The Future She Left Behind by Marin Thomas

The Future She Left Behind

Marin Thomas

A story about a mother/daughter-in-law relationship that offers a poignant exploration of love, forgiveness, and what it means to be family.

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One woman's journey home gets derailed by her soon-to-be ex-mother-in-law in a novel filled with humor, small-town charm, rekindled love, and the resilient ties of family.

Cast aside by her cheating husband, Katelyn Chandler is ready to pack it all in and drive home to Little Springs, Texas. She wants a chance to regroup, reconnect with her mother, and get back to her art. 

But Shirley Pratt—master manipulator, elitist snob, and Katelyn's terror of a live-in monster-in-law—has other ideas. Shirley insists on joining Katelyn's trip after her son tries to pack her off to a retirement community. Katelyn has no choice but to play peacekeeper between the ornery old woman and the proud matrons of Little Springs. Yet the small town seems to be changing Shirley. And as Katelyn weighs the wisdom of picking up where she left off with Jackson Mendoza, the town bad boy and her high school sweetheart, she must find a way to believe in the strength of her dreams.

Advance Galley Reviews

Wonderful mother/daughter story. I really enjoyed this one. Highly recommend for a beach read.

A very sweet story about the death of a marriage and how sometimes going home can help you find your future. Katelyn is served divorce papers from her husband of 20 years the summer before their twins start college. All of the sudden without any responsibilities to her old life, except for her annoying mother in law, Katelyn is able to return home. She sets out with Shirley, her mother in law, to visit her Mom Birdie in her home town in Texas. There she reacquaints herself with her highschool boyfriend, old neighbors, and her love of painting. Why did she give all this up for a husband who no longer wants her? Katelyn discovers herself again and to the reader's advantage, with the help of the crazy town characters. A very light read about finding your true self. And how going home again could actually help not hinder.

A heartfelt tale of family and strong women. The villain from the get-go, the mother-in-law begins as an archetypal character but by slowing unraveling her story, becomes a real person. Deeply emotional look at what ties still bind you to obligation after a divorce. A quick, great read. I would recommend!!

I loved this very enjoyable story and it’s lovely, sometimes cranky, but always fabulous characters. I highly recommend this one to lovers of stories with brilliantly written characters who you grow to love and cheer for.

Unfortunately I ran out of time to read The Future She Left Behind and my copy expired before I could get to it. I hope to get a physical copy soon.

Tired story, clunky/inauthentic dialogue, cliche-riddled narrative and caricature-level character development made this eyeroll-worthy throughout.

The Future She Left Behind is an enjoyable journey through really trying times for the main character. From getting divorce papers while her husband is away on business to dealing with challenging family members (both a mom and a mother-in-law) Marin Thomas fills the pages with humor and relatable characterization that makes you want to keep reading. The only thing this book needs is a follow-up book to keep the story going. Loved it and would highly recommend it.

Things to like: 1. The setting in a small town in Texas. It was quaint, and it felt like home to the reader. 2. The variety and development of the characters was outstanding. I'm sad to not be able to read more about all of them. 3. This was a quick, easy read. I was able to read it in an afternoon (granted a very lazy, laid back afternoon). 4. I liked the overall messages of female empowerment, following your dreams, and taking life one day at a time. Thomas also did a great job of writing about how life can be happy yet draining, fulfilling yet empty, and how nothing is perfect. This isn't a life changing novel, but I recommend it if you are looking for an easier read!

Every once in a while I stumble upon a book that I don’t want to end and that is exactly what The Future She Left Behind is for me. Marin Thomas created characters that are not only likable, but extremely relatable. From Katelyn and her strained relationships to Sadie who sees the beauty in people, there wasn’t a single character or situation that I don’t want to continue seeing play out. The story is based around Katelyn and the fallout from her failed marriage. Though still reeling from the unexpected divorce she must learn to navigate and juggle not only her new phase of life, but also all the people who come along with it. She has the typical mother-in-law who points out her every flaw but thinks her son walks on water, an almost non existent relationship with her mother in a small town in Texas, and two 18 year old twins entering college and busy with their own lives. It’s a beautiful story to watch unfold as Katelyn begins to blossom into a person she had forgotten existed and she begins to live rather than just go through the motions. A combination of humor, romance and heartache, The Future She Left Behind is a wonderful book about second chances and faith. I vote for this to become a series.

This was a refreshing novel. Katelyn coming to terms with how her life turned outand how she goes on from her divorce. She decided to go home and reconnect with her mother, Birdie. Shirley, Katelyn's mother-in-law, was also quite a character. Had some really great laughs and the author was able to keep my attention throughout the novel. Will definitely recommend to all of my reader friends.

It was kind of refreshing to read a novel where someone isn't investigating a murder or everyone is seriously dysfunctional. "The Future She Left Behind" is a movie-waiting-to-happen. Katelyn Chandler is suddenly at the start of a divorce and left with a mother-in-law who forgets everything but a string of criticisms to her daughter-in-law. In an effort to regain the "future she left behind", she goes home to Little Springs, Texas and the mother she left behind and the one that got away who's still waiting. Living a rich lifestyle and in somewhat ignorant bliss, Katelyn is stunned one day when she answers the door and is given divorce papers. Turns out her husband, Don, has been having an affair and wants to be with his new girlfriend. With two grown twins about to go to college, suddenly Katelyn is left wondering where her life is going now. Don didn't just leave his wife and kids behind, he also left his mother, Shirley, who is suffering from memory loss. The two have never gotten along and Shirley isn't without a sting of criticisms for Katelyn...or anything or anyone else for that matter. Wondering what to do, Katelyn leaves for her hometown of Little Springs, Texas with her mother-in-law in tow where she reconnects with her mother whom she rarely sees, Birdie, and the high school sweetheart she left behind when she went to college, Jackson Mendoza. As she reconciles with her mother and confronts Jackson's past and the pain she might have caused both of them, Katelyn also returns to herself and finds her love of drawing restored in the place she couldn't wait to leave all those years ago. The small-town life even captures Shirley's attention and everyone might just find what they were looking for all along in the least likely of places. A rom-com book (and that's not a criticism) that will more than keep the reader's attention and funny and poignant moments equaled out in the mix of a story about identity, family, and starting over. Book Club ready. Also, I've already cast this book for Hollywood: Rachel Adams is Katelyn Chandler, Bette Midler is Shirley Pratt, Susan Sarandon is Birdie, Nicholas Gonzalez is Jackson Mendoza.

I have enjoyed reading this advance copy of The Future She Left Behind. Thanks to the First to Read program for the opportunity. The beginning drew me in immediately with its characters, plot and humor. Towards the middle I started to lose interest. It seems like the main character's reflections on her past are constantly reiterated. I didn't expect the book to turn into a love story. I thought it was going to focus more on the female relationships, but I liked the romance. I would have liked some more plot twists and turns, but it was an easy read.

I really enjoyed this book. It was a bit predictable but still a good story. I did not care for her mother in law at first but as the story went on my feelings changed. I think the author did a great job in making you really feel for the characters. I loved the group of older ladies once Katelyn went back to visit her mom. The small town setting was great.

What a great coming into middle age this novel is! Katelyn couldn't wait to leave her small town of Little Springs,TX to attend college in St. Louis to pursue her dreams. She ends up married to man from a well-to-do family and they start of famly of their own. She's raised their twins and she's helped him with his career, she even finds herself taking care of her not so nice mother-in-law, who never thought Katelyn was good enough for her son. She's served divorce papers while her husband is on one of his long business trips and it shocks Katelyn to her core Her children are about to start college and, she's at a crossroad in her life. She decides to head home to Little Springs, TX to see her mother while dragging Shirley behind. I loved this novel with it's rich charactors and the story is very typical of what happends to a lot of middle age women who think that things are fine when in fact they are not. The witty dialog between the snobby Shirley and Byrdy, Katelyn's mother is fantasic. The small town atmosphere was especially charming where everyone knows everything about each other which is so true. The bad boy high school sweetheart that she left behind so many years ago still has a place in her heart. He's been fighting demons of his own, while traveling all over the country before he finds himself back in Little Springs, TX. I think the title of this books says it all. I hightly recommend this book, it's a true feel good novel that will leave wanting read more.

When Katelyn Chandler's husband has divorce papers delivered while he's traveling for business, she's caught entirely off guard. What's worse? She's stuck taking care of his cantankerous mother. She makes a hard choice to go visit her own mother in Little Springs, TX and Shirley (her mother-in-law) insists on tagging along for the ride. While in Little Springs for what she thought would be a short stay, she realizes she walked away from a lot of things when she was in a hurry to get beyond what the small town had to offer. While she loves her children dearly, she has to face the fact that she may never have been in love with her soon to be ex-husband...and to make it more interesting, she may also have never stopped being in love with her high school sweetheart, Jackson, who just happens to still live in town. Katelyn's journey home truly is to a future she left behind, though she wouldn't have known what she really wanted from life, what inspired and challenged her, had she not first gone after what she'd "thought" she'd wanted. The cast of characters are well written, and many are more than a little amusing (remember the cantankerous mother-in-law who joined her for this trip?). The relationships between them all change throughout the book, and it's nice watching not only Katelyn grow, but those around her as well.

Delivered divorce papers by her cheating husband, Katelyn Chandler wants to pack up and head home to Little Springs, Texas. She wants to reconnect with her mom, rediscover her art, and heal in the pleasant town. There’s just one problem… Shirly Pratt, Katelyn’s mother-in-law, is not ready to give up the only one that has cared for her in three years. Hijacking the road trip, she goes along to Texas all the while acting her domineering, manipulative self. As Katelyn finds herself again she has to face some hard truths and decide where her life is headed. The reappearance of her ex-boyfriend Jackson Mendoza doesn’t make things any easier as old feelings come back and she finds the new, more mature Jackson even more attractive. This is one woman’s quest for peace, happiness, and a future forward. There was a lot I liked about this book. For the most part it was a sweet, fast read with an interesting premise and fantastic characters. On the other hand, I sometimes felt like I was being beaten over the head with things that got repeated perhaps too often. The mothers are polar opposites, I got that the first twelve times…. After a while it detracted from my enjoyment. I liked that Jackson was imperfect, fighting with his view of himself, being a recovering alcoholic, and trying to forge a relationship with the mother that left him and his father. He was an honestly good man that wanted the best for everyone else and I could not help but love him for that. All in all, I found the book enjoyable and would recommend it. Four stars! On the Adult Content Scale, there’s some language and sexual content. I would give it a five.

After being served divorce papers, Katelyn returns to her hometown, with her soon-to-be ex-mother-in-law, Shirley, in tow. I found Shirley to be funny at times, but at others she was insulting. At some points I wondered why Katelyn didn't just send her back and insist her husband take care of his own mother. While she's back in town, Katelyn not only reconnects with her first love, Jackson, she also reconnects with her mother. Along the way they build a relationship that Katelyn always wanted to have with her. I found the book to be predictable. Despite that, and my sometimes dislike of Shirley, I did enjoy the book overall. It' about healing, building relationships, and moving on. I would recommend giving it a read.

The Future She Left Behind was a steady read with some cute humor and lots of sass from Katelyn's Mother-In-Law Shirley. It definitely shows that what you think your 18 year old brain wants will not measure up to what your 40 year brain needs and longs for. This book shows how as adults we can get caught up in the game of life of marriage, raising kids, climbing the corporate ladder and trying to carve out a piece of the American Dream. When 20 years have passed, the kids are grown, the success of climbing the corporate ladder is in the bank and all the stuff in "Between" has happened... Will you still want to be with the person you married? Or want and need the same things you did 20 yrs ago !?!?!? I enjoyed this book, as it shows that something really great can happen from something bad... if you let your heart & mind work together,

Authors are advised to "blow something up" in the first five pages of a novel, to grab a reader's attention. Marin Thomas does exactly that in THE FUTURE SHE LEFT BEHIND, blowing up protagonist Katelyn Chandler's comfortable life by introducing a divorce decree that ends twenty years of marriage. Katelyn commences on a journey of personal discovery as a way to recover from the shock, with her mother-in-law along for the ride. Their relationship is stereotypical, but when you want light reading, it's not a flaw. Back home in small town Texas, our heroine reconnects with her mother who's been largely ignored while Katelyn was doing the dutiful mammy thing and being what she thought was a good wife. She contends with some old feelings for the town bad boy who was once her darling, back before she set off for the big wide world to pursue her artistic talents. There's the usual twining and twisting of personal interaction, romance blossoming all around, while Katelyn and Jackson dance around their past with eyes on a potential future. Sexual tension abounds, and let's not forget Katelyn's mother-in-law softening her hard edges as she develops an affection for the local widower. Lots of touchy feelies to be had in this novel that moves along at a nice pace, though it does drag a bit through the middle. A large chunk of prose is taken up to show his difficulties in dealing with his alcoholism and recovery that could have been edited a bit for length. All in all, THE FUTURE SHE LEFT BEHIND is perfect for a weekend read when you want to escape from the madness of the real world and go to a place where everyone is happy in the end. We need more of that than ever these days.

Corny. Did not finish.

This was a nice romance book. The title intrigued me. The characters were well developed. It was very predictable but charming just the same.

This was a nice story and kept my interest but not really the kind of book I would choose to read on my own.

This book was a joy to read. I usually don't like to read stories about the worst time in someone's life, but this story's protagonist was unwilling to let her situation get her down. Because divorce creates turmoil is every family member's life who is connected the other characters struggles are intertwined. I like the characters, humor, spunkiness and strength in this story. Would recommend.

Lovely, easy read. Well developed, likable characters are knocked around by life but come back to a better life. The author told a nice story.

After graduating from high school Katelyn Chandler left her little home town of Little Springs, Texas in hopes of becoming successful as an artist. While in college Katelyn met Don, fell in love and married him, only to get pregnant with twins and becoming a stay at home mom, and later down the road becoming a babysitter for her mother in law. In this time she also got away from her art and never really fulfilled her dreams since she put her family and constantly traveling for work husband first. After being served divorce papers, Katelyn decides she want to return to her hometown and spend some time with her mom since she hasn't been able to do this very often, but she ends up having a travel companion in her mother in law. The story takes you through their trip and then the time they spent in Little Springs, Texas and how the relationship evolve. Thank you First To Read for giving me the chance to read The Future She Left Behind by Marin Thomas, I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it to everyone.

Katelyn left her small town roots in Little Springs, Texas after high school to pursue her passion for art. After meeting Don in college and marrying him, her passion got lost in the daily actions of raising children, keeping house and supporting Don in his career. As her twins are getting ready to start college, her husband blindsides her by having her served with divorce papers. Katelyn decides to go back to Little Springs to visit her mother and regroup; she didn’t plan on having her mother-in-law, who had been living with them, go with her. In Little Springs, she mediates battles between the two older women, gives her mother a break from work, finds out the guy she left behind is still there and finds her passion to draw and paint again. The Future She Left Behind is a wonderful story of love, support, small-town quirks; it has romance and lots of humor. I found it a very entertaining read and will definitely look forward to more from the author, Marin Thomas.

This was definitely chick lit, but I did want to keep reading it and not do my housework. The characters made me care about them. I liked the characters a lot. They were all flawed and human. The mother in law dynamic was interesting. All the main characters got a 2nd chance to turn their lives around and all were smart enough to take it.

I loved the beginning of this book. But as the book progressed, it became predictable and things happened too easily. The main character was engaging and likable, but the relationships between characters occurred too quickly, the way they might in a two-hour made-for-TV movie. What I thought was going to be a novel about the main character, her snobby mother-in-law, and her own slightly estranged mother curiously turned into a back-and-forth point of view between the main character and her high school boyfriend. The author has an engaging style and the story was enjoyable. I can't say that I disliked the book. But it started in one direction and then wandered in another. I would have liked it better if it had continued to explore the relationships of the three women. But it was an easy, breezy read that kept my interest.

I really liked this book. Not my typical kind of read but enjoyed thoroughly. Katelyn Pratt is married to a very successful business man, with 18 year old twins that have now gone out in the world for college. She still has the one person she doesn't like in her household, her 65 year old snobby Mother-in-Law. She's rude, constantly belittling Katelyn, and since her husband is traveling for work more often than not, Katelyn is left to take care of her. Then after a day out at the salon while her MIL gets her hair permed, again, she comes home only to be served divorce papers.The house is being put on the market and he's made arrangements for his Mother to go into assisted living. Katelyn decides she needs to go home to visit her Mom. Only problem is her MIL's apartment won't be ready for months. So she takes her home to her home town of Little Springs, TX. With 3000 residents, a small grocery store, and one home cooked restaurant, it is a shock to her MIL, who is snobby, used to the finer things in life, and downright rude. How will Katelyn ever survive the friction between her Mother and MIL. This really was a laugh out loud book. Would definitely recommend! I received this from First to Read for my honest opinion. Thank you for allowing me to read it.

I received an ARC of The Future She Left Behind in August, which was perfect timing as this was a good summer vacation read. Yes it's predictable but sometimes that is okay. I liked the main characters and the story of Katelyn rediscovering herself after her husband left her and her children went away to school was fairly believable. Thanks First to Read for allowing me to read and review this book.

Thank you to First To Read for the Advanced Copy of The Future She Left Behind by Marin Thomas. I really thought I would enjoy a light read for a change of pace. I'm sorry to say I found this book very predictable and lacking on an intriguing plot. I'm sure a lot of readers will enjoy this book but I'm not one of them. All books are not for all people. That's the fun of picking a book.

This was a breezy escapist read, perfect for vacation or a day at the beach. Katelyn lives an ideal life, with her well behaved twins, getting ready to go off to college, a wealthy husband, and all the material comforts she could want. Her greatest struggle is her stubborn, willful, and snobby mother-in-law that has been living in her home for the past three years. However, Katelyn's world drastically changes when she's blindsided by divorce papers, and finds out her husband has been having an affair. So Katelyn heads back to Little Springs, Texas; the same place she was so desperate to escape as a child. She comes face to face with her past, and begins the processing of rediscovering who she is and the dreams she once had. A light, funny and enjoyable novel.

I enjoyed reading this book. Katelyn is suddenly served divorce papers and decides to go back to her childhood home to lick her wounded pride/heart and decide what to do next. While home, she starts to rediscover her relationship with her mother, more along the lines of an adult relationship rather than a parent-child one. The story is one of discovery and growth.

This was a good book! It was a tad bit predictable, but it was still a good read. I liked the characters and was rooting for most of them throughout the book. The small town setting reminded me of the small farm community I grew up in and, like Katelyn, couldn't wait to escape. I felt the ending was left open for the possibility of a sequel, and didn't mind that b/c I would like to see where the characters are down the road. I look forward to reading another book by Marin Thomas!

This was a great book! While it was somewhat predictable it still read well. The characters were well developed, the story line was thoughtful, and it left me wishing there was more! Make sure you leave time in your schedule. You'll want to read the whole thing in a single sitting!

An enjoyable contemporary finding-yourself-post-divorce romance set in small town Texas. After 18 yrs of marriage and two kids, Katelyn's husband Don files for divorce while away on a business trip, puts the house on the market, and throws his mother, Shirley, who lives with them, into a retirement home. Katelyn says, "Screw it, I'm gonna go see my mom." Shirley, pissed at Don too, goes with her. Both women move on after years spent living their lives for other people and start living for themselves. It's a feel-good story that makes for a satisfying summer read. Sometimes the best way forward is to go back to where you started.

I received a free advance copy of this book in return for an unbiased and honest review. I could not put this book down. When I wasn't reading about Katelyn and Little Springs, Texas, I was thinking about them. Marin Thomas has an incredible knack for bringing the scene to life. Her writing is vibrant and fast moving. The plot was extremely well developed and the characters were so refined i could picture them. I even found myself reading in different internal voices depending on the character. This was my first Marin Thomas novel, but it will not be my last.

Many thanks to Penguin Random House for an advance copy of "The Future She Left Behind" by Marin Thomas ~ anticipated release date of September 5, 2017. Katelyn Chandler is blind-sided with divorce papers from her husband who she discovers has been unfaithful several times throughout their marriage. One of the first moves her soon to be ex makes is to sell their palatial home, so Katelyn decides to drive home to Little Springs, Texas to lick her wounds and figure out her next move. Her snooty monster-in-law comes along for the ride to avoid being placed in retirement living by her son. When she left home at 18 for college, Katelyn had left behind her mom Birdie and her boyfriend Jackson Mendoza. She has a distant relationship with her mom (she sends her mom a check for $1000 on birthdays) so staying with her is an opportunity to get to know her mom as an adult and person. I think all of us can relate to not realizing your mom has a life until we mature. And also, as women, to losing yourself as you become a caretaker to a husband, children, mother-in-law or whomever. Katelyn gets the opportunity in Little Springs to rediscover her passion for art and realizing it's never too late to pursue your dreams. She also realizes, and provides counsel to a friend in a similar situation, that money doesn't equal happiness. I loved the well-developed characters in the small town of Little Springs. Sallie's Beauty Shop and the grocery store are great settings. Katelyn's mom Birdie and mother-in-law, Shirley find a unique relationship while love blooms again between Katelyn and Jackson. Definitely predictable but isn't it always easier for an outsider to see what should be? It's fun to discover new authors and I had to look up Thomas's bio to figure out her Missouri connection. I always love a book that takes place in familiar settings so especially loved the references to St. Louis, Kansas City, Stephens College and University of Missouri!

Katelyn Chandler returns home to her hometown of Little Springs, Texas after finding out in one swift, painful moment that her husband wants a divorce and has been cheating on her for years. To make matters worse, her mother-in-law who is not her biggest fan comes along for the ride. As Katelyn returns home she rediscovers her passion and love for art that she had long buried. She also rekindles her relationship with her high school sweetheart she left behind for a bigger life. This is a wonderful story about finding what you left behind and learning what is really important in life. A great cast of supporting characters make this story very much worth the read. Special thanks to Penguin Random House for the opportunity to read a special advance copy.

Prepare to fall in love with this charming story of life, love, and family. The Future She Left Behind is beautifully written and shows us that "life happens". This one holds humor, small town glamour, and self discovery. The Plot: After 19 years of marriage, a set of twins heading off to college, and becoming the "babysitter" to her forgetful mother in law, Katelyn is suddenly faced with a gripping reality. Her husband files for divorce and admits to cheating. So, what's a woman to do when she realizes she no longer knows who she is? She decides to take off to visit her mother in her home town of Little Springs, Texas. There's just one problem. Her mother in law's new apartment is not ready to be moved in to, and her husband is still away on business, so she is forced to bring her mother in law with her. Can Katelyn find herself again in her hometown, stuck with a woman she hates, and faced with a possible reconciliation with her high school sweetheart? The Future She Holds is such a beautiful story! It is a perfect example of what happens when we become complacent in life and lose ourselves. It shows us that we should never give up on our dreams or settle, and it shows the importance of family and finding one's roots. I feel like the author drew inspiration from Steel Magnolias, Hope Floats, and Legally Blonde. This book is full of life, love, laughter, and strong women. It is a story about learning to open up to those around you, and it is a story of self discovery for several of its characters. Our main character Katelyn is a beautiful, strong woman that finds herself lost to life. After her 19 years of marriage, she has become complacent and unhappy. After she finds out that her husband cheated, filed for divorce, and put their house on the market, she decides to find herself again. It takes her hometown, her mother, her mother in law, and her old flame to prove to her that she was hiding inside the whole time. What emerges from her cocoon of life is a stunning, happy, talented butterfly strong enough to live in the here and now and enjoy her life and family. Katelyn's mother, Birdie, is also a beautiful, strong woman complacent in life, knowing she gave up on her dreams. She is a woman who is used to working for a living to make ends meet. It takes the help of her daughter to realize that she, too, should try to find herself again and revisit the talent she left behind. Birdie becomes more connected to her daughter, her love for music, and her new friendship with Katelyn's soon to be ex-mother in law. Katelyn's mother in law, Shirley, is a misunderstood, ornery, stubborn woman. She starts off being stuck in her ways, snooty, and manipulative. It takes the town of Little Springs, Birdie and her friends, Katelyn, and another lonely soul to help her discover the lonely, fun loving woman dying to come out. And finally, we have Katelyn's old beau, Jackson. Jackson is known for being the town bad boy in his youth. He is coming to terms with the mistakes he has made in life and realizing that he only he is responsible for his past and only he can be responsible for his future. Pretty much every character in this book has a "not so shiny" past and undergoes some sort of self discovery. The story is real, heartfelt, and entertaining. If you are looking for a "feel good" story with well written characters, charming imagery, and beautiful morals, then look no further than The Future She Left Behind. This one gets a 5 star rating from me and I already have plans to buy it for my mother and sister-in-law! Thank you to First to Read to providing me with this free e-ARC in exchange for my honest review.

What a fantastic read! This story is so relatable to so many of us women out there who have lost ourselves in marriage and motherhood. We spend so much time caring for others, that we forget what we wanted out of our own lives. I especially loved the different relationships and how they changed through the course of the book. Especially between Shirley and Katelyn. Highly recommend!

I really enjoyed this book. It was somewhat predictable, but I don't think that's really a bad thing. It's a sweet, light book perfect to take to the beach. The characters are well developed and realistic, and I loved the small town setting. If you're looking for an easy, uplifting read, pick this one up.

A pleasant read filled with small town charm asking whether it is necessary to go back before one can move forward? Is it ever too late to pursue your dreams? When Katelyn is surprised by her husband filing for divorce , she decides to go home for the summer to visit her mother...and take her dependent mother-in-law with her. It is filled with lovely, quirky characters that could be anyone's friends illuminating the importance of family and friendships. It is somewhat predictable but enjoyable nonetheless. I would highly recommend. Thank you to First to Read Program for an advanced reading copy.

What a lovely book! Despite dealing with tough life issues -- divorce and infedility -- the author added enough peripheral characters and situations to lighten it up and be depressing. While an unexpected divorce request lead to Katelyn's, the main character, road trip home, ultimately the book is about finding yourself and trying to achieve your dreams even if you are "old." In addition to a great cast of characters (the mother-in-law is a hoot!) that are nicely developed, the story is relatable to practically everyone over 40 (give of take a few years). I liked that the chapters are fairly short, too. Thank you for the advanced copy!

If you believe dreams cannot be denied, then The Future She Left Behind is the book for you. Marin Thomas has created characters who could be members of your own family. In some ways the book is very predictable but it is definitely worth the read. Thanks to Read It First for the opportunity to preview this book.


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