About a Dog by Jenn McKinlay

About a Dog

Jenn McKinlay

New York Times bestselling author Jenn McKinlay unleashes her inner romantic in this tale of a small-town vet, a buttoned-up accountant, and the stray puppy that teaches them the meaning of true love.

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Fall in love with a little help from man’s best friend in New York Times bestselling author Jenn McKinlay’s contemporary romance debut.

Mackenzie “Mac” Harris fled her hometown of Bluff Point, Maine, after being left at the altar—and seeking solace in the arms of her best friend’s off-limits brother. Now, seven years later, she’s back to attend her best friend’s wedding—safe, or so she thinks, from the mistakes of her youth.

But Gavin Tolliver has never forgotten the woman who has always held his heart. And when Mac rescues a stray puppy named Tulip, only Gavin, the town’s veterinarian, can help. With a little assistance from Tulip, Gavin vows to make Mac realize that their feelings are more than just puppy love…

Advance Galley Reviews

In exchange for a fair an honest review, I received an early copy of this book from First to Read. I LOVED this book! I couldn't put it down! Mac and her friends are a delight and the heat that exists between her and Gavin, WOW is all I can say! Ok, so Mac goes home to be the Maid of honor at one of her best friends wedding, seven years after her scurries out of town after the disaster that was auto be her wedding. She built a life in Chicago and thinks she found love, or did she? Once she comes back to her hometown, she discovers that she left behind more than she thought, including two wonderful older aunts and all of her best friends. I loved this book, and can't wait for the next one!

The opening chapter of this book had me laughing! I knew then that I was going to enjoy Mac and her friends. Mac is going home for the first time since she was left at the altar and is still embarrassed by it. I also like this small Maine town that was very nicely described in this book. mac is the type of character that I always enjoy reading about , funny , tough but lovable. Gavin is a veterinarian and seems quite interested in Mac , he also sounds very dreamy and I found myself wondering why Mac was not dating him in High School..... Then to make this book an even more enjoyable experience , enter Tulip a runaway/stray puppy who just steals my heart! Mac takes a bit longer to fall in love with Tulip but eventually the bond is formed. I appreciated the author writing about animal cruelty in this story and how it is intolerable, I know that it is a tough subject to introduce in this type of book but kudos to Jenn McKinlay for doing an excellent job! There were quite a few scrapes and scuffles involving Mac that were hilarious, I found myself laughing out loud a few times! All in all a very enjoyable, heartwarming book. I am happy that this is the first book in the series and there will be more to follow.

This was a fun read, though it did take me some time to get into it. I would have preferred a little more character development in the beginning, but overall the characters were likable and I found myself invested in the relationships as the story progressed, especially the friendships between the women. Mac's quirky aunts were a lot of fun. The description of the small Maine town where Mac grew up and returns to for her best friend's wedding was charming and added to the overall coziness of the story. If you're looking for a lighthearted romance, this is a great fit.

This was a cute, lighthearted easy to read romance. It was easy to relate to the characters and it had a good message about the importance of vaccinating and chipping your animals and basically being a responsible pet owner. If this was 20 years ago, I would have loved this book to pieces. I mainly only read romance fluff back then. I enjoyed the main characters and the secondary characters all had personalities. I especially loved the aunts. And, of course, the dog The good guys are perfect and the bad guys are awful. No ambiguity whatsoever. Nowadays, I prefer a little more depth to my stories, but it's fun to occasionally read about a beautiful person (or cute or whimsical) with mild quirks and no real flaws except maybe a lack of self confidence be swept away by another beautiful person who is amazingly perfect in every way. This is unadulterated fantasy, pure & simple. It's formula and it works. The writing is pretty good. I wasn't as annoyed by all the perfectness as I sometimes can be with this type of book. There were a few times I cringed at some of the words she chose, but I think that's because I am a little older than the intended audience for this book. There is sexual tension and sexy scenes, but they weren't over the top and fit with the story. All in all, a good beach read, especially if you like this kind of book. I received a free ARC of this book from FirstToRead which in no way biased my review.

I loved this novel. The characters were real and the storyline was happy and upbeat. A very easy, lighthearted read. Jennifer McKinlay's story made me want to go out and find a dog!!!

I just loved this book! It wasn't overly complicated but it was just a lot of fun to read. Once I started reading this book, I was almost instantly hooked. I couldn't get it out of my head and wanted to do nothing but sit down and read. I decided to read this book really just because of the title and description. It was really a pretty impulsive decision but one that worked out extremely well for me. Mac is going back to her hometown in Maine for the first time in seven years. She moved away after being left at the alter and hasn't been back. She is back so that she can be the maid of honor at her best friend's wedding. There are two weeks of wedding activities planned and Mac is determined to do anything that is needed including being paired with with the bride's little brother, Gavin. Mac and Gavin have a past that nobody is aware of. Gavin is Mac's best friend's little brother and is supposed to be off limits. Gavin has grown up a lot in the seven years since Mac left town. He is a veterinarian and stays really busy. The chemistry between Mac and Gavin was intense from the very first time they were on the page together. I just loved every interaction between this pair. I loved the characters. Mac and Gavin were just wonderful together. Mac has tried to live a very safe life in terms of relationships since being left at the alter. Gavin has never been able to get Mac out of his head and was really such a nice guy. A lot of secondary characters also play a large role in this story as well including other members of the wedding party and Mac's aunts who are busy reinventing themselves. I am a huge dog lover so the fact that this book features a dog was a huge draw for me. As the book started, I did wonder when we would meet the dog and it does take a while but Tulip ended up being worth the wait. I love that Tulip is such an important part of the story. I also think that both Mac and Gavin's interactions with Tulip really helped show how caring they really are. I would highly recommend this book to others. This book was both funny and romantic as well as incredibly entertaining. This is the first book that I have read by Jenn McKinlay but I am really looking forward to the next book in this wonderful series. I received an advance reader edition of this book from Berkley Publishing Group via First to Read.

This book started off as a regular wedding themed chick-lit and I thought, there's no way i am finishing this one. But it changed my mind. This was also my first book ARC from Firsttoread.com, so I was determined to finish it. I wanted this book first of all because of the dog in the title ( I 'm a mush for anything puppy like). And i was not disappointed. It wasn't a straight up romance, it had its twists and humor. Also, the small town love story hooked me in. Overall, a cutesy book you'll love reading on a weekend afternoon( or two) and leave with a good feeling and a smile. 3.5 stars for me which is good considering how stingy I am with my ratings! Disclaimer: I recieved this ebook as an ARC from Firsttoread.com in exchange for a honest review.

When I saw this title, and being the sucker for anything dog I really wanted to read the book. It didn't disappoint, but it also made me think. It is funny how an innocent dog can work so much magic. It is funny how we don't see things in front of us, but an animal is smarter and can lead you to see things. Case in point - my dog knew when I was going to have my twins before I did - the dog in this book knew his 'real' owner before she did. It is funny how these four-legged creatures wind themselves into our hearts to stay. This is a book about finding romance even when you are trying to avoid it, but it is also about slowing down and paying attention to the little things. Sometimes life, and jobs, and the world are bigger than they really need to do - slow down, pat a dog, take a walk. Enjoy life and maybe, just maybe, you will find a romance like this one on your journey.

I'm really not a big reader of romance novels however, I love Jenn McKinlay's cozy mysteries and I'm mad about dogs so I couldn't pass up reading her first foray into a new genre. "About a Dog" tells the story of Mac, a hard working, independent woman who returns to Bluff Point for her best pal Emma's wedding. Mac hasn't been back to visit Bluff Point since she was stood up at the alter seven years ago and ended up sleeping with Emma's baby brother, Gavin. The wedding has reunited a group of four gal pals along with the groom and his groomsmen and it's great to see the bond and camaraderie between all of these individuals. Mac, who is trying like mad to avoid Gavin, has been paired up with him for almost all the activities planned for the two weeks leading up to the wedding. Gavin makes no secret that he still has deep feelings for Mac but Mac is afraid of ruining her friendship with Emma. Plus, she recently took a break from her past boyfriend-of-convenience and is unsure about jumping into something with Gavin. I really enjoyed the characters and story line in "About a Dog." In fact, Mac is probably actually my fourth favorite person in the book and she is actually the MC. About 1/4 into the book, Mac finds a lost pit/boxer puppy. She is instantly smitten and immediately names her Tulip. Of course, Gavin is also the town vet so Tulip's presence finally forces some interaction between Mac and Gavin. Also, while in Bluff Point, Mac stays with her two elderly aunts who are positively mad and tons of fun. They love to watch Matthew McConaughey movies because of his "pec," trade in their sensible vehicle for a jacked up roadster, and have started listening and dancing to rap music. They love both Mac and Tulip and try to do some matchmaking of their own. "About a Dog" is a really fun read and I'm anxious to get to the next book in the series when it is released. I really adored seeing a new side of the author and she should be applauded for stepping outside of her comfort zone and writing something new. This is a must read for anyone who loves dogs because Tulip clearly steals the show. It's a quick, light romantic read which I believe everyone needs from time to time.

About a Dog is the first of a new series A Bluff Point Romance. We meet Mackanzie, who is coming home to Bluff Point to attend the wedding of Emma, her BFF-turned-Bridezilla. It is hard for Mac to go back to the place where she grew up, and was left at the altar by Seth, who sped away with awful stuck up girl Jessie. Fortunately Emma, Jillian and Carly try to help to cheer up Mac, especially since she didn't bring her he-is-no-good-for-you boyfriend Trevor. And with all the chores to do before the wedding, Mac certainly stays busy. It also puts her directly in the vicinity of Gavin, Emma's baby brother. But Gavin is certainly no baby boy any longer. No, he turned out to be a pretty hot and yummie veterinarian. And Gavin makes it very clear that he isn't going to let Mac walk out on him (again). So, what is a girl to do? Mac certainly gets no useful help from her two aunts, Charlotte and Sarah, who are trying to relive their youth at seventy. They are an hilarious pair (hooking up with older guys in leather pants, dying their hair purple and buying a monstrous car, to drive around their 'hood'...). Enter Tulip, a cute stray dog, who gets rescued by Mac. As the town's vet, Gavin is needed to check her out and see if she's okay. When the owner resurfaces after a few days, something fishy is going on. But with the aunts going crazy, the wedding drawing nearer, Mac's nemesis Jessie coming to town and boyfriend Trevor acting stranger than ever, Mac has her hands full. Fortunately, Gavin is there to give her a hand. But is it puppy-love? Or can Mac and Gavin figure it out? It is funny, it is hart warming and the aunts are a hoot. Four out of five stars from me and looking forward to read further about Carly in Barking Up the Wrong Tree.

This is the first book I read by Jenn McKinlay and I loved it! I always love a good romantic storyline and this one didn't disappoint! I couldn't put it down! I really enjoyed the writing style of the author and how she brought the characters to life. I gave this 5 stars and will definitely suggest it to my friends. I can't wait for the next book in the series to come out in September!

I received a free ARC of this book from FirstToRead in exchange for an unbiased opinion. I want to be totally upfront. I'm a huge McKinlay fan. I've read all of her cozy mystery books, including the ones written under other pen names. I literally have a t-shirt to prove it (I had her sign a t-shirt at a book signing). That being said, Bluff Point has had me...terrified...since I first heard she was working on it 10 months ago. Because she writes cozy mysteries, there's always a hint of humor to pull you away from the brutality of the situation, and there's a hint of romance because it keeps a series interesting...but could she transition to romantic comedy or would I, as a reader and fan, be turned off by the series? The answer was, without a doubt, yes. Her wit and writing style from previous books never wavered. The sexy time scenes were definitely hotter than anticipated (not a complaint, but a warning to those who are not used to it in her cozy mysteries, where things are hinted at but not outright said). Some of her "habits" were there. The Easter egg of the next series to have a book being published being mentioned, as well as a nod to Fairy Tale Cupcakes by having one of the main characters also own a bakery shop (though not a cupcake place). If you like McKinlay's writing in her other series, this is a good book. If you've wanted the other series to actually "get somewhere" in the romance department (come on...how long do we have to wait for Joe and Mel or Sully and Lindsey?), this is also the series for you. If you've been on the fence about trying out her books, this book would be a great start, and the series is only going to be three books long, so you're not committing to the same as if you were to start the Cupcake Series or Library Lover's series, or the Hat Shop series.

This is my first book by Jenn Mckinlay, and for what I understand, it is her contemporary romance debut. After being left at the altar and watching her almost husband run away with another woman; Mackenzie 'Mac' Harris leaves her hometown Bluff Point with her heart broken and a big secret. Now, seven years later she is back in her hometown for her best friend wedding; however, Mac is afraid of two things, facing the humiliation of that fateful day, and her secret, coming to light, her secret has a name, Gavin Tolliver, and happens to be her best friend's younger brother. *cue the excitement* In the company of Gavin, her two aunts, her friends, and a cute little mutt she finds abandoned in an alley, Mac discovers that there is more to life than just having a successful career in the big city. *** I wanted to read this book because of its cover; it had the feeling of a small town romance that I love, and I must say it did not disappoint. It is full of heartwarming humor, yet, is romantic and, yes, sexy. Although the story is centered on Mac and Gavin reuniting, all the characters bring something special to the storyline and make it even more enjoyable. Definitely looking forward for what is next in the Bluff Point Series.

What a fun read, I really appreciated this opportunity to read About a Dog by First to Read. This was a very relaxing cute tale with group of longtime friends and a wedding, what could be more interesting. Throw in a little craziness and a past fling to make you look for more. This will be the perfect book to take along on a trip to lighten your day!

This was such a sweet and wonderful romance to read from beginning to end! I haven't read anything by this author before, but I enjoyed her writing style and the character of Tulip, the cute pup. I will definitely look under other books by this author and hope there is more to come for some of the side characters in this book.

Was a a very sweet book ,but it just wasn't my cup of tea. It just seem like your average romances book that you have read a million times.

The story is amazing and I love the writing style. This is a great author, brings the story to life with such people who seemed so real. It drew me in and made me want to know what happened.

I enjoyed all the characters in the book and hope to read about the other characters in future books. Mac's crazy Aunts and their antics created interesting side notes as well. Will definitely look for other titles by Jenn Mc Kinlay.

This novel just couldn't keep my attention. By the middle I just didn't care anymore. I felt like I was reading a book I've read too many times before

I enjoyed this book. This is the first book I've read by Jenn McKinlay. I don't usually read romance novels but I did enjoy this story. I did become invested in not just the main characters and Tulip the dog, but also the rest of the group of friends. I look forward to seeing what comes next in this series.

Loved this book. Mac Harris comes home after being away for the last seven years to be the Maid of Honor at her best friends wedding. With a hunky brother of the bride, two crazy funny aunts, and an adorable puppy that needs rescuing, this book is sure to deliver a great read. Thanks first reads for the opportunity to read another great book.

First off, I never read any of Jenn McKinlay’s books and romance books aren’t exactly a favorite of mine, though I do enjoying the good ones from time to time. Ms. MicKinlay has gained a new fan. This is a cute, warm and funny story you’ll be sure to remember. If not for the characters but for a stray puppy Gavin rescues and is named Tulip. I enjoyed this cute romance novel with a twist of puppy love in it. Back home for two weeks as maid of honor in her best friend Emma's wedding. Emma just happen to be the older sister to Gavin, with whom Mac has a bit of a secret. I love the setting on the Maine coast, one of my favorite places to visit, despite the cold. The characters are well developed and the story has several plot twists. I confess to not being a big fan of romance, but those that I enjoy, I truly do so and have no hesitation in recommending. Such is the case with About a Dog. I enjoyed the friendship, camaraderie, humor, the aunts, and of course, the stray pup named Tulip! If you don’t love anything else about this book, you can’t help but fall in love with Tulip, the stray dog.

I'm an animal lover. So even though romance is not one of my favored genres, I decided that any book with a puppy as a main character would be one that I would enjoy. About that.... The beginning of the book held some promise. There were moments which brought to mind the humor of Sophie Kinsella. As the story went on, that similarity all but disappeared. The story was interesting and a very quick read. However the story, in my opinion, kept getting lost in all the "romance." There were times that the puppy (as well as some lesser story lines) seemed to be all but forgotten. There were some funny moments in the book and a couple of characters that were, well, real characters. But at the end of the day, the story was all about the desires of the two main characters. The book reminded me a great deal of the Harlequin romance novels that I used to read in middle school. The book was definitely steamy, so if you like that kind of thing, this book would probably be one that you would enjoy. As for me, I'll stick with other genres.

A delightful read. Great story line and characters, who can't fall in love with a dog named Tulip and two Aunts that are hard to keep up with and they are the "supporting" characters. Looking forward to the next adventure in Bluff Point. Thanks to First To Read for the ARC.

This book overall was very enjoyable and a fun read. I did feel that the writing itself was a bit cheesy at times. But it's a simple read and you can never go wrong with romance and dogs.

When I chose this book, I was expecting your typical romance, with a splash of dogs mixed in. This book was definitely that, but it was more. I really enjoyed this book. The story drew me in and I had trouble putting it down. I think I read the book in just a few days, which is something I haven't done in over a year. My favourite characters were Mac's aunts, who had decided to work through their bucket list. Of course I had a soft spot for Tulip too, as a dog lover. Despite having read many romantic novels in my day, this one actually had a couple of surprises in it. I can appreciate an author that can surprise me. This was a fun read and I'm very thankful to have had the opportunity to read this book before it hits the public market.

Perfect beach read! This romance is a sweet bit of fluff with likable characters. The author excels at humorous turns of phrase, several of which made me giggle out loud. I'm looking forward to the rest of the series!

Loved it! A perfect romance story with great friends, two witty 72 year old twin sisters, one adorable puppy, lots of humor and twists in the story line. I have never read anything by this author before and am now a huge fan and can't wait for more in the Bluff Point Romance Series.

A sweet and charming romance that kept me engaged. I felt a connection to the characters.

Good book, cute love story. Puppy involvement is a bonus

This was a cute, sweet love story. I enjoyed the shout out to the author's Library Lovers mysteries. There were some twists that I didn't see coming, and a few things that I thought were coming that never appeared. The only thing I didn't like was that the author couldn't seem to make up her mind about what terminology to use during sex. She went back and forth between extremely tame euphemisms ("girl parts" and "boy parts," really?) and graphic naughty words. Otherwise I liked the book.

I really enjoyed this book. It's a sweet, charming romance that held my interest throughout. I'm a huge animal lover, so this was right up my alley. The romance between Mac and Gavin was a bit predictable, but I don't see that as a bad thing. There were enough plot twists to hold my interest as I read the book, and I was rooting for Mac and Gavin's (and Tulip's!) happily ever after from the outset. I would definitely recommend this as a great summertime beach read.

Kept my interest from beginning to end. Will definitely read more books by this author. Her characters were delightful especially Tulip, the dog. The story line had enough twist and turns to keep one wanting to finish reading the book.

Tulip, the puppy, was my favorite!!! :D This book was funny and cute. I loved the characters. Their close group of friends/family was great and each person was pretty hilarious. I definitely want to read the books that follow.

This is my first book by this author and it will not be my last. I am a huge animal lover and instantly feel in love with Tulip. Quick read and cute story. Can't wait to read the next book in the series.

Jenn mcKinlay does not disappoint in this new book! I've been reading her for years and she is a truly gifted writer! I laughed throughout the book! Great story, wonderful characters, believable sex scenes just a perfect gem of a book!

Very cute, quick read. As a dog lover I too fell in love with Tulip.

Another great book by Jenn McKinlay. It was a nice, easy read.

A funny and heartwarming love story.

Perfect mind fluff of a book. Yes, romance novels are predictable but sometimes you need a little fluff between the thrillers and mystery novels. This book meets that bill beautifully. A gorgeous, perfect veterinarian, a small town girl returned home for a wedding, and a stray puppy bring these two people together who already share a tie thanks to his sister and one night of passion 7 years ago. A few little plot twists: awful, abusive owner of puppy claims her, setting the two on a mission to get her back, uncertainty over the sisters reaction if they got together, the looming wedding; and the ever present distance and careers they both enjoy make this a pleasant diversion from reality. The plot flows well, the characters are very likeable and have an easy familiarity that doesn’t seem forced, and 2 eccentric bucket listing aunts make this a really fun way to spend a few hours.


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