The Disappearing by Lori Roy

The Disappearing

Lori Roy

Powerful and heart-pounding, The Disappearing questions the endurance of family bonds and the dangers of dark rumors and small town gossip.

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Two-time Edgar Award-winning author Lori Roy spins a twisted, atmospheric tale about a small Southern town where girls disappear and boys run away.

When Lane Fielding fled her isolated Florida hometown after high school for the anonymity of New York City, she swore she'd never return. But twenty years later, newly divorced and with two daughters in tow, she finds herself tending bar at the local dive and living with her parents on the historic Fielding Plantation. Here, the past haunts her and the sinister crimes of her father--the former director of an infamous boys' school--make her as unwelcome in town as she was the day she left.

Ostracized by the people she was taught to trust, Lane's unsteady truce with the town is rattled when her older daughter suddenly vanishes. Ten days earlier, a college student went missing, and the two disappearances at first ignite fears that a serial killer who once preyed upon the town has returned. But when Lane's younger daughter admits to having made a new and unseemly friend, a desperate Lane attacks her hometown's façade to discover whether her daughter's disappearance is payback for her father's crimes--or for her own.

With reporters descending upon the town, police combing through the swamp, and events taking increasingly disturbing turns, Lane fears she faces too many enemies and too little time to bring her daughter safely home. Powerful and heart-pounding, The Disappearing questions the endurance of family bonds, the dangers of dark rumors and small town gossip, and how sometimes home is the scariest place of all.

Advance Galley Reviews

Great suspense story! The plot kept my attention from start to finish. Years of family secrets and lies are pulled away to reveal the truth about the Fielding family. Plenty of twists and action. The ending was perfect.

This was a pretty good read. It kept me guessing but yet, I felt that the ending fell a little flat. I do enjoy twists and turns and this book has that.

This one caught my attention and kept me guessing through the entire book. I loved it

This was a very entertaining novel. I was really surprised how good this novel was and I completely enjoyed this the entire time from beginning to end.

You think you know, but you dont. This was entertaining and surprising! I recommend to mystery lovers. There is a little pacing issue but overall great.

This was one of those books that you think you know who the killer is and then are completely thrown for a loop when you find out who is the killer. I feel like I need a prequel so that I can actually know what really happened at the school. Still was a great book. Was a great book and had me guessing and not willing to put it down.

An interesting and solid mystery read. There are definitely parts that are slower then others and I did feel the ending was a bit rushed, but it's an overall good read. 4 stars.

This book was a solid read. The mystery was good and kept you interested and the characters were decent enough. While I wouldn't put it at the top, I would definitely put it on the to-read list.

I received a free advanced copy of this book from First to Read in exchange for an honest review. The premise of this book got my attention. I liked how the multiple narratives ended up fitting together. The mystery kept me reading even when the story got slow. The ending felt a bit rushed, but, overall, I enjoyed the book.

My favorite part of this book was Lane. She was older, had already lived, was weary, and yet didn't just cave in to the things around her. After getting out of her hometown, marrying and having kids, a surprising divorce forces her to return home. This all takes place prior to the start of the book. The reader is brought in as a girl has disappeared. This story line is mixed with one about a boys' school that used to be on Lane's family grounds. Controversy abounds! I enjoyed the somewhat slow pace of the book enforced by having chapters bounce back and forth in perspective but felt the ending was rushed, as though Ms. Roy decided we knew what had happened and it was time to wrap things up and move 'em out. That was a tad jarring. But overall the book was an interesting look at a family moving through their own history and legend.

I could not get this book to download to my reader and was unable to attempt to read.

This book was very interesting. I thought the characters were a little one-dimensional -- but that could be due to the book taking place all in about 10 days. I do wonder though if there is a second book coming out since it ended the way it did. It was a solid read. Would recommend to my friends.

Having really enjoyed Lori Roy's past books, I was looking forward to The Disappearing. I could see that it was inspired by the events at the Florida School for Boys and I thought it had all the right elements to reel me in. However, I've picked it up and put it down and haven't been able to rekindle interest in finishing at this time. The pace was a bit too slow and I didn't feel invested in the characters as I have in her other books. I may pick this up in future, but for now I'm finished. *thanks to Penguin Random House First to Read for a digital advance copy in exchange for an honest review**

The Disappearing has a solid, promising premise and is, in part, based on the horrific crimes committed at the Arthur Dozier School of Boys in Florida. However, the book fails to completely live up to its promise. Lane Fielding, recently divorced, is forced to move back home with her two daughters, Annalee and Talley, to live with her elderly parents. Her father was the director of the now-closed Fielding School and is being investigated for crimes, including the abuse and murder, of boys that were sent to his school (a type of juvenile reform institution). The book is told from alternating perspectives of various characters, including Lane; her mother, Erma; Talley; and a character known as Daryl; and it begins with the recent disappearance of a college student, Susannah Bauer, who volunteered at the Fielding Plantation to help with its restoration. Annalee soon goes missing herself. I found the beginning of the novel catchy and enticing. However, I was able to figure out the reasons behind the disappearances fairly quickly and once you figure out who the murderer is, the book loses some of its enticement. I also found the ending to be a cop-out and rushed and overall, there was a resounding feeling of a lack of justice. If the author could re-write the book, I'd ask her to write a better ending, though I'm sure there will be some readers who like it as it is. The other issue I had with the book is that a lot of the POV characters are unlikeable and unrelatable. I liked Talley and Erma, but they both also get to be annoying at various parts. Thanks to First to Read for my free ARC of this book.

The Disappearing by Lori Roy was an good mystery that takes the characters back to the past to solve the present day disappearances. Although the storyline dragged in places, I still overall enjoyed the book and would recommend it.... it's not the best book I've read in the last six months, but would rate it in the middle of the others I've read. Give it a try!

I loved this book up until the end - it just didn’t work for me. I felt like it was more of a suspense book than a mystery and with the ending it felt unfinished. Talley was really the only character that was likeable. I loved how the book switched between the different narrators. Overall, it was a good read and i’ll give Lori Roy another try.

I would give this book a 3.5 - 4.0. The mystery pulls you in and there are several twists and turn which are exciting and you don’t see coming, but it seemed like the ending fell a little flat. I wanted to see some justic done! Although, it could have been set up for a sequel. The perspective changes between characters with each chapter which is a writing style I really enjoy. The character development was strong - I could picture them all in my head as I as reading and could even imagine it as a tv show or movie!

Thank you First to Read for the opportunity to read The Disappearing by Lori Roy. The story centers on Lane Fielding, a divorced mom of two girls, returns to her hometown after many years. She is working in a bar and there is alot of family history so she is struggling to fit back into the community. A killer is out there and when Lane's daughter disappears she must face the demons from the past. Her younger daughter presents other issues and Lane faces adversity and must find the strength to put her family back together. Does Lane have the fortitude to be the woman she strives to be or will she have to face the fact that tragedy follows her. This is more of a family drama vs. mystery. The characters are not very likeable - I didn't like Lane, and I found myself skimming thru the book to get to the end. Just ok for me.

This book is a story of a family’s struggle to deal with the past. Told from multiple perspectives, it starts out as a mother looking for her missing daughter but turns into a mystery about whose past secrets could come back to haunt the present. The story, despite some interesting characters, moved too slowly for me. I almost stopped reading it.

I thank First to Read for the advance copy of the book. I could not get into this book and can't explain why. The characters are interesting, if not endearing. The story just took too long to develop. Perhaps it was the constant changing of perspectives. I have not finished the book but trying to trudge through to the end.

This book was a winding, mysterious thriller, that fooled me into thinking it was straightforward. Instead of sunny Florida, this book was like swamp Florida, steeped in history and shadows everywhere! I enjoyed how the author tied all the loose ends of the multiple narratives together, but left how they all connected just out of sight until the very end. I can see at least another book with these characters, given how the book was left. Even though the end was wrapped up abruptly and fast forwarded about 20 years, I did like the tidbits and teasers that the unofficial epilogue/end of the book gave. I will definitely read the next book that continues this story, and look forward to exploring more books by this author.

I love Lori Roy’s voice and writing style. I have read all of her previous books and this one did not disappoint. She shifts between four different narrators, including three generations of the same family, and it works very well. If you love Southern Gothic novels in the vein of Joshilyn Jackson, then you will love Lori Roy, too.

I really enjoyed this book! It is a suspenseful thriller. It's definitely a page turner! I couldn't put this book down. I had to keep reading to find out what happens next. It has a great plot and great characters. I really enjoy the alternating perspectives. I would definitely recommend this book.

The ending of this book had me on the edge of my seat, but the last line of the book was truly chilling. I loved the shifting, multiple perspectives. They kept the differing aspects of the story alive. There are so many flawed characters, but some are truly endearing because of their flaws. This is an excellent, suspenseful thriller, although I could see some of it coming, but that didn’t detract from it, at all.

The development of the story and the characters placed me in the south with the storyline. It was a page turner awaiting the conclusion. I truly enjoyed this book and would recommend it.

I was disappointed by this book. The multiple perspectives and alternating chapters didn't really allow me to connect with any of the characters, who were actually pretty unlikeable. The story held such promise. Unfortunately it didn't work out for me. I put it down several times because I figured out the plot twist and simply wasn't invested in the fate of the characters. Thoroughly underwhelmed. Thank you First to Read for providing me with an e-arc of this book.

This was the first book I've read by Lori Roy. While the synopsis of the book sounded intriguing, I wasn't all that impressed with the story itself. I felt like the use of the different perspectives made it difficult at times to follow the story. It seemed like there was a lot of build up surrounding some of the characters but the end just kind of fell flat. I will say that it started out strong and had pulled me in at first, but overall I was disappointed.

The Disappearing is the first book by Lori Roy that I have read. In looking at the book’s synopsis I was very excited about the book as it is the type of story I will typically enjoy. Unfortunately the book did not live up to the synopsis. The story moves very, very slowly as it jumps back and forth between the past and present and it really failed to hold my interest. I finally did finish it and, in looking back at it, I think one of the biggest problems with the book was that none of the characters were particularly likeable. I didn’t care what had happened to them in the past and didn’t really care what was happening to them currently. I thank First to Read for the advance copy of the book and just wish I could have enjoyed it more.

I did not like this book. It was so slow paced it took me weeks to get through. I could not relate to most of the characters or the story. Did not find it interesting or entertaining. So happy I finally finished the book and can move on to hopefully a better read.

I really enjoyed this book. It kept you engaged and had enough plot twists and mystery to keep you reading. I felt the end of the book raced through the years too fast to keep with the story, but overall a good read. I would recommend. Thanks First to Read for my advance copy!

This was my first time reading this author, Lori Roy. The description sounded like something I would normally enjoy but I had a hard time getting into it. Nice twist at the end. Thank you First to Read for the ARC.

Excellent story that is told from many points of view and goes back and forth in time but it is very easy to follow the story and timeline. Lori Roy is such a good writer and she slowly builds the connection between all these characters and has you guessing as to what exactly has happened with the disappearance of Susanne and then Annalee and Lane (in the past). And there is a fascinating ending. I really enjoyed this story.

This book wasn't my cup of tea. I liked how everyone was connected, but I found the slow burn pacing as the multiple narrators took their time revealing multiple truths boring. So much of the focus was on events that happened in the past that I found myself wishing the novel was set during the time where all the action happened, rather than being told about it. Until Annalee (the oldest daughter) went missing there wasn't much present action that was very interesting. And maybe I would have been fine with the slow unrolling of the story if I had liked the characters or become attached to one of them. Then I'd be up for the ride. However, I found them either bland or unlikable. There was no spark. That being said, I didn't hate them either. While it was nice to have everything come full circle at the end to give more closure I didn't like how it finished. I don't want to spoil anything, but at the end I found myself questioning if Daryl was right. Maybe vileness does spread throughout some families. And maybe some mistakes are doomed to be repeated because people never learn from their family's mistakes. Overall, the last hundred pages (really the first half of those) is what upped my rating to a three. There was action and finally some suspense as to what would happen next. However, I wouldn't suggest this to someone who is looking for a pulse-pounding thriller or a chill down their spine. This was much slower and not nearly as satisfying. I received a review copy.

I received this book from First to Read in exchange for my honest review. Lane Fielding, a newly divorcee with two children, heads back home to Florida. Where she lives in her childhood home of many secrets, with her mother and father. Lori Roy takes us on the journey of Lane being back home among those who think they know what happened to her twenty years ago. This was the first book I have read by Lori Roy, and I must say it did not disappoint. I literally could not put the book down, with each turn of the page, I had to know what happened. And the twist that she gave us a the end was something I did not see coming. I highly recommend you give this book a read. I give it a 4.5/5 stars

I received this book from First to Read in exchange for my honest review. When Lane Fielding fled her isolated Florida hometown after high school for the anonymity of New York City, she swore she'd never return. But twenty years later, newly divorced and with two daughters in tow, she finds herself tending bar at the local dive and living with her parents on the historic Fielding Plantation. Here, the past haunts her and the sinister crimes of her father--the former director of an infamous boys' school--make her as unwelcome in town as she was the day she left. This was my first time reading anything from this Author. This is a must read. I could hardly put it down. The Author had me at page one. Just when I think I had the ending figured out there was a twist. If your looking for a suspenseful Summer read this is the book for you.

This was such a good read and kept me engaged throughout. I was actually surprised toward the end. It was not what I had anticipated, but was so much more satisfying. I will absolutely be reading more from this author.

I liked this book and was really drawn into finding out the ending. The setup was great and there was lots of suspense. The character of Lane was so frustrating bc she kept saying she was so concerned for her daughters, then over and over did things that left them in dangerous situations. The ending was good but didn't feel totally earned. There were some good twists at the end. I wish the author had fleshed out the characters more, especially Lane's, so that they'd be more sympathetic. There were some characters who didn't face the consequences of their actions in a way that was very frustrating. On the whole, an enjoyable book. This was my first Lori Roy book, and I will check out her earlier works. I look forward to her next book. I give this book 3.5/5 stars. *I received this copy as part of the First To Read program*

I really liked the description of this book and was excited to read it. However, I just couldn't get into it. I don't know if it was because I just couldn't relate to the characters, or what, but it just didn't do it for me.

I enjoyed THE DISAPPEARING by Lori Roy very much. Lane returns home to Waddell, FL after her overwhelming desire to get far away from home. She married and moved to New York. Far away. But now she returns to the place where she was pitied and abused. Her husband has moved to Paris and told her good-bye. Their two children must go with Lane Lane remembers all of the pain she suffers here and things begin to happen again. Her oldest daughter disappears and two other women turn up dead. Is it a serial killer? The search is on until Lane ‘s daughter is found but she can’t remember what happened. A young man who seems to turn up in these females lives is blamed. But is it him? Must read to find out.

This book is told in five multiple points of view. Each view holds it's own narrative pulling you closer and closer as you try to discern what actually happened. Th pacing started out a tad slow but rapidly picks up. This novel surrounds actual real life events and its interesting to see where the author takes it. The ending was a bit of a twist. I was very close to my guess but still a little off. I immensely enjoyed this tale as it came spiraling down to the end. The writing was pleasant and I didn't see any errors.  Overall, I enjoyed the plot. As mentioned before only complaint was it started really slow. The characters were well done and I found it easy to keep up with each 5 points of view. 3.5/5 stars. ***I received this copy as part of the First To Read program***

***Thank you to First to Read for providing me a complimentary copy of THE DISAPPEARING by Lori Roy in exchange for my honest review.*** Based on the real life crimes committed at the Arthur Dozier School for Boys in Florida, THE DISAPPEARING reimagines real life events at the now closed Fielding School. Neil Fielding was never charged for the abuse, disappearances and deaths of the boys at the now closed school, but his family was ostracized. Lane Fielding and her daughters returned to her elderly parents home following her divorce. Annalee, her daughter is the second blond girl to go missing. Have the sins of the Fieldings come back to haunt their small town? Lori Roy, an Edgar Award winner, didn’t hit the right notes for me. Told in five multiple points of view, each with distinct voices, readers are privy to both past and presents. The quality of Roy’s writing shines, but I didn’t enjoy the execution of the premise. The pacing was so slow I stopped multiple times out of boredom. Even the conclusion was too convoluted to feel satisfactory. The real story of the horrors at the Dozier school would have been more interesting to me than THE DISAPPEARING.

It's hard to pinpoint exactly why the book didn't completely work for me. It definitely had elements that I usually enjoy including a woman who is forced to go back to the hometown she was eager to escape, and mysteries of the past tying into the present day. But the characters were so miserable and depressing it really hampered my enjoyment of a fairly decent plot that went in some unexpected directions. The last third of the book or so is what really saved it from being a total miss. Thank you First to Read for the opportunity to read an advance digital copy!


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