Cabin Fever by Mandy Smith

Cabin Fever

Mandy Smith

In Cabin Fever, former Virgin Atlantic flight attendant Mandy Smith updates the genre, sharing the good, the bad, and the downright naughty about life in the air.

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In the tradition of Waiter Rant, a saucy look at life behind the beverage cart

Ever since Coffee, Tea or Me? was first published in the swinging sixties, the reading public has been enamored with stewardesses. In Cabin Fever, former Virgin Atlantic flight attendant Mandy Smith updates the genre, sharing the good, the bad, and the downright naughty about life in the air.

Smith’s jet-setting job took her to many exotic locations, and on the way she enjoyed plenty of steamy love affairs—even joining the Mile High Club. Whether she’s performing CPR on a pilot mid-flight or sipping Manhattans in the Big Apple, Cabin Fever provides plenty of risqué in-flight entertainment!

Advance Galley Reviews

I got an advanced copy from Penguins first to read program. This book has a lot of sex in it, and that's fine if that's what you're looking for, but I would have liked to hear more about the celebrity escapades and such.

This book was really funny! Raunchy and informative (a surprisingly well executed combo) Mandy Smith is a funny and frank writer who is fun to follow, with really cool revelations about the behind the scenes life of a flight attendant. Definitely one of the funnier non-humor memoirs I've read.

I always look forwarding to reading a memoir from someone who's profession I have little knowledge of and when I saw this title coming out, I had to get a copy. I must say the book wasn't quite what I was expecting but I have to admit that it was interesting and that I had no problem finishing the book once I got started. I was a tad surprised at all the stories of parties and sex that occured which overtook what I was more interested in reading about... dealing with interesting passengers while in flight, Had I not received a free ebook copy, I would have had this one on my Amazon wishlist and bought it down the road to add to my non fiction book collection.

I received this book as an ARC from Penguin. At first I was super excited to read this. I love memoirs and love a good insider look at things. However this book falls short in so many ways. Full disclosure I only made it half way through this book. Every page (that I read) was full of drunken party antics and who is hooking up with who. I know that's what the title implies, but there is nothing in this book beyond that. After 100 pages it stops being fun, and just becomes sad and depressing. The writing is also terrible, which didn't help the situation. One reviewer said it best that "this book reads more as a Penthouse forum letter than an actual book." I couldn't agree more. I recommend passing on this one.

The book's description led me to believe it would be similar to "Heads in Beds," a behind-the-scenes memoir about the hotel industry. I was interested to learn about fun stories and secrets related to airline travel. That desire was only partially fulfilled. Mandy included many details about training, Virgin's culture, and crazy instances from the air and ground. However, the focus on her sex life and the crazy partying "down-route," or ground-side, did not interest me. In fact, it made me a little worried about the capabilities of flight attendants and pilots after these boozy ragers. I would guess the culture has changes somewhat since Mandy's time in the air in the 2000s, but who knows. Ultimately, there were a bunch of good anecdotes. Her discussion of flight attendants' reactions to 9/11 was particularly interesting. For those who want a rollicking adventure in the skies, this is the book for you. For those only interested in insider info on flying, you can skim the naughty bits.

I was looking forward to a peek into behind the scenes of the life in the sky, but it was just a retelling of everyone that Mandy has slept with during her career. I like a juicy story just as much as the next person, but this was dull and predictable. I read to the last page just hoping it would get better. This is not the book I was hoping it would be.

I will never fly again! Seriously, Risqué is too nice a word for it. Big disappointment. Really sounds like bad fiction that keeps you reading nonetheless.

A grown up camp story. Lots of sex. It's surprising they got any work done. It was funny but not what I usually read.

This book was given to me by first to read. I did learn a lot about the lives of Dollie Hosties a little more then I needed to know. Ms. Smith and her friends where more or less alcohlics, sex crazy people who liked to destroy hotel rooms. If you are into every other page talking about sex, drinking, and destroying hotel rooms this book is for you.

I received a copy from Penguin's First to Read. Cabin Fever by Mandy Smith is one of those naughty behind the scenes tales that regular people were never meant to know but always wanted to. The book takes place during the author's years at Virgin Airlines as a Air Hostess. Before it gets into the naughty stories, she tells about all the training and everything that it takes to become an air hostess. But once you get past that, you get to the real down and dirty stuff that you would never expect. With the amount of drunken debauchery that took place, it's a surprise any work is done. There are some very touching moments, especially the chapter about 9/11. It was an honest glimpse of how those in the airline industry felt about such a traumatic event and how some still had the courage to continue to work for the airline industry. In the last part of book, the tone does begin to change since this is when she begins to realize what else she wants for her life. So it begins to focus less on the behind the scenes and little more on the changes she making in her life and her attempts to find true love. While this book might not be for everyone, I did enjoy it very much.

While a very fun premise for a memoir, with lots of great tidbits about airline life, I got a little impatient with all the details of sexual exploits. While many readers might fun that entertaining and a reason to read this memoir, I started to find it tiresome after awhile. While not 50 Shades territory, I would have just preferred reading more about flight stories, and whatever intricacies about Virgin Airways could be told, rather than the heated sex life of the author.

I was gifted this book as part of the Penguin First to Read program. This book is a bit of fluff that makes perfect summer reading and reminded me of "Coffee, Tea or Me" by Trudy Baker and Rachel Jones (actually Donald Bain) or perhaps "Ball Four" by Jim Bouton. In other words this is a sexy story about drinking, partying and sexual encounters. If you enjoy reading about these than you will love this book. I almost gave this a 3 star except that by the end of the book Mandy grows up and actually matures into a grown woman. That is worth a star. Working for Virgin Airlines as a Hostess can be very hard work and the company actually encourages the crew to work hard and party harder. It takes quite a lot of hard work to get hired by Virgin Air per this book and there is a lot to know that passengers never realize on the behind the scenes job. Mandy gets a chance to travel the world and meet lots of rich people in the "Upper Class". There are some great anecdotes on flying that will give you a chuckle. One more caveat: I have never traveled on Virgin Air so can't compare there Hostesses with other Airlines but in my experience stewardesses are getting fairly geriatric in American planes and it would be hard to see them partying as heartily as these Virgin girls. If you want some light hearted reading or have an interest in being an Air Hostess than I can highly recommend this book.

In the novel Mandy recounts her twelve years as a British flight attendant for Virgin Airways, both pre and post 9/11. While the namedropping, anecdotes and sexual exploits are fun, the book shifts gears midway through and chronicles her hunt for a husband. It was at this point that the novel just “sat idling in the runway” for me. Not a bad read but could have been better… Did you know you can't un-select a book on the First to Read site? I accidentally clicked the wrong book and that led me to read an absolutely terrible book. It should have been called "fucking around the globe". I was looking forward to a tell all about an incredibly challenging and interesting job. Mandy got to travel the world at a price people would kill for. Mandy was a flight attendant pre and post 9/11, which meant she had a front row seat (pun intended) to the massive changes in air travel. Instead we got parties and sex. Mandy's story could have been an incredible read -- if only she stuck to the hard hitting and dialed back the hard ons.

The book begins with the incident when the pilot collapses due to Heart Attack ten minutes before landing; how the airplane crew including Mandy control the public and the situation is something I could have never imagined. There are some great adventures of an air hostess which Mandy has described in this book beautifully. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and specially the moments that she enjoyed with Glenn, her husband. I recommend this book to all specially the people who like adventurous books. This book is an excellent work of Non Fiction.

I must say it wasn't what I was expecting. As a very frequent flyer it's a little unsettling to think my flight crew has just come off a 48 hour drunk. I do hope there was a great deal of exaggeration to try and make an interesting story.

This was an interesting read. The author does have a knack for storytelling, which made this an enjoyable read. It does read more like a memoir of a women search for love than it does a steamy tell all, which is still good but not really what I was expecting when I started reading. I enjoyed my time reading this book, Cabin Fever does offer the sizzle, but there aren't too many secrets in this book.

While I didn't enjoy this book as much as I thought I would, it was still a cute story (and a super quick read to boot!). It was entertaining and worthwhile, but while I thought it would be more of an insider tell-all, it was mostly just a party memoir. That being said, I would still recommend this book if you're in the mood for something fluffy and fun!

i was very excited to read this book, however like the others I was disappointed with parts of it and I really had trouble getting into it and even finishing it. This book just wasn't for me. Some of the things mentioned like the crazy / unruly passengers and emergencies during flight were realistic. I enjoyed the book when it was finally over but overall a good read.

The book overall was a good book. At times it was hard to understand because the author was using English slang/wording. I had to re-read some sentences/phrases to get the idea of what the author was trying to say. There were times where there was too much telling of what was taking place and felt that some things were redundant. Again all in all it was a good book and I wanted to keep reading until I finished.

I was disappointed in this book. I've traveled all of my life and have a respect and appreciation for the job done by the people working for the airlines. Typically when things go smoothly, they go unnoticed, and when things do not go smoothly (through no fault of their own and typically due to events beyond their control), they take a lot of abuse. I like the glimpses the book provided about the training and the challenges of the job. Unfortunately the majority of the book talked about partying and sex and played into the worst, age old stereotypes that surround airline stewardesses.

Not what I expected--or hoped. I thought it would be neat to see what air travel is like from the perspective of an insider, instead of just that of a passenger, as I've been several times. I wanted to find Mandy Smith a sympathetic character: just another girl I'd be friends with if we knew each other in real life, so that I could like her and root for her as she guided me through the ups and downs of her life as a stewardess. Instead, I found her (and her book) to be slutty and revolting. Her graphic descriptions of sex with various men didn't add anything to her mile high memoir, and took away quite a bit in terms of my respect for her as an author and narrator, and my desire to know about her adventures (even the G-rated ones, if there WERE any). If I knew her in real life, she'd be the girl I'd stay away from for fear of getting called to do some major hand holding at the STD clinic. Smith's inclusion of her many sexual exploits completely overshadowed any enjoyable anecdotes that might have provided colorful and appropriate illustrations of what it's like to be a stewardess, leaving my desire to see air travel from the point of view of a professional just as intact as it was before I started reading this, only to find that it was almost completely smut instead.

I was interested to read this book because I love to travel and I have a lot of respect for what people in the airline industry do on a daily basis to keep commerce humming despite the constant threats we face in our post-9/11 world. I think any job that is so unlike what most of us do on a daily basis has a certain glamorous allure to it – and flight attendant is certainly in that category. This memoir has a bit of everything – the chapters I found most intriguing however were the ones that dealt with in-flight emergencies, unruly passengers, travelers on the FBI’s terror watch list, and what it was like to be a flight attendant on 9/11. A great deal of the book is spent cataloging the glamorous party lifestyle of Virgin Air flight attendants. Richard Branson is in the book. It’s fun and entertaining and there are many “I can’t believe she did that” moments. A lot of alcohol, a lot of sex, and a lot of things that are included for shock value … but I wouldn’t make the mistake of dismissing this as a serious work. Along with the outrageous behavior is a powerful story of a woman who escaped an abusive relationship and succeeded in life. My guess is most readers won’t find everything in this book to their liking, but I think that’s true with most books. The writing is smart, funny and entertaining – and even if all the chapters don’t agree with your taste or sensibilities, there is a lot here to admire.

Definitely not what I expected. I really enjoyed the sections where Mandy discussed some of the nuances of working for Virgin: training, crazy passengers, emergencies, etc. However, I could have done with a lot less of her sex life. A warning to readers that this contains graphic sexual scenes and a lot of lewd behavior. Beneath all that though is a good story about working as a flight hostess.

I enjoyed receiving this book from first to read. Heading in, I had a lot of pre-concieved notions of this just being a lark... but it isn't. Much of it isn't funny, but there are warm (if lewd) characters and some fun. Fair warning, while not graphic, there is a lot of sex. A lot. And drinking. But we are all adults here right? It was a fun read, I give it three stars.


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