Shot in the Dark by Cleo Coyle

Shot in the Dark

Cleo Coyle

After a dead body is found in her coffeehouse, Village Blend manager Clare Cosi is determined to find justice, even if she must use her ex-husband's help.

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From Cleo Coyle, the New York Times bestselling author of Dead Cold Brew, comes a delicious new entry in the "fun and gripping" (The Huffington Post) Coffeehouse Mystery series.

A smartphone dating game turns the Village Blend into a hookup hotspot--until a gunshot turns the landmark coffeehouse into a crime scene.

As Village Blend manager Clare Cosi fixes a date for her wedding, her ex-husband is making dates through smartphone swipes. Clare has mixed feelings about these match-ups happening in her coffeehouse. Even her octogenarian employer is selecting suitors by screenshot! But business is booming, and Clare works hard to keep the espresso shots flowing. Then one night, another kind of shot leaves a dead body for her to find.

The corpse is an entrepreneur who used dating apps with reckless abandon--breaking hearts along the way. The NYPD quickly arrests one of the heartbreaker's recent conquests. But the suspect's sister tearfully swears her sibling was framed. Clare not only finds reason to believe it, she fears the real killer will strike again.

Now Clare is "swiping" through suspects in her own shop--with the help of her globetrotting ex-husband, a man who's spent his life hunting for coffee and women. Together they're determined to find justice before another shot rings out.

Advance Galley Reviews

Good read. Entertaining and fun to read. Liked the characters and their interaction with each other. Holds you captive until the end. Would recommend!

Cleo Doyle's Shot In The Dark, offers cosy mystery goodness that is just as delicious in what is now its 17th serving. As it was at the first taste. Clare and the gang at the Village Blend, are used to being front and center when it comes to murder. But it seems that having their beloved coffeehouse serve as the "hot spot" to meet and greet dates from the new dating app Cinder, has more than a few staffers and some daters out of their depths. With a few of the latter "drowning in jealousy." After video of one of the gun-wielding jilted and her rather subdued suitor propels The Village Blend into social infamy. And... A late night visit to retrieve her rather tipsy mother-in-law from a waterside eatery; leads to the discovery of one very literally drowned patron of The Village Blend. Clare, and her very hunky honey. One detective Quinn, are well in their way to some very readable mystery solving. This extremely engaging whodunit is filled to the brim with plot twists, colorful characters, and romance. Clare is just as tenacious as ever, and her darling detective is right wherever she needs him...You know...whenever. And... Knowing Clare, and her propensity for precarious situations. That wherever and whenever translates to always. As usual however. The mystery is not the only delectable diversion that this read has on offer. It is choc full of scrumptious recipes for readers to enjoy long after the mystery is solved.

A notch above most of the cozies I've read in the past few months. Contemporary story with a specialty setting that manages to not completely overwhelm the mystery plot.

Thanks, FirsttoRead, for my complimentary review copy. Although this is the seventeenth installment in the series, it is the first one I have read. Ideally, I would have preferred to start with the first book, but I didn’t feel lost because the authors(Cleo Coyle is a pseudonym for the husband/wife writing team of Alice Alfonsi and Marc Cerasini) do an excellent job of referencing past events and characters. This cozy mystery series, all with clever coffee-themed puns as titles and and beautiful covers, is set in a coffee shop, Village Blend. The plot is centered around the trendy topic of dating apps and is brimming with references to social media and its jargon. The charms of these modern ways of communication are lost on Clare Cosi, narrator and manager of Village Blend. She’s old-fashioned, favoring real human interaction and connection. The descriptions of everything are so vivid, whether it be the settings, the quirky characters, or the delicious food(recipes are provided!). Also, it was informative in a very entertaining way. Being that Clare’s ex, Matteo sources coffee from remote locations all over the world, there were numerous and diverse cultural tidbits. And the humor -- one scene in the gym was laugh-out-loud hilarious. Overall, I enjoyed my first taste of Coyle’s Coffee Shop mystery series. It had everything : 1) intriguing plot, 2) likable characters, 3) humor, 4) satisfying ending, and, last but not least, 5) mouth-watering food. It goes without saying that this should not be read when hungry. It could lead to cravings and copious consumption.

I love this series. This one deals with the new dating apps and how people use them for bad instead of good. It also deals with how casual some people are about hook ups etc. I really enjoyed this story as I could totally sympathize with Claire as to being totally clueless about all of this newfangled technology! LOL! I really liked all of the different viewpoints on dating and dating apps. And the coffeehouse is always a great setting for these mysteries.

I have read all of the Coffeehouse Mystery series and have enjoyed all of them and this latest installment of The Coffeehouse series was no exception. Taking on the dating app scene, Coyle did a good job capturing the modern world of dating even if she seemed 'above it all' about them. While the premise is new, the formula is not, and this one follows the same as the others. Clare has a coffeehouse, someone dies either in her presence or someone she has just met, she stumbles over the body, she argues with her ex-husband, she is warned by her fiance, she is in danger, she almost dies, she is rescued, the killer is caught and everyone lives happily ever after until the next dead body shows up. These are great cozy mysteries and don't require a lot of thought, but if you are for something that isn't fomulaic, this isn't it. That said, it IS a good read and a nice way to spend and afternoon...with a cup of coffee.

This was my first cozy mystery. I loved it. So many twists and relationships with the characters. Very believable and current. It addresses the social media apps used today. The underlying theme is you don't know the person you met online.

This is one of my favorite cozy mystery series. I've gotten way behind on the books, but I wasn't confused at all while reading thing. It was a fun read although it did get a bit preachy about dating apps and cellphone usage, though they are valid points. This aspect of the book went on a little long, but it was an all in all entertaining read. I'll definitely be picking this series back up.

This book was amazing. Loved all the modern stuff in this book. Enjoyed the the mystery twists and how it was in twined with the coffee house, apps, and how society lives today. I never read a book by this author before. But now I’ll be reading more of her past and future books. ???????? O and one more thing this book made me drink more coffee ?? lol ??

This was my first book in the Clare Cosi series, and while I won't be going back to book one, A Shot in The Dark was a fun read. I enjoyed the recipes at the end, neat idea. The book is definitely hip to whats going with the digital dating scene. While some of it was a bit far fetched with too many players, it was still well written. I enjoyed the characters, particularly Esther and Tucker.

This is part of a series, one that I always look forward to the next book. It's a great read about Clare and her "detective" skills. I recommend this book!

Clare Cosi runs a coffeeshop in New York City, in the West Village. It's been there for decades, home to artists, poets, actors, writers, and all sorts of artsy types, as well as those who seriously love good coffee. Her ex-husband Matt is a globe-trotting master of sourcing coffee, so Clare's roasts are always the cream of the crop.  The Village Blend is a two-story shop filled with warmth and flavor. The baristas are personable, the pastries delectable, and the atmosphere encourages conversation and creativity. That's why it was named one of the top three meeting places in the city, and the young singles with their smartphones and the Cinder app were out in force. While Matt was getting shot down by the women he was meeting, the sound of gunfire up on the second floor sent Clare running to find out what was happening.  Upstairs, a seriously annoyed Cinderella was trying to teach a lesson to her Prince Not-at-All Charming by waving a gun around and shooting at the ceiling. And although it turned out to be a prop gun filled with blanks, the viral videos from several customers' phones put the Village Blend even more into the spotlight. It wasn't until later that night that Clare saw a woman floating in the Hudson River and recognized her as a customer of the coffee shop.  As Clare looks into what may have caused so much turmoil in just one evening, she also questions a culture where intimacy has fallen to the wayside in lieu of staring at phones and swiping for a quick match. But delving further into the woman's death--and into her life, what Clare finds is far deeper and darker than her darkest roast coffee, and it puts her in hotter water than she's ever felt.  A Shot in the Dark is the 17th in Cleo Coyle's Coffeehouse Mystery series. This is the first one I've gotten to read, but it certainly won't be the last. A friend suggested Coyle's series to me earlier this year, and I had, of course, known about it, but I hadn't realized how good it is. There is a specific formula for a cozy mystery, and the best cozies take that formula and find a way to elevate it. A Shot in the Dark does that, looking not just at a murder but at the larger culture that influences the choices that lead to such a deviant crime. It's smart and interesting and even includes recipes at the end (Hello, Clare's Double-Chocolate Fudge Bundt Cake with Whipped Coffee Cream! Where have you been all my life? And why is there not yet an app where I can swipe right on that?!). I highly recommend A Shot in the Dark to all of my cozy friends, perfect for reading in your favorite coffeehouse, especially if they have snacks. And if you're like me and this is your first serving of Cleo Coyle, you should definitely come back for more.  Galleys for A Shot in the Dark were provided by Berkeley Prime Crime through Penguin's First to Read program, with many thanks.

A great addition to the series. The characters are amazing as always, not too much growth. Some relationships did expand, I can't wait for the wedding! Only negative would be all the repeating information, I get the point, but it is frustrating to read the same lines in every book. The others I did listen to the audio, so color me impressed with the recipes at the end. I am no Clare, but I'm going to try. The storyline was believable enough, though after a gazillion cases you'd think that believe Clare a little more even with no evidence seems like they could listen better and sniff stuff out. But then we wouldn't have this delightful series.

I really enjoyed this book. I loved the characters and the setting. The book moved at a good pace and I loved the recipes that the author shared. I can’t wait to read the other books in the series.

What an exciting new whodunit!!! In this next book of the series things are going well at the Village Blend and all is looking right for Clare. The uptake in clientele seems to be due to a new dating app that has everyone swiping right including her ex and his mother. It has Clare wondering about all the things that could go wrong when using it. During a busy evening at the Blend a client pulls a gun on a man who dumped her after a hookup making Clare worry about the ramifications of the incident on her business. When she gets a call from her ex mother-in-law who has had a bad date after meeting a man from a dating app Clare rushes to the rescue. They decide to have a meal at a local restaurant by the water leading to Clare seeing something floating which looks suspiciously like a body. The dead woman ends up being a customer and Clare just can't let her death go, she's sure it wasn't a suicide, an accident, or mugging. Follow along as Clare dives into the online world of dating and swiping right to look for a murderer. The author truly knows how to weave a tale of mystery and intrigues you the whole way through. This is such a great series filled with amazing characters, wonderful writing about coffee, and a fabulous setting. I always look forward to visiting with Clare and seeing what she gets into next.

I have read every single Coffeehouse mystery and I have loved every single one, including this one. I think I started reading this series around 2005, and Claire Cosi is like an old (literary) friend by now. I have never been to NYC, nor the Village obviously, but the development of the neighborhood (as well as the characters) makes me feel like I'm a regular customer to the Village Blend. As long as Cleo Coyle continues to write this series, I will continue to read them. Definitely a must-read for anyone who likes mysteries, cozies especially. Thank you First to Read for the ARC!

This is a new to me author and I really enjoyed this book. I like that there was enough background to keep me from feeling lost. The character development is very good, and the plot was believable. The cheesy take on Tinder had me laughing out loud. I really enjoyed reading a book with mature characters. I get incredibly exhausted from reading characters in their 20s. This was very refreshing. Clare is a great character. I am going to read this series from the beginning. My only gripe is the bit about Ubuntu. Africa is a content, not a country. There is absolutely no reason to take a philosophical concept of two countries (South Africa and Malawi) and apply it to entire continent. This was lazy on both the editor and the author. I have been recommending this book to all of my friends though. I really enjoyed it, and look forward to reading more.

This is the first book I have read in this series but the author included enough back story on the characters that I did not feel lost. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know these characters, I will have to go back and start at the beginning so that I can pick up other nuances I may have missed. The humor was appreciated and did not detract from the mystery. And the dating app aspect really made it relatable to today's dating scene (or so I assume). Would read another book by this author.

I enjoy this series. It's on my list of go-to cozy mystery series when I want a cozy with a good story, well developed background theme and great writing. Set in a fictional NYC coffee house, Village Blend, the mysteries center around shop manager Clare Cosi. The supporting characters -- her detective fiance, coffee shop employees, her ex-husband and his mother who owns the company -- all have their own personalities and add to the richness of the plots. This series is like a coffee shop that serves a fabulous cup of java .... I will keep coming back! Shot in the Dark is the 17th Coffeehouse Mystery. It seems everyone in the Village is using dating apps. Casual meet-ups seem to be causing all sorts of problems, and Clare is not comfortable with some behaviors she seems becoming commonplace. Then a woman brandishes a gun on the second floor of Village Blend, threatening a man she hooked up with using a dating app. A video of the incident at the coffee shop goes viral online quickly. Things go downhill from there, and the next day Clare discovers a body floating in the river. She recognizes the woman as a customer at Village Blend. The dead girl has a memory stick in her belongings. A video of the incident at Village Blend is saved on the memory stick. Are the two events related? Turns out there's a lot going on besides casual hook-ups. The mystery is fast-paced and suspenseful, with lots of suspects and twists. The coffee house background theme is wonderful as usual. And all the characters just make these books enjoyable every time! As usual, at the end of the story there are recipes (my husband will LOVE the Italian Sub Quesadillas!), great info on the different types of coffee drinks and instructions on how to use a moka express pot. The cover art for this book is perfect. Very eye-catching and ties in with the plot of the book. I love the look on the barista's face....she's like...WTF? lol Cleo Coyle is the pen name for writer duo Alice Alfonsi and Marc Cerasini. They also write the Haunted Bookshop cozy series under the name Alice Kimberly.

Shot in the Dark is book 17 in the Coffehouse Mystery series. I can't help just hopping right into a series without reading the previous books. It worked out well for me though, since I didn't really need to know anything from previous books. I really wound up enjoying Cleo Coyle's writing style and will have to try more of her books in the near future. Clare Cosi runs the Village Blend, a coffee shop that has a ton of new business thanks to a popular dating app called Cinder. Things seem to be going well up until one of the spurned women shows up to confront a man in the coffee shop with a gun. As you can imagine the huge crowd every day dies down after the videos of the incident goes viral. Add in Clare spotting a body that she's convinced is connected and you have a pretty good mystery she's trying to solve. With a person of interest on her radar, Clare and the police try to uncover the true identity of the man in question. The plot was pretty intricate and flowed so well, I really thought some of the twists wouldn't wind up being connected so I have to give kudos to the author. I didn't guess the killer until it was revealed and I love when that happens. Shot in the Dark is a mystery novel you won't want to put down. The plot never lagged and I wound up loving the characters. There were quite a few different things going on but the author weaved it all together where it was seamless to the main plot. I'm impressed, and highly recommend this book if you're a fan of mystery novels.

Clare Cosi and her staff and ex-husband Matt Allegro are working at their coffeehouse, Village Blend, when gunfire erupts from the second floor area. This starts Clare trying to find out more about a dating app, Cinder, that prompted the confrontation. She also has help from her fiancé, undercover detective Mike Quinn, who is working on a drug case. Dating apps, an exercise guru, a new street drug, murder and revenge are all intertwined leading up to a satisfying conclusion. An entertaining cozy mystery in this coffeehouse series. Thank you First-to-Read for this free e-copy of "Shot In The Dark".

I have not read any other books in this series before, but I enjoyed it quite a bit. It was a fast paced book with yummy food and drinks with recipes included in the back. It was explained enough that I could keep the characters straight in my head although I was missing some of the backstory, but I prefer that to many pages of explanation of everything that has happened previously. Overall, a good read.

I received an advance copy of this novel from NetGalley for my unbiased opinion. This is book 17 in the Coffeehouse Mystery series and it is the 17th book in the series that I have read. So to say that my opinion is unbiased is a stretch because I love this series and look forward to the new novels every year. I enjoyed this novel thoroughly, just as I have enjoyed all the other novels in the series. I can always smell the coffee and taste the goodies that Clare whips up and I always have to try the recipes that are included with the novels. You do not necessarily have to have read the other books in the series to enjoy this novel, but it is so much more enjoyable if you do.

I would give this book 3 stars I think. It was the first book I have read in this genre of Cozy Mysteries. The plot is contemporary in the use of apps and gadgets. The characters are mature and very well fleshed out. It made for good reading.

This is another "cozy" mystery, and if you tend to like these types of books, then you'll enjoy this one as well. I've recently started reading this sub-genre of mystery and I can't seem to get enough of them lately. It's probably because I live in a place where winter seems never-ending and these type of books are perfect for that type of weather. Shot in the Dark is the 17th book in this series but you don't necessarily have to read the previous books in order to get acquainted with all the characters. The book touches on most of the characters' backstories so you have a general idea of how they got to where they are. I liked how the plot was tied to dating apps and the "swipe" culture because if you use or have used dating apps before, then you can probably understand how easy you can get sucked into it and find yourself mindlessly swiping and obsessing over your profile pics. This is a relevant, delightful read with quirky characters so I would recommend giving this book a try.

In the 17th book in this series, Clare is happily engaged to her cop, Mike. Plus there's a lot of business at Village Blend the coffee house in NYC that Clare manages for her ex-husband's mother. A new dating app has made the coffee house a hot spot to meet for dates. Except there's a man who isn't a good catch. One woman causes a scene with him so when he turns up dead later they assume she killed him. Clare gets involved and tries to prove her innocence. Also, there are drugs involved this time and Mike is trying to find out who the supplier is. This installment was good as usual. Although, I felt a couple times Clare and the gang were clueless. When they figure things out you're like DUH. lol The recipes looked great and I can't wait until Clare and Mike get married.

This is the first book in this series that I have read. There was some character quirks that I felt lost with at first because I was not familiar with the characters. However, I was able to get lost in the story pretty quickly. It was a comfortable read and overall, I enjoyed it.

I made it through the first five chapters of the book, but couldn't keep reading this. It was drivel and filled with slang and spelling/grammar errors. I am sure there is a market for these, but it is not me.

I love coffee and I love Cozy Mysteries so when I saw this book on offer via the First to Read program, I instantly clicked to check it out. Shot In The Dark is book 17 in the Coffeehouse Mystery series. Book 17!  For some reason I thought I was only a couple books behind on this series, when I elected to read it.  That said, jumping into the series so late was not a problem.  It was easy to get caught up with the myriad of characters and to piece together some back stories.  The background info was sufficient for a new reader but doesn’t seem as if it would be repetitive for longstanding followers of the series. Clare Cosi is the super sleuth and barista extraordinaire who serves up high quality lattes while figuring out local murder mysteries.  Clare is a likeable main character.  She’s presented as a savvy but caring boss, a good friend, a hopeless romantic and a determined investigator willing to help someone in need. The secondary characters are charming as well and add wonderful layers to this cozy mystery.  From the artistic Esther and Tucker to the practical Nancy and Quinn and ending with the elegant Madame, there’s someone for everyone to relate to. Clare’s fiancé, Mike Quinn, just happens to by a NYPD detective, as is her daughter’s boyfriend. This makes for easy access to inside police information.  Clare does still sometimes butt heads with other police officers, but for the most part her relationship with law enforcement is positive.  Sometimes a bit too positive, as she does seem to have found the loosest lips in the NYPD and is freely given information that one may consider a bit sensitive. The coffee. Clare’s ex-husband and business partner, Matt, is a coffee hunter who treks around the world searching for the perfect coffee beans.  He’s also a roaster and takes the time to get to know the relevant coffee farming communities well.  I’m very interested in specialty coffee and coffee origins so this aspect of the book appealed to me.  That said, for readers who don’t have that interest, the in-depth discussions on bean varieties and roast types could be a bit much e.g. when throwing in this info over the discovery of a body… I terms of pacing, I found the first half of this story drags a bit.  There are food descriptions so detailed as to disrupt the flow of the story.  There is info dumping about New York City’s history and set up.  There’re also comprehensive explanations of how apps work and a crash course on app/ text jargon.  There is still some action which helps move the story along though.  By the second half the pace of the story picks up and I was gripped.  Who did it? Why? How are all these characters connected? The mystery itself was excellent.  There were two murders to solve and a host of viable suspects. Every time I was convinced I had figured out who the culprit was, something changed and the story went in a new direction. The clues are well-placed and several sub-plots are worked in seamlessly. I’m glad there are 17 books in this series.  I’ll have to look out for some of the others as I like the characters and how the mystery was set up.

Definitely a 'cozy' mystery....nice, mild romance & mystery, no overt sex or blood & gore. Heavy on the descriptions of the coffeehouse offerings.....the food, the drinks & the aromas. It takes place in the NYC areas & those area descriptions are good too. It was a nice, comfortable read. If you like NYC, coffee, a little mystery & just a little romance....then this is a series for you! I especially liked that at the end of the book she offers some information re espresso, & recipes that she mentioned in the book. I received this e-ARC from Penguin's First-To-Read Giveaway program, in return for my own unbiased, fair & honest review.

This book is very engaging. A lot of interesting characters and a complex storyline. Keeps you guessing all through the plot. Looking forward to trying some of those recipes too. This is the first book of this series that I have read and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you, First to Read, for allowing me an advanced copy in exchange for a review. Now I need a hot cup of coffee and something good to eat.

I requested this because I wanted to try cozy mysteries. It’s not a genre I’ve read before. Unfortunate this one didn’t work for me. I’m not sure if it’s because I was jumping into a series or what. Regardless this was a DNF for me.

I gave this almost 100 pages and just couldn't get into it. The story and the writing are actually very well done. I think I just couldn't get vested into the characters. Maybe because it's the 17th book in the series and the first one for me?

Finally got this book, read it and now time to sit waiting for the next in the series. I am obsessed with this series. Love it. 5 stars.

I really enjoyed this mystery. It was engaging with lots of twists and turns. I really like the main character Clare, her family, and the Village Blend crew. This mystery took an interesting look at dating apps, how they can make people feel, and their sometimes unrealized alternative uses. I especially enjoyed Clare's relationship with Mike Quinn, in which passion is not conveniently glossed over. I think foodies will appreciate this book as Coyle takes the time to really describe each meal and beverage, adding to the atmosphere of each scene. Another bonus factor: Coyle is great at puns and they are sprinkled wonderfully throughout the book. I'd definitely read another Coffeehouse Mystery if I came across it.

I haven't read any other books in this series, but didn't find that to be a deterrent from enjoying it. It was easy to put together the relationships between the characters, even if I didn't fully understand them. One thing that bothered me about this book was the capitalization of the coffee flavors. Yes, I know it takes place in a coffeehouse, but every time I read Dark Caramel Latte with a drizzle of Chocolate Sauce Something and a dash of Our Blend Sea Salt, I felt like I was reading a thinly veiled advertisement for a franchise coffeehouse's products. I kept expecting to come across an advertisement and coupon for 30% off Cleo Coyle's Village Blend Coffee available at fine booksellers. Also, I know the lead owns a coffeehouse and is obsessed with coffee, but at times this obsession was really off putting. Numerous times while reading this I said, "Okay, already. You know a lot about coffee. I get it." So, the book was entertaining, but I won't be reading another one because I don't have an obsession with coffee and didn't like how the main character spoke about her shop's products as if she was doing product-placement in a movie.

This is another great and fun addition to the Coffeehouse series by Cleo Coyle. I loved that Clare was a little out of her element in the whole digital dating world and had to rely on Esther, Dante, and especially, Matt, to help her get caught up to speed. Her relationship with her ex husband is a very strange but special relationship and I love their dynamic. I always love reading about the baristas. I wish we could get more of them in each book. That would be terrific. Now we just have to wait for the next one to come out...sigh...

In the latest installment in Cleo Coyle’s coffee house mystery series, Shot in the Dark, the plot sizzles across the page. The Village Blend has become NYC’s hottest hook-up location courtesy of the newest mobile dating app, Cinder. But Claire Cosi is not so sure that this is actually a good thing. Her ex-husband and business partner, Matt, joins the “swipe right” movement, and she’s sure that he has traded one addiction for another. When one of their customers is found floating in the river, the entire staff teams up to solve the mystery. Suddenly, we’re all hanging on for a wild ride. In a day when so many authors have become formulaic, Cleo Coyle gives us a mystery that is relevant and clever. I love to spend time with her characters and look forward to trying the tempting recipes included with every book. Pure delight! I received a copy of this book from First to Read in return for an honest review.

Clare Cosi is back in the seventeenth installment of the popular Coffehouse Mystery series. Shot in the Dark finds Clare and some of her baristas dealing with a full house of people who have met through a popular dating app called Cinder. However, things go very wrong when gun shots are fired and a young woman is found with a gun pointed at a rather vile guy she met through the app. Soon, Clare, her ex-husband, the Village Blend baristas, Mike Quinn - Clare's fiance', her daughter Joy and even Madame and her new beau are lost in the world of tech, dating apps, possible tampering, a new drug on the streets and oh yeah, another dead body. With the usual wit, style and delicious recipes that make you crave coffee and pastries Cleo Coyle has yet another hit with Shot in the Dark. I enjoyed this book a lot. I was provided an Advanced Readers Copy of this book in return for an honest review. The book will be released on April 17, 2018

I enjoyed this latest visit with Clare. This series is easy reading. When I visit, The Village Blend , I plan to be drinking coffee with regulars in the coffee shop as well as the staff. This trendy dating app group didn't thrill me, Sorry, but I just wanted to kick the whole bunch to the curb and go back to the smell of the coffee.

While I enjoyed the plot and story overall, it was hard for me to get past a few things. I can't stand reading books that have spelling and grammar errors. Also, the author changed names of characters within a paragraph. There were too many chapter breaks. The chapter should end when the thought or scene is completed, and not in the middle of dialogue. I would like to read the next in the series and give the author another try, as I did like the main characters.

I enjoyed the novel a lot. It was my first of series, and I'm planning to start reading them from the beginning, because I really liked all the characters. It was an easy read, something to enjoy while relaxing. I also liked having all the recipes at the end of the book. I might try some.

This was the first of the coffeehouse mysteries that I have read, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The pacing, which can easily slag off in the middle of cozy mysteries, remained consistent throughout, and I loved the characters. Can’t wait to go back and read the rest of the series.

While this title is late in the series, it was no problem to pick it up and read with not prior experience with the characters or the author. In fact, I would say the author spent a bit too much time explaining relationships and personalities. The plot seemed a bit contrived, and too intricate for an amateur sleuth. Think "Murder She Wrote" in Cabot Cove, but set in NYC. An enjoyable read for fans of cozy mysteries, although a bit long for the genre.

Sadly I cannot seem to become invested in this book. This is the first I'm reading of this series but everything about it annoys me. I keep starting and stopping hoping the next page will suck me in but at this point I'm just torturing myself.

I have read this series from the first installment, and it has not lost it's stride at any point! This latest novel takes us back to the Village Blend with the characters we know and love. What I appreciate the most about this book is that part of the story that draws you in is really relevant and fitting to the current times. Also, the characters are consistent. They don't drastically change from book to book as in some series where you find yourself getting whiplash almost, just trying to keep up. This story kept me on my toes throughout and I really enjoyed every word read.

I was ready to give up on this series after the last 2 books but I found I really enjoyed Shot in the Dark. It was nice to back with the gang at the Village Blend. The mystery was what you would expect from a cozy mystery complete with another successful case. After this book, I’ll be sticking with the series. I like the characters and want to continue to travel with them on their adventures.

I received a free copy of this book from Penguin First To Read. I have never read this series before, but that wasn't a problem really. These folks seem to have gotten up to quite a bit in the previous 16 books, but once I got a few chapters in I knew enough to follow the character relationships without spoilers for previous adventures. A dating app has the coffeehouse as a top meeting space, but things go wrong when a crazed woman starts waving a gun about at a real sleaze she met on the app. But things aren't as they seem as dark secrets are uncovered about the man, the app, and the people in their lives. I enjoyed the mystery and the characters and neither was too one dimensional.

Cleo Coyle does it again! I'm in love with all her coffeehouse mysteries and this one is no different. I love how she incorporates coffee info while entertaining her readers and rewarding them with recipes mentioned in the book at the end. This is such a fun, lighthearted read for anyone who is loves a good mystery.

I'm never disappointed with the shenanigans Clare Cosi and the Village Blend barista's get into. Shot in the Dark takes Clare and friends into the online dating world where they cross with wicked villains, make new friends and business partners, and solve yet another mystery. I highly recommend Shot in the Dark, especially if you've been following the Clare and the Village Blend through the years. Thanks to First to Read, I received an advanced readers copy to review Shot in the Dark.

Love catching up with the gang at the Village Coffeehouse. Interesting information on dating apps.

Having read other books by Cleo Colye, I expected and got an enjoyable read. This is a cozy mystery with a phone app as one of the characters,. The mystery was well thought out and not solved by page 100. Well worth the time to relax and read this novel.

This was a fun little read. I have never read anything by Cleo Coyle previously but could definitely read more of her books. Although the story-line was a little confusing to me at times, I still enjoyed it. Clare was a strong, female lead in the story and I appreciated that she stayed (mostly) level-headed and got things accomplished. I also liked that at the end of the book, the recipes for some of the treats mentioned were included. I like that little extra touch, even if I did have to get through all the recipes to find the one I was actually interested in!

This is the first book in the Coffeehoise Mysteries that I have read and I greatly enjoyed it. For coming into the series there is enough background information given during the story to fill newcomers in. A memorable cast of characters and an interesting storyline kept my attention through out the whole book. I may have found a new series to add to my list.

This story just couldn't hold my interest. My mind kept wondering, though I'm not exactly sure it's because this is the first book by this author I've read. I also had trouble relating to the characters.

The book is a cozy murder mystery. If you are looking for a fast paced, thrilling read, this is not for you. I however do enjoy the cozy mysteries. This us the first bok i have read by this author. It sucked me into the story right away. It may help that I love coffee since the main character runs a coffee shop that has been in her ex-husbands family for many years. The book does a good job giving enough backgroind for new readers to the series. I will read more by her and i think i have found a new series for my mom to read too.


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