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“Whoever thinks romantic suspense is dead should read a Julie Garwood book.”—USA Today

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“Once again, Garwood delivers another suspenseful, highly entertaining and romantic story line in Wired.”—The Associated Press

A beautiful computer hacker and a bad-boy FBI agent must collaborate—in more ways than one—in the sizzling new novel from #1 New York Times bestselling author Julie Garwood.

Allison Trent doesn’t look like a hacker. In fact, when she’s not in college working on her degree, she models on the side. But behind her gorgeous face is a brilliant mind for computers and her real love is writing—and hacking—code. Her dream is to write a new security program that could revolutionize the tech industry.

Hotshot FBI agent Liam Scott has a problem: a leak deep within his own department. He needs the skills of a top-notch hacker to work on a highly sensitive project: to secretly break into the FBI servers and find out who the traitor is. But he can’t use one of his own. He finds the perfect candidate in Allison. Only, there’s one problem—she wants nothing to do with his job and turns him down flat. 

What Liam doesn’t know is that Allison is hiding secrets that she doesn’t want the FBI to uncover. But Liam will do nearly anything to persuade her to join his team, even break a few rules if that’s what it takes. A temptation that could put his job—and both of their futures—on the line...

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A good book with excellent plot line and beautiful characters.

Allison is great with computers. She's smart and she's beautiful, but her family doesn't appreciate her. They want her money and they keep asking her to help her cousin out of trouble. When Liam, an FBI agent, asks her to work for them she wants to refuse, but because of family matters she doesn't have a choice. She gives a year of her life for someone who doesn't seem to care, but working for the FBI isn't as bad as she thought it would be. Liam is attractive and kind and when she needs his help he's there for her. Will Allison actually finally find her freedom, while she thought she'd given it up? Wired is a terrific romantic story. I love smart heroines and Allison has a good head on her shoulders. She's brilliant and that's something I liked very much. She's also much too kind, but she slowly learns to stand up for herself. Liam has a positive influence on her. There are plenty of sparks between them, but they also connect on a deeper level, because they're both really clever. I liked their chemistry and their meaningful conversations. They're amazing together and I couldn't wait to find out if Allison would find her happily ever after after all the difficulties she had to deal with. Julie Garwood has written an intriguing story about fraud, corrupt family members and complicated computer programming. I was easily charmed by her nicely flowing writing style and gorgeous characters. Wired is an entertaining story with an interesting intelligent theme. It intrigued me from the start and I liked the originality of the main characters and their skills. It's a fabulous dynamic and charismatic story.

Problem with download.

When I first saw the synopsis for Wired, I was immediately interested because it sounded like a good story. Despite my high hopes for this one, Wired turned out to be just okay. Wired tells the story of Allison Trent who was a model, college student, and hacker with secrets. She gets involved in case after being approached by the FBI. At times, this story seemed a little busy. Some of the conflicts were resolved almost too quickly, just as I was getting into that part of the story. There was the plotline with the leaks, as well as another that directly stemmed from Allison’s genius level accomplishments/creations. However, I wish that the story would have found its focus and spent more time on the first conflict. Despite that, Allison’s being a hacker was a highlight of Wired. For the most part, I liked the way Garwood portrayed her character. I particularly liked the scenes when Allison was in the zone, because she displayed a clear confidence in her abilities. Wired was more of an average read, but I would be open to checking out other books by Julie Garwood. This copy of the book was provided by First to Read (publisher) for this review, thank you!

Wired Buchanan-Renard, Book 13 I Picked Up This Book Because: I was selected to review this book by First to Read The Characters: Allison Trent: Liam Scott: The Story: This book bored me. A terrible, yet true, first sentence. I was so excited to read my first Julie Garwood book. It appears I chose the wrong one for a first read. The pace was dreadfully slow. I never connected with either of the main characters. It just didn’t work at all for me. I’m afraid this was a DNF. In speaking with some Goodreads friends I’ve reached the conclusion that this book was a bit of a fluke and I should backtrack to some of the earlier books in the series. So I’ll definitely try another story from Ms Garwood but I part ways with this book at 23 percent. The Random Thoughts: *DNF so no rating

This was a great book like always. I have never been disappointed with a suspense book of Julie Garwoods. I loved the suspense and the romance. I really liked Allison and Liam. They work well together. I did not want to put this 5 star book down. I received a copy of this book from Firsttoread for a fair and honest opinion that I gave of my own free will.

Loved, loved, loved this book! Julie Garwood is fantastic! This book is very suspenseful, and the love story between Allison and Liam is terrific! You will not be disappointed with Wired!

3 Stars Wired was the first romantic suspense book I've read from Julie Garwood, and while I didn't enjoy it as much as her historical romances, it was ultimately an enjoyable read. When FBI Agent Liam Scott discovers he has a leak in his unit, he knows he needs a skilled hacker to help him uncover the traitor. Allison Trent may not look like a hacker, but she's brilliant with computers and the perfect person for the job. However, when Liam approaches Allison to help him uncover the leak at the FBI, she turns him down in the hopes he won't uncover her past. Liam, however, is persistent and will do anything to convince Allison to help even if he has to break a few rules along the way. Allison goes through quite the transformation over the course of Wired. She starts off as a bit of a meek character but grows to be a much stronger person. While Allison has always been confident in her computer skills, she has less confidence in other aspects of her life. It was nice watching her gain more confidence in other areas and finally understand what is and is not good for her. Liam loves his job at the FBI and you can tell he's truly concerned about how a leak could affect active cases. Unfortunately, his love of the FBI and being an FBI Agent is really the only personality aspect he has. I never felt like there was more to him than his work and I wish his character had been more developed. Liam and Allison had some great chemistry, but I never felt like they had a connection outside of the bedroom. Liam is a bit too pushy for my tastes and Allison lets herself be talked into things far too easily. I did enjoy the scenes where they got physical, but that's more so because I enjoy the author's way of writing those scenes than the characters themselves. Also, most of the obstacles to their relationship are dealt with in a short scene and I didn't like the way it ended up being handled. The story of the FBI leak ended up being a bit anti-climactic and I was honestly a bit bored by that storyline. I enjoyed Allison being a hacker and how she constantly proved people wrong about how they judged her and her abilities. Unfortunately there wasn't a lot of suspense in regards to her uncovering the leak and the traitor being dealt with. The storylines dealing with Allison's family and with the computer program she was developing were a lot more interesting. At least in those storylines we finally got some suspense. Overall, Wired wasn't my favorite Julie Garwood novel and I'll most likely stick to re-reading her historical romances in the future.

julie garwood is back with wired, the latest installment in the buchanan-renard novels. these are all romantic suspense, with one or both of the leads working with the fbi or other law enforcement agency. it's likely that liam scott, our hero, was introduced in an earlier installment, but while i did read earlier novels in this series, i didn't keep up with it so i can't remember meeting him before. though i do remember secondary characters noah clayborne and jordan buchanan as well as alex buchanan and his wife, regan, who doesn't appear but is mentioned. our female lead is the brilliant and gorgeous allison trent. she's about to finish college and is ready to take the world by storm with some new computer security software, except she gets caught in the fbi's crosshairs when liam notices her at a seminar jordan hosts on computer programming and he realizes she could be the key in solving one of his cases. like i said earlier, i've read julie garwood books before, both her historical romances and her contemporaries. and i just don't remember her narrative style to be so removed from the characters. here's the thing, i liked wired a lot. i really did. i liked allison and i liked liam. i liked the slow burn of their romance. the attraction that was clearly there from the moment they saw each other. but this book was also very strange because it was so descriptive. instead of showing, we're told a lot of the action. actually, we're told all of the action. and it's weird. i don't remember feeling this way before about a julie garwood book, so maybe she's trying something new. or maybe she elected to narrate her book in this manner because of who her characters were, because in some respects this kind of narrative style suited the characters to a t. but i'm sure people will find it off-putting. i'm not entirely sure where i fall on loving or hating it. mostly i noticed it, and it's worth remarking on. personally what i'm looking for in a romance is characters i can root for to find a way to be together. and i enjoyed rooting for liam and allison. i liked their story a lot. when i finished the book i thought to myself, i love it. so, that's that. this worked for me.

Despite being the thirteenth book in the series, this novel was easily read as a standalone novel. Ever since Allison Trent was a child, she's used computer programming as a stress relief and way to escape her tumultuous family life. She's on the cusp of graduating college and moving across the country to start a new life working in tech security when FBI agent Liam Scott inserts himself into her life. The FBI has a big problem: someone on the inside has been leaking information and they need someone brilliant and from the outside to figure out who this person is. For Liam, that person is Allison, even if he has to work tooth and nail to convince her to join him. Overall, Wired was an enjoyable enough light read and encouraged me to perhaps read other books by Garwood. It was definitely more of a crime novel than a romance novel, which was fine because it did a good job of being an interesting yet easy to read crime novel. But the relationship aspect did fall kind of flat for me because most of the focus was on the FBI/tech analyst aspect of the plot. I thought there was a lot of chemistry between the characters in the beginning, but once the plot really picked up, I felt like romance was there to fill the spaces between the big action scenes. The characters themselves were relatively likable, though I tended to get a little annoyed by how seemingly perfect Allison was. She grew up with a terrible home life, but now, before even graduating college and without even really trying, she is a drop dead gorgeous part-time model and muse for a famous designer and has a small, but great group of friends and is apparently the greatest hacker in the world, better than all the other FBI hackers combined. I enjoyed Liam's POV though and just wished there'd been more of it. All in all, Wired was a good, quick summer read for me.

I loved what I was able to read of it. I got to chapter eight and my download expired. It was well written and quite fascinating. I will be buying it so I can finish it.

This was my first Julie Garwood novel and I have to say it was pretty good. It kept me entertained and interested throughout the entire story and the plot was well thought out. The pace was decent and it allowed me lose myself within the story, which is something I always love to do. Liam comes to the beautiful and incredibly talented Allison to find the leak that he is sure is coming from inside his department. Allison is still in school fiinishing up her degree, but she's already the best of the best. The characters went well together...they had amazing chemistry and I loved the back-in-forth they had. We see a lot of Allison's turmoil and Liam's protectiveness when it comes to Allison (eventually). Both characters were well written. Once the plot gets rolling then everything starts falling into place rather quickly, but I find this with a lot of suspense novels. There wasn't anything I didn't like about this book, and I hope to read more from Ms. Garwood in the future.

4 helms Please follow me on my blog :) Review originally posted on Vellum Voyages (www.vellumvoyages.com) Hmmm looking at a few reviews, there seem to be quite a few disappointed fans. Haven't really read any of these previous books in the series or a contemporary by Julie Garwood before but I wouldn't say I felt like I wasted my time. A pleasant enough read that had a good pace and one from which I wasn't emotionally wrung out. Allison Trent is extremely gorgeous, a model and a brilliant hacker. She is currently in college trying to finish off her degree when FBI agent Liam Scott tracks her down with the help of another fellow agent. Liam needs someone with a brilliant mind to hack into the FBIs servers and leave no trace behind so that the source of a leak within his own department can be found. Allison is exactly what he has been looking for. She has done her fair share of illegal hacking (for good of course!) and is reluctant to help the FBI without cutting a deal that serves her own purpose. Working together uncovers Allison's deep family secrets and her vulnerability which brings out the protector and stirs something deeper in Liam tempting him to reconsider his fast-paced lifestyle and look forward to a different type of future. This was great as a stand alone and I didn't feel like I missed out on anything from the previous books. The coder style lingo was believable from a reader's point of view, but I wonder what actual coders think of Ms Garwood's research?. Allison does have a lot of issues going on in terms of her personal life and her hacking career creating new enemies for her. I do feel like I got to know Allison more than Liam as there was more focus on her emotions and thoughts rather than Liam's. Allison was portrayed as someone who has a tender heart and tries to help everyone who depends on her but she comes across as a weak, indecisive character and a bit of a doormat, unfortunately. Liam does fade into the background a little and is not that memorable at all, but Ms Garwood somehow has a knack for writing characters, as I couldn't find a strong reason to dislike either of them! The terms of Allison and Liam's initial relationship is a no strings attached deal and Allison accepts this from the beginning, but does do a sudden turnaround and wants no more of the relationship as she realizes she wants something deeper. This is, of course, acceptable and fair enough from Allison's point of view, but the way the change of heart was written in the book was so sudden, it comes across as slightly crazy! The last quarter of the novel does feel rushed and this is also where Allison seems to have her sudden change of heart and many of the suspenseful scenarios that have been building up, also abruptly come to an end. This wasn't a bad read at all, but if you are looking for something a bit more intense, set this aside for when you feel like something lighter. This should be a 3.5 helm rating, but I'm rounding up because of its steady pace, and I finished it quicker than expected. *Thank-you Julie Garwood, First to Read & Berkley for the ARC.

I had never read Julie Garwood before now and I really enjoyed this one. It was great romantic suspense that I devoured in one day. I'll have to check out more of her others!

FBI Agent Liam Scott knows there's a security leak, and he's sure it's from inside the agency. Enter the gorgeous and too smart to be believed Allison Trent, a brilliant programmer who takes refuge from her manipulative family in code. Scott learns enough about Trent to know that she is in a class of her own when it comes to coding and hacking skills, and believes that they need someone from the outside to find the leak. Trent is a little less enthusiastic, she knows she can do it, but regardless of intent she's done quite a bit of illegal hacking that could get her into serious trouble. Even if that hacking has resulted in the return of millions of dollars and the apprehension of scammers by the FBI and other agencies. But there's more to the crimes she faces down than just lines of code, and things start hitting close to home, while Scott and Trent struggle with keeping things if not professional, at least casual between them. I can definitely see where Garwood has a dedicated audience, but I felt the story lacked in suspense, romance, and comprehension of technology. The idea of a perfect firewall (or firewall equivalent) that you never have to update is a great one... but here's the thing, computer systems and programs aren't static. So her program kind of has some glaring flaws. The hacking was all a little Swordfish-esq to me as well, but that could just be me nitpicking. As for the suspense, it was pretty obvious what the threat(s) were, even with some minor red herrings. The romance goes from "no strings" and lots of dramatic anguish (and hurt feelings)... to an immediate "I love you, lets get married" without any addressing or resolution of the significant hurt and issues between them. The sex happened to hit a few of the cliches I find annoying, such as going from never having ever experienced an orgasm to a earth-shattering one like magic.

I love Julie Garwood's novels. She writes sexy romances with a great mystery. The chemistry between Liam and Allison just came off the pages. I thought the college student who was a great hacker and the FBI agent was a great combination. It is a terrific beach book that I would highly recommend to romantic suspense lovers. Her books are always greAt reads.

Due to a technical glitch, I could not get this book to download properly. I tried a few times and gave up. Sorry I can't provide a review. I've enjoyed many of Julie Garwoods books in the past, so I am sure it is worth the read.

3.5 Stars I haven't read much from Julie Garwood and what I did read was in my pre-blogging days. What I do remember is that I really enjoyed her work and planned to read more of it. When I saw this book was available to review, I jumped at the chance. I like to start a series from the beginning, and rarely jump in mid-series without reading the preceding books in the series first. If I had realized that Wired was book 13 in the Buchanan-Renard series, I probably wouldn't have requested it, but I'm glad I did. This book was truly a standalone and while other couples did show up during the course of the book, they didn't detract from the story and make you wonder what you are missing. Now that I know that, I won't be passing her books by when I run across them. This wasn't a fiery romance or an edge of your seat thriller. It was nice, light and I enjoyed reading it. I am not a computer expert by any stretch of the imagination, and it was obvious even to me that Julie Garwood doesn't know computers. If technical details like that bother you, then you may want to steer clear but if you want something light and easy this is a good bet.

“Wired” is a mind blowing book by Julie Garwood! Allison Trent, a beautiful, hot and amazing college student is on her senior year. When she’s not studying, writing code or hacking around she is modeling for a fashion designer. She has a mind that is wired different to other people, more like a computer itself, therefore she gets along with her laptop! Liam Scott on the other side is a hotshot FBI agent with a leak to attend to. He needs this sorted out quick, if only for the bureau’s smooth operation and flawless case handling. He has to get Allison on his team, if he wants to stop that person that leaks case information all over the media. Only that she does not want to be part of this, as she does not want Agent Scott to find out about her secrets in her hacking world. The book is written in two point view, Allison’s and Liam’s while it mostly provides Allison’s view. It is a rather complicated story that involves many different aspects. The author uses the approach to give more into what Allison is like, her character and her behavior in each incident. She is not the girl next door, that’s for sure. She is displayed as a really beautiful woman, a head turner actually, while she has the brains of Einstein or close! Usually nerds don’t have an amazing appearance and this is what the author wanted to shout. Great looks does not necessarily mean no brain! On the other hand, big brains does not necessarily mean no feelings or sensitivity! The hero in the story is a very clever and very musculling one. He is an FBI agent and an Alpha male by definition. He is highly respected in his field of work and he is overprotecting when it comes to the woman he loves; even though he doesn’t want to admit that he has so deep feelings for her . The different incidents that were used to fill in the puzzle were a nice touch to the story. The author used different angles to add to it, which was really enjoyable. It was also great that it was not all into the hacking, coding and computer talking, unlike many other books. Therefore average readers could understand the plot without having to google the terms! The pace was a plus as well! It started a bit slow, to provide the reader with all views in the game and then it went faster and intriguing! The romance was blended with the mystery pretty nicely providing an interesting and suspense read.

I thought that I would love this book, Allison seemed like she would be such a bad ass but I sadly found her to be a wimpy people pleaser. One of my main problems with Allison was the way that she was so afraid of disappointing her horrible Aunt and Uncle who raised her only for the money. Time and again Allison let these people take her earnings from her modeling jobs to spend on their loser son who cannot stay out of trouble. As for the romance , there was zero chemistry between Allison and Liam, all of a sudden they just decided that they were an item. No fun banter or heat at all. The computer coding and hacking plot was not really intriguing at all to me and truthfully seemed a bit boring. The main problem for me with this book was Allison's lack of backbone as hotshot computer hacker, it just wasn't happening for her or me. While this book was readable, I did not enjoy it.

This read was a total disappointment, the whole story is superficial and the characters and their attitudes were simple annoying.

I have been a fan of Julie Garwood for a long time and have read the other books in this series. I was very happy to read the story for Liam because he has always been such an interesting character in the other books. I was not disappointed with Liam's story. I did like Allison Trent's character as the love interest for Liam. She was a strong, independent woman who did take care of herself but her aunt and uncle played all kinds of mind games with her when she was growing up that she needed to stand up to them and was very happy in the end when she did. I love the story line of the roommate taking files off her computer and how that ended for her. Seeing a woman smart and strong in computer knowledge was great. The romance and mysteries to be solved were blended very well for me. I will reread this book and has made me want to reread the other books in this series. Thanks for the opportunity to read this book.

While I struggled with this book at times, overall I really enjoyed this romantic suspense by Julie Garwood. I had a little bit of trouble getting into this story at first, particularly when Allison's background and current circumstances were repeated numerous times throughout the first few chapters while practically nothing substantial was revealed about Liam. It was a bit unbalanced with Allison having a lot of personal baggage while Liam led a rather simplistic life. I understand that he couldn't afford to have a lot of entanglements due to his career as an FBI agent, however we don't really get to know him very well beside a quick recap of his childhood in Australia and his dedication to his job and to Allison. Also, sporadically throughout each chapter the point-of-view would alternate between Allison and Liam, which oftentimes wasn't always clear until halfway through a paragraph and was confusing and distracting at times. Despite all of this, though, I honestly enjoyed the storyline and the chemistry between all of the characters, and the love story between Allison and Liam was sweet and heartwarming.

This is my First Julie Garwood book & I ended up really enjoying it aside from a few issues I had within the development of the main characters relationship . I can't wait to go back and read her other books in the series though. It was a good mix of mystery, family drama, great friends, fun and suspense with some romance thrown in. I loved both Alison & Liam and wish she had spent more time on building their relationships, it seemed a bit rushed (I would have been ok with a longer book). The romance arc in the book could have been a bit better. The "black moment" ( well there seemed to be several of those) was drawn out and the resolution reward was drawn out too.

I enjoyed this book- but I also had some issues with it. This was my first Julie Garwood novel, and I do not know that I would continue on with the series past this but I did find it readable and I did not slog through it at all. I found it easy to breeze through, which is a definite positive for a romance as I thought this would be. I think the main thing about this novel was that it didn't straddle the line between romance and a crime novel. It was very much a crime novel with romance thrown in when the action was leveling out. Was this a huge issue? No. It did make me less engaged in the romance between Liam and Allison though. The romance was the main reason that I wanted to read this book. I also think that this book easily could have expounded on the character development and been made into three books. There were far too many troublesome situations going on, which were for the most part resolved, but it was very distracting at times. It almost felt like all of the wild things were occurring because the author didn't want to write the romance. I would have loved to read this as a trilogy with some deep dives into the characters, who decidedly had interesting back stories, but as a one shot book it just felt rushed and cramped and had me wondering if they could ever catch a break. I'd give this a 3 star review overall. It was enjoyable but I think it could have been better. If you love the craziest things happening to characters though, this book is definitely for you. It delivers on the crazy if a bit light on the romance and character development. Thank you to Penguin for the opportunity to read this Netgalley and provide an honest review.

This book was too stereotypical and full of cliches to be enjoyable.

This is the first book from Julie Garwood that I've gotten a chance to read. I've seen her books everywhere and wanted to give one a chance. Unfortunately, this one just wasn't for me. I really thought this sounded like my type of book. Computer hacker and FBI agent, what's not to love, right?! Not so much. Wired is the 13th book in the Buchanan-Renard series, but all books can be read as standalones. The two biggest issues I had with this one was the plot and the romance, so that pretty much ruined the story for me. Because this is a book involving an FBI agent and hacker combo, I really expected more suspense. Allison hacking for the FBI felt REALLY anticlimactic. I also felt no chemistry between either of the MCs. It was really strange. I didn't love that Allison had that "special snowflake" quality about her either. She's apparently the most gorgeous person EVER. We repeatedly hear how gorgeous she is and how everyone can't help but stare. Oh and she's also a model part time. Then there's also the fact that without any proper training at all, she is a better hacker then anyone else in the FBI...you know, the guys that actually HAVE been trained. She's just way too perfect!

Wired is an action-packed romance filled with suspense, humor, and sexy times. This story is the thirteenth book in the Buchanan-Renard series and from what I can tell each book in this series is a stand-alone. I wanted to read this story because it seemed like it had the right amount of action and romance that I was looking for in a romantic suspense story and I was not disappointed. Allison Trent was your everyday college student during the day to her friends but by night she was an ethical hacker. It did not start out that way. Allison loved to code and would hack into places to make sure things were secure or to right some wrongs but she always made sure that no trail led to her. It was not until she started to see some serious injustices that she decided that she would up the ante and do some good. She kept everything quiet and told not a soul, always confident that she covered her tracks. Liam Scott was the FBI, he lived the job and it had always suited him. When he discovered that there was a mole on the inside of the FBI who was leaking sensitive information he decided his best chance to catch them was to bring in an outsider. His search led him to Allison. He knew from the start that she was different but he found that difference to be very alluring. Although everything felt different about this assignment, he had to keep that in mind that she was just a means to an end. When Allison’s friend, Jordan Buchanan, asked her to come check out the FBI cyber task force located in Boston, Allison was excited to go. It seemed like a terrific way to spend time with her close friend. What Allison did not know was that her invitation was a ruse and she was brought there because Liam felt that she was the best chance they had to help discover an internal leak. The intention was that she would come to work for the FBI covertly in order to flush out the mole. To say that the idea of being noticed by, let alone being asked to work for, the FBI put Allison on the edge was an understatement. She knew she had been committing illegal acts but she didn’t know if the FBI was on to her and wanted to set her up. She refused but Liam was persistent. It was not until she was put into a predicament by her relatives that she even agreed to accept the temporary position. Also, it didn’t help anything that she was very attracted to Liam who had the power to cart her off to a federal prison. Talk about having you wires crossed. Both characters knew that they had to have strict boundaries in place, each for their own reasons. As Allison’s perfectly structured life started to fall apart and her relatives were heaping their own issues upon her, she started to crack. She would have to rely on Liam to help her stay safe and sane while at the same time. Not used to caring about anything but the job, Liam tried so hard to deny his attraction to Allison but as the danger level for Allison started to rise he became even more aware that this was one woman he wanted to protect and keep, for himself. This was a fast paced and interesting read but there were aspects that I was not overly fond of. I know there are at times formulas to be followed but this story felt like a formula. I liked parts of Allison’s character but she was a little too “sweet” for me, a little too much of a pushover. There was also the back and forth romance between Allison and Liam wore on me a bit. He couldn’t make up his mind and she wouldn’t put her foot down. That kind of romance is just not for me. Wired had plenty of twists and turns and I would absolutely call it a romantic suspense story. I enjoyed the ending between these two characters and there were plenty of times that this story had me chuckling. I would recommend this story for readers who were looking for a fast and fun read. This review is based on a complimentary book I received from First Reads. It is an honest and voluntary review. The complimentary receipt of it in no way affected my review or rating.

It has been such a long wait for this book and oh how I've missed Julie Garwood!! Thank goodness the wait was worth it.... We get to see the beloved Buchanans and two great additions with Liam and Allison! The story flows so easily-Liam and Allison's relationship seems so natural and right, the glimpses of the Buchanans are perfect, Allison's attitude and strength is inspiring and the HEA is so satisfying. Wonderful book!

It was a long wait but definitely worth it! Julie Garwood does not disappoint! Building on the Buchanan characters we already love, and finding the perfect match for Liam Scott will ensure Garwood another hit! I absolutely loved Allison Trent. She is a strong leading lady with smarts and sass! This is probably one of my all time favorites! Thanks for the free read!

WIRED-Pure Enjoyment WIRED is the 13th installment in the Buchanan / Renard / MacKenna series that started with HEARTBREAKER in 2001. While I have enjoyed them all, some are better than others. This one was excellent. It starts out with Allison Trent, hacker extraordinaire, righting the wrong some hackers did depriving nursing home residents of their money. So, immediately a character I can like. Allison is finishing college and doing a little modeling on the side when she meets Jordan (from SHADOW DANCE). Jordan is married to Noah and they both see how gifted Allison is at computers. Through Noah, Liam Scott and the FBI request Allison’s help in solving a complex problem finding a leak in the department. Once Allison is working with the FBI, she is in contact with Liam and they develop an attraction. I will leave the rest of the story for you to read but it was one of the better ones in the series. I enjoyed the characters and felt they were ones you could invest in. Allison is a smart, independent woman and Liam, while being alpha still supports her and backs her up when she fights her own battles. The pacing was very good. I wanted to keep reading and when I had to go to work, I brought my iPad in to read it at lunch. I tried not to go to fast because I wanted to savor it. This was pure enjoyment to read. As a matter of fact, I went and bought the backlist of the series for my kindle once I finished. I already had the physical books when they came out. Thanks Julie, keep writing!

This book was okay. It was well written and easy to follow, but never a real page-turner. I didn't have any trouble putting the book down, but I did have to remind myself to pick it back up. It was a decent story, but not very engaging. Since there really wasn't a whole lot of intrigue or anything to the story, there's not much to say that the synopsis didn't already spell out. Also, the ending was abrupt and left me feeling like there should be more.

really didn't get a whole lot out of this book. Julie Garwood is an author that I have been wanting to read for ages so when I saw this book offed on First to Read, I jumped at the chance to read it. I ended up being completely underwhelmed by the story. I had no trouble getting through the book but there was never a moment where I couldn't wait to see what was going to happen next. I just never really got hooked by the story and in the end it was really pretty forgettable. Allison is the focus of this story. She is an incredibly smart programmer finishing up her last year of college. She is also a model because of course she has to be drop dead gorgeous. She was raised by her aunt and uncle along with her sister after her parents died. She didn't get a lot of support growing up and her family make her life very difficult. Liam is an FBI agent. He travels all over the world cleaning up problems and he thinks that Allison can help him clean up his current problem. There is a computer leak in the government and he wants her to help him find it. He is very protective of Allison since she is his asset and seems to know just what to say and do when things go wrong. I really didn't have a whole lot of feelings for any of the characters. Liam would be missing for big sections of the book and really felt like a stereotype when he was in the story. He is the super cool FBI guy there to save the day but we really don't get to know a whole lot about him. Allison was way too perfect and her character just never really felt completely developed. I never felt that wow factor between them that I look for in a romance. I think that this book probably had too much going on. If Liam and Allison could have focused on the FBI case, that would have probably been enough. In addition to that, Allison's family has went absolutely crazy and her former roommate is causing all kinds of problems. The funny thing is that everyone in this book seems to screw up and then blame Allison for it. Everything in the world is probably Allison's fault. This story is told from both Allison's and Liam's points of view. It was strange though because the points of view would just switch from paragraph to paragraph without any notice. You would be learning what Allison thought about something and then suddenly you are in Liam's head. I found that this style didn't work out very well for me and I would keep looking back to see which point of view had just read. It just all seemed very odd to me. I wouldn't recommend this book to others. It is readable and I am sure that some readers will enjoy it more than I did. I just found it to be a lackluster overall story. I would like to read some of Julie Garwood's earlier works at some point. I received an advance reader edition of this book from Berkley Publishing Group via First to Read.

3.5 stars There's a very slow start to the book while we figure out whose POV we're in, and why we care. But once the story gets started, it's a very enjoyable read. The chemistry between Liam and Allison is excellent, and I thought the relationship between Allison and Jordan Buchanan was especially well done. The crime-solving aspect of it was intriguing, although I thought some of the FBI nerds were somewhat broadly drawn. But none of that deterred from my enjoyment of the book. What did bother me was Allison's refusal to deal with the very unhealthy relationship she had with her aunt and uncle, who abused her and her sister as children. Her sister made the healthy choice to get away, but, for some reason, Allison not only stayed, but permitted them to take gross advantage of and brow beat her into giving them money. I kept waiting for Allison to stand up for herself, because she seemed so strong in every other way. Again, however, I did love the relationship between Liam and Allison, and enjoyed the crime-solving, and I'd still recommend this book.

This was a Did Not Finish for me. Julie Garwood used to be an auto buy for me. Heartbreaker was an incredible novel as were some others in that series. I was really excited for this one. It was such a disappointment. It was poorly written and meandered (not in a good way) until I couldn't continue to read. Based on the last few novels, it's really surprising that it is the same Julie Garwood writing these books.

I did not care for this book. The storyline and the telling are hackneyed and trite. It's a total Cliché City. Glad I got to read this for free and didn't spend one of my limited library holds on it.

Years ago, I picked up 'The Bride' by Julie Garwood because I loved the cover. Over the years, I read many of the author's stories during my romance novel phase. I moved away from the genre but still have fond memories of Garwood's work. Allison Trent is a computer genius who broke a few laws but always for good and any money she received was sent to the FBI so they could catch the bad guys. Allison's gift brought her to the attention of the FBI and Special Agent Liam Scott. There are other story lines regarding Allison's foster parents, a stolen computer program along with a catch-up with characters from previous novels. Being a good romance, Scott overcomes his avoidance to relationships and a happy ever after ending ensures. Garwood has a formulaic writing style - strong men with a propensity for taking care of their loved ones and smart women who are caring and a bit naive. Reading 'Wired' was akin to wearing soft PJ's on a cold winter's night - comfortable, relaxing and familiar. Her books won't set the world on fire but will give the reader a few hours of mindless entertainment.

I found this to be a mindless read. There was no depth to the characters or the story. Just a way to pass some time. I wouldn't say it is the worst book I've read and I can see how some would enjoy it. I just didn't and will not be reading any of Julie Garwood's books in the future. I hate to be negative because it is a hard thing to write a book, but the requirement for receiving an advanced free copy is an honest review.

I love Julie Garwood and she did not let me down with this book. I love the female lead and that old character show up. I enjoyed the book from the start and was so sad to see it end (way to early).

I usually really enjoy books by Julie Garwood. They are romantic and funny with just the right amount of action, suspense and angst. I looked forward to "Wired" being a hot start to my summer reading. Unfortunately this book left me lukewarm. The heroine made me tired and I would have told the hero to take a hike. It was nice to see characters from previous books, but not enough to save this book for me. Just okay.

Julie Garwood has always been one of my favorite authors. I have always enjoyed her books but only found this book to be an okay read. The female character was maybe a little to nice and the male character a little to uninvolved. The romantic aspect of this book just wasn't there for me either. Showing up every couple months and jumping into bed does not romance or a relationship make. It was just an okay read for me.

I haven't read a Julie Garwood book in years so I was thrilled to be one of the first to read Wired. I thoroughly enjoyed it and liked the chemistry between Allison and Liam. I would liked to have read more about Liam's background, it was a little vague. The storyline was a bit unbelievable, but it was a great escape for me.

I was unfortunately unable to read this book so I cannot present a review. I tried to use both the blue reader and aldiko and could not get it go past the fourth page. It kept freezing up.

Thank you to First to Read for the opportunity to review this book! Julie Garwood has been one of my "go to" authors from the first moment I read one of her books. This was an extremely fast read. I found Allison delightful. Her humor was contagious and I loved the way she went head to head with the guys in her life. Before meeting the FBI agent, Liam, she is pretty much locked into her coding life and school. It was fun to see her find out that something other than computers could change her focus. Liam is extremely focused on his job. When Allison is faced with an attempt on her life and the harassment from her money hungry aunt and uncle, Liam realizes that she has become very important to him other than a professional asset. Allison's modeling career added just the right lightness to her story. The only thing I found wrong with this one is that it simply wasn't long enough!

Allison is close to finally graduating and after carrying the weight of taking care of her aunt, uncle, and cousin, she is ready to move cross country and start her life anew. Her life seems on track until the FBI comes knocking on her door wanting to know just how good of a hacker she really is. Special Agent Liam has been so dedicated to his job, he wouldn't even know how to have a normal relationship but when he sets eyes on Allison, he wants some changes. Her brains and beauty pack a punch while her sweetness has his protective side flaring to life. Cousins, jealous colleagues, and traitors try to derail these two but Allison and Liam make quite the team.   The thirteenth installment in the Buchanan-Renard series, Wired, immerses us back into the world of FBI agents and life and death action. There were a couple appearances by past couples but newcomers to the series could start here and be ok.   The beginning starts the reader right off into the action but with a timeline that fast forwarded awkwardly, it all felt a bit jumbled. We get some information dumps to thrust us into the story and with some repeats, the editing felt a bit off. As the story went on, it started to smooth out as our leads and characters took over.   Being with him even topped writing code, and how freaky was that?   Allison is a likeable heroine but with every reminder about how gorgeous she is, models high fashion on the side, and how amazingly brilliant she is at hacking along with her overly sweet "I must do everything for everybody" attitude, she became a bit eye-rolling. Her awkwardness is cute and empathetic to a point, about the millionth time I heard about her amazing legs and how she doesn’t need make-up point. Her inability for most of the story to stand-up to her over-the-top villainous aunt and uncle was also a bit much; it started to feel like unnecessary conflict that was dragged out.   Letting out a low whistle, he shook his head. "She's gonna be trouble."   Liam for all his protective man in charge attitude still came off somewhat wooden. I never felt like his personality was too delved into, he was always on the go without the reader having time to really get to know him, let alone Allison. After I finished the book I can't even say for sure if they had an extended conversation. They did have moments of chemistry but their interactions were such hit and runs, nothing ever felt flushed out. The beat in their relationship just felt off.   Allison and Liam were two very analytical characters and that could be why they were harder to connect with as their thought patterns were pretty decisive but it also had them coming off a bit stiff. The over abundance of villains and obstacles thrown in their way was too much and clogged up the story. Allison had to battle her aunt and uncle, a jealous fellow student, and the FBI, all too much for only 300pgs.   Even though I felt the heroine was too sweet, the hero was a bit cardboard cut-out, and one too many bad guys running around, Garwood's writing still has a readability that can't be denied. The story was interesting with action and intensity but our hero and heroine didn't get a chance to rise a bit above the antics and emotionally shine.

I always look forward to a new addition to Garwood's FBI series. Her latest offering revolves around an extremely likable heroine, Allison, who has a unique talent with computers (and puzzzles!). Garwood has created an intriguing storyline to go along. There is a large cast of characters, including her despicable aunt and uncle, as well as several past FBI notables. While I genuinely enjoyed the story, I wish there had been more character development behind the hero, Liam, and had a hard time seeing a true romantic connection with Allison. Lots of action in this story and a must read for fans of the series.

It was great reading Liam's story. There is instant attraction between Liam and Allison. Liam is married to his job and lives out of a suitcase. Allison has tried all her life to fade to the background. Liam needs Allison to find the leak in the FBI. Allison wants nothing to do with it. She has enough baggage of her own. See if Liam and Allison can survive all the dangers tossed at them. A great read.

I love a good action-suspense-CIA/FBI-like romance. This was not one of them. Our heroine, a computer hacker genius + beautiful model, was unbelievable. Yes, beautiful women can be smart. Yes, some gals have sad back stories with dead parents and raised by a selfish aunt/uncle. BUT, the way it was all written by Julie Garwood was so over the top phony, I did not find this story enjoyable. I also want to point out that I code and I work with coders. I don't know anyone who uses the term "coding" like Garwood. It was written in such a way that I don't think this author has done any research on how someone speaks or works. It was awkward. This is all disappointing because I've seen this author's name around, as well as her slick covers. I was looking forward to getting swept away and, instead, I was just consistently distracted by how false this story read.

I've always loved Julie Garwood's books, especially the FBI series. It just keeps getting better and better. I think she's surpassed herself in some ways this time. Her interaction between the heroine and other characters is just as funny as always, especially with some of the absurd statements and conclusions she comes to. I wish, however, there had been more development between the hero and heroine. Her side was pretty well defined, but most the hero's side was non-existent. He was more like a secondary character, than the other primary character besides the heroine. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed the book, and I couldn't stop reading after awhile, I just felt, in some ways, the romance wasn't as important as the as the rest of the storyline. I did enjoy the book, it was good, and I think most people will enjoy it.

It was a long wait for this book but well worth it. Allison is so smart but she is very softhearted and when it comes to her family (even though she can't stand them) she finds it easier to give in then to constantly fight them. Liam thinks he doesn't want a relationship but there is something about Allison that keeps bringing him back. Like both of them as a couple.

Glad for a new book by this author. I enjoyed the central mystery and the romance. I also enjoyed the glimpses of characters from previous books. Allison was a smart heroine, and I appreciated reading about a woman who was so talented with computers.

Julie Garwood did it again!!!. I absolutely love her new book Wired. From start to finish....fast paced book. Hard to stop reading... Funny, a bit of action. Now I know that Liam Scott is FBI hahahaha. I read his name in the Fast Track book. And I found him hilarious. Kudos to Julie Garwood.


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