Sniper's Pride by Megan Crane

Sniper's Pride

Megan Crane

Mariah is afraid her husband will kill her and hires one of Alaska Force special operatives, Griffin, for protection. However, there is something about Mariah’s mix of toughness and vulnerability that gets right under Griffin's skin.

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Return to Alaska's Grizzly Harbor where danger strikes with arctic precision and love thaws the coldest hearts in the newest romantic suspense from the USA Today bestselling author of SEAL's Honor.

After Mariah McKenna lands in the hospital with a life-threatening anaphylactic reaction she knows she didn’t cause, she realizes her cheating, vindictive husband would rather have a dead wife than a divorce. Afraid that he will succeed in killing her next time, Mariah goes to Grizzly Harbor to hire one of the Alaska Force special operatives to help her survive long enough to finally live a little.
Griffin Cisneros traded in a comfortable future for boot camp, where he learned the virtue of patience and focus—skills that served him well as a Marine sniper. Few things get to him these days, but something about Mariah’s mix of toughness and vulnerability gets right under his skin. Until it’s clear she’s the one thing in the world that might melt the ice in stoic, reserved Griffin, whether he likes it or not. 

If he can just keep her alive...

Advance Galley Reviews

Enjoyable story. Twist at the end that I wasn't expecting.

I remember reading a preview for this and immediately being drawn into the story. And once I was finally able to get my hands on this ARC it did not disappoint. Ugh...I even feel like I read it too fast, as I tried to devour every word. I really enjoyed this Mariah's strength, she was definitely not a damsel in distress, handling all that the Alaska Force threw at her especially the hero, Griffin. Ugh... there were even times that when she was pouring her heart out to him that left me with tears in my eyes. Looking forward to the next book in the series. ARC provided by First to Read

After being sent to the hospital twice over her shellfish allergy, Mariah is starting to think there is something nefarious going on. She's in the middle of getting a divorce from her emotionally abusive husband who doesn't want the embarrassment of a divorce as he is gearing up to run for office. Her late night YouTube surfing has led her to contact a group of men who call themselves Alaska Force. Griffin isn't a fan of prissy blonde women after he found his wife and bestfriend were cheating on him. He's days as a Marine sniper have given a particular set of skills but have also made him think he shouldn't be around civilians. When Mariah shows up looking for help, his guard is instantly up. While Alaska Force tries to determine is Mariah is really in danger, Griffin fights his own battle against falling for the client. They were men without ties. Some without pasts. The Alaska Force is made up of former military men, second in the series Sniper's Pride, focuses on Griffin. I have not read the first in the series but I had no problem jumping in here as the author gives sufficient background on the group and how everyone ties in together. Our heroine Mariah is a new character and has the grace and backbone of a girl who grew-up on the wrong side of the tracks and had to survive the snake pit of high society. Griffin came off a bit harsh with Mariah in the beginning, he was making her pay for the pain his ex-wife cost him, I'm not sure I fully forgave him for his attitude. It was also excessively pushed how he felt he couldn't be around civilians. I read a good amount of romantic suspense, so maybe I'm just worn on this trope but I felt there wasn't enough given of Griffin's personality for me to believe in why he felt this way. Griffin says it over and over, the telling me all the time but not showing which leads me to not feeling. Mariah was the stronger of the two characters, her admitting that she married to escape her family and poverty, to building up enough self-esteem to leave her marriage, and standing up to Griffin. Her character was sweet, strong, and funny. The chemistry between the two wasn't as strong as I would have liked, a lot of my issues was due to how rude Griffin could be to her at times. Their first sex scene felt a bit out of nowhere and their “I love yous” seemed very quick. We get to see a couple of the other members of the Alaska Force, a teased romance between the founder and a grumpy cafe owner, but I would have liked to have seen more scenes between all the guys or Griffin's friendship with them, I think it would have filled out his character more. All in all, this was basic line romantic suspense, Griffin was a bit cardboard cut-out alpha male, the villain was kind of fantastical, and the danger had the heroine needing to be rescued. Tropes that rom suspense readers look for, they just weren't given a fresh feel or much umph behind them.

This was an excellent read from the first page. I don't often say that, especially with romance novels. It's a genre laden with bad writing and loose plots. This had good character development. There were relatively few sex scenes, which I liked. A slow burn, if you will :) Excellent author. Will look out for her in future.

The second novel to the Alaska Force series had me drawn in just like the first! I absolutely loved Mairah and Griffin not to mention that twist near the end on who wanted her gone. Cant wait to see whose next in the series.

had issues with the download and couldn't read the book. guess i'll wait for my library to get it :)

I liked this book, but not quite as much as the first Alaska Force title. Mariah was easily my favorite character. She was strong and independent and chose to look on the bright side even when dealing with attempted murder. Griffin’s insistence that he was too dangerous for civilian life and not capable of love was a bit much after a while. It seemed like his relationship with Mariah wasn’t based on much more than mutual attraction, and I would’ve liked to see a bit more development there. The mystery aspect of the book was interesting, and the twist towards the end was surprising. Overall Sniper’s Pride is a pretty good read for anyone interested in the romantic suspense genre.

Sniper's Pride is the second book in the Alaska Force series about a group of special operatives that live out in the Alaskan wilderness. This can be read as a standalone. Mariah believes her husband is trying to kill her, so she reaches out to Alaska Force. Griffin Cisneros is the one chosen to speak with her and determine if her fears are valid. Griffin is reluctant to take the case, but when it becomes clear trouble has followed her to Alaska, he vows to do whatever he needs to in order to keep her safe. There's a great blend of suspense and romance; neither overshadows the other. Mariah is a strong character, determined to make the best of a bad situation. Griffin, having been hurt in the past, is reluctant to get into another relationship and puts up a good fight against his feelings. There's a twist to the story, which I enjoyed. I honestly didn't see it coming and thought it was a great addition to the story. Fans of romantic suspense are in for treat with this book.

This is the second installment of Alaska Force, in Sniper’s Pride, our hero Griffin is another veteran and member of the Alaska Force squad who has convinced himself he is incapable of love. Until Mariah rushes into the harbor convinced her soon-to-be ex-husband is trying to kill her. I enjoyed this book just as I enjoyed the first. However, the series seems to be formulaic: hero is too damaged for civilian life and therefore cannot love, frantic woman comes in search of rescue, eventually ‘getting under skin’ of hero, danger befalls client, is saved and hero realizes he can love after all.

This is a great romantic suspense! It is full of excitement and suspense and I couldn’t put it down! Megan Crane is a new to me author and I’m so glad I found her through this website! I can’t wait to read more of her books. Thank you First to Read for allowing me early access to this title.


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