The Girl in the Green Silk Gown by Seanan McGuire

The Girl in the Green Silk Gown

Seanan McGuire

In the second book in the Ghost Roads series, hitchhiking ghost Rose Marshall runs from the lands of the living to the lands of the dead, trying to find a way safely home...and safely back to her grave.

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The second book in the Ghost Roads series returns to the highways of America, where hitchhiking ghost Rose Marshall continues her battle with her killer--the immortal Bobby Cross.

Once and twice and thrice around,
Put your heart into the ground.
Four and five and six tears shed,
Give your love unto the dead.
Seven shadows on the wall,
Eight have come to watch your fall:
One’s for the gargoyle, one’s for the grave,
And the last is for the one you’ll never save.
For Rose Marshall, death has long since become the only life she really knows.  She’s been sweet sixteen for more than sixty years, hitchhiking her way along the highways and byways of America, sometimes seen as an avenging angel, sometimes seen as a killer in her own right, but always Rose, the Phantom Prom Date, the Girl in the Green Silk Gown.

The man who killed her is still out there, thanks to a crossroads bargain that won’t let him die, and he’s looking for the one who got away.  When Bobby Cross comes back into the picture, there’s going to be hell to pay—possibly literally.

Rose has worked for decades to make a place for herself in the twilight.  Can she defend it, when Bobby Cross comes to take her down?  Can she find a way to navigate the worlds of the living and the dead, and make it home before her hitchhiker’s luck runs out?
There’s only one way to know for sure.
Nine will let you count the cost:
All you had and all you lost.
Ten is more than time can tell,
Cut the cord and ring the bell.
Count eleven, twelve, and then,
Thirteen takes you home again.
One’s for the shadow, one’s for the tree,
And the last is for the blessing of Persephone.

Advance Galley Reviews

McGuire's second ghost roads novel is more of a straight through story, as opposed to the anthology style of the first book. I enjoyed learning more about the ghost roads and spending more time with Rose. It was fun to learn more about the greater world of her incryptid novels.

This was my first Seanan McGuire, and it was fantastic! I particularly loved that McGuire created a fast-paced story with a great ending in the middle of a series that leaves you hungry for more.

I knew last month when I picked up "Sparrow Hill Road" I would be continuing the series soon (plus I had an arc that was about to expire so I was on a timeline). However, despite that, this is a book that I couldn't wait to read. "The Girl in the Green Silk Gown" picks up where the first book in the series leaves off. Rose Marshall is still haunting the highways and trying to stay away from Bobby Cross, the man who initially killed her on that cold and dark night so long ago. This time around, Bobby is hot on her tracks and due to something that happens early on in the book, Rose is in more danger than ever. She also has to join forces with an individual who once tried to banish her ghost forever, so that makes for some interesting dynamics. I don't want to give too much away since this is a sequel. I will say that once again, I feel in love with the world McGuire created as well as many of her characters. I will also note that this book is much more linear than the previous one and is a much easier read. If the formatting of "Sparrow Hill Road" has you doubting picking this one up, don't. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised once you dive in. I am still seriously in love with Gary, and I don't know if another book in this series is planned, but if so, I'll be jumping on that bandwagon as soon as I find out. I received this book from the Penguin First to Read program in exchange for an honest review.

I loved Sparrow Hill Road, so was really looking forward to seeing more of Rose Marshall and Gary. This did not disappoint. I loved that this was more of a cohesive story, whereas the first book was more a set of connected short stories and thus very episodic. And man, what a ride. I hope this isn't the last we see of Rose, even if it's just a cameo in the Incryptid series.

This must be said first, the paranormal genre is not really my thing. It's not a religious objection or a 100% disbelief, it's more that I can't figure out the darn people that are alive and the last thing I need to do is to be pondering the afterlife on top of y'all live fools. However, I love true crime and urban legends and the idea of the whole phantom prom date or hitchhiker has always given me a kick, so I jumped into this series. I got way more than I expected with this series, really a whole new idea of the afterlife and I have to say, it made some sense to me or was at least plausible with my somewhat fuzzy views of it. Plus, I got a refresher and in some cases an introduction into Greek mythology that I've been meaning to get to for years as I sort either slept or ditched those few days they were covered in school. (don't tell my mom!) The blurb for this is so vague as to be entirely unhelpful, so let me attempt to help. Rose Marshall was pushed off the road in her car, all dressed up in her gown for prom, at the age of 16 and has been a sort of ghostly hitchhiker for the 60 years since. Sometimes she knows that the driver is going to die and can try to change their direction and minds and others she is stuck holding their hand to make sure that once they've died, they go to where they should go and aren't taken in the wrong direction by another ghost, getting lost or whatever. The dude that pushed her off the road so many decades ago was not, gee, how does one say this...not really of this world either. Bobby Cross made a deal at the crossroads. Some might consider it a deal with the devil, though that's not quite how the deal makers at the crossroads are portrayed in this series, they are seriously bad people that you do not want to be making deals with. Bobby Cross, an irresistible James Dean before there was a James Dean, basically froze himself and his car in time as long as he keeps his car running on the souls of the people he kills with said cars. Now while Rose has made err...peace with her role and situation over the last 60 years, Bobby Cross is still obsessed with getting her soul since he pushed her off a cliff, yet missed fueling his car with her soul. So not only does Rose want to stop him from his constant killing spree and get him back from taking her life, she'd like him to stop chasing her like a stalker from hell to fuel his awesome ride. Therefore, they are locked in this sort of battle to death or undead or whatever you'd like to call it. Bobby Cross one-ups her and she is forced to ask for help from an old foe, enter the gates of hell, face Cerebus, and a bunch of entertaining as well as a bunch of scary stuff to fight back. For a non-paranormal fan, I enjoyed both it and the first book in the series,Sparrow Hill Road. My only complaint was that both seemed long, yet I couldn't tell you what I would cut because every detail seemed vital or at least added much to the tale.

Great ghost story with a lot of mythology and urban legends all rolled into one. It's a good read but you have to pay attention the entire time or may miss something. I really enjoyed this. Received this as part of the Penguin First to Read. Thank you.

I found "The Girl in the Green Silk Gown" to be a well done story. I went back to read the first before I read this one, but I don't think it would have made much of a difference to my liking this. It's very capable of standing on its own even though reading the first did give background. 4 stars.

I did not read Sparrow Hill Road, the first book in this series. I usually will go back and read a series in order, but decided to give this a try and see how it read without the background story. I enjoyed it. I could tell when there were references to the events that happened in the first book, but the storyline in the second book was strong enough to stand on its own. What first drew me to this book was that Rose is from Buckley Township in Michigan- that's about 30 minutes from where I live, so it was a fun coincidence! I liked Rose as a character and felt like the author did a nice job world building. The characters were well-developed and had realistic interactions given the world and situations they were in. The background about the different kinds of ghosts was interesting and relevant. The storyline progressed with action and reflection; it felt like Rose was on a quest as she went back and forth from the "real" world and the "ghost" world where she normally lived. I have recently discovered Seanan Maguire and am a fan. Her style reminds me of Neil Gaiman. If you enjoy his work, I am sure you will like Maguire's books.

I received a free advanced copy of this book from First to Read in exchange for an honest review. I was a little nervous when I saw this was a ghost story. I was afraid it would be scary. But I like paranormal fantasy books, so I decided to give this a try. It's not scary and it did not disappoint. I did buy the first book on Audible when I saw this was part of a series and I think it's important to have read that story first. This is a great sequel. I love the story and characters. I like the inclusion of different types of ghosts and ghost lore. It kept my attention and I didn't want to put it down until I finished.

First - you really should read Sparrow Hill Road to get the full story. It's where you find out who, and what, Rose Marshall is. Second, this is a ghost story, not a horror story, so it's a good read for people who want something a little "spooky" but don't want to be terrified out of their minds. Rose Marshall, perpetual 16-year old hitcher, is the source of many urban legends/ghost stories. She's the Phantom Prom Date. She's the Girl in the Diner. She's the Girl in the Green Dress. She's not a killer some make her out to be - she happens to be seen near a lot of accidents. If she can save you, she will but if not, don't worry because she'll stay with you. Most importantly, she's most definitely dead. Until one day she isn't. Bobby Cross, the man who took her life in return for the ability to live forever as he is (you have to watch out for those crossroads deals), is out to get her because she's the one who got away. But Rose has a lot of friends for a dead girl and one way or another she's getting back her death. There are a lot of fairy tale retellings out there and in a lot of ways this series is similar - McGuire takes what might be familiar, a ghost story, and gives it life with a backstory and a future. In Sparrow Hill Road we learn who Rose is and the rules of the road, so to speak. in the second book of the Ghost Roads series we find out how those rules really work and how they can be twisted to suit a man's goals - or a ghost's. This is a wonderful combination of American ghost story and Greek mythology. I'm enjoying the series and can't wait for a third book.

This was my first book by Seanan McGuire and will not be my last. I loved getting to know Rose Marshall. What a unique premise and a great story! I couldn't put The Girl in the Green Silk Gown down. From the well developed characters, the compelling story and the intricately detailed world building, I didn't want the novel to end. Highly recommended.

I got Sparrow Hill Road from Audible so that I could be "caught up" on Miss Rose Marshall. I'm glad I did. Got a great background for this book. And it was as good as Sparrow Hill Road! Maybe better because we really got into the nitty gritty of Bobby Cross. Four years is a long time to wait for a possible sequel! The only other Seanan Maguire I've read are the first 3 Wayward Children books and I wasn't over the moon about them. But I really liked this duet! Looking forward to more! ;) Maybe in less than 4 years?

"The idea of a dead teenager becoming an urban legend because she’s too stubborn to rest in peace is ridiculous. So is the idea of a dead man becoming a car, or a runaway being elevated to the position of queen by a highway that thinks for itself. We live in the ridiculous. If I start to object to it now, it might all come crashing down." It's been so long since I read the first book that it took me a few chapters to get back into this but once I did I really enjoyed it. I have read all of Seanan's books and while I could never call any of them bad, Ghost Roads was probably my least favorite so I wasn't really sure what to expect going in. However, I think that Rose is just the kind of protagonist that needs a little bit of time to grow on me [she is not quite as in your face as characters like Toby, Verity, and George] because I enjoyed this book a lot more than the first one. I feel like the cast of supporting characters had a lot to do with that. Sure there were other people around in the first one, but it was mostly all about Rose. In this book we get a more in-depth look into Apple, Laura, Gary, Emma, and even Bobby. Even Rose becomes a bit more real and well-rounded this time around. I really liked the plot and felt like it had a nice pace [also the little rhymes at the beginning of each section were great]. The ending might have wrapped up a bit too quickly for my tastes but overall I think it was a really solid book and I'm actually surprised that it took Seanan this long to gives Hades and Persephone a cameo in one of her series. ;) If you were kind of on the fence about the first one I would definitely recommend picking this one up because I think she's done a great job expanding the characters and the world, and if you loved the first one then you are sure to love this one too!

Read Sparrow Hill Road first. It really establishes the characters and the world. Now. I absolutely love the world that Seanan McGuire has created for these ghosts. It is such a fresh, fun, and unique take on a ghost story. It is so detailed, with so many layers and I adore it! The Girl in the Green Silk Gown is a great follow up to Sparrow Hill Road. Seanan McGuire expands the world, describes even more about the hierarchy of the ghost world, fleshes out known characters and introduces new ones. The story is a continuation of what we know from book one and is pretty standard for a sequel. Some questions were answered while creating a whole bunch of new ones. A solid 4-Star read and I will be back for book 3!

Rose Marshall is far from sweet sixteen and never been kissed. She has been sixteen for over 60 years now so kissing is the least of it. She is the phantom prom date, the girl in the green silk gown and depending on which ghost story you are listening to she is either a protector or a harbinger of death. A girl can be anything she wants to be it seems even in death. Rose has a new boyfriend or maybe he’d be considered an old boyfriend since she knew him in life. Sure, he might look like a car today, but every relationship has its challenges. Too bad that isn’t the only thing making her afterlife challenging. Rose also has a psychotic serial killer after her and he has a brand-new plan and a whole bunch of tricks up his sleeve. Bobby Cross is back and he might just have a way to be able to kill Rose all over again if she isn’t careful. With an unlikely ally Rose will go through hell to make her way back to the twilight and find a way to save herself from Bobby and his machinations. The best thing about this series is that it is different. How may books are out there with a ghost as the main character. It is interesting to walk on the other side of death with Rose. There are rules to what kind of ghost you could become if when you die you’re not ready to move on. There are things and places that were loved so much in life that they leave an impression in the twilight even after they are long forgotten in the mortal world. It is interesting and different and weird in so many ways and it might look a little bit cruel to those looking from the outside in. Sparrow Hill Road suffered a little from being disjointed since it was the culmination of a bunch of ghost stories about Rose peppered in with the story of how she died and then her current battles with Bobby. The Girl in the Green Silk Gown is much more linear and that made it much easier to follow and stay in touch with the story.

This isn't your typical ghost story, but it's definitely a good read. After reading this book, which is the second book in the series, I immediately went to the library and checked out book 1. And like that, I have found another favorite series and author.

So I realized rightafter I hit the “request” button that this was book two. I ended up not finishing it because there was so much information in the first few chapters, and I would rther read the first book before this one. That being said, I enjoyed the writing and the story seemed very unique. I lookforward to reading the first book as well as this one!

I'm already quite a fan of Seanan McGuire/Mira Grant, so I was excited to get this second book in one of her newer series. After enjoying book one, Sparrow Hill Road, of the Ghost Roads series and following the origins of Rose Marshall, both her true life, her afterlife, and the urban legend she had become, I looked forward to seeing the story progress, especially after the events towards the first book and the new characters it put forth. The second book delivered a solid continuation of the story from book one, although there was a bit of repetition of Rose's thoughts and feelings. But I guess that kind of makes sense since ghosts are often thought of as those stuck in a loop per se, so it would mirror her own identity as a ghost to be overly focused on certain thoughts? However, while that might be true, I think it could have been handled better or cut down a bit. The additional blends of different mythologies with the combination of roads & Americana being its own mythos really builds on the unique world McGuire had created in book one and was a welcome expansion. I still am quite intrigued by a few side characters and would love to learn even more about them. I also enjoyed the reintroduction and second look at a character from the first book that I didn't really think would be coming back, and yet does and is a quite a big character in this book. Bobby Cross still continues as our antagonist and I definitely want to see how this all pans out. I'm looking forward to more books in this series and gave this a very solid 4/5 stars.

Rosie Marshall, 16, was murdered by Bobby Cross in 1952, when he ran her down with his car. She is all the ghost stories of the young girl, on the highway, needing a lift. And this is her story. She lives in the twilight, never moving on, a ghost of the ghost roads, helping people, to either avoid death or helping them cross over. She frequents a diner called the Last Dance and her boyfriend is now a car. For 60 years she has avoided Bobby Cross, who made a deal with the Crossroads to stay forever young and rides the roads to get to Rosie, the one that got away. Now Bobby has become more powerful, has erased some of her protection and on Halloween "when the dead go among the living", she becomes alive again. And to become the ghost that she once was, she must go into the Underworld. A story that holds your attention. Feeling sorry for the life that was cut down too soon but joyful that she has found her place and purpose. Some problems had been resolved, but there seems to be more to her story. Thank you First-to-Read for this free e-copy of "The Girl in the Green Silk Gown".

As a fan of Seanan McGuire I was excited to get my hands on an advance copy of the book. This is much more than a traditional ghost story with lots of wit, sass and heart. Overall, I would give the story a 4.5 out of 5. My only issue is the book was a bit longer than necessary and seemed to ramble in parts.

I'm a huge Seanan McGuire fan so I was already primed to like the book, even though -full disclosure- The Ghost Roads are my least favorite of her series. That said, McGuire is brilliant and wrote a compelling, interesting book- she managed to take a unique character, put her in a challenging story and have the reader root for something we ordinarily might not. (I've never wanted a heroine to die before). I wouldn't call this a ghost story, even if the main character is a ghost. This is an entertaining fantasy book- if you like offbeat humor, urban fantasy and intelligent female leads you will love this book.

3.5-4 stars overall. (ARC from Penguin's First to Read Program) This novel is quintessentially Seanan McGuire. Once again, Bobby Cross is after Rose. Decades ago, he ran her down but before he could feed her soul to his car, she managed to get away. Since then, Rose has traveled the ghost roads, a hitcher, the Phantom Prom Date, the Girl in the Green Silk Gown. Sparrow Hill Road narrates many of her adventures with short vignettes. This novel, on the other hand, deals primarily with Rose attempting to thwart Bobby Cross, who always seems to be a step ahead of her. It's a story of Rose trying to find her way home and realizing exactly what that means for her. There are still many unanswered questions, especially between Rose and Gary, but overall, I enjoyed the story. There were a lot of parallels with Seanan's Wayward Children series, the importance of one's 'home' and family, especially the families we create. This book is also more lyrical than some of Seanan's other stories. I did feel that the plot dragged a bit, especially toward the end with the Greek mythology and at times Rose seemed more like Seanan than her own character. (The bit about the Addams family stood out to me as more Seanan than Rose). Still, I recommend The Girl in the Green Silk Gown to those who enjoy urban fantasy and a good ghost story.

So so much longer than it needed to be. I skipped whole chapters and felt like I missed nothing.

This is a ghost story but it’s also so much more than just a ghost story. Meet Rose Marshall, the girl in the green silk gown, the phantom prom date and so on. She’s a hitchhiking ghost. Add the person who already killed her once and want to kill her again and you’ve got a prober adventure in your hands. This book is amazing, the book pulls you in from the first words and keeps you in until the very last period. I loved every second if this book. Add all the amazing characters and you’ve got a marvelous novel in your hand that just hooks you in. The author also manages to include a a lot of Greek and other types of mythology into the book and that makes the book even more interesting than it already is, and somehow more realistic, as much as a fantasy book can feel realistic. All in all, this book is amazing and my only regret is not reading the first book in the series. I recommend this book from the very bottom of my heart.

A much more linear/easier to follow storyline than the first book. Bobby Cross is still causing trouble for Rose. Now she's stuck in the land of the living with her worst enemy as her only possible way out. Rose was a bit whiny in this one, but given the circumstances, it's to be expected. *Digital review copy provided by First to Read.

Rose Marshall, a ghost in the Seanan McGuire's InCryptid world (2017 Hugo Best Series finalist) was first introduced to readers as a character in the serialized Sparrow Hill Road stories, featured on Jennifer Brozek's semiprozine The Edge of Propinquity, back in 2010. In 2014 McGuire adapted the Rose Marshall short stories into the book Sparrow Hill Road and the book was recently re-released (paperback ONLY*) with a snazzy new cover and some additional material (primarily the Pretty Little Dead Girl filk songs). While I loved Sparrow Hill Road there has been a bit of criticism that its episodic nature didn't feel quite like a novel. (I didn't care, mind you. On reading it again, I was so interested in how Rose's stories interface with the InCryptid world.) But now... welcome to your fully cohesive and exciting Rose Marshall novel: The Girl in the Green Silk Gown! As readers of any edition of Sparrow Hill Road will recall, Rose Marshall died when she was driven off the road by Bobby Cross, an evil actor who made a bargain with the Crossroads for eternal youth. (All he has to do is fuel his car with the souls of people he's caused to die! Forever.) Rose has been trying to avoid Bobby for about the past six decades and has already recently escaped one of his plots. Sadly, you could say he's hung up on Rose, in a murderous stalker kind of way. If you thought Rose was done with Bobby after Apple, Queen of the Routewitches put Rose under her protection, you'd be dead wrong. /cough/ This time Bobby has outdone himself; he manages to undo the Persephone protection Rose received from Apple and from there the whole situation rapidly goes to hell in a handbasket. The extent of Bobby's plot is wide and deep. So very deep. It will take Rose all the way into the mythological underworld to undo what Bobby has done to her. With the help of Apple, Emma (her beán sidhe friend), Gary (her car-spirit boyfriend) a snarky dullahan named Pippa, and, in the first of many surprises, Professor Laura Moorhead, Rose aims to put things right. It might take divine intervention to fix things, though. The Girl in the Green Silk Gown broadens Rose's story but also gives us more details about the world of routewitches, and puzzling simultaneously alive and dead beings. Melding her own ghost folklore and Greek mythology, Seanan McGuire has written a fun novel, set mostly in the InCryptid world. The rest of the time? Well, be sure to pick some asphodels while you visit. *If you can't swing the new edition in paperback you can still find the lyrics to these songs on Seanan's website, here. I received a Digital Review Copy of this book from DAW via the First to Read program.

This book was provided to me by Penguin Publishing as part of its First to Read program in exchange for an honest review. This book,uses an Urban Legend as its base and I love how the author builds her story from that. It is well developed. I believe the author's personality and love for the legend comes through in the main character and her writing in general. There's definitely a lot of sass! As for my misgivings, I felt the book overall drew from and was a cross between Harry Potter and some of Sherrilyn Kenyon's writing. Slight spoiler alert... the challenge with Cerberus,I kept thinking " I've read this before". It almost became distracting for me. I kept comparing. The use of mythology was heavy and at times confusing. Despite my misgivings, overall this was a good read, and would recommend it to those who like this genre.

This is the second book in the Ghost Roads series and while it was pretty good, it lacked something that made it great for me. I enjoyed the first book more. Maybe that's because it was a compilation of several different stories and I didn't mind reading about Rose in shorter stories. This book was one long novel that didn't feel like it needed to be as long as it was. It started to drag in places before I even got halfway through. Certain things are repeated too much, and there is also a whole lot of exposition in this book, so much at times that it feels like the author is going off on tangents. Rose was also less likable for me this time around because she was really whiny, but at least she knew she was. Parts of the story were compelling especially when Rose is trying to evade Bobby and the parts in the underworld. There are a few unresolved things at the end of the book, like Gary and his situation, and there is definitely more to explore there with his and Rose's relationship. I initially thought this was going to be a duology, but it's a series with, at this time, an undetermined number of books. While I like this ok, I really don't feel like I'm enjoying this enough to keep reading a whole series, so I'm good with stopping here. Thanks to First to Read for giving me a copy of this book.

I adore the haunting construction of this afterlife. Sometimes the dead move on, other times they linger, trapped into patterns by the manner of their death. Rose is a hitcher, who can borrow flesh with a borrowed coat, and rides with all sorts of drivers... including those who will be taking their last drive ever. She's happy enough in this second life, until her killer, Bobby Dollar, who still has use for her ghost, interferes. He's stripped her of her strengths, and left her stranded far from her familiar roads. Another chilling adventure, full of magic and spirits. Rose is a strong character, who grew up a lot after the end of her short life. The challenges facing her are terrible, but she keeps thinking and planning, putting one foot in front of the other, searching for the path back. The bad guys are varied and often concealed, with twists and turns as each new problem arises, but also moments of wonder. This in between world is rich and diverse, and compelling, if dangerous.

The first couple chapters are written like your catching up on a ton of information. Apparently, there is a previous book, and the author is getting us up to speed. Honestly, I wasn't a fan of the slow paste beginning. I also was not a fan of the repetition. There were many instances that Rose would narrate her thoughts, only to vocalize them moments after "thinking" them. She would also tell you over and over again how she feels about being alive, how she feels about Bobby, and how she wants to go home. We get it Rose, every chapter does not have to be an update on these issues. Now lets talk about the positives. The author did a great job feeding you information on this world she created. Its a little confusing at first, but she really flesh out this environment and its inhabitants. The side characters were amazing. Their back stories and presence really gave life to this world. Rose was funny, snarky, sassy, and strong. She wasn't the weak heroine who waits for a prince to save her, she was her own hero and I loved it. Story wise, this can be a boring ride if you aren't into mythology or supernatural realms. If you are into those things, then you will appreciate how she combined different lore. You will love her ability to pull you in and care about these characters.

The Girl in the Green Silk Gown is the second book in the Ghost Roads series. Anybody that’s read the first novel (Sparrow Hill Road) will immediately recognize where that title came from. I wonder if all the books from this series will use a different name used to describe the ghost of Rose Marshall? I only recently discovered this series, and I have to tell you that I’m totally hooked. So much so that I actually almost regret the fact that I got an advanced copy for it, because now I have that much longer to wait for the next book. It’s been so long since I found a ghost series that I was able to sink my teeth into. The world is so complex and intricate, as are the ghost roads themselves, the rules each ghost abides by, and so much more. All this combined results in a wonderfully written and immersive series. If you haven’t read or heard of this series, I strongly urge you to stop and give it a try. Also, definitely read them in order, you don’t want to miss anything. I promise. You know you’ve found a fantastic book when three hundred odd pages of writing passes by in the blink of an eye, leaving you feeling like you only read a few dozen. I inhaled this novel, I swear. Same for its predecessor, actually, so that’s not terribly surprising. Rose Marshall is a stubborn, determined, and charismatic ghost. She’s compelling and well written, and more than anything she’ll always follow the rules of being a hitchhiking ghost. She also still wants to get revenge on Bobby Cross, and who can blame her? Rose is painfully aware that each moment Bobby is allowed to roam free is another chance that he’s found a new victim. It’s actually a terrifying thought. I’m still looking forward to Bobby Cross getting what’s coming for him. But honestly I’m okay with his plot not being resolved right away. Seanan McGuire has done a fantastic job with his character. He’s a constant threat to Rose, always lingering in the back of her thoughts, and yet he never feels overused. At no point have I hit a point where I felt like we’ve been shown his character too many times for him to be threatening. If anything it’s the opposite. With the conclusion of the last novel, I had some questions on how they were going to handle certain things. Like the introduction of Gary. His inclusion was handled seamlessly however, never ignoring him when he was in a scene and giving plausible reasons for his absence. I’m more relieved than I’d like to admit about that. There were so many twists and turns in this novel that I really wasn’t expecting. I won’t list any examples, because I don’t want to spoil them, but trust me when I say you should get ready for a wild ride. I will say that I absolutely loved the inclusion and modification of folklore and mythology. Seanan McGuire used some classic mythology stories and managed to modernize them; this helped them to fit the world she created, but more than that it made the story her own. It was beautifully done. Now that I’ve finished the book, I find myself a little depressed at the thought of it. That’s how you know it was good – finishing it felt like I was losing a friend. I can’t wait to get more information on the next in the series, even though obviously I know I’m going to have to do just that. On the bright side there’s several series by Seanan McGuire I haven’t read yet, so I’m going to dive into those to help pass the wait (hopefully I love them as much as the ones I’ve read!).

I can not rave about this book enough! I love this author, and her books under the pseudonym Mira Grant, and this book did not disappoint. I think this would be a great book as a standalone, because the author gives enough background in the beginning to catch the reader up. That being said, I feel like I got so much more enjoyment and depth out of this book and the story of Rose Marshall because I chose to read the first book in the series, Sparrow Hill Road, before my First to Read copy. I love the narrator, Rose's voice, so much! Her story and the stories of those that she connects with in both the daylight and the twilight are riveting, and I especially like how McGuire skillfully weaves the subplots and characters together. She does this in each book separately, but when both are read together, the effects are even more pronounced and powerful. I can't wait to read more in this series, and more from this author!

Seanan McGuire is on my must read list whenever she publishes a new work. The Ghost Roads series falls in the enjoyable to read category for me. I think this book builds on the first one and creates more depth to Rose's story. I prefer some of the author's other series more (October Daye, Indexin, and to a lesser extent, InCryptid) and would recommend those first to other readers, but this is another solid undertaking. Even if you don't like a particular series or character, Seanan McGuire always delivers a well written book with diverse characters and interesting storyline. The most intriguing parts of the book to me were where it brushes against the InCryptid series and mentions some of the characters from there (while this book is set in the same world, there's no real interaction between them in these stories). It's fun to pick up the references if you've already read the other series. I think this series is getting strong as the backstory is done and the characters move forward (as much as you can when you are already dead). For people who like a ghost story and fans of the author, this is a great book to pick up. If you are looking to read the author for the first time, I'd steer you towards October Daye #1.

I guess this book is for people who have read Sparrow Hill Road, which I have not. I couldn't get into it. First there was an unnecessary editor's note telling about the urban legend or the character or something, then a clapping rhyme that seemed really forced, then more information on the ghost/urban legend from a college professor, and then the narrative begins with an explanation of the ghost road and it's 'verse. Once slogging through all that, there was the boyfriend who was a car. I made it to page 17 before giving up.

I have previously heard great things about Seanan Mcguire and had "Every Heart a Doorway" on my TBR list. When I saw the opportunity to get an advanced copy of the "The Girl in the Green Silk Gown" - I jumped on it. I then moved "Every Heart a Doorway" and "Sparrow Hill Road" up on the TBR list. I loved "Every Heart a Doorway" and was a little disappointed with "Sparrow Hill Road". Sparrow Hill Road introduces us to Rose Marshall - a girl who is killed on her way to Prom and becomes a hitchhiking ghost. Sparrow Hill Road was more short stories so while the writing was great- the short stories made the book seem disjointed. I was so happy that The Girl in the Green Silk Gown was a continuous story. It starts where Sparrow Hill Road leaves off. I just love her writing and character development. The ending completely surprised me. I can't wait for book 3. Thanks First to Read for the opportunity to read this book!

I never really considered being alive to be an inconvenience. It’s definitely a thought I’m having now! I also want to take a road trip and collect some miles.

I was given an advanced copy of this book to read for free in return for my goes to review. Rose is the ghost of a 16 year old who met an untimely end at the hands of Bobby across. She has spent over 60 years dealing with those consequences. Now it looks like Bobby has returned and once again looking to take the life she has made for herself after death, and everything she holds dear.

"Talk to the poltergeist, talk to the haunt, Talk to the routewitch if it’s what you want. Reaper’s in the parlor, seizer’s in a host, But you’d best keep away from the crossroads ghost." I received a free e-ARC through First to Read from the publishers at Penguin Random House. Seanan McGuire is one of my newer favorite authors, and my TBR officially includes everything she’s ever published. It will take me a while but, hey, I’m nothing if not a dedicated reader. There are mild spoilers ahead for Sparrow Hill Road. Rose Marshall, famous hitchhiking ghost of Sparrow Hill Road, the Phantom Prom Date, and the Girl in the Green Silk Gown is locked in an ongoing afterlife battle with her killer, Bobby Cross. Bobby was the James Dean of Hollywood before there was a James Dean, but he made a deal at the crossroads and became something more. As long as he keeps feeding the souls of roadside ghosts into his car, he’s immortal. Protected by the blessing of Persephone, Rose is determined to find a way to stop him, but Bobby will stop at nothing to end her first. If Sparrow Hill Road got stars for writing, character, and world-building, this one gets them for all those things, plus plot. The first book was, by admission, not entirely novel-like and somewhat meandering in its narrative, but The Girl in the Green Silk Gown revs its engine and takes the plot on a wild and gripping race through the ghostroads, the daylight, and the underworld. Presented early on with about as extreme a problem as a ghost girl can have, Rose spends the rest of the novel desperately trying to right the wrong Bobby has inflicted on her world, and it’s a hell of a ride. The storyline is much tighter and more straightforward, to awesome effect. I still love our sassy deadgirl heroine, and her character development is surprisingly good for someone who died more than sixty years ago. The plot forces Rose into a whole new, not always charitable, light, and I empathized a lot with her situation, while also finding it hilarious (in true McGuire fashion–she pairs horror and humor better than many). I like that it demands she reevaluate some of the things that happened in the previous book (trying not to be spoilery). Professor Laura Moorhead also returns and has more page time than probably any other character besides Rose, and her involvement is fascinating. They’re not friends, but circumstances temporarily force them to be allies, and I really enjoyed Laura’s utter moral grayness. She isn’t evil, but she isn’t totally good; she’s not all that likable, but she can be sympathetic, and McGuire constantly keeps us guessing about her. Given the mark of Persephone that Rose acquired in the last book, I probably should have been prepared for more Greek mythology tie-ins in this book, but it still caught me a little off guard. McGuire is so good at building her own mythology that I wasn’t expecting her to pull in someone else’s, but it works better than I thought it would. Her underworld reminded me a lot of her Hall of the Dead from Wayward Children, which is an interpretation I enjoy, and her characterizations of gods are both mysterious and a little terrifying–without giving them so much page time that they become watered down. The ending is satisfying and nicely wraps up this particular adventure, but there’s obviously more to come in Rose’s world. I’ll be eagerly awaiting the next book. I review regularly at

I usually don't read books about ghosts, but I liked this one. It is a mix of the paranormal, and crime and adventure all mix in the same bag. I have not read the first one, but according to the author, the second (this one) is a full novel, the first is a series of stories loosely link together. There is enough information in this book to know what happened to the protagonist on the first. The story is told from the point of view of the ghost, Rose, who died as a teenager, but has been dead for sixty years. She was killed by Bobby Cross, who really comes across as an evil being, obsessed with "killing" Rose again. Of course, there is going to be a third book, so Bobby's life doesn't end in this book. Why did I like the book? because it mixes American folk culture with Greek mythology, with Irish mythology, etc. and the author does a good job. There are some twists to the story I didn't expect, and I liked that. It is an easy book to read, maybe perfect for Halloween.

I received an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I first want to say that I did not read the first book in the series, but was able to pick up on everything fairly easily. Rose was murdered decades ago, and has successfully avoided her killer in the after life. She is a famous hitchhiking ghost known as girl in the green dress or the phantom prom date. However, her killer is obsess with finding her, and won't stop until he captures her. The overall story I thought was intriguing, but at certain times I would lose interest. The characters were fun, I just did not feel like I cared what happened to them. I feel the series as a whole as a lot of potential, the world is interesting and creative. I just had a hard time connecting with the characters. Maybe if I go back, and read the first book I'll feel differently.

I was pretty excited to read The Girl in the Green Silk Gown. Up until this point, I haven’t read anything by Seanan McGuire but have heard about her books for what seems like forever—especially the Wayward Children novella series. So, I was looking forward to this book. And I liked it. The Girl in the Green Silk Gown was a pretty good book. I enjoyed McGuire’s take on a ghost story, because there were so many unique elements that made it stand out from others I’ve read. I liked the characters. The paranormal elements were cool in an otherworldly/ mysterious way. The writing was awesome and the descriptions were vivid and brought the setting of the “twilight” to life. I actually liked the “twilight” a lot thanks to the different types of ghosts and the rules they had to follow. It was interesting. Overall, The Girl in the Green Silk gown was good, and I’ll definitely consider reading other books by this author. This copy of the book was provided by First to Read for this review, thank you!

Rose Marshall died on Sparrow Hill Road at the age of sixteen. A victim of murder when Bobby Cross ran her off the road as she was on her way to her prom. In death she became known as the Phantom Hitchhiker or the Girl in the Green Silk Gown, along with a few other names giving her down through the years. And Bobby Cross wants her to fuel his quest to remain forever young. She's the one who got away. Now she hitches rides with people who are about to meet a deadly fate unless she can save them. Sometimes she can. Sometimes not. After sixty years, she likes being dead. She's made friends. She has a purpose. But Bobby Cross threatens all of that when he tricks a Route Witch into sacrificing herself to weaken Rose's protection. Suddenly, Rose finds herself back among the living, and having to depend on a woman who hates her to get back to the land of the dead before Bobby Cross finds her. "The Girl in the Green Silk Gown" draws you into the world of the dead as they travel the ghost roads across America. I admit, I had to put this book down after the first chapter and go back to read the first book in the series "Sparrow Hill Road" to get acquainted with the characters and not get confused about who was who and what was what. With that said, I love this series! I simply can't wait for the next book to come out. Ms. McGuire has created a spooky and often times friendly world of the dead on the backs of numerous Phantom Hitchhiker ghost stories handed down through the years. Rose is a tough, but likable teenager who stands and fights and does her best for those she's been summoned to save or help cross over if she can't. Deeply haunting and entirely engaging, you'll be lost in the twilight not eager to leave as you turn page after page and hold your breath through the suspense. Awesome read!

I'm not sure what I like best about Seanan McGuire, her characterizations or her way of turning myth, magic, and history on their ear. I loved The Girl in the Green Silk Gown and highly recommend it for anyone who likes their ghost stories with a side of snark. I adore the mythos that she's written in this world. How the roads work, the different people you find among them, the rules of the road, the goddesses that rule it. The descriptions are complex, yet I never feel like I'm in infodump territory. Most engaging in this story I found was the way McGuire chose to try answering the question, "How do the dead see the living?" It's a question I know I never thought to ask. Rose's story gave me a lot of laughs, an interesting perspective on what it means to be a living creature, and also ran my emotions down a twisty roller coaster. I'll be rereading both this and it's predecessor for years to come.

I have read other works by this author and prefer some of her other series work. I did read parts of Sparrow Hill Road but since it was serialized short stories it was a bit repetitious and I did not finish it. However, it did give me an idea of the concept and the characters. This was a well written book fleshing out ( yes, a joke) a ghost story everyone hears in one form or another. The ending had a twisty bit of a shocker that I liked and a happy ending.

I think not reading the first of the series really prohibited me from enjoying and finishing this book. It was just not for me. The fantasy world created in this book was difficult to grasp. The writing seemed overly complicated without a purpose behind it.

Rose Marshall is known by many names, the Phantom Prom Date, the walking girl of route 42, Graveyard Rose, or the Girl in the Green Silk Gown. One thing doesn't change Rose is dead and has been sweet 16 for the last 60 years, hitchhiking her way across the ghost roads. Some legends say when Rose appears as a young hitchhiker, she is a savior, protecting those drivers who give her a ride from imminent death. Others say if Rose appears in her green gown, beware, she is filled with rage, out to punish the guilty and anyone else who gets in her way for the crime committed against her. Bobby Cross made a deal with the crossroads in exchange for eternal youth and life he must drive the roads filling its tank with the souls of those he kills on the road. Rose was one of Bobby's first victims and although he managed to kill her body she retained her soul. Determined to possess the soul he let slip away, he will stop at nothing to find a way to get to Rose...and this time Rose may not be able to escape. The Girl in the Green Silk Gown is the second novel in the Ghost Roads series. Rose is finally feeling like everything is going to be ok. She has friends, the roads, her boyfriend Gary...even though he is currently a car, and she is protected from Bobby by Persephone's blessing. Bobby finds a way around the blessing by altering her protection tattoo and bringing her back to life. Rose must navigate a world and a life she hasn't inhabited in 60 years while staying out of Bobby's grasp. Rose is going to need help and she calls on the only person she knows...her worst enemy. I love different layers of each world that Seanan McGuire creates in her novels. She creates a whole world in which there are different types of ghosts, bound by different rules, and layers of afterlife to travel between. There are routewitches and goddesses who rule the layers, as well as characters from myth and folklore. All of these elements and characters interact flawlessly to create a wonderfully entertaining plot. I have not read the first Ghost Roads novel yet and so there was some information that was a bit confusing for me, but overall it was easy to navigate as a standalone book. I really enjoyed this novel and can't wait to read more about Rose and her adventures.

This American road ghost story was anything but ordinary. I found its perplexing and a little confusing to get started but that’s mainly due to the fact that I have not read the first book. The first couple of chapters did a good job of trying to recreate this interesting universe and paint a picture of what went down in the previous story and boy did I miss a lot. This wouldn’t be a great standalone but it held my interest enough to keep me going and enjoy this quirky novel. If your a lover a ghost stories and sci-fi/paranormal books then you may just love Sparroe Hill Road series. I’m definitely going to be looking into the first book to fill in the missing info on what went down before the girl in the green silk gown.

Ghost stories are far outside my wheelhouse, but the first story in this series had me intrigued with alien vernacular that I still have a hard time sorting, and rules of an unfamiliar universe that may or may not be easier to assume while reading. I found this to be a better story, and a better read - maybe I'm starting to understand? - and though I had a week's worth of distractions taking me away from reading more than a few pages at a stretch, I was finally able to dedicate time to reading it. Note: I almost never spoil fiction with synopses - I feel that is unfair to the author; let the reader unravel the story herself. What I will share is that rare is the book that is a true page-turner ( is a modern world, now) for me. I found myself wanting to know what was going to happen next - remember, this is unfamiliar landscape - and Ms. McGuire gave her titular character depth, connection, threw wrenches, even caught me with a rarer "didn't see exactly that coming, though expected something" twist. For both of those characteristics, I give a higher nod in my rating. I was only a few months to hang for the sequel that others had to wait four years for. I hope that the next - and there has to be...unfinished business, and all - comes sooner. Regardless, I shall find it and read it as the outlier in my eclectic but still focused reading interests.

Loved it! An appropriate sequel to Sparrow Hill Road. Now I will have trouble waiting for the next one :( Anyone interested in ghost stories, in particular American road ghosts, will enjoy both books. I highly recommend it to those that like ghost, horror, urban fantasy, fantasy and SF. There were only 3 typos or grammar issues that I saw (sorry, but this is usually a thing for me as a former proofreader). Not bad enough to knock me out of the story, which has happened with other books. So if stars are appropriate, I give it 5.

I loved Sparrow Hill Road, so I jumped at the chance to read The Girl in the Green Silk Gown. I was not disappointed!! Roses' story is wonderfully written and I enjoyed following her down the ghost roads again. McGuire's ability to weave folklore and mythology together to create a unique story is superb.

I was glad that I read the first Sparrow Hill Road book before this one. While the first is more a collection of short stories, tied together but not necessarily in chronological order, it still held information that I felt was necessary for me to fully enjoy this book. I probably could have figured enough things out to follow along, but I'm still glad that I read the first book first. This one is a proper novel, which is more to my liking anyway. I really liked Rose's journey, and McGuire threw in enough twists to surprise even this cynical reader.

I was glad to get access to an early review copy. Seanan McGuire returns to the roads and ghostroads of America and beyond in this continuation of the story of Rose Marshall, the Phantom Prom Date. It's a strong return to McGuire's Sparrow Hill Road territory, a world adjacent to her Incryptid series of urban fantasy novels. She excels at intricate world-building and here she drives deeply into the intracacies, dangers, and powers of the American ghostworld. Recommend highly for fantasy fans and horror fans.

This is a follow-up to the Sparrow Hill Road stories. I don't really care for short stories so I have not read the 1st book. I don't think that hampered my enjoyment of this one. Seanan McGuire has created a full and believable world, with a nice sprinkling of humor and well developed characters with whom I enjoyed spending time. This was a nice, fun read.

I love this book so much! From the characters to the world building to the story itself, it shines. OK, so I read and loved Sparrow Hill Road - which, as some readers have noted, was a serialized novel and, consequently, a bit disjointed - but that did not put me off. And, when it ended, I wanted more. Then - yay! Along came The Girl in the Green Silk Gown. I admit I was afraid it wasn't going to live up to the first book about Rose Marshall, the Phantom Prom Date, but oh! It does. With dark humor and snark, cool characters and exciting action - not to mention a mythology that, while occasionally borrowing from other mythologies, is unique - it's a real page-turner. Best of all, though, it ends in a very satisfying, very touching way (that made me cry), plus it is obvious that there is going to be another book, and I already can't wait.

Great urban fantasy book! The world of ghosts in this series focuses mostly on cars and highways and I've always loved a good road trip in a novel. Rose was hilarious when she was trying to remember how to be human! And she shows that you can't believe all of the ghost stories that have been circulating about her for all these decades - some just aren't quite true!

A mix of urban legends, mythology and the paranormal, Rose travels the ghost roads, mostly as the phantom prom date. The man who killed her and set her on her path is determined to finish what he started no matter what it takes. The boy who loved her is now in her reality, but in another form. She wants only to return to her friends and the twilight but has to defeat Bobby Cross to return home. An interesting view of the ghostly prom date and the roads she travels and insights to her rules that guide her through the twilight. Recommended if you love ghost stories also.

In 1952, Rose Marshall set out for her prom and instead became an urban legend, known to most as the Girl in the Green Silk Gown or the Phantom Prom Date. 60 years later, she's still sweet 16 and hitchhiking her way across America, helping travelers get to their destination unharmed or holding their hand to guide them in to the twilight. Her boyfriend Gary is now dead and has become a car in order to spend his afterlife with Rose, so their relationship (as well as the rules of being dead) is obviously complicated. To complicate matters more Bobby Cross, the man who killed Rose, has never stopped looking for her. He made a deal on the Crossroads to live forever and keep his youth, but it's all tied to his iconic car. He has to keep his car on the road and the tank filled with souls. Rose is the only soul that got away and he intends to correct that. Summoned through a ritual, Rose finds her protections from Bobby have been weakened and she has to survive Halloween night as mortal for her protection to return. Unfortunately, Bobby has thought of everything and when Halloween is over, she's still alive. If there's one thing Rose is more afraid of than Bobby Cross, it's living. Traveling through the twilight and depending on help from unlikely allies, Rose attempts to escape her killer and return to her life of ... well, being dead. A thrilling ghost story filled with all the rules of the road you didn't know about, The Girl in the Green Silk Gown is a clever combination of urban legend, greek mythology, and paranormal fantasy. Thanks to the publisher for providing an ARC in exchange for my honest review.


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