The Fast and the Furriest by Sofie Ryan

The Fast and the Furriest

Sofie Ryan

Sofie Ryan is back with her fifth book in her Second Chance Cat Mysteries in this tale of a sleuthing cat and a murder case.

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Sarah Grayson and her trusty companion, Elvis, race to tail the right suspects in the fifth installment of the New York Times bestselling Second Chance Cat Mysteries.

Sarah Grayson owns Second Chance, a shop that sells lovingly refurbished items, in the charming town of North Harbor, Maine. But she couldn't run the store without the help of her right-hand man, Mac--or her dashing rescue cat, Elvis.

Mac's life before North Harbor has always been a little bit mysterious, but it becomes a lot more intriguing when a woman from his past shows up in town, and then turns up dead. Suspicion falls on Mac, but Sarah--and Elvis--know he can't be the killer, and they hope they can prove his innocence quick as a whisker.

Advance Galley Reviews

This was my first mystery in this series. The title seemed cute, so I chose to preview it. The primary character Sarah finds her friend Mac accused of murder. With the help of the Angels and of course her furry friend, she sets on a path to clear his name. A good quick read, but overall as fluffy as you might expect.

Another great installment in the Second Chance Cat Mystery series. In this fifth book, we learn about the mysterious past of Mac. When a person from the past comes to North Harbor looking for Mac, trouble soon follows. But no worries, Sarah and the Angels are on the case to prove Mac's innocence. I greatly enjoyed the book and was pleasantly surprised to not guess the murderer until the end. I received a copy of this book from the First to Read program.

Sarah Grayson owns Second Chance, a shop that sells lovingly refurbished items, in the charming town of North Harbor, Maine. But she couldn't run the store without the help of her right-hand man, Mac, or her dashing rescue cat, Elvis. Mac's life before North Harbor has always been a little bit mysterious, but it becomes a lot more intriguing when a woman from his past shows up in town, and then turns up dead. Suspicion falls on Mac, but Sarah, and Elvis, know he can't be the killer, and they hope they can prove his innocence quick as a whisker. I fell into this novel by the sheer coziness of it. It was like visiting with old friends. But as the book progressed, and the story unfolded it I was more and more invested it in. What that means is this book is a real page turner, and it's one of those that I want to be reading when I was away from it. The twist in this story, which appears at the first, really grabs at a person's heart and brings on emotions that stay with you long after the novel is finished. This is definitely one of my favorite series and I'm looking forward to seeing where it goes from here. I received a digital copy of this book from the publisher through the Penguin First to Read program.

The Fast and the Furriest follows Sarah Grayson, the owner of a shop called Second Changce where she sells refurbished items like furniture and clothes, and her group of mystery detective inclined friends. They are a diverse, fun group (that of course includes her Cat Elvis) that get mixed up in and solve mysteries. This particular book involves a murder mystery where one of the group is a prime suspect and the others must work to clear his name. The Fast and the Furriest was only my second cozy mystery read ever and I was really excited to read it. Not only is the title of the book SUPER cute but what more could I want in a book other than a crime solving cat? I love that idea. While I ended up liking this book overall, I didn’t like it quite as much as I was hoping I would. I was in the mood for a good mystery but I felt like this wasn’t quite it. I did enjoy the characters and I enjoyed Elvis but I felt like the mystery was a little more predictable that I wanted it to be. I also felt like I wasn’t fully invested in the characters and I feel like that might be due to the fact that it is a fifth installment and I haven’t yet read any of the other books in the series. I plan to rectify that soon as I really did enjoy these characters. It was a charming mystery with charming characters that did make me feel warm and cozy. I definitely think this can be a book that cozy mysteries readers would want to cuddle up with on a cold night with a cup of hot chocolate. 3.5 stars - I liked it, I would read another in the series.

The Fast and the Furriest by Sofie Ryan is the fifth installment in A Second Chance Cat Mystery series. Sarah Grayson owns Second Chance in North Harbor, Maine. Sarah is refurbishing an item for the shop when she is approached by Erin Fellowes looking for Mac McKenzie (a part-time employee of Sarah’s). Mac is a private man who has not shared any details of his past. When Mac returns Sarah passes along the message from Erin. Later that evening Mac shows up at Sarah’s house. He was unable to find Erin and wants to tell Sarah about his past. His wife, Leila has been in a coma for two years from a carbon monoxide leak in their home. Mac was the main suspect and Leila’s parents sued for guardianship. While they are talking, Detective Michelle Andrews shows up looking for Mac. Erin Fellowes was found dead and a witness claims Mac was arguing with her before her death. Sarah with help from Elvis (her cat) and Charlotte’s Angels goes about locating Erin’s killer and discovering what happened to Leila two years prior. The Fast and Furriest can be a standalone. The necessary details are provided in the book. I enjoyed the author’s writing style. The Fast and Furriest is a light, entertaining cozy mystery. The story has a good pace and great characters (Mr. P is one of my favorites). I love Sarah’s business and her creative ideas. I like the interactions between the characters along with the scenes between Elvis and Sarah. The author is adept at dialogue. The mystery is nicely constructed. Clues are provided to aid readers in identifying the culprit. There is also misdirection that could send you down the wrong path. I appreciated getting to know Mac in this story. I hope we will see him again in the future books. It will be interesting to see what develops between Sarah and Nick. There are those cozy moments that readers love (cooking, going out, gossip, friendship, and family) as well as light-hearted humor. If you are looking for a charming cozy mystery with a smart main character and an adorable cat, then you should check out The Fast and the Furriest.

This book follows Sarah, her cat Elvis, and the Angels. The Angles are a group of elderly women and one elderly man who solve mysteries. Sarah is going to need their help after her right hand man, Mac, is accused of murder. Mac's past has always been a secret but after a woman from his past shows up looking for him only to end up murdered. To make things worse a witness saw Mac arguing with her before she is murdered. It is up to Sarah, Elvis, and the Angels to prove he is innocent. This is the fifth book in the series which I had not read prior to reading this story. So I did have a hard time keeping track of all the characters. But I was still able to follow the story and I really enjoyed it. I am now going to back and read the first five books in the Second Chance Cat Mysteries.

I was more than a little disappointed with this book. The cat is cute enough but negligible. The biggest problem is that the narrative is clunky. I normally love cozy mysteries, but this one was a struggle to finish.

I was in the mood for a cat mystery when I requested a copy from First To Read, and hoped for a well-written cozy. However, I didn't realize that there are four preceding books. Therefore, I found myself sometimes lost among a multiplicity of characters, both old and new. Sarah Grayson owns a successful vintage and repurposing store in the picturesque Maine village of North Harbor. Sarah has been aided by a group of older ladies who not only help out in the store, but help her solve mysteries. This time, an employee (and maybe more), Mac McKenzie is suspected in the murder of an old friend who came to North Harbor to see him. Mac has kept a lot of secrets from Sarah about his former life. Nevertheless, the group of friends springs into action to clear him. With some help from Elvis, Sarah's rescue black cat. The Fast and the Furriest has a number of plusses; the Maine setting, the close-knit group and a look at what it takes to run a business in a village like North Harbor. I enjoyed this cozy mystery and will be adding Second Chance Mysteries to my TBR list.

A good mystery. I liked the Angels and Elvis. I wasn't sure who was behind all of the trouble and was surprised at the motive behind everything. Mac works for Sarah. When a woman shows up, he finally reveals his past. His wife has been in a coma and now he is suspected of the murder of her best friend. Sarah and the Angels need to find out who really killed the friend before Mac is hauled off to prison.

What a great story. I love reading a mystery that isn't gory, and a book with cats is always better!! Two paws up!!!

This is such a great cozy read. I haven't read the prior books in the series but it didn't seem to matter too much. I know I was missing out on some character background information but that had no impact on my understanding of the overall story. Sarah Grayson owns a Second Chance shop and employs some of her closest friends and family to help out there. She believes she knows them well but also understands that they are entitled to their private lives as well. When a woman shows up at the shop wanting to speak to Mac, one of her employees, about believing that he did not have anything to do with his wife ending up in a coma, Sarah realizes she doesn't know her employee as well as she thought she did. With the help of the Angels, Sarah is determined to prove Mac's innocence and find out who hurt his wife. This was a quick read and really enjoyable. All the characters are quite likable and the interactions between them are cute and quirky. It's fun to witness the romantic tension between Sarah and Nick (especially when his mom wants them to get together!). I will definitely be reading the other books in this series when I'm looking for a light, good feeling read!

I received a free copy of this book through First to Read in exchange for an honest review. This is the first Second Chance Cat Mystery book that I've read. I loved it! The author gives enough background information that you're able to learn about the characters and their relationships fairly quickly. I love the antics of Charlotte’s Angels and that Sarah tries to be their voice of reason even though she wants to be involved in solving the case just as much as they do. And, Elvis the lie-detecting, Jeopardy-loving cat brings so much character to the book. I definitely plan on buying more books in the series.

This was my first time reading a book by this author. I must say that I really enjoyed it. It peaked my interest right from the start. I like when the action starts shortly after you start a book. I would definitely recommend this book to other readers.

This is the first book in this series that I have read. That being said, it took a little bit to gain an understanding of the regular characters and how they interact, but it was easy enough to get involved in the story. I enjoyed the book. The story was intriguing and moved at a good pace. The characters seem well developed. Overall, I'd read another book in this series in a heartbeat.

Summary: Before things even begin to settle from the Angel’s last case, life is heating back up.  A woman from Mac’s past has come to find him, and has important things to say.  Before she can see Mac, though, she is killed; leaving Mac as the obvious suspect.  In order to clear his name, the ladies need to delve deeper into his mysterious past and find out who might want him out of the way. My thoughts: I love this series.  I love the characters, and their interaction with one another.  I love the different plots, and how each book allows you better insight into a different character.  Being obsessed with Mac (a hot, sweet, intelligent Mr. Fix-it), I was super excited about this one.  He’s got some skeletons in his closet that seriously surprised me, but made me like him better as a character.  The ending leaves things up in the air a bit as far as this character goes, but I have hopes that we will continue to see him.  For me, this is a five star book.   On the adult content side, there’s some violence, but it isn’t over the top considering this is a murder investigation.  Like the rest of the series, there are some innuendoes and light ribbing; but no sexual content and no language.  It’s a very clean, entertaining and fast read.  I give it a two tops.

I have not read the previous Second Chance Cat Mysteries, so at first, not being familiar with all the characters in the town or sleuth group, it took me a little bit to sort them out. Once I had the relationships or almost relationships figured out, then I settled in for an easy read of a cozy mystery. Sarah and her friends and relatives are amusing and fit together well in this little town. I have to admit, it wasn't too hard to figure this one out, but maybe that is because I have always been a mystery reader. And Elvis, Sarah's cat, is a charming little guy. I was glad his background was explained also, since I am new to the series. I hope future murders in the series get a little more complicated to figure out, but all in all this is a good quick cozy mystery, especially for newcomers to this type of book. I'd recommend it!

Cats have never been more appealing to me since I came across the Second Chance Cat Mystery series. Sofie Ryan introduced the lovable feline with a knack for detecting lies in The Whole Cat and Caboodle. Four mysteries later and Elvis is still helping his savvy human, Sarah Grayson, solve local murders. In the fifth book of the series, The Fast and the Furriest, Sarah's right hand man at Second Chance finally opens up about his past. Of course, he has no choice if he doesn't want to go to jail for murder! A friend from the past shows up seeking to talk to Mac, but before they get the chance to speak she's found dead. Finally, it feels like this series is moving forward and past the usual arguments about whether or not Sarah's elderly squad should investigate. Now, they are pretty much an official outfit so the point is moot. Mac is a constant character whose hidden past always made him seem mysterious and kind of unimportant to the story as a whole. With these new revelations Mac is cast in the spotlight and proves to be a more important character than I realized. The mysteries of this series are never too complicated, but they take readers down a rabbit hole that really gets you thinking and trying to figure out whodunit. This particular story, though, I think has a bit more emotional tone as multiple characters seem to get fed up with each other or even become closer. I am eager to see what's next in the Second Chance world. If you love cozy mysteries with lovable kitty cats, then you'll love Sarah Grayson and her rescue cat, Elvis! *ARC provided via First to Read*

Another fun cozy mystery with these delightful characters. I really enjoyed spending more time with these guys, and the plot was clever and fun to figure out. I enjoy reading these types of books because they're so relaxing and exciting at the same time. Very enjoyable.

This is the first I've read of Sofie Ryan's Second Chance Cat Mysteries. Although it's a series this can be read as a stand alone. This is a very easy, light read and quite enjoyable. There are a lot of characters and I did sometimes have to look back to remind myself where someone fit in the scheme of things. I was kept guessing who the culprit could be until about 7/8 through the book because of the plot twists but I was a little disappointed that I knew well before the final reveal. I was even able to guess the motive. Overall if you're looking for a fun, easy, entertaining read this is a book for you. I received a free pre-publication copy of this book in exchange for an unbiased review.

It wasn't high literature but it was entertaining and kept me engaged. I've read a few small-town-mysteries-that-involve-cats books by Sophie Ryan/Kelly and I enjoy the light read every time. She is good at world creation and has the structure of the mystery down. I always think I would enjoy living in one of the town she sets these stories in, although there is certainly more murder than is comfortable. I also like that the mysteries are self-contained but the characters in the town give a threw-line from one book to the next. Sometimes it's nice to escape into a small town mystery for a few hours and this book is just right for that.

This was the first time I read one of Sofie Ryan's Second Chance Cat Mysteries and I am sure it will not be the last. I truly enjoyed reading this cozy mystery. I was glued in place unable to put the book down for long. Ryan kept me guessing to the very end. Her characters are wonderfully believable and North Harbor sounds just like someplace I would love to visit. Highly recommended.

I feel like I’m going to visit a good friend when I open one of Sofie Ryan’s Second Chance Cat Mysteries. I felt at home immediately reading that Sarah and her feline Elvis were discussing the merits of a sandwich she thought he should like because it was a version of his namesake’s favorite. Ms. Ryan is incredibly skillful at making the interaction between Sarah and her cat realistic and engaging. Other characters have their own relationship with Elvis, who also contributes to solving the mystery in each book. In this adventure, Mac, who is employed in Sarah’s store, Second Chance in North Harbor, Maine, is arrested as a murder suspect. We soon find Sarah and Elvis joining forces with Charlotte’s Angels, an unusual private detective agency, to help find the real culprit. Ms. Ryan is a very gifted storyteller. Her mysteries are always well thought out. Her writing brings the characters to life, effectively mixing dialogue and narration that brings you right into each scene. The pace is comfortable. Spending a relaxing afternoon, in a comfortable chair with your favorite beverage, is an excellent way to get acquainted with Sarah, Elvis and all their friends. It will be fun, I promise.

I found this a good mystery that kept you guessing until the end. Just when you thought you had it figured out, like the characters, you discovered that he or she had an alibi. My only complaint stems from the fact that this is my first read in the series (this is the 5th book) and I found it difficult to distinguish some of the regular characters. Perhaps if more description of them was provided (age, hair, relationship, occupation, etc.) early on, it would be easier. I do look forward to reading some of the earlier novels as I found the characters interesting, even if I often got some of them confused. This did not take away from the story except when side plots were brought up.

Love catching up Sarah, Elvis and their circle of friend. We finally learn about Mac's life prior to working for Sarah at her Second Chance shop. Looking forward to the next in the series.

A wonderfully entertaining story. I really loved it. It kept me turning the pages.

A warm hearted delightful tale about good friends of all ages standing beside those who matter. A must read


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