The Price You Pay by Aidan Truhen

The Price You Pay

Aidan Truhen

When Jack Price realizes he is being targeted by the Seven Demons, an underground assassination squad, he fakes a getaway and begins scouting the Demons. This hilariously irreverent antihero intends to take them out one by one...

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In this audacious, lightning-paced thriller, a smart-mouthed, white-collar drug dealer--a hilariously irreverent antihero--seeks revenge when an unknown enemy takes out a contract on him.

Jack Price is having a bad day. What he absolutely did not need was for someone to execute his grouchy old neighbor as if she was a drug mule. Questions will be asked, and Jack is a small businessman in a competitive sector hobbled by red tape and, you know: laws. Just because the product Jack trades in is cocaine, people assume it’s all guns and murders, but that is the old cocaine business and Jack is all about the new one: high-tech, high-end and on-demand.

But when Jack begins making some inquiries with a view to calming the whole thing down, someone hires the Seven Demons to kill him. You bring those people in to kill generals and presidents and take down countries, not to mess with a guy who’s just trying to get along.

The thing is that the Seven Demons and their client have misunderstood the situation. Jack is not upset. In fact, he’s grateful for the clarification. Jack is the kind of guy who adapts well to new business models. He has a unique approach to executive problem solving. In fact, Jack is batshit crazy. And when you mess with Jack, there is a Price to be paid.

Advance Galley Reviews

Jack Price is a drug dealer. He's not especially proud of this fact but figures he watches what he does and is careful with his enterprise. That is until the woman, An old woman, in the apartment below him is murdered execution style. This starts him on a quest to find out why and if he was the intended target. I obviously was not as enthralled with this book as everyone else. I probably would recommend it to a few people I know that would enjoy it. The punctuation, or lack thereof, made it hard for me to read and I couldn't quite get past that. So no, I did not care for the book, but yes, there are people I would recommend it to. I received this as part of the Penguin First to Read program.

I definitely expected more from this but the story is written in a rather odd way that I can't say I much enjoyed. The plot is fairly start forward but it's unfortunately not really my cup of tea. 3 stars.

This book is probably one of the most interesting books I have ever had the privilege and pleasure of reading. In terms of character attitude and voice, in the narrator. Jack Price is a tuff guy. It's clear from the start he is the kind of guy that speaks his mind and doesn't take BS from anyone! He's snarky and cocky and hilarious! The novel doesn't take its time getting into the action either! Aiden Truhen's 'The Price You Pay' starts off immediately throwing punches with Jack's upstairs neighbor, a poor old woman, getting murdered during the night.It seems someone has done a number on the poor lady and Jack is majorly pissed off (this wording is basically his type of attitude). Not only did someone committ murder in his building, but even more brazenly: right above his very apartment! This novel is written in a beyond entertaining way, filled with action, and absolutely brimming with attitude! It's almost impossible not to be interested in everything that Jack thinks and feels, and the whole entire action packed mess (I use the word 'mess' in the best possible way). Jack's life spirals on and out of control throughout the rest of the novel! A great, wild, tripy, romp of a read for mature readers who like an aggressive and gritty, super bada** narrator that's got a potty mouth and some serious stones!

WTF! What did I just read. The writing is how I would imagine reading a mind would be like. All over the place, ramblings, and thoughts no one should hear but you. The story is pretty simple, Jack is not the best guy but he has even worse people after him. And we go through his life of dealing with these people. Simple yes? BUT the manner in which he deals with them is not so simple. I mean this needs to be a show. You will get the blood and guts fans, but also the comedies, cuz all you can do is laugh at his creativity. I do recommend this book. I am really curious who will do the audio, because that should be great. Just to give you a preview of what they will have to read... "Pew pew pow pow pew pew oh shit BOGGA BOGGA BOGGA BOGGA FWOOSH ZWINK ZWINK SPLODE you dead lady? Pew! Ack! I am killed by a fucking amateur! The shame!" Who would not pay to listen to that?! Oh and in case it wasn't clear, I enjoyed the book and give it 3.5 stars. It will go to 4 once I approve the audio.

I admit the writing style was odd but I still enjoyed The Price You Pay. Jack is nothing but trouble in this lightning-paced thriller. In this world, I feel like I can call him if I'm in a pinch and he could handle shit. The build-up was unpredictable. It sparked and rendered me entertained. Thank you Aidan Truhen for breathing life into action. Bring on more books

Unfortunately, I did not finish this book. I had a difficult time with the writing style. The style seemed authentic to the main character, but was one that prevented me from sticking with the story. I would be willing to give this book another try in the future, but I just couldn’t get in to the story at this time.

I loved this book. A criminal with a sense of humor and amazing execution. Loved and enjoyed it thoroughly.

Yeah, I'm one of those who couldn't get into the style/voice here AT ALL... I loved the concept, but the execution just wasn't for me. I saw one reviewer describe it as "gonzo" - that hits it on the head. If you like your snarky antihero written as Breaking Bad blended with Hunter S. Thompson, then you will probably really enjoy this (and you can tell me about it, because I'm vastly curious how it all works out, but still not curious enough to slog through the reading of it). For me, it just didn't work.

Jack Price isn't your average anti-hero. He's a drug dealer, sure, but very white collar. In fact, he has his own little empire, complete with his own brand of cocaine. It's next to impossible for the police to trace any crimes to him, so he lives a relatively peaceful life running Until his neighbor, an elderly woman named Didi, is murdered. Naturally, Jack being Jack, he asks too many questions and earns himself a beating. When he tries to hire his friend for help, he learns that 1) she can't help him because she's joined a group of assassins called the Seven Demons and 2) he's their next target. He's pissed, and instead of running like any sane person would do, he instead decides to take out the Seven Demons one by one and destroy the organization altogether. In extremely creative and gruesome ways. Look, this book is one heck of a trip. If swearing isn't your thing, or if you're really big on proper grammar, this book may not be the one for you. The stylistic choice (I'm assuming that's what it is) of no quotation marks, run-on sentences, and almost no commas was definitely one I haven't seen before, and it took a bit to get used to it. It fit the tone of the novel very well, though- kind of quirky, kind of confusing, but incredibly interesting to read. Another thing- if you can't stomach violence, then you might want to skip this book. I'm serious- there's some nasty imagery in here. However, if you can take violence and you don't mind the swearing and the odd style, then I say this book is absolutely worth a read. It's a great novel about terrible people, but you can't help but like them. It's sarcastic, irreverent, and you will find yourself laughing at things you definitely shouldn't be laughing at. It's a bit open-ended, but leaves room for a possible sequel, but the ending is still satisfying and I look forward to reading more from this author.

If profanity bothers you, this is not the book for you. It's also likely that the book's loose, gonzo style will turn some readers off, but I thought this book was hilarious. Jack Price has a voice you don't hear everyday. He's a cocaine entrepreneur in an unnamed American city. His elderly neighbor Didi is murdered and he asks too many questions about it. "Someone is dead in my building. Someone is dead in my building right under my apartment. Someone is dead in my building right under my apartment in such a way that there are all the cops in the universe plus also Leo and that means they got dead violently and with malice in my building right under my apartment and you just have to take notice of that kind of happening." Jack's questioning earns him a severe beating. When he tries to hire his friend Karenina for muscle she is forced to decline because she is now working for a group of assassins called the Seven Demons and, unfortunately, Jack is their next target. Jack's beating sets off a chain of retribution and there is an extremely high body count. "The whole order of things in the universe has been uprooted and unless that order can be restored there will be a vortex of destruction: rains of fish, snitches in the hedgerows and a plague of cops." He proceeds to kill the Seven Demons in creative and extremely violent ways. They in turn set out to take all of his money, destroy his business and threaten everyone close to him. The attitude of this book was similar to "The Intern's Handbook" by Shane Kuhn which I also enjoyed. There are a lot of loose ends left in this book, but the ending definitely leaves room for a sequel. I look forward to it. I received a free copy of this book from the publisher.

Really enjoyed this novel. Looking forward to finding more from this author.

I could not get into this book. I almost didn’t finish it, which is not something that I do. There was some humor, but I just couldn’t get past the author’s writing style. Thought I was going to enjoy this one, unfortunately I was wrong. I was chosen to read an advance copy of this book as part of Penguin's First to Read program. However, the opinions expressed in this review are 100% mine and mine alone.

I LOVED THIS BOOK! I'd call it book crack, because I couldn't put it down, but that would be too much like a pun - given Price's business. The style of writing took a few pages to get used to, but then I felt like it really embodied the story and the characters. I especially like how Price tried to be nice at first, and then people just wouldn't respect his polite and cordial ways. The sarcastic and irreverent character of Jack Price was the perfect narrator for this story, and I can't wait to read more from Aiden Truhen!

It was a really fun read. Think anyone will find a few laughs here and there. So read it already.

For all of you who enjoy very dark humor, this book is for you. The main character, Jack Price, is a mashup of Serge Storms (from Tim Dorsey's books) and Rogelio from Jane the Virgin. He is wildly egocentric, creatively devious, and completely irreverent. I kind of love him. The only critique I have of this book is the author's lack of punctuation for character dialogue. I sometimes found it difficult to keep up with who said what, which detracted from my enjoyment of the story.

This is a fun, rollicking, hedonistic romp with a great voice -- Jack Price is a crazy, gonzo narrator, perfect for the mayhem he unleashes in response to getting beaten up for asking questions about his neighbor's murder. He does have a habit of flashing forward to make things seem even more random than they actually are, then revealing how he set up various members of the allegedly unbeatable Seven Demons mercenary gang. Very creative!

Thank you Penguin’s First To Read program for the advance reader copy. While fun at times, this story wasn't for me - it tried just too hard: the characters were meant to scandalous in their actions, words and intents but came across as caricatures of "Bad Guys with a Code." The reader is supposed to laugh at the gallows humor and I did, some of the times, but shock value only goes so far before it gets boring. Maybe I expected too much and thought I was reading a satire-ish novel but ended up with a bad Hunter S. Thompson impression (updated for cocaine, drug cartels, the dark web and guns.) Also, as an advanced reader copy there is an expectation that the book isn't completely edited and that things can still change. There seemed to be a lot of grammatical errors (or very bad run-on, stream of consciousness dialogue.)

I had no idea what to expect when I opened this book, but I was not disappointed. Jack Price is a laidback guy who happens to be running a cocaine operation via unsuspecting freelance employees in the service sector. Everything is going fine until the neighbor one floor below him turns up dead. Jack suspects someone might be sending him a message, and his suspicions are confirmed when some guys come along later and beat him senseless. That’s when Jack takes matters into his own hands. I won’t spoil the fun, but suffice it to say, Jack blazes a trail of vengeance so bright, one could see it clearly from the moon. From wacky, highly imaginative kills with never-before-used weapons, to dialogue that bites so hard, you feel it in your bones, The Price You Pay delivers on every level imaginable (and many as yet undiscovered levels). Grammarphiles may have a bit of trouble getting into this one due to the unusual style, but give it some time to settle. Once you get past the lack of punctuation, the read is quite enjoyable. Oh, and this one is not for the weak of heart. Thanks to Penguin Random House’s First to Read program for allowing me to read an advanced copy.

Thought I would try something new, it didn't work out. Could not get into this book at all. After 3 time of trying to make it past chapter 5 I finally caved into the defeat. Couldn't connect with the main character. The writing did nothing for me as did the plot. Will not be recommending this book.

First, thank you to Penguin First To Read for letting me enjoy this book before it is on the shelves. I really enjoyed the story and and humor/violence of the anti-hero main character, Jack Price. However, it was a bit difficult for me to get into at first because of the writing style. I don’t know if some of the grammatical errors were intentional or not, but I’m an English teacher and it was enough to bring me out of the story several times before I was able to overlook some of the runons and such.

I loved it !!! Jack Price is my anti-hero. He surpassed every revenge fantasy one could have. The unapologetic violence mixed with humor was satisfying. I’ll definitely recommend this book to friends!


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