A Brush with Shadows by Anna Lee Huber

A Brush with Shadows

Anna Lee Huber

Kiera and Gage must face the ghosts of Gage’s past, discover the truth behind the local superstitions, and see beyond the tricks being played by their very own eyes.

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Sebastian Gage returns home to battle the ghosts of his past and prevent them from destroying his future with Kiera in the latest exciting installment in this national bestselling series.

July 1831. It's been fifteen years since Sebastian Gage has set foot in Langstone Manor. Though he has shared little with his wife, Lady Kiera Darby, about his past, she knows that he planned never to return to the place of so many unhappy childhood memories. But when an urgent letter from his grandfather reaches them in Dublin, Ireland, and begs Gage to visit, Kiera convinces him to go.

All is not well at Langstone Manor. Gage's grandfather, the Viscount Tavistock, is gravely ill, and Gage's cousin Alfred has suddenly vanished. He wandered out into the moors and never returned. The Viscount is convinced someone or something other than the natural hazards of the moors is to blame for Alfred's disappearance. And when Alfred's brother Rory goes missing, Kiera and Gage must concede he may be right. Now, they must face the ghosts of Gage's past, discover the truth behind the local superstitions, and see beyond the tricks being played by their very own eyes to expose what has happened to Gage's family before the moors claim yet another victim...

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It is July 1831 when Sebastian Gage and his new wife, Lady Kiera Darby, receive a letter from his grandfather asking him to return to Langston Manor and help discover what has happened to his cousin Alfred. Alfred wandered onto the moors one day and never returned. Kiera knows Sebastian is not happy about returning to the place where he grew up, because it has so many unhappy memories. Sebastian answers his grandfather's summers and arrives to find out the Viscount Tavistock is terminally ill. His grandfather is convinced that Alfred had met with foul play. Sebastian knows that people disappear on the moors all the time, but when his second cousin, Rory goes missing, Kiera and Gage know the Viscount is right. It is now up to them to get to the bottom of things before the moors claim another victim. Author Anna Lee Huber paints pictures with her words, and this addition to the Lady Darby mystery series is full of perfect brushstrokes. The moors come to life as Darby and Sebastian investigate his cousin's disappearance. The more they delve into the situation the grayer it becomes, and the more intriguing it is for the readers. We also get to learn more about Sebastian and his past, which adds so much to the tale. This is one of those series where I've enjoyed watching the characters grow. Reading this one makes me want to go back and reread the earlier books, which would be perfect reads on cold winter nights. But then again a Lady Darby mystery is perfect any time of the year. Lovers of historical fiction will devour this series, and savor every word.

I hadn't read the other book/books in this series, so I felt a little lost. An intriguing read, though, and I may have to go back and read what came first.

A delightful new installment in the Lady Darby series. Ms Huber writes with her usual flair, drawing the reader into the characters' lives and their concerns. I have read all the books in this series so far and eagerly await the next one.

Book six, A Brush with Shadows, opens with Keira and Gage arriving at the manor where Gage grew up after receiving a summons from his grandfather for help while they were in Ireland. Gage hasn’t visited his ancestral home since his mother died when he was eighteen. At the time he vowed never to return but the urgency of letter and the fact that Gage is an honorable man, brings him back. Gage’s cousin, Alfred, heir to the Viscount Tavistock (Gage’s grandfather), is missing and no one is sure where he is. He walked off into the moors one afternoon and has not returned. Making things even more difficult is the fact that Gage’s grandfather has not notified the village or anyone not in the family that Alfred is missing. Kiera and Gage start their investigations by going around to the local neighbors to see why Albert might have disappeared. They also travel out on the moors to find a local woman who might be the person Albert went out on the moors for. Through their investigations, the reader gets a sense for the superstition that surrounds the moors and the power it holds over the people in the area. I enjoyed the insight into Gage’s history and family in this installment. Fills in many of the voids from the prior novels and gives a new perspective on Gage’s mother who he holds on a pedestal. This was one of my favorites in this series. I was completely surprised by the murderer even though I was starting to have my suspicions at the very end. I look forward to the next Lady Darby book. Thank you First to Read and Berkley Books for this ARC.

This one was a little slow for my tastes, but overall an alright story. I was happy to find I could just right into this series without having to read the previous books, but I'm not sure I could have read the previous books and stuck with this series if they are all so slow as this one. I found in parts that my attention would wander and I had trouble focusing throughout. While the mystery had potential, I don't believe I'll be returning to this series.

Having not read the other 5 books int he Lady Darby series, I feared I wouldn't be able to follow the story line. No worries though, it seems like it can be read as a stand alone. The premise of the book sounds enticing, a fairly recently wed couple, who go about solving mysteries, are called to Sebastian's childhood home to discover the whereabouts of his cousin and the heir to the title. From the Get go Kiera and Gage (sebastian) are met with resistance and half truths. Which is not helped by the fact that Gage has no pleasant memories of his time there or the family he left behind. His granfather is sick and bed ridden, with one cousin missing, his aunt full of barbs and sly comments. Suddenly his other cousin goes missing as well. Leaving Sebastian and Keira searching for answers and trying to find the connection. Family drama, tied up with a mysterious disappearance. So, I mainly found the story to be rather slow and a little boring. The writing style was nice and the plot intriguing, it just didn't click for me, and I was a little disappointed by that.

I received an advanced copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. This book is part of the Lady Darby series, and it is wonderful. This is the first book in this series that I have read, but I wasn’t lost. Kiera and Gage are called to his childhood home because one of his cousins has gone missing. They are to help find him before he is feared dead. The wonderful characters and setting help keep you engaged and turning the pages as we learn about Gage’s childhood and the family that helped shaped him. We learn new things about Kiera and Gage in the end as well. This is a great addition to the series.

I had never even heard of Lady Darby. And in the very first chapter, she let on that she had participated in many murderous enquiries. How can enquiries be murderous, I wondered. Still I braced myself for a slow 1800s-pace read. The pace is rather slow, as can be expected of a time when the fastest speed could only be achieved on horseback. The state of medicine and the law, as described, are antiquated by at least a century. We see this when Kiera analyses the poison, she observes it, and examines consistency, colour, appearance, scent and taste. She cannot check the composition. The mystery presents somewhat of a challenge, as the couple are plagued by the tension-fraught family dynamics. Gage’s aunt used to treat his noble-born mother and common father with disdain. Gage himself is deeply affected by the tension in the relationships, and cannot discuss the case with an impartial air. Contrary to popular belief that the Victorians were a prudish lot, Lady Darby and Gage enjoy their romp in the sheets, and the narrative tells us that often enough. Only they prefer to use words like relations and distraction to describe it. Of course, this is a mystery, not erotica, so most of the telling is suggestive, rather than revalatory, in nature. The writing evokes the notions of the time when good manners and good breeding were considered synonymous with good character. We also get an understanding of the norms and mores that were in practice in a noble household, the relations between the masters and the servant class. And everyone, servants and aristocrats, equally pretentious in their own way, scoffing at those who don’t live up to their exacting high standards. It was such a tiresome time, when a lady needed help to dress herself, when husbands and wives were allotted separate, adjoining bedrooms. The book brings that out well. The author does a great job of invoking the period, from the costumes to the fact that women had no identity or authority of their own, except as given to them by the males in their lives. We also get a sense of the dark myths and legends that prevailed in an era when so much was still obscure. The language also helps place the period. And so we have a surfeit of words like countenance, demeanour. scowl, thusly etc and phrases such as “no love lost,” “neither hide nor hair,” “on some lark,” “in one fell swoop” etc. The phrase, the other side of the blanket, is used to describe illegitimacy. The descriptions of the outdoors were beautiful. The moors have always fascinated me since Emily Bronte used it as her setting in Wuthering Heights. Here, the author uses the setting to create a deep sense of mystery. The manor had the feel of Manderley, in Rebecca, where the very house appears treacherous. Kiera is an interesting character on account of her background (her former husband used to force her to make anatomical drawings), but she wasn’t as feisty as I would have liked her to be. The background was something that she referred to often enough, but since this was my first of the series, I felt a little lost. Her past, when she was treated like a social pariah, makes her a very interesting character. It was nice to see her respond to the loneliness of Lorna Galloway and accept the tentative offer of friendship she offered. The story showed a lot of promise that petered out towards the end. There were secret passages in the house which offered a lot of potential. In the end, however, it seemed like more of a family drama than a thriller, with Gage spending far too long confronting the demons of his past. Read detailed review at https://cynthology.blogspot.com/2018/04/book-review-brush-with-shadows-lady.html

I enjoyed Kiera and Sebastian's newest adventure. There was a lot of suspense about the disappearance of Sebastian's cousin. I liked the relationship between Kiera and Sebastian, but I would have wished that there was more of a romance feeling to it. Somehow they just didn't have that special spark for me. All in all, this was a nice read!

I have not read any other of the books in the series. I enjoyed the book. The author gave enough information that I was able to follow along the story line and get a understanding of the characters. The twists and turns kept me interested and wanting to find out what happened next I really enjoyed the book.

Thanks so much for the opportunity to read this ARC. While A Brush with Shadows is No. 6 in the Lady Darby series, I was able to follow the story without any difficulty. It was an enjoyable, fast read. I plan on reading the other books in the series.

I couldn't enjoy this book as much as I would liked to have. The attention to detail was distracting and the story line just seemed a bit sloppy. I did not go beyond halfway through the book so consider that -- it may well get much better as it seems the author has the ability to accomplish a great book! I was given a free copy for an honest review.

A brush with Shadows is the 6th book in the Lady Darby Series. Even though I haven’t read the previous books in this series this book was good. It really peaked my interest to read the previous five books so I can better enjoy this read. I really enjoyed the characters Lady Darby and Sebastian. I will be reading the first book The Anatomist’s wife so I can enjoy this series to the fullest. If you interested in this book pick up the previous books first and if you have already read this book. Thanks to First to read for the copy of this book. I really enjoyed it!

A Brush With Shadows is such a phenomenal and chilling read. As someone unfamiliar with the Lady Darby series, I was a bit skeptical that I would be able to follow the story, but was delighted to find that the characters were just as accessible as if I'd been with them from the beginning. The plot had just the right amount of twists and turns to keep me interested and invested in the characters and I'm looking forward to future books from Anna Lee Huber!

I am so glad I was given the opportunity to read 'A Brush With Shadows' even though I had not read any of the previous books in the series. I was drawn into it right away and really enjoyed this mystery that takes place in Dartmoor England. The story is riddled with local lore, superstitions, a family curse & the infamous moors around Langstone Manor. Gage is summoned home by his grandfather because his cousin and Heir of Langstone Manor has gone missing. I won't spoil it for those that have not read it except to say that it's a really good mystery and keeps you guessing as to who did what. I am looking forward to going back and reading the series from the beginning.

This series just continues to develop well. More background on the main characters. Description of setting well developed. Did start a little slow but then twists and turns caught my attention. Excellent read!

Thank you to bookishfirst for an e-arc in exchange for my honest review. “There is a darkness that hovers over that house. A shadow that seems to touch every life that falls within its reach.” With a big staff, some very private family members, and a possible murdered in their mist this book does not disappoint. While this is the 6th book in the series and I haven't read any of the other ones. I can still say that it was easy to follow along with what had happened in the past for the most part. A Brush with Shadow follows Sebastian Gage and Kiera Darby a newly married couple who also solve investigations together. This one happens to be very personal for Sebastian as it is his Cousin that is missing. With some bad blood between family members from fifteen years ago and them than keeping secrets from the couple, it's a bit of a bumpy ride at first. In fact, the first half of the book is slow because of how little information the couple has and them just getting re-acclimated with the house and what's happening in it now. The second half though is so good, and I wish the first half had been more like it. Kiera and Sebastian start getting the staff's support. The family stops treating them like an intrusion, and Kiera meets some of the locals who end up providing some much-needed information. "I think sometimes I become so determined to find the truth that I become blinded to the affect that truth might have on others." It was also interesting to see some of the local's superstitions about the moors. Between Pixie's and the rumor that a witch lives on the moors, it was an interesting ride. Needless to say like always they turned out to be nothing. "It was always difficult to tell a person you genuinely liked, whom you wanted to believe, that you didn’t entirely trust them. " Overall I did like this book for the most part. Keira and Sebastian are not your typical 1800's match. They choose each other, and married for love instead of convenience. Sebastien seems to not only respect Kiera, but also values her opinion on things. Kiera doesn't take anything from anyone, even when it does make people not very happy with her. The mystery of why the cousin had left and if it was some big family 'curse' was fascinating to me and I could never figure out what was going on or who was causing what to happen. I'm interested to see what the other mysteries were like now and I can't wait to see what Kiera and Sebastian get up to next. "I’ve learned sometimes those who care the most also exhibit the gruffest demeanors. They simply don’t know how to express it.”

The newly married Lady Keira Darby and Sebastian Gage are still in Ireland after concluding a dangerous investigation when he is urgently summoned by his grandfather, Viscount Tavistock.Gage has not visited his family home on desolate Dartmoor in fifteen years, not since the death of his mother.But his cousin, Alfred, heir to his grandfather and Blackstone Manor, was seen walking out onto the moor and has not returned for several days. Gage has no good memories of his childhood at Blackstone, where he was bullied and bedeviled by Alfred and Alfred's brother, Rory.Gage has always been reticent about his feelings for his family, so Keira hopes that she can learn more and help heal his wounds.Keira has plenty of wounds of her own after her first disastrous and abusive marriage, but she has always had the support of her large and loving family. Gage's family on his mother's side is hardly welcoming. His aunt, the dowager, has always looked down on him because of the relative lowliness of Gage's own father's birth. The fact that his father is now a hero of the British Navy with a title of his own makes no difference. She is cold, dismissive, and often rude.The missing Alfred is by all accounts the unprincipled wastrel that Gage remembers from his boyhood. His ailing grandfather is the same cantankerous and imperious figure he always was. Oddly, he is determined to keep Alfred's disappearance a secret. Only Rory and the family butler, Hammett, appear co-operative.Strangely, there have been many unexplained disappearances and deaths in the family over the years. Could it be a family curse, and what about the reclusive "witch" living on the moor? A Brush with Shadows is a twisty tale, wrapped in family drama, set on the mysterious and dangerous Dartmoor.The relationship between Keira and Sebastian grows stronger in their understanding of each other and mutual healing after a somewhat rocky start. Thanks to First To Read for an advance copy. The opinions are my own. RATING- 4 Stars

I've read all the books in this series, and thought this was a strong addition. We learn more about his mother's family in this book, which helps to understand his character even more. I really like this series, and I like how the characters grow/change throughout the books.

I read this book as a stand alone since I was unaware that this was a series. This might be why I felt that Keira and Gage's relationship seemed a little too sugary and generic. I loved the atmosphere of the moors and the skills that were used to solve the mystery. There was a lot of suspense and action throughout that really pulled this story along. I will have to go back and read the rest of the series soon. Thanks for the ARC from First to Read.

I was fortunate enough to receive an ARC of "A Brush with Shadows" by Anna Lee Huber from First to Read. This was the first book that I've read in the Lady Darby series which means I'd missed a great deal in the first five. For the first several chapters, I felt a little lost which also made my reading slow down. I eventually caught up and the story jumped off the pages with surprises and plenty of suspense. I am looking forward to reading the first book in the series.

A Brush with Shadows is an intriguing story of mystery and suspense encountered as Kiera and Gage search for missing relatives, and attempt to answer lingering questions about old family mysteries. It is deep with encounters with family ghosts and skeletons in the closet, and full of surprises for everyone involved and a variety of onlookers. Anna Lee Huber has me hooked and I’m looking forward to reading more of Lady Darby’s investigations and adventures.

I will have to catch up on the rest of this series as I overall enjoyed this book. It started a little slow, but eventually it picked up the pace. I enjoyed the characters and the setting too.

This was the first book that I've read in this series. Looks like I've missed the first five. It started a little slow but gradually picked up. I enjoyed it and will have to check out the next one.

I have a new series to hunt down and read! Thanks to the publisher for introducing me to this author in exchange for an honest review. I haven't read anything by Anna Lee Huber before, but that didn't affect my enjoyment of this book. A BRUSH WITH SHADOWS stands well on its own. It refers back to prior novels at times but in a way that neither impacts the current story nor spoils the earlier mysteries. The characters and their relationships were introduced easily and clearly without a lot of heavy-handed exposition. The setting was beautiful, and the mystery was well-plotted. I had my suspicions about the perpetrator, but Huber's writing managed to throw me off more than once. I really loved this book, and I plan to read more Lady Darby mysteries as soon as I can.

This is book #6 in a series and I have not read any of the other books. That being said the only thing that really bugged me was the illusion to things that happened in Ireland. Otherwise I had no issues having not read the previous books. The characters are interesting but not intriguing enough for me to go back and read the previous books but I may read new ones that come out. The setting for this was different than the normal British murder mysteries and the characters come from different places and back grounds. It was not bad for a historical novel.

I tried to start this one but since I'm really anal about reading books in a series in order, I really feel I will pick up the series from the beginning. It does seem to have great characters though so it has turned me on to a new series with which I was not formally familiar.

I have several of the Lady Darby mysteries, but I had yet to read any of them before reading this one. I enjoyed it immensely and I had a lot of fun following Kiera and Gage on their trek to find the solution to the mystery. I enjoyed learning about Gage more, but the mystery really made me excited to read the others. Thanks for the read!

I didn’t know anything about the Lady Darby series before this book and jumped in with no background on these characters. It was easy to pick up, but did make my pace for the first 100 pages slow. Once deep into the mystery, however, I was hooked. Dartmoor is always a great setting for a mystery, and this one is no different. It’s been eight years since I read Conan Doyle’s Hound of the Baskerville and Laurie R King’s The Moor, but I think I liked this outing better than either of them (sorry, Sherlock). Gage’s family home and his relatives make for a wonderfully moody setting and cast of characters. The red herrings were used well. Every plot twist made sense and never felt like it was out of left field. I suspected who our assailant was, but it didn’t hamper the suspense. I’ll definitely be back for more Lady Darby and Gage.

This is my first time reading a Lady Darby mystery but I loved it. In this case, Kiera (AKA Lady Darby) and her husband, Sebastian Gage, travel to Sebastian's childhood home after learning that his cousin Alfred was missing. Not only do we get a pretty strong mystery, but we also learn more about Sebastian''s past. Both of those elements combined help deliver an entertaining book. I would love to read the rest of this series.

Lady Darby a.k.a. Kiera Gage and her husband Sebastian Gage return to Sebastian's childhood home, Langstone Manor, at the request of his grandfather, Viscount Tavistock, to investigate the disappearance of his cousin Alfred. His family hinders their investigation from the start by either withholding information or misleading them so what should have been an easy inquiry turns in to much more that... I enjoyed the story but I don't think the author used the Moors and the family curse to its full potential. Also, I've noticed in the last couple of books, especially this one, that the author doesn't give Kiera the opportunity to use her medical background. She's fell into more of a questioner role like Sebastian. I kind of liked the series more when she applied her "knowledge of the macabre."

This book is a fairly entertaining mystery. I was curious to find out the results of the mystery but there wasn’t much more of the story to speak of. Perhaps if I had read other Lady Darby mysteries I would feel differently but I doubt if I’ll be reading any more. It’s not even a historical mystery novel since there isn’t any history; it just happens to be set in the 1800s but the time period really isn’t pertinent to the story.

I’m so glad I got to read this book! I’ve been devouring the rest of the series. In ‘A Brush with Shadows’ we finally get to learn some things about Gage’s past. I enjoyed watching Keira & Gage become more of a couple. I was surprised about who the ultimate villain turned out to be and I can’t wait for our next glimpse into this world.

I have not read any of the other books in the series. (The first in the series, The Anatomist’s Wife is on my to read list.) So I was happy to get this book to read. This is the sixth novel in the Lady Darby Series. We, including Kiera, get to know more about Sebastian Gage and his family. Gage has been estranged from them for years, but his ailing grandfather summoned him and Kiera from their last investigation in Ireland to return to Dartmoor to find his missing cousin, Alfred. This book is as much about Gage as Kiera. Beautiful description of the moors. You wanted to go and see it for yourself. Each character stood out and Kiera's insights helped you to understand who they were. I loved Kiera. She is intelligent, vulnerable, insightful, insecure, strong, yet soft-hearted and often had to take the lead. A woman before her time. See's something in Gage worth facing the family down for. The mystery was unique and unpredictable, taking us places with the secondary characters you didn't expect. Brings up questions about one's family and our expectations of them. Loved the cliffhanger. Great there is something (Gage) to still look forward to this far into the series. Can't wait to start reading the series from the beginning while I anticipate book # 7. Thanks to First to Read for the arc.

We get inside view of Gage,'s family and history, Lgends, and myths. Loved the fast pace plus a cool cliffhanger.

A delightful story about mid century England and it surrounding landscapes meets family scandal. Kiera is newly married to Gage when he receives a letter urging him to come home and assist his grandfather. Swiftly they make arrangements to do so and find upon their arrival that the heir to the estate has disappeared and Viscount Tavistoock enlists their help to find him.

This was another well-written and enjoyable installment in the series. Huber is especially talented at creating complex and engaging characters. I look forward to the next book in the series.

Except out of the necessity to sleep and to take a breath before the next bend in the story, I couldn't put it down. I love a good historical mystery and this was a great one! I really hope there's a sequel quickly following this, as I want to hear what happens next in their public and private misadventures. I quickly fell in love with our heroine Kiera's bravery, sense of adventure, and keen insight. Her husband, Gage, on the other hand took a little longer to warm up to with his closed-off emotions and unwillingness to really look at his family's history from a more neutral perspective. I suppose it's hard to look at one's own family as completely neutral, but when lives are on the line and you've been called in to solve a mysterious disappearance ... It's a good thing his wife is more logical, level-headed and naturally inquisitive. Kudos to Anna Lee Huber on a superbly written book! I'm looking forward to a sequel (or seven!)

At first I didn't realize that this was a series. I think the author did very well to explain parts that happened in the previous book in order for the reader to not feel out of the loop. That's not to say that things happen or are mentioned that require you to have read the previous book. This is a good book as a stand alone. I did find myself really interested in reading the previous book after reading this one. The author held the reader at a steady pace throughout the book. I didn't get the feeling that it was too slow. Every page left you wanting to learn more and constantly trying to figure out who was behind the disappearance. The author did a very good job at the big reveal as it kept me guessing until the end. Overall, I really enjoyed this book and would definitely read another book from this author.

I enjoyed A Brush with Shadows — definitely much more than the last book in the series. This story delves into Gage’s past, particularly his childhood growing up with his mother’s aristocratic family in Dartmoor. Gage is summoned by his grandfather to search for a missing relative. Gage has conflicted emotions about this, as he bears a grudge against his missing cousin for making his childhood miserable and because he has not visited his childhood home since he left immediately following his mother’s funeral. Kiera is forced to sort out the tangled family history and intervene to keep the inquiry on track. When Gage and Kiera are both targeted by what is attributed to the family curse, and local myths and superstitions run rampant, they are in a race to solve the mystery before anyone else is harmed. Although the story sometimes got bogged down with extensive descriptions of the scenery and a large cast of characters, I still found it to be a compelling mystery. I was genuinely shocked at the reveal about who the villain was here, along with the ramifications of that person’s actions (to put it in a spoiler-free way). I like Kiera’s and Gage’s relationship, which has struck a good balance without the constant back and forth about her level of involvement in their inquiries, which some other authors tend to rely on for drama after the characters marry. As always, I’m looking forward to the next book in the series and sad that we have to wait a year between them (though Huber’s Verity Kent and Gothic Myths series are also excellent in the meantime). Thank you to Penguin Random House/Berkley for providing an ARC for review!

This is the first book I have read in the series. I found it entertaining and romantic. There were many twists and turns that kept me guessing for the culprit. It was very authentic and made me aware of the rules of culture during the time frame of the book.

This is a fantastic historical mystery with a dash of historical romance thrown in to keep things interesting. Not that it needed it, because the twists and revelations kept me turning the pages way past the point when I should have been doing something other than reading. I came into it with this latest volume (#6) and was never lost as to who the characters were or where they come from. Everything gets explained just enough that you can enjoy the story without knowing the past and I get the feeling that it's also enough to keep longtime readers from getting the same info again and again. It's a fine line to walk and Anna Lee Huber mastered it. There's true emotion, action, intrigue, hidden plots, forbidden romances, and pretty much everything a reader can hope to find in a truly captivating tale. I can't recommend it enough.

A Brush with Shadows is the sixth book in the Lady Darby series and a welcome addition. I thoroughly enjoy this series and this sixth installment was no exception. The story picks up directly from where the fifth book ends with Kiera and Gage traveling from Ireland to Langstone Manor, the home of Gage's maternal family and the place where Gage spent an unhappy childhood. Now as an accomplished adult, Gage has to come to terms with this childhood and the past cruelty dealt out by his cousins, aunt and the perceived indifference of his grandfather. The vivid descriptions of the English moors and manor itself provided just the right amount of gothic atmosphere. And it was great to read the strength of self Kiera is developing while also learning more about Gage's background and the events that made him who he is as an adult. I did end up figuring out the "who" of the mystery prior to the big reveal but still recommend this book for fans of the series.

I like this series, I think both of the main characters are believable, neither of them is perfect, and they struggle with the rules the period. I enjoy reading their adventures. And I'm intrigued as how they are going to handle investigation and family, investigation and society. It was interesting to read how Gage reacts to his family, and how different his family is from Kiera's. From one loving family to another more dysfunctional one. Searching for the heir of the family and unearthing the family curse and the local lore, kept me interested in the novel. Mystery is always interesting, and I find I like to change from one century to another to see how we have evolved in solving cases, but how the crimes have really not change that much. I recommend this series.

Sebastian Gage returns to his grandfather's home with his wife Kiera, despite saying he never would, because he was sent for--to find the missing heir. His grandfather's ill, and everyone else in the house hated and tormented (or allowed it) Sebastian, so he's not too happy to return. But he'll do his duty, anyway. It's set in 1831, so expect some archaic views on the roles of women, wives, and so on. The limitations of the time--especially as they pertain to status and marriage--play a large part in the story. There's only so much a person of one class can do outside of the norms, unless they want to suffer ostracism for it. But the Gages have proved willing to do so--references to previous books' events are easy enough to follow, and show that both of them are a bit of rebels. Mostly Kiera, for daring to pursue her life after her previous husband forced her into some scandalously 'unwomanly' behavior of anatomy drawing, and her help with investigations of her second husband. The two of them work well together, not without some personal drama, but they make an engaging team as they work to solve the mystery. Things get complicated before they get better, but the end is the sort you expect from this kind of mystery--neatly wrapped up, with hints of more to come. A fun read for fans of historical mysteries, with a bit of spooky history of ghosts and curses thrown in.

This was just okay for me, a three star read. I don't know if it was the format in which I was forced to read it (Bluefire) or if the story didn't grab me. I found Lady Darby and her husband Gage to be a bit too perfect, the villains a bit too obvious, at least in the beginning; I might have been better served to start the series from #1, and had a better understanding of how they'd come to "be". In this day and age, with so MANY compelling mysteries to devour, this one didn't keep me entertained. P.S. Thank you for the ARC.

Lady Darby and Gage arrive in the moors to respond to his grandfather as the last book left off. We learn a great deal about why Gage is the way he is and much more about his mother and childhood. I missed Kiera's family (two in a row now), but this was a treat. Gage's cousin, the heir to his viscount grandfather, is missing. He is rather a bounder so at first it is unclear if this is him hiding from trouble of his own making or if something is truly wrong. Tensions are high between Gage and his relatives - he hasn't returned since his mother's death 15 years before. His grandfather is ailing, his aunt is a horrid shrew with nothing nice to say for Gage or his dead mother, and the remaining cousin is acting oddly. Interesting turns and lovely resolution.

In the sixth novel in the Lady Darby Series , we (and Kiera) get to know more about Sebastian Gage and his family. Gage has been estranged from them for years, but his ailing grandfather summoned he and Kiera from their last investigation in Ireland to return to Dartmoor to find his missing cousin, Alfred. Set in the otherworldly moors of England, nothing is as it first appears. Gage and Kiera must be wary of danger and navigate less-than-truthful family as they conduct their inquiry into Alfred's disappearance. As with the previous novels, I found myself waffling between 2 or 3 characters as the villain and so I was not completely surprised when all was revealed, but I was kept in suspense until the very last. I love Anna Lee Huber's writing. She is skilled at drawing her readers in from the outset. I love Ms. Huber's mysteries and I am eagerly anticipating the next installment.

A nice blend of historical mystery and romance. Set in 1830's Scotland, A Brush With Shadows has sturdy, well developed characters. A must read for historical mystery readers.

I love this series!! It's awesome to meet some of Gage's extended family, and the mystery in the family hall is delightfully atmospheric and creepy. I seem to be reading a lot of books set on the moor lately, and traveled in that area last year, so I immediately fell into the setting and settled down happily into the gloomy fog and bogs. I suspected so many people along the way, but never guessed the true villain. A delightful suspense, and I adore Kiera and Sebastian Gage together

This book is from a series that I hadn't read and was wary it might be difficult to follow the progression, but it was easy to read with a few references to prior installments. It was an entertaining and enjoyable read, even though I had reservations about historical novels. The descriptions of the moors were worth the read and the mystery was interesting enough. The characters were flawed and relationships were detailed and multi-faceted. Kiera and Gage are called to his family manor to find his cousin Alfred who has wandered out into the moors. Family prejudices, old grudges, hidden passages and poison all make a intriguing mystery. Will add the rest of the series to my reading list.


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