Boardwalk Summer by Kimberly Fisk

Boardwalk Summer

Kimberly Fisk

A heartwarming story of true love and second chances, set in the Pacific Northwest town of Tranquility Bay.

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In the town of Tranquility Bay, summer is the season of second chances...

Single mother Hope Thompson has built a happy life for herself and her twins in beautiful Tranquility Bay, Washington. She doesn’t dwell on her painful past—especially not on the man who broke her heart all those years ago. But when Hope’s beloved son needs help, she takes a desperate chance and reaches out to her children’s father.

Nick Fortune lives life in the spotlight as a champion race car driver. He’s shocked to hear from Hope and even more surprised to learn that he’s a father. He immediately heads to the Pacific Northwest to confront the past—and the woman he once loved.

There, on the quiet lakeshore, Nick and Hope must work together to save their son—even if it means facing their complicated past—for a second chance as a family.

Advance Galley Reviews

A good book with excellent plot line and beautiful characters.

Hope is a single mother raising her twins in a small town. When her son needs help, she has no choice but to reach out to the man who abandoned them when they needed him most. Nick is a famous race car driver who wanted to make something of himself before returning home for his first love. When he learns that Hope's children are his, he's determined to make a place for himself in their lives. But can both of them let go of past hurts in order to move forward? This was a book about second chances, family, and forgiveness. I cried and I laughed. I loved this story and couldn't put it down. This was my first book by this author but it definitely won't be the last. *This is my voluntary review of an advanced reader copy*

This was a really fun summer read I just love second chance love.

This is a fun summer love story. The relationship between Nick and Hope is reignited because of their children. Nick and Hope are opposites. She is stable and he is a wild race car driver. It is about new beginnings and making amends. I really enjoyed it and would definitely read this author again.

Boardwalk Summer by Kimberly Fisk was a great summer/beach read. A sweet story about loss, love, hope and second chances. Hope Thompson is a single mother to twins and lives in Tranquility Bay, Washington. When her son, Joshua, gets sick with leukemia and needs a transplant, Hope has to turn to two people who stopped being there for her sixteen years ago, the father of her children and her mother. Nick Fortune is a famous NASCAR driver who is pursuing his eighth racing championship. Nothing is going to make him lose focus on his goal. Until he gets a message that Hope has called him. He hasn't heard from her in sixteen years and when she doesn't answer his call, he decides to pay her a visit. When he shows up at her door, Hope is unexpectedly thrown back into her old emotions and has to decide what is suitable for her and her children and should she give Nick a second chance. Emotional and tear-jerking, this story sweeps you off your feet and you can't help but cheer for the family to have a happy ending.

Hope is a single mother. She raised her twins, Joshua and Susan, mostly by herself. She became pregnant at seventeen and thought she and Nick shared something special, but Nick let her down and she had no choice but to move and start over. She made a life for herself in Tranquility Bay and never thought she'd see Nick again. However, when her son's life is in danger she calls him and asks for his help. Nick is a famous race car driver. He's won many prizes and has achieved almost all of his goals, but when Hope calls him he feels he's missed something. They didn't keep in touch when he left her behind all those years ago and he didn't know Hope was pregnant. To his surprise he's the father of two teenagers and wants to be part of their lives. To be able to give Joshua a chance Hope and Nick need to patch things up. Will they be able to make amends for the sake of their son? Boardwalk Summer is an impressive emotional story. Hope is a sweet woman. She does everything for her kids and fights for them in any way she can. Her strength and dedication are admirable and that's something I loved about her character. She managed to deal with the heartbreak of the past and has given her children a good and warm home filled with love. I liked this heartwarming part of the story a lot. Hope has such a beautiful personality and that gives Boardwalk Summer a wonderful warm atmosphere. Nick is a kind and determined man. He once was really poor and had a bad reputation, but he managed to make something of himself and now he's rich and famous. Status isn't everything though and he finds out how much he's missed when Hope invites him back into her life. He has some tough choices to make and realizes that money isn't everything. He still has a lot to learn and discover and being with Hope and the twins broadens his horizons. There are plenty of unresolved feelings between Nick and Hope and I couldn't wait to find out if they'd manage to make things right. Kimberly Fisk writes about difficult subjects in an honest empathic way. Her main characters are going through something awful, but they never lose hope. They're realistic, but stay optimistic at the same time and I liked that attitude a lot. Boardwalk Summer is a moving story with plenty of different layers. The main characters are struggling, but they're making progress as well and I loved to see them grow. Kimberly Fisk balances this with loving and romantic scenes, which gives her story a good balance. Boardwalk Summer is a terrific story and I enjoyed reading it very much.

Who was looking for a contemporary romance packed full of raw emotions, characters you could root for, and a story about second chances? Well, apparently, me. And I mean that in a good way, because I enjoyed Boardwalk Summer. I basically jumped into this book after another eARC I had to read ended up being incredibly disappointing. For a second, I thought I was going to end up in a reading slump, but once I started Boardwalk Summer, I couldn’t put the book down. This is the kind of story that I could go on and on about, but I don’t want to reveal too much about the plot and ruin the experience for someone else. So, I really had to work on this review, and cut out some things that got too close to spoilers. The main theme of this story was second chances amidst a medical crisis. Emotions ran high, and things that happened in the past were talked about at length. Boardwalk Summer really illustrated how the past could haunt a person, as shown through the experiences of the characters. I don’t know about anyone else, but I really enjoy second chance stories. So, from the start, I was interested in seeing what Kimberly Fisk would do with the trope in Boardwalk Summer. The initial introduction of the main character, Hope Thompson, was great. I was immediately drawn into the story and wanted everything to work out for Hope and her kids. I don’t read enough contemporary anyway, but I hardly see race car drivers as love interests. So, Nick Fortune and his side of the story came across as particularly entertaining. Some of my favorite parts of the book happened to be the interactions between Hope and Nick. Boardwalk Summer was a quick read that dealt with some heavy subjects, combined with a romance I could totally get behind. Those things put together is what made this book so readable. Boardwalk Summer is the first book I’ve read by Kimberly Fisk and it certainly won’t be the last. Disclaimer: This copy of the book was provided by First to Read (Publisher) for this review, thank you!

Boardwalk Summer was a perfect summer story. I read it in one day. Loved the characters and really found myself rooting for them all. Summer is the perfect time for a love story like this one!

Boardwalk Summer was such a sweet surprise. I was a little caught off guard by how un-put-downable it was. It reminded me a little bit of a Lifetime/Hallmark movie. It was sweet, a bit dramatic, and full of heart. And really, I didn't put this one down. It would make a great summer beach or poolside read. The cover was deceiving to me. It looks like this book should be much lighter and fluffier than it really is. I wouldn't consider the book heavy, despite the subject matter, but it does have an unexpected depth to it that I really enjoyed. I was also surprised by how much I liked Kimberly Fisk's writing. I haven't read her before, but I would definitely pick up another book from her with no hesitation.

Boardwalk Summer Kimberly Fisk A very well written story of love and separation, of tragedy and poignant love. It is the story of a family living life and the easiness that tragedy that may hit at anytime and the miracle that can fix it all. I received this from Penguin's First to Read Program in exchange for an honest review.

At first glance you’d think this is going to be another simple romance novel, perfect for summer time and the beach. Well, you’d be a little bit right but it’s not just a simple romance novel. Fisk does provide tender love scenes wrapped amidst some tough topics such as single parenting, balancing work-family life, and worst of all a very sick child dealing with cancer of all things especially when it’s not as simple as it first appears. As a mother I felt like I had bonded with the character of Hope as I could feel what she was going through trying to keep it all together while watching her child go through something she couldn’t fix. Fisk does a remarkable job of creating realistic situations and emotions so you are fully drawn to these characters and the trials they face. You’ll feel your heart break at times then swell with hope and love at others because above all else this is the sweetest love story of them all, what a mother will do for her child and THAT makes it perfect to read this season.

My Review I would like to thank First to Read, Berkley Books and Kimberly Fisk for the ARC (advanced reading copy) of "Boardwalk Summer" by Kimberly Fisk for my honest review. The genres for this book are Women's Fiction, Fiction and Romance. I really liked the characters in this story. Kimberly Fisk describes them as flawed, worried, insecure, fearful, brave, courageous and hopeful. These are characters that could live in our community. Hope is a single mother of two teen age twins, a boy and a girl. She also is a teacher. When her son gets sick she reaches out and seeks her former teenage love and father of the children. Nick is now a famous Race Car Driver. He had no knowledge that he had children. Whenever the twins were little and sick, Hope would take them to the boardwalk. It was their safe place. Hope has the support of a good friend who helps in many ways. I liked so many things about this book. It is upbeat with feelings of hope. How will the twins react to meeting their biological father? How will they act when they find out he is famous. Is it possible to have second chances? I appreciate that the author discusses issues of family, friends,love and hope. I also like the positive feel in this story. Life is always about taking chances and risks. I would highly recommend this delightful enjoyable read to anyone that likes Women's Fiction and Romance.

I really enjoyed this romance. Kimberly Fisk wrote a beautiful story about life, risks and hope. Writing from the different characters perspectives brought this family to life. You felt their struggles and their triumphs. I will be watching for new books by this author.

I thought the author did a great job with some delicate issues. The story wasn't too rushed and the ending wasn't cheesy.

This was a great read. Meet Hope, a single mom of boy/girl twins, who has coped well, but her son has developed leukemia, and all the treatments have been exhausted. They've searched thru their town for a marrow donor, and her mom is resisting being tested. Hope finally realizes that she will need to reach out and tell the father that he has twins. They had been very much in young love, but time and circumstances had come between them. They had not communicated since just a short time after he left town. Nick is the "new" dad, and he's working hard to integrate all of this along with the fact that his son is very sick. The novel shows how they begin to resolve their differences and meet challenges that arise from the testing, treatment and his fame, as he's become a very famous race car driver. I loved this book, it was a depiction of the ways in which people have to change what they "know" and reexamine their beliefs and prejudices. I enjoyed the ending, which fit the spirit of the book. I bet you will too!

Boardwalk Summer is a heartwarming second chance story about forgiveness and the importance of family. I found Hope slightly annoying in the fact that she refused to let Nick tell the kids he was their father at first. I could understand her reluctance, but he had proved he wanted to be in their lives. Despite that, I liked how Nick and Hope took the time to get to know one another again while dealing with their son's illness. There were a couple of scenes that left me teary-eyed, and you couldn't help but root for Josh to get better. I loved this book and will definitely be checking out other books by this author.

Boardwalk Summer is more than a second chance romance story - it's a story about learning from our past, owning up to our mistakes, and starting anew. Hope hasn't had an easy life, being a single mother of twins, one who is also estranged from her mother. She's fierce and determined so when her son has a serious problem, she's willing to do just about anything, including the one thing she should have done years ago, inform the father. Nick loves his life as a racecar driver, it had been his dream forever, so achieving it was a great thing. But there's something missing in his life too, even if he doesn't fully realize it. So when he discovers that not only does he have children, but one of them has a problem, it's a lot to work thorugh for him, but also something he's excited about. While Nick and Hope have a lot to work through between themselves, and a lot of worries for their son, they find that their love for each other never really went away. As they work together to help their son, work through the pain of their past, they find a way to come together, to forgive each other, and make a new family together.

The story starts out with a woman named Hope Thompson trying to contact her estranged mother and non existent father of her twin children because the boy is really sick. Joshua the boy (a teen actually) is stuck in the hospital for most of the story and is kind of gloomy (rightfully so). The twin sister Susan is avoiding the hospital most of the story and going off with her friend. Hope does pretty much everything she can to take care of her children with out relying on others and it nearly kills her to have to contact the 2 people who abandoned her in life. At this point we get to see what her mom is like by only phone calls. She is cold and distant and never asks about her Grand children. Nick Fortune whom is the kids father was Hope's high school sweetheart with dreams of becoming a famous Nascar driver. He cut ties with her so she was not able to tell him. His dreams eventually come true and somehow he randomly decides to return the call from Hope and shows up at her house. They argue a lot of the book. He thinks she did not try to tell him and she thinks he didn't want to be a part of their life. Long story short they finally get their issues straightened out. I would say more but it would give all of the story away. It was a good read and it was pretty easy to get into. I will have to hunt down some other books by this author. I received this from First to read for free in exchange for an honest review. Th e opinions in this review are 100% my own.

I read this book in 1 sitting—I absolutely loved it. I needed tissues for a few scenes, but just a wonderfully constructed story without being overly sappy. Was heartfelt and emotional and very moving. I've never read this author before and definitely plan to do so again.

Heartwarming,second chances,forgiveness all contribute to a great reading experience and this book has all. I loved it and look forward to more from this author.

I really liked the synopsis of the story. We have a second chance at love with a secret pregnancy. The story has great characters. My only exception being, Hope. It took me a while to warm up to her. She made a lot of assumptions about Nick before giving him a chance to show her who he became. I did like how she fought for her kids and tried to protect them. There was angst without being over the top dramatic. Nice read for a relaxing weekend. I loved the epilogue.

Good story, it made me laugh it made me cry! Of course you have to love the happily ever after. It did feel a little dated with some of the characters names. But still a solid story.

Boardwalk Summer was a good summer read. It had more depth than most romance novels and was more emotional than the title and cover illustration might lead you to expect. It was predictable and cliched at some parts, but many books in this genre are. I did think the characters were not very believable; Nick is too good to be true, and the twins seem too easily accepting of his sudden introduction into their lives. Nevertheless, it was still an enjoyable, quick read.

This is a perfect summer read for an afternoon by the pool. With no interruptions you should be able to finish this book in an afternoon, and it has everything you want from a good summer romance; conflict, steam, and a happy ending. However, if you choose to take it to another level, that is also possible. This could be a great selection for a summer book club. Not only will it keep the reader entertained, but the book should lead to some great discussions. Discussion topics could include Hope’s decision to keep fact that he is a father from Nick, and the relationship of Hope with her mother, as well as many others. While the book was a little bit predictable — I was sure from the beginning of how the story would turn out — that did not detract from my enjoyment of the book. There was also an epilogue to let me know what happens in the future. The only thing I felt was lacking was more details about Heather’s mother, Clare. I would like to know if their relationship continued to evolve. Anyone looking for a good summer romance will enjoy this. NASCAR fans will enjoy it even more, as there are many details taken from the world of racing included in the nove.

This is a sit and read all day cuz you can't put it down type book. The storyline is simple but so real. Characters were authentic and lifelike. Well developed throughout the story. They interacted naturally. Feelings were real not exaggerated. Deals with many issues but not in an overly dramatic way. I was hooked pretty much from the beginning and found myself rooting for the characters to "win". Great love story. Great family dynamics story. It is a quick enjoyable read. Loved it. Can't wait to read other books by this author. I received a digital copy from the publisher in exchange for my honest opinion.

Hope Thompson and Nick Fortune were high school sweethearts. They made plans for the future. Nick left to start on the dream with plans to return for Hope. Instead, Nick didn't return and Hope found herself pregnant and alone. She ended up moving across the country and raising twins by herself. Sixteen years later, a medical emergency has Hope reaching out to Nick for help. This was not a light, easy summer read. It was a very emotional story of family and second chance love. I enjoyed watching Nick begin to build a relationship with the twins and the building relationship between Nick and Hope. A good read I would definitely recommend to others.

This was a good story, engaging, and well-written. I found the middle wavered a bit and wanted more between Nik and the kids. Overall, good, quick read.

The book was actually really good. The author need to change the cover before the release because it does not represent the quality of this book. Sure sometime her description were a bit redundant but overall the book was excellent. I am eager to read her next book!

I was unable to put this book down once I started reading. Nick and Hope share a once in a lifetime type of love. Hope becomes pregnant and has twins. Nick is supposed to marry Hope and stands her up and they loose communication for almost 16 years. One twin has cancer and needs a bone marrow transplant. Hope is forced to seek out Nick and open up a wound. She discovers that he is a great man and wants to be there for his children. They are able to rekindle their romance and become a family. I thought the ending fell flat, however this was a good solid book.

I LOVED this book. I could not put it down once I started reading it. The characters are very life like. I must admit I had a difficult time liking one. I just can't see how that character or anyone else like her being that way. I would have liked to see a better change in her by the end of the book. Overall I can't wait to read other books by this author.

The pink clouds on the cover of Boardwalk Summer are a bit deceiving. This book from Kimberly Fisk is certainly not only a romance-only. We meet Hope Thomson, a single mum, juggling between going to the hospital to her son Joshua, trying to console his twin sister Susan and keeping two jobs to pay for all the bills. Joshua has been diagnosed with cancer. After the first successful treatments, the cancer reappeared and this time, there is no other option than to find a donor for him. Kimberly has done an excellent job in describing the mixed emotions for Hope. You can feel her despair, when neither she nor Susan are a compatible donor. As a mother myself, I had a hard time keeping the tears at bay. Because no one wants to think of the possibility of your child dying from cancer. And yet, Hope has to face this reality and when she breaks down in front of Nick your heart literally almost breaks as well. Nick Fortune, the father of Joshua and Susan is surprised, when his former sweetheart Hope leaves him a message to contact him urgently. He could never have guessed that he would be hearing the fact that he is a father for almost sixteen years. Wounded by Hope's betrayal by denying him his children for all those years, and shocked to hear his son may be dying, he soon learns that his way to the top in racing will come at a prize. Is he willing to pay that prize? A wonderful read. Heartbreaking, romantic and above all a mother's love to safe her children. Five out of five stars for Boardwalk Summer. And thank you FirstToRead and Berkley Books for this ARC.

This is a great summer vacation read!

This was a very emotional book to read, but I loved it. The story is told with enough detail that you feel you are actually witnessing it happening. A story about two teenagers who love each other, separate, and find each other many years later when a medical emergency concerning their son develops. I would say that at times I felt the family wouldn't get through it, but they did. I also recognize how vital and important it is to be tested for bone marrow transplants. Thank you for that Kimberly Fisk! I highly recommend this book.


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