Ocean Light by Nalini Singh

Ocean Light

Nalini Singh

In this next novel of the Psy-Changeling Trinity series, Nalini Singh's paranormal romance brings us into a love story that will change two people forever.

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New York Times bestselling author Nalini Singh dives beneath the surface of her Psy-Changeling world into a story of passionate devotion and selfless love... 

Security specialist Bowen Knight has come back from the dead. But there’s a ticking time bomb in his head: a chip implanted to block telepathic interference that could fail at any moment—taking his brain along with it. With no time to waste, he should be back on land helping the Human Alliance. Instead, he’s at the bottom of the ocean, consumed with an enigmatic changeling. 

Kaia Luna may have traded in science for being a chef, but she won’t hide the facts of Bo’s condition from him or herself. She’s suffered too much loss in her life to fall prey to the dangerous charm of a human who is a dead man walking. And she carries a devastating secret Bo could never imagine. 

But when Kaia is taken by those who mean her deadly harm, all bets are off. Bo will do anything to get her back—even if it means striking a devil’s bargain and giving up his mind to the enemy…

Advance Galley Reviews

As always, Nalini Singh brings to life the Psy-Changling world. Beautifully written with well developed characters. Nalini Singh never disappoints.

Penguin First to Read ARC. Rating: 4 of 5 stars. Have not read any of other books in this series, but the world is well built and has interesting dynamic. Bowen has a ticking bomb in his head but has fallen for Kaia. She on the other hand, doesn't want to fall for him. But they are made for each other and can't stay apart until ....

Beautiful and haunting. This love story is different and imaginative, a wonderful departure from the same story played out over and over again. Rich and full of texture with characters that grab you and pull you into their world. I didn't want to finish this book yet I really had to finish this book. A read that I was sad to have come to an end which is a rarity for me these days. Looking forward to other titles from Singh.

Ocean Light is the next fantastic book in the Psy-Changeling Trinity series. Nalini Singh is really talented and has created a rich, vibrant world with characters who are strong, and emotional complex. There are three races in this world, the Changelings who can change into various animals, the Psy who are connected via a psychic network and have various mental talents and the humans who are tired of being the weakest race and have banded together to keep each other safe. This book stars the head of the Human Alliance, Bowen Knight and Kaia Luna, a BlackSea Changeling. Bowen Knight is desperately seeking a solution to the degrading chip in his brain that was supposed to protect humans from Psy influence. Many of his family and friends also got the chip, following his lead. As Bo was the first to be implanted, his has degraded the most and could fail at any moment, killing him. After being shot in the last book, Bo has been offered a slim chance of saving his people. Changeling scientists from the mysterious BlackSea group are willing to experiment on him with a potential cure. While he has no thought of survival for himself he is willing to risk if it might save his friends and beloved sister. So Bo is stuck in the BlackSea lab, deep beneath the ocean. It is there that he meets Kaia, a beautiful but emotionally damaged Changeling. Kaia is deeply distrusting of humans in general thanks to her tragic past. But suspicions of Bo run extremely strong as she thinks he may be behind the kidnappings of BlackSea members. However, Bo is intriguing and they begin a relationship despite her reservations and his projected low likelihood of surviving the experiment. Kaia and Bo fall in love and must work together to solve the mystery of who is hunting and killing BlackSea members. Through this investigation they must work to repair Changeling and Human relations. Their actions give them hope of fixing the fractures in the Human/Psy/Changeling Alliance. As well as a possible solution for the Psy networks problems. This book does a fantastic job completing several story arcs and ongoing series mysteries. We are also left with several outstanding questions, as well as a few possible solutions to ongoing problems, and hope for the future. I can’t wait to see where the story goes next.

this was my first ever nalini singh book. I had never gotten a chance before to read such an amazing series. But this book is kind of amazing. It touches almost ll the genres of the book world and has an amazing story line. I loved this book. This induced me to buy the changeling series books and now i am soo damn excited to read them.

I love Nalini Singh's books and I had to read this Psy Changeling Trinity book. I was waiting on it for quite a few months and I am so glad I took a chance. As usual, the author began with strong, vivid characters and I found myself living their lives. The world of water changelings was fascinating, to say the least. Kaia was a strong, three dimensional character and so was Bowen Knight. Bowen was every bit an alpha male and very likeable. Kaia was adorable and you would end up rooting for both. I personally like the Guild hunter series more than Psy changeling but this is a great next installment in the series.

Yet another amazing read by the ever talented Nalini Singh. In a world where people who are regular human, human-changling and psychics have achieved the first steps to an uneasy peace normal humans are still at a great disadvantage. Humans have no mental shields against psychics, allowing their minds to be invaded against their will. Our hero continues to fight for a solution to this critical issue while starting to lose a personal battle against a failing prototype implanted in his brain. While recovering from being shot he meets a mysterious woman who intrigues him and offers an impossible love story. Loved the story from cover to cover. Suspenseful and heartwarming it made alternately laugh and cry. A must read book in a fantastic series.

Usually I'm not as interested in the books that feature a human in this series, but I've always been intrigued by Bowen so I had high hopes for this one. I did really enjoy it. I liked getting to know more about Blacksea and the mystery of what was happening to its members kept me interested. Kaia and Bowen were both great characters and I enjoyed their journey.

A tale of underwater changelings and the human who volunteered to be their science experiment. Bowan has been a character that I’ve had mixed feeling about in prior books of this series. I didn’t get all of Bo’s motivations to put a dangerous experimental chip in his head that protects him from psy manipulation but is also killing him slowly as well. Ocean’s Light digs into Bo’s head literally and we learn not only why the leader of the human alliance is so committed to the group but what it has cost him. Kaia is the sweetest sea changeling and takes care of everyone. She is the mother figure for everyone on the underwater site that Bowan was taken to in hopes of finding a way to save him from the degrading chip in his head. There is something about the wounded human that calls to her and it is the first time she has felt a pull this strong to another being. The attraction between the pair starts off really strong and immediately. Sure it is a little fast but Bowan might only have weeks to live so there is no time like the present. As always with this series the story is heavy on the romance front but there is a bit of action in this more towards the end. Since this is our first journey under the sea Nalini spends a lot of time oh how the culture of the water changelings works and some of the very cool things you can do in an underwater base. All the action came closer to the end. It seems that some are not happy about some Psy, Changeling and Humans trying to build bonds together and they are trying to sabotage the newly made bonds. It looks like there might be multiple races working together to bring down The Trinity and it gets a bit nail bitey for a little while. There are some great but short cameos by series favorites including Mercy, Kit, Vasek and Ivy as well as Kaleb and Sahara. Ocean’s Light is the second book of a spin off series to Nalini Sing’s Psy-Changling series. You could also think of it as Psy-Changling #17 instead. While I don’t think you need to have read all 16 of the other books of the series to understand or enjoy the story I do think that you should definitely read Silver Silence before starting this journey.

This was my first Nalini Singh book and I loved it. I enjoyed Nalini Singh's writing and especially enjoyed the Psy-Changeling world she created. She pulls you in from the beginning of the story and not only are you invested in the romance between Bo and Kaia but you're also invested in the mystery of what's going on between the humans and the changelings. I can't wait to go back and read the rest of the series.

This is the first book by Nalini Singh that I've read. I definitely want to read more from this series now. Regardless of my not having read the previous books, this one was easy enough to get into. It's a well written story that I enjoyed from start to end.

This was the first Nalini Singh book I have read. At first I was worried I would be confused since it is so far into an established series, but the author does a great job drawing new readers in, and I found myself entranced. I cannot wait to go back and start this series from the beginning.

It's been a while since I've read a book by Nalini Singh and I forgot what I was missing. This was an excellent story, written by a woman who is a true master at her craft. The characters, storylines, and word-building are amazing. I look forward to more in this series. I received a reader copy of this book from the publisher, via their First to Read Program.

Disclaimer: I received a free advance review copy of this book from the publisher. Overall, I liked OCEAN LIGHT. I loved seeing more of Black Sea and actually wish we’d seen *more* of some of the other characters. Ms. Singh has built such a complex world that I have trouble remembering who is who amongst the different factions. Wasn’t the Human Alliance a villain at some point? Maybe if I’d read the books back-to-back it would be more clear, but with a year or more between them, things get a little hazy. Bowen and Kaia were okay as a couple, but not my favorite in the series. She was a little too timid and he didn’t really get a chance to flex the intelligence we spent a good chunk of the book hearing about. Also, the pacing of the ending was a little weird. Everything seemed to be tying up neatly, heading for the end, but then the book just kept going.

The watery habitat of the BlackSea clan of Changelings is the setting for the latest Psy-Changeling novel, aptly named Ocean Light. This is the story of Bowen and Kaia. Positive I appreciated the slow building romance between Bowen and Kaia. It was refreshing to read about a relationship developing slowly rather than jumping straight to Insta-love. I also appreciated the appearance of past characters. Last, but not least, there is a HEA. Negative I was looking forward to reading this book because I liked Silver Silence and love the Guild Hunter series by Ms. Singh. I have not read anything by the author that I didn't enjoy, until now. This novel just didn't grab my attention. I seem to be one of only a handful, at the time of this review, that had the same experience. I also didn't get any spark between Bowen and Kaia. That lack, in all fairness, could be the result of my life intruding on the story. (The nerve);) Simply put, if you like paranormal romance, shifters, psychics, magic, and humans, too, then this book may be for you. I would like to thank First To Read program for giving me early access to an advance reading copy of this book.

I loved Ocean of Light. Bowen, and Kaia's slow building romance was refreshing, and without knowing Bowen's future they loved each other intensively, truly not knowing what the next day held. KJ had me completely fooled! I can't wait to see him in future books, as a villain. I'm looking forward to getting to know more about the Black Sea clan

Oh Nalini !!! The woman is *such* a devil! Backing up a bit, for some house keeping: This is the 3rd book in the sequel of a series that is 17 (SEVENTEEN) books long. So, hum, yeah.... don't start here as it wouldnt be fair to anyone. Regarding the realism of the ending.... well 3 things: 1. This series is about people who change into realistic yet majestic animals... 2. This series is about people who have super human powers like telepathy, telekinesis or foresight... 3. This is a romance book, HEA better damn well be guaranteed... These elements, I hope, would take care of the "it's too neat, the resolution is too easy, I wish it had more angst etc" . NOPE, NOT TODAY SATAN! Let us enjoy this corny Nalini please. Because yes, Nalini Singh in this series is Queen of world-building & a corny ass witch and we stan

Fans of the Psy/Changeling Series have been waiting for the isolated water changeling clan BlackSea to give up their secrets for YEARS. Finally, finally Ms. Singh gives us what we want in Ocean Light. Of course, BlackSea doesn't just reveal all its secrets, you learn more and more throughout the book and every new detail is delightful and well-researched. Bowen Knight, head of the Human Alliance was not a hero I was particularly enamored with. I was mildly intrigued to read his story, but I was more excited to find out about BlackSea. Of course, Ms. Singh changes my mind almost immediately. I fell in love with the gruff but deeply caring Bowen and his devotion to the maternal water changeling Kaia. Kaia is fierce but damaged and watching Bowen hold on to her with both hands was the highlight of the story. He changes and grows as a person to be worthy of his generous and loving mate. She, in turn, faces her deepest fears for her alpha lover. Throughout the story, we learn more about the Human Alliance and meet many new characters I am hoping will have an impact further in the series arc. The balance between fun everyday life activities, high octane adventure, and sweet yet sexy romance was absolutely perfect. Every time I open a new Nalini Singh book I know to expect breathtaking world building and a delightful story that leaves me on the edge of my seat. Ms. Singh never fails to surprise and delight me. Now, as always, I wait with bated breath for the next couple to be revealed.

Oh man, I love Nalini Singh. I fell in love with the changelings in Slave to Sensation and have not looked back. This is another great story. Not sure how I felt about Bowen or delving into the water changelings. But I shouldn’t have worried. I loved the new characters and can’t wait for more.

Buy any book that Nalini Singh writes! This is going to be hard without giving away spoilers! Seriously buy the book! Silver Silence ended up on a cliffhanger with Bowen Knight being shot and falling into the water and I assumed he died. Ocean Light starts with Bowen surviving the assassination attempt and meeting chef Kaia Luna of Black Sea. But honestly there is so much in the book and when I reread it to write the review there is so much more that I picked up in the second read that I missed the first time. The changelings of Black Sea have never been shown much and Ocean Light allows the reader to see them much more in depth and understand them more. Nalini Singh writes in layers with each time I reread a book I pick up more information about a character which is the mark of an awesome writer plus she has a few scenes with characters from a few other books in the series which I loved because it gave a short update of them.

I really wanted to like this book, but it just was not one for me. This was my first book by this author and maybe it was due to the fact that I did not read the first book in this series but I felt very disconnected from the characters. I normally feel something for at least one of them but many of the characters seemed flat to me. At some points throughout the story I felt kind of lost in their explanations but that may have been because I didn't read the first book. I also felt the writing style was very repetitive in some instances, which became rather annoying. While I did manage to finish this book, I will not be reading any others by this author.

Nalini Singh delivers again! Psy-Changeling is one of my favorite series to read, and I was so excited to read an arc of Ocean Light! Kaia and Bo are two additions to an amazing cast of characters (yes, we've met Bo before, but he finally has his own book!!), and Singh continues to create incredible love stories while keeping an underlying plot going throughout all of the books in this series. The setting of Ocean Light is in a BlackSea territory, and it was so fun getting to learn about another portion of the Changeling world that we haven't seen yet. The characters were all interesting (I loved figuring out what their other forms were), and the setting itself was incredible - it's an underwater station, so it's completely different from anything we've seen before. Kaia and Bo's story fits in seamlessly with the longer narrative, which keeps getting stronger and stronger as the series continues. I can't wait to keep reading more and more!

I have always enjoyed Singh's changeling stories and although I'm behind on reading the last few, this book could be considered a stand-alone in the fact that you do not need to know the background of all the characters to enjoy Bowen and Kaia's story. With plenty of suspenseful plot lines and heartwarming scenes and love and friendship, Singh continues to keep readers hooked. And although Singh wraps up their story a bit too neatly considering all Bo and Kaia go through to be together, there's still enough left untethered to keep me looking forward to the next title.

At the end of Silver Silence (kinda spoilerish here) we were left with a cliffhanger of who shot J.R...er I mean Bowen Knight. Was he alive, dead, turned into a vampire for a new spin-off series?? Spoiler Alert...He lives and Ocean Light is next up in Nalini Singh's Psy-Changeling series. Bo lives through the trauma of being shot and his heart going kablooey and not in the good way. However he does have a tiny problem with a chip in his brain that might kill him within the next few weeks. However with an experimental help of a doctor and Kaia, former doctor/now chef. He has a chance to prolong his life and continue his work with the Human alliance. I liked this book, however not as much as I liked Silver Silence.

Ocean Light wasn't exactly what I was expecting. That's not to say it was bad or even mediocre. It wasn't. This is Nalini Singh, after all; she doesn't write bad books. It was just different. When we left Bowen at the end of Silver Silence he had taken a bullet for his sister Lily and was about to be very dead. But it's Bo, so we knew he wasn't going to die. And, thankfully, he doesn't. But he is... much changed. From his mechanical heart (courtesy of the Mercants) to the serious issue with his implant and his impending brain death from it, Bo is not in a good place. In fact, when we first see him, he's in a coma. But, once he wakes, he's every bit as formidable as a human who has had to learn to defend himself in this world can be. He is also not at home, not even in a hospital in Venice. He's at Ryujin, a BlackSea installation. Here, he meets Kaia Luna, a changeling with a heart as big as the oceans. It's instant attraction for Bo, despite everything else wrong with his life. But Kaia isn't exactly welcoming. In fact, she kind of hates him. He's human and humans do terrible things to BlackSea members. And he's head of the Alliance, which also does terrible things to BlackSea members. But Kaia's warm heart is soon overwhelmed but Bo's strength of character and honor. But this is Singh, so that's only half the story. Bowen is dealing with his impending brain death and the knowledge that he will accept it to save those he loves. Kaia is dealing with a recent tragedy. Both are dealing with childhood traumas that govern their actions even today - traumas that are intensely vile. Plus, both the Alliance and BlackSea are dealing with serious internal issues. It's a potent mix but highly insular, which reflects the BlackSea ethos. Ryujin is its own world and BlackSea is both far flung and intensely secretive. Some new characters are introduced, but with one or two exceptions, they don't appear to be candidates for new books. Despite liking Bowen, I struggled with his character in Ocean Light. He's strong, loving, willing to risk, fiercely loyal. When he loves he loves with his whole heart. Despite this, he is not whole. His childhood trauma has led him to hate and despise the Psy and lead to his partial rebuffing of Kaleb Krycheck in Silver Silence, a move that was not wildly popular with some readers. It also lead to his implant, which is meant to help keep the Psy out of human minds. Bowen's ancestor is a reminder of how the humans fit into the triumvirate, but no matter how much Singh dresses it up, I still find her humans to be at a significant and distinct disadvantage in this world. Bowen understands and reflects that. It's a dangerous and precarious position, and one where even the smallest leg up can matter a great deal. Kaia, and how she fits into BlackSea, is a bit mysterious. Her changeling side is kept secret for most of the book. I had three guesses while reading and ended up having my first choice being correct. But, this pattern held true for many of the BlackSea members. Most are secretive of their changeling side. As for how Kaia fits, I liked best how Mercy describes her: "A Maternal." despite BlackSea having no such designation. Like Bo, she is intensely loyal and loves with her whole self. It's Kaia's heart that saves the day, in more ways than one. The mysteries in the book are solved to some degree and mostly because of Kaia's beautiful heart. But like Bowen, she carries a deep trauma and this too must be resolved. I loved the intrigue of the book. It really pushed the Consortium narrative forward and I liked the sense of how factions within all three races were both using and being used to try to destabilize Trinity. Too much about the intrigues would be spoiler-y, but one line that is obvious is the disappearances of BlackSea members. There are other intrigues afoot though. My biggest gripe with the book is how Bowen's implant and his 5% survival chance is dealt with. Bowen knows (and so does Kaia), that the treatment to try to stop the implant from killing him could do harm. Obviously, Bowen doesn't die. That's not a spoiler. (view spoiler) In the end, I loved how Bowen and Kaia find common ground, how BlackSea and the Alliance merge more tightly, how we see some characters again. I'm not sure at all where the next book will take us or whose story it will tell, but I'm ready to find out.

by Darchelle M. Corona In the latest novel in Nalini Singh’s Psy/Changeling series, the futuristic Psy, Changeling and Human races continue to strive for survival. In the wake of the fall of Silence and the newly forged Trinity Accord, no one is safe from the Consortium’s subversive rein of chaos and evil. Peace hangs in the balance as their latest targets, the Humans and Black Sea Changelings, are put on a collision course for war. Bowen Knight, the Human Alliance security chief is in a fight for his life. He awakens after two-months in a coma to several surprising discoveries. First, he miraculously survived the assassination attempt from the bullet that shattered his heart but is still in danger from the degraded ticking time bomb implanted in his brain. Second, the Black Sea Changelings have an experimental compound that could stabilize the chip implanted in his brain but could result in a 95% chance of severe brain damage. Third, the beautiful and captivating brown-eyed changeling charged with his care, hates humans and suspects he’s the monster behind the torture and deaths of her missing clanmates. Black Sea changeling Kaia Luna spends all of her time in Ryujin Station, a Black Sea installation fathoms deep in the Black sea. It’s her sanctuary and the only place where she is safe from predators and humans alike. The moment Bo awakened and his dark penetrating eyes captured hers, Kaia knew her marshmallow heart was in danger and her deep strong feelings couldn’t be denied. With Bowen’s life hanging by a thread, thus begins Bo and Kaia’s hot and sizzling journey through murky, dangerous and sensuous waters. The missing clanmates must be found, the traitors that have betrayed the humans and changelings must be unmasked, the experiment with only a 5% chance of success must not fail and long held secrets and fears unveiled. I loved this story which showed how love can develop between those from opposing races and overcome the most difficult life-threatening challenges. As with all the Psy/Changeling novels, I ended the story loving the Black Sea Changelings. Orcas, sharks, laughing whales, bad-tempered walruses, jellyfish with brains, uncooperative giant squid clinging to the towel rails, women with tentacles who purred suggestive promises, a crotchety two-hundred-year-old turtle, tiny old ladies who turn into whales and a cook with a mouse for a pet named Hex. There were even a few glimpses of previous beloved characters to round out the story. I highly recommend this novel and rate it 5+ stars. As with all Nalini Singh novels, it can be read as a standalone however, I suggest reading the entire series from the beginning as the Psy/Changeling world is vast and quite complex. Many thanks to Penguin’s First to Read program for providing this ARC in exchange for a review. I am looking forward to this series and all other works by Nalini Singh.

I'm sorry to say that these books took a turn for me about 3 or 4 books ago and I just can't get back into them. I was hoping that this one would turn the tide for me, but sadly, no. It's a credit to Nalini Singh's vision and her writing that it took 15+ books for me to lose interest, but I'm sad to say that it's official, I've lost interest. I'm serious this time!!!! Bo and Kaia were fun for a little while, but the insta-love was way too instant and their heat was tepid at best. But the real nail in the coffin for this book was it's length. At a little over 400 pages, it was much too long. It felt like a slog after a while and I'm not sure that it needed to be as long as it was. The drama and the intrigue really fell pretty flat for me. Overall, this new arc to the story and this build up just isn't as compelling as the first 15 and I'm gonna stop while Nalini Singh is still #1 in my book.

Another solid entry in the series. It has a little bit of a different feel than some of the other books in the series, but it was very enjoyable.

Enjoyed, enjoyed, inhaled the book, want more. Again Nalini does the unexpected, total surprise the main characters she matched. As with the previous book lots of interesting facts and characters to learn about with these changlings and their world. I had hoped for a little more information on the loose ends from the previous books. I will not miss a Nalini Singh book in the future, will be re-reading because on a re-read there is always new info that suddenly comes to light. On the first read thru, I am sad when it comes to the end, but with the next reads there is always more to discover that I did not notice the first time around. Write faster Nalini, I want more. We need more snippets in the newsletter to keep us going till the next book.

A thrilling adventure set into the sensual and dangerous world of Psy-Changeling by Nalini Singh! I loved the BlackSea tribes, Kaia and Bo along with the cameo appearances of loved characters! There's mystery, intrigue and lots of anguish and action!

Loved it! I will read anything that Nalini Singh writes. She has a gift of writing stories that have heart and connection and love and adventure and a great storyline! The world building is incredible and seems so realistic. I always feel like I can connect to the characters and understand their perspective. Ms. Singh's books all have a love story and the main characters tend to mature in some way and move beyond some core beliefs that have held them back. Kaia and Bowen's story fits the mold. We have seen glimpses of Bowen in past books in this series. To be honest, he was one character that I wasn't sure I would be able to like as a main character. However, the author did such a great job sharing his back story, and showing his caring interactions with Kaia, that I soon came to root for him. There wasn't as much action as is typical, but this story taught us more about the BlackSea changelings and set the scene for future books (I think). I look forward to reading more in this series!

Nalini Singh is an amazing storyteller and one of my favorite authors. I loved reading about the BlackSea changelings and the underwater world that they live in. Bowen and Kaia's story had me from the first page and wouldn't let go. It's been a long time since I read a book in one sitting. Highly recommend!

The Psy-Changeling series is one of my favorite series of all time and I've read and re-read it many times. I was happy that the series did not end with the first arc but moved into the Trinity phase. I was not sure how I would feel about Ocean Light but I loved it! It felt different than most previous stories. It was less about what was going on in the "world" and more about the story between Bo and Kaia. I really enjoyed the development of the relationship, learning more about Bo and the BlackSea changelings, and visiting with a few of my favorite characters from the series.

Loved this latest installment in the Psi-Changling series, though it was NOTHING like what I'd expected. It was a bit light on action - though there was plenty of drama and the romance was sweet. In fact, in a few places, I actually cried. It didn't advance the overarching Trinity arc all that much, either, but I loved reading about life in a biosphere and meeting a bunch of new characters (Bebe the grandma tortoise rocked!), plus some of my favorite characters from other books were there too, particularly Kaleb and Sahara, whose appearance made the ending one of my favorites of all the books. BTW, I read this in one marathon session because I could not put it down, and I look forward to reading it again and listening to it on audio when it comes out next month.

I've read most all of the overall series and have been enjoying the new Trinity series. Its a refreshing change to bring all three species together and seemed to be the natural progression. I really liked this story, after the ending of Silver Silence, you were left hoping that Bowen would be saved, resurrected, something! I'm so glad she was able to make this book run seamlessly with the others and resolve some of the challenges/problems in the human world (i.e. the mind chip).

Ocean Light was my first Nalini Singh book. It’s the second in a spin-off series with several other books, so I was worried I might get confused, not having read the others in the series. It took a little while to get the hang of the new world and its characters, but overall, it wasn’t too difficult. Anyone who hasn’t read the other books in this series could probably pick up enough back story to understand what’s going on. The characters of Bo and Kaia were okay. Neither of them left a lasting impression on me. Bo was supposed to be a big “alpha” security guy, but the bulk of his “alpha-ness” was told to me by the author rather than shown. Bo seemed more beta than alpha, if his actions were any indicator. He didn’t do anything remarkable with his physical prowess or security skills that wasn’t instantly (or somewhat “magically”) solved. I wanted to see him struggle more to get past the many obstacles he faced. There was very little struggle. There were few obstacles to struggle against, which is another problem I’ll address below. Kaia came off as a frightened deer in the headlights most of the time, which disappointed me. I was expecting a much stronger female lead. She was a typical damsel in distress, waiting for a man to come and rescue her because she couldn’t possibly rescue herself. Not much about her stood out, aside from “the other part of her nature” (a phrase used repeatedly to the point of exhaustion), which finally appeared at the end. I was disappointed in that reveal. I had my suspicions about what she was, but it didn’t line up at all with who she came across as a human, in my opinion. The author kept saying the other self was so wild and joyful, but I saw little, if any of that in Kaia’s human form. Maybe changelings don’t reflect their animal nature in human form, but if that’s the case, it seems rather pointless. Neither Kaia’s nor Bo’s actions seemed particularly out of the ordinary or heroic. They weren’t cowards, neither did they do anything remarkable, in my opinion. They were just…there. I didn’t buy their relationship. Again, it felt like so much was told to me rather than shown, so it was hard for me to get onboard with these two. Yes, he was protective of her, but in a standoffish kind of way. When they went on about how much they cared for each other and couldn’t live without each other, I had a hard time finding evidence from the story to back it up. The sex was largely closed-door, which is fine, but I expected a stronger romantic component. This book seemed heavy on the fantasy aspect with the romance taking a bit of a back seat. Which brings me to the plot and its (lack of) conflicts. Or perhaps more accurately put, the sweeping of all conflicts into the Magical Solution Machine and receiving the instant answer to all the characters’ problems. The set-up at the beginning drew me in. A ticking time bomb type of conflict is usually a great hook. It keeps the reader wondering what will happen when/if time runs out. But here, the ticking time bomb seems more of an afterthought while several other, much less important, storylines weave into the foreground with a far less powerful punch. And when the initial ticking time bomb conflict comes back into play, it's dealt with way too easily, too neatly. With a snap of fingers, everything is fine! But wait…there’s a new conflict to deal with…And…it’s gone. Hold on. One more…Dealt with. The end. Finally, (and this is a big, unnecessary nitpick, I know) I believe this book could benefit from having a stronger line/copy editor. I realize this is an ARC, but there were several grammatical errors throughout. One of my biggest peeves was the author’s use of introductory phrases that signal a simultaneous action with the rest of the sentence that couldn’t possibly happen at the same time. Example: “Thrusting her prepared trays of shortbread into the oven, Kaia shut the door, then programmed the correct cooking temperature and time.” One cannot thrust a tray in the oven and shut the door at the same time without getting burned. Here’s another: “Picking up the flute, he held it out.” You can’t pick up a flute and hold it out at the same time. You do one or the other in sequence. I highlighted countless examples of these “simultaneous action” sentences. I had several stylistic issues with some of her phrasing as well, but style is a matter of taste, so I don’t fault the author for those. Overall, Ocean Light was an okay read for me. Nothing spectacular, but I did finish it. Readers of the series would probably enjoy it more than I did by virtue of the fact that they already know and love the characters and world. Jumping in feet first with no knowledge of the series most likely diminished my enjoyment of the story.

I have followed the Psy-Changeling series since it was first published, and have really enjoyed it. It's one of my go-to series, when I can't figure out what I want to read. I've re-read the series several times. This book is a wonderful addition to the series. It's not as intense as some of the others, but that's O.K. It was a sweet romance, but it definitely leaves you hanging and wanting more. Truthfully, I didn't even know there were sea-dwelling Changelings until this book. It was fun to learn about them. I hope you enjoy this book and the rest of the series.

I've been a fan of the Psy-Changeling series since it began and I have loved every book in it. I've always been curious to know more about Bo and I was excited to read his book - his love story. As with all of the books in the series, though the focus is on the romance and connection blooming between two characters, there is a lot of other things going on - secrets coming out, betrayals coming to light, the harsh realities of Trinity and those for and against it. Everything pieces together into a grander overall plotline and I was left wanting more from these characters while also being extremely happy at the happiness found between Bo and Kaia. Nalini Singh has developed such an amazing web of connections within the pages of this book, the connections between each group of people and how they all come together adds to the intrigue of the story.

I have read all of the Psy-Changelings books, including the first in the spin off Trinity series, Silver Silence. These books have so many characters and side stories going on, I love it. Since I have the memory of a gnat, I was worried, since I couldn't remember who Bo was exactly. I have a vague memory of him, but I can't remember specifics. But that did not deter me from reading or enjoying this story. In fact, I couldn't put it down. There was something about Bo and Kaia that grabbed me. I couldn't look away. After being injured Bo is taken in by the BlackSea for his recovery. Unfortunately there are some that don't want him there, because of his relationship with the Human Alliance. But there is more to him than people know. Because of the chip inside his head, he may only have two weeks to show them this. Kaia has lost everyone she's ever loved. The BlackSea has given her a place of comfort and safety after all that's lost. She is content here and doesn't like the fact that she feels a connection to this human. But changelings can't stop the bond when it finds it's mate. So while she's trying to keep Bo alive, she discovers that her heart is willing to take another chance, even if it means she has to face her greatest fear. I loved how Bo reacted to Kaia and her clanmates. He's in security, so he's used to keeping people safe, but this time, since he's human, he's limited in what he can do, both in time and body. Since he's human, he can't protect her from the sea and all it's dangers. But he'll do anything in his power, even if it means opening himself up to his personal nightmares and allowing someone inside his head. I like the way Nalini writes these books as if they're interconnected standalones. There is no cliffhanger, but there is an aspect that will keep you wanting more. In fact, I can't wait to see where the next one will go. To be honest, after reading this one, I'm dying to start the series over. I miss all the characters. Perhaps during Christmas Break will be the perfect time to dive back into the Psy-Changelings world.

It's a slow burn and the action is the lightest I've ever read in a Psy-Changeling book, but the romance is sweet and the character development is one of the best in the series. Both Bowen and Kaia have challenges to face before they can accept each other and we get to tag along as they discover that the way to face them is to do it together.

I hate reviews with spoilers so you won't read any here. All you'll get is my humble opinion about the quality of this novel. Paranormal and shifter fantasy is one of my favorite genres, so I always start a new story in this genre with great expectations. This is the second novel in a series that is an offshoot of another series and I have not read any of the previous novels. Even so, I was able to fall into this series with ease. While I was not familiar with the backstory, that didn’t detract from my enjoyment of this novel. Nalini Singh has created characters with great depth of character and emotion. It was a joy following Bowen and Kaia on their journey of discovery. Even the supporting cast was well thought out and developed. The plot twists were exquisite and the scenery was enchanting. I thoroughly enjoyed this novel and would highly recommend it. I will definitely be reading more of this series. I was chosen to read an advance copy of this book as part of Penguin's First to Read program. However, the opinions expressed in this review are 100% mine and mine alone.

Awesome paranormal romance amid mystery under the sea… This is the second book in the Psy-Changeling Trinity series. The last things Bowen Knight, Human Alliance Security Chief, remembered was taking a deadly shot to his heart, falling into the Venetian waters, and the devastated look on the face of his sister. He should be dead but technological advances of water changelings have saved his life. Two months passed before he awoke from the coma he was in to find himself under the Black Sea, the implanted chip in his brain that protects him from Psy telepathic attacks is still active but it continues to degrade and will soon kill him. There’s a remote chance, an experimental project that might solve the problem with the chip, but the possibility he could physically survive and lose his mental faculties is glaringly high. Being the man he is there’s no choice but fate has thrown him a cruel twist, given him a reason to want to live as a whole man in the form of an enticing water changeling, his Siren of the sea, she draws him like no other woman ever has and she hates him for what she believes the Alliance is guilty of. As a former assistant to the underwater station doctor who is also family and pregnant, the water changeling Kaia Luna couldn’t refuse when asked to help with the human patient. She’d switched her profession to that of chef, which fits her maternal instincts and personal needs better. The human male is a member of the alliance that is believed to have abducted and killed some of their own. Though she hates what he represents and that he could be involved in the disappearances she’s inevitably drawn to this man whose lease on life is tenuous at best. Loss has been an intimate companion in her life, she’s unsure if she can survive opening herself up to such again and she tries to keep her emotional distance and fails. She senses she has met her mate and there truly is only one option, go along for the ride and hope she lands in safety whatever happens. She’s stronger than she realizes. Like the first book in this offshoot series this was an awesome read. The world building was truly a creative tapestry that continues to evolve, the vivid descriptions take the reader to another reality for hours on end. There is such emotional death to the characters, you really get to know what makes them tick: what is important to them, who they are deep down, the fears that plague them and how the love that encompasses them pushes them to stretch their boundaries and to trust. It’s not just the wonderful dynamics between the main and supporting characters that keep your attention, the intricate storyline constantly surprises and leaves you to ponder what will happen next. I look forward to reading more in this series. An advanced reading copy was obtained from the publisher’s First to Read program.

I have been slow to get into this series but kept at it as I loved original Psy-Changeling and all of its characters. Now there are a whole new set and a unique set of changelings. While some of the characters from the first series make appearances (I loved it when they showed up) this time it is the water changelings and humans who are featured. In this second book we get to see Bowen Knight again and it is a bit of a surprise as he was shot and feared dead in the last book. He has to work very hard to get Kaia Luna's trust. Along the way he needed to have help in fixing the mesh preventing the Psy from accessing his brain. Betrayal on both sides keep the tension high as Bowen and Kaia work to stop a war between water based changelings and humans from breaking out. This is another interesting well plotted story that solves one problem but leaves another that needs to be solved. I received a free copy of the book in return for an honest review.

I couldn’t wait to read Ocean Light; second in the Trinity series (or #17 in the Psy/Changeling series). I was lucky enough to receive a copy of this book from Penguin’s First to Read program. I don’t have words to say how much I loved this story; I started to read and was drawn into Bowen and Kaia’s story. I read it in one fell swoop—I couldn’t put it down. From the building of Bowen and Kaia’s relationship to the glimpse into a small part of the BlackSea world, I was not ready for it to end.

I took me a long, long time to get into this book, but overall it was an enjoyable read. I think I would've liked this book a lot more had I read any other books in the series prior to starting this one. This book can somewhat be read as a standalone, but for most of it I found myself wishing I had more background information on the complex world and the characters' backstories. That being said, the world this book is set in is extremely interesting, and once you get into the second half of the book the action really picks up and keeps you flipping pages. The romance between Kaia and Bowen was sweet and believable, and I enjoyed watching them get to know each other and learn to trust each other. However, I did not love the ending. It seemed pretty abrubt, and there are some unanswered questions that I suppose will be addressed in the next book. I can't say I would really recommend reading this book if you aren't already a fan of the series, but if you have read the previous books this is a good installment. If you haven't read any books in the series before, check out the first one. This world is very complex and interesting, and fans of fantasy and shifter novels would almost definitely enjoy it.

I was fairly sure I was going to enjoy this book since I've really really liked all of the books in this series. And I was right! It was so great to re-enter the world Nalini Singh has built and to see a different aspect of it. World building is just one area Singh excels in and it always feels like the world exists beyond the section you're reading about. The Black Sea pack is a great example of that, since we've seen bits and pieces where they intersect with previous stories but even though this is the first time we've really gotten to really see that part of the world, it's felt as if it was there the whole time. And while I was reading this, it always seems as if other areas of this world from past books are continuing on their own paths outside of this narrative. It's not something I come across very often which I think just shows how difficult it can be to build a really big paranormal/fantasy world that doesn't box a series/author into creating repetitive stories or breaking your own rules to keep a story or character going. The Psy-Changeling world is broad and rich enough to keep this series not only going for 17 books but keeping it truly interesting for that long and leaving areas still to explore. Bravo and I can't wait for more!

I am an avid follower of Nalini Singh's Trinity series and was excited to continue the journey with the characters she writes about in Ocean Light. Very well written and easy to get into. I didn't want to put the book down. I would definitely recommend, not only this book, the entire series! Thanks First to Read for my advance copy!

Bowen and Kala Having met Bowen Knight in previous books, I enjoyed learning more about him and the chip in his head. I've also bee curious about the water changelings - great introduction into their world. Both Bowen and Kala are dealing with childhood traumas that impact their interactions with others. To move forward, they both need to come to terms with their past. While the book has a slower pace in the beginning, the world building kept my interest. Hope Miane Lévesque and Malachai Rhys have their stories told in future books.

Bowen and Kaia. Loved the book. It definetly has a different fill. It is a slower paced story. But a long coverage of time. It gets intense, and lots of surprises. Learn more about the water changlings. And Mercy is in it!!!

Kudos to Nalini Singh!!! I have all her books. Storyline slowly builds up and bam!!! I can't put my reader down 'til I finish the story. I like Bowen even though he is human. I'm glad he was save from the deterioration of the chip in his brain.

I'll be the first to admit, that I wasn't sure I would like this book. While I'm a fan of the Psy-Changling series, I've never found the Bowen Knight a very compelling or likable character. But I LOVED Kaia Luna and she made this book for me. Her character was so relatable and warm. Their relationship redeemed Bo for me and as a plus, I love that I didn't see the final twist at the end coming. Definitely recommend!

I was really expecting more from this book. Maybe that was the problem. I loved Silver Silence so much and by comparison, this book was such a letdown. Was it terrible? Absolutely not. But it wasn't great either. Bowen wakes up and finds himself under the care of water changelings as they attempt to prevent the chip which is supposed to protect his mind from Psy invasion from eventually killing him. Unfortunately, he only has a 5% chance of success. He meets Kaia Luna and they fall for each other (which is definitely complicated by Bowen's possible impending death) while trying to solve the mysterious disappearances of water changelings and figure out who is behind it all. All the while racing against the clock to make sure Bowen survives. I think my major issue with the book was the lack of chemistry between Bowen and Kaia. I absolutely adored Bowen. I mean damn, he was the whole package. Kaia was lovely, but I didn't really get the impression that they were meant to be together. It felt more like two people with a mutual attraction dating, not a powerful mating bond. For a couple with Bowen's possible and statistically probable death constantly hanging over them, there was little to no angst. And I wanted angst. It was more like ”Oh no, you might not make it, well, we should probably keep this kind of casual then.” Even the sex was boring. I actually found my mind wandering. It's completely possible that Silver Silence is to blame for my poor opinion of this book. I loved Silver Silence. It had romance and angst in spades and Ocean Light seemed overly fluffy and uninspired by comparison. Frankly, I was even bored in the last 25% or so, which is when things should really get interesting. The writing was fantastic as always, I mean come on, this is Nalini Singh. The world building is massive in scope, the characters are interesting and unique, and it is so easy to get lost in her world. I just didn't enjoy this book as much as her others. I absolutely recommend it to lovers of this series and her books but it certainly wasn't a favorite of mine. I won't be reading it again but I'll happily continue with the series. I look forward to it.

Ocean Light is the next book in the amazing trinity series. This book is about Bowen Knight who last we heard had been shot in the heart and fallen into the sea. When we start ocean light its with Bo being in a coma and he wakes up to find himself being cared for by Atalina and her cousin Kaia Luna. Who are trying to find a way to stop the chip in Bo's head from killing him, and all of the others that were implanted. Bo finds himself falling for Kaia all the while worrying that the experimental procedure will end up killing him. Both Kaia and Bo have childhood traumas that end up affecting their relationship but in the long run bring them closer together. Their relationship starts off slower, but that makes sense as kaia does not trust humans and there is a high probability that Bo won't survive the experimental procedure. However, that doesn't stop the story from flowing beautifully.It Most of the action happens in the last part of the book, and it pulls you along to the very last page, which made me sad that the story was over, and now have to wait what feels like FOREVER for the next installment of Trinity. However, i have already pre-ordered the next book in the archangels series which will have to tide me over... \

Ocean Light continues Nalini Singh's superb Trinity series. She has crafted an attention-holding, excellently paced book that brings together human Bowen Knight and ocean-changeling Kaia Luna. Ms. Singh delivers well developed characters, both primary and secondary, enjoyable romance and well-crafted suspense – truly an amazing storyteller. I am particularly enjoying the Trinity arc of the Psy-Changeling series as it brings new life to a well-loved, long-running series. Another author might have stayed in the incredibly successful changeling Cat/Wolf/Evil Psy universe. But Ms. Singh continues to expand this world to include new cultures. We continue to meet fascinating, multidimensional characters rather than the cardboard cutouts some authors deliver – heroes have faults, the villains might deserve redemption, and seemingly good people have black souls. The ocean-changelings, mysteriously hinted at in earlier books, are brought to life in Ocean Light, and it is delightful to see their world unfold. I'm also intrigued by Kaia’s extended family which promise to provide excellent fodder for future stories!

Even 17 books into this series, Singh continues to pull me in with her characters and world building. Every book I find myself wrapped up in the characters (often not the main/featured characters but the secondary ones) and what could/will happen to them. Kaia and Bo face seemingly insurmountable odds, but their love is forged fast and strong. And it is not all romance--decent amount of action involved. I thoroughly enjoyed this book (I kinda want to read it again already), and I eagerly look forward to more books by Singh in this series and the Guild Hunter series. If you love this world/series, I highly recommend this! Thank you for the chance to read it early!

The first 2/3 of the book feels pretty gentle, actually. I had started thinking this would be a softer, kinder book. But then the action really kicked up in the latter part of the book, with the typical intrigues of human vs. shifter vs. Psy. I love Nalini SIngh's work- her worlds always suck me in and leave me with a lovely Good Book Hangover I was so curious to see what water shifter Kaia would turn out to be.

This second book of the Psy-Changeling Trinity series concentrates on Bowen Knight who is in charge of the Human Alliance. The story begins with him becoming conscious and in the care of underwater changelings. Dr. Atalina Kahananui might have a way to keep the chip in his head that protects him from Psy mind invasion from going bad and killing him. The only problem is that there is a 95% chance that her procedure will leave him brain dead. Kaia Luna is helping her cousin Atie but her main job is being a chef. She delights in feeding all of her clanmates and taking care of them. She also becomes interested in Bo and Bo is equally intrigued by her. But, besides the medical timebomb that might take them from each other, the fragile peace between the Alliance and BlackSea is being tested. Isolated members of BlackSea are going missing and the clues lead to the Alliance. One of Kaia's childhood friends named Hugo is the latest to disappear. Before he disappeared, he gave Kaia evidence that the Alliance was behind the disappearances. This immediately causes Kaia to mistrust Bowen which throws a crimp in their romance. Meanwhile, Bowen wants to clean his own house and make sure that there are no traitors in his organization while he is still in his right mind. Both Kaia and Bo had childhood traumas that have impacts on their relationship too. Kaia fears the land and blames humans for the death of her parents when she was seven. And Bo was assaulted and mind raped by a Psy when he was a boy which has made him distrustful of telepaths. What they have in common is stronger than their differences though. Both are honorable and loyal and willing to do anything for their people. This was a great romance and an engaging mystery too. I liked the way Bo and BlackSea worked together to track down their various traitors. I loved getting to know more about BlackSea whose changelings have made some appearances in earlier stories and finding out more about their world. I liked the focus on Bo and the ties he was trying to build with the changelings and even with Kaleb Krychek.

Thanks Firsttoread for a copy to read and review. The following review is my personal opinion of the book. Wow... the imagery...the story building... the characters in this book are absolutely amazing! The author has completely outdone herself. I haven't picked up this series in awhile and this new trinity series is amazing. Shapeshifter or changeling? Same thing? This is the second book in this part of the series but I did not read the first so I have no way of knowing if it relates or could add to the knowledge of this book. Most of the books in this series can be read as a standalone but you do not need to read all of them for a full effect. I loved this book regardless, and it took me hours to read I was so engrossed. Bowen is comatose after a shot to the heart. He's been lying in bed waiting for his body and mind to wake up. Kaia comes to take care of him because her friend Atalina is advanced in pregnancy and needs to rest. After Bowen awakes he starts to realize he may have an affinity for Kaia because she is in his every thought. Changelings are being taken, and it's up to Bowen and Kaia to find out what's going on. The relationship between Bowen and Kaia is slow at first but builds in intensity. Kaia has lost people in her life and that has made her guarded. Bowen has never been in love but he understands quickly that he is interested in Kaia. The chip in Bowes's head though makes him push the romance up a notch since 14 days may be all he will ever get. Death has a way of bringing people more alive when they have very little time left to live. I know a lot of people will think this book has a slow build but given the fact that Bowen made it out of the coma says a lot. Withstanding a shot to the heart and surviving whilst being human is miraculous in itself. It would only make sense that his recovery would take time. Not to mention how skittish Kaia is but when you meet your mate it's destiny, no matter how much you think you wish otherwise. I adored this book, and its beautiful world building. The author is a master when she pulls us in. From cover to cover I was mesmerized. Five beautiful and amazing stars of entertainment! Thanks to First to read, for an amazing book gifted in exchange for my honest opinion. I will not be posting my review on Amazon or Goodreads until closer to the release date!


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