Shot in the Dark by Cleo Coyle

Shot in the Dark

Cleo Coyle

After a dead body is found in her coffeehouse, Village Blend manager Clare Cosi is determined to find justice, even if she must use her ex-husband's help.

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From Cleo Coyle, the New York Times bestselling author of Dead Cold Brew, comes a delicious now in paperback entry in the "fun and gripping" (The Huffington Post) Coffeehouse Mystery series.

A smartphone dating game turns the Village Blend into a hookup hotspot--until a gunshot turns the landmark coffeehouse into a crime scene.

As Village Blend manager Clare Cosi fixes a date for her wedding, her ex-husband is making dates through smartphone swipes. Clare has mixed feelings about these match-ups happening in her coffeehouse. Even her octogenarian employer is selecting suitors by screenshot! But business is booming, and Clare works hard to keep the espresso shots flowing. Then one night, another kind of shot leaves a dead body for her to find.

The corpse is a successful entrepreneur who became notorious for his "hit it and quit it" behavior: prowling for women on dating apps, then devastating his conquests with morning-after insults. Though the NYPD quickly arrests one of his recent victims, Clare finds reason to believe she's been framed.

Now Clare is "swiping" through suspects in her own shop--with the help of her globetrotting ex-husband, a man who's spent his life hunting for coffee and women. Together they're determined to find justice before another shot rings out.

Advance Galley Reviews

I'm never disappointed with the shenanigans Clare Cosi and the Village Blend barista's get into. Shot in the Dark takes Clare and friends into the online dating world where they cross with wicked villains, make new friends and business partners, and solve yet another mystery. I highly recommend Shot in the Dark, especially if you've been following the Clare and the Village Blend through the years. Thanks to First to Read, I received an advanced readers copy to review Shot in the Dark.

Love catching up with the gang at the Village Coffeehouse. Interesting information on dating apps.

Having read other books by Cleo Colye, I expected and got an enjoyable read. This is a cozy mystery with a phone app as one of the characters,. The mystery was well thought out and not solved by page 100. Well worth the time to relax and read this novel.

This was a fun little read. I have never read anything by Cleo Coyle previously but could definitely read more of her books. Although the story-line was a little confusing to me at times, I still enjoyed it. Clare was a strong, female lead in the story and I appreciated that she stayed (mostly) level-headed and got things accomplished. I also liked that at the end of the book, the recipes for some of the treats mentioned were included. I like that little extra touch, even if I did have to get through all the recipes to find the one I was actually interested in!

This is the first book in the Coffeehoise Mysteries that I have read and I greatly enjoyed it. For coming into the series there is enough background information given during the story to fill newcomers in. A memorable cast of characters and an interesting storyline kept my attention through out the whole book. I may have found a new series to add to my list.

This story just couldn't hold my interest. My mind kept wondering, though I'm not exactly sure it's because this is the first book by this author I've read. I also had trouble relating to the characters.

The book is a cozy murder mystery. If you are looking for a fast paced, thrilling read, this is not for you. I however do enjoy the cozy mysteries. This us the first bok i have read by this author. It sucked me into the story right away. It may help that I love coffee since the main character runs a coffee shop that has been in her ex-husbands family for many years. The book does a good job giving enough backgroind for new readers to the series. I will read more by her and i think i have found a new series for my mom to read too.


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