Bound for Sin by Tess LeSue

Bound for Sin

Tess LeSue

Georgiana desperately needs a rugged backwoodsman who can get her family safely to California, someone like Matt Slater. However Matt finds facing Georgiana more daunting than the journey ahead.

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Georgiana Bee Blunt is a respectable widow of means who knows exactly what she wants: a resourceful frontiersman--for the purpose of matrimony.

Citified men with thoughts of love need not apply to Georgiana's ad for a husband. What she desperately needs is a rugged backwoodsman who can get her family safely to California, two thousand miles away. Someone who could wrestle a bear and not break a sweat. Someone just like Matt Slater...

Travel worn and trail weary, Matt Slater wants a clean bed and some R & R--not a woman with fancy airs and a brood of high-spirited children. He can tell Georgiana is trouble, but doesn't realize how much until he's bamboozled into pretending to be her fiancé. And when Georgiana hitches her wagons to his train, Matt finds himself facing something much more daunting than the journey before them: a woman with the spirit and the courage to tame his wild ways...

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