Gork, the Teenage Dragon by Gabe Hudson

Gork, the Teenage Dragon

Gabe Hudson

A love story, a fantasy, and a coming-of-age story, Gork the Teenage Dragon is a wildly comic, beautifully imagined, and deeply heartfelt debut novel that shows us just how human a dragon can be.

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“Hilarious. . . . Gork is less Game of Thrones and more The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.”
Rolling Stone

“Delightful. . . . Gork satirically plumbs some of the same supervillain territory that forms the basis of recent films like Despicable Me.”
—Paul Di Filippo, The Barnes & Noble Review

“No good human won't love this dragon named Gork.” —Dave Eggers

“Outrageous storytelling and soulful humor in the tradition of Kurt Vonnegut."—Gary Shteyngart
Gork isn’t like the other dragons at WarWings Military Academy. He has a gigantic heart, two-inch horns, and an occasional problem with fainting. His nickname is Weak Sauce and his Will to Power ranking is Snacklicious—the lowest in his class. But he is determined not to let any of this hold him back as he embarks on the most important mission of his life: tonight, on the eve of his high school graduation, he must ask a female dragon to be his queen. If she says yes, they'll go off to conquer a foreign planet together. If she says no, Gork becomes a slave.
Vying with Jocks, Nerds, Mutants, and Multi-Dimensioners to find his mate, Gork encounters an unforgettable cast of friends and foes, including Dr. Terrible, the mad scientist; Fribby, a robot dragon obsessed with death; and Metheldra, a healer specializing in acupuncture with swords. But finally it is Gork's biggest perceived weakness, his huge heart, that will guide him through his epic quest and help him reach his ultimate destination: planet Earth.
A love story, a fantasy, and a coming-of-age story, Gork the Teenage Dragon is a wildly comic, beautifully imagined, and deeply heartfelt debut novel that shows us just how human a dragon can be.

Advance Galley Reviews

Was unable to read because i was never able to get the book to download

I gave this book a shot. I tried to read and enjoy this book. Unfortunately, I just couldn't get into the story. I really wasn't interested in the story. I had no desire to read. I don't know if it was a combination of the writing, and it being about dragons. I was thrown by the cursing in it also. It seems out of place in the story. This book is not for me.

I had a really difficult time with this book, kept putting it down and going back to it. it was very repetitive, overly dramatic and I could not relate to anything in it. I love dragon stories and I love kids books but this was just not my thing at all though I think it would be great for boys aged 10- 14 that like dragons & spaceships.

I couldn't tell for pretty much all the novel if this was taking itself seriously, or if this was all supposed to be a larger social commentary on the institution of high school, and human society at large. It's honestly been very hard to form any concrete opinions because it feels such a typical YA coming of age, but the dragon culture always threw me. Especially because I kept trying to draw some sort of social commentary out of the utter opposites that it was from typical U.S. high schools and cultures. Overall, I enjoyed it, but it wasn't really very memorable either way for being good or bad. I would recommend it for fantasy lovers, but it's definitely not a strong recommendation.

This is certainly an ambitious book. Unfortunately, the writing isn't equal to the task. i felt like the author was beating me over the head to remind the that Gork was, in fact, a dragon. Because readers are bound to forgot that minor detail. Seems intended for a younger reader, except for the overuse of words like "ass" and "bastard." Too much word repetition throughout. Scaly this and scaly that. I signed so much while reading this book, I'm sure my fellow commuters must have thought I'd sprung a leak.

For me, this book was just OK. The narrative was cute and funny at first, but then soon became repetitive and sometimes boring. It's a shame because this book had potential to be a lot more. I will did say that I did like the last 20% of the book the best.

I let my son read this book and he loved it. He said it's one of his favorites. He gave me such rave reviews that I read it myself and thoroughly enjoyed it. It's definitely something that I can pass down. I will be adding the physical book to my library. This story Gork is like my younger son who is nine years old. He has such a huge heart and many people take advantage of him. He will do all he can even though he is young. He is also short for his age much like Gork's horns. But that doesn't stop them from doing all they can and being the best they can. I think when Caleb is a little older he will be able to read this and see a lot of himself in Gork. I'm glad this book was on my list as it fits perfectly in my life at present.

I finally got this book to download, however, I won't be able to finish this book I'm running out of time. I had a hard time getting into the book after struggling with the download on BluefireReader, maybe I'm not into teenage dragons? I'm not sure why, the premise of the story sounded like something I would be interested in. However, I'm just not buzzing along as I normally would be. Darn.

I really enjoyed this crazy book! It tells the story of Gork, a dragon with unfortunately small horns and a heart that's too big, as he tries to get the girl of his dreams. This is one of those books that can be read on lots of levels. At the surface, it's a funny, heart-warming and totally bonkers story about the world of dragons and if it was just that, it would be a great book. For me, though, I do think there are deeper things at work here. For a start, it is a pretty biting satire about high school and the cliques we are all so familiar with from books and films. Similarly, it has stuff to say about acceptance of those who are different and prejudice that is deep rooted in society. It makes some statements about environmental awareness too. What is so great here, is that you really don't have to see any of this in the book. It works perfectly as a fun story about a teenage dragon and for me, that is something that the author should be commended for. Lots of fun!

I read this cute book after I was finally able to download it. It was a fast, fun read that will entertain many different types of readers. Love the imagination of the author.

To be enjoyed by young people everywhere! Anyone who has a love for dragons will enjoy this book from front cover to back. Funny and uplifting, Gork shows us what it is to love and shoot for the stars whether we think we can reach them or not. I will without a doubt recommend this book to any young fantasy loving readers out there. Wonderfully fun and refreshing.

After many tries I finally got to download the book and I have to say I was very disappointed. Although the author has imagination, I found the story difficult to read. I just didn't flow. Everything felt strained, as if the author was just trying too hard.

After all the trouble I had getting this book to download, I was disappointed. The author took all this time to build and flesh out a wonderful world of dragons and different realms and all the cool science fiction stuff that goes with it. But the delivery and the writing style was just not up to the same standard. The story mainly focuses on one day, the day that all male dragons must find themselves a Queen or become a slave for the rest of their lives. Once they accept each other, they are suppose to go off and conquer a planet and start a new colony of dragons. But the repetitive phrases and nature of the book was distracting and did not add to the story, seriously if I had to read "my scaly green ass" on more time, I just about screamed. Another thing that I found distracting were the, what I'm calling video game stats of the various dragons, Gork read them out every time he encountered a new dragon, things like will to power and nicknames. overall it was a good concept, just poorly executed in my opinion, though video gamers of the 8-12 age range may very well enjoy it, because that's how it reads, like a video game.

This finally downloaded to my Adobe Digital Editions, so I will be reading at the end of July!

Unfortunately I can't be able to review I try to download so many times and it don't allow me to read, is vey sad because I was really interested in reading a book about ?? dragons!!

As many people reported, I have been trying and trying to download this book to no avail. Unfortunately I would not be able to review this book. Also not sure if this book would be to my liking seeing the excerpt provided.

I couldn't read this book due to the issues that seem to be occurring with the download link, but I read the excerpt and am more bummed that I cannot read this book. This book seems fascinating because it gives us what appears to be a rather rebellious dragon narrator that would have been interesting to follow. In the excerpt the only thing that rubbed me the wrong way was the use of coarse language seemed to just be for no good reason instead of being utilized in a manner consistent with what I believe people would actually use, even younger generations.

There seems to be a problem with downloading this book, as I can't access it either. The email link just won't load after logging in.

I cannot access the book either.

I can't access either. First time I've ever had a problem.

I couldn't access the book, which really bums me out because I love dragons more than Daenerys Targaryen, so this is right up my alley.

Couldn't access this book through adobe digital editions. Upset I can't read it.

I could not access this book in ADE or Aldiko

I could not access this book.

I could not access this book on Adobe Digital Editions, it would not download. Sorry and disappointed since it looked like one I would enjoy.

This book would not download to my NOOK. I would have loved to read it because it sounded awesome!


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