Wine. All the Time. by Marissa A. Ross

Wine. All the Time.

Marissa A. Ross

Told in Ross' signature bawdy voice, with personal anecdotes woven in among its lessons, Wine. All the Time. will teach readers to sip confidently, and make them laugh as they're doing it.

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“Can I just be Marissa, please? I want to be hilarious and sexy and smart and insanely knowledgeable about wine.” —Mindy Kaling

A fresh, fun, and unpretentious guide to wine from Marissa A. Ross, official wine columnist for Bon Appétit.

Does the thought of having to buy wine for a dinner party stress you out? Is your go-to strategy to pick the bottle with the coolest label? Are you tired of choosing pairings based on your wallet, instead of your palate? Fear not! Bon Appétit wine columnist and Wine. All The Time. blogger Marissa A. Ross is here to help.

In this utterly accessible yet comprehensive guide to wine, Ross will walk you through the ins and outs of wine culture. Told in her signature comedic voice, with personal anecdotes woven in among its lessons, Wine. All the Time. will teach you to sip confidently, and make you laugh as you're doing it.

In Wine. All The Time., you’ll learn how to:
   • Describe what you’re drinking, and recognize your preferences
   • Find the best bottle for you budget and occasion
   • Read and understand what’s written on a wine label
   • Make the perfect pairings between what you’re drinking and what you’re eating
   • Throw the best damn dinner party your guests will ever attend
   • And much more

Advance Galley Reviews

Not what I expected, but I loved it's take on instructions to help you dive into the world of wine. I actually thought it was really down to earth, I've tried researching into wine and just the way information is out there pushed me from continuing my attempt to figure out why people loved wine so much. Thanks for keeping it real and funny!

This wasn't quite what I expected. It's much more straight-forward than I excepted and wasn't as "comedic" as billed. I enjoyed it, but find it from your library.

I really enjoyed this book and think it is a humorous introduction to wine. Marissa Ross makes learning about wine more accessible and less intimidating. I learned many things about the process and tasting and would actually purchase this to use as a reference for myself. I appreciated her humor, but her humor won't appeal to everyone. There were some chapters I skimmed over (what wine to give someone as a gift, drinking responsibly) as it either did not apply to me or because as a rational adult I know my limits. I think if you are looking for a less intimidating, less pretentious introduction into wine, this would be the book for you.

I was not impressed with this book and I am so glad I didn't spend any money on it. I expected more humor and comedic writing than what I got. Her writing style and tone made me feel as though I was being talked down to.

I learned a lot about wine from this book, differences in which the different varieties are made, the wine making process, etc. It was very informative. However, the author tried very hard to be relatable and funny throughout the book and fell flat. She frequently talks about getting high and relates wine drinking to activities like sex. It came off as unlikable and immature. Why would I want wine advice from someone who is stoned? Being stoned impairs your judgement so she's becomes unreliable by saying so. There was also a ton of boring information along with the helpful stuff. You will learn a lot about wine, but you will also have to sift through tons of information you probably won't care about in the process.

I loved, loved, LOVED this book! Marissa Ross delivered on everything she promised to teach me, and I heartily laughed all the way through. Yes, the delivery is in the "signature bawdy voice", but that's what I liked - winespeak in plain English with a bit of sass. I fall somewhere squarely between the novice and advanced wine drinker, and I took away an abundance of new knowledge. The pages are full of interesting detail and knowledge. What's more, I realized and now recognize why I like the wine I like, and I am able to try new varietals with confidence. I received this ARC from Penguin's First to Read program, but I enjoyed this book so much, I placed my pre-order half way through finishing. It will make a great reference guide, and when I reread it, I know I'll become further enlightened. I've already recommended the book to friends and family that would like this book, and now I wholeheartedly recommend it to you!

I received Marissa Ross’s “Wine. All The Time” as an Advance Reader Copy from Penguin. I do not have a subscription to Bon Appétit, so this was my first exposure to Ross’s wine writing. This book is party wine guide and part life guide. Ross has great advice about how to use wine in everyday life: how to gift it to friends and co-workers, how to pair wine with relatable food, and how to host a great party featuring wine. She also discusses things NOT to do while drinking, such as discussing politics, social media, etc. I especially liked that she touched on how wine is not a coping mechanism, as I think that this is a topic often overlooked by wine writers. The wine guide portion of the book was a bit more difficult. I struggled with the fact that there was a glossary in the front of the book and I also struggled through the chapters that were her tasting notes on different wines and regions. This information is very useful; it’s just not terribly readable in this format. Lastly, this book is clearly geared to the 20s and early 30s crowd. As noted by other reviewers, it might be an off-putting read if you are older than this demographic.

I received a copy of this book through First to Read in exchange for a review. I would say I thoroughly enjoyed this guide to wine and wine drinking. It was fun and entertaining as well as informative. My favorite parts were her guide to taking wine along with you, and what type of wine to drink with what person/event. They were hilarious with a ring of truth to them. The biggest thing I took away from this book is don't be afraid to try new and different wines - there is something out there for everyone at every price point. Also, to figure out what you like, you need to try different kinds of wine and actually give some thought to the flavor and aroma. This way you start to notice patterns and soon have a better idea of what you like. She reiterated again and again, that there is no wrong opinion about the wine you're drinking. What you taste and like is different from anyone else; and your taste is just as valid as anyone else's. This author makes wine approachable to a beginner or a younger person. It helps a person to see that you don't have to be a "wine snob" to understand and enjoy tasting wine. I think I'll go seek out her blog now, because this author is informative, funny and entertaining.

Sometime interesting and informative. Sometimes self important and presumptuous. Another book guiding readers in the all too arduous task of enjoying wine.

I received a free ARC of this book from FirstToRead for an honest and unbiased opinion. My first complaint is not actually with the writer or the book, but instead with the editors...there were at least five places where obvious typos (one example was "worlds" where the word "words" should have been. Hopefully, things like that will be corrected before the book actually goes on sale. Admittedly, I too expected the book to be a bit less encyclopedic. FirstToRead's description said "Told in Ross' signature bawdy voice, with personal anecdotes woven in among its lessons, WINE. ALL THE TIME. will teach readers to sip confidently, and make them laugh as they're doing it.". I kept hoping for more anecdotes and was sort of disappointed. I need to confess another thing, though, and that's that I do not drink. I was hoping that the tips and knowledge throughout the book would help me to learn what to bring to dinner parties or give as gifts to those in my life who do. I can apply some of the tips Ross shares and at least find out what others have liked in the past and then try to find something similar. I didn't find her writing as entertaining as expected (even in the anecdotes) and that made the book move super slow for me.

This is the un-snobbiest guide to wine I have ever read! Although it was crude at times (on occasion a little uncomfortably so), it was always funny! I laughed out loud several times, and I could identify with so many things that Ross was saying. I appreciated her candid and laid back approach to learning more about wine. I highly recommend this guide for people who are interested in learning more about wine in a non-intimidating manner!

So much to learn! I had no idea about alot of the things in the book. Very informative. An interesting read.

I actually work at a winery. I work in the office and don't deal with the wine much so this book was very helpful. Now I feel like I know a thing or two! I have shared this with my coworkers and like that it is informative but yet funny. Loved the writing and hope she comes out with more!

I absolutely loved this book! I found myself laughing out loud in every chapter and her witty tone made this book an enjoyable read. It was helpful, informative, and hilarious. I also enjoyed the personal stories she had sprinkled throughout the book. I know next to nothing about wine and tend to choose wines based on how pretty the label is so learned quite a lot from this book. I loved the section detailing the different types of wines because I had no idea there were so many out there. This book has made me want to try them all or at the very least be more open-minded to trying new wines that I come across at my grocery store and local wine shop. I've already recommended this book to some of my friends who are wine drinkers.

This is the first book I have ever read about wine, and I simply loved it! Marissa A. Ross is hilarious and curses and writes totally inappropriate things that is more often seen on blogs than in printed books, and it fit perfectly to this book. Her approach to learning more about wine is right up my alley: there is no right or wrong answers when it comes to describing a wine, and the best way to learn more is to drink a lot of different types of wine instead of playing it safe with pretty much the same Italian Ripasso, Californian Old Vine Zinfandel, or Chilean Malbec. The chapters are never too long, so you don't lose interest, but the last "real" chapter of the book includes life lessons that in my opinion should not have been part of the book, which costs Ross the 5th star in my rating. It is still 4 big ones, because I can't wait for my next chance to test some of the advice that I learned from reading this incredibly funny book about wine.

I absolutely loved every page of this book! As a casual wine drinker, I was interested to learn a bit more about my beverage of choice when I'm feeling indulgent, and this book not only helped me learn more about wine but kept me laughing all throughout! I felt like I was sitting down with a good friend who was regaling me with their tales of wine woes and victories, and it made it fun to get some good information without wading through a bland tome overfilled with technical but not practical information. This book was a wonderful balance of humor and learning, and I will definitely be referring to it the next the I enter the wine section of my grocery store!

LOVE THIS BOOK! When you laugh out loud (on the bus) page after page, you've got a winner. Admittedly, I skimmed over some of the "educational" pages, but I have every intention of referring back to them as needed. This will be my Go To book for all future wine purchases. Let the games begin!

Very informative and interesting and easily digested, and I think the writer achieved her goal of making wine accessible to non-wine snobs.

Living in the wine country of Northern California, I like to fancy myself an avid wine drinker. A member of a few wineries, going wine tasting regularly, I was unsure if I would learn much by reading this book. What I learned is I want to be Marissa A. Ross' best friend. Holy smokes! Not only did I learn a grape bunch about varietals I hadn't heard of (I'll admit I stick to California wines), but her detailed explanation of tasting notes, regions, terroirs, and more blew me away! I am now not afraid to try some Old World wines! Besides wanting to be her BFF, I learned I want to run to my local wine shop and start peppering them with questions. And schedule our next wine tasting adventure to learn as much as I can about some of these new (to me) varietals. Thank you Marissa, for you have been sent from the wine Gods above.

I really enjoyed this. It's humorous and informative and helped me think differently about trying wines without turning into a wine snob.

Poor start, but good introduction to wine tasting/drinking. The early chapters were sort of funny, but the use of profanity instead of creative vocabulary was off putting. It gave the impression that there was nothing of substance in the book. But, I always finish the book....and was surprised by the practical wine information. This would be a great gift for a college grad just wanting to up their wine game. It is not a book for serious winos. But, her assignments are interesting and will provide a good road map to learning about wine. 3 out of 5 stars.

A book for people who want to know more about wine (a lot more about wine), not my cup of tea but if you are looking for an introduction to the topic, yes, I think it can work for you.

A hilarious , well-written book, "Whine. All the Time" will help you to learn everything you could ever want to know about whine while keeping you truly entertained. The author, Marissa Ross, used to write for "The Mindy Project", a comedy show, and you can tell through her writing comedy (and whine) are her passions. Marissa is now a renounced whine blogger/critic. And she's self taught ! Now she's here to teach you! I have to admit, at first I wasn't excited about reading this book because I don't drink. However, this book was so entertaining while still so informative and well written I still enjoyed every second of it. Now I feel like I can offer my friends wine advise or buy wine for a party and know I'm getting something good. Marissa starts out brushing you up on whine vocabulary using humor, of course. Then she explains her history with whine and how she learned and taught herself what she knows. She teaches you about the types of whines, varieties, how they are different, how they are made, and where they come from. She then teaches you how to chose whines for different events and people. Throughout the book she provides examples and humorous stories, which h make the book go fast and aid in learning. This well written, hilarious book made an none whine drinker give it 5 out of 5 stars and now I want to buy it as a whine reference, in case I need whine sometime!

Loved this book. Not a huge wine drinker but what great insight. Will definitely buy this one for friends!!!

If comedian Kathy Griffin wrote a book about wine, this would be it. Funny, serious in its descriptions of wine, and for the easy going reader, Marissa A. Ross' book is for anyone with a sense of humor and a wine or comedy interest. This book is not for the fancy wine drinker. This is for the beginner who thinks all those people are pretentious and want someone who thinks wine is just as confusing and, quite frankly, ridiculous as they do but want to show up with a bottle in hand to a party anyway. Ross describes her beginnings as an aspiring writer in Hollywood turned wine enthusiast, turned wine blogger, turned wine writer for the popular magazine Bon Appetit. From there, she gives descriptions on key words in the wine world, how wines are made and where, and what her favorites and not-so-favorites are. Everything you wanted to know is in here, and everything you didn't (some wine is so mass produced it may contain "crushed birds"!). There's even a section on what not to do when drinking wine and the social rules for wine drinkers (don't talk politics with a glass of wine in your hand can't be said enough). What's evident here is that wine is anyone's game really. Ross does an excellent job of keeping it real and not letting you get overwhelmed with too much 'fancy' (she's really against that) and encourages the reader to find their own way of tasting and finding a favorite wine. The game, really, is that wine is so subjective that there is really no right answer. While Ross provides her favorites and notes on some wine she's had in the past, she encourages the reader to face the fear of looking foolish and try wine and to own their decisions on what they think is great. The only thing the writer asks is for an open mind. It's like an Oprah 'O Magazine' self-help article...with wine. I would just like to say, like the author talking about the fictional "George" at the party who knows everything about wine, I too would like to tell "George" he doesn't know "$%*#", "Not today, snob. Not today" she writes (p.8). I believe that's possible with this book. I don't drink wine, but I know a few people who do and I always thought they were part of some exclusive club of people who are fancier than me (not smarter though, haha). This book would make a great book for the cool, open-minded friend in your life who wants to know more about wine from someone who talks to them like the cool friend you are to give the book to them.

This book is entirely about wine. Ross says she's not a sommelier, but she's successfully written about every detail from growth, to production about wine. If you're not into that, then this book is probably not for you. I was led to believe that it would be more for the common wine drinker, but this book is actually for those who are ready to take it up a notch.

So this was entertaining but also informative! Marissa helps wine become less intimidating and reminds us that it's enjoyable and personal. She does this by offering simple information that's easy to understand and remember.

I give this book 2/5 stars. The synopsis of this book had me expecting something different. Meaning, I wasn't expecting a textbook on wine, but more of a book of discovery and anecdotes while describing wines. The book is even broken down in textbook format. There's chapters broken down into sub parts, and at the end there is a To-Drink list which is the part I truly enjoyed. But other than that, the only good thing about this book were her brief anecdotes. I wish there was more, and I wish I enjoyed this book as a whole more. Ross says she doesn't want to come off snobbish or pretentious, but that is what I get from this book. The only thing saving her from a one star rating is her brilliant writing and some of the stories within.


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