Intercepted by Alexa Martin


Alexa Martin

Marlee Harper vows to never date an athlete again. However, when the new hotshot quarterback and a past fling has Marlee in his sights, it will take a Hail Mary for their relationship to survive the season.

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Series in development with Starz & G-Unit Films and Television by 50 Cent and La La Anthony

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Marlee thought she scored the man of her dreams only to be scorched by a bad breakup. But there's a new player on the horizon, and he's in a league of his own...

Marlee Harper is the perfect girlfriend. She's definitely had enough practice by dating her NFL-star boyfriend for the last ten years. But when she discovers he has been tackling other women on the sly, she vows to never date an athlete again. There's just one problem: Gavin Pope, the new hotshot quarterback and a fling from the past, has Marlee in his sights. 

Gavin fights to show Marlee he's nothing like her ex. Unfortunately, not everyone is ready to let her escape her past. The team's wives, who never led the welcome wagon, are not happy with Marlee's return. They have only one thing on their minds: taking her down. But when the gossip makes Marlee public enemy number one, she worries about more than just her reputation. 

Between their own fumbles and the wicked wives, it will take a Hail Mary for Marlee and Gavin's relationship to survive the season.

Advance Galley Reviews

From the offest, I was intimidated by the hype leading up to release of Intercepted. Then the gushing love this book garnered from other readers kept me on the fence. I was stuck straddling fear-of-missing-out versus fear-of-not-getting-heart-eyes. I understand why this book was so well received. It’s a lot of fun. Ultimately, I knew about an hour in, it was not for me. January LaVoy’s brilliant narration kept me in the game. First #wtfwaswiththehashtags. I am from the generation that made those *a thing*, but the copious usage throughout the book was jarring. The commitment to keeping Marlee so millennial in her characterization and lingo really damaged her potential to be a sympathetic main character. I found her to be witty and moderately relatable, but mostly she was inconsiderate to those around her, dramatic at the slightest provocation, and a just a skosh annoying. Granted, Marlee was up against some villains – a cheating jerk of a boyfriend, rampant mean girls, internet trolls. I probably would have been surly in her place, but I still found her to be kind of a caricature of “young woman” rather than a complex person to root for. The conception of the plot was great. Who among us can resist an illicit and memorable one night stand? And then that hottie showing back up in your complicated present years later? Sign me up. In its execution, I had a lot of feminist flags on the play. I’m not even going to address how problematic Chris was. He was a douche through and through, and sadly all too believable in that role. When we move on up to golden boy, Gavin, I still found him to be passively troublesome. He did not actively make me want to kick him in the balls (ahem, Chris), but I feel like he had these micro-transgressions against Marlee that were passed of as either machismo or chivalry. I get that he is a big, strong football player with a butt like a god. I just wished for more girl power in Marlee’s counterpoint to his energy. It left a disjointed quality to the balance of their relationship, which ultimately had me conflicted about driving on towards the Happily Ever After. The biggest thing I was left wanting was more robust female characters. In contemporary romance, there are usually some pillars to balance out a more naive MC qualities. A tough best friend, a ride-or-die coworker, a mom/sister/aunt/cousin/whatever. My point is, strong women are everywhere in contemporary. I was met with essentially grown high school bitches with Black Cards, and the lack of similarly amazing women in Marlee’s circle made me sad. Every MC – just like every woman in real life – deserves the best women supporting her. The few friends who were introduced were too weak or too peripheral to make much of an impact. I wanted Marlee to be able to run to a friend when Chris was awful or when people harassed her, instead it was always Gavin. I profoundly missed the common theme of sisterhood and women taking care of their own. (Side note: the fact that this is predominate in the new era of books makes me happy dance. Even at a weaker state, the representation in Intercepted is still eons ahead of where romance books and female portrayals were in the not-too-distant past). Even though I had some issues with the book, I have to say I truly enjoyed Alexa Martin’s writing. It was fresh and accessible. There were so many scenes where I laughed out loud, had second hand rage, and let’s not forget the steam factor. Hubba hubba. In a sea of romances, this is still better than decent – and even more commendable as a debut. I will definitely be checking out Martin’s upcoming release Fumbled later this spring. I really hope that her second book continues to build on the clear promise she has as a staple in this genre. Bottom line, this is a cute read, just beware there are some issues lurking behind it’s gorgeous cover.

Starting this review of Intercepted is challenging because it was easily one of my most anticipated reads of the year. I mean, when do you get an actual WAG writing a WAG romance. And, in a sea of unrealistic, white-centric Sports Romance, I was hoping for Intercepted to come out on top. Unfortunately, there was one glaring problem: Intercepted didn't feel like a Romance. Marlee was not the problem of this book. She had a strong, funny voice and I loved her POV. What was the problem was the hero, Gavin. I felt like we knew nothing about Gavin. In all the time spent to flesh out Marlee, we got maybe 10% of the same development for Gavin. He felt stagnant. Nothing about him was particularly interesting, or particularly bad. He was just there leading to an uninspiring relationship I couldn't root for. While I do read Romance for the heroines, I can't properly enjoy a Romance that doesn't have a moderately compelling hero. Despite Intercepted's flaws, Alexa Martin has a ton of potential. I do plan on reading the next installment of the series.

This was a quick easy low read. I enjoyed the H/h and the storyline.

I wasn’t sure if a sports romance would be that appealing, but this was a pretty good read, especially considering that it is a debut novel. I’ll tell what is appealing - Gavin! #toogood2btrue I enjoyed the authors writing and humor and definitely look forward to trying future books in this series or other writings from Alexa Martin.

I don’t usually read romance contemporary stories and I have to say it was a fantastic read and I absolutely loved this book. It was so good and I recommend you pick up this read as fast as you can because you won’t regret it and will enjoy it.

this was cute, not the best but worth the quick read

Not particularly my cup of tea. I didn't enjoy this one as much as I thought I would. It just felt a bit stale and predictable for me.

A delightful romp with a sassy-mouth heroine whose dramatic flair for asserting herself will provide the challenge for the hero with a protective streak a mile wide. This debut sizzles with style, verve and humor. I was spellbound from the first page to the last as this sports romance balanced the heartwarming with the spicy to tell an enchanting story.

I’m probably the last person you’d want reviewing a football romance, since my knowledge of the sport is pretty much zip, despite (perhaps because of) sitting through a relative’s endless high school football games as a kid. However, the cover was just so gorgeous that I couldn’t resist, and I’m glad I didn’t! This is a delightfully snarky debut romance, and one where you don’t really need to know much about football to enjoy. He might’ve been a good guy today, but I’ve been around this life for too long to be tricked. No more athletes, and definitely no quarterbacks. After ten years of dating her high school sweetheart, she’s ready for Chris to put a ring on it. It’s not that they haven’t had their ups and downs – Marlee had a particularly memorable one night stand during one of their breaks four years ago – but that she’s basically settled into her life with him and, partly, is sick of the mean girls at the football wives’ charity club making snide remarks at her. Until she discovers that he’s cheating on – that he has been cheating on her – and swears off football players forever. The only problem is Gavin, the new quarterback on the team, who also just happens to be the man she had that one night stand with. Marlee can’t deny her attraction to him, but he keeps popping up whenever she needs help. A rebound fling is the last thing she needs, and he can’t possibly be as perfect as he seems – or can he? Why is he thoughtful? There should be a limit on the charm one could possess. Like Chris, for example. He’s hot, but a giant douchelord, so the balance of the world is in check. Gavin, however, is unbelievably handsome, a gentleman, kind, a fantastic kisser and those skills do not diminish in bed, and he’s one of the highest paid quarterbacks in the NFL. What the hell, universe? There are several elements in this book that seemed more like women’s fiction than straight-up romance (starting out the book with her dating a man who’s not the hero, the focus on the mean girls, etc). While it worked for me – mostly because of Marlee’s voice – I definitely think it’ll turn off other readers. The voice really makes this book – it’s solely from Marlee’s first-person POV, and, honestly, it was the best part of the book for me. She’s snarky, hilarious, says her mind, and has the tendency to hashtag everything, which I thought would get annoying but was actually downright hilarious. After her break-up with her cheating boyfriend, she sets out on her own for her first time in her adult life, and watching her get her footing and blossom as a single person was very enjoyable. All the while, though, Gavin keeps popping up, and her attraction to him is just as strong as it was four years ago. Gavin may be her white knight riding to the rescue, but the problem is, Marlee doesn’t want him to fight all her battles. After ten years in a relationship that she admits, in hindsight, she knew was going nowhere, she’s afraid she’ll lose herself again in another person. The big misunderstanding was one area I struggled with, and this was the one point in the book where I wished we could’ve had Gavin’s POV as well. I don’t think it was entirely out of character, as he’d done lesser versions of it before, she’d called him on it, and he’d apologized. The problem was, he kept doing it, and even escalating it, so it was obvious that he didn’t understand what he was doing wrong, even though he saw that his actions were hurting her. I did have some worries that that would be his default reaction again. To balance that out, though, at least he was an excellent groveler! The other issue was some of the conflict. Marlee’s biracial, and many of the other football wives were white, so there was a definite racial undertone in some of the barbs sent her way. I’m certainly not going to try to say that that’s unrealistic, but it did feel like a shorthand way of showing how basically irredeemably bad guy the other football wives were. Overall, though, I absolutely adored this book, and I’m very much looking forward to Ms. Martin’s next novel!

This was good overall. I'm giving it 3.5 out of 5 stars. This review is for an ARC, and reflects my honest opinion. I love sports romances, so this one sounded right up my alley. It has gotten some mixed reviews, so I wasn't sure where I'd fall in the spectrum. I would say I'm firmly in the middle. I didn't love it like I wanted to, but I definitely didn't hate it either. I liked Marlee for the most part, although she drove me a little bonkers sometimes. Gavin was the same story; he seemed like a good guy, but there were just some things I didn't like about his personality. As for secondary characters, I liked TK and Brynn quite a bit. I think I would have liked Dre if I'd gotten to know him more. Naomi was okay. Some characters were jerks (to put it politely). One issue I had with the book, and a reason I couldn't rate it higher, were that characters disappeared from existence for quite a while, and then reappeared when it was convenient for the plot. Or they only reappeared in short snippets, when I thought they should have a bigger part during the last half or so of the book. The ending was cute though, and it made me excited when I saw the second book's summary and cover was out already. Can't wait to read the next book!

Sometimes sports romance can be riddled with jerk face heroes and spineless heroines, not so in Alexa Martin's Intercepted. I was thrilled by our heroine, Marlee. She was such a breath of fresh air. I was confused as to why Marlee stayed with Chris as long as she did. Thank goodness for Gavin! There is something wonderful about a kind hero. I loved him and wanted him for myself. Loved it!

I'm so not a fan of any sports at all, except when the players are characters in romance novels. It can get so messy and entertaining, you know? All the traveling and groupies and wives and childhood sweethearts, etc. add the perfect amount of drama. I was reluctant to read Intercepted because it's Alexa Martin's debut book, but I read her bio and it said she was married to a former NFL player, so I dove in. Marlee Harper has been an NFL girlfriend for 10 years. Longer than usual for most. Her boyfriend Chris is the quintessential football player. Big house he doesn't need. Flashy car. He makes Marlee join the player's wives group, the Lady Mustangs, even though they see her as "just a girlfriend". Of course she has nothing in common with these botoxed, mean girls but she endures it because she loves Chris and wants to support him and his career. He's under extra stress right now because the team is bringing in a new quarterback and apparently that means something to wide receivers. Who knew? *shrugs* Anyway, this new hotshot quarterback, Gavin, just happens to be a man from Marlee's past. Chris and Marlee break up, for totally unrelated reasons, and she swears off professional athletes forever. Gavin doesn't care about that, though, and seems hellbent on changing her mind. This was such a fun book to read. Alexa Martin has written a hilarious, sexy novel filled with lots of insider football tidbits. The scenes where Marlee attends the Lady Mustang meetings with thealone are worth picking Intercepted up. Writing this review makes me want to read it all over again and I can't wait for her next book in the The Playbook series, Fumbled, due out Spring 2019.

I enjoyed reading Intercepted by Alexa Martin it was a funny, and romantic contemporary read. I swooned with the romance between the main characters; I liked that their dynamic interactions felt realistic while reading. Another thing that I liked was that the characters were diverse. I recommend people who love to read romance, especially those of us that like sports romances.

This novel is either going to work for you or not. It’s an easy read and I appreciated getting some insider knowledge on life as a professional athlete’s girlfriend. I liked getting to see a racially diverse NFL team (just like real life!) and that the story centers on a biracial heroine. However, my mileage varied greatly when it came to the plot and the humor. Case in point: too many hashtags. I struggled with Marlee’s character at times. A big part of this is just me: I have a hard time with characters that date douchecanoes or lackluster men for YEARS and have just gotten out of the relationship at the start of the novel. My impulse is to put them in therapy so they can figure out why they stayed in what was clearly not a healthy relationship before they even think about start dating again. Now Marlee did get bonus points in that she broke off her relationship but it only happened because she learned Chris was cheating. And everything we learn about Chris had me scratching my head in confusion. Why did she stay with this tool for ten years?? It reflected poorly on her. So I was pretty skeptical when Gavin came around. Marlee needed time to figure stuff out, not figure him out! But Gavin was the star of this novel. He was so persistent and kind and I loved how he pursued Marlee and took care of her. That is, up until the end when he did something that was so out of character, I found it completely unbelievable. It didn’t match what we knew of his personality up to that point and it was rather predictable plot choice. While I appreciated Marlee’s eventual decision, I also thought it should have happened at the beginning of the novel, not the end. But like I said, that’s my own personal preference. Lastly, I would have found this much more enjoyable if it didn’t have the Mean Girls subplot. I'm tired of stories which involve women tearing each other down instead of lifting each other up. I couldn’t understand why Marlee and Naomi spent any time with the other WAGs, much less participated in the committee. They were vicious! Why do that to yourselves? I’m sure such cattiness exists among real-life WAGs but I sincerely hope it’s not as widespread as portrayed in this novel. A three star rating isn’t a bad rating from me. It means I liked the book and I did. I just wanted more from it as well.

A romance with not too much substance, but plenty of humor. Marlee and her friends are entertaining to watch, though some jokes are repeated over and over and over. It's a classic push and pull sort of romance, with the characters being tossed together, falling in love, then getting torn apart, and finally reconciling. However, the conflict in that penultimate part felt drawn out--you know the HEA is coming, but the characters get stuck in a cycle of repeated behavior, anyway. Overall, a cute romance, with an insider's look at the sport's world (it's not very glamorous) and the 'wives that lunch' of the football set.

I had not seen anything about this book until I saw it on the First To Read website. I was on the fence about requesting a copy, but I decided to go ahead and check it. I’m glad I did! I really enjoyed this book. The author captured my attention with the first chapter. Intercepted is a fairly light-hearted and low angst read. I loved Marlee and her group of friends. This book had a lot of laugh out loud moments for me. I also enjoyed seeing the development of the relationship between Marlee and Gavin, but I feel like I didn’t really get to know who Gavin was outside of football and his relationship with Marlee. I would have liked to read some chapters in Gavin’s POV as a way of learning more about him and to get his perspective on some of the things that happened. I appreciated the fact that Marlee was adamant about regaining her independence and getting in touch with her individuality before jumping right into another serious relationship. Overall, I really enjoyed this book and think it’s a great summer read. I look forward to reading the author’s next book.

I thoroughly enjoyed Alexa Martin’s debut book, Intercepted. It’s a spicy, sports romance complete with complicated relationships, love triangles, unrequited love, and (dare I say) MEAN GIRLS. These are all the makings of a fun read. Intercepted lured me in from the very beginning. I felt like I was in an early episode of CW's The Game, smack- dab in the middle of a Sunbeam meeting. I don't know too much about football, so many of my thoughts on the “sport star’s lifestyle” has been jaded by that show and a few other reality-shows I won’t mention. I apologize in advance. But anyways, the main character Marlee was smart, quick-witted, and just a wee bit of a hot mess. And I was all the way here for her. Marlee was the girlfriend of NFL star Chris Alexander that just wanted to be respected by her boyfriend and the catty wives of football players she found herself socializing with each week. But after a bad breakup with Chris, Marlee finds herself leaving familiar football territory only to wind right back up in the life with longtime crush Gavin. And while at first, I wasn’t sure about the drama destined to unfold among the women, Marlee won me over. She was saying ALL THE THINGS I was thinking at times. So, I knew I wanted to hear more of what she had to say. And did I mention she uses hashtags at the most inopportune times? They were hilarious. #TheLandWhereHighSchoolNeverEnds If you can imagine talking to your snarky homegirl over a bottle of wine, then you can totally feel the tone of Intercepted. These girls are so catty, animated, and fun. Especially Naomi, Marlee's friend. I enjoyed having her and Brynn along for the ride of Marlee's hot mess express. I wonder if there are ladies clutching their pearls reading this because Alexa Martin drew from their characters so perfectly. This girl makes fun, realistic characters straight from a rom-com movie, I swear! Each chapter gave me a little something to look forward to, making me want to keep reading well past my bedtime. The pacing is great and each chapter’s ending made me want to continue on to the next chapter. I found Marlee easy to relate to, sympathizing with her, shaking my head at her, yet rooting for her all the while. And I enjoyed watching her growth throughout this book. As someone who has experienced similar situations in relationships, it was nice to see Marlee learn from (most of) her mistakes and keep pressing forward. There were a few things that gave me pause throughout the reading, though. I wish I could have seen Gavin's character developed a bit more. I know he's about family and I knew he loved football. I also had to believe he was just so attractive, according to Marlee's standards. But dassit. I wanted him to be more than the stereotypical knight in shining armor and have interests outside of football. I just wanted more from him and many times he fell flat for me. Intercepted is great for late summer or weekend reading and perfect for fans of sports romance. This is a read you can throw in your travel tote and enjoy on vacation. Or you can do like me and devour it during a quiet weekend with your favorite snacks and bottle of wine (or whatever libations you prefer) on deck. #NotTonightImReading Get caught up with Marlee and Gavin in your reserved "me time" with a nice, chilled bottle of wine and be prepared to laugh and nod your head all the way through this read. Thank you to First to Read for giving me the opportunity to read an ARC of Intercepted by Alexa Martin.

It was a fun read with a sassy and humorous cast of characters. I loved every minute! Unfortunately, I feel the back blurb spoils way too much of the book and that took away some of the suspense.

Fun and entertaining read. Liked the characters and story flow. Interesting concept and perspective on the athletes and their wives and/or girlfriends and what goes on. Liked the banter between characters and interaction. Good read. Would recommend!

Thank you First To Read for giving me the opportunity to read an advanced copy of Intercepted by Alexa Martin. This was a fun and easy to read romance novel. At first I was worried with it being about football and I am not a fan of sports but this was more about the relationships. Marlee Harper has been dating a NFL football player for over 10 years only to have two things happen to her. First her one night stand from her brief break from her boyfriend shows up as a player on the hometown football team. Then she finds out her long term boyfriend has been cheating on her for all these years. It was a very enjoyable to see how Marlee deals with the football players wife and while figuring out who she is and what her life is meant to be. I can’t wait to read more by this author.

A really enjoyable and easy read. The protagonist is Marlee who, after being screwed by her NFL boyfriend for 10 years, finds love with Gavin (who is also in the NFL). The book centers around the trials and triumphs of being an intelligent and sassy woman (who uses hashtags to describe her life which I LOVE #cutestthingever) who deals with other footballer partners, life in the spotlight and ugliness from other people. I didn't really like how much sex was in the book - I feel like there was more than necessary (#notaprude but really??) but I love how the characters were well developed and how it mostly tied up nicely in the end (spoiler alert: whatever happened to James??). Overall - i'd give it 4 stars!

This debut sports romance has been on my radar for a while now and while there were parts I wasn't too fond of, and others that were overblown, INTERCEPTED on a whole did not disappoint. "Playing nice while Power Trip Barbie threw her jabs stole my appetite." Marlee has been with Chris, wide receiver of the Denver Mustangs, for ten years. She's put up with the catty, racist, behaviour of the other players' wives. She's put up with a rocky start in her relationship, filled with what you might expect from an athlete, but come out the other side stronger for it. And she's managed to eke out her own business as a graphic designer while still supporting her man. All this and she's funny and tough, too. But things start to go wrong when a recent trade brings someone from her past back into her life.. and then she finds out that her boyfriend never actually stopped cheating on her. Cue relationship drama, the old flame stepping in to help, her ex being an asshole, a bitchy bestie on her new boyfriend's side, and so. many. hashtags. "Marlee." "Marlee what? I don't speak macho man shorthand." Don't get me wrong. Between the diversity of a biracial lead who is smart and sassy and strong, some laugh out loud moments, a wonderful relationship with her best friend and boss (lady friendships ftw!), and a hero who seemed just too good to be true (and spoiler sometimes he was), I thought INTERCEPTED was a lot of fun. But the drama.. is a lot. She smiles at me.. or at least I think she does. She's gone a little overboard with the Botox over the years. I never realized what a vital part the forehead plays in reading emotions before being around some of these women. From reading the author's note it seems that Martin might have legit pulled some of this material from her real life experiences as the wife of an NHL player, but holy god I hope it's really not this bad. Because wow. It was too much. And knowing it might be real life kinda makes it worse. But there was also some non-bitchy drama that happened maybe one too many times, somewhat different situations but similar enough, to feel overdone and repetitive. "Damn, girl, you must know you're standing next to the Pac-Man King. They don't call me the cherry-busting master for nothing." "Oh my god! Please tell me you did not just say that!" "Yeah.. I heard it after I said it." But, back to the good stuff, there was a lot of strength in the storytelling, the writing was smooth and flowed well, almost compulsively readable, and it was clever and smart, too. Marlee is a great heroine who, with a HEA almost handed to her, though not effortlessly, makes tough choices that I thought were well done. And of course we get there anyway. INTERCEPTED isn't perfect but it was a great way to spend a quiet sunday afternoon. I'm looking forward to more from this author! 3.5 stars

New author to me and I thought it was a cute read. Not your typical sports romance book. Marlee has been with her boyfriend Chris for almost 10 years. They have broken up in the past and during that time Marlee had met Gavin and they spent a night together. She ended up getting back together with Chris the dick and has to put up with the football team WAG's. I liked her sassy comeback to a lot of the wives of the players who talk down to her because she is only a girlfriend. Low and behold her one night stand ends up joining her boyfriends team and the awkwardness sets in. I thought the book was a tad slow to start and I hated Chris with a passion. I really like when she finally stood up for herself and stopped letting people walk all over her. I really like Gavin a lot. He just really liked her and wanted to take care of herself but I liked how Marlee decided that she needed to learn how to like herself first. Overall cute read and I would recommend reading it.

Copy received for honest review The life of a NFL girlfriend is seen through the eyes of Marlee. It’s not the glamorous thing we expect. Marlee is the girlfriend of NFL player Chris. They have a been together since high school.markee is a great person. She is someone you would love to be friends with. She is funny, down to earth and loyal to a fault. Her loyalty caused her to stay with Chris longer than she should have. A bad breakup causes her to swear off athletes. When Gavin, A man from her past shows interest, she is a little hesitant. But things progress. Gavin is the polar opposite of Chris. He is caring, protective, and just plain lova. This story was fun to read although the # comments got on the way sometimes, they kind of fit Marlee’s personality. I laughed with Marlee, got angry, sad and frustrated along with her. I loved how she grew and realized what she had to do for herself. Great story, great ending! This author is now on my watch list!

This is a really cute, fun romance. I loved Gavin and Marlee and how their relationship developed over the course of the book. It’s a little over the top at times, and there’s a shade too much mean girls drama, but overall it’s a nice romance.

This was a fun, steamy read, and lives up to the great cover art! Marlee is funny, strong, and independent. Gavin is sweet and dreamy, a big upgrade from her ex, Chris. I really appreciated that Marlee fought so hard to keep her independence through the story, even when it was the harder choice. The hashtags were over the top annoying. There were way too many of them and they weren't funny, just trite and trying too hard. The author did a great job with Marlee's internal narration, and the hashtags just took me out of that. I think they would work way better as chapter titles then just randomly sprinkled throughout the book to wrap up a scene.

I would rate this a solid 3.5. It has some great dialogue and internal thoughts. I adored Marlee. Some of the humor was over the top though and some of the mean girl scenes were a bit stereotypical with slut shaming. I wanted a bit more nuance to those scenes. Overall, it was a quick steamy lighthearted read with a fun character. Oh, and I adore the cover!

4.5 stars. Loved both Marlee and Gavin and all of Marlee's Hashtag moments to herself. LOL!! Marlee and Chris a couple since HS have had their ups and downs with Chris a NFL football player cheating on Marlee at every opportunity and Marlee taking him back or turning a blind eye. Her one time break from Chris 4 yrs ago had her experiencing her first one night stand with a supposed investment banker, but turns out he was an NFL player as well. Well Gavin ends up in Denver and Marlee believes he doesn't remember her until he tells her, um you dropped this which is the necklace she lost 4 years and he walks out. Marlee is beyond shocked. A lot of great moments thereafter and scary moment for Marlee as well. All in all, it was a great first book by this author and I look forward to reading more from Alexa Martin.

What a fun read! Marlee is hilarious and her journey to finding herself, and finding love, is full of both laughter and heartbreak. I loved the characters and am hoping some of the supporting characters might get their own stories. This is a swoony read perfect for football fans!

This was a fun, light romance. I really enjoyed the characters who were predictably super attractive and talented but also flawed and unique. This definitely made me want to read more from this author.

I really enjoyed this book. The characters were a lot of fun. Marlee may be little (5'2") but she was big in mouth. She didn't like confrontation but when someone went after her best friend or her man, she did not back down, even if it caused a fight to break out in the stands. There are always bitchy women who instead of supporting other women, they are jealous and try to knock those women down. That is how I saw the Mustangs wives. I'm sure there are wives like them and there are wives like Naomi. I enjoyed Marlee and Gavin's relationship. They seemed to have a fun relationship that was filled with a mutual respect. I thought the story flowed smoothly, the characters were engaging and I was entertained. This is a typical chick lit story. I'm just glad that Marlee wasn't kidnapped like what usually happens with couples in chick lit books. I found this a fun book that would make a great summer read. Although it doesn't come out until September so it will be a perfect read for football season. Curl up with a blanket and a hot chocolate and enjoy.

This Book had me sceptical when i strated it. I thought, uff another chick-lit. Which it is, for sure. But it dwelved into deeper territories about women independence, the need to stand up for oneself, the pain of heartbreak, so it is not all candyfloss. And that handsome leading man! Thanks FTR and Penguin for providing an ARC for the book. I enjoyed it immensely, it is a guilty pleasure to read.

Ugh. There was so much girl hate in this book, it was a chore to get through. I'm so tired of reading books where every single female character who isn't the main character or one of her friends is characterized as being a huge bitch for literally no reason. The main character in this book spent so much time going off on pseudo-feminist rants and still managed to hate every girl she came in contact with. Obviously, in real life not all women are nice to each other all the time but this was just ridiculous. Also, the hashtags in this book had me wanting to rip my hair out. So much of the humor and dialogue felt so forced it was painful. I'm in my twenties. Most of the people I know are in their twenties. I don't know a single person who uses hashtags that excessively or obnoxiously, or even at all.

I really enjoyed the beginning of this book. I think this book would be more enjoyable for someone who really likes and knows about football. I liked Marlee and Naomi, and the mean girl stuff was fun at the beginning, but I DNFed a little more than halfway through. I kind of lost interest in the relationship with Gavin. He was a little too flat for me to swoon over. I also felt like the conflicts in the book seemed too episodic and repetitive, and the pacing was keeping me from really getting into the story. Even though I didn't finish it, I think this was a fun read!

This was such a fun, quick read and a wonderful debut. Marlee is a very relatable character and her romantic struggles are fun but realistic. A light, fun late summer read. I flew through this in about a day.

A fun and sexy sports romance with an unbelievably perfect male lead. Marlee's sass makes even random scenes really interesting, but it was weird that she kept declaring herself someone who doesn't like conflict yet continually gets in people's faces. In her defense, most of those people totally deserved it. The plot is somewhat predictable, with an apparent checklist of clichés and plot points making an appearance. Yet considering that the interactions between characters are solid enough and that I read this genre mostly for fun, it works well enough that I enjoyed the read.

Sometimes, a girl just wants a cheesy romance story where she knows what to expect and it all comes together perfectly. This was perfect for that. There -were- plenty of of typos in this copy that were annoying. There were lots of corny, profanity-laced one-liners that caused me to roll my eyes. Martin broached some heavy topics, but tread very lightly over them. I felt that story-line quite predictable. Though I note all of these issues and problems, I found this a compelling story. It was a fast read, and when I couldn't sleep - I was able to finish it very quickly. It was great.

Sometimes, a girl just wants a cheesy romance story where she knows what to expect and it all comes together perfectly. This was perfect for that. It was a fast read, and when I couldn't sleep - I was able to finish it very quickly. It was great. There was a slight twist at the end that surprised me a little bit, but at that point I was so invested in the character that it was probably the exact blip that the author intended (I think). Either way, if you like a good romance story (a plus if you're into football I guess) - this is the story you should read next. Quick, steamy, and fun!

5 STARS!!!! I immediately fell in love with Marlee, the main character and narrator. She was so likeable and real. Also, fell in love with Gavin and began to ship them within the first 50 pages. The sex scenes were steamy, but the story was about more than just sex and a relationship. Marlee was such a strong character, I want more!!

The breakup between Chris and Marlee was surprisingly quick but after getting to know Gavin the bigger surprise was his behavior later on in the story. Just didn't seem like he would make those decisions for Marlee. The hashtags got a bit much but I guess that was Marlee's quick thinking of putting a tag on it to define the moment. I like the strong female friendships but the girl on girl hate was toxic. I'm a fan of sports romances but this was just okay for me.

I love romance novels and I love football, so this book was pretty much right up my alley. This was a sweet story with really well-drawn characters, and I loved getting to know Marlee and seeing her grow as the story progressed. The constant hashtags were not my favorite thing I ever experienced in a book, but they were true to the character and did really fit the light, fun tone of the book. Overall I really enjoyed Intercepted, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a fun summer read.

Oh, this book is fun. I loved Marlee instantly. She is smart, feisty, and so sure of who she is. It's obvious from the start that Marlee takes no flack from anyone, especially the football wives. (As they constantly remind her she's only a "girlfriend". I love that she and Gavin have a past and she thinks he's just a scumbag that doesn't remember her. It sets up a nice dynamic between the two of them already. When things fall apart with Chris (he sucks) and Gavin swoops in? Swoons ensue. The story was sweet, if not a touch dramatic. I knew there would obviously be drama with Marlee and Gavin towards the end. I kind of wish it happened earlier and we saw more of an independent Marlee. I liked her inner monologue and how she talked with others about finding herself, but would have loved a more detailed account of her getting her own life on track. Gavin is definitely swoon-worthy and sexy, a nice counter to Chris' Alpha act. It would have been nice to have seen him developed a little more outside of his relationship with Marlee. The moments with his family were nice, but there's always room for more. All in all, this was a super sweet romance. I could hardly put it down.

Cute romance novel. Quick read, light entertainment. The hashtags were timely and funny. Takeaway, it was sexy and sassy but also sweet.

I've never read a romance novel before this one. I'm glad I gave this one a try. There were plenty of of typos in this copy that were annoying. There were lots of corny, profanity-laced one-liners that caused me to roll my eyes. Martin broached some heavy topics, but tread very lightly over them. I felt that story-line quite predictable. Though I note all of these issues and problems, I found this a compelling story. Martin does a great job developing the main character; the reader really gets to know her as the novel progresses. I think she could have done a better job developing the major man character, but I understand that this book centers on women. That's fine. For those who love romance novels and women's fiction, I'd recommend this book when it is published.

Loved this from the start. Great lead character, she is someone that you cheer for, and can find a little piece of you in. And her love interest is someone of dreams. Its y you ur favorite rom-com just in book form and I look forward to the next book by Alexa. I will definitely be recommending this book

Intercepted is a fun-loving romantic comedy that captures your attention right off the snap.... Marlee is a smart, witty, tell you how it is kind of girl which makes her character very likable. She starts out with a broken heart and swears off athletes until she can’t resist QB1. The different personalities of each character made for an excellent balance of good and evil. This book was well written, funny, and enjoyable! #GreatSummerRead

This book was really interesting to me in that it had a lot of typical romance story characteristics, but it didn’t fall into the extremely over dramatic—don’t get me wrong there were a few things that could “only happen in a book,” but that didn’t take away from the story for me. It was a little long, but once I finished I saw why the author did what she did. I like the innocent mistakes Gavin makes, and I enjoyed the contrast between him and Chris. Also, I loved Marlee’s sass! She has very normal ups and downs which I appreciated. Gavin :) That’s all I’ll say about that. Overall, If you love to read romance stories, you’ll enjoy this read.

This was one of my most anticipated reads and I was so thrilled to get an ARC of this. I really liked this debut. Having the entire POV be from Marlee was a good choice! She's hilarious. My fave thing were her hashtags. They were spot on and had me laughing. Marlee had a great voice! Ugh Chris was just the wooorst. I wanted to slap him multiple times! Like who knocks over a cake, accidentally or not, in anger and just acts like they didnt and leaves you to clean it up? Nah dude you suck!! There were soo many red flags with him and i'm glad Marlee saw the light about him. I liked Gavin a bunch , he and Marlee were pretty cute together buuuut i'll admit i'm stillll side eyeing for what he did to Marlee. I'm glad she took him to task multiple times but you'd think he'd be less clueless and not so wrong and strong about his so called surprise. worst surprise ever! Communication is important Gavin! I especially liked that even after he apologized Marlee realizes she needs distance from him, to work on some things with herself. Not for him, but for herself. And she came to New York on her own terms. Marlee girls were fun! Reminds me of my girlfriends. They cheer you on, tell you when you being a fool about things but I wasn't so pleased that Brynn didnt tell Marlee what Gavin was planning. Something as major as moving to another city and she thinks Marlee was okay with not knowing G was planning for her??? all this I think for something like that you'd at least ask Marlee before just letting Gavin go about with his so called surprise??! I still feel like Gavin needed to do some more epic grovelling but I'll allow it lol! But for real, Marlee could've let him suffer a bit more but that's just me :P I actually liked Gavin's foul mouthed agent because dude was just ridiculous his interactions with Marlee were priceless. All in all i liked this debut and i'm hoping for more from Alexa !

i read this book in one sitting - i really enjoyed it. i went into it no expectations and was pleasantly surprised. warning, a bit spoilery! i agree with another reviewer that the summary gives away too much - i'm glad i read it when i requested the book and promptly forgot the details except for sports romance with a breakup and previous one night stand. because if i'd read the summary again right before i read the book, i would have been annoyed and bored, knowing what was coming. as it was, i was shocked when appropriate. it was funny and sexy, though a little bit oddly paced. the Chris thing stretches out a bit longer than I'd like at the beginning, I really couldn't wrap my head around why Marlee was with him when he treated her so bad. Then that blows up and Gavin comes along. I expected more of a chase or the 'wait I'm not ready for a relationship', even though a bit of time passes it does seem a bit soon after getting out of a long term relationship. yes, i realise this is a problem later on and why she does what she does, i guess i thought it was odd that's all. Continuing on with the pacing thing, it didn't flow as well as I would have liked. weeks/months go by in a sentence and I'm like, wait, slow down. I think we missed some of the fun falling in love stuff, which sucked. There were a lot of conflicts, possibly too many. The mean girls got a bit old. I think Madison could have been enough, though the whole Courtney thing was funny at the beginning, but the sister too and the southern girl that is nice in the beginning... It was just a lot. I don't know. I loved Brynn and Naomi of course. They were fantastic side characters. The hashtags got old super fast. I thought it was funny at first but then just became grating. Especially at really dramatic points - 'he made this huge decision without telling me' #personalfoul. like wtf? i tried to ignore them but they just stood out. They might have been less annoying if there weren't so many, or weren't used when they shouldn't have been. Gavin was fantastic and amazing. The thing he does at the end seemed a little out of character if I'm being honest, not consistent with what we'd seen so far. That was a bit of a bummer. Other than that, I adored him. Marlee was a fabulous character as well. They were both really realistic and well developed. Now all this complaining and it sounds like I hated it - not at all! I really debated on giving it 5 stars but the things I mentioned above are what knocked it to a 4 star for me. But it had a lot going for it. As I mentioned, I loved all the characters. The writing was overall very good. I laughed several times and it was adorable with the right dash of sexy. Like I said, I read it in one sitting and I rarely do that if I hate the book. the epilogue was gah, so adorable. LOVE. I definitely recommend this one and will 100% read more from this author.

This book was a lot of fun - I rushed home from work tonight just so I could finish it! This book is smart, fun, and very sexy. At times, the pacing was a bit off to me and some of the dialogue got a bit cheesy, but overall this was a great debut! Gavin was *almost* too good to be true. I'm happy that the author made a point to throw in some social commentary and present a relationship with realistic problems. Will definitely read this author's next book!

As a football fanatic, how could I not love this book? It was a perfect light read. Her boyfriend Chris is a first-class jerk who only cares about his career as a football player and how many different women he can sleep with. Marlee is a woman whose sole job is being Chris' girlfriend, Marlee tries to fit in with the "football wives" but since she is only a girlfriend, she doesn't have much luck. #MeanGirls After Chris sleeps around one too many times, she finally leaves him.. She then hooks up with another quarterback, Gavin, she once had a one night stand with. While she is exploring herself and her new relationship with Gavin, she realizes that she really needs to figure out who she is before jumping back into the game. I do kind of wonder if the author, Alexa Martin, who is writing from a place of experience, was more like Marlee or the #MeanGirls...hmm.

Don't you just hate it when you are dating a professional football player and then a guy you had a one-night stand years ago joins the team? Totally awkward. This was a fun sports romance with a main character, Marlee, who was easy to like. Humor was used well throughout the book although I thought hashtags were used a few too many times. I preferred the first half of the book over the second as it felt like the story was being dragged on just for drama's sake. I liked Gavin but at times he felt a little too simple and one-dimensional. Overall this is a decent read if you are looking for something light and easy. Thank you to First to Read for the opportunity to read an advance digital copy!

5 stars! Perfect summertime read! Hysterical, cute and quick read. The main character had me laughing throughout the whole book, love her! I loved that the book showed she was strong and independent, working on building her career and not just solely dependent on the relationship. If you love reality tv shows this is the book form! From the catty NFL wives club to the swoon worthy romance! #AMustRead Thanks Penguin for the ARC!

This is a perfect beach read. The main character is funny, working on being a strong woman, getting her work act together, and did I say funny? Yes, yes indeed I did say funny. I read this with a smile on my face for most of the book. This was the perfect romance.

This was a light, quick, funny read! It is perfect for lounging by the pool or the ocean. Loved it!

Great story! Fun read! Five stars!!

Loved this! A light, funny read about the wives and girlfriends (WAGs) of the NFL players. The book focuses on one particular girl, Marlee. I liked that there some aspect of the story was also devoted to her career, not just her relationships. Also, Marlee is hilarious! Her hashtags were the best. The author has done a great job a creating a likeable protagonist who you to root for. Thanks Penguin for the ARC!


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