Say Nothing by Brad Parks

Say Nothing

Brad Parks

"Say Nothing is tremendously satisfying, packed with engaging characters and surprising plot twists and a furious build of tension until its gut-wrenching pay-off." - Chris Pavone, New York Times bestselling author of The Expats

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“Terrific book. Truly terrific. Tension throughout and tears at the end. What could be better than that?”—Sue Grafton
“Outstanding—starts with a bang and gets tenser and tenser. Say Nothing shows Parks is a quality writer at the top of his form.”—Lee Child
Judge Scott Sampson doesn’t brag about having a perfect life, but the evidence is clear: A prestigious job. A beloved family. On an ordinary Wednesday afternoon, he is about to pick up his six-year-old twins to go swimming when his wife, Alison, texts him that she’ll get the kids from school instead.  
It’s not until she gets home later that Scott realizes she doesn’t have the children. And she never sent the text. Then the phone rings, and every parent’s most chilling nightmare begins. A man has stolen Sam and Emma. A man who warns the judge to do exactly as he is told in a drug case he is about to rule on. If the judge fails to follow his instructions, the consequences for the children will be dire.
For Scott and Alison, the kidnapper’s call is only the beginning of a twisting, gut-churning ordeal of blackmail, deceit, and terror; a high-profile trial like none the judge or his wife has ever experienced. Their marriage falters. Suspicions and long-buried jealousies rise to the surface. Fractures appear. Lies are told.
Through it all, Scott and Alison will stop at nothing to get their children back, no matter the cost to themselves . . . or to each other.
“A twisting, suspenseful ride that adds a new and original twist to the legal thriller: a judge, cornered. If you haven't discovered Brad Parks yet, Say Nothing is your chance. Smart, propulsive storytelling.”—William Landay

Advance Galley Reviews

Say Nothing by Brad Parks was an intense legal thriller that kept the pages turning. Full of action, gut-wrenching moments and hard decisions, it feels like you are involved in the entire novel. Judge Scott Sampson is a devoted husband, loving father and a fair judge, but one day his world is turned upside down. He receives a text from his wife that she is picking up their twins, although when she arrives home that night, their children are not with her. Immediately, they get a phone call informing them that their children have been kidnapped and they must follow all the rules about a case he is presiding and to say nothing. This was not a type of book I normally read, but I definitely enjoyed it to the end. Definitely recommend.

A real page turner that instantly drawings you in and doesn't let up from beginning to end. This book is full great characters and interesting plot twists. I would highly recommend it to anyone who loves a good thriller.

Great book and captivating. A must-read! The characters were complex yet detailed enough to understand why they made the choices they did. Mr. Parks did an excellent job with this book. Thank you, First To Read for letting me read this book.

Say Nothing by Brad Parks was a complete page turner. It kept me on the seat of my pants. Just when I had an idea who the suspect was, the next few pages had me second guessing myself. I enjoy this genre, especially books that have great plots, that are very suspenseful, and keep you guessing. The ability to keep a reader in suspense and in tune with the story, makes a writer very successful. Without a doubt, that is exactly what Brad Parks accomplished. Therefore, I consider him a "must read" author. I will be picking up his other books.

This book was an amazing legal thriller. All of the characters are portrayed very realistically and their development was executed perfectly. You get the feeling that these are real people with real ideas, thoughts and uncertainties. I actually felt like I was experiencing a story from a real friend. Great plot and its twists were thoughtfully done. I haven't cried much while reading, but this novel's ending got me. Just wow! Brad Parks, now has a fan in me. I will be reading more of his work...

Scott and Alison Sampson are wonderfully complex characters. This couple really takes the reader through a complete gamut of emotions. Your heart really goes out to them for having to go through everything they did. The way Brad Parks leads you to different conclusions in order to ratchet up the suspense is fascinating. This novel is very fast paced, making you want to see how it all turns out. Loved this novel.

Say Nothing by Brad Parks was a suspenseful legal thriller that kept me interested and turning pages until the end. It started out pretty fast, and kept layering on more and more complexity. I really enjoyed the main character Scott Sampson, a federal judge with an interesting history. The judge's twins are kidnapped by some shadowy group intent on influencing the judge's court rulings. The author really captured the fears and tensions of the main character and his family. It made you think about what you might do and sacrifice to ensure the safety of your children. It also captured the judge's growing paranoia as he started to lose trust for those around him. It was a bit over-the-top in places, as the author decided to layer on more and more challenges to make it harder and harder for the judge to comply with the kidnappers demands. There were lots of twists and turns, and any time you thought you figured it out, a new twist was thrown in. I enjoy thrillers but don't read too many legal thrillers, so I found the explanations about what a judge does and how cases work interesting. As far as thrillers go, it was a solid one that gave me a great escape and kept me reading.

I missed a lot of sleep while I was reading this book, because I couldn't put it down. It made me keep saying "just one more chapter" before going to bed. The writing is phenomenal, the story is captivating, and the characters were multi-dimensional. This is true fast-paced thriller, and lovers of the genre will NOT be disappointed!

This book was so good. Full of suspense and some surprises too. Brad Parks did a great job with this book. Kudos and thanks to First To Read and Brad Parks. I will simply say it was so good and that it is a must read in my humble opinion.

I really enjoyed the story that the author was trying to get across in this book, however he seemed more interested in making a longer book than having a book that left anything to the reader's imagination. I think the book was entirely too wordy and needed to be whittled down to make the content more palatable.

Though "Say Nothing" is not my preferred genre and was not written in a style that I typically enjoy, I did get quite drawn by this story. It struck me as carefully crafted, with believable (if somewhat flat) characters and a fast-paced storyline. I was also fascinated by the insight that Parks had into the legal and judicial system, which I knew little about. The way he discussed judicial proceedings was informative enough to keep me engaged, yet light enough to keep the writing from becoming dry. I do have to admit that I was a bit frustrated with the writing at times, so if you are expecting a great work of literature, this may not be your book. Two sentences that elicited the greatest eye-rolls from me were: "My hand went to my throat, a classic gesture of vulnerability." "She sank her teeth into a lie and then, with great gusto, swallowed it whole." However, clumsy writing aside, this book was most definitely worth reading. It took me just a few hours to finish and kept me entertained throughout. I liked the characters well enough and was invested in their struggle to extricate their twins.

Had me at the first page and kept me guessing throughout. It's one of those books where you think you have it figured out multiple times only to be surprised and pushed in another direction. Great read! I'll definitely check out Brad Parks again.

A truly Amazing book! An emotional roller coaster that continues throughout the entire book! Did not want to put the book down! This is the way crime books should be written! 5 fully earned stars!

I thoroughly enjoyed Say Nothing. It's not my typical genre, so I did wonder if other people might be able to guess the ending. For me, everything was a surprise and kept me engrossed. At first, I was annoyed by Alison and her reactions and choices. The more I thought about it, I realized that this was a realistic reaction to a mother who had her twin children kidnapped with not a lot of options for her to do to get them back. I loved the detailed storyline about the judicial process and trying to figure out how Judge Sampson's cases related to their missing children. This book was thrilling and fairly fast-paced. I would definitely recommend it.

"Say Nothing" is a hard-hitting and grueling adventure of parents who go through the torture of their kids being kidnapped. There are twists and turns a-plenty, with suspense that continues to ratchet upward until the very end. I could easily see this made into a movie, with its compelling characters and vivid scenes. It's obvious that Parks' knowledge of laws and judges was put to good use in this book. The complex characters and high stakes would serve as great entertainment in box office. The entire story is heart-ripping and though I was conflicted by the climax, it reminded that life is not always about happy endings. This author is new to me, but I can say I look forward to more of his stories in the future.

This novel was about 150 pages too long. The author, Brad Parks, left nothing to the readers imagination. He detailed everything down to the last minutiae which made reading this novel a bit of a bore. I did enjoy learning a bit about our court system, but seeing how it could be attacked so easily really was the only thriller to this book.

Really liked this book and the pacing of the story. This thriller is about a judge and what lengths he will go to to get his children back. This story kept me guessing and just when I thought I knew what was going to happen, the story evolves.

This book is well written and has me gripping my seat at the end of every chapter, leaving me wanting more. I could not put the book down. The very much human mistakes and emotions that the characters experience along with the provided point of view of the kidnappers allows me to really become absorbed in the story. I definitely recommend this book if you like suspenseful stories.

Captivating tale. Many unpredictable twists and turns reveal a story that is entertaining and keeps you on the edge of your seat. A wonderful read.

Where to start? This was a longer book but one that sucks you right in and keeps you from putting it down. I felt like I was in the room with the characters and experiencing it with them. The plot twists kept me on my toes. I will not lie, I cried literal tears near the end. If you enjoy political and financial crime dramas, this would be one to add to the list. Thank you First to Read for the chance to read this novel!

Fabulous book. I was drawn into the life of Scott Sampson from day one. The book had me guessing throughout who was involved. There were quite a few twists and surprises throughout! I can't wait to read more books by Brad Parks.

Say Nothing is a fast-paced, emotionally gripping thriller that brings together political, legal, and financial intrigue balanced against the lives of two young children. From the first page, the plot is already on the urgent when Judge Scott Sampson receives a text from his wife telling him not to pick up their twins from school. When his wife comes home later than evening he learns she had not sent the message. And thus begins the harrowing unraveling of the Sampson’s happy lives as the kidnappers pressure him to rule on one court case to prove their power over him before pressuring him for a high stakes ruling. Meanwhile, Scott and his wife Alison must keep up the facade of a normal life while scandal over the first decision risks his ability to deliver on their demands. The story reveals how even the strongest families can crack under pressure and how insidiously suspicious and distrust can invade those cracks and fracture their lives. This is a tense, read-until-you-finish, can’t-stop-won’t-stop kind of thriller. When I finished reading it, I was exhausted from the suspense and emotional havoc. Yes, I cried even though I sometimes felt manipulated to cry. It’s not a perfect book, the family rituals were a bit twee and the scene with emmybear and sammybear was too obviously written to wring us out through an emotional mangler. Child jeopardy stories are like that. We identify with the parents’ fear and ache for the children. The line between tension and manipulation is faint and most of the time Parks stayed on the right side of it, but not always. The worst book I ever read in my life was a ridiculous mystery a friend insisted I read. It was called Inside Passage to Murder. I could list 20 appalling things about the book, but one of them was so beyond reason that more than twenty years later, I still recall my disgust. There is a mob hit man who is supposed to shoot a witness. He shoots, he misses, and kills another woman, the wife of an elderly man who assures everyone, “It’s okay, she had cancer.” Gah! Without saying anything to spoil the book, I can assure you there are no hitmen in Say Nothing and no one is shot accidentally. But there is a parallel tradeoff, a devaluation of life limited by cancer. How ridiculous, each and every one of us has no idea of our time on earth and the most healthy person in the world can be struck by a car, lightning, a meteor. There is chance to life that makes that kind of assumptions about whose life can be taken unacceptable. In this case, it diminishes the courage and sacrifice someone makes, as though it’s easier to be brave when you have cancer. Of course, people do seek justification and rationalization and find ways to make the awful more bearable. So, if it helps the grieving to grieve, fine. Just remember, though, is a case of the author not being brave enough to write about loss in its entirety. Say Nothing will be released March 7, 2017. I was provided a digital galley from the publisher through First to Read.

I am an impatient reader. There aren't too many books, thrillers especially, that don't make my eyes start to wander, attention seeking the walls, forgetting where I am in the story, wondering what's for dinner.. Say Nothing, I will say from the get go, is addictive. If my employer ever knew I was reading this during my shift, they would not be too happy. In a handful of days I read this book straight through. Not a minced word or scene, the pace building and building, a perfect thriller. You also learn things along the way, about the judicial system, getting a voyeuristic look into a judge's chambers. I suggest you pick up this book if you are a fan of good solid stories, wonderful character arches, and twists and turns like a solid rollercoaster. Parks is a pro at the top of his game.

I had the opportunity to read this as part of Penguin Random House First to Read program. Mesmerizing! It's a long read, but I couldn't put it down. It moved quickly and kept you in high anticipation for the next twist and turn. There were moments I felt like I was right there. Gasping, goose bumps, tears...literally tears running down my face. Filled with second guessing, love for family, courtrooms, deceit, lies, heartache the list goes on and on. I will be recommending this to friends & family!!

I downloaded the adobe software, tried to open the book, but I just couldn't make it happen on my desktop. And from what I see, an edition for my second generation Kindle is out of the question. So I didn't read it. I tried to make contact on the website...whatever.

Once I started it I could not put it down. The ending made me cry and I was shocked at the turn of events the author took. Say Nothing moved at a quick pace and did not have a dull moment. I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys legal drama and it was definitely a thriller. So good!!!


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