To Be Where You Are by Jan Karon

To Be Where You Are

Jan Karon

In To Be Where You Are, Jan Karon weaves together the richly comic and compelling lives of two Kavanagh families, and a cast of characters that readers around the world now love like kin.

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#1 New York Times bestselling author Jan Karon returns with the fourteenth novel in the beloved Mitford series, featuring three generations of Kavanaghs.
After twelve years of wrestling with the conflicts of retirement, Father Tim Kavanagh realizes he doesn't need a steady job to prove himself. Then he's given one. As for what it proves, heaven only knows.

Millions of Karon fans will be thrilled that it’s life as usual in the wildly popular Mitford series: A beloved town character lands a front-page obituary, but who was it, exactly, who died? And what about the former mayor, born the year Lindbergh landed in Paris, who’s still running for office? All this, of course, is but a feather on the wind compared to Muse editor J.C. Hogan’s desperate attempts to find a cure for his marital woes. Will it be high-def TV or his pork chop marinade?
In fiction, as in real life, there are no guarantees.
Twenty minutes from Mitford at Meadowgate Farm, newlyweds Dooley and Lace Kavanagh face a crisis that devastates their bank account and impacts their family vet practice.
But there is still a lot to celebrate, as their adopted son, Jack, looks forward to the most important day of his life—with great cooking, country music, and lots of people who love him. Happily, it will also be a day when the terrible wound in Dooley’s biological family begins to heal because of a game—let’s just call it a miracle—that breaks all the rules.
In To Be Where You Are, Jan Karon weaves together the richly comic and compelling lives of two Kavanagh families, and a cast of characters that readers around the world now love like kin.

Advance Galley Reviews

Once again, Jan Karon allows us to accompany her in travels to the small town Mitford. Real life happening to ordinary people who are enveloped in extraordinary love and support. To be Where You Are is beautifully written to where one feels they're meeting up with old friends, not seen in years, but like time never passed. Richly developed characters with deeply rooted lives. My hope is that one day, it is revealed that Mitford truly exists.

I always enjoy reading stories that are a part of series. You get to invest in the lives of the people that come from the small towns. They become friends and family. Ms. Karon once again gave us an entertaining story from our friends in Mitford. It is one of those take me away Calgon series. This story gives us the inside look at Dooley and Lace as they begin their new life as a married couple. But they aren't alone they are starting a new vet practice if that isn't enough they are also adopting Jack. They have their plates full as they try to find time for their relationship. But their friends and family won't let them fail...they are there to help them succeed. So settle in for another adventure in the picturesque town of Mitford.

Wonderful book. Great cast of characters! Highly recommend!

If you are a fan of Jan Karon, then you will love this next entry in her popular Mitford series. It is like coming home to old friends and family. You watch the characters grow and age. In this installment, we follow the new marriage of Lace and Dooley. I loved be the series and the characters.

So wonderful to be back in Mitford again! And a huge thanks to Jan Karon for acquiescing to bring back the series, since she had previously stated that the series was done. I loved reading about all the beloved characters again and the wonderful town of Mitford. Of course, time does pass, people grow up, people age. Dooley and Lace were married in the last installment of this series, so in this book we get to see the young married couple learn to balance a new home, a new veterinary practice, parent their soon-to-be-adopted son Jack Tyler, balance budgets and still find a little time for their own relationship. Father Tim & Cynthia are there to support Dooley & Lace, although Father Tim also has his hands full of yet another surprising Mitford challenge. There is a death or 2, a recipe, a couple of joyful celebrations, and, of course, all the little details and personal moments that make this Mitford series so enjoyable to read. I can't wait for the next book in the series! My rating is 4 out of 5 stars.Thank you to Penguin books and the First to Read program for the opportunity to read and review this book in return for an honest review.

To Be Where You Are by Jan Karon is the fourteenth A Mitford Novel. Father Tim is surprised when he receives a call that Esther Bolick has passed away. He is asked to return to Lord’s Chapel to give her eulogy. Dooley and Lacy Kavanagh have an unexpected expense when the pipes burst at Kavanagh Animal Wellness Clinic. Lacy has an opportunity to earn the money needed, but it would mean going away for a couple of months. Would it hinder the completion of Jack Tyler’s adoption? Life is always busy and full in Mitford. Come along for a visit and catch up with all your favorite characters. Let me start by saying I have been a fan of the Mitford series since the beginning. But I have noticed a difference in Jan Karon’s writing style in the last two books. To Be Where You Are is my least favorite book in this series. It was all over the places. I wish Ms. Karon had kept the focus of the story on Father Tim, Cynthia, Dooley, and Lacy. Every other chapter was on a different character. You would just settle in to one person’s story and it would change to someone else. You then have to figure out which character it has jumped to and remember what happened to them five or so chapters ago. You just start to figure it out, then it’s a new chapter and you have to start all over again. It lacked the flow that was present in the earlier books in the series. It was just about impossible to keep track of all the various characters and what was happening to each of them. I do not recommend reading this book as a standalone. You need to read the books in order. My rating for To Be Where You Are is 3 out of 5 stars (it was okay). This story failed to capture and hold my attention.

In yet another wonderful Mitford book, Jan Karon weaves a wonderful tale of this small town. If you love this town and these characters then this is definitely a book you need to pick up! I won’t over sell this book, there is no need. It is a. If rod book through and through. That is really all you need to know!

I’ve been a fan of the Mitford series for years. May have missed a book or two in the series along the way but it didn’t matter because TO BE WHERE YOU ARE quickly fills in the gaps on what’s been happening in the characters’ lives. My only complaint is that the cast of characters has grown SO MUCH over the years that you almost need a flow chart to keep track of everyone. Otherwise, the novel lives up to expectations set in the earlier novels.

This was my first introduction to this series. It took a while to fully follow the characters and how things connected, but once it did the story moved nicely. Lovely and real characters, a nice story, and happy endings make it a good read. While I think reading the previous books would have lessened my struggles at the beginning, it is not necessary to enjoy this edition to the Mitford series.

I was delighted to read this book. Quirky, but lovable characters abound and it's simply a `feel good` book. This is the first book that I have read by this author but have purchased the first book in the series to become better acquainted with the residents of Mitford.

This was my first trip to the town Mitford and I was totally captivated. What a wonderful series and I'm so upset with myself for not reading them before. Better late than never, right? Father Tim Kavanagh is dealing with his retirement and his new health regime which is quite humorous. He's trying you have to give him that, even if his smoothies are a bit chunky! I didn't find myself lost at all as I read through this series with all its loveable characters. It was quite easy to follow them through this holiday read. It starts about the time when the town is getting ready for the invasion of the leaf peepers and ends after Christmas, so I would consider it a great holiday read. This novel covers a lot of the trials of Dooley and Lace Kavanagh's Vet practice. It's like everything that can go wrong does go wrong but with the couple's faith and friend's they make the best of it. This is such a feel-good series that I hated it to end. I will be waiting for the next novel in this series, that's for sure. I would like to thank the publisher and First-to-Read for a copy of this e-galley in exchange for my honest review.

Thank you to Penguin books and the First to Read program for the opportunity to read and review this book. I have been a fan of Jan Karon and read this whole series and this latest book was wonderful as were all the rest. The primary focus was the beginning of the Dooley and Lace Kavanagh marriage. All the usual characters are also present as the saga continues. Father Tim Kavanagh remains in his everlasting struggle with retirement vs. involvement with some often humorous observations. This novel was a delightful addition and I very much enjoyed reading it.

I was new to the Mitford books with this one, but I'm going to seek them out now. I love the sweet characterizations, the tenderness the author evokes for the characters, with a deft hand to the lack of schmaltz or overkill. The characters are unusual, curious and typical of many little towns, quirky and somehow familiar in a lovely way. This was an exploration of folks at different times of their lives, growing, changing and then changing again. I really liked the idea of finding new challenges and opportunities in retirement, even if you think you're done. Father Tim is a warm and human person. I would say that even though I didn't read the other books, the characterization and world building is so good that I just wanted to see what was on the next page, and then the one after that. The adoption of Jack is an opportunity to experience a form of going home to a warm embrace and happy faces. I highly recommend this book! I really loved it!

At page 81, I was still lost. I didn't realize this book was part of a series and had a very hard time following all of the characters and their stories as not enough time was spent on just one. I thought the adoption story was finally going to be the focus, but then it switched again. It seems like the author had a lot of people to introduce and a lot of different stories to tell. I couldn't follow it and as hard as I tried, it just wasn't enjoyable to work at what is usually a good time. I'm sure for others that are familiar with this series that it was good, but it was just too much flitting from one to the other for me. I am sorry to say couldn't finish the book, which is a first for me.

Reading a Mitford book is like visiting a favorite place you have missed. Upon opening the book, you immediately go back into the warm embrace of the town. This book does not disappoint the Mitford fan, it brings back the characters you remember and catches you up on their lives. Father Tim, of course is there, as is his extended family, Dooley, Lace. There are some stories about a few characters that were peripherary in the past, such as Avis. My one complaint about the book is that it tries to cover too much ground and leaves several stories unfinished. I felt the narrative jumped from character to character, I would have preferred to spend more time with less people. Overall though it was a good read and a must for Mitford fans.

How wonderful it is to be back in Mitford! I enjoyed catching up with the many characters and learning about where there lives have taken them. Although difficult to follow the fast-paced story lines at times, overall the theme of the book was beautifully written and characteristic of Karon's style. A lovely read!

Thank you First To Read for giving me the opportunity to read an advanced copy of this book. However, I didn't realize it was part of a series and after several attempts to read this book I could make it past the first chapter.

I have to admit I was a little distracted by life when I read this book. I have read some of the Mitford books before but not all of them. I have enjoyed the previous books. The characters were well developed but I had trouble keeping up with who the author was talking about. The book didn't seem to flow but instead jumped around from one character to another without warning. I did finish the book but it was not a book I couldn't put down. The story did entertain me although at times it took me awhile to figure out who the author was talking about so I would give the book a 3 out of 5.

I never regret a trip to Mitford. No two trips are ever the same, and I have enjoyed other visits more than I did this one, but still found joy in the pages. It was fun to see Father Tim discover a new calling where he'd least expected it, and learn more about characters that have played only small roles in previous books. I did find this book to be less of a stand alone work than others in the series, and a signal of transition to those who have read the entire series. There was less of a focus on seeing things through Father Tim's eyes, and this brought a little less focus to the whole book. At the same time, we learn a little more about what is inside the heart and mind of the young Kavanagh's, and that was sweet. The flow and language of some of the other books was missing, but the strength of the characters and their stories should satisfy long time readers need to know "what happens next". If this is your first trip to Mitford, I encourage you to begin the series before you decide that this author or series may not be for you. This is not the finest offering in the series. It is one that Mitford fans will have differing opinions of, but for me, I welcomed a gentle read with characters I love.

I am a huge Jan Karon fan, but I found this book disappointing. Sure, the characters were there and the story was there. I cried when my favorites were having problems. But, the beautiful writing that I also love did not seem to be there for me. I felt confused many times as the story jumped abruptly from one part of the story to the next. Also, I understand writing in a dialect, but I don't ever remember reading portions where characters also thought in a dialect. I did enjoy this book, so I will give it 3.75 stars. And a big thank you to First to Read for allowing me an ARC of this book.

Reading The Mitford Series is like sinking into a comfortable armchair. To Be Where You Are is a wonderful continuation of a gentle journey into the lives and loves of a small community. Karon crafts the characters through subtle nuances that illuminate the day-to-day routines and unusual events for down-to-earth people. The reader feels as if s/he really knows these people and understands them, even the cranky ones. I enjoyed seeing the relationship deepen between newly adoptive parents and young son in their "forever" family. The challenges of a veterinary practice with animals that are well-known to the vet are intriguing and often deeply sad. As an artist, I particularly enjoyed the process that an artist went through in painting a large and very personal commission. Karon is uniquely able to tap into the inner thoughts and motivations of a wide variety of personalities. Her writing style is an exquisite combination of descriptions of places both commonplace and remarkable, and wonderfully realistic conversations. The stories are presented at a comfortably relaxed pace, so that the reader can truly savor the experience. The oppportunity to read an advance digital copy of To Be Where You Are through First To Read was very much appreciated, and I look forward to reading more in the series.

4 1/2 stars because I just love to be back in Mitford again. I'm subtracting half a star because with all the POV jumps, it gets very confusing when each character is identified by a pronoun instead of a name -- sometimes it would take me a couple of paragraphs into a section before I figured out which character the "he" or "she" was. IF this is the last Mitford novel (though I hope it's not), it's a very satisfying conclusion to the series. Thanks to the publisher for providing an e-galley in exchange for an honest review -- I was so excited to be able to request this through "First to Read."

I have to say this was hard for me. I read 'At Home in Mitford' years ago and loved it! For some reason I forgot about the book until I saw 'To Be Where You Are' available in First To Read. I was hoping it was not a book that I would have had to of kept up with the series to understand but sadly that was not the case. I think Jan Karon took for granted that everyone reading this book would know everything that has happened since the beginning of the series & know all about each character in her books. I struggled to page 195 and could not go another page though I am curious about poor Avis' predicament I just can't take the constant "flashes" of jumping from scene to scene and character to character spontaneously with almost no clue as to what character is thinking or interacting with others until the end of that snip-it ( I like to know who is talking or interacting at the start not having to guess who it is about). Sometimes there was a small clue as to who she was writing about and other times there was no clue at all and I was left dumbfounded as to who one earth that little "flash" in the sequence was about. I highly recommend anyone wanting to read this to have read all her previous books because looking at other reviews it seems that her long time fans are loving this book since they are clued in to the little nuances of each character to know who she is doing a spontaneous couple of paragraphs about.

I rarely quit on a book but I decided after about 150 pages I should give up because as a first time reader of this series there is no way I could give a fair review. This is the type of book that rewards faithful readers of the series, but is too hard to get into if you haven't read the previous books. Normally, I don't find it difficult to jump into the middle of a series, but I became frustrated with this one because there was a lot of bouncing around from character to character and not enough story to hold my interest. I do appreciate the opportunity to read the advance digital copy from First to Read.

Thank you to First to Read for the advance copy of To Be Where You Are by Jan Karon. Reading this was like reuniting with old friends. I've always enjoyed reading about Father Tim and the Mitford community. This book was no exception. It is so refreshing to read about a family and community who try to get along and look out for each other. If you haven't read any of the Mitford books, I recommend that you go back and start the series at the beginning so that you understand who some of the characters are and how the relationships have developed over the years. I find Jan Karon's books very relaxing and entertaining. I look forward to Father Tim's next adventure--I know there has to be another book coming!

It was so great to be back with the folks in Mitford again. I loved getting caught up on all the goings on in and around the town. I laughed a lot and I cried a lot. Some sad tears, but, more were happy tears. I felt myself grinning while I was reading. We find out sweet Father Tim is now 77 years old and still doing too much all the time. I think I will continue to picture him as 63 years old. Our Dooley has grown up and become a responsible family man. I remember him as an 11-12 year old boy. Yep, Jan Karon has had a way of allowing us to meet all the kind, sweet, quirky personalities of Mitford and then they become like extended family. You just have a hard time waiting to see what is going to happen.

It had been awhile since I had visited with the good people of Mitford , so I was very happy to get the chance to go back for a visit. I settled right in, just like I'd never left and got busy enjoying the camaraderie of these good people. I'm only sad that the visit didn't last longer! I was happy to see that Father Tim and Cynthia, Dooley and Lace, Puny and her twins and all the other Mitfordites were doing well and I hope I can visit again soon!

I really loved the characters they were all so lovable and well described. During the reading I kept getting a horrible feeling in the bottom of my stomach that something bad was going to happen to the characters but thankfully that did not happen. I am not sure I could have finished the book if that happened. They felt like family and old friends. The book started off slow. I did like the book but it was a little bit of a slower read for me. The narration of individual people jumped around a lot with out warning so I did have to stop and re read some so that I was reading in the right persons voice. I did also get a couple of the people confused in a couple of chapters because it mentioned something that sounded like one character but then 2 or 3 pages in it would reveal it was really someone else. If the characters had not been so lovable I am not sure I would have gotten myself through. Another thing that confused me was in relation to parents. I think it is great that many of the people were adopted. In this book it wasn't fully clear until a little way in to the dialog about the people that I realized who was who. I did not realize this book was in a series. I was able to read it as a stand alone and get most of what I needed to know. I did not realize that it was set in the United States in North Carolina until almost 10 chapters in. Because of my curiosity about the Characters I might go back and try to read the other books in the series. I am not sure. I received this book free to read from First to read in exchange for an honest review. The opinions in this review are 100% my own.

I was thrilled to receive early access to Jan Karon's latest in the Mitford series. If you've enjoyed the rest of this series, Welcome Home! This is quintessential Mitford! You'll be glad to receive updates on all your friends in town. If you've never read this series, pick up the first in the series, "At Home in Mitford" and enjoy every word of each book in the series. While each book can stand alone, they are consecutive, so it's best to read them in order. If you like audiobooks, this is the series you've been looking for! John McDonough is the brilliant narrator for all of the books and you'll begin to recognize each character as soon as he or she begins to speak. I'm looking forward to the official release, as I've pre-ordered the audiobook and can't wait to listen!

Unfortunately time got away from me before I had a chance to finish this one. What I did get to was interesting and sounds like something you would watch in a movie. Thanks for the opportunity!

Thanks to Penguin Publishing for the opportunity to read this advance copy . Jan Karon has delighted readers with the characters who reside in the town of Mitford, for many years, with all their adventures and misadventures. I have read all the previous books in the Mitford series (twice) and not once was disappointed, nor am I now. The author has the ability to take the reader and make him or her feel right at home . It's difficult to realize that the town and it's residents, along with extended family and friends are a creation. Even so, I would hope that there is a bit of the sustenance of what dwells there, in all of us. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, and look forward to the next. Even if someone has not read the previous books in the series, this is a good read by itself.

I didn't realize this book was part of a series. It was a fun read. Character development is the book's strong suit. There was a lot of character development! I enjoyed the use of slang and idioms. Each character's voice was individualized as the story grew so there wasn't always a need to identify the speaker. By the end my heart was warmed by what turned out to be a sweet read.

I know that Jan Karon and her Mitford series is very well loved. This was my first attempt at reading one of her books. While it was entertaining and the characters were interesting, I am going to have to go back and read the rest of the series. I felt a little lost at times since I hadn't read the rest of the series. Very well written.

Jan Karon has written a warm story about the residents of Mitford. Father Tim and all the regulars are there. The story picks up right after the marriage of Dooley and Lace. It is filled with all the emotions we've come to love and expect!

I've never read Jan Karon before, so I thought I'd give this one a shot. Unfortunately, I wasn't impressed. I can't say exactly why it didn't appeal to me, because it wasn't bad writing. I just didn't feel engaged in the story, and I stopped reading a few chapters in.

I haven't read Karon in a long time. That being said, it was an easy book to pick up and read and put the proper characters in their place in the story line. I really enjoyed the book, her characters were well developed and exhibited human pathos that we all suffer from --time to time. I love the adoption story of the child and the pet being woven through an insight as to how communities deal with the "new" and the "old". The prototype of the newspaper editor was excellent and the response from the people who lived in this small town right on the money. If someone had never read any of her novels I would encourage them to pick up this novel and read it. After they have read it, they might want to start at the beginning.....

I received an advanced reading copy from Penguin Books and First To Read in exchange for my fair and honest opinion of Jan Karon's "To Be Where You Are" novel in the Mitford series. It's been a couple of years since I "visited" Father Tim and the crew from Mitford, and it was an easy re-entry into the series. Karon's writing is as easy and familiar as ever, and I was drawn back in. Fans of this series will no doubt fall in love again.

I received this ARC without knowing it was part of a series, but enjoyed it all the same. Very good story!

I was able to read an advance copy from First to Read in exchange for an honest review. Same nice visit to Mitford with all the central characters. Heart warming stories of life in a small town where life is good, but there are no guarantees. This book focused on Dooley and Lacey Kavanaugh beginning their new life and vet business practice together with their adopted son, Jack. While it is an entertaining book with lots of challenges and humor, you don't have to have read the Mitford series to enjoy. If you are not a Mitford follower, please go back and read the others. It is a great way to spend your reading time!!

I received an advanced reading copy from Penguin Books and First To Read in exchange for my fair and honest opinion of Jan Karon's "To Be Where You Are" novel in the Mitford series. While I've not read other books in the series; unfortunately, after attempting without success to read this book, I don't have interest in doing so. From the very first page, it was difficult to track the story and characters. Despite reading on, it didn't grab me or draw me in. Sometimes a reader isn't able to start with the first book in a series, so it's important to grab the reader at the first opportunity, give them enough background without being repetitive from other books in the series, and then take them away with the story. While the writing was sound, and the series is obviously liked by others, it just wasn't for me.

A huge thank you for an advanced reader's copy of Jan Karon's latest. I have been an avid reader of the entire Mitford series. Reading a new book in the series is like visiting with family and friends. The latest novel includes many of the same characters and more heartwarming moments. It feels a little choppy and rushed at some points, but I still enjoyed returning to Mitford for a visit. Overall rating - 3.5 stars

Thank you to @penguinrandomhouse for the advanced galley of "To Be Where You Are", Jan Karon's 14th installment of the beloved Mitford Years books, due to be released on 9/19. My mother-in-law introduced me to this series over 15 years ago though I will confess I haven't kept up with the books in the last several years. Settling into this novel was like visiting old friends and family. Like snuggling into your favorite sweater with a warm cup of cocoa. Father Tim Kavanagh, the Episcopal priest, is still coming to terms with "retirement" and is newly married (now almost 78!). He still ministers to the needs of the folks of Mitford, an idyllic town set in the Blue Ridge mountains of North Carolina. The town has a cast of older characters that made me laugh out loud numerous times. Jack Tyler's adoption story was heart melting. Six year-old Grace Murphy with her bifocals trying to write her first book tugged at my heart. The family trees are many branched and jumping into this book without having the history could get confusing. But the people are real and Karon addresses issues such as anxiety, abuse, debilitating loneliness, adoption, and suicides, and managing life with the assistance of prayer and faith. The theme of these books for me is good people taking care of their family and neighbors. Go out and start with the first book and get to know the sweet town famous for its fall foliage. The folks at the Happy Endings bookstore, the Local grocery, the Sweet Stuff bakery (and the famous Orange Marmalade Cake), the local vet Dooley, and the newspaper, the Mitford Muse will win your heart. The entire time I was reading this, I kept wondering why these beloved books had never been made into a TV miniseries. Thanks to a Google search I discovered that Hallmark has just released a TV movie!

DISCLOSURE OF MATERIAL CONNECTION: I have a material connection because I received a review copy for free from Netgalley and Penguin First to Read in exchange for a fair and honest review. Mitford is a small town tucked into the Blue Ridge Mountains. The locals know everyone and everything that goes on in the town. Information spreads faster than the cool mountain breeze of autumn when something good or bad happens to any of the inhabitants. Like any small town, there are interesting stories of citizens that have been there for generations. They are kind to the new residents, whom they welcome with open arms. Karon shares many of them with her readers. To Be Where You Are chronicles the lives of several of the families and individuals living in Mitford. One of them is an adorable little girl named Grace Murphy. She is writing and illustrating a book. Not an easy thing for a little girl who is six, but almost seven. The local vet, Dooley Kavanagh and his wife Lace are up to their eyeballs in happiness and troubles. Like most young couples they are devoted to each other and have less money and time to relax than older couples often do. But they are happy, especially now that they are parents. Lace cannot have children of her own, but they are adopting a four year old boy who needs parents more than anything. Jack will be the son they have prayed for and Dooley and Lace are happier than they ever imagined with him in their lives. There is a grumpy old man, Avis, who owns the local store. He is gruff on the outside but does everything that he can to help the local farmers. He does this quietly and gracefully, most people not knowing of his good deeds. Karon writes spiritual books, To Be Where You Are does not deviate from the writing path she has chosen. She also writes books about real people, in real situations that most of us can identify with. That is one of the charming aspects of this series. There are no less than three priests in this book. One is retired, one is currently serving the parish and one has just felt the calling from God to become a man of the cloth. My favorite was the retired one, he seemed to do more work than the other two combined. His on the spot marriage counseling was spot on. There is more than a smattering of animals that play a big part in the cast of characters. How can you not love a huge bull named Choo Choo? Several dogs and a few cats were additional bright spots I enjoyed. This was an interesting book. It jumps from character to character, so the first few chapters were a bit confusing for me. Just as I was getting to know a character and situation, they would not show up for several chapters. The names were difficult to remember because the character list is so long. While by the end I had them figured out, the middle was muddled because I had to go back to see who was who. I loved the ending. It wrapped up all of the story lines with satisfying endings. I anticipated the big surprise (which I will not reveal here – you will have to read the book!) it was not unexpected, but made me happy nonetheless. I recommend this book to anyone that likes spiritual fiction as well as books that have a large cast of characters. It is heartwarming and charming. Karon is a best-selling author of many books, including the Mitford Series. This is the fourteenth book in series, highlighting the third generation of Kavanaghs. It is the first one I have read, but I didn’t feel as there were any backstories that I didn’t know. It worked well as a standalone book. Copyright © 2017 Laura Hartman

I have never quite cracked the code on why I love these Mitford books as much as I do. As a non-Christian, I'm never totally comfortable with the religiosity - but surprisingly I've found many universal themes that have resonated with me. This book is a strong one in this long series.

Such a wonderful read (though saying that about a Jan Karon book isn't much of a surprise.) I loved seeing Dooley, Lace and Jack grow together as a family, even under hardship and tests of faith. Father Tim, too, never ceases to surprise me with his post-retirement adventures. Will the ex-mayor ever fail to ensnare him in her schemes? Will the town ever lack in ways to occupy his time and his heart? Probably not! But that means more Mitford books for fans like me, so I'm glad! As always, Jan fills her book with laughter, hope and faith balanced by a constant reminder that life is hard but God and His love are bigger and can handle it all if we let Him.

Jan Karon's To Be Where You Are is another lovely visit to Mitford. I felt like I was catching up with friends I hadn't seen in a while. If you haven't read previous Father Tim books, you might not appreciate the Mitford residents' quirks. I'd recommend starting at the beginning, and this si one of those series that is enjoyable to reread and revisit every few years.

To Be Where You Are by Jan Karon This was a nicely written story of faith in a clean Christian format. It is not a brilliant book, but it is a soothing read. I found all of the sub-stories to be confusing and distracting from the main story. Quite often one of the subplots would be introduced and you wouldn't be quite sure which character it was until you got further into the book and were able to identify who was who.

Although this was a nice visit to Mitford with many familiar neighbors I had a hard time traveling though the community, almost like too long a trip. Jan Karon did a nice job of taking bits and flowing them together. Thank you first to read for providing me this copy.

Fans of the Mitford series will be happy that Jan Karon has written another book in the Mitford series. To Be Where You are brings back most all of the Mitford characters. Dooley and his family are at Meadowgate operating a small animal vet clinic on a shoe string budget when there is a major disaster at the clinic. Lace is commissioned to paint a pastoral Mitford mural. Their son Jack is excited about naming day. Father Tim is retired but he gets another calling and has to develop new skills. Between law-breaking peace officers, emergency baby deliveries, obituaries for the wrong person, gossip and other goings on the action never stops in To Be Where You Are, This was a very wholesome look at small town life. There were times when the scene would change or the character would change and there was not a smooth transition and left the reader slightly confused. (ARC)

I was provided an ARC from Penguin Books and First to Read for my honest review. I made it 38 pages into this book before I gave up. I have almost no clue what kids going on and there are so many characters that it's just plain confusing to keep them straight. Any time I put this book down and came back to it later I was lost as to what was going on and where'd I'd left off. I doubt this is a book I'd try again.

I have been a long time fan of Jan Karon so I was thrilled to get this ARC of To Be Where You Are, given by First to Read. The book felt like a hug from a long ago friend. Warm and comforting, walking down familiar places, with familiar friends. Dooley, grown, married and a veterinarian has his wife Lace and a little boy they are adopting. Meadowgate belongs to them and the vet practice. Lace is a busy wife, mother and artist with a challenging painting commission looming. Father Tim , retired, but really never, helps all the towns quirky cast of characters as always! It just feels wonderful to be in Mitford and I hope Jan Karon allows us continually new experiences in this small town with huge hearted citizens!

Reading Jan Karon's latest on Mitford is like going back home and having you grandmother catch you up on all that happened since you have been gone. The lives of the ones you remember and stories of those who have gone on. It is a good feeling of peace when you finish the story and have the future to look forward to. Thank you Ms. Karon for sharing with us.

Just finished To Be Where You Are by Jan Karon.  One of my favorite authors and she has written another wonderful book.  I started the Mitford Series many years ago and can count on Jan Karon to entertain and inspire.  I read her description that this was a book within a book and understand the sentiment as the story visits the aging population of Mitford and then keeps pace with the younger generation. So many characters touched upon by her unique writing style. You always want to  read more about each.  I hope this series continues, it feels like going home to read a Mitford book. Will definitely purchase and add to my collection. Read this series of books and be happy and peaceful.

One of the ways a book can get a rare five star rating from me is when the setting and characters make me want to crawl inside of it and hang out. This is one of those books. While in some ways Mitford and its inhabitants are idealized, there are also plenty of realistic problems and life events. The action picks up not too long after the events of Come Rain or Come Shine, and the reader gets plenty of time with Lace and Dooley on their farm and with Father Tim and Cynthia. One thing I love about reading a series is reconnecting with characters that feel as if you know them. Anyone who has enjoyed prior installments will gobble this novel up with a spoon -- I know I did.

Read 85 pages....and just did not get into this book. Have not read the seriies in years, so do not remember the main characters even. Found the jumping around of stores very confusing as I did not know who it was. My own fault for not reading the previous books in a long time.

I have just finished the book and as with the rest of the series I'm left wanting to read more. I so enjoyed reading about the maturing of the relationships that we have watched begin and grow in the other books. I have always thought how wonderful it would be to live in a 'Mitford' and have a real Father Tim In the life of the town. I am eagerly awaiting the next book, to again catch up with all these wonderful characters.

I've read all of Jan Karon's books and love all of them. This book is no different - it was a great story! I didn't want it to end ... I can't wait for the next book!

The beginning starts off slow but by no means is this a boring book. This is a continuation of the popular Mitford Series by Jan Karon. It continues the emotional and raw stories of the Kavanagh families. Father Tim is coming to realizations about himself and his purpose. The newly-wed Dooley and Lace have to deal with major tragedy, stress and loss. Jack is the hero or shining star as he heals old wounds and brings the family and town much happiness. This story takes place in a small town but there isn't anything small about it. It's full of real life situations infused with comedy, love, forgiveness and bonding. You may find yourself wishing you were part of this beloved family and their magical town.


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