Lost and Gone Forever by Alex Grecian

Lost and Gone Forever

Alex Grecian

We reunite with a disjointed Murder Squad that is once again is confronted with a case that seems impossible to solve.

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Many changes have happened to the Murder Squad. Rash actions have cost Sergeant Nevil Hammersmith his job, and in response he has set up his own private detective agency. Inspector Walter Day has been missing for a year, and no one knows where he is—though there is a strong suspicion that Saucy Jack has him. Hammersmith has made finding Day his primary case, and he has company—a pair of bounty hunters, a man and a woman. It is only gradually that he has come to realize that they are not what they seem . . .

Advance Galley Reviews

This is the first book I have read in Alex Grecian's "Scotland Yard Murder Squad" Series and I was not disappointed. I loved the characters, the setting and how much involvement and manipulation Jack the Ripper had within the larger story. The book took me a bit to get into, as I had to figure out the various storylines and how they were connected, once I got into the flow of the book I found that it moved quickly for me and became harder for me to put down. I will definitely be going back to read the preceding books and I look forward to reading subsequent books in the series.

This book was so discombobulated. I could not keep track of one character to the next. This is the type of book I usually love but it just was all over the place. Not for me. Too many characters make too little character development.

Overall a good read. There are many characters to follow; however each is tangeble enough to get a grasp on and remember and know. There are many times I think the plot is being streched with needless unrealistic fillers; none-the-less, it all flows well together. Well worth the time to read. Go get a copy and enjoy!!!

Another interesting entry to the Murder Squad series. Walter Day has been kidnapped and held for a year. Nevil Hammersmith has spent most all his waking hours trying to find him. The point of view jumps around between several different characters. For me that made it a little frustrating through most of the book. I can handle that to an extent, but for me there were just a few too many POV characters involved. This did however make the ending VERY exciting. I guess it had to be done throughout in order to make the end happen the way it did, but it was distracting for most of it. Overall, I did enjoy the book and do look forward to the next installment. It was just a little tough to handle sometimes. I received a free advanced copy of this book from Penguin’s First to Read program.

This has been one of my favorite in this series. I give it a five out of five stars. I had a hard time putting this down. I love Seargeant Nevil Hammersmith and Walter Day. I look forward to the next book in this series. I love this time period. I received this ebook from Firsttoread for a fair and honest opinion.

Love this! Walter has become Jack's toy. What is the destructive act that Jack has programmed Walter to do through mesmerization? Will he ever be reunited with his family? Can Nevil interest the coppers to keep looking for Walter? Will they catch Jack? This one is super fast paced, I read it in an afternoon. And what is up with the assassin couple. Wowza! My thanks to the author and the Penguin First to Read program for a complimentary copy.

Unable to read as I was shipped UT out of the copy offered

This is the fifth book in the series, but I hope not the last.Walter Day has been missing for a year. Neville Hammersmith had not given up the search for Day and ultimately Jack the Ripper. The Karstphanomen are slowly being hunted and disappearing. This book will be confusing if this is your first read by Grecian, so I would suggest starting at the beginning. If, however, you have kept pace with the author, then you will not be disappointed. This book like the previous ones hooks the reader and then one follows the characters willingly through highs and lows of the most recent tale. Grecian does an excellent job of being descriptive, without being wordy. He evokes all the senses to be engaged in experiencing the story so one can see the Plumm's department store in all its ostentatious glory, feeling the fear and confusion of Day as he is let out of captivity by Jack and tries to piece his life history back together, smelling the smoke and the heat from the fire, etc. The characters are fully fleshed out and you love and hate them with the same intensity as you would a real person sometimes feeling both emotions for the same character within a short time frame. One really needs to read these books to understand how wonderful they are.

Lost and Gone Forever started off very slowly for me and I think that is because I haven't read the other books in this series. The characters and storyline are complex and once I immersed myself in this book I enjoyed it very much. I think I will now go back and read the other books in this series and Lost and Gone Forever will be more enjoyable once I have the background.

Where is Inspector Walter Day?? He has been missing for a year. Is the Inspector dead or alive? What has happened to Jack the Ripper? He had been captured and tortured by the Karstphanomen, a secret society of highly placed men . He has escaped but is he dead or alive? One of the secret members of the Karstphanomen has hired killers to determine what has happened to Jack the Ripper and if alive to eliminate Jack before all the secret members are executed. Former Sergeant Hammersmith now how his own private detective agency. He is working for Clare Day, looking for missing Inspector Day. The story takes us to Victorian foggy London streets which are dangerous, dark and scary. The streets smell and vermin roam freely. The characters were multi-dimensional, very realistic and very interesting. The tension was thick with plenty of suspense, danger, great chills, thrills with unexpected twists and turns. The plot was unpredictable. This is the fifth book in the Scotland Yard’s Murder Squad. It was the first book I read in the series so it can read as a stand alone. Good read!!! Thank you to Penguin First To Read for this eBook. My opinion is my own.

This was a fantastic read, and I believe it is the conclusion to the Murder Squad series... If so, it is an excellent wrap up - some questions answered, some not! Grecian continues in the tradition of the series with short chapters told from alternating points of view, with the action of the story converging from all angles. There were definitely some good surprises in this book. And as always, plenty of questions to keep you guessing... and binge reading... I don't think this book spends as much time in the mind of a killer as The Harvest Man, or even The Devil's Workshop, but I think Grecian did continue to develop the character he has created in Jack the Ripper through outward interactions and dialogue. Grecian does a fantastic job of immersing the reader in the historical time period, and I truly appreciate the detail he puts into this aspect, without becoming verbose or detracting from the plot. More than anything, I'm sad that I'm pretty sure the series is over. I hope at least that Grecian continues to write more historical crime fiction, even if it is not The Murder Squad.

Walter Day is missing and the hope of his wife and best friend seem to be the only thing going for him. Walter and the London Murder squad are back in Alex Grecian's newest book Lost and Gone Forever. Still on the hunt for Jack the Ripper and now looking for the missing Walter the plot twist unfold and more and more murder ensues as our old characters and a few new come face to face with the notorious Jack the Ripper. This fast paced murder mystery is a great place to start if you have not read any of the other books in the series but it will make you want to dive into them all. So if you have not read any of them or you have read them all this is an exciting jump into the world of Jacj the Ripper and the fast paced story of those involved.

I haven't read any Alex Grecian books before, so dropping in on book 5 of a series was a little confusing at times, but I found it a good story and a book worth reading. It was a trip back to Victorian England and a take on a classic detective novel, but with the twist that the killer was none other than Jack the Ripper (plus a couple of extra psychopaths, hired as paid assassins, thrown into the mix). There was enough character development for me to at least get an understanding of the main characters, but there was a huge cast characters interacting and some of them were tricky to keep straight. I assume they've been developed in previous books and plenty of previous interactions and adventures were hinted at. Clearly I need to read the earlier books! There was LOTS of action - especially at Plumm's magnificent but ultimately doomed department store. I kept reading as one of the main characters, Walter Day, freed from what was apparently one year of imprisonment and torture by Jack the Ripper, slowly tries to get on with life while apparently having very little idea of who he is. He has blocked his memory to save himself from what he has been through, but slowly begins to remember. He gradually gets introduced to his former friends, but he fears that Jack the Ripper has programmed him to kill someone close to him, so he tries to stay separate for everyone's safety. Everybody finds themselves drawn together in the end to a finale that is packed with action, but perhaps not as "final" as one might hope. I thought it was definitely worth reading, and I will read more of his work and recommend it to others.

The story started out slower than I like but picked up about a third of the way through. At times it was difficult to determine who was speaking until a few sentences later which took away from the storyline. It also felt like I had to "work" my way through it instead of relaxing and just enjoying it. I think a better transition from one to another would be very beneficial. I really enjoyed the middle of the book but then it seemed disjointed again at the end.

A compelling book that kept me hooked from the beginning. I have not read the previous books in this series so I did have a little problem where background knowledge was concerned. So the previous books are in my list to read but as far as about this book it was amazing. The characters were interesting and the way the story keeps building its too good.

Terrific just like all his other works! Sign me up for anything Alex Grecian writes... I'm a fan for life!

The fifth installment in Alex Grecian’s Scotland Yard Murder Squad grabs you from the beginning and doesn’t let go. “Lost and Gone Forever” is about as high-octane as a Victorian mystery can be. All of the characters were interesting and multi-layered, including the antagonists, which is something of a nice change from many historical mysteries. The way Grecian made all of the storylines connect was a thing of beauty. However, my favorite device he used was the atmosphere invoked in the novel via the weather. The London fog was a nice touch of mirroring the characters’ internal fog, as well as adding loads of actual atmosphere. Grecian’s setting easily pulls readers into his story and the plot keeps them turning the pages. The author clearly understands what it takes to write a compelling mystery. I loved the novel and am looking forward to catching up with the previous four novels.

As much as I liked the book and needed to read until the end to see the mystery thru I felt a little lost without the background knowledge of the authors previous works. I enjoyed the many characters and the maze the author took me on to get to the ending.

This is a wonderful multi-threaded mystery, but the excitement in the book is not in the whodunit, but in how all the characters will meet in the story's climax. I hadn't read of the previous books in the series; now I think that I absolutely have to go back and find them all.

Great mystery! Thank you First to Read!!

The ever elusive Jack the Ripper has escaped from his secret jailers and he wants revenge. The Murder Squad is in shambles. Nevil Hammersmith has been dismissed. Inspector Walter Day remains missing. Hammersmith now runs a private detective agency. His primary case is finding Inspector Day. Unknown to Nevil, Jack has kidnapped and abused Day. Walter is a pawn in Jack’s plans for vengeance against the Karstphanomen, a secret society of highly placed men that captured and tortured Jack. These men are the only people who can identify him. Much of the novel's action takes place at Plumm's, a huge and extravagant department store. The vastness of the store allows Jack to hide in plain sight. He carries out several horrific deeds on the premises. The novel takes a strange twist when a member of Karstphanomen hires Mr. and Mrs. Parker to track down and assassinate Jack. Unfortunately, the Parkers are one dimensional characters. Grecian’s descriptions of the fog that shrouds London for many weeks and life in Victorian London are first rate. Lost and Gone Forever thrills, but at times the story is weak.

I still need to read the previous book before I read this one. I am optimistic that Alex Grecian will not disappoint with his kinetic writing. I will update this review if I'm able to read both books by the specified due date.

I found this book intense. There is always something happening and I didn't want to stop reading. I haven't read others in the series so I can't compare but I didn't feel lost in the story, not having read any of these before. These are a rough bunch of characters but lovable all the same.


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