A Book of Spirits and Thieves by Morgan Rhodes

A Book of Spirits and Thieves

Morgan Rhodes

Morgan Rhodes masterfully weaves the dark, magical world of her Falling Kingdoms series into an epic contemporary saga that will leave you breathless.

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“A modern day Outlander filled with adventure and danger…a breathless tale that only Morgan Rhodes could tell.”—Hypable 

New York Times bestselling author Morgan Rhodes takes readers into exhilarating new high-fantasy territory with A BOOK OF SPIRITS AND THIEVES, an epic contemporary saga perfect for fans of Sarah J. Maas and Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander. 

The lives of Toronto teens Crystal and Becca Hatcher revolve around helping their mother out at the family's used bookstore, The Speckled Muse. It's a relatively uneventful after-school job, until an package arrives addressed to her mother, Julia. Thinking it's nothing more than run-of-the-mill inventory, Becca opens it and removes the book inside, unwittingly triggering an ancient magic and intertwining their fates with the powers that flow from the mysterious leather-bound book. Two parallel worlds collide and Becca is left in a catatonic state after her spirit is snatched from modern-day Toronto back to the ancient world of Mytica. Crys is guilt-ridden, having witnessed the entire event, and vows to do whatever is necessary to save her… but from what? Nothing has prepared them for what’s in store.

Written in alternating perspectives that shift between modern-day Toronto and the ancient kingdoms of Mytica, Rhodes delivers a rich and suspensful series opener that will leave readers breathless. 

Advance Galley Reviews

I read the first Falling Kingdom book, possibly even the second but if I did it wasn’t enough to be memorable, and while I didn’t dislike Falling Kingdom it never really pulled me in enough to make the effort of continuing the series. Because of this I was hesitant to read this spin off from Morgan Rhodes. The concept of Mytica intersecting with modern day Earth was intriguing but I was not convinced Rhodes’ could pull it off. I’m still not convinced. The book was slow and like many other reviews I’ve read, I just had no interest in Crys or Farrell or Markus or any segment of that story line. The story felt rushed while the book pace felt slow. I probably missed certain name drops and references because I was not super familiar with the Fallen Kingdoms lore. I think this series will appeal to people who already are invested in the Fallen Kingdoms saga but just like her first series, I can’t see myself going out of my way to continue this storyline.

Maybe by the time I get to the end of this review I'll have decided what to rate it. Normally, if I DNF something it gets 1-star. No matter what. But I feel badly doing that to this book. It doesn't deserve one star. It's better than that. The characters are 2-dimensional, the world (especially Mytica) is fascinating, and the storyline is really well developed. So. Why did I quit, you ask? Because I was bored with 2 of the three story lines. I'm quite sure they all come together eventually. I can even see how they'll come together (can the book just get there already). But I don't give a rat's fig about either Crys or Farrell. Maddox, on the other hand - him, I'd love to read an entire book about. Things I did like about Crys and Farrell: they did things with multiple driving reasons. Maybe they started out thinking they were doing the "right thing" but - like almost everyone I know - here's almost always an underlying, more selfish, reason that drives them as well. They recognize and admit it. I am kind of curious to see what desire wins out in the end for both of them, but honestly not enough to continue to read the story. Maddox is truly fascinating. His interactions with Becca and another character totally made the book for me. He's a little naive, a lot honorable, and quickly finds himself in some very hot water. I'm very interested in seeing how his sections end, but not enough to continue to read about Crys and Farrell. I think I'll do a quick skim for his chapters here....this is going much better now. I'll report back on how I find the rest of his story and then rate it. Okay, I finished the book. I read Maddox's chapters and then the final three chapters. I don't dee like I missed anything despite skipping a good portion of the end of the book. Overall, it was pretty disappointing. Before finishing it I probably would have given it nearer to 3 stars (because I honestly thought it was near deserving of that), but now....I'm thinking more around 2.

This book was unfortunate enough to piss me off in the first few pages, then didn’t change my mind. It probably would have been just a neutral sort of book, not really terrible but not really stellar, if only it hadn’t hit that one note right out the gate. It just soured the entire experience for me. That sour note was, of course, Farrell and his horrendous introduction. Actually, I’m not sure it would have been a great book even without Farrell’s “using an unconscious woman as a prop to show off I (supposedly) have a good heart despite being a misogynistic pig” introduction. First of all, the story is split between three character POVs in three different places. Now, a multiple POV is not a bad thing, but when you’ve got multiple storylines to go with it? Still fine, so long as you’re writing a doorstopper. Because now you’ve got three arcs to go through, three intros, three rising actions, three conclusions, the whole shebang. Yes, two of those stories intersected, but not thoroughly enough to skimp on structure. Basically this book should have been three times longer than a normal one, but it wasn’t. Which means instead we got three very short and sparse stories in one book. Very little actually happened, and it felt even slower than it was because of having to read through, basically, the same part of a story three times over. It might be technically be new set-up when we switch from one character to another, but it’s still set-up, and we still feel it. With that kind of structure, it was very hard to get sucked into any part of the story. Nothing was fleshed out enough to suck me in. There was potential for interesting shenanigans. Lord knows I love me some evil secret societies, and the Goddess in Maddox’s world was a fun villain. Well, she was kind of stock by herself, but her effect on the culture was kind of cool, especially with knowing how it all turns out since I read the other series. The characters were alright, although the love stories were…eh, the stockiest of stock YA, to be frank. There just wasn’t enough substance to anything for me to get excited about it. They were just ideas; fun to think about but that’s about it. But let’s talk about Farrell. Or let’s not, because I don’t think there’s much to say besides I hate his face. I actually really liked his storyline. Under the mind control of a bad guy, doing bad things but thoroughly convinced he’s doing good. Because, ya know, mind control. That’s got to be fun to play with. But Farrell just made me want to punch his gonads every time he opened his mouth, because if you give a cool story to a buttface he’s still a buttface. He was like an amalgamation of every Bad Boy Trope I’ve ever seen, but with dialogue so clunky that at times it was painful to read. He was so pleased with his “charm,” and then I had to read what he thought was smooth talking and rolled my eyes so hard I thought I might burst a blood vessel. So, yeah, good idea, but too little meat and Farrell needs to die. I won’t be continuing this series, though I will still be reading the Falling Kingdoms series. A copy of this book was provided by Penguin’s First to Read website.

This book was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. (Description nicked from B&N.com.) “The lives of Toronto teens Crystal and Becca Hatcher revolve around helping their mother out at the family’s used bookstore, The Speckled Muse. It’s a relatively uneventful after-school job, until an package arrives addressed to her mother, Julia. Thinking it’s nothing more than run-of-the-mill inventory, Becca opens it and removes the book inside, unwittingly triggering an ancient magic and intertwining their fates with the powers that flow from the mysterious leather-bound book. Two parallel worlds collide and Becca is left in a catatonic state after her spirit is snatched from modern-day Toronto back to the ancient world of Mytica. Crys is guilt-ridden, having witnessed the entire event, and vows to do whatever is necessary to save her… but from what? Nothing has prepared them for what’s in store. Written in alternating perspectives that shift between modern-day Toronto and the ancient kingdoms of Mytica, Rhodes delivers a rich and suspensful series opener that will leave readers breathless.” This book was a really clever idea: take an established fictional world and cross it over into our own world. For me, it was even more fun to read because I didn’t know initially that this was the novel’s premise. I just saw the author’s name and thought “Oh cool, new series by someone I like to read!” Finding that it was both a new storyline and a familiar setting was a delight. I actually liked the modern-day sections a bit more than the ones set in Mytica, although both were good. What drew me to that portion was the secret society in Toronto that has its roots in the fantasy kingdom, because I found myself wanting to know how that began. There’s obviously a lot of backstory that will (hopefully) be revealed in future books, and it seems intriguing enough to keep me hanging on for the answers. It also seems that the Mytica of this book has changed from the one in the Falling Kingdoms books. There are hints of similarities, familiar names that crop up and artifacts that hearken to the previous books, but Rhodes didn’t let out too much info on that yet. Again, this is something that intrigues me and keeps me wanting to find out more. This is a neat summer-popcorn-flick of a novel, full of action and peril and mysteries to chew over. I’m going to be keeping an eye out for the next in this series, because I’m eager to see what happens next.

A Book of Spirits and Thieves is basically my introduction to Morgan Rhodes' novels. I have heard of her other series—Falling Kingdoms—though I don’t ever really remember being too interested in it despite the numerous things I’ve heard about it, all good. But for me this book was ok, and I in no way felt like I needed to immediately rush out and buy all of Rhodes' other novels. The beginning was just alright, and I honestly kept setting this book aside until I finally sat down and decided to just get through it. There were elements within the first few chapters that offered enough intrigue to make me curious enough to see how the book would end. The story was in no way slow. In fact, the trouble almost immediately begins, and the plot quickly moves along from there. One aspect that I really enjoyed was the very different settings—Present-day Toronto and Mytica. I found the parts that took place in Mytica especially interesting, and when the story finally reached those parts I felt more enthused about getting to the ending of the novel. The premise about a book actually doing some harm was interesting enough. Wait, sorry, no, not “some harm,” but a lot of it actually. And the mystery of what this book was is what kept me reading. It was one thing I definitely wanted to know more about. The writing was also something else I enjoyed. Yes, it was third person, but it was descriptive and it was nice to see the story from different perspectives. And not once did I ever feel like the characters were getting muddle together. It was easy to distinguish one from the other. Crystal (Crys) Hatcher was an ok character. My primary issue with her in the beginning was how the book dealt with the relationship between the two sisters, with Crys being the eldest. I don’t know if this is a trend, but I don’t like it when the older sister is constantly comparing her shortcomings to the younger sister that is always considered the breadwinner of the family. Sometimes it could be for the pettiest of reasons like looks, grades, jobs, or whatever. And once I got past the beginning, Crys continued to be an ok character but my opinion of her improved as the story progressed. As for the other prominent characters in the book, I liked Maddox and Becca, and I did enjoy seeing them interact with one another—it was very entertaining. And then there was Farrell Grayson. I didn't like him at all mainly because of the things he did. But there was an assortment of characters ranging in personalities and motivations regarding their actions and it ultimately tied into the plot. So, all in all, A Book of Spirits and Thieves was an average sort of book for me. There were things I liked and some that I did not. But the second half of the book is what saved it for me. I might consider picking up other books by Morgan Rhodes—maybe even the sequel to this one, it just depends. This copy of the book was provided by Penguin First to Read for this review, thank you!

At first I didn't know this was a spin-off from the Falling Kingdoms series, and I almost gave up reading because I haven't read the series. I'm happy I keep on reading. A Book of Spirits and Thieves was so incredible good! The writing, the characters, the plot twists, I loved everything! It has a easy pace, funny in the right measure, kept me breathless many times. I can't wait for the next book, and meanwhile I will read the Falling Kingdoms for sure!

This is a very well written story. Overt drug use, drunkenness and sexual manipulation make this questionable for younger teens. The story moves well between the 2 worlds, and the characters are believable. But they are not particularly likable. The protagonists are too flawed, and while that may make them more real, it makes them less endearing. I found it hard to root for the characters themselves, instead merely wanting good to overcome evil, in this case good being relative. I would definitely read this author again, but not this series. I simply do not care enough about these people to find out what happens to them next.

I am a super fan of Morgan Rhodes' Falling Kingdoms series so I knew the second I heard about her new book I had to get my hand on it. Thankfully, I was lucky enough to snag a copy from Penguin's First To Read Program (which I love btw). While I knew what to expect from Morgan's writing I went into this one with a clean slate. I have to say I enjoyed the fantasy world much more than the current day portion of the story. As you can tell from the blurb, This story broken into 3 different P.O.V's yet they all have a common thread, the mysterious book. So without giving to much away I will give you a brief run down. A mysterious book shows up at the Hatcher's book store. Crystal opens it and her sister Becca gets somehow transported in a non corporeal form into the world of Mytica while her body seems to be in a coma in her world. Crystal must somehow learn the secrets her family has been hiding for generations before it is to late for her sister and for herself. Farrell is part of a secret society that dole out justice to the creeps of the world and has a leader who has the ability to magically heal people. Maddox has a very unique ability to call spirits to himself and trap them. His evil caretaker has been using him to scam towns people across the land of Mytica. He will learn that his power is so much more than he thought especially when a spirit names Becca shows up and shakes his foundation to the core. See how that came full circle there?? Well, I can't get into much more without spoiling but just know that things get pretty twisted up together. The Falling Kingdoms fan will have fun making the connections. In true Morgan fashion the world building is incredible!! I just loved the Maddox point of view. I wasn't to impressed with the two present day plot lines BUT once they all tied managed to link up I really thought it was quite brilliant. The level of thought and planning that was put into this really blew me away. That being said there was a few things I was disappointed by. All three stories felt really rushed to me for some reason. I felt like I couldn't never quite grasp one plot to much before it was switched again. Under normal circumstances I love multiple view points but these weren't quite deep enough for me. I think there was a clear lack of character development which may be resolved in later books. I guess we shall see.The ending was also quite abrupt, so abrupt that I asked my good friend to tell me what happened as i thought my e-arc had somehow cut off. Aside from those few qualms, I thought this was strong start to a new adventure I can't wait to take!!

**I received this book for free from Razorbill via Penguin First Reads in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.** *Genre* Young Adult, Fantasy *Rating* 4 *My Thoughts* A Book of Spirits and Thieves is the first installment in Morgan Rhodes new series called Spirits and Thieves. Spirits and Thieves takes place in modern day Toronto, and pre-Falling Kingdoms era Mytica where Goddess's Valoria and Cleonia are still around. This is a story with plenty of surprises, mysteries, magical books, secret societies, a bit of romance, and suspense. It is a story that intertwines, switches narratives, between (4) main characters who will guide this story. 17-year old Crystal Hatcher lives in Modern-day Toronto. She loves photography, but hasn't exactly been all that happy since her father decided to choose a secret society over his family. Crystal meanders through life barely scrapping by at school. But, when Crystal opens a mysterious package from her Aunt Jackie, and watches in horror as her younger sister Becca falls into a coma, she finds herself gaining a bit of courage and strength. She will do almost anything to get her sister back, including getting to know the charismatic leader, Markus King, of a secret society known as Hawkspear. 16-year old Maddox Corso lives in Ancient Mytica. He apparently has some magical abilities that nobody is supposed to have. He is able to summon spirits and can also seal them away. But, he is surprised when an unfamiliar girl, who just happens to be Becca Hatcher, shows up in spirit form asking for HIS help in returning to her home. Maddox finds himself directly in the path of a the Goddess Valoria who demands his help in finding something lost, while also promising to help Becca find a way home. 19-year old Farrell Grayson lives in Modern-day Toronto. Unlike Crystal, he is rich, a drunkard, a playboy, and a member of a secret society known as Hawkspear whose leader, Markus King, has been watching him hoping that he will become a member of his inner group. Among the main characters, Farrell is clearly the most conflicted, the most arrogant, and the most likely to break your heart and betray you over a shot of expensive liquor. He would even toss his younger brother to the wolves if it means impressing Markus. 15-year old Becca Hatcher is the perfect example of a girl who is beautiful, smart, a book worm, and one that apparently has a bright future ahead of her unlike her sister Crystal. Becca has an adventure of a lifetime when the mysterious book with a mysterious language sends her spirit off to Mytica. There she finds a boy named Maddox who is nothing like anyone she's met, and eventually loses her heart to him. There's a whole lot more to be said about Becca, but I can't nor won't say anything more for fear of spoiling surprises. For me, the positives are Crystal and her desire to save her sister, and make up for lost time with her. I liked the mixing of the time periods and narratives switching. I liked that nothing is what it appears. I like the fact that I can still be surprised by actions of certain characters. I like that there is a hint of romance, but it doesn't infect the stories pacing by stopping and wasting time better spent on who Markus really is, and what he is doing in Toronto. I liked the world building and the fact that we are seeing a different Mytica than what what we've seen in Falling Kingdoms. I wasn't all that happy with certain events, including the ending. Nope, won't spoil them for you. I do hope that Rhodes makes Jackie and Julia more than just faces in the crowd the next time out. I do hope that Adam doesn't get run over like road kill just so we can find out what Farrell does next. I do believe that Adam can make a valuable ally to Becca and Crystal. I would like to see more of Mytica, and not just focus on the sisters struggles with the book. *Recvd 04/21/2015* Expected publication: June 23rd 2015 by Razorbill

I haven't read the Falling Kingdom series yet but this spin off was a enjoyable read. I think I missed some of the initial tie-ins or obvious things from the original series but overall I really liked it. I think I might hold off on reading the next book if/when it comes out until I can get my hands on the main series.

An intriguing fantasy novel that bounces between two worlds, one modern and the other ancient, both encompassing the fates of two sisters. Morgan Rhodes has a gift for storytelling, in which she is able to articulately sketch and interweave contemporary issues with mythical conflicts. Rhodes crafts three points of views, and although the novel is action driven with several twists, she is able to equally balance a story of two sisters, both determined heroines, and a mysterious, male counterpart. A Book of Spirits and Thieves will leave the reader grasping each page, seeking truth that concludes the mystery behind the pairing of unfamiliarity and the ordinary distinctiveness of both the characters and the settings.

I really liked this book. The multiple POVs combined with Morgan Rhodes suspenseful writing was awesome. The magic and blending of the two worlds was great. I only read book one of the Falling Kingdoms series, but I will definitely be continuing on now.

A Book of Spirits and Thieves by Morgan Rhodes takes place in Toronto and Northern Mytica (year 15 of the Goddess Valoria’s reign). Crystal Hatcher comes home to The Speckled Muse Book Shop (owned by her family) late after being out all day taking photographs. Crys (she prefers to be called Crys) skipped school again because she loves photography and is thinking of dropping out (graduation is just around the corner). Crys starts opening the mail and sees a package addressed to her mother, Julia Hatcher. It is an old and unique book. Crys’ sister, Becca opens the book and it starts to glow. Then Becca’s body is on the ground, but her mind and soul are gone. Maddox is getting ridding of a fake spirit in a home (his guardian, Livius needs to earn money to pay gambling debts) when he sees a real spirit. The spirit turns out to be Becca. Becca is now in Northern Mytica as a spirit. Only Maddox can see and hear Becca. Becca asks Maddox to help her get back to her reality. Maddox and Becca embark on an adventure as they are caught by the Queen. Queen Valoria wants help locating a person who stole her golden dagger. Crys is busy trying to find a way to help Becca. There is more to the book than she imagined. Crys contacts her father for assistance. Crys gets drawn into the Hawspear Society. A secret society with a leader, Markus King, who has been around for over sixty years but looks like he is in his twenties. Markus King wants the book (for power) and guess who has the golden dagger! Crys will have to save herself from Markus King and his followers while trying to get back her sister. I really enjoyed reading A Book of Spirit and Thieves. I give it 4.25 out of 5 stars. I did not like the cliff hanger ending (reminds me of the summer we all wondered who shot J.R. Ewing). The book is entertaining and full of magic, intrigue, and a unique world. I received a complimentary copy of A Book of Spirits and Thieves from the First to Read Program. The review and opinions expressed are my own.

This was incredibly fun. I loved all the aspects/plotlines of this novel and am excited for further installments.

I am a tad surprised at how much I enjoyed this book. A Book of Spirits and Thieves is told from three distinct points of view and encompasses present day Toronto with ancient Mythica. I have not read The Falling Kingdoms series and I was afraid that might impair my ability to like and understand this book. However that was not the case and in fact, I think I may have enjoyed the book more because it was the first one I had read. Rhodes is great at capturing both settings, and I felt a connection to all the characters. I don't know if it happens in all her books, but I was interested in learning more about even the villains in the book. This book was extremely action packed. There was some "set-up" in the beginning, but it was important and did not bog down the plot. There wasn't much I didn't enjoy about this book and as I have mentioned before, I was hooked on it after reading just a few chapters. I have already picked up Falling Kingdoms to start sometime in June. I received this book from the Penguin First to Read program, which does not reflect my review or rating in any manner.

This was an excellent blending of modern day and ancient Mytica, the Falling Kingdoms world. The multiple perspectives in this book were wonderful, especially Maddox's chapters. Morgan Rhodes did an outstanding job at combining contemporary and fantasy and I look forward to the rest of the books in this spinoff series.

I fell in love with Morgan after reading Falling Kingdoms and I recently had the privilege of meeting her at YALLWEST. It was such an awesome experience. She was so lovely and nice. I got to tell her how much I love her series, get my books personalized, get a picture with her (because she was nice enough to stop and take pictures with everyone who wanted one), get a pin, and a poster. While we were talking she pointed out that the series is going to be 6 books long! I had no idea that there were going to be so many books and I can't believe I have to wait. But the good thing is that Morgan is writing another series at the same time! A spin off of Falling Kingdoms that will tell the story of Mytica before it became the Mytica that we know and love in the Falling Kingdoms series. I am honestly so excited for this series and getting the chance to read this before it comes out is just amazing! I have wanted to know what happened to the Goddesses Valoria and Cleonia! If they were the Goddesses that everyone worshiped or not? I am so glad I am getting the answer to these questions! The book takes place half in Mytica and half in modern-day Toronto. It is told in three different POV, which for some can be very off putting but for me I love. I love getting inside the minds of different characters and three was a good amount of characters to go with. It wasn't overwhelming or to hard to follow. This book starts out slow but those last half of the book was just so amazing that you can't stop. Which is usually how I find Morgan's books. There are so many twists and turns and you're never quite sure if anyone is safe or how it's going to all tie together. The book follows Crys who is a normal girl who works at her families book shop (hello dream job). Becca, Cry's younger sister, Maddox a mysterious boy who has the power to summon the dead and Farrell a rich boy who is used to getting what he wants when he wants it. The different voices is something that Morgan does well. She brings these characters to life and makes you care for them even if you wish you didn't. Crys and Becca are amazing characters. They fight like sisters do but at the end of the day they have such a deep bond they would do anything to protect each other. When Becca touches a magical book, that their adventurous Aunt Jackie sent, and gets sucked in to a parallel universe, Crys will let nothing stand in her way of finding out the truth about this book, the magic behind it, and the man who wants it. Leading her to deal with some very dangerous people. The mystery behind the book and the man are what suck you in and keep that page turning. Reading this all I wanted to know was who was Markus. Where did he come from? Why does he want this book? The way that Morgan weaves this story, how everything fits together and how characters are all linked to one another is amazing. The ending was all to good and now I am patiently (but not really) waiting for the second book in this series. And that ending was not exactly a cliffhanger but it definitely makes me want to continue with the series. I need to know what happens. I need to find out if my theories about Markus and Becca are true. I need to know if Becca and Maddox ever get the chance to see each other again. And I need to know if Ferrall will get out from under Markus and make up with Crys. I NEED TO KNOW! This book most definitely lived up to the amazingness that is Morgan and she has quickly become one of my favorite authors. Her stories are filled with magic, loyalty, love and crazy people. But it is all in the best way possible and getting two doses of Mytica a year is definitely okay with me. I'm giving this book 5 stars because um how could you not! I can't wait till Frozen Tides comes out the 4th book in the Falling Kingdoms series and the second book in the Book of Spirits and Thieves comes out (which won't be till next year :/) but I can wait!

I thoroughly loved this book. I'm not familiar with the Falling Kingdoms series, but I felt this book stood alone. It was suspenseful, I felt emotionally connected to the characters, and the story kept me guessing. It also ends with a bit of a cliffhanger, which only makes me that much more excited to read the next one!

This story takes place in two worlds--ours, in Toronto, and another world with magic and gods--the aptly named Mytica. Toronto's story centers around Crystal "Crys" Hatcher, her sister Becca, and very wealthy Farrell Grayson, whose life is drawn into theirs for a strange reason. Becca ends up lost, in a way that may be impossible to recover. Farrell belongs to an exclusive club, one that serves someone dangerous--someone who wants an object entangled in Crys and Becca's lives. In the other world, Maddox Corso can communicate and control spirits--and Becca will need his help to get home. I liked some of the characters more than others--Farrell, in particular, has a cheap "out" to his poor behavior, and it feels like we ought to feel sympathy for him, and that he will be redeemed in a later book. But I don't care enough for him to want him to be saved. However, the rest of the characters are various levels of likeable, and the story was interesting enough to make me want to read the sequel. The mythology is complex and fun, and the story is the bid draw for me--there's some serious bad guys, and I wonder how the story is going to bring them down.

When Morgan Rhodes announced that she was writing a spin off to the falling kingdoms series I was over the moon excited. I may have even did a happy dance and squeed and all that good stuff. I'll be honest A Book of Spirits and Thieves was so much more than I expected. Morgan can do everything and anything . I thought the contemporary and fantasy world would be too much and I would like one world better than the other but let me tell you that wasn't the case at all. While working at the bookshop, the sisters get a package from their aunt and they open it and discover this old book and when Becca touches it she goes into a coma where her spirit or ghost or whatever you want to call it is in Mytica and from then on out, this story takes us on a fast paced rollercoaster that I didn't want to finish. The characters, you guys these characters are just out of this world esp Crsy and Becca who are strong-willed and determined and I loved that about them. I won't get into the other characters because I feel like you should all experience firsthand Maddox and Farrell and their amazingness and that's all I will say about them. But know one thing, you'll be crushing on one or both MEGA HARD. A Book of Spirits and Thieves is a one of the best spinoffs and I can't wait to see what else Morgan Rhodes has in stores for us.

This book...this book was objectively not good. Two out of five stars, with spoilers to follow. _A Book of Spirits and Thieves_ follows two sisters, Becca and Crys Hatcher, as their lives are turned upside down by the Bronze Codex, a book that transfers Becca to a different dimension. This book succeeds and fails where most YA books do in that it has an excellent idea that ends up poorly executed. In his case, it's the multi-narrative: we have three third-person limited perspectives, which unfortunately means we don't get to know any of the characters in any sort of depth. This comes from a severe lack of exposition--there's almost no context or worldbuilding, which made the whole novel feel paper-thin. (I'm not familiar with Rhodes' other series, so maybe she expects her readers to already have a familiarity with her world.) By the middle of the book, the writing seems to hit its stride a little more, and I actually think the last 100 pages move by pretty successfully. Where Rhodes' writing really stumbles, though, is in her dialogue; this is a major problem given that most of the story is told *through* dialogue. There are some REAL clunker lines in here, the best of which is when Crys tells Farrell, her insta-love interest, to bite her. His reply--and I am not kidding here--is "maybe later." I said this all the time in the 90s! It's so stale now, I couldn't help but laugh. I'm going to stop here since it feels like my review is getting overly harsh. There really *are* some good ideas here, honestly. And if you read books only for the plot, you might not care about the other stuff. But as a whole, this book is just (unfortunately) poorly executed. I'll likely not read the rest of the series, and now I'm hesitant about picking up Rhodes' other books, too.

I adore the Falling Kingdoms series, so I definitely wasn't about to miss out on a spin-off series! I don't love this as much as Falling Kingdoms, but this was a brilliant start to a new series and I can't wait to read the next book! This book has multiple perspectives, like the Falling Kingdoms series, but this book is very unique. We get the perspective of Crys, a modern day teenager whose sister falls into a coma after touching a mysterious book. Then, there;s Maddox, who lives in Ancient Mythica (the world of Falling Kingdoms) who sees a girl that only he can see. Lastly, there's Farrell, whose involved in a secret society. All three of these teens stories are interconnected and will have to find the truth to their families and their lives. This book is a very interesting Urban Fantasy, since half of it takes place in a fantasy world. I thought it was very interesting traveling into Mythica again, though many many years before the events of Falling Kingdoms. This version of Mythica was familiar to me, but so so different and I actually enjoyed this fact! While I sometimes preferred the fantasy world, our world was equally fascinating. My main problem with this book was just the fact that, for awhile, not a whole lot was happening. It didn't pick up until the very very end, and that's what saved the book. It isn't until then that the dark plot twists and action that I associate with the Falling Kingdom series comes to shine! As for romance, don't expect much. There isn't any romance in this book, though there will probably be some in the next books. Still, Morgan Rhodes has been known to make me confused on what to ship, and to also rip ships to shreds. Overall, this book was very slow-paced, but the last few chapter strongly made up for it! I recommend this book to fans of Falling Kingdoms, fantasy, and urban fantasy! Also, this book can definitely be read if you have not read the Falling Kingdoms series, even though you should really read that series! Lastly, this is a great start to the series and I honestly can't wait to read more!

I have not read any of the books in the companion series and therefore didn't have any real idea what the book would be about. Ultimately I enjoyed the idea and the intertwining storylines, but feel that the characters were a little two-dimensional, and the dialogue somewhat unnatural or unrealistic. It took me a while to get into the story. At first, I really enjoyed Farrell's character and was annoyed by Crys, but found Farrell falling flat and Crys developing better as I read. I think the goddess storyline could have been developed more, as well as the relationship between Becca and Maddox (boo for insta-love) and Maddox and Barnabas. There was a lot of secrecy that seemed to be there only for the sake of secrecy, where I as a reader wanted more background or information, and maybe having it would have made me care more or be more interested. I would give the book a 3/5, I liked it but wasn't terribly impressed.

This story starts off following three characters that have absolutely nothing in common. Cry, the rebellious teenage daughter of a bookseller, Farrell, the wealthy, misunderstood middle son of one of the cities most elite families, and Maddox, the only son of a poor peasant woman who has strange powers he doesn't fully understand and can't control. One of them (Maddox) even lives in another world called Mytica. Slowly, their worlds start to collide, and then things get really confusing for everyone. For me, this book was one part fantasy, one part mystery, one part romance, and 100% awesome. I love books that don't just straight up tell us everything up front because the ah-ha moments when I figure something out before it's clearly said in the book make me feel super smart, but it's even better when those moments happen just before the revelation occurs in the book. When the clues are kind of there, and in retrospect it seems so obvious, but the author still kept the secrets even from me, it's basically magical, and I got several of these magical moments from this book. The story is told in limited omniscient third person, and rotates through the three main characters. I enjoyed my time following Maddox the most because Mytica has magic. This method of telling the story gave us a well rounded view of the events, leading us to those major revelations, and helping us to figure them out on our own. And it was always clear who we were currently following because these three characters have very distinct speech patterns. My one complaint about this book is that it wasn't 1,000 pages long. I know that's a really lame complaint, but I really want more, and I'm thrilled to see that the author has several other books already published in this series because I need more pretty much immediately. Overall I give this book 5 out of 5 stars and would recommend it to pretty much everyone who is a fan of YA books like Harry Potter.

Modern day Toronto has a bookstore owned by a mother with two daughters. The two daughters are Becca and Crys Hatcher. A mysterious leather book arrives from their Aunt Jackie. When it is opened by Becca, she falls into a coma. Maddox lives in another world called Mytica. He sees the spirit of Becca and is surprised by her request of him. She promises him to haunt him until he does what she wants. What is it? He has magic that he has no control over, but few know that. When he is taken to the queen who is a goddess of Mytica, she first requests then demands that Maddox do magic for her. What is it? Will he be able to do it? Meanwhile Crys tries to find a way to get Becca back from her coma. She discovers that her father still lives in Toronto and contacts him for help. Will he help Crys? Farrell Grayson is rich and with no purpose in his life. However he is asked to join the inner circle of the secret society he belongs to that is ruled by Markus King. Markus wants the leather book and asks Farrell his help in locating the book. Will Farrell do this? Why does Markus want this book so badly? Will he get it? Will Becca's spirit return to her body? There are changing points of view which flow smoothly and easily. There is also the different worlds with different time periods that the author handles quite smoothly. In other authors' books, I have found this not to always be the case. The characters are unique and the story moves quickly. It is an exquisite story. This is a must read for fantasy lovers!

Time to suspend reality! I got to read a A Book of Spirits and Thieves, by Morgan Rhodes, a galley of which I received free through the First to Read program. In modern-day Toronto, Crys is bored and restless and looking to cause some trouble – only not the kind of trouble she stirs up when she purposefully opens a package addressed to her mom and discovers a really amazing looking book … which unfortunately sends her sister’s, Becca’s, spirit, into some mystical otherworld called Mytica. In Mytica, Becca meets a boy named Maddox who can see and speak with spirits, and Maddox tries to help Becca return to her world. Back home in Toronto, Crys tangles with Farrell, the son of a wealthy family who is involved in a secret society that is also somehow involved in Mytica, and soon family secrets and magic and vigilante justice and revenge all become jumbled. Regular readers of Morgan Rhodes’ Falling Kingdoms series, which involves Mytica, will truly enjoy expanding into this new series. New Morgan Rhodes readers will be happy to learn that they can enjoy A Book of Spirits and Thieves without having to have read the Falling Kingdoms series.

I tried numerous times to download this book and I was unable to.

I have tried numberous times to download this file at various times. Followed all the instructions. I have a MAC Computer and nothing worked. I have authorized and de-authorized and re-authorized my ADE and it never worked. I have had a horrible time with downloading the file and couldn't do it. It was frustrating. If I can't access the file, I can't read and do an accurate review. I wish that this hadn't happened. This wasn't a good experience. I have a Kindle, so then you tell me I can't use that. Maybe in the future you can make the files accessible for us Kindle readers.

Meh.... I'm really sad to say that i didn't like this book at all. I really liked the idea, but I was just bored the whole time and I really just tried to hurry and get through it. I didn't like the 3 different points of view. They all kind of had three different plots so jumping from each point of view made it hard for me to get fully immersed in the story. The characters were all too boring. There wasn't a single one that I liked. I felt like the dialogue never felt natural and at times it was a bit cheesy for me. And I was not a fan of the insta-love romance. Overall, this book was not my thing. 1 star

The 3 POVs were so different, I felt like I was reading 3 entirely different books. Which made me feel like I was reading 5 books at once since I was already reading 2 others, which is a little much, even for me. And it's not that they written so differently or were in such different tones, I just had a hard time keeping track of all 3 of them until they were woven together. Like I was forgetting what was happening in the other 2 while I was reading the third. They just didn't flow well. The Mytica side story was kind of unnecessary...there wasn't enough information to relate it to the present-day story. It could've gotten really cool and interesting but it didn't. I was expecting a lot more but I've heard good things about the Falling Kingdoms series (plus they have gorgeous covers!) and I found this lacking. I still want to read the Falling Kingdoms series but now I'm in less of a rush.

I got this book free from FirstToRead.com Overall, I liked the idea of the book and felt it had a lot of promise but it didn't really live up to that. The dialogue was so stilted and inconsistent that it pushed me entirely out of the story at times. One character (a book expert) existed only to give exposition, I don't remember his name because he was utterly unimportant except to give us background info in the form of monologue. Others alternately spoke like hyper-educated children of the corn or Valley Girls and it switched from line to line. Some of this may be cleaned up before publication (I had an ARC) but I felt like this needed a pretty heavy editing hand before I'd want to read more of the series. Of the three competing story lines I had the most trouble with Becca in the magical realm. She used idioms constantly without a problem even when the things she said would make NO sense to someone without her background. I could ignore that except every few chapters the person she was talking to didn't understand the idioms. If you're going with a device (they both speak English but have different backgrounds) then you have to keep it going - you can't switch back and forth. It felt sloppy and I started paying even more attention to their conversations which were pretty tedious. Teenage instant love with a person you can't touch who (seemingly) exists only to tell you how great you are. Crys's story was interesting even if she suffered from a little too much TSTL at times. Eventually she started telling the adults when she was about to do something that would get her killed so it was redeemed. Probably my favorite part was that she used people's preconceptions against them... until she admitted to doing it and lost the edge. Meh.

Crapola, I love this book and I am sure it will be a while for the sequel to come out. I love a YA book that keeps me guessing, and this one does. Kind of fantasy meets paranormal story. The two sisters, Becca and Crys, have a bit of a rocky relationship since their father left. It takes a mysterious mystical book for something to happen to Becca that moves Crys to seeking out answers.

Spoiler free: “A book of spirits and thieves” by Morgan Rhodes was a huge surprise. I didn’t know what to expect from this book. I didn’t how the author would manage to intertwine magical Mytica with contemporary Toronto in a believable way. I shouldn’t have doubted her. Morgan Rhodes nailed it. Seriously I loved this book. I think I actually liked it more than Falling Kingdoms’ saga and that’s not small feat, as Falling Kingdoms is one of my favourite series. So let me summarise why I liked this book so much. The characters were complex and realistic. Each had their own personality and each had room to grow. Even the secondary characters were interesting. There was no forced romance. I mean there was romance, but if felt natural and not just a plot device. And the plot. OMG!!! So many twists and secrets. I couldn’t put the book down once the revelations started. Of course I had my own theories. Halfway through the book my mind had a vague idea of what to expect (my mind was that naive). And nearly the end, I had to throw away all my assumptions as my theories were utterly crushed down one after the other. But I didn’t feel bad. Morgan’s Rhode answers were so much better than the ones I had imagined. She really surprised me with her twists. So basically the story was another really strong point. And the setting…. I have not much to say about that. It was nice returning to Mytica. It felt familiar, like revisiting an old friend. You don’t need to read Falling Kingdom series to enjoy this book. But I’ll admit having read it was a bonus. Now, to what I didn’t like. The beginning was really slow. And I mean it. I’m talking of slow-snail-pace. I’m talking as slow as when you buy something online and the delivery takes like a month to reach your home. Because the story involves lots of secrets and the PV belonged to characters unaware of those secrets, nearly half of the book involves said characters investigating and trying to get answers. And let me tell you, Morgan Rhodes does not give information freely or easily. The characters meet lot of walls. Thus I felt the story stagnant, unable to advance as the characters kept digging for information and failing to retrieve it. Of course this does make for an awesome comeback once the revelations start coming. But while the answers were withheld, I’ll admit I did feel my patient slipping. So yeah the beginning will probably drag, even though things are happening. But if you can hold on, you’ll not regret it. Summing up, I totally recommend this book. It has fleshed out characters and a gripping story, once it starts moving. And I forgot to mention that luckily, Morgan Rhodes does wrap up this book at the end. There is no awful cliffhanger making you wish to go and pester the author until she gets the next book written.

To put it simply, I loved this book. You get to see a bit how Mytica became the way it was. We have such rich and diverse characters and the combination of ancient Mytica and modern-day Toronto was fantastic.  I love that we got to see these two worlds connect and start to see everything start to come together within the last few pages.  Reading this book has made me even more excited for Frozen Tides and aBoSaT #2.

Books are an infinitesimal immensely magical thing and I say this entirely biasedly and without hesitation or qualification. And sometimes the magic within a particular book finds its way into the world, much like it does in A Book of Spirit and Thieves by Morgan Rhodes. Crystal a.k.a. Crys Hatcher and her sister Becca are working in their family's bookstore in Toronto when a delivery from their aunt Jackie arrives in the mail. Crys ignores to the fact that the package is addressed to their mother and opens it anyway. But when Becca touches the book, something strange happens and puts her into a coma and sends her spirit to a different world, Mytica. In Mytica, Maddox is a boy-witch who can summon spirits through his necromancy, so when he can see and speak with Becca, it's no surprise that he's the only one that can help her. Farrell Grayson is the middle son of a wealthy family in Toronto and involved in a secret society that delves into magic and vigilante justice. Crys, Farrell, Becca, and Maddox are intertwined and their lives will never be the same because of it. I will readily admit that I have not read the Falling Kingdoms series, but now I feel as if I just have to because I enjoyed the characters and the world building details that were presented in this prequel to the series that assumed no prior knowledge. As with virtually any YA story I read, I was immediately on guard about the love angle of the story. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the love aspect to this story wasn't too cliche or overt. And no love triangle!!!!! Hip, hip, hurray! The fantasy elements and reality mixed together well throughout the narrative and the three alternating point of view narrations delineated the different realms, as it were, efficiently and helped to provide a cohesive whole to connect the story's events together. Overall, I'd give it a 4.5 out of 5 stars.

I was lucky enough to get to read this book before publication thanks to the First To Read program through Penguin Publishing. I've never read this author before, or the series this is spinning off from, so there may have been things I missed. It was a very enjoyable read. The alternating view points in the beginning were a bit confusing, but I caught on quick enough. Becca and Crys were amazing protagonists, I was feeling the girl power. The pacing was good, and the characters unique. I'd recommend this adventure tale to anyone looking for a quick read. I can't wait for the rest of the series.

This is… I just…AHHHHHHH OMG THIS IS THE BEST BOOK EVER!!!!!! AND BASED ON ONE OF MY FAVORITE SERIES OF ALL TIME!!!!! WITH NEW SUPER COOL AWESOME WOW CHARACTERS!!!!!! AWW YISS!!! Loved the plot and new batch of characters and how we will be able to find out the true story of Mythica…yessssss. Shocker after shocker after shocker…oh my. It had my heart racing and almost make me throw my electronic device across the room. Characters—double yes. Crystal is badass and we share something in common—photography. Becca is sweet and also a bookworm like moi. Farrell is the rich guy and my feelings for him are conflicted. Maddox is perfection. And the antagonists Markus and Valoria—I just wanted to choke slam them. The switching between Mythica and Contemporary Toronto was actually well done;I thought that it would be the down fall, but it really didn't bother me. And the deaths—I believe there were five or six, but to me they were minor—I have just come to expect it from Rhodes *muahahaha*. Overall, this was just a rant of a review, but fans of the Falling Kingdoms series will not be disappointed with ABOSAT. I will now…wait …for another year…for the sequel. But at least I have Frozen Tides to "tide" me over *grins at the worst pun ever made*.

2.5 stars. I received this ARC from Penguin (first to read) in exchange for an honest review. When I first heard of this book, I was intrigued, but when I saw that more than half the story was going to take place in Modern day Toronto, I was concerned. I didn't see how, what I thought was a fantastical land, could intertwine with the real world. It didn't make sense. And honestly, in the end, for me it didn't work. I love Falling Kingdoms, the world of Mytica is so unique and interesting. The characters are complex and diverse. The ones in this book, were a little flat. Crystal and Becca, I didn't care for them at all. They were given a cliche "we're sisters and are so different we hate each other" thing. They both came across as very selfish, they were also Mary Sue characters. Farrell, I hated him because he was that typical 'attractive asshole that all the ladies love anyways.' It's cliche and I just didn't like him that much. Maddox, he was pretty forgettable. The romance's weren't believable either. I am sad, I wanted to love this book as much as I hoped to, and as much as I love Falling Kingdoms. But sadly for me, this book just didn't work.

3 STARS. I received this ARC from Penguin (first to read) in exchange for an honest review. So, I was disappointed. I really love the Falling Kingdoms books - they have great and complex characters, interesting plotlines, a lot of omg moments. A Book of Spirits and Thieves wasn't like that at all. The Setting: Like many others, I was unsure about how connecting Mytica to our world would work. Unlike many others, after reading A Book of Spirits and Thieves, I'm convinced it didn't work. In my opinion, connecting another world to ours is rarely a good idea. What happens is that it makes the world a bit too accessible and realistic, and when I read a "fantasy", I don't want to feel that way. Hopefully this experience won't affect me when I read the next Falling Kingdoms book. As I said, I did not think that Morgan Rhodes did a good job of intertwining these worlds, and the switching back and forth really took away from the story. The Plot: I also wasn't a fan of the plot. Let's start with the Toronto plot. Not gonna lie, it freaked me out. Markus and the Hawkspear society or whatever gave me pretty strong Jim Jones and the People's Temple vibes, which made me feel uncomfortable for the majority of the book. The storyline was simultaneously too weak and insane for me to think it was good. The Mytica plot was better (it couldn't have been worse), but still not as intriguing as the Falling Kingdoms plots are. Everything just felt very convenient to me. None of the characters really struggled. And above all else, it was rushed. The plots weren't fleshed out, they resolved too quickly - there was no urgency because I didn't care. The Characters: I didn't like a single character in A Book of Spirits and Thieves. That's pretty rare for me. Crys and Becca was unoriginal Mary Sues, and don't even get me started on Farrell. I hope to god that nobody will consider him their "book boyfriend" because he is a huge asshole. Huge. The more I read about him, the more I disliked him. At this point, someone will probably be thinking - but what about Magnus from Falling Kingdoms? He was an asshole but he changed - to which I respond that it was a different scenario. I didn't really see any good in Farrell like I did in Magnus. I also didn't buy into the Crys-Farrell romance. As for Maddox, I didn't see anything special about him either. He wasn't an asshole like Farrell was, but he was also very boring. His romance with Becca annoyed me probably more than anything in this book. It was insta-love at it's finest (or worst, I guess). I'm really happy that Becca didn't get her own chapters. I can't imagine anything worse than reading from her perspective - it was bad enough having to read the things that she said to Maddox about "believing in himself" (gag me). I still gave this book 3 stars mostly because I read it fairly quickly, and even though it had its many many faults, I still felt like I had to finish it and find out what happened. The end was also pretty good and, in a typical Morgan Rhodes fashion, ended with a bang. I might consider reading this if you're a big fan of the Falling Kingdoms series, but if you didn't like that or didn't read it, I wouldn't pick this up.


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