Hot to the Touch by Jaci Burton

Hot to the Touch

Jaci Burton

Becks moves in with family friends while she looks for a new place. She's always been interested in Jackson, but if he doesn’t want to recall old memories, she’ll just have to help him make new ones.

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Love burns white-hot in this first scorching romance in an all-new trilogy about a family of firefighters from the New York Times bestselling author of the Play-by-Play novels and the Hope series.

Firefighter Jackson Donovan doesn't look back--as a rule. So when his past comes roaring back to life in the form of not-so-damsel-in-distress Becks Benning, the last thing he wants to do is relive old times. No matter how tempting she makes it seem...

Now thanks to his two interfering brothers, Becks is living with them while she looks for a new place and tries to pick up the pieces of her tattoo business that went up in flames. Which means a grown up, smokin' hot Becks is in his house, sharing meals, and digging up old wounds. And despite his better judgement, the more time he spends with this smart, artistic, incredible woman the more he wants her in his bed--and his future.

Becks always had it bad for Jackson. Unfortunately for her, not much has changed--he's still honorable, hard-working, sexy as sin--and closed off. But there's more than one way to get to a man's heart and if Jackson doesn't want to recall old memories, she'll just have to help him make new ones. Because now that she's found Jackson again, she's not letting him go.

Advance Galley Reviews

This was 3.5 out 5-star read. It's a good story and the characters are interesting, but I kept feeling like I've read this story before. Burton is a solid writer and I've enjoyed other books by her, but a lot of the scenes in Hot to the Touch felt repetitive. Between the plot seeming familiar and entire scenes being basic copies of each other, reading this felt a bit like a chore. Even a love of firefighters and a soft spot for orphans couldn't make save it. I will say that it's obvious that the author did her homework when it comes to homeless kids and the homeless life in general and shows a positive view of it... Or as positive as it can get when you're talking about homeless kids. It adds a thinking topic to the story without getting preachy about it. It's something that Burton deserves props for.

I've read a lot of Jaci Burton's books from her Play-by-Play series. But since they all revolve around sports, this one is about firefighters and orphans. Jackson was an orphan who got caught in a fire. He was rescued by a firefighter, who adopted him and his (not by blood, but also orphans) brothers Kal and Rafe. So now, Jackson and his brothers work alongside with their adoptive father. One day they rescue a woman from a burning tattoo shop. It turns out to be one of the orphans they lived with. Rebecca always wondered what happened to her childhood hero Jackson. The eldest of the orphans, who always made sure everyone got food and shelter. And now he is back in her life, offering her a temporarily place to stay. Rebbeca (Becks) has made a living for herself as a tattoo artist. So, while living with Jackson and his brothers, she tries to find a new place for her tattoo shop as soon as possible. Reconnecting and reliving childhood memories with Kal and Rafe feels great, but she would really like to do so with the hot and broody Jackson. But Jackson doesn't want to be reminded of the past. And Becks is definitely a reminder of the past. So, while they feel a mutual attraction, he tries to keep her at bay. But some sparks aren't mend to be put out. They grow into big flames... A wonderful and hot and steamy read. Four out of five stars from me and a special thank you to FirstToRead for providing the arc.

The first in a new series following three firefighting brothers, Hot to the Touch was a steamy fast paced read. After his parents were killed in a car accident, Jackson was sent into the system, only to become a teenager living on the streets. He finds himself a sort of leader trying to take care of kids younger than him but really bonds with two other boys, Rafe and Kal. When a firefighter ends up rescuing them one night, they finally find themselves adopted and in a happy home but Jackson still bears the scars of those early years. Rebecca “Becks” had a crush on Jackson when they were homeless kids and missed him when he and his “brothers” disappeared. When fate brings them back together, she finds herself attracted to the man. With some matchmaking brothers, healing old wounds, and sexual tension, two former homeless kids may just get their happily ever after. I enjoyed the set-up of Jackson and his brothers being rescued by a firefighter only to be adopted by him and grow up to work along side him. In order to create some tension between Jackson and Becks, the author had him being unnecessarily rude and short to her. His poking at her for cleaning and cooking while she stayed at their home (she loses hers after a fire) was forced and had him coming off more of a jerk than grumpy teddy bear. His supposed reluctance to love anyone (he seems to have no problem loving his brothers and parents) was dragged through the whole story and only overcame/worked through at the very, very end (90ish%). I'm not even sure I understand the big deal about him not wanting to discuss and/or wallow about his past as a homeless kid. Becks was a positive character with her raising herself up to become a business owner. However, I felt like her character was never really delved into. She ended up being adopted by a good family but there's no foundation felt from that and her journey from doodling artist to tattoo business owner delivers no emotional impact. She still visits her old stomping grounds and brings essentials to homeless kids but they are such short scenes that they never fully make an impact. The romance between the two definitely had their steamy moments but since the emotional components weren't fully there for me, I had a hard time connecting. I got from both of them that they found the other sexually attractive and some emotional carryover from Becks' childhood crush but I was never able to feel their connection. Jackson's “don't ever want to talk about the past” dominated the story and it kind of felt like we were spinning our wheels for the majority. The writing style had a lot of short sentences, which I think hurt the flow for me. The characters also felt very surface, their issues are stated but never expanded on, delved into, or flushed out, making this feel a little dry. There was also an inclusion of a secondary character that is probably being set-up to be a heroine in a future book and her actions felt over-the-top and forced to try and create some friction. The outline and character issues were there but the depth behind them wasn't, this was a fast read but not particularly engaging.

It wasn’t terrible, but I didn’t like it. Nothing noteworthy happened in the entire book... no real action or drama. And the intimate scenes were repetitive. I skimmed the last two chapters just to get it over with faster. Also, Becks was too perfect. Too beautiful, too understanding, and too compassionate. She didn’t feel real.

I normally love Jaci Burton's books but this was not one of my favorites. The characters seemed very forced and awkward. I really was not a fan of Jackson but the rest of the characters were ok. I just didn't seem to connect with any of them and the story didn't move quickly the way Jaci's books normally do for me. I would probably rate this book 3 out of 5 stars.

What interested me most about this book is how it's evident that the author spent time formulating the complex backgrounds of the main characters, speaking to homelessness, foster care and adoption. Through this she highlights talking about the past as a form of therapy and involvement in helping others who are in the same situation that they have been through. Amidst this it follows the general plot line of a romance novel with steaminess, happiness and all else. It did seem to plateau a little, and though the lives of the Jackson brothers and Becks were well developed, the characters themselves lacked the depth that would make them memorable. Overall, this book was a mediocre read; easy to get through.

I absolutely loved this story of two adults with a dark childhood who chase perseverece and happiness. Jaci’s Burton story is all about finding your everlasting happiness no matter how dark your past is.

I enjoyed the book toward the end but it took me a long time to connect with the main characters. They spent a lot of time talking about how hard it was for them to get close to anyone but their actions showed how easily they developed relationships and fell in lust with each other. I'm not quite sure I ever bought that they were in love with each other until the very end, despite knowing that I was supposed to be believing it throughout the book. The sex scenes were hot and I would pick up another book by her again if I needed something to read. I received this as an ARC from the First to Read program.

What a steamy read!! FIVE OUT OF FIVE STARS!! I flew through this book and could not put it down! I'm not sure how I'll survive waiting for the next book in this series. This was my first Jaci Burton book and I am happy to say I will be reading many more in the future. I enjoyed that this book made me laugh but also packed a punch with the challenges the main characters had to overcome throughout the book. Thank you Penguin First to Read for the free e-arc.

I really loved this book! This is my first time reading anything from Jaci Burton and I'm definitely not disappointed! This is the first book in her new series called Brotherhood by Fire. It centers around the Donovan brothers - Jackson, Rafe and Kal. The first book focuses on Jackson and Becks, whom he knew when he was young until a fire separated them. The characters Jaci Burton has created are really good and the story is lovely. She's got the best things in her story - hot fireman, tattoos, romance and a great story! She definitely has a winner here! I highly recommend this book. Five out Five stars! I can't wait for the next book in the series. “I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.”

This is the first book I’ve read by Jaci Burton, and I have been missing out! It is a steamy yet emotional romance that had me hooked from the beginning! The brotherhood between Jackson, Kal, and Rafe made me fall in love with them! Becks was such a great strong female character with a soft side! I would definitely recommend!

This was my first time reading a book by Jaci Burton. While I found the brothers likeable characters, I really didn't connect with them nor did I connect with Becks. I'm also not someone who typical reads romance novels, so that might be the main reason why this book didn't resonate with me. I wanted to read something outside of my usual genres though. I think it's worth a read if you enjoy romance books, just not my cup of tea.

I’ve enjoyed previous books by Jaci Burton but it has been a long time since I’ve read one and I don’t know why. Hot to the Touch reminded me of what I was missing. In it we meet Becks, Jackson, Rafe and Kal (Jackson’s brothers). The four of them have a shared past as, in their youth, they were homeless and living on the streets. Events took them in different directions but Becks never forgot Jackson, her first crush. The relationship between Jackson and his brothers is fun and, if you’ve got siblings, is very familiar. There are some things for Becks and Jackson to work through but there is a sweetness about their relationship that was very appealing. I really liked the book and am already looking forward to Rafe and Kal’s stories.

"Hot to the Touch" was a sizzling and emotional romance. The book begins with a bang- Becks is trying to get her equipment out through the smoke when a firefighter comes and throws her over his shoulder. Becks works as a tattoo artist and lives in the apartment above the shop. As she is being treated, she realizes three of the firefighters are boys that she had know when she was a pre-teen, living on the streets. They were a family of sorts, and when they had disappeared, she never knew what happened to them. Jackson is the Lieutenant at the firehouse and the one who drags Becks out of the fire. When he was a kid, he and his two brothers were sleeping in an abandoned house when a fire started and they were rescued by a firefighter who then fostered and adopted them. He has pushed all of the before events out of his mind and so doesn't recognize Becks. When his brothers offer her the free room in their house, he reluctantly agrees. Becks had a crush on Jackson back in the day, and the feelings are very much still there. She is reluctant to accept the men's offer of a place to stay, but she knows she has nowhere else she can go, having lost her business and her apartment in one fell swoop. As she moves in and gets to know them again, she just might be the person to get under Jackson's skin. This book is every bit as steamy as Burton's other series, but also full of powerful plot and important stories about fostering, abuse, and homelessness. I was completely engaged in this story from start to finish and really enjoyed the romance that builds slowly and deliciously between Jackson and Becks. Add onto that delicious cake, the strong plot that shows how they have both healed and continue to heal, and this book is really emotional and fantastic. I highly recommend for people who love deeper romances. Please note that I received an ARC through First to Read. All opinions are my own.

While I enjoyed reading this there were some minor things that bothered me. I got tired of Becks pestering Jackson to talk about his past. He wasn’t ready to and no matter how many times she brought it up he wasn’t going to talk about it. The characters felt a little flat to me, I don’t feel like I got a good sense of who they were. There was an incredible amount of time talking about the past when they could’ve spent some of that time in the present.

Thank you for the advanced copy of this book. Unfortunately, this story did not work for me. I didn't feel connected to the characters and therefore was not real interested in how it turned out. Your mileage may vary!

I enjoyed getting to know these characters! I think there was just the right amount of tension and romance compared to lust and sex scenes. Seeing how Becks has accepted and grown from her experiences and encouraged Jackson to do the same was heartwarming. I felt pulled toward the book each time I had to reluctantly put it down. Hot to the Touch was a great introduction to Jaci Burton for me. I look forward to reading more of her books.

Received an ARC for an honest review. LOVED. LOVED. LOVED! Jaci Burton's newest series is off to an amazing start with Jackson and Becks. Having once been homeless on the streets together, Becks and Jackson are reunited when her shop catches fire. Before you know it, his brothers (by heart, not by blood), have welcomed her into their home. Jackson doesn't know how to deal with this blast from his past - a past he's done everything in his power to keep down. This book literally had everything. It had so much heart. And not just with Jackson and Becks. Seeing Jackson with his brothers and parents was where a lot of the heart lies. Seeing how far Becks has come was a sight to behold. Seeing the boys' parents and how much they loved their sons was beautiful. Then you have the heat - and it's a Burton book, so you know the heat is off the charts...scalding as ever. There's humor and well-written characters that came to life for me. I read this book in one sitting and I cannot wait to see what Kal and Rafe get up to in their books. If it's anything like the love Jackson found, it's going to be one for the history books.

This was a truly story-driven romance novel, not a bunch of sex scenes with a loose plot. Becks is a well developed central character. I liked and cared about her trajectory right from the first chapter. I learned a bit about the foster care system, which was interesting. I wonder if the author has first hand experience in the system. Overall this book was a cut above the rest in the genre.

Jaci Burton is a new to me author and I enjoyed this story. I will be looking for more from this author in the future.

This was my first time reading anything from author Jaci Burton and I'm now a new fan. This is the first book in her new series Brotherhood by Fire. It introduces us to the Donovan Brothers and sets up their shared background. But specifically follows the story of Jackson and Becks. They knew each other as kids before being separated by a fire. Their story was enjoyable and fun. I'm looking forward to the next book in the series. Received an advanced copy from First to Read

Let me start by saying I received an advanced copy of Hot To The Touch by Jaci Burton in exchange for a review through First To Read. I was already a Jaci Burton fan and was totally surprised I was picked to receive an advance copy. I’m not very good with reviews because I’m usually too busy moving on to my next read. I’ve read the Play-by-Play series, The Hope series and a handful of other books by Jaci.. I absolutely love every book of hers I’ve read so far including Hot to the Touch. This book tells some of the background of the Donovan brothers but mostly Jackson’s story. It is a great read and the first book of the series. I don’t want to give too much away about the story so I will say I think this is another good read from Jaci. I can’t wait for the next book Ignite On Contact about Rafe according to the excerpt included with Hot To The Touch.

Jaci Burton knows how to write romance, I fell in love with her books with Play-By-Play series and then The Hope Series. This New Brotherhood of Fire Trilogy has brought us the chaos and camaraderie of tbe Donovan brothers and I'm living for it. Hot To The Touch gives some of the backstory to the brothers and their struggles of living on the streets as kids. A lot of characters in all genres have baggage that has helped evolve them and the plot, but thus is one that I get to see on the streets of my town everyday. The perfect book to give a little hope, smiles and some good laughs to your day. Thanks to Penguin Random House and Berkley Romance for the opportunity to read an advanced reader copy for review.

I hadn't read a book by Jaci Burton in a while and am sorry I hadn't. I read this book in one sitting and loved every single word.

Fun book to read. The romance took a while to set up, but was appropriate for the characters backgrounds as written. The characters kept me interested throughout the book. The romance was steamy once they connected. Can't wait for the next in the trilogy.

Loved the brothers. Likeable story. Very much enjoyed reading Jack Burton for the first time. Can’t wait for Rafe and Kal’s Stories. Well done Ms Burton!!

First time reading a book by Jaci Burton, and I spend all morning reading! Jackson Donovan and his brothers (Rafe and Kal) lived on the streets until they were rescued by a man who ended up becoming their father. Years later Jackson and his brothers or fire fighters and this is where Becks comes in. Having an electrical issue within her business Becks end being rescued and is reunited with the three something she never thought would happen since they parted ways all those years ago. Not having a place to stay Jackson's brothers insist she lives with them until she has her own place even though jackson is very reluctant he gives in. Jackson wants to avoid memories of his life in the streets even if that means he has to avoid Becks at all cost. But he truly can't not with her living under his roof, her sassy personality has him wanting her. Becks has always been attracted to Jackson, as children she liked him and now that theyve been reunited she wants him even more. The attraction between Jackson and Becks, took a bit but once it happened it was rocky yet steamy. I dont want to give anything away but I for one liked how the book ended. I cant wait to read Rafe's book next year.


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