Tightrope by Amanda Quick


Amanda Quick

Former trapeze artist Amalie Vaughn tries to reinvent herself, but when a man's investigation leads him to her front door, the attraction between them is intense. They must decide if they can trust each other because time is running out.

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An unconventional woman and a man shrouded in mystery walk a tightrope of desire as they race against a killer to find a top secret invention before it’s too late.

Former trapeze artist Amalie Vaughn moved to Burning Cove to reinvent herself, but things are not going well. After spending her entire inheritance on a mansion with the intention of turning it into a bed-and-breakfast, she learns too late that the villa is said to be cursed. When the first guest, Dr. Norman Pickwell, is murdered by his robot invention during a sold-out demonstration, rumors circulate that the curse is real. 

In the chaotic aftermath of the spectacle, Amalie watches as a stranger from the audience disappears behind the curtain. When Matthias Jones reappears, he is slipping a gun into a concealed holster. It looks like the gossip that is swirling around him is true—Matthias evidently does have connections to the criminal underworld. 

Matthias is on the trail of a groundbreaking prototype cipher machine. He suspects that Pickwell stole the device and planned to sell it. But now Pickwell is dead and the machine has vanished. When Matthias’s investigation leads him to Amalie’s front door, the attraction between them is intense, but she knows it is also dangerous. Amalie and Matthias must decide if they can trust each other and the passion that binds them, because time is running out.

Advance Galley Reviews

This is the third book in the Burning Cove series and while some characters from previous books are part of this story, you could read this as a standalone novel. However, I think the first book is the best in the series so I recommend starting with that one. Amalie Vaughn had a brush with death during her days as a trapeze artist so she moved to Burning Cove where she purchased a bed and breakfast. Unfortunately, her first guest, Dr. Norman Pickwell, is murdered and given someone else died there not too long ago, most people think the place is cursed. Matthias Jones is investigating the murder but Amalie is not so sure she can trust him and he feels the same way about her. Burning Cove might seem like just a small resort town for Hollywood stars but it sure does see its fair share of danger, but thankfully love seems to be in the air as well. While I definitely like the whole 1930s nearby L.A. type setting, my interest is starting to wane with this series. This wasn't a bad book, and I did like the plot more in this one than I did with the second book, but there was nothing here that made it even remotely special. This was a quick read but at the end of the day, I think I would rather seek out the next very good or awesome read rather than continue with a series that is just okay. On a side note, I do love the cover for this one, and think it is by far the best out of the three books. Thank you to First to Read for the opportunity to read an advance digital copy!

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. I felt like there was a little too much going on with the plot but it did seem well thought out. Some things were repetitive, and it was predictable in places, but overall it was a solid read from Amanda Quick and I look forward to reading more of the Burning Cove series. I really liked Amalie as a person. She was strong and knew how to stand up for herself and take care of herself. She didn't need Matthias to save her as so often happens in romance novels. Three stars.

I am really enjoying the Burning Cove series, and this is a great addition. Amalie and Matthias are both likable characters and we see a lot of Luther and Raina from the previous book with a smattering of Oliver and Irene from book one. For fans of Amanda Quick/Jayne Krentz/Jayne Castle, it was interesting to see a descendant of Sylvester Jones who inherited a talent and the tie-in to the Arcane Society books was unexpected. I suspect we will see more Arcane Society descendants in future installments now that the "door is open". Overall, a quick and enjoyable read. Looking forward to the next one in the series.

i really enjoyed the interaction between Matthias and Amalie. I finished it in no time. it moves fast and is full of suspense and romance. The 30's is a wonderous time of female growth.

Sizzling ~ Suspense ~ Stupendous tl:dr: tightropes are often emotional, and just as dangerous as real ones. OH MY! I loved this book. I should be sleeping, but instead, I stayed up reading. That seems like one of the greatest compliments an author can get--your book made me gave up basic human needs. Amalie is a carnie turned straight in dark, atmospheric days of the 1930s. Well, leaving the circus doesn't mean she's without monkey-business. She finds herself in the midst of intrigue and many other forms of emotional intrigue. This book might be said to be a cross between the PBS Bletchley park and Great Gatsby. But, why say that when it is better than that. Quick is a strong writer. The character bound off the page and the scenes feel immediate. This book is a classic page-turner. Quick's particular strength is being able to sit comfortably across three genres (historic fiction, romance, and mystery.) Often, writers suffer plotting problems with the romance either feel blah or the mystery being idiotic. Quick's book is perfection in terms of balance.

In her latest book, Amanda Quick returns to Burning Cove, California with an excellent and rather fast paced adventure. Amalie has purchased a mansion with the intention of rebuilding her life by becoming the proprietor of a bed-and-breakfast when her first guest gets murdered in a rather spectacular manner. Matthias Jones is in town at the behest of rumored mobster Luther Pell to investigate a missing cipher machine. Together the two end up in one dangerous meeting after another in pursuit of the truth about the death of her guest, the location of the missing cipher machine, and Amalie's past which catches up with her. Set in the late 1930's, in a world without cell phones and internet, this book is filled with secondary characters that fill out the town and give it life. A must read for fans of The Girl Who Knew Too Much and The Other Lady Vanishes.


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