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  • Romance Excerpt Available 6/5

    A Touch of Flame

    Jo Goodman

    In this new romance, sheriff Ben Madison welcomes a new physician in town, but getting the town to accept a female doctor is no easy feat.

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  • Nonfiction

    Long Players

    Peter Coviello

    Peter Coviello considers what keeps us alive and our many interwoven ways of falling in love: with books and bands and records, with friends, with lovers, with the families we make.

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  • Nonfiction

    Mother American Night

    John Perry Barlow with Robert Greenfield

    Mother American Night traces the generational passage by which the counterculture became the culture in this wild, funny and heartbreaking story of John Perry Barlow.

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  • Romance

    Order of Protection

    Lexi Blake

    When Win Hughes is charged with a crime, she must find help from a high-end defense attorney, who happens to be a former lover.

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  • Literary Fiction

    Small Country

    Gaƫl Faye

    Small Country is a stirring tribute to a dark chapter in Africa’s past and to the bright days that preceded it.

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  • Thriller

    Social Creature

    Tara Isabella Burton

    Louise and Lavinia spiral into an intimate intense, and possibly toxic friendship after a chance encounter, against the glitz and glitter of New York City.

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  • Literary Fiction Excerpt Available 6/5

    Sweet and Low

    Nick White

    In honest and provocative prose, Nick White's short stories are a thrilling adventure with unexpected turns, deconstructing the core qualities of Southern fiction.

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  • Teen / Young Adult

    The History of Jane Doe

    Michael Belanger

    Mixing humor with heartache, The History of Jane Doe is an unmissable coming-of-age story about history buff Ray and the new, mysterious girl in school.

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  • Romance

    The Kiss Quotient

    Helen Hoang

    With little experience in dating, Stella hires an escort to practice. However, their no-nonsense partnership starts to make a strange kind of sense.

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  • Mystery

    A Taste for Vengeance

    Martin Walker

    Bruno’s search for a missing British tourist and the circumstances surrounding a star rugby player's pregnancy lead him to places he hadn’t intended to go.

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  • Literary Fiction Excerpt Available 6/12

    Good Trouble

    Joseph O'Neill

    In these perfectly made, fiercely modern stories, Joseph O’Neill reminds us of the real, secretly political consequences of our internal monologues.

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  • Women's Fiction

    The Book of Essie

    Meghan MacLean Weir

    Essie is the youngest child of an evangelical preacher on a reality television show. When she finds out she's pregnant, she begins asking questions about her life and family.

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  • Thriller Excerpt Available 6/12

    The Real Michael Swann

    Bryan Reardon

    Part family drama, part tragic love story, and part disaster narrative, The Real Michael Swann is a deftly plotted suspense novel with an unflinching portrait of a marriage at its heart.

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  • Nonfiction

    A Short History of Drunkenness

    Mark Forsyth

    A Short History of Drunkenness traces humankind's love affair with booze from our primate ancestors to Prohibition.

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  • Mystery Excerpt Available 5/8

    Dead Pretty

    David Mark

    Gritty, atmospheric, and endlessly entertaining, Dead Pretty is an absorbing, twisty ride about a recent killing and a past unsolved murder.

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  • Thriller Excerpt Available 5/8

    Gale Force

    Owen Laukkanen

    Filled with bravery, betrayal, sudden twists, and pure excitement, Gale Force is a spectacular new adventure.

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  • Nonfiction

    The Language of Kindness

    Christie Watson

    Christie Watson, an award-winning novelist as well as a nurse, takes us by her side down hospital corridors to meet her unforgettable patients.

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  • Women's Fiction Excerpt Available 5/15

    Do This For Me

    Eliza Kennedy

    A wonderfully fresh take on a marriage in trouble, Do This for Me is a bighearted, warm, and funny novel driven by Eliza Kennedy's signature wit and humor.

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  • Thriller Excerpt Available 5/15

    Second Strike

    Peter Kirsanow

    Special operator Mike Garin must thwart a Russian attack that will cause the death of millions and establish a new world order.

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  • Nonfiction

    The Mirage Factory

    Gary Krist

    The Mirage Factory is the enthralling tale of Los Angeles and the people who willed it into existence by pushing the limits of human engineering and imagination.

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  • Literary Fiction Excerpt Available 5/15

    Tin Man

    Sarah Winman

    With beautiful prose and characters that are so real they jump off the page, Tin Man is a love letter to human kindness and friendship, and to loss and living.

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  • Thriller

    Star of the North

    D. B. John

    In 1988, a Korean American teenager is kidnapped. Twenty-two years later, her twin sister will do anything possible to rescue her from North Korea.

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  • Thriller

    The House Swap

    Rebecca Fleet

    A couple accepts a house swap and moves to an upscale London suburb. However, the person they have swapped with knows secrets they are desperate to forget.

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  • Mystery Excerpt Available 5/29

    Blood Standard

    Laird Barron

    A former mob enforcer, Isaiah Coleridge now lives a quiet life. However, when a teenage girl disappears, he delves back into the underworld to find her.

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  • Teen / Young Adult

    Lies You Never Told Me

    Jennifer Donaldson

    Told in parallel narratives, this twisty, shocking story shows how one bad choice can lead to a spiral of unforeseen consequences where not everyone will survive.

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  • Thriller


    Christina Dalcher

    When the government decrees that women are no longer allowed more than 100 words daily, one woman will do anything to protect herself and her daughter.

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