Ocean Light by Nalini Singh

Ocean Light

Nalini Singh

In this next novel of the Psy-Changeling Trinity series, Nalini Singh's paranormal romance brings us into a love story that will change two people forever.

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New York Times bestselling author Nalini Singh takes us into the mysterious, haunting world of the deep and into the heart of a love story that will change two peoples forever in this new novel of the Psy-Changeling Trinity series...

Advance Galley Reviews

I was fairly sure I was going to enjoy this book since I've really really liked all of the books in this series. And I was right! It was so great to re-enter the world Nalini Singh has built and to see a different aspect of it. World building is just one area Singh excels in and it always feels like the world exists beyond the section you're reading about. The Black Sea pack is a great example of that, since we've seen bits and pieces where they intersect with previous stories but even though this is the first time we've really gotten to really see that part of the world, it's felt as if it was there the whole time. And while I was reading this, it always seems as if other areas of this world from past books are continuing on their own paths outside of this narrative. It's not something I come across very often which I think just shows how difficult it can be to build a really big paranormal/fantasy world that doesn't box a series/author into creating repetitive stories or breaking your own rules to keep a story or character going. The Psy-Changeling world is broad and rich enough to keep this series not only going for 17 books but keeping it truly interesting for that long and leaving areas still to explore. Bravo and I can't wait for more!

I am an avid follower of Nalini Singh's Trinity series and was excited to continue the journey with the characters she writes about in Ocean Light. Very well written and easy to get into. I didn't want to put the book down. I would definitely recommend, not only this book, the entire series! Thanks First to Read for my advance copy!

Bowen and Kala Having met Bowen Knight in previous books, I enjoyed learning more about him and the chip in his head. I've also bee curious about the water changelings - great introduction into their world. Both Bowen and Kala are dealing with childhood traumas that impact their interactions with others. To move forward, they both need to come to terms with their past. While the book has a slower pace in the beginning, the world building kept my interest. Hope Miane Lévesque and Malachai Rhys have their stories told in future books.

Bowen and Kaia. Loved the book. It definetly has a different fill. It is a slower paced story. But a long coverage of time. It gets intense, and lots of surprises. Learn more about the water changlings. And Mercy is in it!!!

Kudos to Nalini Singh!!! I have all her books. Storyline slowly builds up and bam!!! I can't put my reader down 'til I finish the story. I like Bowen even though he is human. I'm glad he was save from the deterioration of the chip in his brain.

I'll be the first to admit, that I wasn't sure I would like this book. While I'm a fan of the Psy-Changling series, I've never found the Bowen Knight a very compelling or likable character. But I LOVED Kaia Luna and she made this book for me. Her character was so relatable and warm. Their relationship redeemed Bo for me and as a plus, I love that I didn't see the final twist at the end coming. Definitely recommend!

I was really expecting more from this book. Maybe that was the problem. I loved Silver Silence so much and by comparison, this book was such a letdown. Was it terrible? Absolutely not. But it wasn't great either. Bowen wakes up and finds himself under the care of water changelings as they attempt to prevent the chip which is supposed to protect his mind from Psy invasion from eventually killing him. Unfortunately, he only has a 5% chance of success. He meets Kaia Luna and they fall for each other (which is definitely complicated by Bowen's possible impending death) while trying to solve the mysterious disappearances of water changelings and figure out who is behind it all. All the while racing against the clock to make sure Bowen survives. I think my major issue with the book was the lack of chemistry between Bowen and Kaia. I absolutely adored Bowen. I mean damn, he was the whole package. Kaia was lovely, but I didn't really get the impression that they were meant to be together. It felt more like two people with a mutual attraction dating, not a powerful mating bond. For a couple with Bowen's possible and statistically probable death constantly hanging over them, there was little to no angst. And I wanted angst. It was more like ”Oh no, you might not make it, well, we should probably keep this kind of casual then.” Even the sex was boring. I actually found my mind wandering. It's completely possible that Silver Silence is to blame for my poor opinion of this book. I loved Silver Silence. It had romance and angst in spades and Ocean Light seemed overly fluffy and uninspired by comparison. Frankly, I was even bored in the last 25% or so, which is when things should really get interesting. The writing was fantastic as always, I mean come on, this is Nalini Singh. The world building is massive in scope, the characters are interesting and unique, and it is so easy to get lost in her world. I just didn't enjoy this book as much as her others. I absolutely recommend it to lovers of this series and her books but it certainly wasn't a favorite of mine. I won't be reading it again but I'll happily continue with the series. I look forward to it.

Ocean Light is the next book in the amazing trinity series. This book is about Bowen Knight who last we heard had been shot in the heart and fallen into the sea. When we start ocean light its with Bo being in a coma and he wakes up to find himself being cared for by Atalina and her cousin Kaia Luna. Who are trying to find a way to stop the chip in Bo's head from killing him, and all of the others that were implanted. Bo finds himself falling for Kaia all the while worrying that the experimental procedure will end up killing him. Both Kaia and Bo have childhood traumas that end up affecting their relationship but in the long run bring them closer together. Their relationship starts off slower, but that makes sense as kaia does not trust humans and there is a high probability that Bo won't survive the experimental procedure. However, that doesn't stop the story from flowing beautifully.It Most of the action happens in the last part of the book, and it pulls you along to the very last page, which made me sad that the story was over, and now have to wait what feels like FOREVER for the next installment of Trinity. However, i have already pre-ordered the next book in the archangels series which will have to tide me over... \

Ocean Light continues Nalini Singh's superb Trinity series. She has crafted an attention-holding, excellently paced book that brings together human Bowen Knight and ocean-changeling Kaia Luna. Ms. Singh delivers well developed characters, both primary and secondary, enjoyable romance and well-crafted suspense – truly an amazing storyteller. I am particularly enjoying the Trinity arc of the Psy-Changeling series as it brings new life to a well-loved, long-running series. Another author might have stayed in the incredibly successful changeling Cat/Wolf/Evil Psy universe. But Ms. Singh continues to expand this world to include new cultures. We continue to meet fascinating, multidimensional characters rather than the cardboard cutouts some authors deliver – heroes have faults, the villains might deserve redemption, and seemingly good people have black souls. The ocean-changelings, mysteriously hinted at in earlier books, are brought to life in Ocean Light, and it is delightful to see their world unfold. I'm also intrigued by Kaia’s extended family which promise to provide excellent fodder for future stories!

Even 17 books into this series, Singh continues to pull me in with her characters and world building. Every book I find myself wrapped up in the characters (often not the main/featured characters but the secondary ones) and what could/will happen to them. Kaia and Bo face seemingly insurmountable odds, but their love is forged fast and strong. And it is not all romance--decent amount of action involved. I thoroughly enjoyed this book (I kinda want to read it again already), and I eagerly look forward to more books by Singh in this series and the Guild Hunter series. If you love this world/series, I highly recommend this! Thank you for the chance to read it early!

The first 2/3 of the book feels pretty gentle, actually. I had started thinking this would be a softer, kinder book. But then the action really kicked up in the latter part of the book, with the typical intrigues of human vs. shifter vs. Psy. I love Nalini SIngh's work- her worlds always suck me in and leave me with a lovely Good Book Hangover I was so curious to see what water shifter Kaia would turn out to be.

This second book of the Psy-Changeling Trinity series concentrates on Bowen Knight who is in charge of the Human Alliance. The story begins with him becoming conscious and in the care of underwater changelings. Dr. Atalina Kahananui might have a way to keep the chip in his head that protects him from Psy mind invasion from going bad and killing him. The only problem is that there is a 95% chance that her procedure will leave him brain dead. Kaia Luna is helping her cousin Atie but her main job is being a chef. She delights in feeding all of her clanmates and taking care of them. She also becomes interested in Bo and Bo is equally intrigued by her. But, besides the medical timebomb that might take them from each other, the fragile peace between the Alliance and BlackSea is being tested. Isolated members of BlackSea are going missing and the clues lead to the Alliance. One of Kaia's childhood friends named Hugo is the latest to disappear. Before he disappeared, he gave Kaia evidence that the Alliance was behind the disappearances. This immediately causes Kaia to mistrust Bowen which throws a crimp in their romance. Meanwhile, Bowen wants to clean his own house and make sure that there are no traitors in his organization while he is still in his right mind. Both Kaia and Bo had childhood traumas that have impacts on their relationship too. Kaia fears the land and blames humans for the death of her parents when she was seven. And Bo was assaulted and mind raped by a Psy when he was a boy which has made him distrustful of telepaths. What they have in common is stronger than their differences though. Both are honorable and loyal and willing to do anything for their people. This was a great romance and an engaging mystery too. I liked the way Bo and BlackSea worked together to track down their various traitors. I loved getting to know more about BlackSea whose changelings have made some appearances in earlier stories and finding out more about their world. I liked the focus on Bo and the ties he was trying to build with the changelings and even with Kaleb Krychek.

Thanks Firsttoread for a copy to read and review. The following review is my personal opinion of the book. Wow... the imagery...the story building... the characters in this book are absolutely amazing! The author has completely outdone herself. I haven't picked up this series in awhile and this new trinity series is amazing. Shapeshifter or changeling? Same thing? This is the second book in this part of the series but I did not read the first so I have no way of knowing if it relates or could add to the knowledge of this book. Most of the books in this series can be read as a standalone but you do not need to read all of them for a full effect. I loved this book regardless, and it took me hours to read I was so engrossed. Bowen is comatose after a shot to the heart. He's been lying in bed waiting for his body and mind to wake up. Kaia comes to take care of him because her friend Atalina is advanced in pregnancy and needs to rest. After Bowen awakes he starts to realize he may have an affinity for Kaia because she is in his every thought. Changelings are being taken, and it's up to Bowen and Kaia to find out what's going on. The relationship between Bowen and Kaia is slow at first but builds in intensity. Kaia has lost people in her life and that has made her guarded. Bowen has never been in love but he understands quickly that he is interested in Kaia. The chip in Bowes's head though makes him push the romance up a notch since 14 days may be all he will ever get. Death has a way of bringing people more alive when they have very little time left to live. I know a lot of people will think this book has a slow build but given the fact that Bowen made it out of the coma says a lot. Withstanding a shot to the heart and surviving whilst being human is miraculous in itself. It would only make sense that his recovery would take time. Not to mention how skittish Kaia is but when you meet your mate it's destiny, no matter how much you think you wish otherwise. I adored this book, and its beautiful world building. The author is a master when she pulls us in. From cover to cover I was mesmerized. Five beautiful and amazing stars of entertainment! Thanks to First to read, for an amazing book gifted in exchange for my honest opinion. I will not be posting my review on Amazon or Goodreads until closer to the release date!


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