Tear It Down by Nick Petrie

Tear It Down

Nick Petrie

Peter Ash finds himself stuck between Memphis gangsters–looking for Rolexes and revenge–and a Mississippi ex-con and his hog-butcher brother looking for a valuable piece of family history that goes all the way back to the Civil War.

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In the new edge-of-your-seat adventure from national bestselling author Nick Petrie, Peter Ash pursues one case--and stumbles into another--in the City of the Blues.

Iraq war veteran Peter Ash is restless in the home he shares with June Cassidy in Washington State. June knows Peter needs to be on the move, so she sends him to Memphis to help her friend Wanda Wyatt, a photographer and war correspondent who's been receiving peculiar threats. When Peter arrives in Memphis, however, he finds the situation has gone downhill fast--someone has just driven a dump truck into Wanda's living room. But neither Wanda nor Peter can figure out why.

At the same time, a young homeless street musician finds himself roped into a plan to rob a jewelry store. The heist doesn't go as planned, and the young man finds himself holding a sack full of Rolexes and running for his life. When his getaway car breaks down, he steals a new one at gunpoint--Peter's 1968 green Chevrolet pickup truck.

Peter likes the skinny kid's smarts and attitude, but he soon discovers that the desperate musician is in far worse trouble than he knows. And Wanda's troubles are only beginning. Peter finds himself stuck between Memphis gangsters--looking for Rolexes and revenge--and a Mississippi ex-con and his hog-butcher brother looking for a valuable piece of family history that goes all the way back to the Civil War.

Advance Galley Reviews

The writing style just wasn't for me. While I did finish reading this, I wasn't invested.

I did not like the writing style, definitely not for me.

Unfortunately I was unable to read the book before it expired.

Chose to DNF this book. The first chapter was missing. Frivolous use of the “n” word. Sections missing. Don’t read Adventure novels.

My copy started in the middle of a sentence/chapter. I was very confused with the beginning. After that, it is a quick read. Recommended for thriller fans. Not recommended for those looking for a light read.

I was unable to read this do to issues with opening the file

I jumped into this book as the fourth installment. with a little background digging on previous storylines, it helped with the first half of the book which is set up for the fast-paced second half of the book. The characters are well thought out and developed and the multiple story=ies all come to head at seemingly the right moment. It's made me want to jump back and read the first three novels. I think it's a must-read for anyone who likes Petrie or the ash novels. And what appears to be a very nice suspense reading series for anyone who likes fast-paced, gritty novels. It may not be perfect but it's really really solid 3.75/5

I really enjoy the Peter Ash series and this one does not disappoint. I do suggest not jumping in with this one, but starting from the beginning, to get the full understanding of the characters and how Peter has grown since he's gotten back from the war.

After a mistake I made to return the book before even started reading it, I wasn't able to read it at all. i have send a mail to see if there was any way to overcome this and be able to download it again, but I never got a response. Too bad cause I really wanted to read the book. :(

I received this book as an Advance Copy via Penguin's First to Read program. I have never read the other books in this series, so my immediate impression was that I would be picking up a series in the middle. However, I didn't really feel like I lost out on much previous knowledge, as most of the semi-relevant details were sprinkled throughout this book. Disclaimer: I do not normally reach for this type of book/genre. Overall, I would give this book 3 out of five stars. It was not the best book I have ever read, but it was not the worst, either. There was plenty of action to keep your attention engaged, but not so much that the plot entirely disappeared. It's definitely a quick read...I could see picking this up to read on the plane for vacation, or something like that. The story itself was a little disjointed. I felt like attention was given to details and characters that really didn't add any value to the story. I really felt like a whole storyline took place for a character that was completely unnecessary. It didn't make me hate the book, it just made me ask: why? I think this would be a book that I would recommend to my husband, who does not normally read; if he were in the mood for a book, he would probably not be disappointed by this.

Although I was unable to identify with any of the characters in Nick Petrie's Tear It Down, I was intrigued by this story which definitely picks up its pace in the second half. Since this is the first book in the Peter Ash series which I have read, I suspect that I would have enjoyed it more had I followed Peter from the beginning. While I would like to know more about the characters in this series, I don't know if I'll read the others that preceded it. Thank you to Penguin's First to Read program for giving me the opportunity to read the ARC.

Wanted very much to read, but due to illness was not able to complete before expiration.

This was a difficult novel for me to read. The plot was hard for me to follow because of the structure of the book and the changes in locations and times. While the character development was good, I don’t think I’ll read any others in this series. I received an ARC of this novel through First to Read.

Thanks so much First to Read at Penguin Random House for access to this ARC! I’m rating this a 1 out of 5 stars. I really struggled to get into this book and even to finish it. I’m not one to take a long time to read something I’m into, but I just had a hard time reading this book. I didn’t like the chapter setup. I didn’t like the flip flopping in chapters and having to remember who was who and who was connected to who and how and where. Maybe I would have done better with chapter titles. I didn’t feel like it all came together soon enough. I felt constantly confused at what was happening, which made me uninterested and I found myself often stopping reading and do something when I’ve read other books in less than 24 hours because I had to know what happened next. I didn’t realize this was a fourth book in a series so I was thrown off when they referenced things in previous books that I was unaware of and thus didn’t understand the reference. I didn’t like the authors style. If you liked his previous books about Peter Ash, I’m sure you’ll love this one too. As someone who didn’t know anything about Peter Ash or the authors chapter style and writing rhetoric, I was not impressed and only finished the book because I was given access to the ARC and wanted to be able to write my review. I did enjoy the references to the struggles of veterans and appreciate the spotlight on that, as well showcasing the problem in many cities across our nation of children and families suffering and people dying for no reason. I’ve read other books showing race war scenarios and problems in our “ghetto” neighborhoods or areas overrun with gangs that were better than this one.

Rating:????????/5 I enjoyed Tear It Down by Nick Petrie. Thank you for providing me with a courtesy copy to read through your First To Read program. This was my introduction to both the author and his stalwart serial character, Peter Ash. My lack of background knowledge regarding Peter did not impact my ability to dive into the story and become an invested reader. It did make me want to read other novels involving this character though, for the author gives just enough information to become invested but leaves you wanting more. I would say this is true with each of the main characters in this book. They are all expertly crafted and developed. Their physical descriptions are impeccable as I could see the evil in Judah Lee and the enlightenment of Eli Bell. You can see and feel the pain of Wanda Wyatt along with the imagery of her amazing photographs. The story itself is a bit slow at first and seems disjointed but the pace quickens and soon all of the pieces of the puzzle fall together. I look forward to reading other books in this series.

This is the first book I've read by Nick Petrie, so I'm meeting Peter Ash for the first time. I've been looking for a new private eye detective series to follow similar to the Spencer novels by Robert Parker. This book started really well with the planning of the jewelry heist. The characters and dialogue were all great. Then suddenly, the story shifted to another place to meet Peter Ash and introduce his current situation, personal life and give some backstory details. Then the story shifted again to another place with a new problem for Ash and new characters. What happened to the jewelry heist? I really wanted to continue reading about it and the characters involved in it. I guess all these separate events and characters will later somehow connect together in the novel. But I'm losing interest in the story now. I'm not going to hang around waiting to find out how all the loose ends fit together. Sorry, but I'm not going to be a follower of Nice Petrie's Peter Ash.

Iraq war veteran Peter Ash has been living with his girlfriend June in the mountains of Washington but she senses his restlessness. Her solution is to ask him to travel to Memphis and help her friend Wanda, a photographer and war correspondent who has been receiving threats. When Wanda purchased her house at an auction, she outbid two brothers with ties to the house. As they grew up their father told them stories of a family legacy that was hidden in the house during the Civil War. Their threats are now escalating to violence in an effort to scare her from the house. Shortly after arriving in Memphis, Peter’s truck is stolen by Eli, a young street musician who was involved in a recent jewelry store robbery that went horribly wrong. Now he is on the run with a bag of Rolex watches and the powerful head of the local gangs chasing him down. Peter sees something in Eli and it will take all of his training and skills to keep him safe while also trying to protect Wanda. This is the fourth book in the Peter Ash series but the first one that I have read. Nick Petrie’s characters are well-developed and he keeps his story moving at a quick pace. Ash shares a number of the same qualities found in Jack Reacher, making this an ideal series for fans of Lee Child. After reading Tear it Down I will definitely go back to the beginning of the series to learn more about Peter Ash.

I really liked this book.....all the way thru, even thru the 'acknowledgements'! Action all the way thru, & a great hero & his cohorts to cheer for! This is the 4th in a series, the hero being a returned soldier/Marine that finds himself trying to help others in need or trouble. The book reads pretty fast, at some points you might almost want it to slow down so it'll last longer! It's easy to lead you into staying up just a little later to read just a little more.....& then you realize it's later into the night than you'd planned! There's a lot of violence without it being 'awful', & no bad language or sex.......nothing to be offended at. I received this e-ARC from Penguin's First-To-Read program, in return for reading & providing my own fair & honest review.

Another fast paced, page turning thriller. Peter continues to deal with his inability to stay indoors for an extended period of time, When Peter heads to Memphis to help out a friend of his girlfriend June, he discovers the situation has deteriorated. As he works to uncover who is threatening the friend, he is drawn into a young man's problems with Memphis gangsters.

I was so looking forward to reading this book but was not able to download it.

I am just loving this series. Book 4 and Peter can stay indoors for a little while if he believes it is necessary. The white static still rules his life and he needs to be doing something. June sends him to Memphis to help a woman she knows. Somebody is trying to drive her out of a house she just purchased. This, the terrorizing of a person, is just the kind of problem that Peter likes to solve. Along the way, Peter meets a boy who plays blues guitar extremely well and is in trouble with a local crime lord. Peter and June and Peter's ex-crime lord friend Lewis all unite in Memphis to clean up the twin problems, after they have created a major mess. You have to read this book. It starts slowly, but then takes off like a house on fire, or at least one that has a dump truck in the front room. I'm almost hoping Peter never gets the white static completely under control. I received the copy of this book for this review from First To Read.

This is a fun thriller, with a bad-ass hero looking to get the bad guys and nonstop action. It was a fast read and well-written. It includes a cute author's note at the end that basically says "don't try this at home, boys and girls". The characters are pretty well developed for a thriller, and the point of view switches from the main character (Peter) to the villains in the plot (but not to the other good guys: Wanda or June or Lewis) to fill them out to more 3D characters. Peter is fighting two evils: a black dope dealer with evil henchmen (and a woman) and a manifestly evil white supremacist. The two really bad guys are pure evil, but they have sidekicks that are more or less filled out and human. And Eli, the kid who Peter is trying to help, is a relatable character in a bad situation. The story is about Memphis, but more than anything else, about race. And I'm not 100% sure I'm comfortable, or maybe impressed, with this aspect of it. The black teenagers use the n-word that ends in a and the white supremacist uses the n-word that ends in er. There are two characters addicted to pain killers, one black one white. The main crime fighting team is one black one white, and they explicitly call themselves Ebony and Ivory at one particularly cringe-worthy juncture, and they're coming after two main criminals, one black one white. Peter tells Lewis not to kill the black dope dealers and Lewis tells Peter not to kill the white supremacists. All this happens without Peter and Lewis really having a conversation about race, other than Peter saying he feels guilty that he doesn't have a direct connection to slavery. It's a little too carefully constructed and also somehow dodges the main issue. I'm still turning over exactly how I feel about it. I'll be interested to see what others have to say about this earnest, well-meaning, but somehow a little off take on race. But at the same time, I know I'm way overthinking this. The main point of a thriller is the action and the bad-ass hero, right? And it certainly delivers on that front. I just feel like the author was trying to make it something more and didn't quite get there. But it was well written and fun.

I was excited to have an opportunity to rejoin the world of Peter Ash. One of the main quirks of this character that stands out for me is the dichotomy of his approach to the world. Where he finds innocents being treated improperly, he is quick to stand up for them and take on (or take out) those who need it; however, his moral compass frequently pegs out when he comes across the type of person he feels he can show compassion toward – even those who are portrayed as villains. A young “punk” personality hijacking him and taking away his beloved truck he has diligently worked to restore and is his main possession in life, tugs at Peter’s heart strings (for a reason that is somewhat subtly explained later in the novel) to the point, he wants to rescue him. Peter originally is sent to assist Wanda (an acquaintance type friend of June’s) whom he finds has some struggles of her own regarding seeing the horrible results of war and poverty along with trying to wipe them away with various substances. Again, Peter finds a situation where he wants to get this person back on her feet. As a resident of Arkansas who has traveled to the eastern part of the state and into Memphis, it was fun to read and know about several of the locations in various scenes. One of my knocks on this fourth novel is starting to slowly weave its way into an annoyance: the ongoing issue between Peter and June in how he needs to be “set free” due to his personality and need for testosterone-filled situations versus her want and desire for him to get it out of his system and come home to stay. June’s later appearance in this novel and travel to Memphis did not feel necessary for the storyline. She could have easily stayed in Washington and been a slight thorn to Peter by phone. I enjoyed the introduction of the main villain’s body guard and “hit woman”. Their characters would be interesting to show up again given how the last interaction ended in this novel between them and Peter. Could they arrive in later novel(s) as reluctant help for Peter? Not a perfect novel by any means, but if you’re seeking: action; several problematic situations coming to head simultaneously; broken down city street life; and, a flawed main character, this novel hits these themes solidly and make for a 4 out of 5 star read.

Peter Ash, an ex-marine, has grown restless after recuperating at his girlfriend’s house from an accident. He’s having trouble adjusting to civilian life. June suggests that he go and help her friend Wanda Wyatt, a combat photographer, because she’s having a little trouble with vandalism at her home in Memphis. Once Peter gets there, he finds out that Wanda is in a whole lot of trouble that could get her killed. Someone is looking for something they believe belongs to them, and it’s in the house Wanda bought after returning from an assignment overseas. They’ll stop at nothing to get it back, even if it means killing Wanda to get her out of the house. Eli Bell helped rob a jewelry store against his better judgment. He wants to play the blues, but can’t seem to get his life together. After robbing the jewelry store, he finds himself in trouble with a local gangster named King Robbie. Robbie wants what’s his, and he’s coming after Eli to get it. Eli decides to steal a truck from an ex-marine who let him. Not only has he got King Robbie on his tail, now Peter is looking for him too. Peter is faced with a battle on all sides, so he calls in his friend Lewis to help clean up the mess in Memphis before someone gets killed. It took me a couple of chapters to warm up to “Tear it Down”, then I couldn’t wait to get back to it. Peter is an easy-going ex-marine that feels a need to help those in trouble. There were plenty of action scenes to keep the story lively. The author handled the two different problems (Eli Bell’s and Wanda Wyatt’s) well and managed to make it work without getting the two mixed up into a jumbled mess. The characters are interesting and you’ll enjoy getting to know them throughout the story. Each have their own distinct personality, and the author leaves just enough mystery about each one, making you want to learn more. Maybe there will be a series? I hope so. This fast-paced suspense novel keeps you glued to the action as you race to find out how it ends.

Loved this book! Great characters to love and to hate. Peter Ash does not shy away from getting involved in dangerous situations, that's for sure. When Peter sets out to help his girlfriends friend Wanda, the situation spirals out of control from day 1 and only gets worse. So much exciting action, you sure don't want to stop reading until you get to that last page. And I sure was rooting for young Eli to get his life straightened out.

Boy howdy what a ride! Thanks, First to Read, for my advance copy. This was definitely a page turner. I couldn't wait to find out what happened next through every chapter. There was plenty of action and even a little humor. It was well written and kept the reader on their toes to the very end. I would recommend this book to anyone who asked and plan on looking up the author's other works.


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