All I Want for Christmas Is a Cowboy by Jessica Clare

All I Want for Christmas Is a Cowboy

Jessica Clare

After Cassandra Horn's car crashes, she’s found by Eli Pickett. When Cass wakes, she has no memories of who she is. As their attraction grows for one another, can she give her heart if she's not sure it's hers to give?

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Christmas arrives early when a fateful encounter leads two strangers to unexpected love in this holiday romance from New York Times bestselling author Jessica Clare.

Christmas may be coming, but it's just another day at the ranch as far as Eli Pickett is concerned. Someone has to take care of the herd and that means no holiday vacation for him. But that's just the way he likes it--it’s not like he has a woman to spend time with anyways. Most women don't want the ranch life, or the surly, silent cowboy that comes with it. Fine with him. He'd rather have the quiet of a roaring fire and the company of his dogs.

Cassandra Horn is trying to make it to her parents' winter cabin in Wyoming before the blizzard hits. She desperately needs a vacation from the chaos of Manhattan...and her boss’s boyfriend, who is making her life miserable. But Cass never makes it to the cabin.

A raging snowstorm causes her car to crash, where she's found unconscious by Eli. When Cass wakes, she has no memories of who she is. Eli takes one look at Cass's big blue eyes and dark curls, and like a Christmas miracle, falls head over heels in love. But while the attraction is mutual, can she give her heart to this cowboy if she’s not sure it’s hers to give?

Advance Galley Reviews

I recently read “All I Want for Christmas is a Cowboy” by Jessica Clare, a light, easy Christmas romance novel. Cassandra Horn meets Eli Pickett after he rescues her from her crashed car in a snowstorm. Unfortunately, she has lost her memory, Eli doesn’t like the holidays, and the snowstorm continues. What will happen when her memory returns? Will Eli become a fan of the holidays? Will the romance continue? Thank you, First to Read, for the free galley in exchange for my honest review.

I received a copy of this book through Penguin's First to Read program. This is my honest review. It's that time of year again when I want to read all things Christmas (and I even find myself more inclined to just veg out in front of the tv watching cheesy movies as well), so I was excited to be able to guarantee a copy of this book and dive right in to the holiday spirit. Unfortunately, this book failed to completely live up to my expectations. First of all, it was severely lacking in the Christmas spirit. Eli doesn't have fond memories of the holidays, so he just has no intention of celebrating, and Cass is not really in a position to do much to bring Christmas spirit to the ranch since they're snowed in through the holiday. Even after Eli begrudgingly allows Cass to use Maria's decorations to add some festivity to the ranch house, the spirit is still lacking, so it didn't really feel much like a cheesy Christmas novel to me. Second of all, it didn't fall into any of the classic tropes that I tend to associate with holiday romances (and I fully understand that that will be viewed as a positive thing by some people, but I personally want my holiday stories trope-y). Because Cass has lost her memory and is basically helpless after her wreck, Eli doesn't really get mad at her for ANYTHING. He doesn't tell her to stop feeding the dogs table scraps, he just cleans up the huge messes she makes in the kitchen, and he doesn't even resent her just a little bit for taking his bed which leaves him sleeping on the too-short-for-him couch. I think I would have enjoyed this story better if she'd been mildly banged up, but still stuck at the ranch because of the snow, and they'd been at each other's throats first: she's annoyed because she's trapped on this ranch with a strange guy instead of alone at her family's cabin, and he's irate because she's less than useless on a ranch and just adding to his already full workload for the holidays. (That would be classic holiday romance trope.) So those were the problems I had with the story. But the story wasn't all bad. For one thing, Eli is a truly good guy. He is so worried about not becoming a #MeToo story for Cass, that he doesn't even want to let her know that he's attracted to her. This led to some frustration on my part because he just needed to tell her, but it also made me like him more and hope for him and Cass to eventually hook up. And once things started moving along in the romance department for Eli and Cass, I started to enjoy the story more, but only as a standard romance (it still didn't feel holiday romance-like to me). Overall I give All I Want for Christmas is a Cowboy 3.0487 stars because it didn't satisfy my holiday cravings at all, but the romance itself was decent.

Christmas is coming! Just the book to get you in the right state of mind for the festivities. A love story to boot!

Christmas and a Cowboy! Hard to beat that combo and Jessica Clare delivers. All I Want for Christmas is a Cowboy is a perfect low-angst, feel-good story for the holidays. The characters are not only likable, they're believable - even with the amnesia angle. So often, when amnesia is used as a plot device, it feels contrived, but in this case, it just works. It gives Cass the space to realize what she really wants from life and to be the person she wants to be. All in all, this sweet holiday romance is great for curling up by the fire and getting lost for a few hours.

A quick read that was mostly good. I enjoyed Cass and Eli, makes me dream of ranch life. The only problem I had was with Cass memories and her phone, think by her texts with Ken she would have seen it was one sided, but then we wouldn't have the cute reunion.

This was my first book by Jessica Clare and it was a good one. I'm a sucker for Christmas stories and a super sucker for books where they hero and heroine are in a situation where they are stranded together with nothing but the heat between them. Therefore, I was a gonner from the beginning of this book. Clare's characterization was wonderful. You couldn't help but love Eli and Cass. The amnesia that Cass suffers after a car crash in a winter storm allows her character to almost start over to decide what she wants out of life. When she enters Eli's life, she brings sunshine and cheer to a pretty lonely guy. As he struggles to keep his distance from her emotionally, she increases the heat by getting as close to him physically as he will let her. It's written in the storm that he won't be able to resist forever. When her real life comes calling, will she return to it or will she stay in the heat of the storm with Eli? I received a copy of this book via First to Read. All thoughts are my own.

This is a cute, quick read for the holidays. The characters are likeable and well developed. Besides, who doesn’t love a book with a cowboy who rescues a damsel in distress!

FTC disclosure: I would like to thank Penguin Random House for providing me with an advance reader copy via access to the galley for free through the First to Read program. All opinions are my own. Not sponsored. The title really says it all. It was a cute holiday cowboy romance story and I enjoyed reading it. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys this sort of genre and anyone looking for a sweet and short romantic holiday read. I liked the author, Jessica Clare's, writing style. I felt the characters were interesting and had enough depth to keep the story alive and moving. I loved the setting. It defined the perfect cozy, grab your blanket and hot drink of choice, and sit by the fire place type of winter holiday read. I felt it had tones of role idealization and repressed middle aged sexual fantasy with the plot being put together as an after thought. As a result, some parts read a bit silly since the plot itself was less than realistic much of the time. But I suppose this may be what this type of genre and appeal is about. Others may enjoy it more than I did, particularly if you're into romance books and looking for the sorts of reads that end up being more about the sex scenes than further character and plot development.

So what do you do when your bookish buddy Laura Yamin and yourself are recording an upcoming podcast for The What To Read Next Podcast about reading challenges, and you realize you still have some work to do!?! Specifically you haven’t read a western for the Book Riot Read Harder Challenge yet? Well luckily it was easy peasy because I had All I Want For Christmas Is A Cowboy by Jessica Clare waiting for me on my e-reader from Penguin First To Read. Thank you Penguin Random House for sending me the free ARE to review. So if you are like me and need a western to fulfill a reading task or if you are looking for a great little book that reads like one of your favorite Christmas Hallmark specials (maybe just a little more steamy), then All I Want For Christmas Is A Cowboy is a great book to snuggle up with for an afternoon. Coming in at just under 300 pages this was a very easy read and I did read the entire book in the span of a single afternoon. The story follows a 28 year old woman named Cass who is on the verge of a mental break down from the stress her job is putting her under. It isn’t that her job is particularly stressful it is the fact that she is being sexually harnessed by her Supermodel boss’s movie star boyfriend. He is becoming more and more aggressive, and Cass feels the only way to escape is to leave New York City and go hide out in her family’s remote cabin in Wyoming for the Christmas holidays. On her way up to the cabin a terrible snow storm hits and Cass is in a car accident. Enter main character number two Eli Pickett, a quiet, hardworking, very attractive cowboy who hates Christmas. Eli is holding down the fort of a ranch down the road while the rest of the people who work there go home to see their families during the holidays. Luckily for Cass a cow gets out to the main road during the storm and Eli discovers the car and is able to save her from the crash. When Cass finally wakes up back at the ranch, not only does she not recognize where she is but she doesn’t remember much more than her first name. She is unable to tell Eli why she was on the road in the first place, who she is, where she is from, or really anything to do with her recent history. The snow continues to fall and it is obvious they are going to be snowed in together for the next few weeks and that is where the story begins. I actually really did like this book a lot. It was a really cute holiday story and the love story between the two characters was sweet and slow developing and not a straight up let’s use every page of this book to write another sex scene. I also really loved the imagery the author included of living on a ranch and of these two people being snowed in at Christmas. It was a very Hallmark movie like book in that regard. Some of the dialogue during the more spicy parts of the book were eye roll worthy, but I have that feeling about most books of this nature so I won’t hold it against it. I really loved the ending where the main problem of the story is resolved, I promise it will have you cheering out loud. Overall a very cute, sweet, and yes steamy Christmas time read.

All I Want for Christmas is a Cowboy was a fun and engaging read. I didn’t want to put it down. Watching Cassie and Eli discover their feelings for one another, and naturally fighting those feelings was exhilarating. I was engrossed in the unfolding love story until Cassie mentioned she was an only child. That one comment brought me up short and pulled me out of the story. At the beginning when explaining why Cassie was headed up the mountain it said she couldn’t go stay with her sister. This inconsistency made me question my memory and I had to go look up the part about her sister, so I was taken away from the narrative and the mood it created. Other than that small flaw I found the book charming and a wonderful holiday read.

Penguin First to Read ARC. Rating: 3 of 5 stars. Cass is running away from her boss's stalker boyfriend by going to her family's cabin in the Wyoming mountains during December. Not the best plan but she's stressed and needs to get away. Eli doesn't like the Christmas season for a number of reasons, so he's staying at the ranch he works so everyone else can go visit family. The animals don't care about holidays, they need to be feed every day. And with a blizzard coming, they can't be left alone for long. Once Eli finds Cass in her car, there's chemistry right away. (Her head hitting the windshield is kind of weird .. seltbelt and airbag. And the length of unconsciousness would have been fatal.) He likes her but doesn't want to push it in her vulnerable condition. She starts to like him back but feels conflicted by her missing memories. They fall in love. She runs away because she thinks she's a bad person unworthy of Eli's love. But, they get their HEA.

3 out of 5 stars. I liked the characters and I read the story in one day, because I wanted to know what would happen next. I enjoyed the author's style, but the repetitious thoughts and quick rush to sex was not my cup of tea. The animals were great, the Christmas setting was delightful, and the lack of memory created some wonderful tense moments for both characters.

The story of a contemporary Cowboy and the woman he comes to love. Wonderful relationship between the cowboy and the woman. The fly in the ointment comes in that a car accident has caused her to not know who she is and for all they know, she may be married. Great reading!

All I Want for Christmas by Jessica Clare was a nice read but it didn't grip me in any way. Even the smuttier scenes didn't keep me interested. I did like the build-up to Cass and Eli coming together but after that it kind of went downhill from there. I thought Cass finding out who she was did not happen fast enough. How many times can you not go to your car and get your things? And I didn't notice it at the beginning but I did notice it near the second half: there felt like there was a lot of telling versus showing. I thought this premise has so much promise and I did like Cass and Eli as characters and they certainly developed quite well throughout the book, but it didn't hold enough interest to me. I think I needed her "real" life to butt in much sooner than it did. I was expecting Ken or Rose to make an appearance at the ranch or something. Yes, Cass and Eli needed to be happy to seal their relationship but there was too much time where nothing happened but utter bliss. Eli was also always on the borderline of being possessive but then he would back off and it felt like we never got a full sense of who he is. What happened in the army? What does chip on his shoulder mean in practice? While he certainly was changed by their relationship, I needed to know more about him. We got everything about Cass. Eli needed more background. It felt like his past was missing a little. In terms of ratings, I would give this book 2.5 out of 5 stars. If you're looking for a light holiday read, this is definitely that, but I wanted a little more to it. I did fall in love with each and every animal!

Eli and Cass just made me fall in love with this book! Two characters that melted my heart. Such a fun book that sucked me in and kept me there till the end.

I give this book a 4 stars. I was very excited to get to read this book. It was a feel good read that was light and cozy. The only reason I gave it a 4 instead of a 5 out of 5 was due to the sex. I've gotten past the point that I find it interesting to ready sex scenes. Overall I believe if you like a good Christmas story this would be one you should read.

A perfect little holiday novel full of romanctic rescue, a bunch of newborn puppies, and two people falling in love in the midst of a blizzard. I really enjoyed this book.

Eli Pickett is left behind to take care of the Ranch in Wyoming that he works on actually it is at his own insistence that he is left behind by the other workers. He is not one to celebrate Christmas because he never really had a reason to celebrate before. He is out hunting down Houdini the cow and discovers a car covered in snow that had wrecked. Inside he finds Cassandra Horn passed out. She was trying to escape her employer’s boyfriend and relax at her parent’s cabin for a Christmas break but had an accident on the way. He gets her to safety but when she wakes up she has no memory left. They spend time together and she slowly figures out who she is and what she wants to do with her life. Sweet story and I am glad that I read it. It had interesting characters. Eli seemed gruff but he never was ridiculously mean. The writing was good enough that I could not stand the man that Cassie was running from that was pestering her I wanted to take care of him for her. I received this book to read for free from First to read in exchange for an honest review. The opinions in this review are 100% my own.

Cass Horn gets stranded on a remote ranch with cowboy Eli Picket when her car hits a tree and she developes amnesia from hitting her head. The two get to know each other after they get snowbound over the holidays and it developes onto a sweet romance. This is a light, quick holiday romance that I thoroughly enjoyed. Looking forward to reading Jessica Clares other novels!

I enjoyed this book. It is a light hearted romance story. Boy meets girl they fall in love. Something happens to separate them. The problem is resolved and they live happily ever after. It is a quick read. The characters are well developed and the storyline kept me interested.

This was a cute cowboy romance. The hero was just the kind of hunky and brooding cowboy that I like. The heroine's overbearing model employer is a nice touch. I would recommend this if you are in the mood for a fluff romance. However there were a few things that bothered me. For example, the first intimate scene felt a little... awkward. It's hard to describe exactly what was weird about it, but something felt off. Secondly, the circumstances that came together at the end to tear the hero and heroine apart were so tenuous that I scoffed a bit. You see texts from a man and assume that you are together? How about scroll up the rest of your texts and see what kind of conversations you have had in the past. Did you blow him off? Or did you flirt right back? All she had to do was scroll up. I was hoping that there would be confrontations between the two men in her life. Instead, the cowboy was a bit too passive and just waited around for her while there was only one little interaction with the jerk near the end.

"I need to shower before I'm fit company." " Is there anything I can do to help?" she blurted out. He paused, and she could have sworn he turned as red as she was. "I mean, like, around the house. Or, um, with the cows. Not in the shower. I'm sure you can do that just fine." Ugh, why wouldn't her face shut up? Even reading that over again makes me chuckle. If you are looking for a feel good book (along the lines of a Hallmark movie) this is a book you would enjoy. All I want for Christmas is a Cowboy is a very sweet story with some light humor. I fell for Eli right along with Cass and I found Cass's personality very endearing. A few things bothered me--Eli's continued griping of having so much work and no help and the repeated use of the word cowboy (many times the word man would have been a fine substitute and less jarring, most people do not refer to themselves continually as their livelihood or their passion). And here's one thing I couldn't figure out, if it was really so cold outside, why was Eli only wearing a cowboy hat on his head? Overall, I would recommend this book to someone looking to read a light, very cute love story. A word of caution though, this is definitely an adult book!

Man saves woman, and woman saves him right back. Eli rescues Cass after a nasty car accident. Cass rescues Eli from his loneliness. Even with concussion-induced amnesia, bruised ribs, and various injuries, she can't help but fall for the chivalrous, hunky, yet brooding cowboy. For his part, Eli is doing all he can to take care of Cass and help her heal, even if it means ignoring his attraction to her and trying to keep his hands to himself. Cass has a kind soul and endless optimism, just what Eli has been missing all his life. Protective, dependable, and caring, Eli is everything Cass has dreamed of. Throw in a few cute pups and some Christmas spirit, and you've got an adorably sweet love story. Jessica Clare has gained a new fan -- I can't wait to read more of her work!

Cass got lucky Eli found her when he did or this would have been a really short book. I loved how the story line flowed, but wished there was more between her returning and the five years later epilogue. I would recommend it as a quick read. Read it in a day.

I did not enjoy this book. Not the author’s fault. I just like to read more than one sex scene after another. I will not request a Romance book again.

this was such an enjoyable read! it's actually my first book by this author - it won't be my last! i devoured it in one sitting. it was a very quick, easy read. loved the setting - who doesn't love a forced proximity book, am i right?


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