Burning Bright by Nick Petrie

Burning Bright

Nick Petrie

For fans of Lee Child and John Sandford comes the new novel featuring war veteran Peter Ash, who always seems to find trouble and has the unique skill set to handle it.

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In the new novel featuring war veteran Peter Ash, “an action hero of the likes of Jack Reacher or Jason Bourne” (Lincoln Journal-Star), Ash has a woman’s life in his hands—and her mystery is stranger than he could ever imagine.

War veteran Peter Ash sought peace and quiet among the towering redwoods of northern California, but the trip isn’t quite the balm he’d hoped for. The dense forest and close fog cause his claustrophobia to buzz and spark, and then he stumbles upon a grizzly, long thought to have vanished from this part of the country. In a fight of man against bear, Peter doesn’t favor his odds, so he makes a strategic retreat up a nearby sapling.

There, he finds something strange: a climbing rope, affixed to a distant branch above. It leads to another, and another, up through the giant tree canopy, and ending at a hanging platform. On the platform is a woman on the run. From below them come the sounds of men and gunshots.

Just days ago, investigative journalist June Cassidy escaped a kidnapping by the men who are still on her trail. She suspects they’re after something belonging to her mother, a prominent software designer who recently died in an accident. June needs time to figure out what’s going on, and help from someone with Peter’s particular set of skills.

Only one step ahead of their pursuers, Peter and June must race to unravel this peculiar mystery. What they find leads them to an eccentric recluse, a shadowy pseudo-military organization, and an extraordinary tool that may change the modern world forever.

Advance Galley Reviews

Lost my access to the book therefore didn't get to read and unable to give a proper review.

This book moves along at such a fast pace that if you blink you will miss a lot of excitement. This is a first time reading this author and I was not disappointed. This is one novel that will take your breath away.

Although this is the second book in the Peter Ash series, I was glad that it wasn't necessary for me to have read the first book to get into Burning Bright. From the first few pages, I was hooked. Peter is a veteran and suffers from severe panic attacks and claustrophobia as a result of his PTSD. Petrie researched Peter's PTSD and his symptoms well and he does a great job to not underplay the seriousness of the disorder nor does he belittle those that suffer from it. Judy is very much a modern, confident, and independent woman. She's intelligent and prefers to rely on her own smarts in her decision making. I like that although she may be considered stubborn for following her own gut, she's intelligent enough to know when someone else may know best. Peter accidently meets Judy while she's in hiding from some people that say they are from the government, but she's doubtful. They are searching for a piece of advance technology that they think she received from her mother shortly after her fatal car accident. Peter, always a marine, thinks of protecting Judy as a mission and becomes excited to feel useful once again and also to be around a woman like Judy. This book was filled with action and intrigue and lots of fun little twists. The technology described in the book is well researched and while some of it is slightly more than just theoretical tech, I appreciate that it's not too far advanced to seem far fetched. The characters are complex and well written and just feel real- flawed, trying to find themselves, or rediscover themselves. While the outcomes of some of the characters are more on the unbelievable side for me, I still enjoyed them in the story. The dialogue is witty with the right amount of humor slipped into the right places to even make me laugh out loud a few times, The chemistry between Peter and Judy is fantastic and fun with cute banter that was sexy enough so that I wasn't at all upset when some things were left to my imagination. The ending left me feeling a little underwhelmed, but overall I really enjoyed reading it. I recommend to also read the Author's Note at the end for those that don't usually. It gives perspective on the amount of research Petrie did to make the story as real world as possible. If you like thrillers, military or government intrigue, characters with realistic flaws, and cool upcoming tech, then you'll enjoy this book. I received an advance reading copy from Penguin Random House and First To Read.

I was worried about jumping into a book with past history but I could understand and enjoy everything that was going on from the very beginning. I really enjoyed it.

Veteran Peter Ash is still trying to deal with the effects of his PTSD, but his coping method--camping outside to avoid the claustrophobia--isn't really helping. Then he stumbles on a woman with armed men hunting her. He helps her escape, and journalist June Cassidy explains she suspects these men are after her recently deceased mother's work--her mother was a cutting edge software engineer, and her death might not have been an accident. Once again, the author has done his research, and captures a post-war experience that doesn't feel flat or stereotypical. Peter is growing as a character from the first book, though he still has a way to go. There are a lot of characters in this book, so some aren't very well developed, but there are a few returning names--and some I suspect will show up in later books, as well as a core that get explored in some detail. This is an action-packed thriller, with plenty of dangerous trained killers--with or without conscience--weapons and tactics, secrets and spying, and lots of chase scenes and gun fights. But it's also a thoughtful book about the inside of people's heads. June's relationship with her parents was complex, and is revealed to her (and the reader) as she tries to figure out what happened to her mother. And of course, we see Peter, who is struggling to cope with how fighting changed him, and how those struggles effect the people closest to him. At the end, there are answers, mixed and bittersweet like life often is, and someplace to go next. Recommended for people who like thrillers, flawed characters, complex plots, and lots of action--be warned there is plenty of death and violence, at times graphic.

This book really grabbed my attention from the start with almost non-stop excitement. It almost felt like I had been thrown into an action movie and I loved every minute of it. Before I even knew it, I had read a large part of the book. The pace of the story did eventually slow down but the excitement never stopped because I couldn't stop trying to figure out how things would work out. This was such a great read. Peter Ash is veteran dealing with PTSD which causes him to feel claustrophobic anytime he is indoors. He deals with it as best he can which usually means that he tries to stay out of buildings as much as possible. I find Peter to be a very interesting and unique character. He thinks quick and knows his limitations. June is a reporter that finds herself hiding from a group of men that attempted to kidnap her. June meets Peter and they start to work together to figure out why she has been targeted. June's character really complimented Peter's nicely. Their personalities meshed perfectly and they seemed to be able to work smoothly together almost from the moment that they met. This book has no shortage of action. Peter and June find themselves in the middle of several intense situations and I never know exactly how things would turn around. I was never quite sure exactly who the bad guy was so I didn't really trust any of the characters besides Peter and June and of course, Lewis, who I was very happy to see make an appearance in this book. The story took quite a few twists and turns with many unexpected moments. I would recommend this book to others. This is the second book in the Peter Ash series and while it could be read as a stand alone, readers will probably appreciated the background knowledge from the first book. I can't wait to get my hands on the next book in this exciting series. I received an advance reader edition of this book from Penguin Group - Putnam G.P. Putnam's Sons via NetGalley and First to Read.

3.5! When Peter Ash steps in it, he really goes in with both feet. He meets a girl, June, who is in the trees hiding from bad guys that took her mom's stuff and is hunting her down. Of course Peter has to help and chaos ensues. Dead bodies, explosions, conspiracies that make you question all governments on this planet, and family issues make this a fun story to read. Lewis makes an appearance and is crazy fun as always. While the series doesn't grab me like some books do, I do enjoy these and hope to see Peter get his act together!

I really liked Nicholas Petrie's first novel - "The Drifter" - about the PTSD-ridden Marine veteran Peter Ash, who is both very likable as a protagonist and super cool in his dealing with bad guys out to hurt other people. This second novel in the Ash series deals less with Ash's PTSD 'static' and shows other - more humorous and amorous - sides of Ash, which adds extra dimensions to the story. The main female protagonist who needs Ash's protection is an interesting and resourceful character, and the interaction between the two of them adds a certain dynamic and vulnerability to the story. I was very much entertained and gripped from page 1 until the very end, and hereby declare myself a full-blown fan of Nicholas Petrie! Fans of e.g. Harlan Coben, Joseph Finder and John Gilstrap should definitely try out Nicholas Petrie and probably start with "The Drifter" to get the full experience out of "Burning Bright" as well.

Received an advance copy through the first to read program. Honestly had never heard of the author before this, but thoroughly enjoyed the book. Peter Ash is a great character with some pretty serious flaws that add a lot to the story. June is also a very good character in that her profession shines through in the story. The author does very good character development that makes the story that much better. The book flows very well and is one to just say one more chapter, but before you know it you've read quite a few. Can't wait to see where the story goes if there is a continuation. You will not be disappointed if you give the book a chance read.

This book opens with a bang and a leap and never slows down. Peter Ash is a wonderfully flawed character and the action is extremely visual - this book could be a screenplay! This is my first book by Nick Petrie and I will be catching up and reading his previous books. I recommend this to anyone who enjoys conspiracies and technological thrillers.

This is the second book in the Peter Ash series, it was a great read. Well plotted story, good character development, moves along at a good pace. June's mother, a brilliant programmer was a victim of a hit and run accident, now someone Is trying to kidnap June in effort to get access to June's mother's program. Peter Ash a veteran with PTDS meets up with June, together they try to figure out who wanted June's mother dead to get her her law test program. Peter and June with a full cast of characters pursue and are pursued making for an action packed read. I received this book from Penguins First to Read, for a honest review.

I received this book from Penguins First to Read program for free in exchange for my honest review. A quick paced story that kept me engaged the whole time. Lots of twists and turns had me guessing several times who was good and who was not. While I know some of this technology already exists it makes a person wonder how much of this kind of stuff happens. It is kinda scary if you think too much on it. I enjoyed the book and will go back and read the first book in the series. Note: I had a hard time reading this book at times because the font was not consistent throughout the book on my e-reader (1st Gen Nook)

I received an advance reader's copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review via first to read. This was definitely action packed and full of surprises! All in all it was fast moving and kept me on the edge of my seat! The twists at the end were worth waiting for!

It was hard to stop reading Burning Bright, about Peter Ash, a war veteran, and June Cassidy, an investigative reporter. How they meet and the things they go through were very exciting and dangerous,

Loved his first book and this book is great also. This character has the potential to be the younger Jack Reacher.

Conspiracy-theory, fugitive from the law, car chase books aren't my usual choice of reading material but I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The plot pulls you in immediately with June getting kidnapped and then escaping shortly after her mother, government contractor working on a top secret tech project, get killed in a hit and run "accident." June hides in an old research facility in some redwoods in the middle of nowhere when a "shell-shocked" war veteran named Peter stumbles across her while trying to escape from a bear. It was love at first sight for Peter and he offers June his protection. Together they go on the run, trying to figure out who is after June and why. Their quick wit and banter make them entertaining and enduring. I would definitely recommend. This is the second book in the series but I did not read the first and I do not feel like I missed anything. I gave this 4 out of 5 stars on Goodreads.

When I read the first in the series, "The Drifter," I wasn't sure that I would find the main character likeable enough to bond with. However, just a few chapters in and I was completely on his side! So I was glad to get an early look at Peter Ash #2, to make sure I still liked him. :) I did! I have to say that both books were engaging but in completely different ways. There were some subtle differences in the writing style; if I had to guess, I'd say the author is definitely finding his groove and rhythm and all I can say is BRING ON PETER ASH #3! I'm not going to give you a book report, go read the blurbs. But if you're a fan of characters like Mitch Rapp and Jack Reacher and Vanessa Michael Munroe, then this is a book you will definitely enjoy. And for the readers who like just a dash of romance, well there's something in the books for you too. Thoroughly enjoyable and Nick Petrie is on my list of Must Read Authors.

I received a free e-book from Penguin First to Read in exchange for an honest review. The beginning of this book was really hard to get into, almost to the point it was very choppy. In the end though the plot sucks you in. The action starts early and doesn't end. We follow the characters as they learn about a self learning search algorithm and the potential uses of it. It is scary to see how easily security is breached these days and how the use of the knowledge attained could be so devastating if in the wrong hands. A good easy read that is action packed with a strong romance plot.

I received a ARC of Burning Bright by Nick Petrie from First to Read. I was a little skeptical having never read Nick Petrie's books but I enjoy a good thriller. This book certainly meets all of my criteria for a thriller with a mix of military, mystery, suspense and almost non-stop action. This novel is very similar to 'Vertical Run' by Joseph Garber in that who and why the group of professional are pursuing the protagonist. I found that it added to the overall suspense of the novel. From the beginning, those pursuing June are a mystery which is then combined with June's unusual level of skill in being able to break free. The author's explanation of these skills is realistic and credible while maintaining surprise with her living in the treetops. Her meeting Peter who has been chased up a tree by a grizzly then free climbs into the canopy of the Redwoods is a phenomenal start to the novel. The action is nearly non-stop but with plenty of interesting new or innovations on technology thrown in along the way. I highly recommend "Buring Bright" and would give it five stars.

This is the second in the series of books involving Peter Ash, a returning veteran with PTSD issues that manifest as severe panic attacks when he is indoors in small spaces. I chose to buy and read the first book when I received the second as a review copy through Penguin's First to Read Program. Both books are fun to read, engaging and oddly similar in plot and story. I chose to read the first because other reviewers encouraged it on Goodreads. I wouldn't personally suggest that because the books are just too similar. The characters are well-developed and very interesting; they are designed to go the distance. The author should have no difficulty creating a very good series with the protagonist and his stalwart band of supporters. But the plot and story line needs some real shake-up between books to sustain reader interest. The second book was just too predictable based on the first book. I was eager to read the book; I was already a fan. But I needed a better story. Here's hoping the third installment delivers just that. And we can say the series is finally off on a roll.

Every page had a plot twist. I couldn't put it down.

I was given the opportunity to read an advanced reader copy of this book by First to Read. I have read Lee Child's Jack Reacher series, and yes, Peter Ash is a twin brother to him. The action starts on the first page and it does not stop until the end. The story is about security technology and uses (good and bad) of it. It is definitely scary to think that this computer technology could be very real. Drones are used now and today. At what point do we lose all our privacy and even worse, is it already gone? And along with our privacy goes our security. What or who do you trust? This is a very compelling story and the questions probably will last for a long time. I would recommend this book to someone who likes a strong hero character, just trying to be himself, with an interesting and engaging storyline. As I said, the action does not stop.

I was a little unsure at the beginning, but as the story fell together, I ended up enjoying it . Interesting concept of "no place to hide in this world today".

Burning Bright by Nick Petrie is a mishmash of military, crime, mystery, suspense and thriller. I was very keen on this but was sorely disappointed when I checked out the Amazon book page where there are already fourteen reviews by the exclusive Vine Customer Review of Free Product. This is really sad as the book's release is still two months away, and all reviewers are not given a fair chance. I think authors and publishers should not give their books for this promotion program as most reviews are getting a lot of negative votes inspite of the advance review.

This book won't download to either Overdrive or the Bluefire reader, so I cannot review it.

Literally did not put it down until the end! I felt like I was there with them. Very detailed and witty. The character development was good. What a thrilling ride! I can't wait for the next book.. Thanks First to Read for my chance to review this awesome novel!


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