The Hollow of Fear by Sherry Thomas

The Hollow of Fear

Sherry Thomas

Lady Sherlock returns to seek the truth when her half brother disappears and Moriarty's shadow looms large.

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Charlotte Holmes, Lady Sherlock, returns in the Victorian-set mystery series from the USA Today bestselling author of A Conspiracy in Belgravia and A Study in Scarlet Women, an NPR Best Book of 2016.

Under the cover of "Sherlock Holmes, consulting detective," Charlotte Holmes puts her extraordinary powers of deduction to good use. Aided by the capable Mrs. Watson, Charlotte draws those in need to her and makes it her business to know what other people don't.

Moriarty's shadow looms large. First, Charlotte's half brother disappears. Then, Lady Ingram, the estranged wife of Charlotte's close friend Lord Ingram, turns up dead on his estate. And all signs point to Lord Ingram as the murderer.

With Scotland Yard closing in, Charlotte goes under disguise to seek out the truth. But uncovering the truth could mean getting too close to Lord Ingram--and a number of malevolent forces...

Advance Galley Reviews

I've read the other books in this series so I can definitely say I enjoy this one. I'm glad it holds up as far as the rest of the series goes. This was a thoroughly enjoyable read. 4 stars.

I am in awe and in love with this series. Best one in the series by far!! I am just starting to really enjoy the writing style of Ms. Thomas and the character development is fantastic. I only was able to guess at one of the twists in this mystery. The remaining twists surprised me, which made for a great read. Lady Ingram shows up dead during a house party at Lord Ingram's. Lord Ingram is of course the prime suspect. Sherlock Holmes (Charlotte) must step in to quickly prove that Lord Ingram is innocent before he is sent to the gallows.

My first Sherry Thomas novel was in the Ravenwood Mysteries Series "From the Ashes" which is why I was pleased to get the ARC of her new Charlotte Holmes novel "The Hollow of Fear". I had not read the earlier books in the series but based on this exceptionally well written novel, I will be reading both then re-read this as well. This is an excellent read and I have discovered a new favorite author.

What an excellent novel. Honestly, it is great to see Charlotte cross-dress in order to solve the crime finally. It is incredible to see Charlotte in the field as Holmes finally, maybe not as Charlotte, but as another Holmes that is just as deductive. It is a fantastic twist of the events but made the novel even more enjoyable. Seeing Charlotte take the reins and take control of the situation raised the tension in the novel. Charlotte rises to the occasion and finally, in a way, gets to do her deductive work without passing it off as Sherlock’s. It is fun and imaginative, and once again Charlotte gets to shine. Charlotte’s personality is more charismatic in this novel than it is detached like it is the previous novel. She has more interaction with people who love her and understand her detached behavior allowing her to focus on the significant crime happening. The fact that there is one significant mystery as well in the novel makes the focus on the novel and the tension more focused. The narrative flows better than in the previous novels, and the fact that the novel does not have so many complexities and convoluted mini-mysteries allows the tension of the scandal in this novel to have a fuller impact than in the previous novel. Now that does not diminish the Sherlockian way of storytelling but instead changes it to suit the tension in The Hollow of Fear. It is easier to follow. The multitude of cases that Holmes takes in this novel are limited and link together in a more precise form, without too much of a stretch. That is part of what makes this novel superior to the others. The storytelling is more active with limited POV’s allowing the transitions to be easier to follow for the reader. The story is invigorating and following Charlotte in her mystery solving. This novel is more engaging than the previous novels and deals with mystery solving in a new way for Lady Sherlock.

Another absolutely brilliant installment in an outstanding series! I can not recommend The Hollow of Fear, and the previous two books in the Charlotte Holmes series. My only frustration is that it will most likely be at least a year before the next book.

Penguin First to Read ARC. Rating: 4 of 5 stars. Sherlock Holmes is a woman in disguise. Because this is the only way a highly skilled and socially awkward woman can make a live in the Victorian era. This time her case is quite personal, a close and longtime friend is accused of his wife's murder. Can Sherlock (Charlotte) Holmes figure everything out before it's too late? There are lots of twists and turns, enough to keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the story. If you haven't read the earlier books, this can be read successfully as a standalone.

Another amazing book from Sherry Thomas! I love this series - it's one of the few that I can say gets better with each book. This novel is full of more Sherlock-ness and mystery, and had more romance than the other books in the series. Loved it!

My favourite of the series so far!! Love that we're seeing more a romance between Charlotte and Lord Ingram.

I enjoy this series. This book stands on par with the rest. The characters are amusing, the way they handle themselves drives me mad. While some progress happened with Charlotte's sisters, I don't feel like her story progressed much, it was all about the case- which wasn't bad, but you got left wanting more. I did adore when Lord Ingram broke character and lost it at Lord Sherridon. :) I am surprised more don't know about her schemes, but then that won't be as interesting a read! Can't wait for the next installment.

This is one of my favorite series and I was so thrilled I got a chance to read this early. Though I ended the book feeling slightly unsatisfied with how it wrapped up and kind of annoyed that Charlotte always seems to be pushed to the background even though it's her series (though I always appreciate any scenes in Livia's p.o.v! she's a favorite), I still really enjoyed it. Sure the case was needlessly convoluted, but Sherry Thomas's writing is so on point that it makes it all worth reading. If anyone's ever watched that one video of the rainbow sponge lady on youtube, I'd say that's a pretty accurate depiction of how I felt reading this. Can't wait to see what else Sherry Thomas has in store for Charlotte & Co.!

A wholly absorbing tale that is elevated by an intriguing and non-typical cast of characters. Sherry Thomas’s The Hollow of Fear is an original reinvention of Sherlock Holmes as a woman, Charlotte Holmes, which opens up interesting reflections on the role of women at the end of the 19th Century. The mystery is a complex labyrinth of twist and turns which kept me guessing about character motivations throughout and built on the characters and storylines developed in the first two Lady Sherlock novels. While I do highly recommend the series, I would advise reading the first two novels prior to The Hollow of Fear. This book draws heavily on the events that happened previously in the series to explain characters motivations and actions and would leave many unanswered questions without the knowledge from those other stories. I always enjoy books with a great cast of characters and The Hollow of Fear is filled with them. The focus in this book does not delve as deeply into some of the secondary characters such as Mrs. Watson. I enjoyed learning more about Livia Holmes and exploring the relationship between Charlotte and Lord Ingram. For me the mystery of who murder Lord Ingram’s estranged wife was secondary to my enjoyment of the characters and that I was able to learn more about how Charlotte Holmes mind works. I eagerly await exploring more of Charlotte’s mind and her friends in family in future Lady Sherlock novels.

I’ve read all of the Lady Sherlock books and this one to me was very disappointing. I found it to be beyond the realm of reality so although I enjoyed some of the story line, there were parts that were really outlandish. It doesn’t mean I will give up on the series though. I’ve enjoyed the others enough to keep me going on them. I received a copy from Penguin First to Read for my honest review.

I loved this book!!! This is the third book in the series and it does not disappoint! It's clever and intriguing. I was glued to the page the whole time, and I will have to buy a copy of this to add to my collection. I love the idea of a female Sherlock and this book did not disappoint. This whole series is perfection and I can't get enough of it! It's got just the right amount of love in it to make it a well rounded story, and I felt like it was reminiscent of Agatha Christie in the plot twists that you really don't see coming until they appear! Honestly, I don't often find myself enjoying the whole of a book, but I have no complaints with this one. I think though, it might be important to read all the books in order. I'm not sure how I would have felt if I didn't already have a lot of the background covered before I read this one. The Lady Sherlock series is one you should read in order.

I had a really hard time getting into this book, and ended up putting it aside about a third of the way into it, which was disappointing as I was excited to read this book. I felt lost as a read, because of the references to things in the previous two books in the series, and it made it hard to become involved with what was going on in this current book because of my unanswered questions. That being said, at some point I’ll probably pick up the first book in the series and read them in order.

I wasn’t a fan. Maybe it’s because I found it hard to follow without having read the previous books. I though the story was going nowhere for about 80% and then everything got resolved too fast at the end. On the positive side, this book has a lot of strong women characters, which is refreshing in a crime novel.

I enjoyed the first two books, with the unconventional Charlotte Holmes (who works under the alias Sherlock Holmes.) Her friendship with Lord Ingram is complicated, and it gets even more so as this book progresses. First, Lord Ingram's estranged wife shows up dead on his property--and the authorities are more than willing to believe that he killed her. Charlotte, of course, hatches a scheme to prove his innocence--made complicated by the fact that she's a notorious woman, and can't investigate as herself. It's a clever puzzle, with plenty of clues and red herrings. I wish the 'will they or won't they' dance she and Lord Ingram are doing would be resolved, but it doesn't seem like it's happening soon. Overall, the story is enjoyable, with a twisty mystery, plenty of humor, and another fun version of the Holmes cannon.

4 STARS This is easily my favorite book of the series thus far. Charlotte's character has continued to develop. In addition to her intelligence, we finally get to see how compassionate and caring she is. Her interactions with Livia and Ash are heartwarming. While I loved the personal moments, the mystery aspect is a little weaker than I anticipated. Things seemed to be too tidy and clean at the end. However, I am optimistic my mystery issues will addressed in future books. I am more excited than ever to have the next installment. This is turning out to be a fantastic series. Thank you to Penguin's First to Read for my advanced review copy!

3 things about this book: 1. It had a woman-Sherlock. Something I quite enjoy. 2. It’s completely addictive. 3. It made me want to read the other books in the series: the ones before this one and the ones to come. Because I want to complete some blank spaces that were talked about in the first two books and want to know more about this characters, respectively. All in all, a great read that I didn’t want to put down for a second.

I've already said that this is my favorite Lady Holmes' novel and I stand by that. I think each book just gets progressively better as I fall more in love with Charlotte. What I really loved in this book was the care brought to Livia. I hope we get to see even more of her in the next one. If you've been reading the entire series, know that there will be parts of this book that will soothe your heart and make you swoon. Totally swoonworthy.

The Hollow of Fear is the third book in the Lady Sherlock series. Although I had not read the predecessors, I enjoyed this book thoroughly and could not put it down. It was and excellent mystery with well-rounded characters. The protagonist, Charlotte Holmes, is an amusing, intelligent, misunderstood character that surrounds herself with friends and family that support her in all aspects of her case(s). I will be reading the first two volumes very soon.

In this third installment of Charlotte Holmes, AKA Sherlock, it seems that there is a great deal of speculation in society about the disappearance of Lady Ingram. At Stern Hollow, Lord Ingram's residence, he has extended an invitation to the house party of his neighbors because of flooding at the neighbor's home. That was when Lady Ingram's body was discovered in his Lordship's ice house. Scotland Yard's Chief Inspector Fowler was brought in, as well as Inspector Treadles. All signs were pointing to Ingram as the culprit and so Charlotte masquerades as Sherlock's brother, Sherringford to give Ingram moral support but also to delve into the mystery of who and why Lady Ingram was murdered. I hadn't read the previous books but found that it would've been helpful to start at the beginning to get to know all the characters and how they relate to one another. An entertaining story with many twists and turns and a delightful take on the Sherlock Holmes canon. Thank you First-to-Read for this free e-copy of "The Hollow of Fear".

This is the third in the Lady Sherlock series by Sherry Thomas. It is the first one I have read. No doubt there were parts that referred to the earlier books, but that did not interfere with my enjoyment of this book. In fact it makes me want to read the previous books so I get the full picture. Now that may be why this mystery just kept me guessing, or it may be that the writer is exceptional at crafting a well thought-out mystery, whatever the case may be I found the book intriguing, suspenseful and delightful.

This was my favorite of the series so far. I was immediately grabbed by the personal nature of the story and how the characters have developed over each book. The way Charlotte and Lord Ingram complement each other is one of my favorite things. Their interaction in this was fabulous. I would say 90% of this book was a five star read for me. Some of the stuff at the end felt convoluted and silly, and it sort of ruined the amazing parts that came before. But it wasn’t enough to ruin the overall enjoyment of the book. I still cannot wait for the next installment!

**squee!!** What I've been waiting for for 3 books happens in this book!!! Oh man, I wanted all the details! haha. It was adorably innocent even though it wasn't innocent at all! Sherry Thomas did a fabulous job of not giving too much detail but giving enough swoonworthy-ness! Oh, the mystery? Yeah, that was good. Very intricate, I had no idea what was going on! Some of it was hard t follow because there was SO MUCH happening! And Charlotte was how many people?! She's so fun and quirky and ODD. I really liked Inspector Treadles' personal growth in this book, wasn't something I was expecting to happen. Lord Ingram, *sigh*, the stiff, starchy gentleman!

The third book in the Lady Sherlock Holmes series does not disappoint. I enjoyed this book the most out of the series so far. Love the deepening of the relationship between Charlotte and Lord Ingram as well as Livia's more prominent entry into the story and development of her as a more central character.

Charlotte Holmes is back in an excellent entry to this series. I found this the easiest of the three books to read in terms of keeping track of the characters and the plots and this was no doubt due to having read the first two books. Ms. Thomas has further developed the characters of Charlotte and Lord Ingram and advanced their relationship. Charlotte is still not entirely likable, but I became more tolerant of her quirks. There were one or two plot points that were not explicitly resolved, but almost everything was tied up neatly with a satisfying ending.

Oh boy, bookworms. Get ready for a flailing fest. My love for anything Sherlock Holmes-related knows no bounds and I particularly like Sherry Thomas's Lady Sherlock series. Charlotte Holmes is the perfect reincarnation of Sherlock and with all the extra eccentricities that Thomas has added to her, she is possibly even more special to me than the original. But let's get to the review before I just ramble on about how much Charlotte likes cake. Oh, just a quick heads up, The Hollow of Fear is the third in the Lady Holmes series and yes, you totally need to read the first two books before you read this one. I don't usually say that but in this case, you really need to. There is stuff mentioned in this story that you won't understand if you don't read the previous books. YOU WILL MISS THE SLOW BURN. (And I am going to at least allude to stuff from the first books, so be ready) Ok, now on to the review.  Synopsis (from Goodreads): Under the cover of “Sherlock Holmes, consulting detective,” Charlotte Holmes puts her extraordinary powers of deduction to good use. Aided by the capable Mrs. Watson, Charlotte draws those in need to her and makes it her business to know what other people don’t. When her dear friend Lord Ingram stands accused of the murder of his estranged wife, Charlotte goes under disguise to help prove his innocence to Scotland Yard. Charlotte Holmes, despite all that she has been through, is thriving. Despite her crappy parents, the society she lives in, and most people's aversion to her "oddness," she is living the life she has always wanted to live. She's solving crimes with her benefactress and friend, Mrs. Watson, closely looking after her sisters, Olivia and Bernadine, until she can afford to get them away from their parents, and she occasionally gets to see her lovely (handsome) friend, Lord Ingram. In The Hollow of Fear, Charlotte and Mrs. Watson head off to the country. First, they want to see Olivia and talk to her about what's been going on since they last saw each other, but other events eventually get in their way. The main event: Lord Ingram's estranged wife is found dead in the ice house on his property!! And guess who is suspected as the murderer? LORD INGRAM!! Charlotte, Mrs. Watson, and at times, Olivia, help to get him out of trouble and away from the cops' suspicious eyes. While I would love to get all spoiler--y, reading these books are much more fun when you're surprised and the twists and turns come at you without knowing beforehand. I will say that Charlotte and Lord Ingram get MUCH CLOSER than they had been in the past two books and we really get to see Olivia come into her own. She's still a bit scared and anxious, but that makes the times when she is brave so much more satisfying. There are also some great disguises in this story. One of my favorite parts of Sherlock Holmes is how good he was at disguising himself as just about anyone and seeing that in Charlotte is THE BEST!  While Charlotte doesn't show much emotion for many things (besides her sisters, Mrs. Watson, and desserts), she goes to a lot of work to make sure Lord Ingram isn't falsely accused and put into prison. By the end of the book, I was amazed by all the brilliant things she comes up with to get him out of trouble. While some people might wonder whether Charlotte can actually love Lord Ingram, by the end of the book, it is completely clear. Watching how their relationship has developed over the three books has been wonderful and I love how, even when he doesn't understand Charlotte's decisions, he doesn't mock her for them. I have loved Charlotte from the beginning of A Study in Scarlet Women. She doesn't let the rules of society or her parents hold her back. And I share her love of desserts! Every character in this series, and in this book in particular, is so well-developed. We get to see their inner selves and also how they are perceived by the other main characters. I love how Sherry Thomas gives us so many different points of view and yet it never feels confusing or like it's too much. And while I thought I was really going to start disliking Inspector Treadles due to his feeling towards his wife's new career, due to some great advice from Charlotte, he gets over himself and tries to become a better man. Love it!  Honestly, I was upset when I finished reading because I wanted it to keep going on forever. I love this world Sherry Thomas has created and I hope there are more books to come. If not, I will be rereading this series A LOT! I am giving The Hollow of Fear 5 out of 5 stars (like there was any doubt lol). I can't wait until I can hold the book in my hands when it's officially released! The Hollow of Fear by Sherry Thomas comes out October 2, 2018 Thank you to First to Read and Berkley Books for the free ARC in exchange for an honest review.

The third novel of Thomas' series offers an entertaining addition to the Lady Sherlock series. It starts out running from page one and once I recalled where the second novel left off, I was right there with it, but I did need a few of the first chapters to remember the precise details of the last book. I enjoy that Thomas slowly brings back the details from the prior books to gently remind the reader without using space in the beginning of the novel to recap. as some series do (and I find really boring!). The Hollow of Fear feels a little campier than the past novels due to the cross dressing, but is still able to hit notes that are both serious and romantic at other times. I enjoyed that other characters such as Lord Ingram and Livia are able to share more space in the novel and become more rounded, developed characters with fuller backstories. I also loved the way in which Thomas seemed to be playing with story lines and imagery from popular Victorian-era novels, some of which are even named by the characters. Overall, I found the third novel to be an entertaining addition to the series.

This is the third installment in the Lady Sherlock series and the first that I've read.  I've always been that person who has to read a series in order from the very beginning, so when I cracked this book open I asked myself, "Who are you?  I don't even know you right now." Despite the fear that I'd be totally lost, the story is suprisingly easy to follow!  Thomas does an excellent job of including character back story and plot information from the previous novels so that readers get either a refresher course or the ability to jump right in. Charlotte Holmes is a scandalous young woman.  After running away from home, she is an outcast in polite society.  She now lives under the guise of being a companion to the older Mrs. Watson, a former actress unimpressed by the gossip surrounding Holmes.  Aided by the intelligent and charming Mrs. Watson, Charlotte is actually a successful consulting detective working under the mysterious identity of Sherlock Holmes. The story picks up exactly where book two apparently left off:  Charlotte has learned she has an illegitimate half brother who has been working for a dangerous man, Moriarty, and is now on the run after stealing something of great value to him.  Moriarty had recently infiltrated the home of Charlotte's dear friend (and married love interest) Lord Ingram through his wife, a cold and calculating woman only interested in her husband's money.  Lady Ingram disappeared after her birthday celebration at their estate, Stern Hollow. Charlotte's sister Olivia is invited to stay at a friend's home but when the cisterns cause flooding, the guests must call on the closest neighbor, Lord Ingram, for his hospitality. Tongues are wagging over the abrupt disappearance of Lady Ingram after her party and the unexpected guests are in for a shock when Olivia and the two biggest gossips in town discover the body of Lady Ingram in the ice house at Stern Hollow. When Olivia notifies Charlotte of the grim discovery she's quick to come to the aid of Lord Ingram, the most obvious suspect, by disguising herself as Sherrinford Holmes, brother to Sherlock. Evidence is mounting against Lord Ingram but Charlotte's powers of deduction tell her that Moriarty is behind the murder.  Was Lady Ingram the real target or only a warning?  Is Moriarty using Charlotte as a pawn in a dangerous game to uncover the information her brother holds against him? Though she lacks conversational skills and social charm, the awkward Charlotte Holmes is a surprising flirt who can make you blush.  While society has labeled her for actions that they know nothing about and cast her out, she uses her superior intelligence to make a decent living for herself and gain the independence she has most desired.  Charlotte is definitely a fierce female ahead of her time in Victorian England. The Hollow of Fear is a mystery full of betrayal, espionage, passion, and scandal.  No one understands better than Charlotte Holmes that everyone has secrets ...and she knows them all. I'm excited to go back and read the Lady Sherlock series from the beginning now.  Thomas has created a wonderful cast of characters that I immediately felt at home with and I'm looking forward to more adventures with Charlotte Holmes! Thanks to Berkley Publishing and the Penguin First to Read program for an ARC in exchange for my honest review.  The Hollow of Fear is scheduled for release on October 2, 2018.

I think this is my favorite so far in this series. I was engaged right from the beginning and couldn’t put it down. This is definitely not a standalone however.

Five Stars or Five Macaroons I was eagerly awaiting the next adventure of Charlotte Holmes aka Sherlock and this book did not disappoint. This was a page turner from start to finish. At the end of the last book Charlotte Holmes has deduced the hiding place of her illegitimate half brother. At the beginning of this book Charlotte has to help her half brother escape from the villains who are trying to catch him. A clever ruse leads to a successful escape. The action does not stop there. Lord Ingram is accused of a heinous crime and Charlotte has to don multiple disguises to solve the mystery. Luckily for her she has help, her sister Olivia, Mrs. Watson and the Inspector. I won't say anymore because that would spoil the end, but I was surprised at the identity of the main culprit. Bravo Charlotte Holmes and Sherry Thomas, I can't wait for the next adventure. Thank you First to Read foe providing me with the ARC for this book.

In sorry to say this was a DNF for me. I had heard such good things about this series and loved the fact that the main characters were women. However, I feel like this is a series you need to read in order to truly appreciate. The pace was quick, and I found myself needing to read back and forth to keep up with the plot and characters if I skipped a few days before picking the book up again.

It felt like I had been waiting a lifetime to read this!!! The first 2 books were so so good, and this one didn't disappoint. Great story

Charlotte Holmes, with her companion Mrs. Watson, must use her deductive powers to solve the case. First, her half-brother disappears and then the estranged wife of Lord Ingram is found on his estate. Lord Ingram, Charlotte’s friend, is the prime suspect in her murder. Charlotte must solve the case, clear his name, and find her missing half-brother all while avoiding Scotland Yard and the nefarious Moriarty. The Hollow of Fear is the third novel in the Lady Sherlock series, a gender bender reimagining of Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes. Charlotte Holmes uses her inquisitive and rebellious nature to solve cases under the guise of "Sherlock Holmes, consulting detective" along with her capable companion Mrs. Watson. This novel was a charming historical mystery with fun characters and an entertaining plot. This is one of those series that I would recommend reading in order. I had not read the previous books and felt like some of the plot and character arcs would have been better understood if I had. Overall, an enjoyable read for lovers of historical mystery and female characters who rebel against societal norms.

This was quite a fun take on Sherlock Holmes. It was written to feel like the same time period Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote in, but was easier to read. Definitely worth reading, even with a few word mistakes/misspellings in it. There is mystery, action, even a bit of romance thrown in. If you like Sherlock Holmes stories and/or shows, you will enjoy this one. I haven't read the first books in the series and still thoroughly enjoyed this.

The third installment in Sherry Thomas's Lady Sherlock series does not disappoint. The pressure is on Charlotte to solve the murder of her good friend Lord Ingram's wife, found dead on his own estate, all signs pointing to Ingram as the culprit. This one twists and turns and serves up a few surprises in this series that is a really wonderful fresh take on the Sherlock Holmes character.

Charlotte Holmes finds herself in the middle of a scandalous life and at at the root of an investigation worthy of Her namesake. A truly wonderful look into the world of Holmes.

I received an e-ARC of this book (thank you to Penguin Random House) and, WOW, this third book in the series did not disappoint. I thoroughly enjoy how Sherry Thomas has reimagined Sherlock as a front for Charlotte Holmes, a brilliant but socially stilted young woman. I do not want to provide any spoilers, but I think it is safe to say, I did not see the shocking twists at the end coming. Looking forward to the next installment.

This didn’t feel as tight as the other stories in the series. There was some good character growth but ultimately it felt flat for me compared to the rest. Still very readable.

This was easily my favorite book in the series so far, which is, to me, a good thing. So often you read a series where the first book is the best one and the rest are on a sort of gradual decline, but that's not the case with Lady Sherlock. I've loved each book more than the last. I felt less jostled around by the changing points of view this time, even though there were more than a few changes within chapters. I think my favorite thing about this book is that it let you figure some things out but not all of them, so even if I was able to predict a particular plot point or outcome, I didn't have all of the information. I was right, but I also wasn't, because there was even more than what I had anticipated. I love Lady Sherlock for never making the reader feel foolish because they haven't figured out the mystery on their own, but I loved this one even more than the rest for letting me figure out SOME of the mystery while still withholding enough that I was surprised by more than a few of the revelations at the ending. And all of the angst between Charlotte and Ash plays right into my love of both best friends to lovers and also "we can't be together because of a variety of circumstances" angst. Also Livia, my darling girl, you're doing amazing, sweetie.

These books are always so much tongue in cheek fun! I do wish Charlotte would stop stuffing her face with cake though. I find it kind of annoying. Despite that tiny peeve, I love this series!

This is a really interesting take on Sherlock Holmes. I would definitely not recommend reading this series as single books or out of order. I've read the first book in this series, but not the second, and throughout this installment I found myself wishing I had a bit more background information. Overall though, I really like the characters and storyline here. The mystery in this particular book, with all its twists and turns, was pretty convoluted and a bit hard to follow. That being said, it was also intriguing and unpredictable, and I did not see the solution coming at all. If you're a fan of Sherlock Holmes in any form this is definitely a series to check out.

Charlotte Holmes continues her adventures accompanied by Mrs.Watson helping Lord Ingram when his wife is found dead on his estate. Having read the previous books, I was not disappointed in this installment. Lots of twists and reveals as Homes works out the mystery and the machinations involved in the case. Some revelations in the end and an ongoing flirtation or maybe more with Lord Ingram. Recommend for Holmes fans.

This is not my favorite Holmes derived series but it is the third book I have read in this series. I liked this book better than the first two but I am really tired of the cliff hanger ending which also occurred in the second book. I think this is the last one of these I will read. I prefer the Holmes related books by Anthony Horowitz, Laurie R. King or the YA series by Brittany Cavallaro.

I received a free copy of this book from Penguin FIrst To Read. Wonderful addition to the series. It has been a few months since the last book. We begin then with Charlotte returning home and meeting Mott in the carriage house. Then we move to the present day where everyone is out in the country. Mrs Watson and Charlotte are holidaying in a rental cottage near to the country home of Ingram and a Holmes cousin that Olivia is visiting for an annual party. But things soon go awry when the gossip ladies notify Livia and Ash that Charlotte and Ash were spotted together in the summer and Mrs. Newell's home floods. The party moves to Ash's where shortly thereafter Lady Ingram's body is discovered. Charlotte has to find a way to help when Scotland Yard including Treadles show up with the Chief intent on blaming Ash while also staying hidden and keeping up with the SHerlock business. Really interesting personal developments all around. But the end with the multiple flashback revealing previous unseen details was a little choppy to read.

I love this series! Amazing writing and excellent character development and growth. The skipping back and forth in the timeline, especially toward the end of the story, reminded me of the BBC Sherlock series, but in the best way. There was one coincidence that was a bit hard to believe, but it was explained well in the context of the story. As for the ending, wow — I did not see that coming!


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