All I Want for Christmas Is a Cowboy by Jessica Clare

All I Want for Christmas Is a Cowboy

Jessica Clare

After Cassandra Horn's car crashes, she’s found by Eli Pickett. When Cass wakes, she has no memories of who she is. As their attraction grows for one another, can she give her heart if she's not sure it's hers to give?

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Christmas arrives early when a fateful encounter leads two strangers to unexpected love in this holiday romance from New York Times bestselling author Jessica Clare.

Christmas may be coming, but it's just another day at the ranch as far as Eli Pickett is concerned. Someone has to take care of the herd and that means no holiday vacation for him. But that's just the way he likes it--it’s not like he has a woman to spend time with anyways. Most women don't want the ranch life, or the surly, silent cowboy that comes with it. Fine with him. He'd rather have the quiet of a roaring fire and the company of his dogs.

Cassandra Horn is trying to make it to her parents' winter cabin in Wyoming before the blizzard hits. She desperately needs a vacation from the chaos of Manhattan...and her boss’s boyfriend, who is making her life miserable. But Cass never makes it to the cabin.

A raging snowstorm causes her car to crash, where she's found unconscious by Eli. When Cass wakes, she has no memories of who she is. Eli takes one look at Cass's big blue eyes and dark curls, and like a Christmas miracle, falls head over heels in love. But while the attraction is mutual, can she give her heart to this cowboy if she’s not sure it’s hers to give?

Advance Galley Reviews

Cass Horn gets stranded on a remote ranch with cowboy Eli Picket when her car hits a tree and she developes amnesia from hitting her head. The two get to know each other after they get snowbound over the holidays and it developes onto a sweet romance. This is a light, quick holiday romance that I thoroughly enjoyed. Looking forward to reading Jessica Clares other novels!

I enjoyed this book. It is a light hearted romance story. Boy meets girl they fall in love. Something happens to separate them. The problem is resolved and they live happily ever after. It is a quick read. The characters are well developed and the storyline kept me interested.

This was a cute cowboy romance. The hero was just the kind of hunky and brooding cowboy that I like. The heroine's overbearing model employer is a nice touch. I would recommend this if you are in the mood for a fluff romance. However there were a few things that bothered me. For example, the first intimate scene felt a little... awkward. It's hard to describe exactly what was weird about it, but something felt off. Secondly, the circumstances that came together at the end to tear the hero and heroine apart were so tenuous that I scoffed a bit. You see texts from a man and assume that you are together? How about scroll up the rest of your texts and see what kind of conversations you have had in the past. Did you blow him off? Or did you flirt right back? All she had to do was scroll up. I was hoping that there would be confrontations between the two men in her life. Instead, the cowboy was a bit too passive and just waited around for her while there was only one little interaction with the jerk near the end.

"I need to shower before I'm fit company." " Is there anything I can do to help?" she blurted out. He paused, and she could have sworn he turned as red as she was. "I mean, like, around the house. Or, um, with the cows. Not in the shower. I'm sure you can do that just fine." Ugh, why wouldn't her face shut up? Even reading that over again makes me chuckle. If you are looking for a feel good book (along the lines of a Hallmark movie) this is a book you would enjoy. All I want for Christmas is a Cowboy is a very sweet story with some light humor. I fell for Eli right along with Cass and I found Cass's personality very endearing. A few things bothered me--Eli's continued griping of having so much work and no help and the repeated use of the word cowboy (many times the word man would have been a fine substitute and less jarring, most people do not refer to themselves continually as their livelihood or their passion). And here's one thing I couldn't figure out, if it was really so cold outside, why was Eli only wearing a cowboy hat on his head? Overall, I would recommend this book to someone looking to read a light, very cute love story. A word of caution though, this is definitely an adult book!

Man saves woman, and woman saves him right back. Eli rescues Cass after a nasty car accident. Cass rescues Eli from his loneliness. Even with concussion-induced amnesia, bruised ribs, and various injuries, she can't help but fall for the chivalrous, hunky, yet brooding cowboy. For his part, Eli is doing all he can to take care of Cass and help her heal, even if it means ignoring his attraction to her and trying to keep his hands to himself. Cass has a kind soul and endless optimism, just what Eli has been missing all his life. Protective, dependable, and caring, Eli is everything Cass has dreamed of. Throw in a few cute pups and some Christmas spirit, and you've got an adorably sweet love story. Jessica Clare has gained a new fan -- I can't wait to read more of her work!

Cass got lucky Eli found her when he did or this would have been a really short book. I loved how the story line flowed, but wished there was more between her returning and the five years later epilogue. I would recommend it as a quick read. Read it in a day.

I did not enjoy this book. Not the author’s fault. I just like to read more than one sex scene after another. I will not request a Romance book again.

this was such an enjoyable read! it's actually my first book by this author - it won't be my last! i devoured it in one sitting. it was a very quick, easy read. loved the setting - who doesn't love a forced proximity book, am i right?


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