Out of Time by Monica McCarty

Out of Time

Monica McCarty

Natalie is the worst spy in the history of spying, falling for her target. When her attempt at misdirection leads to irreversible consequences, she’s forced to run for her life, with her lover hot on her tail.

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A hunt for dangerous secrets leads to explosive chemistry in this exhilarating romantic suspense novel from the New York Times bestselling author of Off the Grid.

A team of Navy SEALs go on a mission and disappear without a trace—they are The Lost Platoon. 

With his men scattered to all corners of the globe after a disastrous secret op in Russia, Lieutenant Commander Scott Taylor is trying to find out who was responsible for leaking the information that killed half his platoon. Were it not for Natalie Andersson, the woman he'd been secretly dating in the Pentagon who'd warned him of the danger, he knows they'd all be dead. Scott is devastated when he hears that the woman he loved and hoped to marry has been killed for helping him—until he learns that Natalie was the spy who betrayed them. But when his search to clear his name brings him face-to-face with a very much alive Natalie, Scott realizes that justice and vengeance might not be as clear-cut as he thought. 

Natalie Andersson, or as she was born Natalya Petrova, has put the memories of her early childhood in Russia behind her. She never dreamed that she would be at the center of an elaborate "sleeper" espionage program. Even when she learns the truth, she refuses to spy for the country of her birth, until the Russians threaten the lives of the only family she's ever known. But Natalie is the worst spy in the history of spying, falling for her target. When her attempt at misdirection leads to irreversible consequences, she's forced to run for her life, with her lover hot on her tail.

Advance Galley Reviews

This was my first McCarty book and I've found a new "must follow" author! I enjoyed her storytelling, character development, and the speed and flow of her plot. I will definitely be continuing with this series and hope the future books have little updates on Scott and Natalie.

This is my first intro to the Lost Platoon, but McCarty's writing really impressed me. Her character development was outstanding, and the plot/characters drew me in and kept me reading. It was literally one of those books you never want to put down! It had intrigue, mystery, romance, military....who could ask for more! Probably the most impressive part of the entire reading process was the character development--the reader truly feels they KNOW the characters and relate to their situation(s). I've often read books where the character development was a bit weak, but not with Out of Time. I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and was genuinely disappointed when it ended--I wanted it to keep going. I will have to read more of McCarty's books so I don't lose that lovin' feeling! Great writing...great book! Very glad I read it.

I had not read any of the Lost Platoon series, so this was my introduction to any of the Monica McCarty series. This story however, can stand on it's own. I really liked Natalie and Scott's story with the little bonus of Kate and Colt. I am going back to read the first books and then the next books. Really enjoyed it!

I didn't read the first 2 books in the List Platoon series, so the first couple chapters I was a little lost and playing catch up. By chapter 4 I was completely hooked on this story. Natalie and Scott had such a great story and so much love between them. The story inside the story Kate and Colt was so sweet. I will definitely be reading the other books in this series.

OUT OF TIME As others have said before me, OUT OF TIME is the third installment in Monica McCarty’s latest series. I confess, I did not read the first two in the series and I think it would have been better if I had. There were so many characters that I had a hard time remembering who was who. Ms. McCarty did a good thing by adding a line of who the character was as she introduced them to this story. It was just harder without having read a full novel with them in it. However, as I continued to read I found that I enjoyed the story. This is a well written, fast paced romantic suspense story on the lines of a Suzanne Brockmann. There was a lot of chemistry between the main couple, Scott and Natalie. I also liked how she had secondary couple’s storyline setting up for continuation in another book. I would recommend it but make sure you start at the beginning. I am going to go back and pick up the first two. She is now an author I will follow.

This book shares the story of Natalie and Scott. It starts with him learning that she is a Russian spy and he has to find out how deep her betrayal runs. This is the third installment and my introduction to this series. Overall it was a good story. I enjoyed the pacing of this story. And their story. I also enjoyed the story between Kate and Colt.

I have enjoyed McCarty’s Lost Platoon series more than her previous Hughland Guard series. Out of Time is great fun. I love the suspicion that Scott must overcome of Natalie- it makes for great tension in the book. Their sexual chemistry is blazing hot too.

4 stars!! The third in the Lost Platoon series, Out of Time was a very good read. Having not read the previous two I was still able to follow along with was happening in this story. The author does make reference to previous events, but it was easy to follow. Out of Time never had a dull moment, it had a lot of action, suspense, government espionage and most importantly, romance. We actually get two romance story lines, but Scott and Natalie's is the main one. Circumstances drove them apart and it was the same ones that brought them together again. To see them reconnect was difficult to read. I felt for Natalie the most. She had had a difficult past and it wouldn't let her go. I was wondering how the author was going to bring them together, since Natalie was being blamed for a mission going wrong that caused for some of Scott's team members to lose their lives. The story had a very believable conclusion. Overall it was great story! Highly recommended!

This book is astounding! I recently read an action/suspense romance and it sucked. That one was horrible enough, I did not write a review on it. But this one. WOW! The writing is simple and easy to digest but the pacing, the characters’ development, their movements, their facial expressions, their voices; you can hear them, you can see them clearly. I admire writers who can describe a scene with the clarity it’s like watching an action film. It was not boring but it was not also over the top. I enjoyed every second of reading Scott and Natalie’s story.

First, let me preface this review by saying that I did not read the first two books in the series, and perhaps I should have. Right off the bat, I had trouble getting into the story because the first few chapters are spent on reintroducing characters and plot lines from what I'm assuming took place previously in the series. It was a lot to take in. That said, though, I honestly enjoyed the book as a whole. I loved the chemistry between Scott and Natalie, even if the "failed Russian spy" storyline didn't mesh at times and the ending was way to neatly wrapped up. Their passion and love for one another is more than enough to carry their story, though. I also fell in love with Kate and Colt, and I appreciate that McCarty didn't gloss over the serious issues they need to get past in order to get their happily ever after. Well worth the read! Thank you, First to Read, for the opportunity to read this title.

This was surprisingly good read. The characters and plot were well developed. I enjoyed getting to know the characters and the story line kept you engaged. I look forward to reading more from this author.

Out of Time is the third novel in Monica McCarty’s six-book romantic suspense series, The Lost Platoon. The series revolves around a platoon of Navy Seals, Seal Team 9. This volume is centered around platoon leader, Scott Taylor, and his love interest, Natalie Andersson, also known as Russian spy, Natalya Petrova. Scott’s sister, Kate, and her ex-husband, Colt Wesson, are also featured in the story. Both relationships are complicated, but the primary and supporting characters are all fully developed, as is the plot. I haven’t read any of the previous books in this series, so some of the backstory and references were unclear, but McCarty weaves a web of intrigue, betrayal and romance that fully captured my attention. The sex scenes are smoking hot; no chaste romance in this one. All in all, I enjoyed this novel and will read the remaining books in the series. I was chosen to read an advance copy of this book as part of Penguin's First to Read program. However, the opinions expressed in this review are 100% mine and mine alone.

This isn't one of those series that you can jump into on book #3 and be able to enjoy the story with no background. It's actually a little hard to get into at first because the reader is expected to know things that happened in previous books and time keeps jumping forward to glimpses of events that take place in previous volumes. It helps long-time readers place where/when the story takes place, but it confused me and kept me from really forming any kind of attachment to the characters. The plot centers on two couples and the aftermath of a mission gone wrong due to spying and treason. There's quite a lot to work within that area and there are definitely interesting twists and turns to keep you turning pages. It does suffer a bit from being really predictable when it comes to who the real baddie is, but the journey there is full of woes, romance, action, and solid dialogue. I won't say I'm now a huge fan of McCarty and that I'm dying to read the rest of this series, but I can't say that I didn't enjoy it.

As far as romance books go, this one wasn’t bad. Plot was decent. Characters were likeable. Probably would not go out of my way to read anything else by her.

This book is the third in the author's Lost Platoon series. I think one has to have read the first two to fully understand and enjoy this book. There are many continuing characters and the main event that has triggered the series happened before this book. This book follows two specific couples as they work toward finding out what really happened to cause the Lost Platoon. This book is a blending of special ops military, political figures, intelligence operatives, dark operatives, and private security operatives all at odds or working together to find answers. As this series is romantic suspense, the reader knows there will be a happy outcome. It is a fast pace book with many turns that keeps one involved and guessing to the very end. I read on the author's website, she wants to make this a 6 book series with a 6 book spin off series. I would be very in favor of that! Thanks for the advance copy!

Good read. I enjoyed it. But what was perhaps unintentional on the author's part was that I actually preferred Colt and Kate's story and would have rather read that as the main plot. Part of the problem resides in the fact that I did not read the previous books in the series, and there was definitely background that was mentioned in this book that would have been better reading firsthand. (Like the Mick stuff.) In fact, since Mick did not appear in this book, the ending was anti-climactic since Natalie's greatest foe was already defeated. The actual antagonist was also one that seemed to have been introduced already, so that is more backstory that would have been better reading firsthand.

I really liked this book, it was a great page turner. I am going to read the rest of the series because the stories are all part of one larger story. The characters are well developed, you want them to have the happy ever after ending after everything they had to overcome. Great book.

McCarty's romance novel is just that with an interesting back story to keep the reader's interest. The intrigue is surface and secondary to the relationships being targeted--Scott and Natalie and Kate and Colt. Didn't realize this was part of a series, however, makes sense as McCarty ties up Scott's difficulties with his "biological" father, and learns to be more human and less "by the book" in the process. The story has good sex scenes, lot's of "trust", "male changes", and "children--either to be, or adopted" to push onto the next book. Not my favorite genre to read, yet wanted to see what would happen to the government "traitor" once found out. Thanks for the galley copy--

Scott Taylor was willing to break the rules of his SEAL team when he fell in love with Natalie. But then a mission went wrong that left half his team dead, and all signs point to Natalie as the culprit. As he tries to root out why someone wanted his team dead, he tracks down Natalie to get answers, but confronts the problem that maybe things aren’t as black and white as he wants them to be – and maybe he still has feelings for her. This is the third book in a series that follows the SEAL team members in hiding, and while telling the story of Scott and Natalie, continues the story of Colt, his former team member, and Kate, his sister. Since this is a romance and inevitably has happy endings in sight for all couples involved, it drives me a little crazy that there’s multiple stories being told, but all in all, McCarty does a good job of drawing you in to the emotions of the characters, and rooting for them to overcome their differences with the people they care about.

Talk about a page turner! I read this book in a day and what a joy it was. The plot was compelling and believable. I love reading about Navy Seals and the missions they go on. There was just the right of romance to military story line. I would definitely recommend this book! Thanks First to Read for my advance copy!

The romance genre is often poorly written and an insult to the audience’s intelligence. This book was legions better than the average in the genre. The military and political backdrop was well fleshed out and engaging. Like so many I’m intrigued by the world of Navy SEALS. The characters were somewhat formulaic and in line with romantic novel troupes, but core fans will be satisfied.


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