Dreams of Falling by Karen White

Dreams of Falling

Karen White

Dreams of Falling follows a friendship between three girls on the brink of womanhood who swore that they would be friends forever, but who found that vow tested in heartbreaking ways.

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One of PureWow's "Best Beach Reads of Summer 2018"

New York Times bestselling author Karen White crafts evocative relationships in this contemporary women's fiction novel, set in the Lowcountry of South Carolina, about lifelong friends who share a devastating secret.

On the banks of the North Santee River stands a moss-draped oak that was once entrusted with the dreams of three young girls. Into the tree's trunk, they placed their greatest hopes, written on ribbons, for safekeeping—including the most important one: Friends forever, come what may.

But life can waylay the best of intentions....

Nine years ago, a humiliated Larkin Lanier fled Georgetown, South Carolina, knowing she could never go back. But when she finds out that her mother has disappeared, she realizes she has no choice but to return to the place she both loves and dreads—and to the family and friends who never stopped wishing for her to come home.

Ivy, Larkin's mother, is discovered badly injured and unconscious in the burned-out wreckage of her ancestral plantation home. No one knows why Ivy was there, but as Larkin digs for answers, she uncovers secrets kept for nearly fifty years—whispers of love, sacrifice, and betrayal—that lead back to three girls on the brink of womanhood who found their friendship tested in the most heartbreaking ways.

Advance Galley Reviews

One thing you can always count on in Karen White's books is that you will not be disappointed. While I still have my favorites (The Sound of Glass and The Night the Lights Went Out), and this one was not up there with those, it was still a really enjoyable read. Set in two time periods, present day (2010) and the 50's, we follow three main characters who have remained friends from early school years to the present. We also follow the children and grandchildren of those women, so it can get a bit confusing at the beginning who belongs to who. No worries though, Ms. White will guide you through, as her writing just flows along with the story. I did actually enjoy the early time frame story more than the present, but I may have been jaded by the fact that a lot of it took place on a vacation the girls took to Myrtle Beach. We own a vacation house in Myrtle, so I quite enjoyed all the references to places I know well (and it reminded me again how sad I am that the Pavillion is no longer there!). Of course the book also has its share of secrets and twists that keep you guessing, and the quintessential Karen White southern charm! Another solid read that Ms. White can add to her impressive resume. If you like books set in the south, with great characters, lots of secrets kept and a bit of mystery, I think you will enjoy this one. Put it in your beach bag, especially if you are planning a vacation to an Atlantic ocean beach this summer.

Family, secrets, love, and difficult relationships

"We are made by those who have built and broken us." Set in gorgeous South Carolina lowcountry, DREAMS OF FALLING is about the strongest friendships and the painful secrets that test their bonds. ? This is a multi-generational story told in both the past and present. In the early 1950s, three friends, Ceecee, Margaret, and Bitty, hide their wishes in the trunk of a magical tree, but the outcome was nothing like they'd expected. Be very careful what you wish for! Keeping secrets, even with the best intentions, can be so harmful even many years down the road. ? In present day, Larkin returns to Georgetown, South Carolina, after nearly a decade in New York. Her mother Ivy is badly injured, and Larkin believes she wants to tell her something - about the past, their ancestral home, and Larkin's grandmother. She's been kept in the dark for so long that learning the truth will finally be a reprieve... ? DREAMS OF FALLING is beautifully written Southern fiction with a Gothic touch, and a bit of mystery and romance too. It took me a few chapters to really get into the flow of things, especially trying to keep characters straight (ages, relationships, etc.), but once I was familiar with everyone, the story flowed nicely. The ending is sure to tug at your heartstrings.

Dreams of Falling I have heard of Karen White but had never read any of her previous works so, I was glad to receive an advanced copy of Dreams of Falling from Penguin Random House. Sometimes, having high expectations set for a particular book or author ends up being a letdown but Karen White did not disappoint. Dreams of Falling definitely showcases her talent as she seamlessly weaves in & out of several different generations, storylines, decades and points of view without missing a beat or making it hard to follow. I tend to lose interest with many books that feature an “ensemble cast” of characters or if I don’t really identify with a narrator but, in Dreams, each character was so well fleshed out that I understood & cared about them anyway. Much of the novel revolves around putting pieces together with the intent of figuring out age old secrets so, I guess it would technically belong in the Mystery/Suspense category but there is so much more to it than that. It is a story about friendships and love and sacrifice and family (be it the one we are born in to or the one we create for ourselves). It is a coming of age novel & an ugly duckling story & a journey of discovering who we are & why. I can’t recall another author that has managed to combine so many different elements with out it just turning in to a jumbled mess. I will definitely be adding the rest of White’s work to my bookshelf in the near future.

Larkin gets pulled back home when her mom sustains an accident that leaves her in a coma. When she returns she's met by her two pseudo moms Ceecee and Bitty. What she wanted to be a quick visit turns out to be a lot longer than she thought and past regrets are revisited, long buried secrets are pulled to the surface, and relationships are tested. This story was beautiful!! Larkin is a tough shell to crack and it times felt really hard to connect with but as the pieces of the story start to fit in place we learn to understand why she's like that and also see those walls come down. It's a very well written and beautiful story of friendship and the things we will do or suffer for the ones we love. I enjoyed how the friendships of Ceecee, Bitty and Margaret kind of overlayed the friendship between Larkin, Mabry, and Bennett. So many similarities yet completely different. This was a first by Karen White for me but I will sure read more. Her writing is just magical and transports you to these beautiful places almost like you're watching the characters from the sidelines.

Karen White is a favorite of mine, when I started this one I was hooked right away and absorbed in the story. Unfortunately my pdf expired before I finished, so guess who is buying a copy for my library now (not complaining, my fault and now I can share.)

Larkin is a twenty-something living the life she thinks she’s always wanted in New York, after fleeing all she’s known after a high school incident that’s left her humiliated and her best friend with a concussion. She’s estranged from everyone she’s ever loved and who has ever loved her. But after a call from home that her mother is missing, Larkin boards a plane back to her hometown to join the search and face all those broken connections she’s left behind. Told in varying points-of-view, Karen White weaves a slow but compelling tale of Larkin’s journey as she faces her past and uncovers the family secrets, reconnects with old friends and enemies, and realizes as we all must at some point; you can run from everything but never who you really are. What I loved most about this novel is the way White wove imagery with her words. Born and raised, and now raising my own children, here in the south, I could feel the humidity, hear the cicadas’ screechy song, and feel the long arms of a southern childhood pull me into a familiar hug. Having left my southern roots for a city life, I could identify with Larkin as the sights and sounds and smells of home lulled her back towards the things she’d had to give up to navigate the new life she thought she wanted. But just as I learned, Larkin finds that all it takes is a small sip of that Southern heat to conjure up memories you might have lost along the way. What I also admired about White’s writing style in this novel is her affective use of, not only dueling view points and perspectives, but also being able to sucessfully travel back and forth through time between 1951 and 2010. I’ve read a lot of books that use this technique of storytelling without a great deal of success, often finding one time period more interesting than the other, one part of the story lagging and pulling me into boredom will the other creates a longing in me to jump ahead to where the thread of that time picks up. I often miss important details trying desperately to skim over those boring parts, losing the overall cohesion of the complete tale. White’s writing not only blended one time period into the other but also never confused me about whose point-of-view I was witnessing. Dreams of Falling is definitely my favorite book of the year thus far, and I enjoyed it far better than The Night the Lights Went Out which was published in April of 2017. As I cooked and cleaned and went about my daily living, my hand was never far from my digital advanced copy which called to me to find out what would happen next. I highly recommend this 5 star novel as a great read to get lost in; on the beach this summer, sitting by a window on a rainy evening, or even on a long drive or plane ride. You likely look up and realize you’ve arrived at your destination quicker than you thought.

Karen White never fails to impress me as an author. Thanks to first to read for an ARC of Dreams of Falling. The story shifts in time between the past of the early fifties to the here and now of 2010. It follows three young girls and their close friendship and allegiance to one another, but one is actually the Queen Bee. She’s the prettiest, richest, more free to act as she pleases, and the other 2 friends follow bobbing along in her wake. She is not mean spirited, she has just lived a life of having everything she has every wanted handed to her. Decisions that are made and carried out when they are 18 has far reaching effects into the future. Tragedy strikes Ivy, the daughter of Margaret, the Q Bee, as she has a serious fall and lapses into a coma. Her daughter comes home from New York because of this and finds there are layers and layers of things in her life that she has been completely unaware of. Largely by her own choosing. But the fall changes so many things. Secrets are hinted at and things revealed that are startling. When White writes about the low country, you smell it, feel it, swelter in its hottest days and bask in its beauty. This is a tale of secrets, things done in the name of love that have far reaching effects. Also a tale of love, loyalty and true friendship. Enjoy this trip to the Low Country. I certainly did!

Dreams of Falling is another wonderful read by Karen White. A story of friends, family, and secrets long buried. Told from multiple points of view, reading this is like unwrapping a beautiful present. The characters were interesting and the story kept me turning the pages. With touch of magic and a little mystery, the secrets will keep you guessing until the end. This is a perfect Southern read for curling up on a front porch with a glass of sweet tea. #FirsttoRead #DreamsofFalling

Amazing Story! Remarkable story set in the lowcountry of South Carolina. Three girls who share a secret. These girls share their hopes and dreams and they write these dreams on a ribbon that they place inside the trunk of a said to be magical old Oak tree. Dreams come true, dreams haunt and these dreams have a ripple effect for the next generation. Vibrant characters you won't soon forget. Amazing and wonderful. Witty and emotional. Truly one of the best stories I've read this year. I loved it!

This story took me a few pages to get hooked, but once I could keep all the characters names straight and who was related to who (or is it whom?), it was an enjoyable read. The secrets and sacrifices of those olden days are crazy-hard to believe and the justification for selfishness absurd. Those were different times. The author did a great job of weaving the story, but I still don’t understand why one of the characters did what they did at the end. It didn’t seem logical, even for back in that era. It just didn’t make sense to me,

Dreams of Falling Karen White A riveting tale of friendships and promises that lead to a lifetime of secrets. ???????? SUMMARY “Friends forever, come what may” was the dream three young women wrote on a ribbon in April 1951. Margaret, Ceecee and Bitty placed that ribbon in the opening of a special moss-covered tree on the banks of the North Santee River. No one could have imagined what that promise would mean. Larkin had fled Georgetown, South Carolina nine years ago. She vowed never to return, but when she hears that her mother, Ivy has disappeared, she has to go back. She returns to the place that she both loves and hates, and to the family and friends that have missed her tremendously. Not long after her arrival, Larkin finds Ivy unconscious in the ruins of her family’s abandon plantation house. She had fallen through the rotten floor boards and her arm was at a funny angle. Carrowmore, a Greek Revival mansion, had burnt to the ground over fifty years ago. No one knows why Ivy had gone there. As Larkin digs for answers, she uncovers secrets that lead back to three 18-year-old girls and an unchaperoned graduation trip to Myrtle Beach. That trip and it’s aftermath and the secrets that resulted would test their friendships and change each of their lives forever. REVIEW Be careful what you wish for. DREAMS of FALLING may having you thinking carefully about your next birthday wish. The story is dramatic and cleverly layered and there are tons of great characters. Most notably are the three best friends: the beautiful and rich Margaret; CeeCee, the preacher’s daughter; and the always smoking and red-headed artist, Bitty. Each one of them is flawed in their own way. As a matter of fact, practically all of the characters in the book are flawed in one way or another. And that is precisely what makes this book so real. The story is built on secrets. Secrets that will make you mad, secrets that will astonish you, and secrets that will devastate you. KAREN WHITE’s entertaining and fluid writing will draw you in and only give you a moment to catch your breath before catapulting you to another time. Chapters alternate between Ivy, Larkin and CeeCee, with CeeCee’s chapters splitting time between 1951 and 2010. My favorite part of the book were CeeCee’s chapters about the trip to Myrtle Beach in May 1951. The champagne, the dancing, the boardwalk, the carousel, and walking on the beach with a handsome man under a star-filled sky...some dreams really do come true. Lovers of Southern women’s fiction will appreciate this dramatic story by an author that knows her way around a keyboard. KAREN WHITE is the author of well over twenty novels. Thanks to Penguin First to Read for an advance reading copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Publisher: Berkley Publishing Publish Date: June 5 2018. Check out my other reviews at www.bluestockingreviews.com

I have enjoyed the book and it was relatively quick read as I was drawn to the story. There was a certain degree of predictability though and the similarity of the fate of both Margaret's and Ivy's lovers confused me at first before I familiarized myself better with all the characters. Thank you for the book, I did not know the author before. Might read some of her other books now.

Karen White is one of my "must read the latest" authors. So I was quite eager to read this latest book graciously made available as an arc by publisher. In all honesty, I was disappointed. While it is not a bad read, I found it a bit confusing as characters melded together for me and this slowed the pacing. I found plot to be predictable. My recommendation is this is a borrow, not but read

If you like contemporary books then this is the ticket for you. Intrigue, a past that affects the present, and crazy friends and family.

I loved this book. It was a really beautifully written story. I have read several of White's books and have enjoyed them all. I loved the atmosphere created by the book and that the story wove the secrets of the past 50 years into the present. Larkin's mother, Ivy, is found unconscious at their ancestral home in Georgetown, South Carolina. Larkin returns home to find out why her mother was in the burned out wreckage of the plantation. It was a really good mystery with interesting twists and turns in the story. I would definitely recommend this book as a fun summer read.

When Ivy is found unconscious in an old plantation home and taken to the hospital, her daughter, Larkin, returns to her hometown of Georgetown, South Carolina. Larkin begins searching for answers as to why her mother was at the home which leads to discovering decades old secrets. This is a story of friendship, love, heartbreak, family, and figuring out where you truly belong. Karen White's books fit the definition of comfort reading to me. While there might be some elements of predictability, I know that when I start the book, I'm going to be in for an enjoyable read. And as always the Southern setting plays an important role in the story, almost like an actual character in the book. I loved the alternating timelines and the different characters' point of view. This book really showed what lengths people are willing to go to for love and how decisions made with the best intentions might have lasting consequences. Overall, this book hit all the right notes for me and I definitely recommend especially if you are a fan of Karen White's other books. Thank you to First to Read for the opportunity to read an advance digital copy! All views expressed are my honest opinion.

Loved this book, weaves the past and present together perfectly

I started reading Karen White's books several years ago and I can honestly say that with each book I read I like here more and more. Dreams of Falling was a fantastic read! I was kept up late for several nights reading about Larkin, her mother Ivy, and the woman who raised them both, CeeCee. It was a fabulously intriguing book about family, love, loyalty and what it means to "do the right thing". With just the right balance of suspense and romance I cannot recommend this book enough! *Thank you to First to Read for a free digital ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

I wasn't able to finish this book due to other scheduling conflicts however I really enjoyed what I did get to read. I will be buying this when it is released to be able to read it later. I look forward to finding out the secrets that aren't being told.

I was fairly indifferent to this book through most of it. Larkin is annoying and the central mystery/mysteries were interesting but not enough to keep me up all night looking for answers. By the time I finshed, though, I felt differently. The problem was I was looking at this as a mystery. It isn’t. It’s a deeply heartfelt story about mothers, and daughters, and friends, and Love. The kind of capital-L Love that changes tne course of entire lives. It’s a lovely book. At the end I was in tears, and held my own baby daughter close to me and felt profound gratitude. Worth a read. 4/5 stars.

This novel follows the life of three generations of women and how they secrets they keep affect each generation. After she graduates from high school Larkin flees her home in South Carolina for New York. Nine years later she is forced to return home when her mother, Ivy, goes missing only to be found badly injured in the burned wreckage of her ancestral home. Leaving Larkin to search for answers. Why was her mother there? What happened to her grandmother? What does her step-grandmother CeeCee know? And what happened to make Larkin flee her home all those years ago? Overall I really enjoyed this book and I could not put it down! It alternates between Larkin, CeeCee, and Ivy's point of view. It also alternates between present day and the 1950's. It is kind of slow place wise but it helped me to feel more invested in the characters.

I really enjoyed The Sound of Glass and felt the slow pace was perfect for the novel's content. For some reason, it didn't work as well in this book. I felt like the story was unnecessarily drawn out for suspense or page count purposes. By the time any of the reveals were done, I was frustrated and past caring. And that is a sad thing because Ms. White is a terrific writer and her character development is wonderful. While I am glad I read the book, I think it was a bit of a misstep for me.

There's something about secrets kept and lies told to protect those we love that always have a way of coming out in the end, and righting themselves. Karen White's DREAMS OF FALLING definitely is a reminder of that. I love her writing style, though I know it's not for everyone. White writes each section from the view point of one of several characters, and in some places bounces between a more present time and 50 years earlier. Definitely makes her books a bit easier to actually read than to listen to on audiobook, Even at 400+ pages, the book was interesting enough that it was a quick read in just a few days. Definitely a great beach book for this coming summer!

I really enjoyed this book! I thought it was going to be predictable for certain plot threads, but the twists were surprising. The characters were wonderfully written and I enjoyed following their respective journeys! The only part that I didn't enjoy as much was the ending - it got a little preachy/Hallmark movie ending-vibe, but I'll look past it. I'll have to look at more of Karen White's books in the future! Thanks for the advanced reader!

I could not be more in love with this book and now this author. I loved that the book went back and forth from present to past and shared for different POV's. I definitely can relate to the characters want to spare each other from hurt by omitting information, but knew that there would be repercussions that helped assist with the storyline. I will be going back and reading all of Karen White's books. This was an honest and refreshing read. Thanks for the ARC, First to Read.

The story is told in two time lines that alternate about every other chapter. At first, I had trouble keeping the characters straight and remembering the relationships. Once I got that sorted out, I liked the story full of family secrets, and unresolved issues from the protagonist's childhood. It's true that some of it is predictable, but that didn't take away from my enjoyment. This will be a great summer book, and I don't think fans of Karen White will be disappointed with it.

Thank you to First to Read for providing me with an advanced copy for an honest review. Karen White’s writing shines in her new novel Dreams of Falling. This is the story of three girls who grow up together in the small town of Georgetown, SC They vow to be friends forever, but, for one of the three, this promise of true friendship is stretched to its limit. What happens from that point on changes the course of all three of their lives. Several good plot twists and one big surprise near the end make this one of the best of the new books so far of 2018. I was born and raised in SC and well remember the smell of the mill in Georgetown that is mentioned in the book. First thing to hit your senses when you reach Georgetown. Also, Myrtle Beach was THE place to go. That made this an extra fun read for me.

I loved reading this book. The story flowed so seamlessly from one character's point of view to another, and from one time period to another. I could really feel the character's emotions and anguish in my own heart -- feeling like I knew what was probably coming, but at the same time hoping it wasn't. I really really enjoyed it.

Karen White is an excellent author of southern based fiction. This book was superbly written. The time period changes flowed very well. The inter weaving of the characters was wonderful. I sometimes felt I knew what each person would say or do in a particular situation. The twists and turns of the plot were sometimes humorous and sometimes sad. The book definitely kept me entertained. I am a huge fan of Karen White and this book didn't disappoint.

Karen White has really upped her game with Dreams of Falling. The three-generation story of Margaret, Ivy and Larkin was revealed masterfully and with great compassion. White's descriptions of the south are as much a character in the story as the protagonists. And secrets... I couldn't read it fast enough, I was dying to know how the actions of the past affected subsequent generations. 5 STARS!

This was an extremely well written book. The characters just stood up and told the story. Ms. White effortlessly transitioned from the past and back to the present. The story is of three childhood friends in South Carolina who vow to always be friends. They never could have predicted what would challenge that vow as they transitioned into adulthood. One of them may have had more social status and comforts than the other two, but she also had more to lose. Now at the age of seventy something, everything that was hidden in the past is being uncovered and examined by the young woman they all have a claim to. The granddaughter who left years ago, returns home when her mother's whereabouts are unknown. Home is the last place she wants to be, but the mystery of the past is as compelling as the future she just might find back in South Carolina. I read this book through First to Read.

I am so happy I chose this book and got to read it! It vaguely reminds me of a Mary Roberts Rinehart story. The characters lives intertwined with love, friendship, secrets and mystery! Set in 2010 with flashbacks to the 1950's, the story is told by Larkin, the daughter brought home after nine years by her Mother's accident. Ivy, Larkin's, Mom describes her perspective of events from her coma. And Bitty and Ceecee, who helped raise Ivy after her own Mother's death. Ceecee, Bitty and Margaret were steadfast friends in the 50's and their Senior year getaway sets the course for the rest of their lives. The story unfolds as Larkin and the others discover new things and old secrets connected to Ivy' s accident. Old friendships are revisted as Larkin sees people she thought she left behind. As each little piece of the puzzle is revealed either in Larkin's story or of the three women of the 50's, you will find yourself saying"Just one more chapter!" But, savor the stories as they mix and mingle and the suspense builds. Karen White is a master of her craft! Highly recommended! Enjoy!

I was so lucky to be able to read an advanced copy and give a review. This is a very Southern book. It is about family, friendships and love, family love, love of friends and romantic love. It is based on the friendship of three girls and how they come to adulthood. Making choices, sometimes good and sometimes bad or at least life changing for them and others. I would recommend this book to book clubs as it has a lot to offer. I recommend this book to any reader who enjoys reading about the South and its lifestyle.

Karen White is a master storyteller. This story about three generations of women is so poignant and beautifully told, unfolding slowly like a blooming rosebud. Larkin Lanier is brought home rather unceremoniously when her mother is badly injured at Carrowmore, the Darlington family home, which burned down in the 1950s during Hurricane Hazel. Larkin was raised by Ceecee and Bitty, her late grandmother's closest friends. In turns, we get the perspectives of Larkin, Ceecee (both present and flashbacks to the 1950s), and Ivy (Larkin's mother, who is in a coma after her accident at Carrowmore). Larkin left Georgetown behind nearly a decade ago, returning only annually on Christmas, but the longer her mother remains unconscious, the more Larkin returns to her roots and the people who have always loved her, including her best friend Mabry and her twin brother Bennett, who's always had eyes for Larkin (though she never realized it, and even fails to recognize it until Bennett tells her outright). There's a mystery surrounding Larkin's grandmother's death and the fire at Carrowmore, and as we learn about the years 1951-1954 from Ceecee's perspective, we learn bits and pieces of Ceecee's heartbreak, Ivy's provenance, and the fire that took her mother Margaret's life. I suppose there were bits that were predictable, but that's never really bothered me. I still could not put this book down, desperately needing to know what happened. This book, like so many others by Karen White, weaves a complicated story about the secrets we keep in the name of love, the ways we grow and stay the same, and what love really means.

This is my third book by this author and I am so happy to say that they have each touched me and thoroughly entertained me. I loved this saga of three generations of Darlington women and their very close friends. A small town epic centered around the rich Darlington's, whose family have lived in Carrowmore (?) for over 200 years. While the town may be small, the lies, deceit and secrets are huge. I could not tear myself away from this beautifully written sad story and with the thrill of a mystery fire - I was in reader heaven! Thanks to Penguin Random House First to Read program for providing me with a free e-galley in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and will definitely be recommending to others including my own book club. I always enjoy a book that hops time periods and this one did not disappoint. The characters were well developed and I enjoyed the process of watching it all unfold and come together. I enjoyed that the two time periods were connected and at the same time, EACH time period had its own separate conflict detached from the past or future. I am always glad when a book ends and I feel like all the loose ends were pulled together.

Karen White writes deeply complex, emotionally taut novels and Dreams of Falling is no exception. Told from a variety of viewpoints, over different periods of time, Dreams of Falling takes you on a wondrous journey of friendship and family relations. Secrets untold weave a theme through the book in way which keeps you guessing until all has been revealed. What would you sacrifice in the name of friendship? How well do you really know your mother or your child? The interwoven stories of Margaret, CeeCee and Bitty, told alongside the modern day secrets of Ivy and Larking will keep you enthralled until the very last page.

This was a wonderful book. Written in a way that I think is the best. The past is clearly noted as is the current time period. You don't have to wonder which time period you are in. Dreams of Falling keeps you turning pages from beginning to end. You follow the lives of three 18 year old best friends on an unchapperoned get away in 1951 and when they are older in 2010. They have kept secrets from children and grandchildren through omission of facts. I definitely recommend Dreams of Falling to all book lovers everywhere. You will not be dissappointed.

Again, Karen White takes us into the workings of friends. How much would you sacrifice for your best friend(s). Three girls, swear to be best friends always (before BFF was thought of!) no matter what, no matter who, no matter anything. When Ivy is hurt in an accident, why was she in the burned out plantation? Her daughter, Larkin returns home to South Carolina, where she meets people she has been avoiding since she graduated both friends of hers and her own family. I've become a fan of Karen White, "Sound of Glass" "The Night the Lights Went Out" and now "Dreams of Falling" wonderful books. Thanks to First to Read and Penguin Books for the ARC.

I have read Karen White's "Sound of Glass", "The Forgotten Room" and "The Night The Lights Went Out"; all I can say about this book 'the dreams of falling' is that it wasn't as good as those books. It was a good book though but when you have read really good books from the same author your expectations rise.

I have never read a book with so many dysfunctional characters, yet I had to keep reading to complete the untangling of the mystery hidden in the many secrets they kept from one another. Friendships weakened by broken promises and misunderstandings still displayed evidence of love that somehow survived. This is my second Karen White book, both of which I received from Penguin Random House as ARCs through First to Read in exchange for an honest review.

Another fabulous read by Karen White. This book is a tantalizing exploration of the depths of true friendship and the sacrifices and turmoil women will experience to save their friends from hurt and humiliation. Set in the majestic lowcountry of South Carolina, the story will keep you guessing until the very last page.

I have really enjoyed Mrs. White's Tradd Street series, as well as a few of her other books, but this one was a difficult read. I found it boring and, at the same time, over-dramatic. The characters were not likable and hard to relate to - they were living this soap opera that was so predictable and not fun to watch. There's a mystery to solve, a lot of lies to filter through, and the characters have to come to terms with their past decisions. I felt sorry at times for the daughter, because she didn't ask for that mess. It also shows just how much appearances really mattered in the mid-century...and not just in the South.

Dreams of Falling by Karen White is a delight to read. I am a big fan of Ms. White and have read many of her books (I’m still working on the rest). This book was one of her best. I love how she ties multi-generational stories together to show how the actions of one generation influence another. Every time I thought I knew where the story was going, there was a new twist. I highly recommend this book. Thank you First to Read for the opportunity to receive an advance copy of this amazing book.

I had mixed feelings about this book, the story was interesting but some the characters were lacking for me. The story spans three generations of women through their intertwined lives, secrets and mistakes. Starting with Larkin's mother Ivy's accident necessitating her return to her southern roots where she encounters family and friends she avoided. The South Carolina setting was lovingly portrayed and upped the enjoyment. Larkin was not my favorite character, but Ceecee and Bitty were fun to read. The jumps between story lines made it difficult to keep up the continuity for me, but was able keep up with story. The wishing tree tradition was an unusual element to the story. Overall the story kept me interested in finding out how the ladies weathered the pain, broken hearts, disappointments and betrayal throughout their lives. Recommend.


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