The Look of Love by Sarah Jio

The Look of Love

Sarah Jio

In New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Sarah Jio’s The Look of Love, true love is impossible to identify, except that Jane Williams can see it!

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Inspired by the classic song, this magical story from the New York Times bestselling author of Always and Blackberry Winter tells the tale of a woman with the unusual gift to see true love—but will she be able to find it for herself before it’s too late?

Born during a Christmas blizzard, Jane Williams receives a rare gift: the ability to see true love. In spite of her unique talent, Jane has emerged from an ailing childhood a lonely, hopeless romantic without love on her life.

On her twenty-ninth birthday, a mysterious greeting card arrives. The card specifies that Jane must identify the six types of love before the full moon following her thirtieth birthday—or face grave consequences. But when Jane at last falls for a science writer who doesn’t believe in love, she fears that she may never accomplish her task—and that her loveless fate may be sealed...

“Jio has become one of the most-read women in America.”—Woman’s World

Advance Galley Reviews

I very much enjoyed this book! The vivid depictions of the Seattle area, cross over characters from other Jio books and sweet romance theme all combine to ensure a great read. I especially liked the fantasy elements of the ability for the main character to be able to see the different kinds of love. The suspense of her embracing that ability or losing true love forever was a wonderful addition to the story. I really loved this book!

The book was decent, I received it in the Penguin First to Read program. I was really excited to read it, my first book for this author, as she was recommended by one of my favorite authors Deanna Raybourn. I was not crazy about this book. The ending was too tidy and came out of nowhere. The whole point of the main characters quest was to discover the meaning of different kinds of love, and the way the story is written you either can or can't figure out which ones fit which relationships, and then all of a sudden in the epiloguey ending, the author reveals information which wasnt available until that moment. Very unsatisfying. (less)

I've heard many lovey things about author Sarah Jio, i really enjoyed how every event was connected with each other but still being unique. I loved how Jane the main character was able to be connect and involved with every stories, Sarah Jio was able to incorporate romance and a little bit of magic in which she did very will. I did really enjoyed reading this book.

This was an enjoyable read by Sarah Jio. The Look of Love was a sweet read that was a little unexpected. I loved the way the stories came together with Jane in the middle, and the way Jio told each story and managed to connect them. It was nicely written and elicited a variety of emotions from me while I was reading.

I have heard a lot of good things about author Sarah Jio and have been tempted to pick up one of her books often, so when I saw this one was available for review, I jumped at the chance to review it. I have to admit, it got off to a bit of a slow start for me, possibly because there are several related storylines all going on at the same time. But once I read enough to sort through the characters and keep the storylines straight, I was hooked. This is fun romance with an element of magical realism. While in some ways this is a typical romance with a predictable happy ending, there are also some unexpected, bittersweet moments. Some of these couples have some difficult decisions to make. I appreciate that the author does give us a glimpse thirty years into the future, so that we can see the resolution of these stories. A quick read for those who enjoy fun romance!

This was my first time reading a Sarah Jio novel and I found it to be a sweet - if predictable - experience. I'm not opposed to a touch of magic realism in my novels and it works well here - even if that removes the story from any plane of existence that I can relate to in my own life. My bigger problem with the book was that Jio tried to cram too many stories into too short a space. I loved the idea of the different "kinds" of love that the main character had to identify but we never really spend enough time with each couple to speculate on the nature of their relationship. The speed and lack of depth really pushed the story into cliche territory and I found myself speeding through the last third of the book. I think most readers will find what they're looking for here - a sweet, escapist read.

This book had me from the start. Truly a must read for any romantic at heart.

This isn't your average romance, not by any means. Most romances involve cardboard characters who don't have much depth and even less originality. The Look of Love, however, was the opposite. The characters and plot are so intricately detailed that they nearly leap off the page. I've never read one of Jio's books before, but after reading this one, I had to see if she had any previous work. It's definitely a delightful read!

This book is more than a love story. It is a bunch of love stories in one. Some of the stories are ultimately happy and some are sad. However, every single one of them is so beautifully drawn that every one makes you want to cry.

Sarah Jio has written another great book. I enjoyed the story and look forward to reading more of her books in the future.

I've never read Ms. Jio and when I saw this book here I thought I'd take a chance. I'm glad I did. Even before I finished this book, I tracked down a previous work by her. I enjoyed how well written this book was. It had everything I look for- great characters, engaging storyline- making me think, smile and cry.

I have wanted to try something by Sarah Jio for awhile now, and took a chance on The Look of Love. I enjoyed the novel quite a bit. It is one of those books which I didn't want to stop reading once I started. I was drawn to the characters, especially Jane. I felt for her, wanting to believe in love and her gift while at the same time struggling with the logic of it all. I liked how the author balanced the magic of the story with the science. The author took a risk formatting the novel as she did, alternating between 1st and 3rd person, focusing on multiple characters, but it paid off in spades. I felt invested in the characters' lives and stories. WhIle some plot points were predictable, most left me guessing until the end. I can't wait to read more by Sarah Jio.

I have read quite a few of Sarah Jio's books. This is so different that I was hesitant. I have loved all of her books. There always seems to be suspense in them. I lo e it as I am not a big romance fan. I saw this was about love and literally groaned. However the book was so well written I really didn't have a hard time reading it. I read it almost straight through and have to say it even made me cry in some parts. So unlike me. I have recommended Sarah Jio to the peep I know who love to read her regular type of books. I was actually surprised at myself when I ended up recommending this one also. She is such a fantastic writer.

This is a little different from Sarah Jio's other books. She still follows multiple POV's, but they are modern day. This book explores the various kinds of love, something that is particularly clear to the main character Jane because she can see love. This might be the part I like most, the little bit of unexplainable, a hint of magic, that adds a depth to the story. This is my favorite Jio book to date. The characters are all so real, the setting detailed with unassuming precision, and, most importantly, the emotional connection I felt with each of them was honest. Total love.

I found The Look of Love to be an enchanting book. A woman is given a power to see love between couples or the lack thereof. She has to identify six kinds of love within a year and record it in a special book or she will lose the chance to experience true love herself. She has been content in her life so far as a single person. She saw firsthand the heartbreak her mother suffered when her husband left her and his children. She doesn't want to risk heartbreak and abandonment. As the year progresses she witnesses the comings and goings of love all around her and starts to open up to the possibility that she could find it herself. Not all of her friends' stories have fairy tale endings, but the twists and turns are compelling. And added extra is a taste of the language of flowers. I found this book to be an enjoyable read: not too heavy and not too light.

I was expecting a story full of magic and all kinds of love. But The Look of Love is a book about relationships between man and woman principally. During most part of it, it was about betrayal and adultery. The protagonist was too calm in my opinion, so I couldn't connect with her. It could have been do much better... but it was ok. Interesting, with a few surprises.

I had never heard of Sarah Jio before, but after reading this book I will be sure to look for some of her other titles. I think "The Look of Love" has an interesting, novel concept, and I think Ms. Jio has a wonderful way of telling a story. Jane is a great protagonist and the secondary characters are interesting too.

Sarah Jio's books always strike a chord with me. I love her writing, her story telling, her characters. This is another fantastic addition to her library of work.

Ok, let's start with the amazing cover. I just LOVE this cover!!! Now let's get to the inside...the meat and bones...well that is also AMAZING!!! I love how Jio can capture the readers with new and interesting story ideas that make you root for them, feel with them and want for them to accomplish everything they set out to accomplish! This is charming, thought provoking and wonderful...I cannot wait for the next book by Jio! 5 remarkable stars!!!

Given just a touch of magic that allows her to "see" love, Jane observes the various relationships of the people around her and records them in a journal in the search for own love. An interesting concept, well executed, with interesting secondary characters. I would actually like to see this turned into a movie, and feel like it would be a great fit as a Lifetime or Hallmark movie (and I mean that as a compliment, as I love those movies)!

I have honestly never heard of Sarah Jio until I heard about the "Book of love" and I am hoping that it is not the last. The story follows Jane around as she tries to figure what type of love she wants as she is surrounded with six other couples. She uses these couples to figure out a love of her own. I really enjoyed the different story lines. They seemed to intertwine just perfectly and make the story unique. The lines don't jumble up or get confusing and I really like that. It shows us the ups and downs of relationships. if you get the chance I recommend picking this book up.

The Look of Love is another wonderful book by Jio. The main character, Jane, was very likable, there were great secondary characters, and the storyline was both interesting and fascinating. Since childhood Jane has experienced episodes of blurry vision, accompanied by dizziness. Her doctor believes she has a neurological condition and that she is in dire need of surgery to correct the issue. As Jane turns twenty-nine, she receives a letter from a woman who wants to meet with Jane. This woman, Colette, says she gave Jane a gift right after birth - the ability to see love. Colette explains that this is the cause of the episodes of blurred vision Jane is also told that she must identify six types of love and describe them in a journal that Colette gives to her. If she doesn't complete the task before she turns thirty, she will not find love herself. As we read about the next year, we meet people who are connected in various ways to Jane. We learn about their relationships, some satisfying, some heartbreaking. The love and relationships these people experience are what Jane uses to complete the journal. I loved this story, and enjoyed reading about the characters. My only wish would have been that aspects of the story, as well as the relationships between characters, would have been fleshed out more. I realize that this wasn't possible due to the number of characters and relationships that were described, but I felt like the surface was barely skimmed on some relevant parts. Although this book didn't follow the formula of most of Jio's previous works, I thought it was just as good.

I have read all of Sarah Jio's books prior to this one, and I've loved them all! This one is different than her others, but just as good and enjoyable. There is a touch of magic in this book, which I think the author incorporated very well. The characters were well-written, and the plot moved forward at a good pace. I highly recommend!

I have never read any of Sarah Jio's books prior to this one, and I was greatly looking forward to this one as I found the premise to be intriguing. The story did not disappoint, although there were plot holes that took away some of my enjoyment of the story. I would've liked to have had a more satisfying conclusion to Colette's story line. I felt that we were somewhat cheated in seeing Jane work out which type of love went with which couple, and along those lines, how was it at all possible for her to be writing about things that were happening elsewhere that she was not witness to? The wrap up felt a bit too simplistic. The prologue would have been better if it had been fleshed out a bit, perhaps if we had a bit more insight as to the origins of her vision. Overall, the book was enjoyable as light reading, and I can definitely see this with an extended life as a made-for-tv movie on one of the women's movie networks. I expect this will be a well-received and well-liked book from an author who appears to be quite popular. This is an honest review given in exchange for an ARC from Penguin's First To Read program.

I have read almost every Sarah Jio book she's put out, and this one is very different from her usual tales. It's different in a good way--Jane Williams can see, actually see, love. And she learns on her 29th birthday that she's only got one year to recognize the many kinds of love and write them down in a book that has been handed down through the centuries by other women who have had the same gift. If she doesn't complete this task by dusk of her 30th birthday, she'll never be able to have a love of her own. Sounds harsh, but it moves the novel forward where otherwise it might stall. Jane has plenty of people around her going through the throes of love: her brother Flynn is in love with a woman he only sees through his apartment window; her friend is madly in love with a married man, and the sweet elderly newspaper vendor down the street from Jane's flower shop has a swiftly growing crush on a upper-crust widower who ignores him. And there's Jane herself. Can she overcome a painful youth to embrace love when it knocks on her door? This was an entertaining and original novel. Perfect for moms, grandmas, and a break from life's stresses.

I have not read any Sarah Jio before this one, though I always meant to. I enjoyed this book and read it quickly - it's less than 300 pages - but I expected a bit more from it. It is very much in the spirit of holiday romance movies - think "Love Actually," but in Seattle. The premise is darling and sweet, but by the end I found it a bit too twee and tidily wrapped up (the epilogue was just gratuitous wish fulfillment). There are lots of subplots but I didn't feel like I spent enough time with any one character to understand them, though I did like them all. Ultimately, I'd recommend this book as a substitute for a second helping of pie.

The Look of Love, by Sarah Jio, captivated me from the first page to the very end. The story centers around Jane who was given a gift on the day she was born, "The gift of being able to see all of its truth and beauty". However, there was one stipulation that comes with this gift. She must identify the six types of love and describe them in detail in her journal, before her 30th birthday, or she will never experience love herself. Set in romantic Seattle, this enchanting story observes a variety of love through the lives of Jane's family and friends. I became so involved in their stories that in the end I wanted more. A heart-breaking, heart-warming, wonderful read! Thank you Penguin "First To Read" for this advanced copy.

No lie. I read this book in ONE day! Perhaps it’s because I have been sick and am confined to my chair, but a bigger part of the reason is because I just couldn’t stop reading! I absolutely love this book. It’s charming, very magical, and the story moves along rather nicely. The book doesn’t dive too deep into issues, but gives a nice overview of each character so that the reader can connect with each one. Now, I need to add this bit of disclosure: If you or anyone you know is experiencing headaches, black-outs, fuzzy views, etc…see your doctor and follow protocol! This is just a story!! It’s not real. Jane sees fuzzies, gets headaches, and experiences head pain. Against her neurologist’s orders, she decides to heed the advice given to her by a woman, who also “the gift”, and has passed it on to her. Jane has never experienced love, and in order for her to find love, she must first identify 6 different types of love and identify the couple’s matching those descriptions. She has been given 1 year to do this task or risk never experiencing true love. Jane is the shop owner of a local florist and loves the language of flowers. Each flower has a meaning and sees how flowers communicate emotion to others. Her shop assistant, Lo, has her own love challenge, as do some of Jane’s other friends and acquaintances. Jane begins to see her gift as a powerful tool, rather than a nuisance, and sees how people love differently. From broken marriages, broken promises, and heartache, Jane sees the power of love and how love is experienced differently. It’s a charming book, moves rather quickly despite the many characters introduced, and will have you guessing what happens to each couple. The only issue I have is that the book cover doesn’t fit the storyline. I imagine Jane looking different, or perhaps it’s Elodia (the first person to have been given the gift of seeing love). Either way, it’s a great book and will be a wonderful gift idea for the holidays!

This book is surprisingly good! It's the first time I read a book by Sarah Jio, and I really like the way she writes. Really appealing and hard to put down. I really enjoy reading it and loves Jane and other characters. It keep me wondering if Jane can fulfil her quest to identify six types of love or not. xD LOVE IT! I will reading more books from Sarah Jio!

I loved every bit of this book. Jane Williams was born with gift of being able to see true love, although has never experienced it herself. She has been seen by a neurologist most of her life thinking that there was something physically wrong with her. On her 29th birthday, she receives a letter telling her about her gift. She is told that she must identify couples that exhibit the 6 types of love before her next birthday or she will suffer lifelong consequences. I enjoyed not only Jane's story, but the side stories of the 6 couples in love. The characters were all well developed. This is a great unique, mystical story.

This was a fun quick read by Sarah Jio. It was predictable and all neatly wrapped up in the end, but it was just what I needed at the time I read it. Nothing too deep but enjoyable nonetheless. It takes place in the Pike Place Market, which is a place I love to go, that was definitely a plus for me.

This book would make an excellent Lifetime or Hallmark movie. The Look of Love centers around Jane Williams and her power to "see" love. Since she was a child, Jane has suffered from migraines and occasional blurred vision. On her 29th birthday, she receives a letter from a stranger who tells her about her special gift. The blurred vision is a result of her being able to see love. The stranger tells her that she must identify the 6 types of love before her 30th birthday otherwise she will never find her own love. The book was a quick read as it never really gets in too deep with the 6 types of love. Things progress at a quick pace with all the couples. There are a few unpredictable twists but wraps up everything in a neat bow in the end.

I was already a huge fan of Sarah Jio's books. Usually, she writes historical fiction in a past-present format, which I love. This book was a completely different format, but I really enjoyed it. With a plot centered around a woman who can tell people are in love by looking at them, this book really had the chance to be cheesy. Thankfully, it wasn't. I really liked Jane and the other characters who were falling in different kinds of love (though I wasn't a huge fan of Jane's romantic interest, Cam). This book was a sweet escape and an easy read. I will definitely be reading more Sarah Jio books in the future.

“The Look of Love” is exactly what it appears to be, a love story. Jane has suffered from migraines and a sudden blur in her vision all her life, but what has been diagnosed as a brain tumor by her doctors, turns out to be something incredible. Jane can see love, every time she sees a couple who is truly in love, she experience the symptoms. But as great as that sounds, there is a catch, on her birthday Jane receives a task, which she must not fail. To make matters even more complicated, Jane finds herself falling for a man who doesn’t believe in love. In this book the author brings you a cute story, with characters that are very easy to relate to. However, the opening chapter brings the story of a Parisian flower lady, who would be the first women ever with the “gift” of seeing love, but her story is never finished. I wish the author would give the girl a little epilogue or something. Overall, is a good easy to read romance.

THE LOOK OF LOVE is a puzzling novel. Author Sarah Gio and the publisher obviously invested effort and research in creating this well-paced and intricate romance, but they left gaping contextual holes. What begins as historical romance, then quickly flashes to contemporary Seattle for a romantic paranormal mystery of sorts, is geared for the news-stand crowd and others seeking out a brief read (In hopes that the prose’s deficiencies will be less noticed?). Jane has a “condition.” She hates being in crowds. She doesn’t like to look people in the eyes. Sometimes, her vision grows dim, and she stumbles. Jane has seen a neurologist due to her brain’s funny ways of processing input since childhood, but what if there is another explanation for her social awkwardness? Colette presents Jane with an unheard-of reason behind her illness. The pressure behind Jane’s eyes, the pain in her head, and the fogging of her vision is her “talent’s” alerting her to love in her vicinity. Jane is a love-detector. And, as with all great power comes great responsibility, meaning that Jane, now aware of what her darknesses might portend, can choose how to guide or not to interfere with the relationships around her. But, the gift of power never did come free. Jane’s supposed price is to identify the six types of love (pragma, agape, mania, storge, eros, ludus) by her thirtieth birthday, one year away. If she fails, she will lose her own ability to love, the timing of which is rather convenient, since her neurologist wants her to have a procedure to treat the portion of her brain that keeps going haywire. Jane must decide which is her truth: that she is a brain-damaged woman or a gifted individual. My discovery of such emotional beauty in this book as the lives of Jane’s friends and acquaintances were made privy to me was wholly unexpected. I became infected with the spirit of community, centered around a Seattle flower shop. Seeing secondary characters in their private lives was fulfilling in ways I had not imagined. Most often, such information waits for the author to pen a short story to grant readers the slanted viewpoints of the neighbors, co-workers, and family. Here, the plot was a novel hinging on who loved whom, forgave whom, and trusted whom – next-door, at the office, within the marriage vows, at a distance – all over town. Meanwhile, THE LOOK OF LOVE was absolutely sexually-charged, but also gentle, as it nourished my flagging belief in love. While reading, five issues primarily stuck out to me as strikes against this book. From minute to large, they are: * Jane’s age of “57” in the epilogue is incorrect for Grace to be turning 29. * Jane got to read inside the old book and learn from it. Why didn't we? More historical interplay, please. * No romantic conclusion for Colette. * How could Jane be writing about stories on her birthday exactly as they were happening elsewhere? * The six types of love should have been used more frequently in the novel, perhaps with Jane wondering which type would apply to which of her friends. I wanted to be learning about the types of love and what to call them in the novel outside of the study guide format used therein. Constructive criticism and all, I’m glad I met Jane, Flinn, Elaine, Mary, Luca, Josh, and the rest of the characters. This reading experience was unique and absolutely charming, and I am so glad to have spent these hours with such a heartwarming (and surprising) cast.

This was the first book I've read by Sarah Jio and I will be looking for other books by her to enjoy in the future. I've seen others compare this story to the movie Love Actually. The comparison works to a degree -- there are multiple love stories that show different sides of love, some requited, some not, some that last a lifetime, some that don't work out. And as in Love Actually, some of the couples are more fleshed out and compelling than others. The protagonist Jane and her magical ability to see love (for everyone but herself) served to tie the book together. There were some very sweet scenes and outcomes, but also a few rough edges. I won't go into too many details, except to note that one character who divulged information she shouldn't have was not only being unethical, she was breaking the law. And another who was dishonest over a long period of time took way too long to end the deception and realistically be forgiven. Overall, I'd give the book a solid three and a half stars.

THE LOOK OF LOVE by Sarah Jio I will start off by saying that I am not a romance reader as I find the books clichè and not a good use of my reading time. However, Jio integrates romance in such a way that doesn't detract from the characters and the heart of the story. This makes my third foray into Jio's world and I have thoroughly enjoyed every adventure. In this book, Jane has the power of seeing love between others. While this might sound like a corny premise for a book, it works well in Jio's deft hands. We learn about the six types of love and how they play out amongst Jane's friends. Along the way, we learn about not just the love of passion but the love of companionship and friendship. The characters are well written and show us many facets of themselves. We see Jane in her quest to locate and describe the various types of love and her own personal quest to find love for herself while trying to be a food friend, sister and person in general. This book is on the short side yet one does not feel cheated or rushed in the prose and pacing.

Another great read from Sarah Jio. Loved all the characters and there stories. I can't wait for more books from this author.

First, I'd like to say I was a bit sceptical of this book-by it's title alone. The first part of the story is rather sad and I was waiting for the ''looking ''part. With the entry of a new unknown character came in' that's when I didn't want to put the book down. I will definatly read other stories by this author. A 5 out 5!

As a small child, Jane Williams watched as her father left her, her mother, and her older brother Flynn, breaking her mother's heart. When she was eighteen, her mother died, also. Jane has always guarded her heart. But while guarding her heart, she's been running the flower shop she inherited from her mother and grandmother. As a florist, she spends her days making gifts of love for other people to give. Jane loves her work, loves making flower arrangements that bring happiness, but her own heart has never been in danger. At twenty-nine, on Christmas, which is also her birthday,she receives a card from a stranger, with a very strange message. Jane has a special gift, the ability to see true love, and she has a set of tasks to complete before sunset on her thirtieth birthday. If she fails, her life will remain forever unfulfilled. It's a lot to take in, and it's hard for Jane to take seriously. All her life, though, she's had attacks of dizziness and foggy vision when truly looking at certain couples... This is a very gentle book, a kind book. The premise may seem out there, but Jane and her friends are real people, good and loyal, not without flaws, but trying their best to do the right thing. And as Jane learns to navigate her confusing gift, trying to use it to help rather than meddle, the reader comes to care not just about Jane, but her friends--her assistant, Lo; her college friend Katie; the baker, Elaine; the hairdresser, Mary; and her brother, Flynn. This is a book that acknowledges pain and loss and the complications of love, but remains hopeful and optimistic. Highly recommended. I received a free electronic galley of this book from the Penguin First to Read program. This review appears on Goodreads at and on my blog at

This is now my 4th book by Sarah Jio. I first read a book by this author through First to Read and I have been loving her ever since. I never really liked books that would jump around from different characters, but it seems this has become a very popular way of writing. I actually really enjoyed how this book was written with multiple characters. This story starts off in Paris in 1893 and tells a story of a flower cart lady who falls in love with a married man. Then we jump to present day, and we learn about Jane Williams. Jane is a very likeable character that seems to find good/love in others. The story continues to tell about Jane and the love life's of her family and friends. This book really makes you think about the saying "Don't judge a book by its cover". Some of Jane's friends seems like they have it all and then one day something changes. I really loved this book because it made me laugh, cry and just smile. I definitely give it 5 stars.

This story and the layout of the book are right up my alley...I may be one of few who like chapters that jump from one character to the next, but I love it...for me, it keeps things interesting and keeps me reading longer too. This is the 5th Jio book I have read and I have enjoyed every single one. The Look of Love was a fun read and I enjoyed the adventure with Jane. The characters were so vivid for me and each w/their own faults. I will say I was frustrated with some of the character choices, like Lo should have moved on sooner and what was so great about Cam anyway? Thank you for the advance copy and I am ready for Jio's next book.

If a Hallmark movie and Love Actually had a hipster book baby it would read a lot like The Look of Love. Like Love Actually, The Look of Love tells of interconnected relationships among a group of characters. Like a Hallmark movie, The Look of Love delivers a generous serving of romance sprinkled with magic. If you enjoy stories about starry eyed romance, warmhearted small business owners, the Pacific Northwest, fairy godmothers, etc. you're going to love The Look of Love.

I just finished reading Sarah Jio’s new book The Look of Love. I am a big fan of Sarah Jio’s books and was thrilled when I got a chance to get an advanced copy of the book from Penguin’s First Reads Program. This story is about Jane Williams who was born on Christmas Day twenty-nine years ago. Jane lives in Seattle, WA, and runs a flower shop in the Pike Place Market. Just before her birthday she receives a mysterious card telling her that she has a special gift. Jane finds out that she received a “gift” on the day she was born. She has the ability to “see” love. This explains the vision troubles she has been experiencing ever since she was a little girl. To keep her gift, Jane must identify six types of love before her thirtieth birthday and write them in a journal that has passed down from each person who has had the gift starting with Elodie in 1893. If she does not identify the six types of love, she will lose the gift and never find true love. Jane then embarks on a year of finding out about the different types of love, about herself, and falling in love. I enjoyed this book and look forward to Sarah Jio’s next novel.

I got my copy free from Penguin’s First To Read in exchange for an honest review so I feel compelled to write something other than “I’m disappointed by such a wasted opportunity for a great story.” There’s so much potential in Look Of Love’s plot and characters that I’m pretty disappointed that it was all wasted on an overly dramatic and overwrought development. It’s like every single word was put in place to play with a reader’s heartstrings but we don’t get to see the entire story. Jumping from character to character with large amounts of time transpiring between page turns made me feel like I was getting glimpses of some really great stories but never the full story. It’s really a shame, because I loved the characters and where Jio went with each individual story (what little there was of some of them) but I really didn’t like the way it develops. I’m all for love and suffering towards a happy ending in my romance novels, but there is a limit to how sweet it can get. The author went for sweet and ended up in saccharine territory.

I received this book free from Penguin's First To Read program in exchange for an honest review. I had just finished reading Jio's book Morning Glory for my book club and enjoyed it, so I was excited to be able to read and review The Look of Love. So many of my favorite books have characters whom we learn about individually and as they interact in the story. I'm not normally a reader of romance novels, but I found this book delightful, although somewhat predictable. Wouldn't it be nice to know someone like Jane who has the magic to know if we are experiencing true love? That would save us so much heartache! I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to read a charming story about love and relationships for a few delightful hours.

Now, normally, I'm not one for romance novels (I find the plots too cliched and the writing sub-par). But when I am reading about a couple, it damn well better have a happy, satisfying ending . . . And "Look of Love" has just that. While the writing isn't Shakespearean in quality, this is a delightful read that you'll be eager to lap up in a few days -- only to go in search of more of Jio's work. The characters are interesting and original, as are the expressions of love, in all its myriad forms.

This is the first book I've read by Sarah Jio. I wanted to love this book because I'm a fan of books about love and romance, but I never connected with the characters. I would have liked more time with each couple to understand them better. I still enjoyed the book, but I wasn't deeply invested in most of the stories including the main character's story. Received a galley copy through the First to Read program.

I love books where the characters each have their own stories, yet the stories intertwine throughout the entire book. Each person in this story has a great history. With that history there is a need, whether it is to find love again, find love for the first time, or just find trust. I loved how Jane had an interaction with each part of the story. Somehow she was friends or acquaintances with everyone in the story. She knew exactly what they needed, whether she wanted to or not. There is a little bit of everything in this book. There are marriages that need some support, there is a people who are looking for fulfillment, couples looking for love, and a lot more. I absolutely adored how diverse this story was. Will the bachelor meet his happy every after? Will the single woman meet the right man? Sarah Jio offers so much to her readers. There is relationships, love, romance, and infatuation. The characters have a lot of self discovery. The Look of Love is a book for everyone. It will warm your heart and pull you right into the story.

This was my first time reading a book by Sarah Jio and it won't be my last. I loved this story and couldn't put it down. The story features the relationships of six couples, all centered around Jane. She needs to figure out what type of love each has before she can find the love of her own. Normally I tend not to enjoy books that feature several different story lines, but in this case Sarah really makes it work. They intertwine in a way that's easy to follow instead of jumping all over the place. And through it the reader has the opportunity witness the struggles and the triumphs of each relationship. I recommend giving this book a chance, and I'll definitely be going to check out Sarah's other books. **An ARC was provided by Penguin in exchange for an honest review**

I received this book free from Penguin's First To Read program in exchange for a review. This is my honest review. I absolutely LOVE Sarah Jio's books. I think this one was my third and once again she doesn't disappoint. The story is well written with great characters and you will end up tearing up several times throughout this book. I know I did! While parts of the story were a little cheesy (I'm not a huge romance reader), I was able to overlook it and thoroughly enjoyed the story. If you haven't read Sarah Jio, what are you waiting for? I have also posted my review on Goodreads, The Reading Room and Booklikes. I will post on Amazon on or about November 25th.


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