Waiting for Tom Hanks by Kerry Winfrey

Waiting for Tom Hanks

Kerry Winfrey

Annie Cassidy dreams of being the next Nora Ephron. Annie meets Drew Danforth, a cocky prankster who couldn’t be less like Tom Hanks if he tried. Their meet-cute is more of a meet-fail, but could he be her Tom Hanks?

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A rom-com-obsessed romantic waiting for her perfect leading man learns that life doesn’t always go according to a script in this delightfully charming and funny novel.

Annie Cassidy dreams of being the next Nora Ephron. She spends her days writing screenplays, rewatching Sleepless in Seattle, and waiting for her movie-perfect meet-cute. If she could just find her own Tom Hanks—a man who’s sweet, sensitive, and possibly owns a houseboat—her problems would disappear and her life would be perfect. But Tom Hanks is nowhere in sight.

When a movie starts filming in her neighborhood and Annie gets a job on set, it seems like a sign. Then Annie meets the lead actor, Drew Danforth, a cocky prankster who couldn’t be less like Tom Hanks if he tried. Their meet-cute is more of a meet-fail, but soon Annie finds herself sharing some classic rom-com moments with Drew. Her Tom Hanks can’t be an actor who’s leaving town in a matter of days...can he?

Advance Galley Reviews

After trying a few times to get into this book I just couldn't. This book wasn't for me.

Not my cup of tea. DNFed.

DNF at 25% I received a review copy from Penguin's First To Read program in exchange for an honest review. My thoughts and opinions are my own. Any quotes I use are from an unpublished copy and may not reflect the finished product. Annie was hard to like. She's constantly making movie comparisons, which was cute at first, but quickly got on my nerves. I didn't mind the occasional reference, but everything reminded her of a rom-com. I lost count of how many times she compared Chloe and Nick's relationship (or lack of a relationship), to the beginning of a romantic comedy. We meet Drew when she literally walks into him, but she doesn't stick around long enough to form an opinion. However, after further interactions between the two, and some Goodling on her part, she makes crazy assumptions about him and his life (because tabloids are reliable sources of information). Drew is teasing, playful, and sarcastic, but Annie thinks he's making fun of her and belittling her life. "Maybe all of the cute guys are actually big jerks who make fun of your job and your city and your totally normal romantic comedy obsession." Drew didn't do any of that, so her animosity towards him was annoying and unfounded. At one point he says something about her being beautiful (it was an offhanded comment in a larger conversation), and she's completely convinced he said it to make fun of her. "And also because Drew has made it abundantly clear that he thinks I'm mostly mockable, certainly not someone to flirt with." He said he was sitting with a beautiful woman, and she blows everything out of proportion. I honestly don't think it even registered to him, because he was just stating what he thought. He also doesn't mock her, but playfully calls her Coffee Girl, which could be due to a number of reasons (she spilled coffee on him, she's always in a coffee shop, and she gets coffee for her boss). Annie frequently made bizarre assumptions and had unrealistic expectations. Drew was never mean to her, and even watched the movies she recommended, but she still disliked him from the start. She practically bit his head off when he tried to talk to her about one of the movies. He questioned how realistic something was, and she lost her shit. Honestly, I'm pretty sure she formed an opinion about him before they ever met, which was unfair to him and stupid of her. Waiting for Tom Hanks was also repetitive, which only added to my disinterest in the story. It didn't help that Annie is twenty-seven and acts like a teenager. Her uncle does something incredibly awesome for her, yet she's embarrassed by his presence. She thinks Drew is going to use whatever he says against her, which was just so ugh. He was simply having a conversation with his boss and her uncle, but she thinks everything is about her. She tries to get her uncle to leave, (by asking him if he needs to get to work), which was totally unfair to him, and very unprofessional of her. Needless to say, this one didn't work for me.

4/5 stars This book was a delightful love letter to romantic comedies. It is very much cheesy like a romantic comedy but that is the point and I couldn't wipe the cheesy grin off my face while reading this story. My one struggle with the book was the resolution of the story. I felt that Drew was far too fast to forgive Annie and the resolution felt quite rushed. I look forward to reading the next book in the series

Nothing particularly bad aboutt the story or the writing style but this books didn't really float my boat as I would have liked.

**Sigh** I was looking forward to this book so much and unfortunately I did not enjoy it as much as I thought I would. This is light, contemporary romance which is my favorite thing to read so it's odd that I didn't love this. My main issue is I didn't like Annie for a portion of the book. She meets Drew once and immediately is very antagonistic to him for no real reason. It was off-putting and seemed to come out of nowhere. Also, I understand her obsession with rom-coms and her hope to find her real-life Tom Hanks, but it just seemed a bit much and was very repetitive. I did like banter between Drew and Annie mid-way through the book, but then the typical rom-com misunderstandings ensue. All in all, I really liked the premise, but it was lacking in execution for me. With all that said, I am intrigued by Annie's friends Nick and Chloe so I may give this author a second chance and check out their book.

Annie is waiting for Tom Hanks to appear in her life. Not the actual Tom Hanks, but the Tom Hanks of romantic comedies—the man she was meant to be with. She is an avid romantic comedy fan and is waiting for her “meet-cute” to happen. A romantic comedy is set to film in her hometown and she gets a job as the director’s assistant. Before her first day even starts, she runs into the actor, Drew, and spills her coffee all over him. Is this their “meet-cute”? This was an enjoyable, sweet romantic comedy. It followed all the formulas and had many mentions to the 90s movies that are so well-loved. The supporting cast of characters were all great—especially Annie’s best friend, Chloe. Looking forward to her book next! Thanks to Penguin Random House First to Read, Berkley Publishing House, and Kerry Winfrey for a digital arc in exchange for my honest review. Waiting for Tom Hanks release June 11, 2019.

5 stars!! Waiting for Tom Hanks was a wonderful book! I loved all the references to the romantic comedies of the 90's and the reason of why Annie was obsessed with them. Drew was a swoon worthy character. I enjoyed their bantering and Annie's refusal to believe that he could actually be her Tom Hanks. One of Annie's best relationships in the book was with her best friend Chloe. They were more like sisters with each other. It was Chloe who would push Annie to do things with her life. I highly recommend this one and can't wait for the next one that will tell Chloe and Nick's story.

3.5 stars This book was so cute! Annie and Drew are adorable together, and I loved reading about Annie's familial relationships and friendships. I also like how multiple people call out the overall whiteness of the rom-com's that Annie's obsessed with, and she touches on how the genre is expanding (with references to TATBILB and Crazy Rich Asians!). I did get annoyed with just how obsessed Annie is with rom-coms. Like, I love them too, but she practically bases her entire life on things that happened in movies! It might just be me, because I actually dislike a lot of the ones she keeps referencing (uhhh specifically Sleepless in Seattle and You've Got Mail), but it really did get old.

A rom-com about rom-coms! Waiting for Tom Hanks is a cute, quirky book great for when you want a light read with love, humor and a little introspection by the main character. Annie is so obsessed with finding her own rom-com romance, she almost misses it but, with the help of friends, she makes her on grand stand for romance. I’m looking forward to the story of Nick and Chloe in the sequel. Thanks to Penguin First to Read for an early digital copy.

I love romantic comedies, a lot. Not as much as Annie, but a lot. I loved all the mentions in this book and it made me want to re-watch all my favourite movies. I thought this was adorable and funny, yes cheesy and predictable too. If you don't like rom-coms, I would suggest not reading it because it's just like those *plus* all the mentions. You'd have to love them to appreciate them. I really, really liked Drew. He was a nice guy, he was funny and sweet. Straight forward. Annie, I liked a lot - until she started acting kinda weird. Spoilers ahead, I cannot tag here so you've been warned. She saw an article on that website about her and Drew, recognised it was hogwash, then days later, sees another article about Drew and his costar and believes it. I understand being insecure but that *really* frustrated me. Put two and two together would you? Don't jump to conclusions. The conflict could have still been there without her believing it, she could have just thought well this is something I will have to deal with if we get together and I don't want to, so, there. Conflict. It bugged me. Also, the Carter storyline kind of bugged me - like, we never believed she liked him, she treated him pretty poorly at the coffee shop (you are on a date, stop spending time with other people), and I don't think you can call it 'breaking up' when you've only been on two dates. I just never got invested in that, so it felt unnecessary. Moving on, I thought her sending the text accidentally to that reporter (how did he get her number? I know he got her name from the guy at the coffee shop, but her number? why didn't she block it?) was, ugh, i don't know.. like, not believable. sending a text to someone accidentally, yes, done that, been there. but a text like that with a picture like that? YOU CHECK. i thought her reasoning for ignoring Drew's text, after he left (justifiably angry), was stupid. then when she wants to meet him at the airport and it says the flight leaves in like 35 minutes - it *leaves* in 35 minutes? do you know how boarding works? you've missed it. it's gone. then the big speech at good morning america, i kept expecting it to blow up in her face honestly. i'm glad it didn't, i just kept waiting for it. i thought it was way too early for love declarations, not necessarily time wise because I've read in-love-in-days books and felt it, but because i certainly didn't feel like they were in love yet! one last thing - i thought the way sex was handled was odd. i don't need sex in my books, have nothing against 'clean' books, just thought it was odd. Maybe it was the talking to the reader part that bothered me. all that being said, sounds like i hated it, but not at all. Annie frustrated me but this was an enjoyable read for the most part. it was cute and adorable, i laughed and swooned. it was charming and cozy. i loved all the references to romantic comedies. i liked that it is low drama. this would be a great beach read, or just when you need something 'fluffy' and fun. i love those kinds of books all the time. i am weird and don't read excerpts included in books unless that book is already out, so i didn't read the excerpt more than the first page to make sure it was about nick and chloe. i will definitely read it when it comes out!

3.o Stars. So over-all the best way to describe this is cute. It's a little quirky, adorably fun, easy to read, a shout-out to everything Rom-Com (well mainly 3 movies involving Tom Hanks, and few others thrown in for good measure I guess), but nothing overly exciting, I'm sorry. Although I still enjoyed reading this, I feel I have read books in this same genre that were just more entertaining and I hate to say it, but done better. Don't get me wrong, it's well-written, nicely paced, yet the eccentricity of the main character just felt forced. The romance between Annie and Drew is extremely predictable and flat compared to other book couples I have enjoyed. Honestly, it needed to NOT follow the tradition rom-com format and give us a little peek at the steaminess of a good romance. I think the complete omission of the sex scene as a cute nod to rom-com was a misstep. Giving us just a taste of it would have made the passion of these characters a little more believable. Actually, I was more engrossed with Chloe the BFF, she had some spark in her, so I'm actually lookin forward to the sequel that we got a glimpse at.

I have a love-annoyed relationship with this book; I love everything about this book except for the heroine. She annoys me; not everything is about her! I get that she’s self-conscious and so makes everything about her, but really? That said, I loved everything else about this book. It was funny and charming and sweet and such a good read. I’m excited to read her next book!

I unfortunately did not manage to finish this book. I love romantic comedies (and Tom Hanks) as much as the next girl, but this was entirely too cheesy and unrealistic even for me. The fact that this girl dedicates her life to studying, watching, and writing rom-coms, but the uncle who helped raise her didn't bother to mention that fact that he was college roommates with a big-time director (and still had the guy's number in his phone to conveniently call and get said girl a job) was just too much for me. Add to that the ultra cliche meet-cute with the love interest and overdone job of trying to get the reader to buy why the main character could not possibly be into him, and this was a miss for me. I debated finishing it, with the hopes that maybe the set-up of the story was the only part that would be cringe-worthy, but I honestly got so sick of reading the term "romantic comedies" that I couldn't be bothered.

There are two ways to come at this book. One is to come in expecting literary excellence, complex character development, and deep plot expansion. The other is to jump right into the sugary sweetness of a classic rom-com and apply the same forgiving filter as you read. I chose the later and truly enjoyed this cute homage to classic rom-coms and everything that makes a girl wish that the magic of the movies could happen in real life. Yes, it hits you over the head with the female lead's obsession with romantic comedies and her inability to realize that life is not a movie. But - and this is a biggie - it's pure wish fulfillment and escapism brought to you by the classic klutzy girl in denial and a gorgeous, too-good-to-be-true hero. It's a quick and simple read that will leave you feeling happy just from the total cuteness overload.

As soon as I first heard about this book, I knew I had to read it. It sounded adorable, and it definitely did not disappoint! Annie has grown up on rom-coms and Nora Ephron films like You’ve Got Mail (one of my favorites!), Sleepless in Seattle and When Harry Met Sally. She wants to find the love of her life, who will be just like the characters Tom Hanks have played. But she starts to learn that real life isn’t like the movies, especially when she meets, Drew Danforth. Drew is a Hollywood actor and his latest film, a rom-com is being filmed in Annie’s small Ohio town. Annie gets a job as an assistant and she has to see Drew every day, and boy does she not like him. Drew was a good guy. There was a lot more to him than people think and I really enjoyed his character. Annie on the other hand, while I did think she was sweet and fun, I thought she treated Drew like crap, mostly underserving. I felt like Drew never did anything so horrible that warranted the way she treated him. Honestly, this did turn me off a bit. The secondary characters were amazing. From Annie’s best friend, to the cast of characters at the local coffee shop, to Annie’s uncle, I loved every single one of them! Overall, I really enjoyed this book and can’t wait to get a finished copy on my bookshelf!

Waiting for Tom Hanks is a phenomenal book. It’s everything great about romantic comedies rolled into a charming, funny, compulsively readable novel. I loved the references to rom-com movies, both classic and very current, and all of the characters, even the secondary ones, were well-developed and realistic. I loved everything about this book, and I can’t wait to read Chloe’s story. If you’ve ever been a fan of romantic comedies, I can’t recommend Waiting for Tom Hanks highly enough.

Annie Cassidy wants to be the next Nora Ephron, she is obsession with Rom Com movies and is looking for her perfect mate: Tom Hanks or the character that Tom Hanks plays - sweet, sensitive and maybe living on a houseboat. Annie gets a job on set of a movie filming in her home town, where she meets Drew Danforth, who is cocky, a prankster and picky - totally opposite of Tom Hanks. Waiting for Tom Hanks is a easy, fun and delightful read - reminding you of a Rom Com movie, perfect read for summer! Thanks to Penguin First To Read ARC.

3.5 stars I'm actually surprised I enjoyed this one considering I'm not the biggest fan of romantic comedies and that's such a big part of this story. But hey, the clever title reeled me right in. This wasn't a perfect read but I thought it was cute and provided a nice distraction from real life. To say twenty-seven year old Annie likes romantic comedies is putting it mildly. It's more like she is obsessed with them partly because she grew up watching them her late mother. Annie is convinced there is a Mr. Right out there for her similar to the type of character Tom Hanks plays when he is paired up with Meg Ryan. But when a new man enters her life let's just say things don't go quite how she expected. At times Annie is kinda annoying but overall I did like the chemistry between her and her love interest in the book. The story isn't perfect but it was fun which was all I was really hoping for when I picked up the book. The author set the stage nicely for a second book featuring some of the supporting cast in this one and I would definitely be interested in checking that one out as well. Overall, a decent pick if you like romances. Thank you to First to Read for the opportunity to read an advance digital copy!

Charming ~ Funny ~ Readable tl; dr: "Your destiny can be your doom" or completely doable This book was so incredibly well-done. I've never been an acolyte of Ephron. The majority of the Meg Ryan movies came out before I knew about Romance. But, I do love Tom Hanks, for his love of Cleveland, where he got his equity card. So, I was already in with the title. But, This charming book really sold it. It has the banter quality of the better Jennifer Crusie books (or I guess those RomComs). I also loved that it did Columbus, Ohio, well. Overall, super well-done Romance novel. Worth all the praise and press it's getting.

"Waiting for Tom Hanks" is a romantic comedy in every sense of the word. I loved it. Most people will think of it as cheesy or cliche, and maybe it is - but you can't deny that it will make your heart happy to read this story. It's light hearted and a quick read with your typical trope of a famous guy falling in love with a typical girl who doesn't realize how amazing she is but it still opened my eyes to some things I never noticed about romantic comedies. Like when Annie talks about how many of these rom-com characters have had something tragic or incredibly sad happen to them - but they still continue to think positively and find love despite not solving all of their problems. This book was funny, I found myself giggling a lot while I was reading it. ALSO - when she compares touching Drew's abs to touching those sequined mermaid pillows at target: TOOOOOOO REAL! That is absolutely so relatable, I absolutely love those pillows! I was dying of laughter with all the characters and cried with the characters during the sad moments - just like a romantic comedy. I loved the way that it ended in a typical cheesy rom-com kind of way. I was hoping for a longer epilogue, but I think the engagement announcement one year later explaining what the couple was up to was a quick and happy way for the story to end. I was super excited to see there will be a book about Chloe and Nick because they are hilarious! Can't wait to see more of Tobin and Gary as well. Can't wait to read "Not Like the Movies." This is a super quick read and a story that will uplift your spirits if you're in a reading funk. It did feel like it was a little too quick, but there were some real conflicts and it was pretty funny as well. Loved it and I recommend! I give it a 4/5 stars!

If you're looking for a fun, light-hearted, quick read (or trying to get over a book hangover/reading block), I'd definitely recommend Waiting for Tom Hanks. There's a lot (A LOT) of cliche (could've done without it) and a fair amount of cheese (which is my favorite!) but it's charming and cute. I think it could've been better but that didn't stop me from tearing through it in two days. 3-stars.

Waiting For Tom Hanks was a fun, light hearted rom-com. I grew instantly attached to the charming cast of characters. Annie, our main character, is obsessed with rom-coms and by a surprise turn of events, get a job on the set of one filming in her hometown! There, she meets Drew, a famous actor and lead in the movie she's working on. Drew is known for being a prankster and not taking anything seriously...the exact opposite of everything Annie is looking for in a soul mate. I really enjoyed this fun book. It was cheesy, but it didn't bother me, because I felt like that was the whole point.

"Waiting for Tom Hanks" was the light-hearted, stereotypical and cute rom-com I expected it to be. It was a charming story filled with quirky characters and a totally predictable and welcome outcome. It was so so so cheesy but that's okay because give me all the cheese! Our heroine Annie is a hopeless romantic with her sights set on finding her Tom Hanks style rom-com hero in real life. She’s sweet and naive and totally annoying the majority of the time, but none-the-less, she's our rom-com lead. Drew is the stereotypical "Mr. Perfect" in a roll-your-eyes, "oh yeah that would totally happen" type of way but yes, this is fiction, it's made up and it's totally acceptable. Their entire 2-week long love story played out in front of my eyes and I could totally envision this book actually turning into a movie. It does get a little repetitive at times and there are many emotional pep talks (as expected) and many references to Tom Hanks (again, as expected). I give it a solid 3-stars because I wasn't emotionally attached to the story or its characters, but it was a fun and welcoming read!

Such a cute and fun book!! I found myself laughing and smiling the whole time. Annie is stuck in Ohio thinking she can’t leave. She believes in true love from the movies. The book had some quirky characters that just added the right amount of fun. Now to go rewatch some Tom Hanks movies.

This reads as thought the writer is very, very young. Even for a romcom-based book, some of the conflicts and resolutions were contrived. I wanted to like it, but I spent most of my reading time rolling my eyes.

What a great book! I was grinning the whole time! I loved Annie and following along with her story and Drew! Chloe and nick were great as well! Just everything about this book was so wonderful! I love the style of writing the author used and made it such a fun read!

I really wanted to read this but because it only allows you to use a specific program/app to access the book the size of font can't be changed at all. I tried to read it but as someone who is losing their vision it's too difficult for me with text that small and zooming in only prevents you from flipping pages normally. What I could read of it sounded kind of immature for a 27 year old woman but if I had better access via the kindle app instead I would give it a better chance.

4.5 stars!!! Thank You to Penguin First Read for giving me this arc! Literally read this in two days. This book was super cute and full of rom com references !! While i didnt watch the old rom coms, I still liked the references. Chloe was really funny and my kind of friend! Annie was living in a bit of a fantasy world though but not gnna lie im like that with my books i want a guy like the fictional characters i love. Drew was sooo swoony i wanted him for myself and Annie was so oblivious! She was like hes makinng fun of me im like no hes not hes flirting duh you fool hehe! But i loved how the director was like oooh yeah i need you to go on date i mean dinner cause hes alone alot I'm like hehehe sureee! But i loved how Drew watched the romcoms she said because it meant something to her. When they finally got together i was like awww come on show the sex scene! I kind of wanted Chloe with Nick maybe she will realize it later on. Also the ending was so cutee i loved itt! Also so proud of Annie you go girl. Definitely recommend this cutee rom com!


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