One Day in December by Josie Silver

One Day in December

Josie Silver

One Day in December is a joyous, heartwarming and immensely moving love story and a reminder that fate takes inexplicable turns along the route to happiness.

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“Josie Silver writes with a warmth so palpable her characters sneak their way into your heart and stay for a long time.”—Jill Santopolo, New York Times-bestselling author of The Light We Lost (a Reese Witherspoon Book Club Pick)

Two people. Ten chances. One unforgettable love story.

Laurie is pretty sure love at first sight doesn't exist anywhere but the movies. But then, through a misted-up bus window one snowy December day, she sees a man who she knows instantly is the one. Their eyes meet, there's a moment of pure magic...and then her bus drives away.

Certain they're fated to find each other again, Laurie spends a year scanning every bus stop and cafe in London for him. But she doesn't find him, not when it matters anyway. Instead they "reunite" at a Christmas party, when her best friend Sarah giddily introduces her new boyfriend to Laurie. It's Jack, the man from the bus. It would be.

What follows for Laurie, Sarah and Jack is ten years of friendship, heartbreak, missed opportunities, roads not taken, and destinies reconsidered. One Day in December is a joyous, heartwarming and immensely moving love story to escape into and a reminder that fate takes inexplicable turns along the route to happiness.

Advance Galley Reviews

This book tugged at the heart strings the whole way through. I didn't not see the story taking the turns it did, but love the way it ended. I loved Laurie and Sarah's relationship. Hopefully everyone has a friendship like that, and I also loved how Jack played into the story. It was heartbreaking at times but they all found their 100%.

A love story that keeps you reading to the end. I was surprised by this one and I appreciate the characters, though sometimes I wasnt exactly sure where it was going. An interesting read. Thanks for the opportunity!

This book was torture to read.......but in a good way! I couldn't put it down, even though I felt my heart breaking with every chapter. I felt like I knew the characters like my own friends, but I have to admit I almost didn't even bother reading the book. From the description of the book & the first chapter I thought O knew how the story would go, but boy was I wrong. It ended the way I thought (and hoped) it would...but the way it got there was completely unexpected. A worthwhile read.

I received an ARC from First To Read of this book. I just finished this and I am reeling for being without the passion and voice in this book. It was obvious that there would be a reunion, but the question was how. I was compelled to reach outside my comfort zone when selecting this book, but could not be more happy that I took the chance. This author is smart and understands what makes readers want in a book. This is one of the very best books I have read in some time and would love to see a continuation on this story. I will be recommending this book to others.

I received an ARC of this book through Penguin's First to Read program, but what follows is my honest review. I DNF'd this book. It was promoted as a fun romantic contemporary, but I did not find it fun or romantic. Perhaps it gets better in the end, but I couldn't make it. I thought the book was too long and too angsty, and I didn't enjoy reading it.

Oh goodness gracious, what a ride! warning, possibly spoilery (i will hide spoilers on goodreads but you can't here!) So I will admit, when I saw this on first to read, I just saw the whole bus thing and the comparison to Love Actually and I was like sold! I somehow completely missed the best friend and the spanning ten years thing. So I thought this would be a light fluffy read, meanwhile my heart feels like it’s been run over by the dang bus. Here’s the thing, I don’t mind the best friend’s boyfriend thing, but it’s just… angsty and heartbreaking when they are in love or stay together, or when the girl has a guy too.. I just can’t understand that. When I was 13, I had the biggest crush on this boy. I’d been ‘in love’ with him for, like, a year. True love. He ‘asked me out’ right before the school holidays, we didn’t speak for 3 weeks and I think he broke up with me? I don’t remember. But anyway – then he did it again and we went out for 3 months (I’m just now realising what a jerk move that was). Then I guess we broke up again but I don’t really remember the specifics. Anywho, he had a friend, and after the second break up, he asked me out (as in, do you want to be my girlfriend and you hang out at school, not ‘dating’) and I said I would allow him to walk me home, which he did and he kissed me – I cried and told him I couldn’t hang out with him while I was still in love with his friend (oy vey, the drama). Anywho, I don’t remember how long after, I went out with that first boy again, this time for 9 months before he broke up with me again (seriously, what a jerkface). Moral of the story, the second boy was super cute and if I wasn’t hung up on the first boy, I would have been all over that.. but I *was* hung up on the first boy and I cannot personally wrap my head around being with someone when you are in love with someone else – even if you are 13 and have no idea what love is. But that’s just me. So that’s my long story way of saying, I can’t quite get behind the fact that Jack stayed with Sarah as long as he did – if he liked Laurie, he should not have. Then Laurie marrying Oscar, ugh. It just. Blergh. Speaking of Oscar, I never really got a whole lot from him, I kept expecting him to become a bad guy or villain because he was pretty underdeveloped, you know? Honestly, I can’t think of how this should have gone – like at the end, they say something like ‘boy sees girl on bus, he gets on, happily ever after, sounds boring when you say it like that’ and yes, that is right, but this way was… agonising. Constant angst. Constant heartache. Honest to god, the fallout with Sarah and Laurie is what broke my heart the most. I am really glad that got sorted. I wish Jack and Laurie had not kissed, so Laurie could have said that to Sarah on her wedding day. I really liked Laurie and I really liked Sarah. Jack was probably my least favourite character out of the three. I know there wouldn’t be a story if he hadn’t stayed with Sarah, but still. It’s like, I believed Laurie and her feelings because what could she have done? But Jack? He stayed with Sarah. He made Laurie feel like crap about Oscar, when he obviously had no right to do. That’s simply the risk you run when you hagve a book like this though because how can he redeem himself when he knowingly chose another woman over Laurie several times? You’re going to annoy some people, not much you can do. Anyway. Like I said, this was a very angsty read, it was very emotional and kind of draining – not in a bad way, but if you’re invested, this is not a light fluffy read. I do think it could have been a bit shorter, not because it was bad but because it did drag a bit and it spends time on the things that we might not like about the best friend’s boyfriend trope. You know? Even though I’m not on board with a few of the things that happened in this book, it was very well written, I read it in one sitting and I was invested. I did think the ending was adorable. An epilogue wouldn’t have hurt anyone though ;) I will absolutely read more from this author!

I’d give this book a million stars if I could. It just made me so happy to read. ONE DAY IN DECEMBER by Josie Silver is one of those books that makes you fall back in love with reading. I'm a sucker for a great romantic comedy and this book is like reading a Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks movie. It reminds you of the butterflies you get in your stomach at the start of a new relationship and the love you feel for those in your inner circle every day. I loved the relationships, the humor, the timeline, everything. It’s well written and the decision of duel narrators enhances the story. There is a fair amount of profanity for those turned off by that sort of thing but it didn’t both me in the least. I put life on hold to read this book because I couldn’t wait to see how the story played out. For lovers of this genre or those just looking for a great book to kickstart your holiday reading, this one is not to be missed! I received an ARC of this novel from First to Read. All opinions are my own.

This book was fantastic! It was more intense than I was expecting, but I loved following the journey with Laurie, Jack and Sarah. I especially enjoyed Silver's portrayal of the friendship between Laurie and Sarah. It was very realistic and reminded me of the friendships I made at university. I have found myself thinking about this story days after finishing the book, which is always a sure sign of a great one.

I was wowed by the story of Laurie, Sarah and Jack. The idea of meeting someone for a brief moment at a bus stop and knowing this person is your soul mate was a good start to this romance. The friendship between Laurie and Sarah is believable and real. These two women were believable and likable from the beginning. Sarah was a good friend to Laurie, helping her look for "Bus Boy" throughout the following year. Not to be seen again much to Laurie's disappointment. Then the plot twists and it is Sarah who unknowingly finds Jack, who turns out to be "Bus Boy". Laurie doesn't say anything to Sarah about Jack, who is the man they both have been searching for the past year. Then we are lead through the next ten years of their lives and individuals, friends and lovers. I was totally satisfied with this book. I highly recommend this book. And I will look for future books from this author.

This was an unexpected book for me. I was expecting a light-hearted romantic comedy. What I got was an emotional 10 year span of missed opportunities, heartbreak, and a character who intentionally worked to make the best of her situation. As the blurb describes, Laurie had a moment where she, on a bus, locked eyes with a guy at the bus stop. He tried to get on the bus but didn't make it. She spent a year looking for him, and finally found him- as her best friend, Sarah, introduced him (Jack) as her new boyfriend. This story really follows Laurie, Jack and Sarah's lives for 10 years as they continue to play a role in each others' lives. They are all believable and flawed, caring deeply for each other and not always making great decisions. It really was a moving story and caused me to tear up multiple times. It felt true to life in a lot of ways- life isn't always easy; it's up to us to choose our perspective and path. I think Laurie, Jack, and Sarah do a nice job of this. If you like emotional sagas with ups and downs and lots of connection, this is for you.

I didn't want to put this book down! I was instantly absorbed in the world and the characters the author created. After coming off a few heavy books, this books was easy to read, full of romance and heartbreak and very human. It seemed realistic and I could picture the characters all existing as is in the real world. If you like romance (in the vein of Jennifer Weiner not Danielle Steele) you will love this book!

Thank you to the publisher for a free e-ARC in exchange for my honest review. 3 stars I had such high hopes for this novel. I enjoyed it and if you like romance/chick-lit type novels, I would give it a try but I didn’t personally love this book. Initially, I was super into the premise of the novel and the “what-if” factor that I assumed would keep me riveted. The reader is told ahead of time that we’ll witness Jack & Laurie leading two separate lives, as a sort of ill-fated couple, wondering what could have been. I did feel a longing, a twinge of pining for them to be together in a way that one does for the main characters, but my feelings stayed at surface level and didn’t get as deep as I would’ve hoped. I think it was hard for me to become emotionally invested in this because aside from a few fleeting, borderline inappropriate moments, there really is no relationship to be invested in. I felt like we barely skimmed the surface. Yes, you’re convinced that it’s sort of “love at first sight” but, there’s no depth to their relationship that elevates this book to the next level. Both characters spend so much time fighting their feelings that it’s never really explicitly talked about in a way that cements it for the reader - I honestly wasn’t quite sure what the outcome of this novel would be because Laurie & Jack seem so dead-set on being apart. I felt like this was a very long novel, and it was a struggle for me to get through. For me, it dragged and I think I struggled to connect with the characters- especially Laurie, who was sort of a late-bloomer for lack of a better word? She really struggled to find her way/do something with her life so it was honestly hard for me to root for her. I kept comparing it to The Light We Lost, which I absolutely adored, and maybe that wasn’t fair, because they are different novels, but TLWL just gave the reader such a foundation and so much history between the two characters that by the end I was sobbing, so emotionally invested in their story. I was in, hook, line & sinker. Overall, I really wanted to like this novel but for me it just missed the mark.

Can you really "fall in love at first sight"? Laurie James will tell you YES - December 21, 2008. But who is the guy at the bus stop? Laurie's New Year's Resolution January 1, 2009: "1 - Find him, my boy from the bus stop. 2 - Find my first job in magazine." Laurie and her best friend/roomie Sarah searches for bus stop boy - will he be found? But Sarah finds her guy Jake O;Mara. When Sarah introduces Laurie and Jake, Laura realizes Jake is her boy from the bus stop. But Jake doesn't indicate he recognizes Laurie and Sarah is Laurie best friend. Years and life goes on with changes in both Laurie's life and Jake's life, but will true love survive? A really enjoyable read, Love between family, two friends, and two people.

One Day In December is a sweet and wonderful romance story about Laurie and Jack, who spy one another on a London double decker bus, one day in December. Life does not take the blissful turn for either of them, but they remain in touch. New Year’s resolutions are very important for Laurie as the years amble on, but they are mostly a waste of time. I believe this novel would make an excellent movie or television series. It is so charmingly British with terms I’m not familiar with: Noddy Holden, Barnes Common, and a brolly among the many new items I learned. It was definitely a pleasant and honest look at romance.

I loved this book! Couldn’t put it down. I was rooting for the characters the whole way through. And though I could see the initial twist coming, it didn’t take anything away from me wanting to continue reading to find out what happened. Quick, light read. For me, it’s one of those books that you wish you could forget everything and read it over again for the very first time!

I have very mixed feelings about this book. It was good but slower than I would have liked. Also, I'm not sure I really connected to the characters that much. They all made so many mistakes again and again and I just wanted to slap some sense into them. Overall, the story was good, but I didn't love it.

Sadly I didn’t love this one. I’m a sucker for a good romance, but this was too fluffy for me. If that’s the right word? I like a little more angst in my romances. A little more friction, if you will. I also really didn’t enjoy any of the characters. None of them intrigued me, even in the slightest bit, and I felt indifferent when it came to the outcome of the story. I wasn’t anxiously awaiting the moment that Jack and Laurie finally got together. Not at all actually. To be honest, I don’t even know that I wanted them together? Ugh. The more I write this review, the more I realize how uninvested I was in these characters. This story just didn’t do it for me, unfortunately.

Want to know what's crazy about this book? You know what's going to happen in the end, but you still feel compelled to read along to see exactly how and the author makes you feel like you've made some new friends along the way. There are twists and turns along the way, and even a surprise or two - all of which make it that much more irresistible. I couldn't wait to get back to this book each time I put it down. If you enjoyed "One Day" and "Bridget Jones' Diary", I think you will find this book as enjoyable as I did. It's the perfect light-hearted read for a rainy fall weekend.

I am a fan of friends turning lovers plot in a book, and this book was that though in a roundabout way. One girl sees a boy for 2 minutes, and spends the next year finding the boy. Though I do not buy the fall in love story, I love the waiting to get together, timing not being right angle. They become friends, date other people, and fall in love at the same time. its all beautiful and heart breaking. I must say*spoiler* i hated that Laurie getting divorced, because she didn't love her husband enough. Why get married in the first place? But yes, once both are available, I waited to have them back together. And the ending was all too beautiful. I wish I had more of an epilogue so I would get to read more of Laurie , Jack and maybe an update on Sarah.

A twisty, angsty romance, One Day in December is filled with humor, starting with bad dates and unfulfilling jobs then moving on to heartache and dealing with life’s nasty blows. Laurie is your typical young woman filled with hopes, well really only two to be exact, but they are very consuming. The first is to get her career going, and the second is to find the right man. The novel begins at Christmas time with Laurie, exhausted from her shift at a London hotel reception desk, still wearing the tinsel halo her boss made her wear, heading home on the bus surrounded by a sneezing, coughing, dandruff snowing mass of humanity. Cue epiphany music: There he is at a bus stop engrossed in a book. He looks up just in time to see the angel woman. The moment of recognition sends a two-way lightning bolt through the window striking both their hearts. Alas, the bus pulls away before the man can jump on. But at least Laurie knows what love at first sight feels like. The great search for “bus boy” begins. Aided by Sarah, roommate and bestie, Laurie launches a year long search without results. Meanwhile, Sarah finds her soulmate but with a hitch. Turns out her big love is Laurie’s bus boy, and so begin the convoluted twists, denial, and frisson that swoosh the novel forward. An above average romance with some punch, but ultimately an escapist, light read. Enjoy.

Love this book because of the story and the format it was written. It is romance with a dash of humor. The book is easy to read and you will not want to put it down. I would recommend it to anybody who is interested in a story about friendship, love, and time. Thanks First to Read for the opportunity to read it first.

Josie Silver has a way with characters, and a clever love story line. She made the characters very likeable, albeit a bit too unrealistic and me-centric in their actions at times. However, liking the characters made the story flow. The thread weaving through One Day in December is change. The change children go through when death enters their lives; the change of college/career independence; the changes wrought of finding a best friend; the changes sought by a connection through a bus window that leaves both parties wanting; the changes brought by choices, and the changes that happen with maturation. Each of the characters followed part of the change flow, so that a romantic story could be enjoyed and smiled over.

I enjoyed this book very much even though it took a while to get there! Would recommend!

This book was so good I didn’t want in to end. If you are a romantic at heart you will love the story as it unfolds.

This was an amazing book. Quick read and I loved the character development. Excellent love story!

I couldn’t put this book down!! I was rooting for Laurie the entire time - lost hope as her story took some different paths but ultimately loved her ending! I felt invested in all of the main characters and didn’t want to stop reading until I knew how it all ended! A great love story!

I enjoy this book, but I ultimately thought it ran a bit too long. I also wanted more from Jack and Laurie. We saw some scenes with them that were meaningful and sweet, but there was much more discussion about their connection than there were scenes proving that they did have a connection. I felt like I'd read this storyline before and I'm not sure that this book added anything to it. It was cute but I wouldn't recommend.

This was such a good read. I loved all the characters. I liked how Laurie and Sarah became fast friends as soon as they moved in together into the attic apartment and created a signature sandwich that was just theirs. I loved how they became like sisters and always had each other's back. I liked how Laurie and Jack immediately felt a spark when they looked at each other through the bus window. The ups and downs of all the characters and the lost opportunities. I enjoyed this so much that I read it in a day. I stayed up until 1 am with 2% left on my iPad to finish. I love anything to do with the UK. Josie does a great job of given each character a unique voice and making it effortless. You felt the triumphs and the sorrow of each character. The story flowed smoothly. I really liked that the POV changed all the time. You got to see what different characters were thinking at the same time. I can't wait to read more stories by Josie.

I want to preface this review with saying I wanted to like this book. I really, really wanted to like this book. Though it is not typically a story that appeals to me, the majority of reviews were positive and I was excited to dig in. However, despite the moment or two that tugged at my heartstrings (particularly those with Laurie and her family) and the quick-read nature of the novel, it failed to soar for me. For how much Jack and Laurie's feelings for each other anchor the lives of each character, there was very little story or evidence to support where these strong feelings came from. It was just... there, and as the reader, we were expected to believe it be true. Not to mention, for all we had to endure with missed opportunities, life getting in the way, etc. -- the ending, while cute and unique, was not much of a payoff. Once I got there, I was exhausted by all of the time to took for them to finally arrive. Ultimately, the story was indicative of modern romance and had qualities that were unique in a genre that at times seems overloaded, but I wanted more from the story and more from the characters to make me believe in Jack and Laurie being meant for each other. Otherwise, the turmoil felt like it was for nothing.

One day in December is a very well written love story tugging at your heart strings long after you finished reading. You will fall in love with the characters and root for them as if they are your best friends. I wasn’t warmed to Laurie on first page because I don’t like books that starts with the heroine cribbing about life but thankfully, it lasted only that page. After that, it was easy to get Laurie and her world. I love this book so much. I knew it will have a happy ending and yet, when it came, I was smiling like a fool. I also wanted to hug both Jack and Laurie for going through so much. Makes you wonder about all those missed moments and what-ifs. I will be recommending this book anyone who would listen. Great job, Ms Josie Silver!

This was supposed to be a lighthearted story after a heavier one I read. It was light in some areas but a little sad in others. It's a story about how life just doesn't go the way you think or plan. And that one seemingly small decision can irrevocably change your path. I like that it was written in real time but I actually would have loved an epilogue. If you like Jennifer Weiner or Emily Giffin, then you will like One Day in December. Thank you to First to Read for the ARC.

This was just such a good read for me. Right from the start I fell in love with the characters. Usually when I read novels in the romance genre I can find at least one or two things that I didn't like, but this book was pretty darn close to perfect. It is understandable though that this might not be the right fit for all readers as we all have stories that we connect with more than others. Laurie is on the bus when she looks out the window and instantly falls in love with a man standing outside. Their eyes meet and Laurie feels this intense connection. The bus moves on without him getting on the bus and she spends the next year with her eyes peeled hoping she will see him again. And she does. Her best friend and roommate, Sarah, brings him to the London flat they share and introduces Jack as her new boyfriend. Uh oh. I love how the book didn't just take place over the course of a year or two, and instead followed the three characters over the course of ten years. They experience so many life changes, and deal with heartache, joy, pain, etc.. I immediately clicked with Laurie and Jack and enjoyed how the story went back and forth between their perspectives. Given the premise, you might assume this is just a typical love triangle story but the author made it feel like so much more than that. Highly recommend as I really felt an emotional connection to the characters and I hope others are able to experience that as well. Thank you to First to Read for the opportunity to read an advance digital copy!

I absolutely loved this book. From the description of this novel, you may think you know where this story is going to go. And you wouldn't be completely wrong. But the book covers almost a decade of these character's lives. So some parts may actually surprise you. The story is told through alternating viewpoints between Laurie, the girl on the bus, and Jack, the boy at the bus stop. Every few months, we get glimpses of their lives at the moment. We see the characters grow and mature and make important life choices. You root for them, you feel for them, and you want to slap them sometimes. This book is perfect for hopeless romantics. Or for anyone looking for a good romance story. 5/5 stars.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Through fate's twists and turns we follow 2 friends and their lives and love interests for 10 years. How they intertwine and separate to follow other dreams and people that come into their lives is heartwarming and heartbreaking. the characters of Laurie, Sarah and Jack are quite warm and real. The way they handle the relationships is poignant and bittersweet at times. You are always cheering for all of them to find their happily ever after. The journey is worth taking. Enjoy!

I loved this book! It was a great read and was hard to put down!


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