Royals by Rachel Hawkins


Rachel Hawkins

Rachel Hawkins brings her signature humor, love of Americana, and flair for romance to this page-turning Princess Diaries turned-upside-down story.

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New York Times bestselling author Rachel Hawkins serves up a deliciously royal romance, perfect for fans of Sarah Dessen and Huntley Fitzpatrick.

Meet Daisy Winters. She's an offbeat sixteen-year-old Floridian with mermaid-red hair; a part time job at a bootleg Walmart, and a perfect older sister who's nearly engaged to the Crown Prince of Scotland. Daisy has no desire to live in the spotlight, but relentless tabloid attention forces her join Ellie at the relative seclusion of the castle across the pond.

While the dashing young Miles has been appointed to teach Daisy the ropes of being regal, the prince's roguish younger brother kicks up scandal wherever he goes, and tries his best to take Daisy along for the ride. The crown--and the intriguing Miles--might be trying to make Daisy into a lady . . . but Daisy may just rewrite the royal rulebook to suit herself.

New York Times bestselling author Rachel Hawkins brings her signature humor, love of Americana, and flair for romance to this page-turning Princess Diaries turned-upside-down story.

Advance Galley Reviews

This book was such a fantastic read. This is my first Rachel Hawkins read and I had such a good time reading Royals. It’s a great twist kind of like the princess diaries. I loved all the characters and the family dynamics of both sides the royals and the normal family from Florida. It was such a great read and I cannot wait for the sequel.

I’ve enjoyed Rachel Hawkins’ previous books which is why I requested Royals. I was expecting to like it, but not this much! It’s fun and witty and had me laughing out loud numerous times throughout the book. While it works as a stand-alone I enjoyed it so much I’m hoping for a sequel.

Loved that the story revolved around the younger sister instead of the princess to be. Four glittery stars!

An interesting read involving royalty, the summer, and was interesting. It's a well done and entertaining story. I definitely enjoyed the characters.

A light summer YA romance with royalty and sibling rivalry mixed in. When Daisy's sister is engaged to a Scottish Prince, Daisy is thrust into the spotlight and winds up hiding in Scotland to avoid bad publicity. There, she creates more of her own. It's silly, lighthearted, and a quick read (started and finished in one sitting), though not particularly in-depth in regards to culture. Highlight: Daisy's father. 2/5 stars.

Thanks First to Read for the ARC. This was a super cute perfectly light summer read! Daisy's sister is marrying the Queen of Scotland's son and Daisy is getting way more publicity than she bargained for. Not all good either, so she is flown to Scotland for the summer to avoid bad press. Needless to say, she just gets more, along with the rest of the royal family and all their royal relatives and friends too. Daisy is SUPER funny which I loved. She made me laugh out loud. The story is light and playful and I read this book super fast. If your are looking for a quick, enjoyable, laugh-out-loud summer read that involves Royals at their best, this one is for you!

This is my first read by Rachel Hawkins but I was interested to see how Daisy was going to handle the spotlight associated with royalty. If you can get past the “Crown Prince of Scotland” then it is possible you might enjoy this book, as there were some funny moments and these young royals certainly kept it interesting. Daisy’s sister is going to marry a Prince which is somewhat inconvenient as all Daisy wants to do is go to a Con with her best friend, work her part time job and maybe go out without ending up in a tabloid. There is a bit of an age difference in the sisters and they are not super close so there is a bit of drama when it is decided that to forgo further scandal Daisy will be joining her sister in Scotland. Sebastian the Prince’s younger brother comes with a bit of drama and an entourage the media calls the Royal Wreckers. Miles is a wrecker who is appointed to teach Daisy the ropes and to keep scandal away from Seb. Maybe it was just me but I wasn’t so sure I liked the idea of Daisy getting involved with her sister’s fiancé’s little brother royalty or not. The wreckers added a bit of fun to the story but there were a lot of them and after a while I gave up on keeping up with titles and relations. I will say that from the initial meeting I was not all that impressed with Miles. In the end, it is a fun read with quite a bit of royal intrigue and family drama.

I really liked The Royals. It was a fun, lighthearted read, perfect for an escape.

What an unexpected delight. Royals is not usually a novel I would pick up, but something about it seemed to stir me. It was probably the way the novel stepped away from the traditional romance of a girl falling in love with a prince. It is romantic but fun all at the same time. Daisy is not some girl who wants to be a princess, and she is not. It is her sister, who is a minor character in the novel which is engaged to the Crown Prince of Scotland, dragging her sister and her family into the limelight. Moreover, Daisy is not happy about it at all. She is the average teenager who has a disgruntled ex-boyfriend and a sister who is trying to impress her new royal family. Moreover, it becomes a royal pain in the ass. There are times when Daisy comes off as selfish, but the way Hawkins tells the story makes her relatable. Daisy did not ask for this life, she likes her quiet life in the middle of nowhere Florida with her untraditional hair color, but for her new family, this is not acceptable. So Daisy is left fumbling around in a world she was not prepared for in the least, making a mistake after mistake as she tries to figure out a way to not embarrass her sister or make the front page of the tabloids. She is such a relatable character who feels like the lesser of two sisters, and now she feels like her mistakes, and screw up, is on the radar. It is an uneasy feeling that makes her very relatable. She is a girl who feels a little lost in her life, very confused, and very insecure. So, her entire attitude in the novel, it is understandable and works to make her relatable instead of standoffish. As far as the story goes, it is a fast read. There's nothing complicated about the narrative as it follows this girl trying to navigate a world she is not prepared to enter. It is a very character driven novel about Daisy and Miles, both of whom are stuck in the way their lives where before this all happened and who are learning to adapt to change. So it is a story about growth and character dynamics, which Is the function of the plot. Other than the romancing the royals. Despite that, however, there's not much conflict in the novel. There should be though. Daisy has so much resentment in her, and her sister is so strung up by stress that an eventual blowout seems like the logical outcome. However, everything, once again, gets pushed under the rug of understanding. Much of the novel puts Daisy through an unfairness, taking away the control of her own life, but no one seems to realize that or even care. That is where the story gets a little too unrealistic. There's no confrontation, and Daisy accepts her new life and comes to understand her sister. Overall, this was quite the enjoyable read. It is no complex, and it lacks the proper conflict and resolutions the character dynamics needed, but for a quick light read, it was quite fun.

This was a cute, fluffy, light book and a fun read. Nothing special, nothing crazy, just a good old-fashioned YA rom com. I liken it to the Amanda Bynes movie What a Girl Wants, which I LOVE. So I did some comparisons while reading Royals. I haven't read any other Hawkins books yet. It was enjoyable but nothing spectacular. A good mental rest in between heavy books.

This was, in my opinion, a quick and easy read. The characters were likable, and I was pleasantly surprised by the storytelling. I would give it a solid 4/5 stars.

This was a funny, sweet, and quick read.

This was so much fun. I love a good Royal family romance. Daisy was a likable main character as well. 3.5 / 5

I was given an opportunity to read an advanced copy of Royals and I was pleasantly surprised by the unique perspective from which Rachel Hawkins told this story. It was decidedly not a Cinderella story. In fact, most of the characters that would be considered “royals” played the roles of supporting cast members or bit characters. Instead, Hawkins focuses in on the way Prince Alex’s engagement to Ellie, a “commoner”, upends the lives of everyone around them. The story is told from the perspective of Daisy, Ellie’s younger sister, as she tries to deal with being catapulted against her will into both the royal orbit and the public eye. This angle brilliantly allowed the author to take something as seemingly unattainable as becoming a royal or royal adjacent and make it feel totally relatable. If you’ve ever felt awkward or out of place when a family member or old friend invited you into their world, you’ll find yourself easily sympathizing with Daisy.

I loved this so much! Crazy and feel good just what I needed! I love the whole pride and prejudice feel to it. Plus they’re in Scotland! Beautiful and romantic!! Also anytime someone talks about royals it’s always the British family. I’d love to see more stories like this with other royal families. I love learning about their history and culture. It’s entertaining and educational lol! I love Daisy and Isabell. They aren’t all over themselves to impress the royal family. Makes them a lot more relatable in my eyes.

The Royals is the perfect light-hearted books teens want when school is out. It satisfies the American craving for royal news, but has "normal" characters. Daisy was funny and witty. I enjoyed her banter and the crazy way she kept getting into trouble. Best of all, she's such a book nerd -- I love when characters are so similar to the people who read about them! The Royals reminds me of a Disney teen show, and I wouldn't be surprised to see it as a movie at some point.

This was a sweet book with a timely story. Very enjoyable.

5 stars. Royals is a funny and sweet contemporary teen romance with a regal twist. Taking place in the present day, but in an alterative history, in which Scotland has a royal family. The story is told in first person by Daisy whose life has just been turned upside down by her sister, Ellie, becoming engaged to the crown prince of Scotland, Alex. Daisy plans for the summer involve working at the local grocery store and attending KeyCon with her best friend. Since Ellie is in Scotland, Daisy thinks the press will leave her and family alone in Florida, but then Daisy’s jerk exboyfriend sells a story to the tabloids about Daisy. Glyniss, who works for the Scotland royal family, decides that Daisy and her parents should spend the summer in Scotland with Ellie, Alex, and their friends. In Scotland, Daisy travels to palaces and mansions and attends horse races, polo matches, and royal balls. She meets Seb, his handsome friend Miles, and Seb’s other friends called the “Royal Wreckers” for their partying. Daisy’s first encounter with Seb makes her realize that he is selfish and arrogant or “human trash” as she calls him. Miles with his rude attitude also makes a bad first impression on Daisy. Despite her trying to be on her best behavior for Ellie, Daisy keeps ending up in tabloid worthy situations. When stories about Daisy and Seb being in a relationship appear in the tabloids, Glyniss asks Daisy and Miles to pretend to be a couple. After meeting the queen of Scotland and living in the public eye, Daisy realizes that living this like all the time must be very hard and stressful for Ellie. While Daisy does not like Miles, she agrees to the fake relationship to help Ellie out. After spending time with Miles doing romantic things like horse rides, walking in the parks, dancing, and sight seeing, Daisy gets to know him better. Her opinion of him changes and she starts to crush on Miles, but he lives in the royal world that Daisy does not want to be a part of. Can Daisy avoid causing another scandal and figure out her feelings for Miles? The story has a fair pace, excellent characters, and well-described settings. The synopsis is not exactly accurate as Miles does not try to turn Daisy into lady and Daisy avoids Seb. For the first couple of chapters, the story is a little hard to get into because Daisy is super snarky, but once Daisy arrives in Scotland, her narrative is very humorous and less snarky. Daisy is sassy, funny, and cares a lot about Ellie and her parents, but she could be snarky. Ellie is the opposite of Daisy being more calm and collected. The sisters do not always get along, but their relationship grows as Daisy lives in Ellie’s new royal life. Miles was a bit aloof and rude at first, but later on is a nice and well-mannered guy. Seb is a total hot mess. Daisy’s and Ellie’s parents are hilarious. The other characters are well written and have distinct personalities. The settings in Florida and Scotland are well described and you can get a picture of the places Daisy visits. The story does not have a love triangle and no insta-love. Miles is the only love interest, Daisy does not have any feelings for Seb, and she gets to know Miles before realizing her feelings for him. The story does not have any racy scenes, all the characters do is kiss. No violence either, they just shoot at clay pigeons. The story does not end on a cliffhanger, wrapping up most of the plot. Daisy will have to return to Scotland for the royal wedding between Alex and Ellie in another book. I really liked this book and would read a sequel. Fans of The Season, The Royal We, The Heir and the Spare, The Princess Diaries, and books about royal romances will enjoy this book.

Royals by Rachel Hawkins was high on my list of books to read this month, and I was really excited to finally start it. Most of the books on my TBR for this month are about royals and weddings, and that is mostly because of the Royal Wedding that is taking place in a few weeks, which I'm pretty excited about. (How often do you get to see a Royal Wedding?) So, in anticipation of the big event, I'm binge reading all the books on royals and weddings, and even about royal weddings this month. Royals was the first book on my list, and it was a great book to start off my Royal Reads TBR! There are SO many things to like about this book. The storyline was adorable, and had me hooked as I flew through the pages. I'm a sucker for a good contemporary novel, and I adore the ones that make me laugh, as well as swoon, the most. This book had all that and more. Also, the setting for the book was perfection. I've read a lot of royal books that have been set in England, or a fictitious land, but not many, (if any), that were set in Scotland. (I sooooo want to visit Scotland one day!) Reading this book made me laugh and swoon, and I had a huge smile on my face when I turned the last page. I LOVE books that leave me with a smile! Oh, I can't forget to mention that the characters in the book were really great as well. I enjoyed reading the story from the main character, Daisy's, point of view. I can't imagine being in her shoes, being thrust into the spotlight because your sibling is marrying into royalty, but she handled it like a pro. I loved her snarky attitude, and the way she makes the best of whatever situation she is thrown into, and her love of her family. (Her family, by the way, is pretty awesome as well.) The love interest in the story, Miles, was mysterious and definitely swoon-worthy, and I can't wait to see what's in store for these two cuties in the next book. Overall; Royals by Rachel Hawkins is definitely a new favorite of mine! I seriously enjoyed this book so much more than I expected to, and I absolutely can't wait to get my hands on the second book as soon as possible. (It's currently untitled, and doesn't have a release date, but I will definitely be keeping my eye out for more information.) If you're a fan of cute contemporaries, do check out Royals! Happy Reading!

This book just wasn't for me. I got to about 60 pages in and I couldn't get invested in the characters. Thank you First To Read for the advanced copy of Royals by Rachel Hawkins.

This book was super cute. However, I felt that at the end it was rushed and the twist was not one that I saw coming or was needed. This book needs a sequel, there are so many unanswered questions I have about auxiliary characters regardless of how the main pair ended up. It is a very traditional Contemporary YA romance. I always enjoy the standards, in this case it is a hate to love situation. Is it predictable?- obviously! Does that make it less adorable? No! I loved the friendships and bonds from school but wanted to know more- a prequel maybe about Seb, Monters and the boys. All in all 4/5- I definitely feel like more books are needed in this world, Everyone knows that we American's can never get enough of Royals.

3 out of 5 stars This book was fast and cute. It had a good premise and had a ton of potential. Ultimately though it fell a little flat in execution. The characters didn't have much depth so it was hard to get too invested in the story. Still a fun read though. I could see a sequel being really good if it took time to dive into a few of the characters more thoroughly.

As an American who has an avid interest in the British Royal Family, this book was immediately on my radar. Everyone at some point has that fantasy where they become a princess or prince and their life is completely different than what they actually have. For Ellie that is actually the case. But this book is unique in that it actually follows Ellie's sister as she deals with the "ramifications" of her sister dating a Prince who also happens to be heir to the throne. I loved all the snarky comments and banter between the characters in this one. Daisy is one of those people who says what she wants and will deal with the consequences later and I loved that about her. Even though she was shoved into this new life of court and royals, she still held true to her snarky self. I also loved how this was definitely more of a hate-to-love relationship. And I loved the group dubbed the Royal Wreckers in the book. They were this group of friends around the princes who were always up to something, but still looked out for one another. While this is your standard contemporary romance, there were still unexpected discoveries and even a rare moment of who was actually going to end up with whom. It was definitely a feel good quick read. And it is definitely a great read for someone who always wishes they were royalty. I'm also interested to see where the sequel(s) take us and how Daisy's story evolves going forward. Thanks to First To Read for an early copy of the book!

I received a free e-book copy of Royals from First to Read in exchange for an honest review. While I love a good young adult book or a romantic comedy, I think I am in the minority here. This book was not for me. I loved Rachel Hawkins's Hex Hall books, but I found this book a bit too childish and predictable. Don't get me wrong--it was a cute story--but I was hoping for a bit more depth. Daisy was sassy . . . sometimes. And while I appreciated that Rachel Hawkins did not make Daisy whine about how others were treating her (in fact, she was quite well-adjusted for her age), I was bothered by just how much Daisy let herself be walked all over, especially when we saw her strength. Should she talk back to the Queen of Scotland? Maybe let that one go, but I would have liked to see her stand up to some of the women looking down their nose at her and her sister, but in a clever and strong way. As for the writing, I felt the author finally hit her stride with the dialogue about a third into the boo; after that it became much easier to read. The first third felt very stilted and sounded like Daisy was trying too hard to sound like a teenager. If you love a light-hearted, royalty-themed tale of young love--I suspect you would enjoy this book, and I hope you do!

I enjoyed this book! I love how she took a classic princess story and wrote it from the perspective of the soon-to-be-princess' sister. It was a cute, fun book that was enjoyable to read after a stressful day. I received a free copy of Royals from First to Read in exchange for an honest review.

I enjoyed the Hex Hall series by Rachel Hawkins and thought I would give Royals a try. It was a cute YA romance and a perfect light read. The snarky banter and humor as well as the characters kept me entertained. Daisy was my favorite character, I loved her sass! I look forward to finding out what is next for her in the sequel.

I received a free copy of Royals from First to Read in exchange for an honest review. I did not want to put this book down! The main character, Daisy is so relatable. She just wants to live her normal life in Florida and go to Key Con with her best friend. That all gets turned upsidedown because her sister, Ellie, is dating the Crown Prince of Scotland. Daisy's summer plans are ruined and she is whisked away to Scotland to spend the summer with the royal family so they can control the tabloids and rumors. Well, things don't exactly go as planned. Without meaning to, Daisy becomes the main focus of the reporters. I loved the breaks between some of the chapters where we got to read some of the blog posts. This story was cute and funny. I highly recommend it!

Royals by Rachel Hawkins Rating: 3 out of 5 stars ________________________________________________________________________ Story Notes Rachel Hawkins offers younger readers a humorous look at the reality of becoming a royal – or just being their unwilling family members – in this cute story of young love and living life just the way you are. Contemporary YA fiction is not my normal cup of tea (pun intended for this story), but this was a pretty cute story with some good lessons to be learned. Ms. Hawkins begins her story with sixteen year old Daisy Winters, who is the polar opposite of her sister in just about everything. For one, her sister is prim, polished and well mannered; and for another, she is engaged to the future king of Scotland, Alexander. Daisy, however, is much more free spirited and has no desire to become the next tabloid cover because of her royal connections. Bad news is, her ex-boyfriend has already made this happen with his false story about Daisy and Prince Alex’s brother, Sebastian. In an effort to correct these rumors and show Daisy in a better light, she will be sent to Scotland for the summer to participate in royal happenings. But Daisy is unprepared for the crazy that will rain down on her courtesy of the “Royal Wreckers” – Prince Sebastian and his friends. As Daisy tries to navigate this unfamiliar world of royal politics and annoying paparazzi, she finds an unexpected friend in Sebastian’s “best mate” Miles Montgomery. Although they do not hit it off well in their first encounters (mainly because they misunderstand the other’s intent) both Miles and Daisy are hoping to do their best to keep up appearances for their families and friends – especially when it comes to keeping Sebastian’s name from being linked with Daisy’s. They begrudgingly agree to “fake” date to throw off the paparazzi but as often happens, they will find more and more to like about each other as time goes on. As the plot plays out there is much mistaken intent, rude mutterings, sarcastic jokings and several instances of putting someone in their place – a royal someone or two- that will have readers laughing out loud as the pages turn. I loved how Ms. Hawkins used Daisy to teach Miles the importance of being yourself. He had spent so much time trying to repay the royals for their helping his family through crises he had lost much of his own opinions and personal time. Daisy also did some learning of her own as she finally begins to understand that putting others first is what most true royals do, even if the tabloids say otherwise. She will further learn that saying what you think is not always the best or most helpful way to be, tact is required to ensure life is bearable with disdainful people. And how Miles and Daisy finally get together is really cute and sweet, I was cheering when I read those pages. Another positive for this book is that it was clean when it came to sexual content, which is not often true with contemporary writers. There was a few moments of innuendo in the pages but nothing that was blatantly in your face or offensive to me. The first negative for this book was the use of unnecessary language. I realize that a lot of people talk this way but it doesn’t make it okay. And given this is supposed to be a YA book, I would have rather she keep the language a lot cleaner to encourage readers to do the same. I did appreciate that she clearly tried to use some slang for words rather than including more crude language, but perhaps an exclusion of all of it would have been better. Oh, and second negative, the amount of alcohol that the “wreckers” drink is obscene and their parents clearly do not seem to be helping them sort it out either. Not sure I would be okay just letting my kids drink themselves into oblivion on a daily basis. The third negative was the casual way everyone accepted the royalty who are gay. I don’t believe this should be so lightly considered and presented in a YA book. Personally, I would prefer this content never be included but I guess she was going with as contemporary a vibe as she could present. With the exception of these inclusions I would say this book was a fun read. I laughed a lot at the sarcasm that was so perfectly applied and truly felt heartbreak over the pain that Sebastian is clearly trying to drown in drinking and partying. Perhaps Ms. Hawkins next book will feature Sebastian finally finding who or what he is looking for so desperately. And perhaps she will leave some of the unnecessary content out so readers can better connect with her story . I received this E-book free of charge from Penguin Random House Publishers via First to Read in exchange for a fair and honest review. I will receive no fiscal compensation from either company for this review.

The Princess Diaries meets the royal family. Very cute rom com style book. I enjoyed the family relationships and the witty comraderie between the main character Daisy and her father. The main character is very relatable. She’s your typical sarcastic nerd type that wants to live life to the fullest. Very opposite to her very safe sister who is in the process of marrying a prince. A life style that Daisy wants very little involvement in. Daisy ends up having to spend some time with the royals to smooth over some publicity issues and the antics proceed from there. I really enjoyed the story. Gave it 4 stars on goodreads :)

This was a different take on royalty. I thoroughly enjoyed this story. I could relate to the main character of Daisy on many levels. There was a true story behind the royalty, the royalty wasn't just thrown in. This book was cute, romantic, and very light but entertaining. I would recommend.

Royals was such a sweet story. I've read a number of royal and royal-adjacent novels, and most of them don't really pan out. They're either too steamy or too ridiculous or too stupid. Royals is much better than the rest of the pack, though. Daisy's sister becomes engaged to the (fictional) crown prince of Scotland, which disrupts nearly every aspect of Daisy's life. While spending the summer in Scotland to do some damage control, she examines her relationship with her sister and makes some new Scottish connections. I particularly like the examination of how tabloids severely affect the lives of their subjects/victims. Also, Daisy always stays true to herself. I highly recommend this.

This book was simply great entertainment. It was funny, cute, romantic, and had enough depth to keep things interesting but still light and fun. I loved Daisy as a narrator, she was fun and spunky. I loved all the characters in the story and the story is heavily based in the characters. So it’s great that the characters are all very strong because of the way the book is. It’s like as if Princess Diaries met historical romance met cutesy Kasie West type of story. It’s quite the mix of story and overall it’s very well handled. The romance is gorgeous and great and absolutely shippable. I loved it and it was just so great. The story as a whole was entertaining, funny, and super cute!

This was a fun, quick read. The plot is familiar but the perspective is not. You can see where the story is going from a mile away but it was okay because the characters were funny and engaging. Overall I enjoyed the book and would like to see what else this author has to offer.

The plot of a royal romance is what got me interested in the book to begin with. I am a fan of young adult romances, Royal ones being among the few I enjoy. I loved everything about this book: The locations, the plot, dialogue, and even the realistic characters. I loved seeing things mostly from Daisy's point of view, a "commoner" thrusted into a royal family through her big sister's upcoming marriage. This book is great for young adult romance fans of any kind.

It was a pleasure to read this infatuating, modern fairytale. Two Florida sisters made the Royal family look quite stuffy and foolish. I’m looking for a sequel with adventures at Princess Eleanor’s wedding.

Very Cute!!! I loved Miles & Seb. Will definitely be reading book 2.

Royals by Rachel Hawkins is a fun and fluffy read. This story has everything from cute princes, a snarky female lead, angst, and my favorite, all the swoons. Although the main character Daisy is forced to spend her summer in a new country and in the spotlight with royalty, I think she handles her situation very well. She is told what not to do, what to do, and is oftentimes forced to put on a show for society. I often felt like I was watching a 90s movie, where change is inevitable, but the female lead allows herself to rebel against society’s standards and be who she wants to be. I honestly felt sorry for Daisy throughout the book. She did not ask to be thrown into this world of royalty and proper etiquette. In one part of the book, her and her best friend had a whole trip planned out to meet their favorite author and I hated that her sister’s engagement to a prince ruins those plans. I had to grit my teeth because Daisy was forced to go with the flow and do what other people want. So not fair! But what I liked about Daisy is that even though she is forced to put on a show, she still puts her foot down when needed. She doesn’t allow herself to get lost in this royalty mess. Overall, I found Royals to a very quick and cute read. However, I felt like it was missing something–that spark that makes it different and “wows” me. I never felt that spark. I did, however, love the ending and I hope there is a lot more in store for Daisy and Miles.

This was an interesting take on the princess story that is found in YA stories. The main character, Daisy, has a 'perfect' sister who is engaged to marry the Crown prince of Scotland. And as is with these stories, misunderstandings, misadventures and chaos ensue. I enjoyed the read. I think the twist of it being from Daisy's point of view allowed the story to have some depth. The issues around having a family member marrying into a royal family and how does it affect what you do, say and the colour of your hair. It's one thing when you choose that path, but how do you handle that when you are just trying to figure out your place in the world and end up having the prying eyes of the press on you. This was a fun read. If you are looking something light and you have fallen under the spell of all the royal wedding (and baby!) fuss of late, this is the book for you. I gave it a 3/5 star rating on Goodreads. Full disclosure: I received this eARC from First to Read for a fair and honest review. Thanks to First to Read and Penguin Random House!

Royals was the first book that I have read by Rachel Hawkins. I really enjoyed it. It was an easy, no angst, sweet, and quick read that had me laughing out loud at times. It was very entertaining and held my interest throughout the entire book. There were a lot of interesting characters introduced in this book which I hope will be featured in some of the future books in this series. I would have liked to have seen more interactions between Daisy and her sister, because I thought that there were times that issues could have been resolved if they had talked to each other more instead of tiptoeing around certain topics. I look forward to reading future books in this series.

"Hold up, what’s going on? Sorry, I was having an existential crisis, so I wasn’t really paying attention.” Leave it to a teenager to think a summer escape to Scotland with a full royal treatment is an existential crisis, am I right? Daisy, listen up girl. Enjoy all the hottie Scotties, the rolling hills, the model cows. Pretty soon, you’re going to be a grown up, and it’s HARD. “The train is rolling, my Daisy-Daze,” he says in a low voice. “Best to get on board before you’re crushed on the tracks.” I am a firm believer that things come into your life at the times they were meant to. Sometimes, it changes your whole world view or puts you on another path. Other times, it gives you answers to questions rattling around in your head. And then there are the things that simply put a smile on your face. Things that make you chuckle no matter how hard things are. Royals falls into that last category. It’s a very familiar trope – part Princess Diaries, part Pride and Prejudice – but Rachel Hawkins brings a lot of humor and excellent storytelling in weaving these well-known threads together. This book is pure fun, and I can’t wait for another installment. And Daisy, me? I’m still…figuring things out, too. XOXO

Who doesn’t love a princess story. Rachel Hawkins pulls you right into the Royal summer season. Daisy a 17 year old American, is forced to take part because her sister is engaged to the prince of Scotland. Will daisy flop or become a scandal. Do commoners really fit into the Royal science? This is a quick read of fun and fluff. Can’t wait for book 2.

“Fun part of having a famous sibling — you yourself somehow become kind of famous. But it seems like you just get the annoying parts of fame, like, you know, your boyfriend selling your private stuff to a tabloid.” Daisy Winters just wants to be a regular sixteen year old girl. The highlight of her summer is going to be attending KeyCon with her best friend, Isa, to meet their favorite author. Until her boyfriend, now ex-boyfriend, attempts to sell their prom photos to the tabloids. The problem isn’t that Daisy is famous. It’s her sister, Ellie. Who happens to be engaged to the Crown Prince of Scotland. The Palace, always on public relations overdrive, decides Daisy and her tabloid situation needs to be handled. Which means the family is heading to Scotland for the summer. Suddenly Daisy is thrown into a life she never wanted. She’s expected to handle the insanity of the younger Prince and his Royal Wreckers crew along with the pressure of appeasing the Queen, and is armed only with a binder on Royal Etiquette. Oh, and Miles. The more judgmental but calmest of the Royal Wrecker crew. Somehow, Daisy has to make it through the summer scandal free. For the sake of her sister’s happiness. “I’m not sure how this went from “super-charming welcome party” to “property theft” in just a few minutes, but here we are.” I absolutely loved this book! It’s rare for a book to produce actual giggles from me. But this book had me laughing out loud on nearly every page. Daisy is, quite simply, a riot and I adore her! Her reactions to everything, whether internal or external, are so realistic. The introduction she gets to Royal life reads exactly the way you’d picture things happening. I love the disillusion she experiences when meeting Seb and the Royal Wreckers, showing that glamorous and attractive aren’t always good things. Her reluctance to be swept into this glamorous life is part of what makes her journey so enjoyable. She isn’t a cliche character. If anything she’s very realistic. She doesn’t want to be swooned, but sometimes, lifestyles of the rich and famous is appealing even when you don’t want it to be. It’s easy to get caught up, even when you aren’t trying to. I think this aspect is what makes this book so fun. Even though the circumstances described are far-fetched, somehow everything is relatable anyway. “I give a kind of breathless laugh that doesn’t sound like me, and honestly, I kind of want to punch myself in the face for how ridiculous I’m being, but this is some next-level swoon material happening here.” One of the things I adore most about Daisy, is that while she is a teenager, she isn’t one sided or extreme. She reacts to things, and for sure has a mouth that isn’t too afraid (or can help) voicing her opinions, but she is also very balanced. Even when she wants to react, she tries to see the other side first. It made reading her very enjoyable. Not to mention, she’s hands down one of the most hilarious characters I’ve ever read. I adored Seb and his cast of Royal Wreckers. They are exactly as you would imagine entitled rich youth to be. The young Prince used to getting whatever he wants, and having people constantly swoon over him. All the arrogance that money brings with it. And then amplified by a Crown. His friends are very typical of what you’d expect, but with the same wit that Hawkins brings Daisy to life, she makes these very privileged young men quite charming as well. “I get a handshake instead of a hug, which is probably for the best as I think a hug with this boy might count as sexual contact.” Of all the Royal Wreckers, including the Royal, Miles is by far my favorite and one of the more enjoyable characters. He’s sort of a modern Mr. Darcy. Except instead of being the higher elite, is on the lower end of the courtier totem pole. But that doesn’t stop him from always stepping in and somehow managing to save the day. Or, at least, stops Daisy from stumbling into complete disasters time and time again. While we get the narration from Daisy, so we get mostly her thoughts and impressions, Hawkins slips in blog posts and tabloid articles every few chapters. I really liked this detail, because it highlighted the way small acts can get blown out of proportion. It also highlighted the way media, even social media and bloggers, can influence and shape the hysteria of fame. This also made one of the plot points (which I won’t discuss because, hello, spoilers) far more in depth, because you could see multiple facets of the situation without having to rely on Daisy’s thoughts or observations. “I risk a glance at Miles, but he’s not smiling at all. If anything, he looks bored, but then, I guess he’s used to people talking like Dr. Seuss.” In all, Royals is an incredibly good time. I found the characters relatable, very well defined, and extremely vivid on the page. They felt real. The dialogue is witty and the writing is sharp and funny. As I mentioned, I was giggling, out loud, in the middle of the night while reading. On nearly every page. Daisy is the perfect companion for anyone needing a light, funny book for any occasion. Heading into the birth of a Prince and an upcoming Royal wedding (to an American, no less), this book is perfect to imagine what’s actually happening in the Palace right now. It’s timely without being too dated, funny without trying too hard, and very, very entertaining. I highly recommend everyone read this book! Royals appears to be part of a series, as there is an untitled Royals #2 on Goodreads; however, this book functions perfectly well as a stand alone. That being said, I really, really, really hope we get more of Daisy, Miles, and the entire Wreckers crew. Royals comes out May 1 – check out GOODREADS for links to all your favorite retailers! Thank you Penguin’s First To Read, for the e-copy to read and review!

5 stars for #maisy First of all thank you Penguin for an advanced copy of this book, and all opinions are my own as I have definitely hated some of the ARCs I have been given. Royals grabbed me from the first page, and I could not put it down. It is YA rom com so don’t go in expecting fine literature. It is a perfect romp of a book, perfect for the beach or anyone looking for total escapism. The story is told from the point of view of 16 year old Daisy whose older sister, Ellie has just become engaged to the Alex, Prince of Scotland. Daisy’s ex-boyfriend talks to the press and it is decided to be in the best interest of controlling media coverage that Daisy and her parents spend the summer in Scotland. A brief note about the parents, they are amazing and I loved how Daisy got quirks from both of them. In Scotland, Daisy meets Alex’s younger brother, Prince Seb and his group of friends, whom the media calls the Royal Wreckers. Hijinks occur which had me giggling my way through this book. There were several swoony moments, and here I will note this book can be read by teenagers as there is little mature content. The Royal Wreckers might drink but Daisy does not. When I came to write this review, I just saw the book has a #1 after it which makes me hopeful there will be more in this world.

Royals probably isn’t the princess romance you’re expecting. The beautiful blonde American has already met her prince. As the Royal Wedding approaches, her seventeen year old sister finds herself in the tabloids. She’s whisked off to Scotland for damage control but winds up causing even more Royal drama. The handsome prince has a trouble magnet younger brother who keeps dragging Daisy in to the spotlight with him. Daisy’s fish out of water moments gave me some major Pretty Woman vibes. The polo match, the giant hats, even the BFF who comes to visit. She has plenty of other classic rom com moments that make Royals lots of fun (Hello tropey goodness!) but I still think she's just like Vivian. Well, minus the whole hooker thing. If Julia Roberts is your perfect fairy tale princess, you'll love Royals.

Rachel Hawkins delivers her signature quirky charm in Royals. I definitely wondered how I would like this book, since the whole concept of an American teenage having to deal with tabloids because her sister is engaged to the prince of Scotland feels unreal. While a lot of the situations are unbelievable, Rachel Hawkins made it funny. Daisy had a refreshing amount of snark and I loved her strong friendship with Isabelle. I especially adored the father who said some of the craziest things. This book is a cute, light read and perfect for relaxing into a whole other world of royalty antics.

To be perfectly honest, I had my doubts at first. Queen of Scotland? Unruly teenage royalty? Tabloid articles? However, in the end this book won me over and I found myself not only chuckling at some of Daisy's put-downs but also smiling at the sweetness of the relationships. Definitely light and fluffy, but that is sometimes the best stuff.

Cute and charming! Daisy didn't ask for tabloid notoriety, but when her sister is engaged to the prince of Scotland, she is unwillingly thrust into the madness of the exclusive circle surrounding the royal family. Are they all crazy? Is anything really as it seems? I liked the dishy, behind the scenes feel. Books with fictional royalty are a hot genre right now in the romance world. This is a lovely YA take on that theme. I like this author's voice and style. The writing and story is witty and sweet with a light romance. I recently read and enjoyed another series by this author, and I will absolutely read more in this series. Aside from feeling the ending was abrupt and rushed, this was a top read for me. 4.5 stars.

Oh, my gosh ness! Rachel Hawkins hit this one out of the park! Royals is a riot, packed with humor, heart, and hijinks...and very timely considering the royal fever once again sweeping across the colonies! Daisy just wants to be...well...Daisy. Little town in Florida Daisy. Full on geek girl Daisy. Best friend of Isa Daisy. Which should be incredibly simple. There’s just one hitch in her plans... Her older sister, Ellie, went and fell in love with a prince. A genuine Scottish prince. Daisy is trying to lay low, but when tabloid trash has her as the headline, chaos ensues and we see a decidedly different side of the Royals and their posh lifestyle. I only wish there was a sequel to Royals!

This was my first book by this author. It was a cute, funny and quirky read. This definitely bought me back to my teenage readings. It wasn’t. Great and definitely kept me engaged for the time I read it.

Just in time for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding, we have a young adult fictional tale of a commoner marrying into the Scottish Royal family. There are the proper old brother prince and the younger troublemaker. The set of friends known as the "Royal Wreckers" which ensure chaos wherever they go. The main character is fun and likable, relatable in a situation most wouldn't find themselves in. I've never read anything by Rachel Hawkins before, but I liked this well enough to look into other works by her.

I LOVED this book! Plain and simple. It’s my first Rachel Hawkins novel but it won’t be my last. So why did I love this book? It didn’t feel like a typical teen romance involving royalty. Yes, there were hot guys (one of which was a prince), tiaras, a ball, castles and manors, horseback riding, paparazzi, and a fake relationship for the sake of the media, BUT what made it feel fresh and new was the fact that none of it felt cliche or groan-including. There was no drama for the sake of being drama. Despite Daisy being swept into the world of royalty and having to fake a romance with a guy, which could all be very cliche, it somehow felt realistic and fun and at times really cute. I think the reason it worked so well was because of the main character Daisy. She’s so likable, witty, loyal, and sassy. I loved her immediately and so did most of the other characters, which was refreshing. No one hated anyone else and if there was distrust at first it was for believable reasons. I also loved the relationships between Daisy and her parents, Daisy and her sister Ellie, and Daisy and her best friend Isa. They made Daisy a stronger character as the book progressed and they grounded her (and the book) in reality. I can’t talk about characters and not talk about Miles. *swoon* Another reason I loved this book: He’s not just a rich, brooding, surly hot guy. He’s complex and flawed and likable and sweet. What a delight of a book! I wish it didn’t have to end!

This was a cute and quick read. Nothing super special about it but it was a fun book!

Rachel Hawkins created a very good book. The characters are down to earth, funny -- although some of them are just so straight-laced, it is just too funny. Very enjoyable and fast read. Great to read on a rainy day!

I haven't read other books by this author, but I will definitely be searching for them going forward! What an entertaining read! It was literally laugh out loud funny at times. I could really relate to Daisy. I would definitely recommend this book. Thanks First to Read for my advance copy.

I’ve been excited about this book since it was announced, and it didn’t disappoint. Daisy’s simple, somewhat nerdy life is interrupted by her sister’s engagement to the prince of Scotland, which of course lands Daisy for a summer among the Scottish royals and their friends. Shenanigans ensue. Rachel’s humor always makes me laugh out loud, and this book is no exception. Daisy is a fun character to follow, very American but not annoyingly so. The book is full of British and specifically Scottish clichés, but it suits the story. Miles is such a British love interest it’s not even funny. My only criticism is the book never surprised me. All the laughs, all the shenanigans, all the brawls are exactly what I would have expected. I hope Book 2 throws something at me I don’t expect.

A life controlled by those around you for "good optics" doesn't seem particularly enticing, but if it helps your sister in marrying her love, as in Rachel Hawkins' Royals, you might just give it a go. Daisy Winters is a fairly typical, sarcastic sixteen year old girl living in Florida, except for the pesky little detail about her older sister Eleanor recently becoming engaged to the Crown Prince of Scotland. With no desire to garner the attention that this entails, Daisy is too happy to live her life out of the spotlight and making plans to go to a con in Key West over the summer; however, growing tabloid attention surrounding Daisy drives Eleanor's press team to find a way to control the narrative - namely sending Daisy to Scotland for the summer where she can be closely supervised and coached. As Daisy gets to know her future in-laws and the social scene they inhabit, she learns how to navigate their odd world with the reluctant assistance of Miles Montgomery, a close friend of the Crown Prince's younger brother, whose wit may just be a match for Daisy's.  A light, quick, entertaining read that's a cutesy princess story while also not quite a princess story but rather a closely related story of those impacted by the princess aspect of things. There's a predictability to the narrative that is simultaneously refreshingly familiar but also a bit boring as nothing particularly exciting happens within the familiar narrative confines. Some of the historical and family situation of the royals could have been developed and clarified further as what was presented raised more questions than it answered. Daisy's clever remarks and stubborn independent nature are appealing attributes for a leading lady in a contemporary tale and offer a (sadly) needed demonstration that context is always needed for the often seemingly scandalous snippets that are reported in the press. Overall, I'd give it a 3.5 out of 5 stars.

I read her other books, so I knew I needed this one too. An interesting take on a royal love story and those not directly involved, but impacted. Vivid imagery. I could see this play out as a movie or tv show. Thanks for the opportunity!

This book was SO much fun! I literally laughed out loud at some parts and definitely got swoony at others. Some people have/will have a problem with it because this world has an alternate history where Scotland has its own monarchy, but if you're able to suspend your disbelief, it's easy to get past. There are a few disparities, like Alex, the prince of Scotland, having a British accent while his brother has a Scottish one, but neither they nor the alternate history part bothered me that much. And those disparities can be fixed in the final version - no need to get worried about that when you're just reading an ARC. Royals is the perfect YA contemporary to read if you love Scotland or are excited about the upcoming royal wedding. I'm already excited for the sequel, and the first book isn't even out yet!

I received an advanced copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. This is a cute and fun book. Daisy’s Sister Ellie is engaged to be married to the prince of Scotland. She and her parents have been living in Florida pretty much out of the eye of the press, then they get thrust into the eye of the storm when they visit Scotland. Daisy meets the brother (Sebastian) of Ellie’s fiancé, Alex, and trouble ensues. Sebastian’s friends are trouble, she even meets one that catches her eye, and sparks fly. This is a very cute book, in the vein of Princess Diaries. This is a definite must read!

Loved this book! It was fun and fresh. I read a lot of heavy material and this was just the book I needed to break that up. It was a very quick read. I love the dynamic between the sisters and the two families as well. It's hard not to fall in love with Daisy. She's a bit like all of us. She wants to break the mold, but go unnoticed at the same time.

Royals by Rachel Hawkins is a super cute contemporary YA novel. I liked that there were blog posts every few chapters to help giveinfo onthe characters without feeling too infodumpy. I loved the sass, and it felt like an actual teenager talking, not an adult thinking they sounk like a teen. I only had two issues with this book. The first is that there are parts that are kind of repetitive. I understand the hat resembles a sea monster, let’s move on. The other is that there is suddenly a royal family of Scotland? I’m not sure how much research went into the culture, landscape, or politics, either. I would have almost preferred that she invent a tiny kingdom somewhere. Onerall, idefinitely enjoyed this book. Give it a read, especially if you like The Princess Diaries and What A Girl Wants!

I adored Royals!! I’m not the biggest contemporary reader so for a contemporary book to be in the love category for me. It has to have that something special. I loved the uniqueness of the story and the wonderfully beautiful setting. Also that fairytale-esque story to it, that had some Pride and Prejudice vibes. I like that this a story about sisters. Ellie is the sister who is prim and proper and born to be a queen. That is how Daisy sees her, where Daisy loves to stand out. Not in the, I want to be in the tabloids way, but in the way that she isn’t afraid to be who she is. When her life is uprooted and she is whisked away to Scotland in order to keep her from causing anymore “scandal” she has to struggle to fit into her sisters new world. Although it seems like the sisters, can be sisters, and often fight. I think they both start to see what the other has to go through. As far as one being in the public eye by choice and one being in it as a side effect. It was great to see it develop. I think I always love stories that take place in other countries. Maybe that’s what the fantasy reader in me that looks for that in a contemporary. I love the descriptions of Scotland from the beautiful landscapes to the castles. Who doesn’t want to go to a castle. I liked the tie in with the tabloids, the Royal Wreckers and the overall drama involved in that. Which is the cause of most of Daisy’s grief. She is someone who isn’t necessarily prepared for that kind of exposure. The romance is so sweet. I kept thinking of Miles as having a little bit of Darcy in him. He is part of the Royal Wreckers but he is not annoying as some of them. None of them are really that horrible, really. Well maybe Seb is a little frustrating. Miles is a lot more low key and observant. Plus he is kind when he wants to be. I really loved Royals and it’s such a fun story. I really recommend it and I’m so glad to have read it.

There were a few laugh-out-loud lines, and it was overall a light, fun read. I didn't feel like the characters were fully realized, though, and a pretty significant obstacle was presented right at the end that was not dealt with, which left the book feeling unresolved.

I enjoyed this book. It was a sweet young adult romance. I was pleased it didn't have the cussing or detailed sex scenes a lot of young adults now seem to have. I found the characters engaging and enjoyed Daisy's escapades in the lime light. This is one I will definitely buy for my high school library. Good job!

A fun, well-written book! I really enjoyed reading it. Sweet romance for the YA crowd. The author also has this ability to realistically have the characters misinterpreting/misunderstanding one another, but then one character will have a moment of clarity and empathy and understand where the other one is coming from; it was nice to see Daisy and Eleanor but have these moments of understanding within the sister relationship. Well done and I would definitely read more by this author.

4 out of 5 stars! I needed a light, fun read and this book was exactly what I was looking for! The story of Daisy Winters and her adventures with the Royal family of Scotland drew me in immediately. All of the characters are likable, even the not so likable ones. I don't read much YA, but I will definitely keep an eye out for future books in this series. For my full review, visit!

Adorable take on the average teen thrust into the spotlight narrative. Daisy's voice felt authentic and relatable, which allowed me to fully immerse myself in the story. While certain aspects of the story were a little unrealistic, I think that added to the overall charm that Hawkins was hoping to achieve. This story is for any reader looking for a quick escape with fun characters, or for anyone who has ever dreamed of being thrust into royal circles!

Royals, by Rachel Hawkins was a funny light hearted book. It is an easy read, and entertaining. I enjoyed the 1st person narrative of the book. This is my first time reading a book by Rachel Hawkins, and I enjoyed her writing style. It had a good amount of humor, and romance with out getting raunchy. Perfect for young adult readers!

This was the first book by Rachel Hawkins that I've read, and I quite enjoyed it. The situation was completely unrealistic and I probably would have preferred a made-up country rather than the invention of a royal family for Scotland, but I can get past that fairly easily. Hawkins was great at writing dialogue and her first person narrative sounded like a real person. It kept me in the story the whole time. I am not the target audience for this book, but I expect that teenage girls will like it a lot.

The Royals was great, fun book! I really enjoyed it! I was entertained from the very beginning. The writing style was superb. The author sis a great job drawing the reader in!!

I am a fan of Rachel Hawkins and of Royals. I received The Royals by Rachel Hawkins from First to Read by Penguin Random House. Thank you Penguin Random House for giving me the chance to read it. It does not matter what the topic is I enjoy myself when I am reading one of her stories. Daisy is the teenage sister of Ellie who happens to be engaged to a Scottish prince, Alex. Alex's family does not hurt for being in the tabloids, especially his brother Prince Sebastian who hasn't met a fiasco he hasn't been a part of in his life. Daisy and her parents live in a small town in Florida where they enjoying their quirky, small-town lives. Daisy is still in high school, working at the grocery store and has recently broken up with her boyfriend who has dumped her into the cesspool of tabloid news by selling his "story" as it relates to the Scottish royal family. Daisy and her parents are called to Scotland to help diffuse the media situation surrounding Daisy and spend a month getting to know their new in-laws and get ready for the upcoming wedding. Daisy has the advantage of being the same age as Prince Sebastian and his interesting band of friends who all have their fair share of tabloid front pages as well thanks to their antics that usually involve the prince. Alex and Ellie just want everyone to get along and to have a great lead up to their wedding. Royals is a hilarious story that shows how far from a calm, uneventful lead up to a wedding Alex and Ellie are going to receive. I loved it! All of the characters were colorful and Daisy is hilarious with her witty repartee and smart butt comments. It is a great story and I look forward to my next read by Rachel Hawkins. Review can also be seen at Lady Techie's Book Musings

This book was just so much fun! I'm not going to tell you that it is going to win the Pulitzer Prize or completely change your life, but I can promise that you'll swoon and laugh and fall totally in love with Daisy and Miles. I haven't had this much fun reading a YA book in a long time. Maybe I read too many fantasy novels, but sometimes it's nice to have a break from saving the world. Getting to explore Scotland along with Daisy and discover that sometimes there's more to a person than our initial opinion was one of the highlights of Royals. If you're looking for a fun summer read that doesn't try to hard and has the swoon levels going on, then definitely check out Royals!

I received a copy from Penguin’s First To Read This book was like a giant rom-com cliché. The alternate history for the Royal family was eye rolling and cringe worthy. That being said once you over look those things, it was actually a very entertaining read. Irritating as hell, but fun. (Especially like me if you have a guilty pleasure for Royal gossip) In this alternate world there is a Scottish Royal Family, and the heroine Daisy’s sister Ellie has fallen in love with Prince Alexander, heir to the throne. They are getting married. Daisy lives in Florida with her mom and her ex British rock star dad. She lives a pretty normal life. She has a part time job at a local convenience store and is looking forward to a planned trip to Key West with her BFF Isabel where they will go to a convention to meet their favourite fantasy author and get their books signed. All pretty normal. But all this is thrown out of whack when Ellie announces she’s marrying the prince and the Royal family have invited the whole family to Scotland for a few weeks for the summer to get a taste of what’s coming. Every other chapter is a page from a magazine or a gossip blog/tabloid. Daisy is fuming but agrees on the basis that the Royal assistant Glynnis who has come with Ellie and Alex can arrange for a singing at a book shop near where they are staying and bring Isabel along later. So off to Scotland they go given a Royal treatment – first class flights, fancy cars, the fanciest hotels. To add to the chaos, Alex’s younger brother, charming, Sebastian (who is Daisy’s age, 17) the most eligible teen in Scotland is there as well with his group of fancy friends. Sebastian is an ass, crude, full of himself and flirts with everything in a skirt. Daisy finds herself getting into a snit with his best friend Miles when a drunken Sebastian decides to head into her room. The dialogue is sharp and witty and as soon as Miles and Daisy start snarking with each other it’s completely predictable as to what’s going to happen. Daisy has to go to several royal events and dress the part (something she’s not happy about) and of course things go eye rollingly wrong (including a rather amusing incident where she finds herself getting looked down on by some of the posh women and does a delightful job of holding her own and insulting them right back). It’s cheesy as hell. However, at the time, I did find myself reading this with a grin on my face most of the time. Daisy is struggling to cope with major culture shock, even when her best friend finally arrives (Isabel’s huge crush on Sebastian not helping) Daisy finds herself unwittingly creating a scandal that catches the eye of the disapproving Queen. And Miles to the rescue. Which leads to a fake dating plot. As a lead character Daisy was immensely likeable, easy to understand where she’s coming from. Easy to follow her story as she moves between the very different world and gets to know the real people behind the tabloid gossip and learns maybe Miles isn’t the stuck up ass he pretends to be. They have some quite interesting conversations about their differences. The end is absolutely gag worthy. But kind of works. Not the most brilliant book I have ever read, but certainly an entertaining one.

Okay, I was not expecting to like this novel as much as I did. I spent more than half of the book absolutely hating some of the characters and that shows me how emotionally invested in Daisy I was. I will admit, I felt a kinship with Daisy. I loved her character & her humor. It was fun and made me laugh a lot. I loved just about everything about this book except for how quick of an ending it had. I want to know more about what happened. I want to know how the entire story ends which only makes me hope that Rachel Hawkins is considering writing a second book. This book is a cute, quick read that is sure to make you smile a few times. The romance aspect was cute & sweet. All in all, I loved it.

A bit jumpy at times, this book is great at skipping the boring and jumping right into the good stuff. It's rarely predictable in the sense that so many YA romance novels are, and keeps you on your toes. Truly a unique novel, this book was an enjoyable read from start to finish, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes books centered around the crown.

Sixteen year old Daisy Winters has been living the life of a typical teenager in Florida but everything changes when her older sister, Ellie, announces her engagement to the Crown Prince of Scotland. The media won't leave Daisy or her parents alone so they escape to a secluded castle in Scotland and meet Ellie's soon to be in laws for the first time. Daisy soon figures out the royals have their own set of rules as they enlist the help of a young man, Miles, to show Daisy the ropes so she doesn't bring embarrassment to the crown. But as Daisy gets caught up in the media frenzy she has to make a decision on whether to conform to others' standards, or be true to herself. I liked how this book wasn't told from the perspective of a girl who meets and falls in love with a prince. Instead it was a little more unique and focused more on a girl being thrust into the spotlight due to her older sister marrying a prince. Unfortunately, I found Daisy to be rather annoying at times which certainly didn't help with my enjoyment of the story. I did like her interactions with Miles which is the main reason I decided to keep on reading. This was an ok and easy read but I probably wouldn't go out of my way to recommend unless you love books about royals. Thank you to First to Read for providing an advance digital copy!

This book was fantastic!! I'm a sucker for Royal romances so this book definitely had me hooked. Even though it was a somewhat predictable love story, it still had it's moments of shock and plot twists, keeping me entertained and wanting to keep reading. This book made me laugh, nervous, mad, etc. from all the different things that happened in it. The only thing that I was disappointed in, until the end, was the relationship between Daisy and her sister. Otherwise, I loved the book and can't wait to read more from this author!

I've loved Rachel Hawkins for years since I read her Hex Hall series! I remember binge-reading the first two and then having to wait for the last one to come out . . . and wow that was 5 years ago. I didn't get as into her Rebel Belle series, but my love for her books returned with Royals. I love books that center on royalty, especially contemporary ones, so I was so excited for this book! Now to start my review . . . *Stefan from Saturday Night Live voice* This book had everything: -a fictional royal family of Scotland (that Rachel made up! and did intense world building for this fake family I love her omg) -the younger sister of the crown prince's fiancée who is forced into the spotlight and has to learn some, uh, "proper etiquette" from . . . -a swoonworthy love interest who is the best friend of . . . -the hot royal trash/mess of a prince -fake dating -SARCASM. I love Daisy okay -witty banter!! amazing ship!! -guys in kilts -did I mention FAKE DATING So yes, I wholeheartedly adored this book! I read it in about two sittings and only took breaks because of things like, you know, life and sleep and school and whatnot. I laughed, I teared up because of antics and cuteness, I laughed some more. I really loved all of the characters so much, especially Daisy and Miles. Daisy's thoughts and reactions to anything are my everything honestly. MILES'S reactions to Daisy are amazing. I mean: "I need a list of every den of iniquity in the city of Edinburgh," I blurt out. Miles stares at me for a moment before blinking owlishly. "I . . . don't have a list like that?" And, wow, I've never read a book that describes being the younger sister so well. Daisy talked about wanting to live her own life, but it's always interrupted by what Ellie wants, what Ellie does. I totally understood her mixed feelings about being in Scotland and being sucked into the royalty hole (I mean. not that I've been in this exact position, but similar-ish). The friendships as well were so good! Daisy and her best friend Isabel have such a strong relationship that's really an anchor for Daisy throughout the book. Miles and Sebastian too; it was so nice seeing how much they all care for each other. Royals was a bundle of cuteness and sweetness and everything I needed, honestly. With a sarcastic main character and lovable characters (even the hot messes), it definitely lived up to the hype and then some. I can't wait for the next book! Look out for this one on May 1.

This book was everything I wanted it to be! Who doesn't love reading about princes (HOT princes) in beautiful Scotland? Rachel Hawkins had me laughing and enjoying myself from the first chapter. I loved to watch all of Daisy's new relationships unfold with the royal family and friends of the royal family. It was so much fun getting to learn about the "posh life" right along side her. Also, Daisy's father was probably the most hilarious part of the whole book. His character always had me laughing out loud! It was a quick-paced, lighthearted read with some great sisterly bonding moments as well. 4.5/5 stars. Definitely would recommend this!

This was my first novel by Rachel Hawkins. Rachel did not disappoint with Royals. The story is intriguing and I got invest in the characters. I was always itching to read more when I had to put it down. The only thing that was slightly frustrating was how it jumped in time without saying how much time passed. Other than that it was a great novel. There are so many fantasy/dystopian series out there, that it's nice to read a stand alone novel once in awhile. I received this eArc by Penguins First to Read program!

5/5 gnomes * Book provided for review by First to Read (Used the points I’ve earned on the site to guarantee myself a copy of this one.) Why should you read Royals? For lines like this of course: “A little moment of understanding that feels weirdly nice, given that it comes from a guy who I’m not entirely convinced isn’t a tea cozy cursed by a witch to live as a real-life boy.” I adore this book. The characters, settings, and relationships are a ton of fun. Royally awesome intrigue equals a read you won't want to let go of. Daisy's sister is marrying into royalty and that leads to a plethora of problems. Paparazzi plus lots of royal drama leads to some trouble of course. Daisy and her family are eminently entertaining then when you throw in some Scottish royalty things really take off. Her Dad especially is great and has quite a viewpoint. This read is full of fluffy goodness and quotable quotes. Like a smile in book form (as corny as that sounds.) You think you know where the story is going but then theree are plenty of surprises too. Read this book ASAP if you want to laugh and love a book at the same time. This is a book that will definitely make you snort laugh in public.

So I normally love thrillers, mysteries and anything dark. But I LOVED this book. This was an escape and I could not put it down. I loved the characters and felt invested in their story. I’m going to be very sad if there’s not a sequel, or even a series.

I received this book from Penguin First to Read for free in exchange for an honest review. This book was fun. Sometimes you just need to read a fun, quick, easy read and this fit the bill. You have fun characters, royalty (obviously), a great setting (Scotland), and some disasters. I really enjoyed it!

Let's just address the elephant in the room right away - no, this is most definitely not my typical read, but I was in the mood for something light, and from reading one of her previous books, I know Rachel Hawkins can dish out a healthy dose of humor.  Royals was a pleasure to read from page one. I lost count of the number of times I laughed out loud.  Daisy is just a sugar-coated treat - snarky, unfiltered, and ridiculously funny.  She's in 'fish out of water' situations for most of the book, occasionally handling them gracefully, but more often than not, having to pry her foot from her mouth.  I enjoyed watching her scope of the world expand beyond her little corner of Florida. The supporting cast is equally endearing, especially Daisy's comical former rockstar father, and you can't help being charmed by Seb despite his roguish behavior.  Not being a real romance fan, I was relieved it wasn't the only focus of the book, but the plot is still somewhat predictable.  There are no real surprises here, but I wasn't expecting any.  Royals is a fun, fluffy read from cover to cover. Thanks to Penguin's First To Read for the ARC.

This book is pure fluff and so much fun! Don't bother getting your pants in a wad over the alternate history with Scottish independence author Rachel Hawkins has created, if that's your hill to die on then this book probably isn't for you. BUT! If you like Princess Diaries or My Fair Lady (and ok maybe even lovely garbage movies like A Christmas Prince) then this is definitely for you. It's so funny, literally made me laugh out loud, and is chock full of (to pull a quote from the digital gallery) "next-level swoony material." Cute, roguish boys from the Scottish nobility, a sassy feminist from Florida, a surprisingly funny and well-written set of parents (especially Daisy's dad), plus a dose of culture clash makes this book a pure delight. It's a fully-loaded ice cream sundae except you have no regrets after consuming it all in one sitting.

I didn’t enjoy this one. It felt too one dimensional and it took me forever to finish despite being about 300 pages. The characters weren’t as fleshed out as I would’ve liked and it seemed everything got wrapped up too quickly/conveniently. Disappointing read, especially as I have very much enjoyed the author’s other books.

The story of poor Daisy Winters is funny, witty, and an all-around fantastic read. Daisy's sister is engaged to a Scottish prince so now she's thrust into the limelight and her normal, small town life is over. She's basically living my worst nightmare as she's followed by cameras and snoops everywhere she goes. The Palace decides that the best way to control this is by forcing Daisy to spend her summer in Scotland with the royal family... Then things get even worse in an entertaining, even romantic, caper that introduces readers to the royal family and shows that appearances aren't always what they seem. Interesting characters, enjoyable twists, lighthearted banter, and solid writing made this a book I couldn't put down out of pure enjoyment. I need this to be a series so I can see everyone's happy ending. I highly recommend it.

Omg y'all that was SO GOOD ?? The hate to love trope. The fake dating trope. SCOTLAND. Nerdy stuff. Not taking any sexist crap. SASS!! Puns!! Miles ??????

I loved this book. Books like these are my serious guilty pleasures. I love the whole girl meets royal thing. I’m reallt glad that I got the chance to read it. Now all I really want is a sequel because I wanna see what happens next. It was just a really, really fun book that kept me up late at night so I can finish it. I honestly want more of this story. I wanna know about the wedding. I just really liked Daisy too. There were a couple parts of the book that had little instances that I didn’t see coming which made it much better. 10/10 would buy.

Royals was a fantastic book that I'm so glad I had the opportunity to read. I've already recommended it to one friend, and I have a feeling I'll be recommending it to even more as the publication date gets closer! Everything about this book was great, mostly because Daisy's relationships with the people around her were both believable and exciting. I really felt like I understood why she did what she did in every situation, and I was genuinely invested in the outcome of her story. 10/10 stars, will definitely recommend, probably read again, and almost certainly buy a copy once it's available!

Royals was a lighthearted and fun read told from the POV of the main character Daisy. Daisy is a witty and quirky teenager who lives a pretty ordinary life in a small town in Florida, but she also happens to have a sister who is engaged to a Scottish prince. This turns her life upside down and Daisy has to learn to navigate the societal expectations that come with being associated with the royal family. As you can imagine, she gets herself into some hilarious and awkward situations mainly due to Prince Sebastian, but she's able to handle it with her sassy quips and strong-willed nature. I liked that the author paired Daisy with Miles rather than Prince Seb (Sebastian) because it seemed more believable. However, I felt like this book could have been longer because I felt like the plot was rushed and the characters could have been developed a bit more developed. I would love to see this become a series so I can see where the characters go.

This book was fantastic. A light, fluffy YA story, but so entertaining and fun to read. The plot was surprisingly original for a "royalty" romance. Rather than telling the story of the beautiful, regular girl who falls in love with a prince, we get the story of her younger sister and family dealing with the drastic lifestyle changes. Also, I'm a sucker for a good enemies-to-romance plot, and I loved the dynamic between Daisy and Miles. The story also had some really funny moments and I actually found myself laughing out loud a few times. Sometimes a lighthearted, funny, sweet YA romance is exactly what you need, and Royals fits that bill perfectly.

3.5 stars It's good to be warned going into this review that I am the biggest sucker for royalty tropes. Seriously. There's a reason I was on Wattpad for a year and a half, and it definitely wasn't the toxic environment. We all have our guilty pleasures, and I'm only slightly ashamed to say that royalty romance is one of my guilty reading pleasures. (Yes, I admit that The Selection was entertaining.) And Royals was basically all those tropes that I enjoy wrapped up in one. It didn't get into trashy territory, which was one of the downfalls of some stories with this trope. There's not any unnecessary drama or nearly extraneous storylines that make you cringe, face palm, or all of the above. Royals was blissfully restrained and it ended up keeping that guilty pleasure royalty trope that I am a sucker for (shhh we're keeping this quiet ok?) without making it super cringey. It's not the story of Elle Winters falling in love with the prince--it's the story of her much geekier, much more average younger sister Daisy who lives in Florida (home state REPRESENT) dealing with the unfortunate effects of her sister's upcoming wedding to the prince on Daisy's own life. I didn't find any of the characters to be particularly annoying, which is always a win, and Daisy was nice without being super selfish or a "special snowflake." It's a relatively short book and I sped through it in a day as it was paced very well and has an easy to read plot and writing style. I found it to be entertaining and enjoyable in helping me just find a book to relax with. There's not a lot of meaningful messages in this, but I did really enjoy the family dynamic between Daisy and her sister and also her parents. Daisy struggles a lot with her sister's fame as Elle & her desires ends up always coming first in Daisy's mind. This is a big theme in the story and Daisy has to resolve this bitterness between her and her sister throughout the story. I liked how they talked it out instead of blowing up, but I do wish that they would have had a little more on the topic instead of wrapping everything up neatly before a page 300 is required. I wanted more on the family and sister dynamics--more on the contrast between Elle and Daisy. To me, this felt a little unresolved and I wanted more on this. Despite this, I actually really enjoyed the romance. Barely anything happens, but I think Hawkins wrote the tension between Daisy and Miles really well. It left things on a hopeful note and I think this was nice. But one of my favorite parts was probably how Daisy didn't end up getting sucked into the royal life and doing something silly like falling for Prince Sebastian. She's still very much Daisy by the end of the novel, even though she learns a few things along the way, and I enjoyed this part of the story. Overall, this was an enjoyable read because I was in the mood for it. This is exactly that cheesy entertaining story you'd expect without being too dramatic. If this sounds like a storyline that will intrigue you, you'll probably enjoy it as a relaxing read like I did. But, if you're looking for something with a little more...substance, then you may want to look elsewhere.

I loved this book! I went in expecting it to be like all other Royal Romances (“The Royal We”, by Cocks and Morgan, for example), but I was pleasantly surprised. It was fun seeing everything from the sister’s point of view, there were plenty of twists that I didn’t predict, and even the parts I did predict didn’t play out exactly the way I anticipated. Truly a delightful read, and I’m already starting it again. I only wish it had a more conclusive conclusion - I hate when YA/Chick Lit books aren’t fully wrapped up and the ending played all the way out so you can truly see a happily ever after. But, give the age of the main characters and the openness of the ending, I’m hoping this means a sequel is in the works? I would be first in line to read it!

I received The Royals by Rachel Hawkins from First to Read by Penguin Random House. Thank you Penguin Random House for giving me the chance to read it. Here's what the book was about listed by Penguin Random House: " Meet Daisy Winters. She's an offbeat sixteen-year-old Floridian with mermaid-red hair; a part time job at a bootleg Walmart, and a perfect older sister who's nearly engaged to the Crown Prince of Scotland. Daisy has no desire to live in the spotlight, but relentless tabloid attention forces her join Ellie at the relative seclusion of the castle across the pond. While the dashing young Miles has been appointed to teach Daisy the ropes of being regal, the prince's roguish younger brother kicks up scandal wherever he goes, and tries his best to take Daisy along for the ride. The crown--and the intriguing Miles--might be trying to make Daisy into a lady . . . but Daisy may just rewrite the royal rulebook to suit herself." My review: Royals by Rachel Hawkins really is like another Princess Diaries book series. It has that same sass, and fluff that I loved back in those books. When I first saw this book, I knew it was going to be a fit for me, but then when I had it, I wasn't sure. At the beginning, I had moments where I said, YES! I like this! And then a few chapters later I wasn't sure. I think that may have depended on the times I was reading it. Forget Alex and Daisy's sister... Daisy and Miles were the best part of the book for me. I thought the romance between them was pure fluff. I especially liked the parts where they were alone together until her sister "rescued or interrupted" them. I just really liked Miles a lot. Did anybody else picture Lilly for Daisy's best friend? I like Hawkin's writing style a lot and will be reading more books by her. This book is a four star read because of it's pure fluff in it. It's a recommendation if anybody is looking for something similar to Princess Diaries, and for a fast read. Author's note: This will be up on my Goodreads, my wordpress blog and Amazon when the time comes. My wordpress blog is

Royals is as sweet as cotton candy, and I don't mean that in a bad way. If you know this is advance you can enjoy this book for what it is. Royals is fun, adorable and surprisingly funny. Daisy was sassy and strong willed but she found herself in a strange new world. Not wanting to let her sister down, she went along with some crazy schemes, however she might have found love in the middle of them. I really loved how smooth this story flowed. The characters were comical and charming. I really think a lot of people will love this one.

I received a copy of the book from First to read in exchange for an honest review. It's hard to find a nice young-adult, first POV, that doesn't make your eyes roll all the way... this book is a winner, because not only did I never roll my eyes, but I had a smile painted on my face through all the 256 pages. I never thought I could find clichés so much fun and enjoyable. The book is narrated through Daisy's POV, a funny, sweet, colorful, lively, seventeen-year-old teenager. At first, I was a bit scared because, let's face it, when you are no longer a teenager, reading a book like this could be a bit challenging. But Rachel Hawkins, once again, has taken her readers in the heart and mind of her character. And she brought us in an elite world, that kind of recalls the English royal family, with Kate as El, and Seb as Henry. I smiled a lot, even had some feels, and laughed. Maybe, if you are a teenager you will love this book, but if you're not, don't let that stop you. It's a very enjoyable read, with a tender love story. A real page-turner that will cheer you up.

Royals was a cute, fluffy, light YA contemporary with a mixture of: Gossip Girl meets Pride and Prejudice meets a Korean drama called The Princess Hours. However, I don't think these shows accurately described what the book was about. After a bit of reflection, I thought it was just like any other YA book. At the same time, it wasn't... What I meant was that it was neither a plot-driven novel nor a character driven novel. The novel was mostly about Daisy's experience surrounded by the Scottish royals, as she was given the opportunity to be a part of her sister's new life for a short while. Also, the premise for the novel was *technically* not new or unique. It was predictable and often common especially in Korean dramas. So if you're someone who likes to binge watch Korean dramas, then you might find this book entertaining. Anyway, I LOVED THIS BOOK and I wanted more from it. I wanted more from the story. The protagonist was likable and I loved her sense of humor! She was also emphatic, forgiving, friendly, and understanding. Her imperfections probably made this book an enjoyable read. Sometimes she was a loud mouth and she quickly learns how people can take situations out of context especially when spread by the media. Then again, learning this didn't stop her from being who she was.  Additionally, two things I didn't like were: the sexual assault scene (TRIGGER WARNING). I'd say, look at the big picture before judging this book. Second, what I didn't like were the loose ends. Like I said, it doesn't seem like this book follows a consistent plot. For instance, there were things brought up but it wasn't mentioned again. It seemed like this book was just a "slice of life" regarding a fictional royal family.  **I wasn't nitpicky about the details regarding this book because I had a fun and enjoyable reading experience. If you're looking for an entertaining read, this is something I would recommend. However, if you're looking for a fresh YA contemporary read from rags to riches don't set your expectations way too high.

I could not put this down. At first I took the comparison to the Princess Diaries too seriously But once I stopped expecting that, amazing. This is a funny and fresh take into the lives of Royals. I wanted more when the book was over. Hopefully there’s a sequel!

I had so much fun reading this. Royals is a light-hearted, funny, easy read that’s sure to entertain. I finished it rather quickly, and couldn’t help but wish the book had been longer. I don’t say this often, but this would make such a cute movie! I connected with Daisy from the start, and loved her sassy, headstrong personality. I also found myself a bit jealous of her situation: I mean, who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by a group of young, attractive, amusing members of the Scottish aristocracy…le sigh. Daisy is apparently also a much better person than I am, because if my sister (and parents) acted that selfish and inconsiderate towards me, I would not be on speaking terms with them. I was glad that there was bit of a reconciling moment between Daisy and Ellie at the end, but it still didn’t lessen my loathing towards her sister. I really loved the interactions and banter between Miles and Daisy! We all knew what was going to happen by the end, but nevertheless, I still enjoyed watching it all unfold. If you like light, fun, entertaining reads than Royals is a book for you!

This book is so much fun! It kept me sucked in and I pretty much read it in one sitting. The story focuses on Daisy, whose sister is marrying a Scottish prince. Unfortunately for Daisy, this means she'll be cast into a spotlight not of her choosing. As Daisy attempts to learn how to maneuver in the posh world she now finds herself in, she finds herself in one bind after another. Funny, sweet, and just plain fun. Fans of Stephanie Kate Strohm's Prince in Disguise will love this!

The book is cute and fluffy. A nice, easy read. The only thing I did not like was all the slang. It felt forced at time with how often it was included. Overall i enjoyed the book and would read more book by her.

I devoured this book! ROYALS was a great read, something very easy to flip through and with so much humor and wit! Hawkins takes a fairly overdone story and adds her own spin to it, complete with sarcasm and the perfect amount of sass. The main character is Daisy, a sassy teenager in her own world. But when her sister gets engaged to a prince, her world is thrown upside down (despite her several attempts to fight it) and she’s forced to live with the royals for a time. The characters were likable, and for me it was almost better that they seemed real. I’m 30-years old and I read this in a few hours, so I can only imagine how great of a read it would be for someone in their teens! I’ll definitely have to keep an eye out for more of Hawkins work.

I can always expect a good time from Rachel Hawkins' books. Her Hex Hall series, for instance, is one of my favorite YA series. Witches, snark, and's epic to say the least. Therefore, when I caught wind that she had a new book coming out (one involving royals!!) I couldn't have been more excited. The result? Combining Rachel Hawkins' characteristic wit with royal drama and a touch of romance, ROYALS is fluffy, flirty, and laugh-out-loud funny. The best aspect of ROYALS, in my opinion, was the fantastic cast of characters Rachel introduced. My favorite would have to be Daisy, the main character. I clicked with Daisy from the first page. I loved her sassy, in-your-face personality, but I also appreciated that she had a vulnerable side. She knew that she sometimes said the very wrong thing at the very wrong time and pushed buttons that should not be pushed under any circumstance; however, she couldn't stop it. Her brand of protection was a rowdy sense of humor and I (someone who constantly hides behind sarcasm) could completely relate to that. Sometimes it is easier to make a joke than say something serious. Over the course of the book, Daisy experiences a lot of growth. She's thrown into a new world, a royal one nonetheless, and she's begins to see the importance of compromise, trying new things, and maybe even cutting her sister a break for once. I loved seeing this transformation occur. In addition to Daisy, there's so many other characters I came to adore as well. For example, her parents cracked me up. I loved the combination of her rebellious former rock star father and bubbly, talkative mystery writer mother. Sometimes they truly gave Daisy a run for her money with saying the wrong thing, but it was easy to see that they meant well. Daisy's sister also intrigued me. At first I couldn't believe how cold and poised she was, but as the book continued I began to see a new side to her, one that I surprisingly liked. The royal family was also an interesting crew. There was Flora, the wild child, Seb, the playboy, the intimidating Queen, and Alex, the nice guy/Switzerland of the family. Each brought an interesting dynamic to the table, and I especially loved that Seb wasn't the love interest. It was refreshing to say the least, especially when someone as swoony as Miles was the real love interest. From the first page you're thrown right into the action, and while I loved the fast speed that it brought, sometimes I wished it would have slowed down. ROYALS has a lot going on - romance, family drama, royal drama, a coming-of-age, etc. I found everything to be interesting, especially the royalty and the romance, and I loved the twists and turns! Some of the big moments really were jaw-dropping. Sometimes, however, I wish there would've been a little less action and more time spent on development. There were so many times in which a big revelation would occur in one chapter but then it wouldn't be mentioned again for a few chapters. It was almost as if it didn't happen, and while each big revelation did eventually earn a conclusion of sorts, sometimes the conclusions felt more like a brush under the rug than a satisfying end. I also wished the romance would've been a tad more developed. I enjoyed the dynamic between Miles and Daisy - some of my favorite scenes involved the two of them - but they didn't always have a lot of screen time, and I think the book would've benefited from some more romance between the two of them. Regardless, ROYALS is a fun and bubbly read perfect for the summer. The characters introduced are what makes the ROYALS such an enjoyable read, in my opinion. I honestly could've read about their lives all week!


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