The Proposal by Jasmine Guillory

The Proposal

Jasmine Guillory

Nik knows that in the wilds of LA, a handsome doctor like Carlos can’t be looking for anything serious, so she embarks on an epic rebound with him after a devastating breakup. But soon their glorified hookups start breaking the rules…

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A Reese Witherspoon x Hello Sunshine Book Club Pick

“There is so much to relate to and throughout the novel, there is a sharp feminist edge. Loved this one, and you will too.”—New York Times bestselling author Roxane Gay

The New York Times bestselling author of The Wedding Date serves up a novel about what happens when a public proposal doesn't turn into a happy ending, thanks to a woman who knows exactly how to make one on her own...

When someone asks you to spend your life with him, it shouldn't come as a surprise—or happen in front of 45,000 people.

When freelance writer Nikole Paterson goes to a Dodgers game with her actor boyfriend, his man bun, and his bros, the last thing she expects is a scoreboard proposal. Saying no isn't the hard part—they've only been dating for five months, and he can’t even spell her name correctly. The hard part is having to face a stadium full of disappointed fans...

At the game with his sister, Carlos Ibarra comes to Nik’s rescue and rushes her away from a camera crew. He’s even there for her when the video goes viral and Nik’s social media blows up—in a bad way. Nik knows that in the wilds of LA, a handsome doctor like Carlos can't be looking for anything serious, so she embarks on an epic rebound with him, filled with food, fun, and fantastic sex. But when their glorified hookups start breaking the rules, one of them has to be smart enough to put on the brakes...

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I LOVED THIS BOOK SO MUCH!!! I am so happy Jasmine decided to give Carlos his own story because I was obsessed with him in The Wedding Date. I tore through this book, laughing and swooning the entire time. I LOVE that this took place in L.A. and that there were some cultural aspects thrown in (of my people, yay #latinx). Highly recommend this. I need this to be a film, pronto.

This book was a lot of fun! The writing could definitely have used some tweaking, as it felt a little amateur, but the romance was light and exciting. It was funny, steamy and a good time!

For the bulk of the book, my inner rating was stuck somewhere around “eh, this is fine and good, nothing earth shattering, nothing horrid.” I was thinking three stars all the way, and that’s not a slight. It was a decent contemporary romance, and the world needs solid books. Then, something happened that really shocked and impressed me. I’m warning you right now, SPOILERS. I’m sorry the bulk of this review is spoilery. I try not to do that often, but this was the most captivating part for me. Well, that, and the enchiladas, which I want a recipe for more than anything (although my momma makes the best ever I’m sure). Seriously, stop reading if this sort of thing bugs you. Last chance! “Would she see Carlos again? He didn’t seem the type to sleep with her and then disappear, but you never knew with men. She hoped she saw him again, though. The sex was fantastic, and he made her laugh. That was a pretty rare combination in her experience.” Ok, still with me? I tend to read romances featuring strong women if I can help it. In my personal life, I am also strong-willed (read: stubborn AF). I like to speak up for what I want and need from others, romantically or otherwise. These waify and submissive heroines that live and die on the whims of the man…um, hard pass. And despite how much lovey dovey stuff I read, I am super noncommittal. Dating is fun, love is the worst. So when we get to the first “I love you” exchange, it was Carlos having that realization and the first to say it. While I was briefly awshucksholycuteness about it, my inner heroine was also like, “wait…wasn’t she really clear about what she wanted out of their relationship, aka sex and friendship, nothing more, and he just expects her to be grateful because he loves her first??? Carlos don’t be a lil bitch.” When Nik tries to discuss this yicky love stuff with Carlos, he flips out and leaves. She sums it up nicely: “What the fuck was wrong with him, springing ‘I love you’ on her like that and then getting mad at her for not falling all over herself being thrilled about it? Trust her to get involved with the kind of guy who was so full of himself he imagined his love was God’s gift to any woman.” Now, I know the genre. We’re ever marching toward an HEA, and I fully expected this snag to resolve itself within a chapter or two at most. (Second spoiler: it does.) However, I’m also used to progressive, powerful women typically having the “oh shit I love him but it’s supposed to be casual” epiphany, or if not reciprocating immediately, very quickly saying, “I love you, too.” Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate it when that happens. I mean, I have a romance blog after all. I’m not some angry troll under a bridge rooting for devastation, destruction and death. Every now and then it’s nice, but I digress. “He leaned forward the few inches between them and kissed her. It had been so hard to not kiss her in the hospital. She kissed him back hard. They dove into each other like they were parched, like it had been just weeks and not hours since they’d last kissed, like she’d wanted to kiss him in these last few hours as much as he’d wanted to kiss her.” When Carlos said, ” I love you” and Nik didn’t say it back, I felt so represented. As she explains to him what she wanted/wants, all of which she had clearly put on the table with him earlier in their relationship, I felt all of that. I have been there as a young, independent woman who wants to experience and enjoy the company of others, without giving her heart away. The dialogue in this chapter, and the one that follows where Nik confides in her friends. It was perfection. I sent snaps of the conversations to my friends and we all joked about how refreshingly real this moment was. Granted, Nik actually loves Carlos the whole time and doesn’t realize yet, but I am still thoroughly impressed by this chunk of the book. “I’ve spent so long being afraid of love, because the last time I was in love, the man I loved only loved one part of me, but not all of me, and I thought love meant having to sacrifice a part of yourself. But then I was with you, and you loved every part of me, even the parts I don’t like. And that scared me more, because I thought there must be some trick and that I couldn’t let myself believe it or I’d fall into the trap. But finally I realized it wasn’t a trap.” Nikole isn’t the only example of a badass lady in this book. Both of her besties, as well as a few of the side characters, pack a mean punch. Pun certainly intended. The best example is Natalie, who is a gym owner where Nik takes self-defense classes and someone she later interviews for an article. In just a few pages, Natalie gets a rich backstory and an uplifting path to self-empowerment. It was incredibly moving. There are lots of other small flourishes throughout the book that helped push it from solid to something a bit more special. At the time I read The Proposal, it was my first Jasmine Guillory. By the time you read this however (because I’ve been sitting on this review for months, ooph), I’ve gone back and read The Wedding Date. Pro-tip, if you care about spoilers, which you probably don’t if you read this far, read The Wedding Date first. They are baby spoilers for the main couple found in The Proposal. Despite my two mid-range ratings, I will be keeping an eager eye out for whatever Guillory writes next. The romances might not completely spark for me, but her characters bring a hefty and refreshing dose of realism and feminism to the genre.

This book was super cute. That being said, it suffered the same problems as The Wedding Date when it came to the actual writing. If an aggressive editor came in and helped with the dialogue and some of the in between stuff this book could really be fantastic! It was everything you want in a romcom.

I’ve been staring at this beautiful ARC, gracing my bookshelf for months and waiting for the opportune moment. I’ve said it once before, but I believe there are certain books for every stage of your life/mental well-being. Well, recently I’ve been extremely stressed out, mentally and physically exhausted, and kind of struggling to connect to several books because I just don’t have the mental capacity to deal with them. Basically, I needed something that would be light, airy, and just pure entertainment. The Proposal was exactly what the doctor ordered. The story follows Nikole Paterson and Carlos Ibarra (the best friend from The Wedding Date – I haven’t read this yet, but Taylor did and absolutely loved it!) in the aftermath of the most cringe worth proposal of all time: Fisher, Nik’s man bun donning, actor boyfriend of 5 months (yes, 5 months) decided to propose to her at a Dodgers game on the jumbotron…and didn’t even spell her name correctly. Obviously, the crowd was unaware of this fact and thought she was the worst person for refusing to take his hand in marriage. Enter Carlos and his sister Angie, the knights in shining armor, swooping in the rescue her from the camera crew. Nik and Carlos naturally hit it off, and since neither are interested in pursuing a relationship they decide to “keep it casual.” Then, if my incessant love of Rom Coms has taught me anything… being “friends with benefits” is never that easy. I found myself laughing out loud on the plane, grinning from ear to ear, and basically not being able to control my facial expressions because I was just so wrapped up in the story. Between the diversity of the characters, the strong and independent ladies in the book (Who run the world? GIRLS), and the refreshingly “normal” romance (no instalove, just a relationship that buds from genuine friendship), Guillory created a romantic comedy fit for the perfect a Girls Night In. Also, there’s no way I can drink rosé the same way again… *gasps, clutches pearls* I will say that the story was fairly predictable, but honestly that’s what I was hoping for. I didn’t want the extreme twists and turns, and I honestly enjoyed escaping the paranoia that comes with my love of mystery and suspense. Now, I’m hoping that Natalie gets her own story (seriously, she deserves it), that Fisher ends up sad and alone (#sorrynotsorry), and that Jasmine Guillory continues to write more novels. At least one of these is true: her next release is slated for July 2019! Fingers crossed for the rest, y’all! If you’re looking for a fun romantic comedy with a fantastic cast of diverse characters, or even just needing a palate cleanser from all the heavier books that have been weighing you down, pour yourself that glass of rosé (*wink*) and grab this book – it’s exactly what you need.

4 Stars - I recommend if you enjoy contemporary romance, and especially if you are looking for more diversity within the romance genre. I really loved this book! Carlos was my favorite character in Guillory's other book The Wedding Date, so seeing him as the main character was a lot of fun. I definitely liked Nik a lot, and their chemistry together was really great. They were both honest and sarcastic characters which was refreshing in a romance novel. I loved the foodie aspect of the story, and Carlos's love of food and cooking. My favorite part was that the side characters and especially Carlos's family members played a large role in this book. Overall I really enjoyed this book, and it definitely has me excited to read Guillory's next novel!

Summary: Nik is done.  Stranded at a Dodger's game after the most awkwardly bad proposal ever, she doesn't know what to do and.... oh my God, is that a camera crew coming? Carlos and his sister Angie saw the whole thing from two rows up.  The Jumbo-tron proposal, the deflection, the blow-up.... and now this?  No.  They have to save this girl.  Jumping in front of the camera crew to whisk a complete stranger away and out of the stadium is totally normal, right?  As they escape to LA he learns more about Nik, the now-ex Fletcher (who didn't even spell her name right!) and the friends he's taking her to.  Some talk, a few drinks and he and his sister are gone. Nik knows she doesn't want another relationship- not now, maybe not ever.  So why can't she stop thinking about the guy from the ball game?  Her friends are all over her to have a rebound, have fun.  Could the hot, nice doctor be just right for her? Carlos does not have the time or energy for a relationship.  He has a career and family members to look after.  But hanging out and having sex with the funny, gorgeous woman from the game?  God yes.  They'll just keep it casual.  Light.  Who needs drama anyway? One thing leads to another and fate has other plans.  Can two commitment phobes get their act together before they ruin a good thing? My thoughts:         First, if you haven't read The Wedding Date you may want to hold off on this.  While it can be a stand alone, you first meet Carlos and his friends in Drew and Alexa's story and I found that I liked having just a little back story on them.  I was thrilled that Carlos got a story- he was a bit of a jerk sometimes in the other book, but was a really great and interesting character.  Seeing more into his life made past actions make more sense.           Also, I liked both their reasons for not wanting something serious.   It was wrong and crazy, like they always are but it was more understandable than the normal go-to's ("I can't be tied to one woman forever", Peter Pan sydrome etc...) While we dealt with heavy topics there was laughter, humor and warmth.  I loved that.  I loved how the characters all interacted- especially Nik and her girls.  It was also way to easy to fall for Carlos, sweet, hilarious and almost too family centered.  The story was fast paced and interesting, and I loved the premise.  Honestly, I just loved this book.  Five stars all the way!           On the adult content scale, I will say that it was a bit... well... pretty sexually explicit.  It's a romance.  A lot of them go a bit far there.  I mean, we aren't talking Fifty Shades here.... but you definitely knew what was going down.  For that and the language I would say this one is a straight-up adult romance.  Let's give it an eight- my niece will be waiting a long time for this one.        I was lucky enough to receive an eARC of this book from First To Read in exchange for an honest review.  My thanks!

I read Jasmine Guillory's debut, "The Wedding Date," after seeing and hearing about it everywhere. For me, it was cute and entertaining, but didn't live up to the hype. However, I did love the cultural diversity among the characters, and that the couple Alexa and Drew faced issues that seemed realistic as a biracial couple. Although I wasn't blown away by "The Wedding Date," I was drawn to "The Proposal," mainly because it focused on one of my favorite characters from the first book, Carlos. "The Proposal" centers on Carlos and Nik, who turns down her boyfriend's marriage proposal in front of a crowd at a Dodger's game. Carlos and Nik meet at the game and the book takes us through their friendship and eventual dating relationship. I was delighted by this book! It had just the right amount of humor, steamy scenes and a new set of diverse characters, similar to what I loved in Guillory's debut. The storyline was fast paced and I enjoyed reading about the main characters' pasts as they related to their budding relationship. I found a lot of it to be relatable, and Nik and Carlos were raw and complex characters. The book displays themes of feminism, abusive relationships, cultural diversity, and romance. I saw more confidence in Guillory's writing style in this novel, and was entertained throughout. Recommend this read!

Another follow up novel that I was super excited to check out! I loved Jasmine Gullory's The Wedding Date! When I heard there was going to be a sequel I was so excited! We met Carlos in book 1, The Wedding Date, so getting to see his story was really fun! Nik and Carlos had great chemistry and it was so fun to see their relationship play out! And I loved that we got to see more of Alexa and Drew from book 1!!! So fun and steamy and cute! Definitely check out this series!

Jasmine Guillory once again invites readers into a romance that will tickle your funny bone and make you melt into a puddle of sweet chocolate. The Proposal is just as charming and captivating as The Wedding Date! From the unconventional proposal and subsequent meltdown, this story will draw you in and not release it's hold on you until the end! Nikole and Carlos are perfect for each other because they're opposites and both down to earth. Carlos is a bigger character than I ever could have imagined he would be when he was first introduced in The Wedding Date, but I loved getting to know him and seeing a different side of him. Both characters have depth and keep the story interesting as their layers are peeled away. I loved that the story introduces completely new characters on top of bringing back Alexa and Drew in a couple of scenes. Nikole's quirky friends add to the sass and humor while Carlos brings a more emotional layer to the story. His deep connection with his family shows his soft heart and may just bring a few tears to readers' eyes. The Proposal will read nicely as a standalone, but you might as well read The Wedding Date because it's just as awesome! *ARC provided via First to Read in consideration for review* Rating: 5/5

This was a really cute romance. I really enjoyed her Wedding Date, and this book was equally enjoyable. The proposal that starts off the story was so cringeworthy. It was like a slow motion Nooooo!!!! I loved the chemistry and the meet cute between Carlos and Nik. This is a great story, and I would definitely recommend.

I felt like this book was really cute! Nik was a really strong female character that I really liked and rooted for throughout the book. The plot was fast paced and breezy and I soared through it. It's full of diversity, and a whole slew of fun likeable characters. It's not an easy thing to have to turn down a proposal! This was a really differnt and fun romance, and very, very sweet. I really enjoyed it.

Jasmine Guillory has quickly become an automatic must read for me. I really enjoyed this book and diving deeper into Carlos' character, who I loved from the Wedding Date. Nik and Carlos were adorable together and I found their romance to be very relatable. The proposal was so cringeworthy, it was a great setup to the story (although I did find it slightly unbelievable that it would go viral, which is the only aspect of the book that really took me out of it). I especially appreciated the subplots and minor characters. Jasmine writes a great portrayal of female friendships, both here and in the Wedding Date.

I enjoyed this book, but I wanted more from the relationship. I felt like the characters were slightly underdeveloped, and I would have loved to see more depth from them, but, overall, I had a good time reading this.

Thank you First To Read for giving me the opportunity to read an advanced copy of The Proposal by Jasmine Guillory. I really enjoyed reading the story of Nikole and Carlos. Nikole is at a Dodgers game with her boyfriend of five months when out of the blue she is being proposed to by him on the Jumbotron. Sweet, romantic move, not in this case especially when the boyfriend can't even spell her name right and their relationship is no where near that point. Having turned him down the crowd turns this into a media frenzy but luckily Carlos and his sister is able to help get Nikole out of this situation. Vowing off dating and men, Nikole doesn't see that Carlos likes her but in the end is he able to get the girl. This was a good read and I can't wait to read more from Jasmine Guillory.

Overall, I think this is a much stronger manuscript than The Proposal, and it shows Jasmine's growth as a writer. Both characters are fully fleshed out this time around (I found Drew to be a bit flat in her first book), and it's nice to have a woke heroine. I also appreciated that the subplots pass the Bechdel test. The majority of my comments are for the manuscript editor. Jasmine has a quirk of using "actually" quite frequently (see pg. 44 for example). Several of these instances should be struck. Dana's introduction as a lesbian on pg. 27 is clunky. I noticed the following typos: -- pg. 132: "...and the editor she hated working with was resigning and moving to a magazine she also hated [in] New York." -- pg. 152: "He picked up --for-- the squirt bottles of salsa at the corner of the booth" -- pg. 311: "She’d barely [been] able to think about anything else since she’d gotten Carlos’s email the day before" -- pg. 312: "It made her think of how proud he was of all of her accomplishments, from writing for the New Yorker to signing up for boxing class." [should be The New Yorker]

This is my kind of book. Smart, successful woman. A man with a lot going on in his life, including strong family values. And of course, excellent friends. Did I mention the diversity that actually resembles real life? Light, with enough meat to make this romance interesting. I'm definitely reading the next in this series.

I'll read the next Jasmine Guillory book, and the one after that, and the one after that. Carlos was one of my favorite characters in The Wedding Date, and I was so glad he got his own story. I love that these books are generally about normal people dealing with all of the things that happen in a normal relationship. These books have been fun without being overly fluffy.

This was so cute! I loved that the author tied in a character from her debut novel and gave him a main role. Carlos is definitely a hunky doctor who needed love. I am a big fan of romance novels in general, but what I like most about The Proposal and The Wedding Date is the relatability. They aren’t fantastical settings, and the situations lend themselves well to tropes in romance but they are not inately tropes. Carlos and Nik fit well together with his grounding spirit to her more wild one, and further more there was a great cast of family and friends surrounding them.i love that this book makes magic out of everyday things and situations. I think this book was a 5 Star Read. Light enough to take on vacation but not overly fluffy.

The Proposal by Jasmine Guillory is another cute romance with an excellent cast of diverse characters, and a heroine who finds herself on the wrong side of a story gone viral. And while a public proposal can seem like a sweet idea, The Proposal showed all the ways it could go wrong. Right off the bat—no pun intended—the inciting incident provided the perfect foundation for the rest of the story by adding some early conflict to the plot. And I liked it. Carlos was one of my favorite characters from The Wedding Date. However, he was only in a supporting role as the best friend of Drew. Here, he’s the main guy, and Guillory fleshed-out his character by adding his backstory and showing more of his family—like his sister, mother, and cousin. I liked Carlos’s family. They were wonderful characters. Nik was also interesting. She was sassy at times, smart, and had a number of great friends who were willing to back her up—whether that was a much needed cupcake, relationship advice, dinner, or simply getting together to talk things over. The Proposal was more of a slow burn kind of romance. The characters spent a lot of talking and hanging out together. This was a nice touch to the story because it introduced the main characters of The Proposal to me, as the reader, and to each other on page without slowing down the story. The beginning was excellent. However, some of descriptions and dialogue seemed a little repetitive at times. That being said, I didn’t have the same problem with the second half of the story, and since this was an ARC, it may be changed in the final version of the book. All-in-all, The Proposal was a pretty great read. And I’m looking forward to whatever Guillory writes next.... Disclaimer: This copy of the book was provided by First to Read for this review, thank you!

I enjoyed The Wedding Date, but I loved The Proposal. Carlos and Nik are delightful, Nik’s friends are great, and the romance is a lot of fun. This was exactly what I needed to read—It’s definitely in my “to buy” pile.

I had problems with the download and can’t open the file anymore so cannot read and review

Having read The Wedding Date, I was excited to read The Proposal, especially since one of the leading characters, Carlos, was first introduced in The Wedding Date. I really enjoyed this story, and stayed up way to late to finish it! Carlos and Nikole were very likable/relatable characters and I believed their attraction/relationship. I particularly liked getting to know Nikole's good friends, Dana and Courtney. The strength of their female friendship really came through. I also was happy to get to know Carlos' family and learn more of Carlos's backstory. No spoilers here, but both Carlos and Nikole had reasons to believe they weren't interested in or able to engage in a long-term relationship. Watching their friendship and attraction grow was fun. This was a quick read for me, perfect for the beach.

I solicited a copy of this novel because I've heard a lot of great reviews about The Wedding Date... I did not know what to expect about it but I should say it was an pleasent surprise!! It such a warm and funny novel! I started this book a couple of days after my boyfriend poped the big question to me in a very public way (maybe not Dodgers game but it was in a Concert - I said yes btw), so during the first couple of chapters I knew exacly how Nik felt, the only difference being I am totally in love and hyapply agree to marry him and she didn't even imagine the next month with her boyfriend at the time. To me both, Nik & Carlos, felt like friends and I was not abel to put the novel down for more than some hours. You can see the way things are going to turn around in the end, but is an awsome journey to get to the ending. I highly recomend it to all of you who enjoy contemporary romance. I would definetly pick up Jasmine's next book!!

3.5 Stars This was a cute summer read, but not something I'd consider a favourite. I found the timeline and continuity to be a bit off, to the point where I was flipping back a few chapters to check whether I'd misread or misunderstood things, when in fact it was just that the story was contradicting itself. The characters were okay. I loved that they were very diverse and more relatable, because they seemed more like my group of friends and the people I know than most books portray, but I didn't find Nik to be particularly great. I liked her friends and the other minor characters more than I liked her. There wasn't anything wrong with her, I just felt like her friends had more well-developed and interesting personalities than she did. The romance between Nik and Carlos fell flat for me, I think partially because of her personality, and partially because of their lack of chemistry. It started off really strong, but I just started to get sick of it about halfway through, and I found myself hoping they wouldn't end up together because they both seemed better when they weren't together. It was a quick read, and the first half kept me wanting more, but about halfway through I just lost interest and didn't find myself rooting for the two main characters to be together.

Ahhh! This was so cute! I really enjoyed The Wedding Date, so I had high expectations for The Proposal, and it definitely delivered. The characters are hilarious, but have a depth that pulls you in and make you wish you could be friends with them in real life. The story is rich and believable, with a punch of female strength to keep you cheering for Nik throughout. The best part, however, might be the cameo from The Wedding Date characters - so fun!

I read Jasmine Guillory's first novel, The Wedding Date, and while I liked it, it definitely felt like a first novel. I was hoping she would tighten up her writing style with her second novel and I can say she has. This isn't a perfect novel, but I enjoyed it much more than her previous novel. One thing I think Guillory is good at is writing characters. Her characters are distinctive and (fairly) relatable. I felt like I could know Carlos and Nik in real life. Guillory's novel are simplistic in premise where it's just about the relationship between two people. There aren't any extreme plot twists or any real outside influences that the characters need to deal with-it's just them navigating their relationship. This does make for a fairly routine and somewhat predictable romance, but it's still a good read if that is what your looking for. I like reading light-hearted romances as a way to escape for the real world so this was perfect for me. All in all, even though this comes out in October, this is a perfect "beach" read. It's light, breezy and perfect for a lazy afternoon.

I wish I could say I enjoyed this, since it seems like the perfect recipe for a summer contemporary romance. However, the concept was really the only good thing about this book. First of all, no one cries or laughs to the point of falling over in real life as much as the characters do in this book. And to describe it happening so many times cheapens the emotions we as a reader are supposed to feel. In fact, everyone’s reactions to everything in this novel are super over the top. Second of all, this entire book felt like it was written by a teenager trying to write a “grown up” story. I couldn’t get through an entire page without coming across cringey, stilted dialogue, bad description, or just plain bad sentence structure. Finally, I wanted more character development. We found out more about Natalie's previous relationship than we did about Nik's with Justin, who was brought up numerous times. I didn't buy the reasoning for why Carlos didn't want a serious relationship, and the reason also bugged me. This is a super feminist book (which I loved all the female empowerment) and yet we are supposed to root for a character who thinks the women in his life are so helpless that he has to step up and be the man to do all their little errands? To the point that he can't be in a relationship because it will detract from him doing their grocery shopping or building a bookcase or whatever? And [spoiler alert] I equally didn't buy his sudden change of heart about relationships or the fact that he never apologizes to Nik in person for all the crappy stuff he said to her.

The premise behind this romance novel is absolutely the best.  Nik's casual boyfriend of five months surprises her at a baseball game with a very public marriage proposal.  Shocked and horrified she turns him down to the disgruntlement of the entire crowd.  Noticing her trapped situation, Carolos, a pediatrician, and his sister come to her rescue and whisk her away.  They quickly become friends and then more as she deals with the fallout from the proposal.  I really like Nik, and her relationship with her best friends was my favorite part of this book. While the romance was nice, I think Carlos is a little too good and I would have loved to see more of the chemistry she shares with her friends.  I received a digital ARC of this book through Penguin's First to Read program in exchange for an honest review.

4 stars. Cute romantic story about Nik being proposed to live on a Jumbotron at a baseball game and thinking it was a joke. She turned the poor guy down and it got ugly, but Carlos and his sister, Angela came to the rescue. Nik and Carlos hit it off and become friends with benefits as neither has time for a relationship, but no matter how they try to act like they are not in a relationship, they truly are. Takes Nik a long time to come to terms with the realization.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. It is a fun and enjoyable read. Nik and Carlos have great chemistry. Loved the Nik's girlfriends and Carlos love for his family. Definitely worth picking up. It will put a smile on your face.

After Nik Paterson's casual (what she thought at least!) boyfriend proposes to her at a baseball game, she panics and tries to gracefully decline. Carlos Ibarra and his sister Angela swoop in to save her from the camera crew trying to get to her. Carlos is hot and they decide to start a rebound fling. Just casual, no relationship, more a friends with benefits situation, right? Sometimes things do not go as planned. I quite enjoyed this book. Nik was hilarious and real, I really connected with her character. I thought the relationship between Carlos and Nik was cute, and the background story lines were good too. I was rooting for the two lead characters to end up together, which is what every good romance book needs to be enjoyable! I thought the sex scenes were well done, not too cringy or graphic. One note for readers more sensitive to curse words, there is some dialogue with coarse language. It didn't bother me, but I know a lot of readers prefer more PG-13 language.

As a fan of Jasmine Guillory's last novel, The Wedding Date, I was really looking forward to The Proposal. Although the romance between the two main characters was depicted as sweet, I found it to be very forced within the plot and this novel didn't feel as natural (chemistry, circumstances). All in all, I didn't root for them because I never completely believed in the scenarios/stubbornness within their love story.

I was and am still very much looking forward to this book. Unfortunately, I am unable to open the file sent to me on any of the platforms First to Read listed. I know I'll still end up reading this because it sounds so good, but I can't give this a proper review as I am unable to read it.

It’s a clear, hot sunny day. You are hanging with your significant other and friends at a ball game. And then you look up to find ‘Will you marry me?’ spelled out on the Jumbotron. And your significant other down on one knee, ring in hand. Quite a few people would find that romantic and touching. But not freelance writer Nikole Paterson. Especially when she’s only been dating her actor boyfriend very causally for the past five months. And especially not when she must reject his proposal in from of a stadium full of people, a national sports channel, all of his friends and on his birthday. Carlos Ibarra is a few rows away when he and his younger sister is witness to this disaster of a marriage proposal. It’s apparent from the conversation he can hear that Nik has been totally ambushed by a proposal she doesn’t want and that she needs a rescue from the camera crew and the stadium full of angry people who were expecting a happy ending. But what starts off as a chance encounter on one of the worst days of Nik’s life, turns into a fun rebound with the sexy pediatrician. Can they both enjoy it while it lasts? Or will growing feelings cause them to break their own rules? I really enjoyed this novel. It was romantic and funny, with a slow burning but very hot sexual tension I couldn’t wait to explode. With witty banter between not only Nik and Carlos but also between Nik and her best friends, you truly get to know Nikole and why she’s not only a good writer but best friend, and why it’s easy for Carlos to fall in love with her so quickly even though he has absolutely no intention of having a serious relationship. With such a strong sense of responsibility for not only his patients but toward his extended family, Carlos is prime boyfriend material. He’s quick witted and funny, very understanding, and does that one thing all women love a man to do; really listen to what the women in his life are saying. And although he can be a take charge kind of man, who has a tendency to be over protective, he can recognize when he’s going to far and try to tone it down. Is it any wonder that Nik starts to fall in love even though she doesn’t want to? All the ingredients for a fun and romantic story, I highly recommend this novel for all of those romance junkies out there who loves a classic romance with a modern-day twist

4 STARS!!! Loved The Proposal! the only negative comment I have is that it was totally predictable, but in a cute, romantic way!

This book was super cute. It's a fun, easy read. Carlos and Nik had great, full personalities and I loved that they both had good careers. The dialogue and their texts were very true to life. This would be a perfect beach read.

Great story of finding love in places you never thought of. Carlos and Nik are friends with benefits, but their arrangement slowly grows into something more. The characters are realistic and the story was believable.

I enjoyed The Wedding Date by Jasmine Guillory. I was so excited to receive an ARC of The Proposal through Penguin First to Read. What’s even more exciting is Carlos gets his own story! I loved Carlos in The Wedding Date and couldn’t wait to pick this up! (You don’t need to read The Wedding Date before this book.) I absolutely adored this book and I flew through it. I was laughing and crying and getting all the feels right alongside the characters. This story has a steamy, slow burning romance, kick butt girlfriends & lots of laughs what more can you ask for. The characters are real, relatable, and diverse which made the story that much better. I finished this book in basically one sitting! The perfect lighthearted romance novel that you will not want to put down! Thank you Penguin First to Read for my free ARC!

Things I learned from this book: Don't propose to someone unless you have discussed your future together first, sour cream can counteract the effect of hot peppers, good girlfriends are priceless and lifesaving, and Jasmine Guillory is a damn good writer. I sat down to take a quick peek at this book one morning and before I knew it, I was on page 65. Despite needing to run errands that day, I stayed glued to my couch until I finished. Guillory has created great characters that are very well-described, and easy to love, flaws and all. I was quickly sucked into their world as if I was a fly on the wall. This was a quick easy read and while a romance, it had substance. Buy some Kleenex, pour yourself a glass (or two) of wine and enjoy this great book!

I have seen THE WEDDING DATE all over the place this year. While I've been intrigued, I haven't yet read it. When I saw THE PROPOSAL available on First to Read I knew I had to get my hands on a copy! There is so much to like about THE PROPOSAL. I like that the relationship felt realistic and that their feelings for one another gradually sneak up on them as they get to know one another. I like that the characters have some substance and that there is some actual diversity. It feel like something that could actually happen with people who could be real. If you find yourself craving a lighthearted romance that you can root for, then THE PROPOSAL would be a truly excellent choice! Thank you to First to Read - Penguin Books USA for the a free advanced copy of this book

The Proposal by Jasmine Guillory is a contemporary romance. When Nikole’s casual boyfriend of only 5 months proposes to her front of a stadium full of people, she is shocked. Not only had this come out of the blue but he spelled her name wrong on the proposal! When Nikole turns down the proposal, things begin to turn a bit ugly in the crowd. Watching the event from a few rows back, Carlos and his sister decide to swoop in and rescue Nikole before reporters can descend on her. Thus beginning the friendship between Carlos and Nikole. Nikole, looking for a rebound to come back from that awful proposal, and Carlos who is too busy with family and work to have any kind of serious relationship, decide that since they’re both on the same page they can be in a friends-with-benefits type of deal. What could possibly go wrong with that? This was a light, fun romance. Full of diverse characters, hilarious dialog, great feminism, and excellent, yummy food. I did not read The Wedding Date and about halfway through I had a feeling that this story was a sort-of-not-quite sequel to that so I looked up The Wedding Date and I was right! Now I want to go read it also! I laughed, I cried, I loved it! Aw! Such a feel-good story?.

I enjoyed this more than The Wedding Date because it felt more realistic and its characters more complete. As I did with that precious book I thought that there were times where is would have been helpful to hear the characters explain things to each other rather than have the author say “x told y what had happened”. That said I enjoyed it and stayed up late to finish. It’s a perfect beach read

On the strength of THE WEDDING DATE, I was eager to read THE PROPOSAL for its quick, beach-read type of description. And it did have a similar set up: a couple (Nikole and Carlos... yes, Carlos from THE WEDDING DATE!) brought together by chance, neither one trying to get into anything serious, a romance blooming against their better judgement. Where it went wrong for me was the pages of filler that slowed the story down: awkwardly-written backstory; an entire interview conducted by Nik (every minutia of it!); a B-story about a cousin with preeclampsia... it was dragging to the point that I just skipped a bunch of chapters in order to get to the parts that dealt with Nik and Carlos specifically. I think I remember doing the same with THE WEDDING DATE, but not as often as I had to skip pages in THE PROPOSAL. Still, it was a light read and I'd read another book by this author if I came across it.

The Proposal is a fun romance. Lots of diverse characters, funny dialog, and the typical romance story. I thought the proposal was funny and whenever I see a proposal happening at a baseball game, in such a public place, I always wondered what would happen if the girl said no. This is not a heavy book. Not a deep book. It's a light romance that is a great read for the beach or if you just want to lose yourself in a story and not have to think too hard. I'm glad to know there is a book before this one. I want to read it and learn more about Carlos' best friend Drew.

Nikole is unexpectantly proposed to at a LA Dodgers game to her boyfriend of 5 months. After turning him down, she meets Carlos under unusual circumstances as he helps stage an exit for her from the stadium. An entertaining but fairly routine romance with a diverse cast of characters. Thanks to First to Read- Penguin Books USA for the A free copy of this book.

4 stars I honestly ended up enjoying this a lot more than The Wedding Date! Both of these books do really well on the diversity scale, which I'm really thankful for (because apparently chicklit is super white?), but The Proposal just had much more enjoyable storytelling. I found The Wedding Date to almost feel repetitive? Like, it was just a lot of back and forth between the couple to make things happen and it almost dragged in that aspect. But The Proposal really remedied that issue and it had this nice, arching storyline that I found enjoyable. The buildup was great and Nik and Carlos had this relationship that grew as the story wore on, but never descended into angsty, "oh my gosh did they really just do that how dumb are these people" territory. It was level-headed yet still romantic, and I felt the story build up to the climax, which was really nice. Plus, it was more fun in general. I mean, the plot was more quirky, and there was more food (oh my gosh the food) and character growth. Also, the sex scenes were considerably less present and less explicit. (More fade-outs.) And this is a plus, because in The Wedding Date, the sex scenes took up a lot more of the novel and faded into a sort of monotony that felt dull. With less sexy times, there was more page-time dedicated to the characters and their emotional romance and the more chicklit-y parts. The only thing I wanted improved was Nik's backstory. I felt like the backing to her aversion to the term "I love you" was weak and needed more background and justification. It just felt a little out of character because throughout the novel she's portrayed as level headed, but that one phrase makes her extremely superstitious? I just wanted more backing to that plot point, because it felt a little unrealistic. Both Nik and Carlos were fun protagonists, and there's of course cameos of Alexa and Drew in there, which was definitely cute. Overall, if you were looking to read a book like The Wedding Date, but with an improved execution, I totally recommend The Proposal! Debuts almost always have technical errors, but second books are where you really get to see whether you like an author or not, and Guillory has definitely improved since then.

What a great story! My first read by this author. I’m so glad I chose this book. The action started right from the very beginning and never slowed down. I loved it! I don’t know who did the proofreading but I found quite a few errors throughout the book.

***spoiler alert*** I had NO idea that Carlos was the same Carlos fromThe Wedding Date! I absolutely adored this book as much as I did her other novel. Very quick, fun read with relatable characters.

This book was super cute! I didn't enjoy it as much as The Wedding Date, but this is an author I'll be looking out for. Here books are inclusive, smart, fun, and most of all, sexy!

This might not have been the perfect romance read I was looking for but there were a couple of things I did enjoy. First of all, I always appreciate when a book has a diverse cast of characters. I also really liked the premise of the book which involves a woman at a Dodgers game with her boyfriend and he surprises her with a wedding proposal with everyone in the stadium watching on the Jumbotron. It was very easy to relate to her feeling of horror as I would have hated it if my husband had proposed to me in such a public way. The rest of the story is a typical romance which I would have enjoyed much more if I felt more invested in the main characters. To me, in the romance genre in order to love a book you really have to root for the characters and feel their chemistry together. I just felt indifferent towards the characters. I'm not really sure why that is the case but it is what it is. I'm sure others will love this book though, especially since it features characters, including Carlos, who were featured in the author's previous book, The Wedding Date. Thank you to First to Read for the opportunity to read an advance digital copy!

I totally loved it. I've read several handfuls of typical paperback-type romances, and while I also enjoy them, I love Guillory's romances for their thoughtfulness and depth paired with their warmth and humor. The Proposal is about a woman named Nik whose boyfriend of 5 months proposes to her on a Jumbotron, leading to her horror, their breakup, and a run-in with Carlos, who helps her out of a sticky paparazzi situation. They become friends and grow closer as they learn to trust each other with their past hurts and baggage, and of course fall in love along the way. It was so sweet and I loved the realism of their issues: Nik struggles with past boyfriends tearing her down and learning how to open up, Carlos is still wrestling with grief over losing his father and feeling like he's responsible for his whole family now, and they both have lessons to learn about letting go and giving/receiving love. I can't wait for this to come out later this year so others can read it!

to say i had high expectations with this book would be a ridiculous understatement. i ADORED the wedding date, gobbled it up and just absolutely loved it. i only rated it 4 stars, not 100% sure why, but i regret that now because i did not enjoy this one as much, but 3 stars is too harsh, and 4 is too close to the wedding date when i did not enjoy it as much as the wedding date. i was so so excited to read this one after loving the wedding date so much. i tried not to compare the two, but that's near impossible, so whatever. the meet cute was adorable and fabulous in this one, but was adorable-er and fabulous-er in the wedding date. there was sexual tension and chemistry, but i didn't feel it *as much* as the wedding date. the writing didn't flow as well for me, i couldn't quite get a handle on the characters, i didn't laugh as much even though i could tell the author was trying to be funny. that sounds really awful, and i did not hate this book. i am still rating it 4 stars, though in this case i am being generous, it's more of a 3.5 star book for me personally. it just didn't hit all the right notes and was a bit too easy to put down. the conflict seemed more contrived - though i liked that the tables were turned, it normally would have been the woman realising what carlos realised. i loved the friendships, family and empowerment message. i love the diversity in these books, i love how realistic they are. i will definitely read more from this author.

4/5 stars - I received an advanced copy of this book from First to Read in exchange for my honest review. I have to say that I really enjoyed this story. I have not read Guilory's previous book, but I definitely will now! I flew through this book in a day and loved every moment. This book was a sweet and fun romance that was made even better by the characters. I felt a connection with Nik right away and I related to her sense of humor and fears about love. Carlos is dreamy: responsible, loves his family, confident but not controlling, loves to cook, and a sense of humor to match Nik's. The only thing I could ask for is for the steamy scenes to be steamier. But if you are looking for a sweet romance that has sex and doesn't go into too much detail, then you will like this book. Heck, even without the detail, I liked it quite a bit! I would recommend this to anyone who likes light contemporary romance and diverse characters.


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