Bound for Temptation by Tess LeSue

Bound for Temptation

Tess LeSue

When Emma Palmer is forced to flee for her life, she runs into Tom Slater, a taciturn cattleman. Tom doesn’t need to be a trailsman to know that the woman, the one he can’t keep out of his thoughts, will only lead to trouble.

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Having survived the Oregon Trail, Emma Palmer is ready for a fresh start, even if it costs her all the gold in California. 

Emma Palmer has had many jobs and has gone by even more names, but most recently she is known as Seline, madam of her own establishment. Her place is clean, her booze is cheap and her bedrooms are fancy. But when a would-be patron won’t take no for an answer, she is forced to don a new disguise and flee for her life. While the schemes she cooks up might seem outrageous to an outsider, they haven’t failed her yet.    

Tom Slater is a taciturn cattleman at the tail end of a long, hard season on the trail. He’s looking forward to a quiet winter at his old family homestead in Mexico. What he doesn’t plan on is escorting a group of women on the run to safety south of the border. Tom doesn’t need to be a trailsman to know that the woman with the sly, green eyes—the one he can’t keep out of his thoughts—will only lead to trouble.

Advance Galley Reviews

Emma and Tom both have pasts they're trying to outrun. Emma wants to outrun her history of being a madam of a house of ill repute, while Tom is running away from his feelings for his brother Luke's wife. Both end up with dangerous men on their tail and find that they have to not only help each other but find a way to trust one another in order to stay alive. And when tempting feelings start to surface, it's only a matter of time until they consider running from each other instead... Thoughts: First, let me say thank you to First to Read for giving me the opportunity to read this title before its publication. I became a fan of Tess LeSue when FTR gave me an eARC of Bound for Sin and I was looking forward to this third installment of the series. However, I'm sad to say that I didn't enjoy this story as much as Bound for Sin. The premise started off all well and good, but the compilation of lies Emma tells Tom is certainly going to come back to bite her. And there was no need to keep up the pretense of being a nun with Tom -- Emma was already familiar with the Slater family, having developed what she thought were deep feelings for his brother Luke -- so she had to know she could trust him. I understand the need for the costume while they traveled (it is the wild west, after all) but she could have told him straight away that she wasn't a nun. For that matter, I also was annoyed by Emma naming the bakery in town "Seline's" considering she wants everyone to forget, or at least look past, her history as Seline the whorehouse madam. LeSue makes it a point at the end of the novel for Emma to constantly correct people when they call her "Seline", which was annoying as a reader because it's Emma's fault for naming the bakery by the exact name she wants everyone to avoid using when referring to her. Bound for Temptation is an interesting story and has some very sweet, romantic scenes. I was left disappointed as a reader, though, because I wanted a bit more time with Emma and Tom as an actual couple.

Loved it! At first, I was wishing that this story was actually about Deathrider, but I can see that story is coming up soon. I also wish I had read the other two books first, since there is some backstory on Tom and especially on Emma. Despite that, I ended up quite enjoying this one... particularly with Emma pretending to be a nun! The nun aspect of this is really what made the book. Of course, I didn't really see why Tom couldn't know the truth, but the plot certainly would not have been so interesting if he knew they weren't actually nuns. I also really appreciated the outlook on prostitution. I especially liked it when Luke was being a d*ck to Emma and she said "You were an equal partner in our past, and you got no right punishing me for it. You're the one who paid me for sex, not the other way round." I fist-bumped the air on that one. Don't shame the whore, obviously circumstances forced her into it. Emma was a strong woman for sure. The ending could have been a bit more fun. There should have been some sort of confrontation with Hec, so I was disappointed when there wasn't. And I would have liked to see how the Slater brothers took the news that Tom loved Emma. Other than that, great read!

What a quick and delightful read! I read this book in a day. You get sucked right into the story line. Emma was something else! I would definitely recommend. This book has romance, heartache and a little comedy thrown in. Thanks First to Read for my advance copy!

I thoroughly enjoyed this historical western romance. Emma is a character I won't soon forget; plucky, funny, bold, vain, kindhearted, and quick-witted. Tom is equally memorable. The story is romantic, comedic, adventurous, and ultimately very satisfying. As soon as I finish this review, I am heading to over to add the other books in this series to my wishlist :-)

This story centers on Emma Palmer and Tom Slater, as they race from California to Mexico trying to avoid a few posses that are chasing them and their attraction to each other. Really enjoyed this book. Lots of fun. Especially all the crazy ideas that Emma cooks up. Tom was cranky and reading the how he endured her torturous schemes was funny. Emma was a great character. I loved her in the previous book as well. She is definitely a sassy character. Received an ARC from First to Read.

First of all, I LOVED Emma. She's an amazing female character--strong, a survivor, hilarious, and just AMAZING. She gives just as good as she gets, and her plans, well don't even get me started on all her plans. After about 100 pages in, I could not put this book down down. I say this because this book has some tropes I don't like, BUT I am so happy I stuck it out. I loved how Emma just blazed right through the barriers with the help her strong female friends. There is just so much girl power in this book, and I loved every minute of it. The characters are working through their own "flaws" and issues which gives them a depth that kept me thoroughly engaged. Let's not forget about the romance! I loved Tom's insecurity, even though I wanted to shake him at certain times. I hadn't read his brother's books, but now I definitely will. Especially knowing that Emma was in previous books.


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