Bound for Sin by Tess LeSue

Bound for Sin

Tess LeSue

Georgiana desperately needs a rugged backwoodsman who can get her family safely to California, someone like Matt Slater. However Matt finds facing Georgiana more daunting than the journey ahead.

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Georgiana Bee Blunt is a respectable widow of means who knows exactly what she wants: a resourceful frontiersman--for the purpose of matrimony.

Citified men with thoughts of love need not apply to Georgiana's ad for a husband. What she desperately needs is a rugged backwoodsman who can get her family safely to California, two thousand miles away. Someone who could wrestle a bear and not break a sweat. Someone just like Matt Slater...

Travel worn and trail weary, Matt Slater wants a clean bed and some R & R--not a woman with fancy airs and a brood of high-spirited children. He can tell Georgiana is trouble, but doesn't realize how much until he's bamboozled into pretending to be her fiancé. And when Georgiana hitches her wagons to his train, Matt finds himself facing something much more daunting than the journey before them: a woman with the spirit and the courage to tame his wild ways...

Advance Galley Reviews

Good read. Interesting characters and good story flow. Like the history and use of the old west! Would recommend!

Tess LeSue once again dives into a tale of the old west that will have you intrigued and hungering for more! Bound for Sin focuses on Matt Slater since he's taken up his brother's reins transporting wagon trains across the country. His protective instincts come alive when he meets Georgiana Bee Blunt and her four rambunctious children. Georgiana's secrets, and her two shadows dogging her every move, are trouble just waiting to happen, but Matt can't resist a damsel in distress. The plot is as complex as Bound for Eden with all the humor and heart expected from this series! The setting is vibrant and takes readers to a town caught in the greed and bustle of gold mining. I'm looking forward to the next Slater story! Bound for Sin is great for fans of Jo Goodman or Sarah McCarty. *ARC provided via First to Read* Rating: 4/5

At first I couldn't put the book down. But a few chapters in it became tedious to me - Georgina's search for a husband, the threat to her oldest child, Matt Slater not wanting to be attracted to her. If you like predictable romance reads, this is a book for you. I have to say I enjoyed the first book in the series more than this one. But it was still well written, just didn't hold my attention as much through the middle of the book.

While I enjoyed the Historical Western Romance setting, the pacing of this book fell flat for me. The beginning was slow, SO slow. In comparison, the end felt rushed. The hero was great and my favorite character by far was Deathrider. I really hope he gets his own book. Overall, I feel like this is filling a void in the Historical Romance landscape, I just wanted better pacing.

Thank you First To Read for giving me the opportunity to read an advanced copy of Bound For Sin by Tess LeSue. However I completely ran out of time and didn’t have a chance to read this book. I was really looking forward to reading this book but life just got in the way.

This is a quick and entertaining Western Romance. I liked the characters and loved Matt. The only thing I didn't like was that the ending seemed rushed. The beginning of the book is a little slow and so to have the ending rushed the way it was felt like details were left out. Overall I enjoyed it and would read other books by Tess.

I could not get into this book and did not finish. The writing style was too choppy for me and it was too heavy with the old west stigma of how people behaved.

I enjoyed Bound for Sin more than I liked Bound for Eden. Primarily this was because the characters were more likable, particularly Matt. I prefer the heroes of romance novels to be good people, and he definitely fit the bill. Good, but not self-righteous or over-the-top. I didn't enjoyed the pace of the book and it had enough twists that made it different from the first in the series, however I agree with another reviewer who said that at a point it felt like the author just wanted to finish. I wasn't thrilled with the final section of the book. I will be looking for the next book in this series, though its premise needs to be very carefully handled in order for it to be a success. I hope that Deathrider will get his own book, as he's a very interesting character. I had a feeling that the penny novel writer was being set up for a future book with him and, if so, I think that would be great!

Bound for Sin by Tess LeSue is an entertaining historical romance with a slight element of suspense. While this latest release is the second installment in the Frontiers of the Heart series, it can be read a standalone. Georgiana Bee Blunt needs a husband to safely escort her and her children to California. After placing an ad in the newspaper, she is overwhelmed with prospects who do not quite live up to her standards. However, rugged frontiersman Matt Slater is just the type of man she is looking for but he is not in the market for a wife. When Georgiana’s past unexpectedly catches up with her, Matt gallantly comes to her rescue. Matt reluctantly agrees to pretend to be engaged to her in order to protect her and her kids as they travel halfway across the country. With a smoldering hot attraction burning brightly between them, will Georgiana and Matt’s fake relationship turn into a lasting romance? Georgiana is definitely in a tight spot and despite her pampered past, she is now virtually penniless and desperate to get to California. She has not spent much time with her hellion children and she is floundering in her attempts to keep them under control. She has plenty of gumption but her now deceased husband, Leonard, left her in a precarious situation that Georgiana is desperate to rectify. Matt is a reluctant hero who very chivalrously sets aside his qualms to help Georgiana travel safely to California. He is kind-hearted, compassionate and treats everyone with respect. Despite his awkwardness with Georgiana, Matt is surprisingly at ease with her children and he deftly reins them without much trouble. Although Matt and Georgiana’s romance is an enjoyable addition to the Frontiers of the Heart series, Bound for Sin has a slow moving and somewhat predictable storyline. Like many historical romances, villains abound and Georgiana is a bit of a damsel in distress. But in a refreshing change of pace, Matt might be a little shy but he proves to be very protective of the charges in his care. Georgiana’s children are rambunctious and their antics are quite humorous. With one final twist, Tess LeSue brings the novel to a somewhat abrupt but satisfying conclusion. Rating: 3 our of 5 stars.

I cant dowload this book

Boy oh boy did this book break my heart for a long long time and then spent just as much time putting it back together. I loved seeing the heroine grow from a spoiled, prissy, overwhelmed rich girl into a capable and willful woman. Matt was also an absolute treasure and I would like to request one for Christmas!

I received an advance copy in exchange for my honest review. Bound for Sin was the first western romance that I have read and I enjoyed it for the most part. It reminded me of my fascination for the time period when I was a child, and the actual journey west was interesting. This book had a slower pace up until the end. It seemed a bit rushed considering the rest of the book. I enjoyed the main characters and the family dynamic throughout. Overall, I think I would read another of this author's books and give this title 3 out of 5 stars.

I have not read a western style book since I was a kid. It was a slow start and usually I do not read books that cannot grasp my attention right away. Once the characters were introduced the book kept me wanting to finish it to the end. The end was not good as it seemed thrown together as if a person were tired of it and just wanted it to end. Would give this author another chance of their next book.

I gave this story 3 out of 5 stars. It was a cute light read. The storyline was not too predictable. I had a hard time buying the back and forth between Matt being a strong manly frontiersman and a loving virgin. It was just a little weird for me. I enjoyed the lesser characters as well. “Tom” was easily one of my favorites in the whole book. His banter with Matt was comical. I wish he was in the story more. Perhaps he will get his own story. Overall, it was a heartwarming story and worth the read.

This was an exciting read. The historical parts about the trails were really cool too. Some parts I found to be dragging but otherwise I enjoyed it.

I received this book in exchange for an honest review. It was a fast read that kept my interest. The characters I was introduced to in the beginning had certainly changed as they developed in the story. Of course, I would imagine that heading west in a wagon train would change you with all that you would encounter and experience. The several side characters seemed to be left hanging but this may be because the author plans to continue their tales in the future. I enjoyed the storyline and the sexual tension between the main characters. I felt that the ending seemed a bit thrown together and hurried. I wasn’t necessarily satisfied with the outcome based on the created charcters and felt it was a bit of a stretch. I will admit though that it was an enjoyable read for a long afternoon.

Georgiana Bee Blunt or Georgiana Smith as we first see her is advertising for a husband because she needs someone to protect her as she goes out west. She wants a rugged strong man. She came from a wealthy family but due to the death of her husband she is left to use most of her money to try to get her oldest son back from a man her husband had done business with. The son was being used for ransom of a Gold mine. Most of the prospects for husbands are not the quality of man you would want protecting you and they were only interested in going to California for a gold mine anyway. The one rugged man she sees is not interested in getting married. Matt Slater is the rugged man she sees and ends up linked to him even though he does not want to be. Of course Georgiana's kids love Matt and the boys especially want to hang out with him. He is a wagon train leader to Oregon. Georgiana ends up in a Wagon train convoy with Matt. There have already been a few Shenanigans by this point but a few more happen. There are several twists in the book. Several things shocked me. Worth a read. I received this book for free to read from First to read in exchange for an honest review. The opinions in this review are 100% my own.

First time reading a book by Tess and I really enjoyed it. It ook me a bit to get into but once Matt and Georgiana interacted more the more I got into it. I really wish there was more to the ending though. Since it felt a bit rushed, but other than that I couldn't put the book down. The relationship between the two was just beautiful from him fighting her off, giving in to their feelings to the sad moment that happened. I cant wait to read the next book about Tom and Emma. And going back to read Luke's book.

I have to say I absolutely loved Bound for Eden and the direction Tess Lesue seemed to be taking with her Wild West Series and great cast of developed characters. I am really disappointed with Bound for Sin. It was lacking originality and a complete let down from the first book as far as that it felt like a copied story-line with different characters and direction. Big surprise the main character has men after her, threatening her and her loved ones & extorting her AND big surprise she also gets to see another Slater brother in all his glory for the first time taking a bath too. Also the main character is a pampered sheltered woman who hardly sees her self centered, narcissistic husband so has little experience with men but has the mind of a whore in her thoughts? I would have thought her a little more reserved and less knowledgeable of men? I expected more from Tess and hope that the third book is not another big surprise adventure of another damsel in distress with men after her and getting to see the third brother in a bath also. Not all women in the Wild West had horrid/violent men after them/extorting them/threatening their lives, etc. I hope Tess has a little more originality with this next book as I really like her characters.

This book was well-written with a good storyline and unique, believable characters to back it up. This book was a good read.

A little slow at the beginning with the set up of people and places. However, some nicely developed characters and good action. The ending felt a bit rushed but overall I enjoyed the book.

It's the height of the Wild West Gold Rush days and Georgiana is in a bind -- her philandering husband has squandered most of her family's money and has taken her oldest son hostage to California. With word that her husband has died of fever, she must trek to the Golden State wagon-train style with her four other children in tow and sign away her family's gold-laden plot of land as collateral in order to get her son back. Georgiana doesn't think she can do this all herself, so she advertises for a husband -- must be tall, strong, and a frontiersman -- to help her. Enter the brutish Matt Slater. Matt wants nothing to do with Georgiana and her situation, regardless of how pretty he thinks she is and how captivated he is by her, and he certainly had no intention of applying for the "open" husband position she has available. But when circumstances leave him with no choice but to help her, they agree to pretend to be engaged to help keep Georgiana and her children safe during their journey West. Pretending is proving to be incredibly difficult when they're Bound to Sin, their deep attraction for one another becoming harder to ignore. Georgiana is determined to get her son back and to start a new life for her children, and her plans just may include a new husband she never saw coming. That is, if they can survive their treacherous westward journey... Thoughts: I am so happy First to Read gave me the opportunity to read Bound to Sin. I'll be honest, I'm not a huge Wild West fan and, if not offered by First to Read, I'm not sure I would have picked this one up. I am so glad I did, though. It was a lovely story and each character was dynamic in their own way. The attraction between Georgiana and Matt was palpable, and Matt's chivalrous nature was swoon-worthy. His treatment of her children was adorable, as well -- he knew just the right things to say and do. Matt's friendship with Deathrider was all too funny -- I loved the sarcastic go-betweens they had throughout the novel. My only caveat to the book was that it began to drag on a bit towards the last 1/4 of the story, but LeSue puts enough interesting plot at the end to make it worth it. I really enjoyed this novel.

I really enjoyed this book. All parts of the book were interesting, I was afraid the travel parts would be boring. But the book flowed nicely. And I found myself wishing there was more at the end of the book even though it was wrapped up nicely. I'm looking forward to checking out the first book in the series and the third book that comes out later this year.

The author steeps her novel in period detail of the mid-19th century American frontier. I found her choice of setting amongst the emigres heading to the California Gold Rush to be inspired and atmospheric o tell a love story. Her writing flows well, yet doesn’t dumb down to audiences. I read the full book in a day and finished it wondering what happens to some of the side characters. Perfect balance of NOT ending with a cliffhanger, yet leaving us wanting more anyway. Main character Georgiana was full developed and believable. I didn’t fall in love with her, however, like an Elizabeth Bennett or a Scarlett O’Hara. For a romance novel the sex scenes were few and not too detailed. I prefer a character or even story driven novel to a bunch of sex scenes with a loose plot as an excuse. However, books like Outlander use sex scenes to deeply move the story forward and illuminate character and motivations. This book could have done that much better. Finally, there are typos and minor mistakes throughout the novel. I hope that gets cleaned up! Overall I enjoyed the book and respect the authors skill.


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