Bad by Chloé Esposito


Chloé Esposito

Alvie Knightly steals her sister's life and flees the police. After her boyfriend vanishes with her stolen riches, she pursues the traitor to Rome in a life-or-death game of cat and mouse.

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"Alvina is a character that readers won't soon forget--funny, fierce, and fabulous."--Booklist (starred review)

Stealing her sister's life was only the beginning.

Alvie Knightly flees Sicily for a suite at the Ritz after her not-so-playful sibling rivalry ends in murder.

Beautiful, spoiled Beth may be out of the way, but Alvie's discovering what happens when you steal your twin's identity. Especially now Beth's body has been found. The police aren't the only ones Alvie has to worry about. Her hot new boyfriend has vanished, along with every penny of their stolen riches.

But Alvie has never shied away from a challenge. She pursues the traitor to Rome in a life-or-death game of cat and mouse. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned - but can Alvie get revenge before her own crimes catch up with her?

Advance Galley Reviews

Could not enjoy this one, thanks for review copy, though.

Oh my God, what a mess! I don't know what to say about this book... Let's start with the story, as it might help. Alvie Knightly has an identical twin, Elizabeth, who she is not that font of, to say it politely. When Beth invites her to Italy, Alvie never expected what was about to happen. After all the fuss that took place in the first book, Beth is dead, Beth's husband is dead, Beth's lover is dead and Alvie is on the run with Nino, a fast car and a lot of money. But, to her bad luck, she is left alone without any of it. After that, Alvie is trying to find and revenge Nino and become an assassin. OK... That girl doesn't stand a chance to get any of this! She has a lot of issues, as she floats somewhere away from reality. She is at least crazy... The whole book is a race of bad choices, sex, drugs, alcohol, stupid thinking and even stupider acting. Everything is moving really fast. The whole thing is supposed to last a week and Alvie has done what other people would need a lifetime in less than seven days! That girl is not thinking straight. She is supposed to have daddy issues, bad this doesn't mean that everyone that hasn't met their dad is expected to sleep with all men they meet and don't have a belly and a very few grey hair! Her only choices in life are men, handsome ones at least, posh clothes and accessories, drinks and drugs and of course, sex. I think that summarizes it all... Oh and that, I don't want to read another book in the series...

Bad is book 2 of a trilogy that begins with Mad and ends with Dangerous to Know. All three are apt descriptions of Alvina “Alvie” Knightly who is whacko, with no sense of morals, and you’d better hope you don’t ram into her, because there’s no telling what she’ll end up doing. The chapters are helpfully named The Traitor, The Thief, The Puppy, The Nun, The Hooker, The Cop, and The One, the series of characters she meets along her quest to kill Nino. None of these characters are crucial to Alvie’s story, though they do assume a larger-than-life aura for a while. The events of this book happen pretty quickly, in the space of just a week, though the flashbacks date back to Alvie’s childhood. Alvie is quite cool about the kind of person she is. She admits that she has shoplifted, and committed arson and embezzlement. But she was never a killer. That was a talent she discovered in Book 1, Mad. I found Alvie sociopathic, and totally demented. She has a weakness for Prada merchandise and is rather superficial in a number of ways, not to mention the fact that she is absolutely amoral and is willing to indulge in any number of dubious pursuits, as long as they promise pleasure. She is a classic sociopath. She doesn’t think about situations properly. In fact, she even hears the voice of her dead twin in her head. She often makes stupid decisions. At one point, she tries to convince a woman to sell her little dog, and steals it when the woman refuses. When the dog goes poo-poo in her Prada bag, she changes her mind about the dog. But what makes her endearing is the fact that she gets into more trouble than she ends up dishing out. Not good if you’re planning on becoming an assassin in the long term, which is what she aspires to be. She is terribly accident prone, and the most ridiculous of things keep knocking her down. For instance, she goes to a tattoo artist to get “Die, Nino” tattooed on her butt of all the places. The artist ends up tattooing “Die, Nemo,” which is just as well because that spelling mistake might just save her life at some point. She does have a great sense of humour though. The reason I’m rambling on so much about Alvie, instead of discussing the plot at all, is because the book is all Alvie. Every irrational decision of hers, every stupid, unthinking act, is magnified, affecting random, innocent people who just happen to be walking by, but also wreaking havoc upon her life. I thought Alvie was fun, but there were a lot of elements in the book that I found OTT and distasteful. There is a lot of sex, a lot of it unnecessary, drinking, substance abuse and violence, all in a day’s work for Alvie who finds herself warming to her new situation and to the sense of wanton power it fills her with. What Bad has going for it, apart from the aptly-named Bad Alvie, is the plot; minor plot elements that we’ve nearly forgotten about pop up to prove their usefulness when you least expect them to. I’m glad I plodded through the book though. The ending was worth the plodding. Read the full and detailed review at

This was a quick and easy read. Not my favorite book ever, too much explicit sex. I might have enjoyed it more if I had read the first book. I got through it to write this review, not because I was loving the writing.

I received a free advanced copy of this book from First to Read in exchange for an honest review. When I found out I would be reading this book for First to Read, I bought the first book on Audible. I think reading "Mad" first was important to understanding the story in "Bad." It was a good continuation. Alvie is a very unlikable character but I do enjoy the humorous asides into her thoughts. This book is a quick read, but not exactly fun and there's a bit too much sex for my liking.

"Bad" by Chloe Esposito is a second novel in series. Having read the first one, and not being too impressed, I decided to give the second book a chance. The book starts off where the first one left off, making it an easy transition and simple continuation.

Thank you First To Read for giving me the opportunity to read an advanced copy of Bad by Chloe Esposito. However I completely ran out of time and didn’t have a chance to read this book. I was really looking forward to reading this book but life just got in the way.

I LOVED this book! There were a few discrepancies concerning time and names, but it was still quite enjoyable. I’m usually a stickler for these type of things. The story was great. I don’t mind profanity. I did not like having to look up translations for the Italian bits though.

This was the second book that I have read in this series. I find this book to be a guilty pleasure and a quick read. I cannot really relate to Alvie and found her to be a lot more shallow in this second book. I do not really see anything left to explore with this character. Thanks for the ARC, First to Read.

Interesting and different type of book. Not my usual type of book. Main character was quirky and weird. The concept was weird but entertaining to follow the main character and her journey. Sometimes too much detail is just that...too much. It was an ok read.

I started this book anticipating a twin switch of identities with some murder and mayhem along the way. As I continued reading I struggled to connect with Alvie the main character and discover some redeeming qualities that I could connect with. Add sex that was too explicit, and it was not something I enjoyed or could recommend.

This was a very readable story, but not a story I truly enjoyed reading.When I was reading it, I could finish quite a bit of it, but when I wasn't reading it, it was not a book I thought about with the anticipation of getting back to it. The madcap adventures of Alvie are a lot. in the hands of a different type of character this could have worked better, but Alvie was just not a character I particularly liked.

After receiving an ARc from First to Read, I finished it, but I didn't like it. I didn't like the humor and found it very dark. Too much explicit sex. Leave something to the imagination, please. Tried to find a redeeming factor to the storyline, but sorry, it fell short.

I received an advanced copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. This is a very interesting book. This is the story of Alvie Knightly, who accidentally kills her twin sister, and several other people in this book. She then thinks that she can become a hit woman. She is slightly mad, as in crazy. She is accident prone and she is absolutely crazy! I mean she hears she dead sister’s voice in her head! This was a fun read and I highly enjoyed this one!

This wasn't a bad book, but I didn't love it. I didn't feel that connected to the characters and I wish that I could have connected more, but I didn't. Maybe if I had read the first book in the trilogy, I would have liked this better. But as it is, I didn't and I didn't love the book.

Thank you for an advance copy of “BAD” - written by Chloe’ Esposito in exchange for an honest review. This book was a fast read but it was tedious and I did not find it to have any real substance to keep me enganged for the long haul. It was just a poorly written trashy chic book. I don’t usually read these types of books so maybe that’s why it was not for me. Not really entertaining for me as I stopped reading many times because I was bored. It contained numerous typos and grammar issues which were also vey distracting. I felt it very juvenile and not anything that was truly engaging to wrap my hands around. I tried to enjoy it and make it to the end but ultimately called it a wrap at page 220. It never seemed to find the right balance and the main character Alvina was simply annoying and I didn’t find the humor. Lots of sex but those moments weren’t even good. Too simplistic for me and not a summer read that I was looking for. Sorry Chloe’ not a hit for me. Not the type of entertainment that works for me.

Finished it, did not like it. The first person, I,I, I was totally annoying. The writing was so simplistic. Characters were not likeable. Lots of sex in the story, often seemed silly, untimely and poorly written. Apparently, the book held my interest log enough to find out how it ended, but should have left it and fouand a better read!

This book started off strong by grabbing my attention and making me want to care about the story and the main character as she struggles with being thrown into the middle of two murders. What follows is a disappointment. I found myself not caring about all of the small details that the author uses to get us into the mind of the main character. The main character quickly becomes someone small and petty that I had no interest in getting to know. She did not seem to be moving forward much in the story at all. Sad to say that this was a disappointment as I really enjoy dark looks at humanity.

"Bad" is a dark comedy that at times seems too gruesome to be enjoyed. Alvie stumbles into killing sprees and finds she really enjoys it ! The characters are broadly drawn, typical mafia types, stereotypical mother, etc. This is a quick read with witty dialogue ; I finished it in 2 days, but I cannot say the I enjoyed it, Too graphic is parts and I couldn't identify in any way with Alvie.

Alvie is a fierce character who is also a hot mess. We’re on her side despite her many flaws—and that’s no mean feat by author Chloe Esposito. “Bad” is a quick, easy beach read, perfect now that we’re smack in th middle of summer. This series could be adapted into a hit, dark comedy tv show... just a thought!


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