountered didn't seem to really hinder either of the characters. I do not think I will be reading anymore of Camille Perri's works.

I wasn't quite sure what I was getting into with this one. Originally I had thought it was a M/F romance, but it's obviously not, I just didn't read the description all the way. It happens. Immediately I had some issues with Katie as a character, though. She's going through a hard time and is really struggling when she meets Cassidy. Her initial inner thoughts on Cassidy bothered me the most. They seemed very small-minded and stereotypical as she described what Cassidy looked like and what she was wearing. Cassidy, on the other hand, is immediately attracted to Katie. She also seems like a bully to me. Katie learns that Cassidy has a bit of a reputation in the community, but seemingly can't stay away from her. It's an interesting storyline and premise, but you never really learn too much about the characters. Katie strikes me as someone who just wants to "experiment" rather than start a relationship with a woman. She doesn't do too much thinking about it, from what I gathered. A lot of the times her thoughts and monologue were redundant and didn't hold my attention. I liked that Cassidy changed and grew a little, but I felt that there was a lot missing. The dialogue was sometimes stale and Cassidy often sounded like a dumb joke rather than an intelligent lawyer. In other news, though- this was a quick and easy read. It held my attention and I definitely wanted to see what happened at the end. I would've liked a little more depth within these characters and some more details as how they grew to fall in love. Thanks for First to Read for the ARC.

I'm not really sure how I feel about When Katie Met Cassidy. I did enjoy that it was a light read and there were many moments I loved. It's a novel that will make you feel good and I think the core of the story will resonate with a lot of people. But there's also zero depth here from the characters or the story. There are hints at it, but all the big moments happen so quickly that really, any exploration has to come from the reader filling in the spaces. I can take this from a light-hearted novel to a certain extent, but there could've been more done here. One thing I was wholly disappointed with was the black and white approach to sexuality. There was a singular focus on gay or straight. No fluidity. No mention of the possibility of any other identity for Katie other than gay or straight. And the representations of the community as a whole felt so stereotypical.

When Katie Met Cassidy Camille Perri What a great love story. Nothing sappy or tragic, nothing too much in detail, just a good read about two people finding each other, overcoming obstacles and falling in love.

I first read a few chapters of this book that were offered in an email pre-publication notification from the publisher. I was intrigued by Katie and Cassidy's first interactions and was rooting for this romance to be better than fluff. When I got the opportunity to read the rest of the book, I was really excited to learn more about these characters.... But I never really did. Sure, I read about Katie's family and earlier female friendships, and Cassidy's many conquests and the impending doom of her aging out of the bar scene...but it all fell really flat. I think this story and these characters had some potential but the author passed on every opportunity to dig deeper. We're taken to a adult shop, a cookout, a ranch, the opera, are supposed to fall in love with a bar - each of these in about a page each. The backstories of the characters were told, not shown, and their psychology was trite and too quickly accepted as fact. If you're looking for some complete fluff that requires absolutely zero attention and have the opportunity to pick this book up for free, you might enjoy it. Otherwise, there are many, many better ways to spend your money and time.

This book didn't do anything for me. I wanted to like it. However, though I tried, I couldn't get past the initial scene. The writer's style was one I just didn't like the sound of in my head, though I'm sure others are going to like it based on other reviews I've read.

I fell in love with the synopsis of this book when i entered for an advance copy of this. I love the romance between Katie and Cassidy, how Katie evaluate herself and who she really is but the part about being in a community and part of that is just not deep enough, there's just so much to talk about. I was hoping it was more than about Katie & Cassidy's romance.

I almost put this book aside after reading the first couple of chapters. I was irritated with Katie's initial, stereotype judgements of Cassidy and her appearance and then later, with her question of "Were you straight before college?" But I stuck with it because I really want to root for a f/f romance, especially one that is an #ownvoices one. I enjoyed Katie's exploration into her feelings for Cassidy and other women before her. I liked how she moved forward, in spite of her uncertainties. I liked Cassidy and though I would have liked a stronger, separate central plot line to thread through their relationship, their romantic storyline kept me reading and rooting for them. Perri offers an authentic view of a young, gay bar climate, although falls a little short of presenting it as racially diverse, throwing in a couple of random non-named characters of color without offering them any lines or story involvement. I definitely enjoyed tis book enough to bump up her debut, The Assistants in my TBR list.

I was not sure what to think when I started reading this book. But once I saw the development of Katie and Cassidy, I fell in love. One reason being that I could relate to the story and some of the experiences that Cassidy went through as a gay woman. My heart broke for Cassidy when Katie done the unimaginable, but was ecstatic when they worked through it. I hope there is more to come from Katie and Cassidy, because I would most definitely love to see how their relationship grows. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would recommend it to everyone! Great work Camille

Really enjoyed this book It was a quick read- one afternoon and the dialogue rang true in so many instances. The author described the New York life style of so many of the characters and Katie's conflict with trying to fit into one of them. She is surprised by her attraction to Cassidy but can't deny. Her struggle to reconcile her feelings and her inner identity about the lesbian lifestyle seem heartwrenching at times, but so accurate. I love her attempts to write to her mother and describe her turmoil and her conclusion that she should go with her feelings. The bar scene was eye-opening for me , yet showed the true relationship among the carious habitués. Like Cheers for lesbians. It is hard to understand the promiscuity of Cassidy but lesbians friends tell me that this is a part of their culture. Cassidy's stubble to acknowledge her emotions is a true one of many 30 somethings. I would recommend this book; I liked it a lot.

This is my first go reading a female love story. It didn't make me warm and fuzzy but the author described the inner struggle well. Also, I liked the symbolism of the bar of how its presence and then absence forced Cassidy to mature. Because in my opinion seeking so many conquests was not making her a likable character. I would have liked to know more about her background. And it was a quick read.

I loved this book! It was a quick read with characters I quickly became attached to! The writing style made it easy to read and hard to put down. I love being able to immerse myself into a different type of love story then the normal man-woman relationship. The author did a nice job portraying the inner struggle of figuring out who you are, letting others see who you really are, and living an authentic life. Definitely would recommend!

When Katie Met Cassidy by Camille Perri ?Publisher; G. P. Putnam's Sons? June 19th 2018 ???????? “It's hard to be intimidated by a five-foot-two college kid wearing a flannel from Gap Kids". Katie has it all; a life of luxury, a career that quickly scaled the corporate ladder and a fiancé that is an accomplished art curator. Until said fiancé leaves her for her "friend" and she's met with a life she's unsure of. Enter Cassidy Price, a strong personality who seems very self aware and makes Katie question everything she thinks she knows about sexuality, queerness and love.? I wanted to love this book so much. While it was an easy read, I devoured it in a couple of hours, it was seemingly lacking something of importance. It took me a while to pinpoint exactly what was missing .... let me explain.? Katie is a straight girl, brought up in Kentucky. But that's about all we get of her background. Her first impression of Cassidy didn't sit well with me. Katie judged this woman on her appearance and was vastly crude in her thoughts about how "women" should dress and hold themselves. While I can appreciate the honesty from this character, I'm also left wondering how she can go from this thought process to being in love so quickly and without much thought.? Cassidy's character however felt a bit more authentic. How often gay women fall down the straight girl rabbit hole. We know we should, we know it ends, yet we find ourselves pining over them anyway. And it usually ends with a broken heart, or something of that nature.? This story held so much potential. There was room for tears and laughter, yet fell incredibly short. That said, it's not a terrible story. And again, a super easy read. But if you're looking for something exceptional, this isn't it.? I received a copy of this book from First to Read in an exchange for my honest review. These opinions are my own and in no way reflect those of the author, publisher or anyone involved in the making of this book.

3/5 stars... the characters were likable, but I felt like they could have used more development. We never learned about their lives before meeting each other, which I think could have added more to the story. I am happy to read about a female love story, something I've never read before. The story was told from the perspectives of both sides of the relationship (Katie and Cassidy) which definitely added to the story, as they had two different backgrounds. Overall, it was a fun, light, quick read, but I would have appreciated going a little deeper into the main characters' lives.

I was excited when I found out I won an advanced copy of this book - I tend to read a lot of the same books and I try to step out of my bubble and read things I normally would not have heard of - and I find myself usually really glad that I did! I hadn't read The Assistants, by Camille Perri, but it's definitely on my TBR list. This one sounded interesting and it was definitely a great story. I do think it got a little boring in parts, and the character development was pretty lacking. Katie is fresh off a pretty major breakup with her fiancé when into her shambled life walks Cassidy. The attraction is almost instant for Cassidy and quickly follows with Katie, although pretty confused about her feelings, the story goes on to see how things all fall into place, or fall apart - all while still reeling from a devastating split from a man, and a life she thought she knew and fit into all so well. I found some things a bit unbelievable and had a hard time taking the attraction between Katie and Cassidy seriously. I'm not sure what sparked it between them - I found it a bit far-fetched, but it was a fun quick read and overall that's fine by me!

I enjoyed reading this book. There were chapters that were dedicated to the thoughts of either Katie or Cassidy and how they each perceived the situations that arose. I found that each of them had some struggles to overcome with accepting their feelings for each other, and that seemed very realistic. It was a pretty quick read, but kept my attention.

This was a quick read that was lots of fun. I enjoy reading gay romances, especially when it's between two women. The book had some heavy handed moments, but in general I enjoyed it. A good beach read!

Not impressed. Thank heavens it was a fast read. I wanted more from the secondary characters. They just seemed thrown in. Katie and Cassidy were fine but they had no spark. Not really sure why the fell for each other in the first place. Not totally bad just wanted a more developed story.

As there are so few good LGBTQIA+ books I really wanted to like this one. Sadly I did not and could not. As a story it is very typical, straight girl falls for the super-butch. It read like a bad fanfic, insert your gay ship here kinda thing. The whole thing just screamed stereotype to me. The characters were flat, the story line slow and rushed at the same time. For as much chemistry Katie and Cassidy claimed to have, I couldn't see it. I just wasn't a fan at all.

"When Katie Met Cassidy" as interesting, thoughtful rumination on pansexuality---loving someone romantically regardless of their gender. Katie has just been dumped by her douchey fiance and is spiraling deep into despair when she meets Cassidy, who she, at first, mistakenly assumes is a man, simply because she is dressed as one. Katie doesn't understand the feelings she has for Cassidy--she's never had romantic feelings for a woman before---and doesn't quite know what to do with them. Cassidy, essentially a female, gay Barney Stinson, has never allowed a woman past her bedroom---never into her heart, until Katie, and this is dangerous because Cassidy is as comfortable in who she is as Katie is uncomfortable and discomfited by the feelings she's suddenly having for someone of the same sex. Perri's book never felt like it was making fun even when it was being funny---it felt honest and real and I enjoyed it very much.

Looking for a quick summer read, this may be your jam. I read this book in one day and loved the immediate connection between Katie and Cassidy. I liked the book, but felt the character development was a bit rushed. It was refreshing to read a love story between two characters, regardless of gender, who realize that what they thought made them happy was in fact just what they expected happy to be.

This book was light-hearted and I enjoyed reading it from both Katie's and Cassidy's perspectives. I always like reading books where people find themselves, but it was a little flat. The characters were stereotypical and basic. Also, the book was predictable, and it seemed obvious right from the beginning what the ending was going to be. I do like reading books that are fast paced, but this one was very quick. I would have enjoyed a little more character development for the main characters, and I also would have liked to see more development in the secondary characters. I also think it would have been cool to delve more into the pasts of Katie and Cassidy. This book would make the perfect beach read though. It definitely deals with finding yourself, and I enjoyed that theme throughout.

The concept of this book, in its entirety, is cute. However, I feel as if the story was just too underdeveloped. It took me only 2 days to read and it almost felt like just a blur. It's the typical straight girl falls for lesbian story, but there wasn't too much to get into. There was no spark between the characters. At least, no memorable spark. It also felt that Cassidy was just a rebound. Katie, just having broken up with her ex-fiance, moves onto Cassidy and I honestly thought that the connection between then would have been endearing, but it's not. If you need a quick cute same-sex love story, this is it for you. But there are probably more developed books out there.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I do think this is a love story of sorts, but the characters are not developed very well. Cassidy seems very flighty and superficial and Katie seems quite unaware of her sexuality in general. I would have liked to see more about the relationship between Katie and her mother as I think this played a lot into who Katie thinks she is. Development of the fiancé would have also offered glimpses into her character. Overall not a particularly interesting or fun read. Would not recommend it, sorry.

I really enjoyed this non-traditional love story. It was such a sweet story about the importance of friendship and loving and accepting yourself even if you don't fit in a standard mold, and of course being open to love without labels or presuppositions. I had a few quibbles--I would have liked more character development for the friends, bc they were really interesting. And Cassidy's jerky co-worker was mentioned so much that I really thought he was going to be more important to the plot. But on the whole it was a really nice read. I'm going to read Camille Perri's first book next, and will look out for her next creation.

I don't know I've ever read a romance with a lesbian couple before but this book does make me wonder why not? This book explores sexuality in a way that is real and raw, but without trying too hard to be erotic. Camille Perri wrote a fascinating tale of love, loss and finding yourself whoever that may turn out to be. It's a story about friendship first and foremost which is also a refreshing change from most romances. I felt like there could have been more to the book. But maybe there's a planned sequel? Super fast read which is a shame because I was really starting to care about what happened, especially with how their families would respond.

Katie is a 28 year old lawyer who just found out her fiancé, Paul Michael, cheated on her with her best friend. Cassidy Price is also a lawyer who enjoys plenty of one night stands with women and likes to wear men's clothing. The two of them meet as opposing counsel during negotiations for their respective clients. As they interact with one another, it's obvious there is a special connection between the two. But do they really have a shot at love when it's so different than anything they have ever experienced before? By the time I finished this book, I was left feeling like something was missing. While I certainly had enough interest in the story to finish, I just felt like I never truly knew the characters. I would have liked for more character development. I was never really able to fully figure out what Cassidy saw in Katie. I also wish the ending was little more fleshed out as it almost felt like the author was in a rush to finish the book after the big climatic scene. On a positive note though, I'm all for books with diverse characters, topics that aren't often explored in mainstream books, and I did enjoy how the author handled the alternating perspectives of the characters. This is definitely a decent read, but I just wish it could have been more. Thank you to First to Read for the opportunity to read an advance digital copy!

Right now, as I've just finished the book in it's entirety of 264 pages, there are tears springing out of my eyes like a faucet. There aren't that many wlw or f/f books out there and I tend to take them with a grain of salt but this definitely was an amazing book, hence the high star rating. The dual perspective was incredibly well done until the end where we have a moment of weak writing, where the author has a moment of suspense and then glides over to five minutes before the scene. It was a little off putting but nothing to tack a star off. Just a minor detail I noticed. I loved all the characters especially that they were raw, and real and the realism in this novel was breathtaking. Not to mention it was positive and educating. I like that we have a character whose been forced to put on a facade for a long time, and is challenged by someone different to bring out her real sef, despite the fact that this person is another female and oh- what are these feelings? But I'm not gay? I like the inner battle of Katie and her trying to figure out what she's feeling and what she's telling herself. I like that she questions motives and speaks up for herself. I love that Cassidy is a strong female character who knows consent. I love that she's a "Casanova" and she's the type of character who drowns her surrows in pleasures and alcohol while maintaining a motherly boss figure amongst a strong community of women who make her stronger. I kind of wished the side characters and friends were dealt upon further but the interactions we got we're both hilarious and stimulating. I also love the dynamic relationship between Cassidy and Katie and that they learned to be good friends before moving onto something deeper and more confusing. Honestly there are only good things to say about this book. I loved this book and honestly as someone who doesn't see enough of her own target range content... this only fueled my gay heart. I loved this so very much and I need ALL of you to read it. Lately, I'm not sure why, but young adult has been a hit or miss for me. Maybe more adult novels like this are more up my alley? Read it!!!


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