The Cowboy and His Baby by Jessica Clare

The Cowboy and His Baby

Jessica Clare

Annie intends for her romance with Dustin to be a fling, but by the time filming wraps up, she’s unexpectedly pregnant. While Annie is prepared to walk away and raise her baby by herself, Dustin isn’t so ready to say good-bye.

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From New York Times bestselling author Jessica Clare comes a contemporary Western romance about a cowboy who is in for the ride of his life…. 

Dustin is a ranch hand with a reputation around town as a ladies’ man. He loves flirting and the thrill of the chase. When he tilts his cowboy hat just so, no one can resist his charms. It’s all fun and games for Dustin until he meets a woman who sparks real feelings in him, and he’s blindsided by love.  

Annie is an animal trainer working on set for a film. Other than her furry, canine coworkers, she hasn’t connected with the rest of the movie’s crew. It’s only when a certain cowboy catches her eye that Wyoming becomes interesting. She intends for their romance to be a fling, but by the time filming wraps up, she’s unexpectedly pregnant.     

While Annie is prepared to walk away and raise her baby by herself, Dustin isn’t so ready to say good-bye. He has to prove to Annie that she has a future in Wyoming and capture her heart before it’s too late....

Advance Galley Reviews

Annie is a dog trainer on location for a movie. Dustin is a local ranch hand with itchy feet who is known as a ladies man and player around town. Dustin agrees to approach Annie in a local bar one night to help a younger fellow ranch hand. After meeting her, Dustin is intrigued which is new for him. Annie does not immediately succumb to Dustin’s charms. They end up bonding over dogs and begin a friendship that slowly grows into a romance. When the movie wraps, after some misunderstandings, Annie leaves to head back home to LA thinking there would be no relationship with Dustin. Later she finds out she is pregnant but decides to raise the baby on her own until she has to return on location for re-shoots and she decides to see Dustin and tell him about the baby. What I liked about the story: Dustin’s personal growth and being able to learn what he really wanted in life, which was Annie and the baby. What I didn’t like: Annie not believing in what Dustin was telling her about his feelings. I thought the story was okay but feel like a little more communication between the two of them would have saved them both months of heartache.

This was my first time reading something from this author. And I found myself liking it very much. This book was a quick read but I had a little a hard time focusing on the story at the beginning. Maybe that was just me. Either way, this story focused on Dustin and Annie and their cute love story. He originally goes up to her, to buy her a drink on his friend but she's not having any of it. And that piques his interest. He spends time with her and they slowly start to fall each other. There were parts where our leading lady drove me crazy! When she didn't voice her reason for walking away from Dustin.! I wanted to throw my kindle. Overall a cute love story. I received an ARC from First to Read.

First of all, this book caught me since it's one of my genre kryptonites: a secret baby romance. This was super-cute and I especially loved Dustin (a fully realized hero, but also not a jerk). Annie was a great heroine as well (lovely lady who does her own thing). *Also*, Kitty was a wonderful side character that gave me all the laughs and giggles. Definitely pick this one up!

Dustin and Annie! Animal trainer Annie Grissom was frustrated with the director of the movie she was doing in Painted Barrel, Wyoming because he was trying to change the stunts that her dog, Spidey had been trained for. Annie went to the local bar with some of her co-workers from the movie when she met local cowboy Dustin Worthington but they didn’t hit it off right away. Annie needed to find the next dog to train for her next movie and she asked Dustin to give her ride and when the dog she rescued connected with Dustin. So Dustin adopted the dog and Annie said she would help train it at the ranch where he worked. When they spent the night together, the condom broke and after Annie tried gong to the drugstore for the morning after pill, she left for Los Angeles because she thought that Dustin was already in a relationship. Little did she know that she was pregnant but until she had to return for reshoots for the movie she didn’t intend to tell Dustin, she finally had to tell Dustin when she returned to Painted Barrel. Annie was surprised how well he took the news. Reading The Cowboy and His Baby was very interesting for me because I grew up in areas very similar and people many times don’t understand how different things are from a higher population area. Thanks to First to Read for giving me an advanced reader copy.

4 out of 5 stars. This story kept me engrossed until the end and I finished it in less than two days. So of course I liked it. I liked Dustin’s eagerness and Annie’s dog obsession. However, there were a few things that frustrated me or didn’t make sense. First of all, Dustin was way too forgiving of the life-altering decisions Annie would make without consulting him. I felt like he should have pushed back a bit more, or she should have been more contrite, at least. That would have felt more realistic to me. The other thing that was off was the timing. There was a “6 weeks later” and “7 months later” and if you did the math, that should have put Annie at 38 weeks pregnant, not 30. Basically, she would have been having the baby right then. Also, when Annie was less than two months away from giving birth, she was considering a job in Vancouver that would last for two months. No heavily pregnant woman would ever consider that. Unless a) she doesn’t mind leaving the job early and unfinished, b) she doesn’t mind her child not being a US citizen, c) she doesn’t care about who would be delivering her baby, which every pregnant woman does, and d) if those things do matter to her, she wouldn’t mind driving from Vancouver to LA to deliver when she goes into labor because airlines generally don’t allow you to fly in the last month. Overall, just some logistical issues that weren’t considered in the writing.

I really enjoyed Annie and Dustin’s story. As a dog lover, I loved all Annie’s interactions with the dogs. Annie’s interactions with humans left me scratching my head sometimes, though. This was a quick, happy read. I recommend it for dog lovers and lovers of a sweet story. Thank you to First to Read for the opportunity to read and review!

I found this to be a fast read. The characters were well developed and make you feel like you're in that small town with them. I would recommend this book. Thanks, First To Read, for my advance copy.

Annie Grissom prefers to spend her time with dogs rather than people. She trains dogs for movies, and she’s perfectly happy to keep on doing just that. But, then, a charming cowboy worked his way into her life. She’s not sure how he captured her heart, because it was supposed to be just for fun and end when the movie wrapped up. Now she’s pregnant with his baby, in love, and uncertain he wants her in his life. Dustin Worthington has always been a drifter. He drifts from one cattle farm to another when he gets tired of the same old scene. He craves adventure, but a sweet dog-trainer is in town working on a movie not far from him. He finds he can’t resist her and starts to question his future plans. Could he settle down in one place for the rest of his life? The Cowboy and His Baby is a sweet and spicy romance that kept me up all night reading. I absolutely loved Annie Grissom and her love for dogs. Her character captures your heart right from the beginning. She’s anything but a typical heroine from her red hair to the freckles that cover her skin. And who can resist a charming cowboy with a sense of humor? Certainly not me. Dustin Worthington put a silly grin on my face right from the start. Peppered with interesting characters, this novel keeps you engaged throughout. It will be tough to set this novel aside, so you might want to grab a lazy Sunday afternoon and read from beginning to end. Lose yourself in this romance, you’ll be happy that you did.


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